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The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra-P2P & Kama Sutra – Positions Complete Guide 2nd Edition Illustrated-P2P

Completely illustrated for the first time, the Hindu love classic the Kama Sutra continues the most famous work on sex ever created. Written almost 2,000 years ago, the Kama Sutra deals with all aspects of sexual life, including the principles and techniques of sexual pleasure and how to best achieve ecstatic union.

In this complete and illustrated guide Lance Dane accompanies the Kama Sutra text with 250 illustrations and great works of art from coins, palm leaf manuscripts, sculptures, ancient toys, jewelry, architecture, ivory combs, birch bark, cloth, paintings, frescoes, and scrolls. Gathered from museums and private collections around the world–as well the author’s own collection of over 300,000 photographs–these rare images clearly illustrate all 64 sexual positions and the erotic instructions set forth in the Kama Sutra. The result is a dazzling and sensuous reading experience through which the teachings of the Kama Sutra spring to life.

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The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra-P2P
English | 320 pages | | ISBN: 0892811382 | True PDF | 37.4 MB
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Kama Sutra – Positions Complete Guide 2nd Edition Illustrated-P2P

This revision of the bestselling Kama Sutra for 21st-Century Lovers reveals how to submit to unashamed pleasures, shows the fundamentals of successful lovemaking, and includes an exotic listing of over 100 positions from the world’s most ancient sex manuals, including the Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, and Tao. AUTHOR BIO: Anne Hooper is the world’s bestselling author of illustrated sex manuals with sales of over 6 million books. A trained sexual and marital therapist and psychotherapist, Anne is the author of over 25 titles. Two of her titles, Ultimate Sex Guide and Anne Hooper’s Kama Sutra, have sold over 850,000 copies and her two, Pocket Sex Guide and Pocket Kama Sutra, have sold over a million copies each…

Kama Sutra – Positions Complete Guide 2nd Edition Illustrated-P2P
English | Pages 362 | PDF | 26.14 MB
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