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Soul Matrix Protection
Excerpt from Voyager I

The first and most important thing you can do to protect yourself
from holographic inserts and forced matrix transplants is to open your
mind and belief system to the reality of the presence of the Soul Matrix.
Whether you are Earthseeds or Starseeds, the fact that you exist implies
the existence of the soul matrix, either the Host Soul Matrix of the
Earthseeds or the Original Soul Matrix of the Starseed. Once you have
acknowledged the existence of the matrix then actively petition this soul
family/identity grouping to assist you in strengthening this connection.
Reserve some time each day for meditation or prayer (which ever idea
you are most comfortable with) in which you focus your attention on
making this connection and develop the skill of quieting your mind and
body. Find the place of peace within you (this does exist and can he
found) and center yourself there for at least a few minutes daily. Choose
to evolve consciously and ask your Soul Matrix to assist you in ways
you can understand. Reach for the higher knowing within your soul
matrix, and it will guide you. Begin to review your emotional reality
and sensitize yourself to those areas of repression. Begin to work
through your fears inviting your Soul Matrix to assist you. (Working
with the Soul Matrix directly can often accomplish more in one week
than years of psychotherapy, although therapy can be a useful tool when
used wisely). Make a commitment to developing your spiritual
awareness, and know that if you learn to look within effectively you
have all that you need to spiritually grow. Your spirit is your Soul
Matrix, and you are never without it.

The second most important thing you can do to avert
holographic inserts is to join together in tolerance with the other
members of your species. The Zeta and the Interior Government use the
concept of divide and conquer, so be aware and begin to de-program
yourselves from common ideas you may hold that serve to divide
rather than unite people. Outgrow your own prejudice and begin to see
the common elements between peoples instead of the differences. Work
with your own beliefs and emotions as individuals and come together in
groups to support world harmony, peace and brotherhood. Observe your
traditional beliefs for a time and choose to uphold only those that
promote tolerance between people, respect for all life forms (even the
bad guys, whomever they may be) and trust of the life force or soul
within you. Be wary of ideologies that steer you away from creating a
personal relationship with a higher power and substitute hero
worship of authority figures for a private relationship to the spiritual
aspects of your being. Support each other in your growth to spiritual
awareness, regardless of what path you take, and do not fall into the trap
of condemning others who do not view spirituality the way you do.
Become committed to holding a higher vision of brotherhood for the
people of the planet, and a vision of balance for the planet itself.

Become the Guardian you were created to be and help others to do the

These are a few things you can do to begin learning the
processes necessary to put yourself out of range of holographic
inserts. If the Zeta have a hard time using the inserts to direct the
populace because the people have become skilled at directing their
minds, the Zeta will not be able to fulfill their desire of forced matrix
transplant into the Zeta-mind collective. Humans have the power to
stop this nightmare before it goes any further¡Xperceptual freedom is
a precious gift. If you are wise you will not allow it to be stolen from
you without a fight!


Human Emotion is the key to human salvation, for it is
through the perceptual structures of the emotional facility that truth can
be discerned. Holographic inserts cannot be detected through the logical
mind, mechanical instrumentation (as possessed within your present
level of technology) or the five sense perceptual data you are
accustomed to using. These inserts, however, can be felt, sensed through
the emotional and intuitive facility, and can be detected through the use
of Higher Sensory Perception (HSP). HSP involves using the seven
senses of the human organism that exist at a higher frequency than the
five identified senses with which you are familiar. Because these sense
facilities themselves exist within the higher-frequency bands of the
human bioenergetic field, they are able to bring in and translate
(through the Keylonta Codes) higher frequency data (some can
translate ultra-low frequency also). The energy that links the human to
its Soul Matrix is high frequency energy. The higher senses of HSP
are the facilities used to translate Soul Matrix information, through the
body, into the human awareness. Holographic inserts are broadcast
within a certain frequency range (in your case, the range of the average,
or mean, of the five-sense human perceptual range) outside of which the
matter illusion of the hologram begins to deteriorate. To create mass
holographic inserts the Zeta have to create a frequency fence (by
manipulating the Keylonta Codes within the human DNA using sound)
that blocks out the higher and lower frequency bands, sealing in the
human perceptual range to the frequency bands used in the insert, thus
disengaging the individual¡¦s ability to translate Soul Matrix data
through the body and into conscious awareness.

The development of HSP is part of the human evolutionary path,
and the body's ability to process the higher frequency information is just
emerging into your species on a mass level. Certain Keylonta Codes
must be activated by energy impulsed from the Soul Matrix to set in
motion the latent codes (within the junk DNA) that will direct the
body (through its electrical, chemical and hormonal structures) to
translate the higher frequency information. Until these latent codes are
activated the higher and lower frequency energy will simply fall
through the gaps within the nerve synapses. The electrical, chemical
and hormonal changes created by the latent code activations literally add
new impulse receivers to the neurological structure and strengthen the
nerve fibers to be able to carry a larger load of electrical impulse.
Without these alterations the human body cannot translate frequency
that is outside its translational range. To increase perceptual range the
body must be accelerated in its ability to hold and process electrical data,
and these accelerations are carried out through Keylonta Code
activations orchestrated by the Soul Matrix according to its inherent
cyclical rhythms. This process exists as a natural dynamic of human
evolution and is the process by which you evolve over time. These
Keylonta code activation processes can be accelerated through
conscious applications of Keylonta science.

The Zeta and the Interior Government are aware of this
emerging aspect of human evolutionary development, and desire to stop
this particular ability from surfacing within the species. If humans
evolve naturally these intrinsic abilities would put humans out of range
of mental manipulation. The Zeta chose this period in time to intervene,
precisely because of the stage of evolution humans are currently within.

Their plan cannot be fulfilled if humans, on a mass level, develop the
perceptual abilities (and resulting knowledge) that would result with the
natural evolution of the HSP. And so they enter your time coordinate
and simultaneously stage infiltrations at key points within your past with
the intention of severing the natural development of your abilities, thus
splicing you into the Zeta-collective mind matrix before your
emerging abilities allow you to make a strong conscious connection to
your own or host soul matrix. Once you have developed the ability to
hold a greater amount of Soul Matrix frequency within your cellular
structure the Zeta will no longer be able to manipulate you to the degree
that they presently do. They do not have the technology or power to
dismantle the Soul Matrix families of a large collective. There would be
too much interference by the helping groups that exist within the Soul
Matrix levels of reality. In order to infiltrate your planet the Zeta must
bring the human collective under their direction before that collective
evolves to a full embodiment of the Soul Matrix, and it is your
responsibility as humans to not allow this to occur.

The time cycles of human evolutionary development are not set
in stone, so to speak. Though there are certain set cyclic patterns that
govern the movement of the galaxies, planets and all life-forms within
those systems as they spiral throughout the Time Matrix, there is some
flexibility within these set cycles. Under certain conditions accelerations
in evolution can take place within any of these cycles, and an
acceleration within one system will have a reciprocal effect upon the
cycles within related systems. Holographic inserts are presently posing a
threat to your population (even though most of you have no idea this
technology exists) and the development of your HSP is your primary
insurance for neutralizing that malaise. The Zeta desire to rob you of
your evolutionary birthright to HSP as well as removing your freedom
of effective choice through clear perception. Though the abilities of
HSP are only now beginning to surface within your masses, the
development of these abilities, through the acceleration of your
evolutionary imprint can be achieved. There are methods you can use as
conscious individuals to begin this evolutionary acceleration. You do
not have to be a spiritually oriented person, or religious, to understand
the premises of which we speak and employ the technologies we will
offer to you. You do not have to enjoy esoteric philosophies, or
practice ritualized ceremony to understand and develop a working
relationship with the Soul Matrix. The Soul Matrix is a scientific
phenomenon as well as a spiritual reality. It could be viewed as a
naturally occurring structure within the manifestation of Life Force
Patterns, much as is the observable structure of your DNA and cellular
patterning. Spirituality is simply the portion of true, universal science
that you do not as yet understand, for science is truly the Mechanics Of
Consciousness and its manifestations, and consciousness is the true
spiritual essence of the universe, and all life forms contained within it.

If humans are able to effectively accelerate their evolution and
develop the HSP senses to some degree, creating stronger connections
to their Soul Matrices, before the frequency fence that would scramble
those higher frequencies is in place, the unenlightened Zeta will be
unable to fulfill their objectives. In this event they would either depart to
other systems or join with their fellow Zeta who are working with the
Aethien and others toward enlightened brotherhood. Some of the
Interior Government forces would remain, but without the advantages of
power and knowledge provided by their Zeta cohorts, their power to
manipulate would be diminished. They would remain, continuing their
covert tactics, awaiting another potential opportunity to reactivate the
old plan. However, the immediate threat to the species would be
removed and the opportunity for growth would be extended.

Development of Emotion P.175

The starting point for development of the Higher Senses is
Emotional Awareness. For centuries your cultures have taught you to
repress, disown and negate emotional reality and experience. Your
species has developed a prejudiced perception in this regard, in which
the physically verifiable impressions brought to you by your five
identified senses are considered superior to the more subtle impressions
of emotion and intuition brought to you by your higher sense facility.
Emotion contained a power, which seemed to possess a life of its
own. This power of emotion was perceived as a threat to the
developing intellect, for the intellect could not comprehend the reality
through which emotion occurred and so could not bring this mysterious
power under conscious direction. In the early days, when the 12 tribes
were being trained to develop the intellectual perspective, the blocking
of emotional sensation was a tool used in order to assist the developing
human to focus his five sense perceptions outwardly into the objective
matter-world. Emotion worked a bit differently then, serving as a form
of Instinctual Response such as is apparent in your present day animals.

The instinctual response served to bring data directly from the Soul
Matrix into the cellular consciousness, bypassing the mind as you
think of it, creating an interactive response mechanism through which
the organism would receive direct impulse from soul that would direct it
toward the action-in-time necessary for the organisms survival. The
organism would not have to think about or choose appropriate action
responses as they would come automatically from the Soul Matrix.

As long as an organism, be it animal, human or other life form,
had a strong instinctual impulse it would remain under the full control
and direction of the Soul Matrix. Such beings would not operate out of
free will nor would they possess a sense of personal individuation, but
would rather function as individual units of a collective. The human was
intended to become a sentient, self-motivated being, capable of choice
and conscious co-creation with the Soul Matrix, rather than an
unthinking extension of the Soul Matrix. So in those early times the
instinctual response of emotional cognition was partially dismantled.

This involved de-activating certain Keylonta Codes within the DNA
pattern, which created a sense of separation from soul for the
developing human. The separation allowed for a clearer focus in time
and matter, through which the intellect could evolve and from which
individualized identity emerged.

As with many of the other disengaged codes (those from the
original Soul Matrices that existed prior to the Host Matrix transplants)
these instinctual emotive codes were stored within the cellular pattern
and the Soul Matrix. A small portion of them were left in operation,
giving the human access to small amounts of Soul Matrix data and
serving to provide enough instinctual basis to ensure appropriate action
in regard to survival of the organism. These remaining codes became
the basis for your fight-or-flight biochemical reaction response. The
stored emotive codes, along with others, were kept with the human
within the cellular structure, so as the organism evolved those codes
could once again be reassembled and integrated into the awareness of
the growing consciousness. As humans evolved through time certain
code patterns would be activated by impulse from the Soul Matrix and
yet another stage of growth would be set in motion. Through these
processes of Keylonta Code activations your species expanded from its
earlier digressed forms of relative simplicity into the complexity of the
present intellectually focused form that you carry. As you grew so did
your ability to synthesize emotional frequency, and greater amounts of
these latent codes were brought into activation as you progressed
through time. Great power and awareness is stored within these latent
code particles, and it is this power that the maturing intellect sensed as it
began to observe and define the quality of perception you call Emotion.

To the growing intellect emotion appeared to be chaotic,
unreliable and suspicious. The intellect had developed into the
logical reasoning power you presently use to decipher reality, but that
logic used the assimilation of data from only the five senses that you
presently know. The sense data and awareness brought in by the seven
other Higher Senses (or high frequency senses) was blocked from the
logical mind by the biological organism, whose physical apparatus did
not possess the mechanisms needed for this higher sense data to be
synthesized into patterns. That apparatus would not evolve into the
physical structure until the latent codes were activated by the Soul
Matrix. So logic developed, but it was at a disadvantage, as the pool of
information from which it had to draw conclusions was limited by the
biological immaturity of the human form.

Frog in a Fish Bowl

To use an analogy, logic developed as a frog in a fish bowl,
whereas in its youth it could swim around in circles within the confines
of its limited environment, but could not remove itself from that
environment to discover the world which existed beyond the glass.
Viewing the world it could see beyond the glass, the world seemed
threatening, as the shapes and forms our frog could see made no
sense. The frog presently had no experiential basis with which those
mysterious forms could be correlated and understood. In its youth the
frog did not possess the physical apparatus that would allow it to
escape from its fish bowl and explore the odd environment it could see
beyond. Without activation of the Keylonta Code patterns stored in the
cells, the physical body of the human did not have the ability to expand
its perception beyond its five sense world, nor was the human able to
make sense of the strange new world of emotional impulse using the
limited conceptual basis the five senses provided.

As our frog grew, and legs began to sprout where once were
fins, the frog discovered it now had the ability to leap out of its
comfortable bowl and explore the strange world outside of the glass. As
the human biology evolved the neurological and physiological
structures of the body grew, new Keylonta code sequences were
activated, and the body could now begin to synthesize greater amounts
of the latent emotional codes. The logical/intellectual mind could begin
exploring the world of emotional impressions that were emerging into
its awareness. But instead of leaping our frog became afraid choosing
instead to swim around in circles within its ever shrinking bowl, closing
its eyes to the world that flashed by around it. As your species reached
the point of biological development that would allow the emotional
aspects of reality to be explored, the logical mind chose instead to
remain within its limited environment of ideas, and pretend away the
emotional impressions that were emerging more and more into
conscious awareness. As long as our frog refuses to explore the world
outside the bowl it will not discover that it is fully equipped to make
sense of that environment, and it will remain captive within the bowl
with very little room to move or grow. The free world beyond will
remain unavailable.

If the human species continues to repress and negate the
emotional aspects of its being, which it is now biologically capable of
synthesizing, the logical mind will never discover the freedoms that
exist beyond the limits of its present ideas. The human will remain
trapped within the bowl of duality and five-sense perception, unable to
grow beyond the conditions created through that five-sense orientation.
The species will never become fully human as long as it cuts off from
logical awareness the reality of the seven higher senses. If the species is
to evolve to fulfill the imprint and role for which it was created, it must
become fully human. And this requires integration and synthesis of the
latent Keylonta codes that give you the quality of perception you call

In the infancy of intellect it was appropriate for awareness to be
placed within its tiny fish bowl of simple ideas, where it could grow and
develop safely. But the fins have evolved into legs, in terms of our analogy,
and the human logic still closes its eyes to the world of emotion and intuition.
Afraid to leap, afraid to chart the territories of emotional cognition that
exist beyond the glass of polarized perception. Human logic, at its
present state of evolution, continues to try and comprehend that
magical world within the limited confines of its own experiential memory.
And like our frog, human logic will never comprehend the true reality
of the world beyond the glass until it leaps out of the safe little bowl
of beliefs it has been functioning within since its infancy.

The logical mind and intellect were intended to work together,
bringing you a more accurate perception of reality than either could
alone. The five sense perception of the logical mind brings only half of
the picture, so you will never understand the true nature of yourselves
or your world if you do not put that partial picture together with the
other pieces that exist within your emotional heritage. You cannot
understand emotion by using the logical facilities alone. How long will
you remain as frogs in a fish bowl, swimming around in circles of
incomplete logical reasoning?

Emotion has is own logic, methods of synthesizing energy and
ideas that are unique unto itself. The logic of the mind will bring you
conclusions, whereas the logic of the emotions will bring you
Cognition. Without that cognition, operating subconsciously through the
emotive facilities, your logical conclusions would make no sense to
your conscious awareness.

When you cut off emotional cognition from logical perception,
you create an artificial boundary within your identity and conscious
awareness. The emotional codes stored within cellular structure were
intended to be reassembled and reorganized, as impulsed by the Soul
Matrix, as you evolved through time. As these codes were restructured
and assembled into the operative codes of your DNA your conscious
awareness would receive an ever expanding picture of reality and
cognition. The illusionary perceived separation between the conscious
biological self and the soul identity would diminish as the codes were
progressively assembled, allowing greater amounts of energy, identity
and awareness to filter into the physical body and intellectual
consciousness. As the latent codes re-assembled, the old instinctual
imprint of the early human would be combined with the newly
developed logical facility, creating a new perceptual modality that would
allow for full Soul Matrix cognition to embody within a
physically manifest system. If your evolution had moved along as
planned, following the impulses generated through the Soul Matrix
cycles, your physical form and your logical conscious awareness would
have merged with the soul identity, creating a fully cognizant being in
flesh. But your evolution did not proceed as intended, and there were set
backs, due in part to the manipulation of your genetic code by other ET

The Violence Mutation P.180

At different periods in your evolution, these forces entered your
reality, creating distortions within the electrical impulse patterns being
sent by the Soul Matrix. These distortions served to further jumble the
Keylonta Code particles within your cells, disrupting the original code
activation sequences. There was originally specific order to the
dismantled Keylonta Codes, and their activation sequences were
scheduled, so to speak. This order allowed for a clear pathway for
energy to follow from the Soul Matrix into the biological form. The
distortions created by the activities of numerous ET groups threw this
innate order out of whack so to speak, and the emergence of
emotional impressions no longer followed the appropriate sequence.

Codes were fired that did not have their counterpart receivers within
the operating DNA and the energy released by these code firings could
not be filtered into the biological organism. Instead, this errant energy
began to pool within the higher frequency sense facilities, distorting
the natural order of those structures. The distortions emerged into the
conscious awareness as errant emotional impulse, creating overly
aggressive and inappropriate emotional reaction patterns that entered
into the body through the existing fight or flight code structures that
had been in operation. The fight or flight instinct pattern became
overburdened with these unorganized electrical impulses, and the
chemical and hormonal process of the body became unbalanced,
creating the propensity for violent behavior now apparent within your
human strain. As this sequence interruption occurred within the cellular
imprint and was put on line, through the operative fight-or-flight
codes in the DNA, this distortion was genetically passed on through
your species lineage appearing in sporadic and random manifestations
of biological mutation and psychological mal alignment.The Soul Matrix,
in an attempt to override this undesired mutation, reactivated more of
the latent Keylonta Codes with the intention of accelerating the body's
development so the errant codes could be cleared, by linking them to
sequences already operative in the DNA.

What this translates into in terms of the development of your
conscious awareness, is yet another perceptual mode through which
these additional energies could be synthesized. The birth of intuition
began, as the intuitive facility was added into your biological structure.

The intuitive facility serves as a bridge between the original emotive
codes and the divergent impulses arising from the mutation. Through
the intuitive facility emotional impulses could once again be synthesized
through the body and into the linear patterning of the conscious
logical/intellectual mind. Without the intuitive facility the excessive
electrical impulses from the distorted emotional codes would have
overloaded the biocircuitry of the body, creating a wide array of growth
abnormalities that would have permanently stunted the evolution of the


Throughout your known history the violence mutation
directed events within the human drama. Your lineage bears the imprint
of this mutation, as illustrated by your propensity toward self-
destruction. Humans trapped within the self-destructive patterns were,
and are, unable to synthesize the overload of electrical impulses coming
into the body from the DNA and fight or flight mechanisms. This
produces distorted mental assimilation and thus inappropriate emotive
reactions. They possess immature intuitive development, and these
individuals represent the portions of your genetic strain that have not yet
fully manifested the Intuitive Bridge within their biological structures.
The bridge, however, exists as a latent code within the DNA, and thus
the self-destructive tendencies of humans can be healed through the
activation of those codes and the development of the Intuitive Facility.

All of you in your present stage of evolution are working toward the
development and strengthening of the intuitive facility and the synthesis
of those errant emotive codes. For this reason exploring emotion can
seem very difficult, as you will find many impulses that do not fit within
your ideas of acceptability. You will discover seemingly senseless
patterns of feelings emerging into awareness, and if these are allowed
to govern the direction of the intellectual/logical facility you will end up
with chaos. The logical mind must learn to effectively direct, not
repress, the emotional energies.

We have explained to you the emotional mutation that is now
present within your species strain because you need to know what you
are dealing with as you begin to explore emotional reality and develop
your higher senses. There are techniques that you can learn to use to
assist in emotional healing, intuitive development and activation of your
Higher Senses. The techniques may make little sense to your conscious
mind because presently you do not consciously understand the workings
of these internal energy dynamics. To evolve the emotions and
intuitions effectively, you must manipulate the Keylonta codes
contained within your cells, and you cannot do this without the direction
and knowledge supplied by your Soul Matrix. In setting the conscious
intention to link with the energies of the Soul Matrix, you open the door
for the needed information to enter your conscious awareness. For this
reason it is of primary importance that you develop the conscious ability
to communicate directly with your soul matrix.

As long as your logical mind refuses to learn the subtle
dynamics of energy direction through the mind,you will not be able to
bring into your awareness the knowledge you need to effectively clear
the emotional energies. No one can clear your emotional imprint
without you first consenting to the process. Once you have agreed to the
process consciously, the Soul Matrix will begin to impulse you toward
the actions necessary in the outside world that will facilitate this healing.
If you are to become whole, if you are to integrate with the Soul Matrix,
if you are to become fully human, you must clear and heal the
emotional aspects of your being. Repressing emotion, drugging emotion
out of existence, and fearing the power of your emotions will not
promote healing. It will cause further buildup of errant energy and more
biological and psychological manifestations of a chaotic nature.
Those of you who have developed your intuitive abilities
represent the portion of your species who have begun to utilize the
Keylonta Codes that were activated to bypass the mutation. You are
further along in your genetic healing. Most humans have operational
intuitive facilities that synthesize energy, emotion and sense data for
you on a subconscious level. Those of you who have linked the
intuitions to the logical mind, who have expanded your beliefs and ideas
to encompass conscious intuitive development are ahead of the game, as
you are learning to consciously direct your energies and follow the
impulses of the Soul Matrix. Biologically you are accelerating in
evolution as you are assimilating greater amounts of the Keylonta Codes
within your cellular structure. You are becoming more aware and
knowledgeable than your contemporaries who rely upon the logical
facilities and emotional repression alone. You have more power, more
awareness and more responsibility toward the conscious evolution of
your species. And your first responsibility is to be healing yourselves
through clearing the emotional energies and allowing the energy of the
soul matrix to flow into your biological form. Then you will be prepared
to help others of your kind approach the subconscious forces that move

Through the intuitives will come many healing therapies aimed
at clearing the emotional imprint, many ideas and practices that may
seem foreign to the logical/intellectual minds of those who are still
directed by the subconscious forces. Before you scoff at these
illogical modalities, take inventory of how little you really know about
the nature of your identity, the workings of your body and the purpose
for your existence. Before you discredit the practices that will allow
your logical mind to grow, find humility, and realize that you have
much to learn. Allow your frog of logic to leap beyond the confines of
its bowl. Let your contemporaries, who have already passed through the
maze of limiting ideas, guide you gently into your own healing through
expanding your ideas. Try some of the new mind technologies that are
available to you now, and ask the soul matrix to guide you. You can
heal, and through the private healing of each individual will come the
healing of the species.

You have been programmed, by those who wish to see you fail
in the fulfillment of your evolution, to remain in darkness, living in a
world of duality in which you are always at the mercy of subconscious
forces. They would like to see you remain fearful, frightened by the
chaotic energy you can feel within you, and of a seemingly chaotic
universe within which you reside. Do not allow them to win! You have
the power within you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, to
experience realities free from the disease, sorrow and confusion that
your polarized perceptions create. So much wonder awaits you as you
awaken to the truth of your heritage and take your rightful place within
the universe. You are like a royal family dethroned by jealous factions,
and you can reclaim the territories and majesty that once were your
own. Treat yourselves as the royalty that you are, and treat your fellow
humans (regardless of their position) as beloved members of that

In taking responsibility for your own emotional reality and
committing to the healing and evolution of your personal being, you
will emerge triumphant, one by one, into the palace of your awakened
identity. Then you can begin to call the others home. Your species can
heal, and it must if its continuation is to be secured.

There are many, from many places willing to help you. But only
you can reach for growth, only you have the power to command the
fulfillment of your evolution. Only you have the ability to awaken
yourselves to see the realities beyond the illusions of your three-
dimensional world. Only while you are sleeping, unaware of the truth of
your identity, can the Zeta and others bring harm to you. You cannot be
manipulated by holographic inserts or forced matrix transplants if your
senses have developed to the point of seeing behind them and your logic
has grown to understand how to avert them. If your logical/intellectual
awareness would get out of its own way, your emotional and intuitive
facilities would bring your entire being into balance under the direction
of the Soul Matrix. As long as you allow logic to rule you will not
grow to understand the logic of the higher senses. Your logical mind
can be the frog who becomes the prince, or it can become the toad,
burying itself in the sands of fragmented perception. We suggest that
you muster the courage to leap out of the bowl of your limited ideas and
perceptions and begin to explore the strange new world of
multidimensional reality and identity that flashes by everywhere around

Just beyond the distorted emotional imprints you will discover
the original pattern and sequence of the emotional codes. The emotions,
in their organic form, possess a logic and a beauty that you can barely
fathom. There is an order and intrinsic structure which is created and
maintained through the Keylonta codes, and these are anything but
chaotic. Your logic has become disconnected from the greater structures
of which it is a part. Just as the Keylonta Codes were used by others to
create this artificial separation and resulting chaos, so too can they be
used to restore the organic order and relink the logical mind to its
wholeness of identity.

In other transmissions we will offer information on the
technologies you can use to heal yourselves. We will introduce those of
you who desire to know more to the Keylonta codes, and teach you how
you may begin using Keylonta Therapeutics to accelerate your healing
and evolution. Meanwhile, there are many new mind-technologies
available, many communications from other knowledgeable sources that
can set you on your way toward awakening. You can protect yourselves
from covert manipulation, holographic inserts and forced matrix
transplants by making the conscious intention of linking with your Soul
Matrix, and by developing the intuitive aspects of your humanity You
can sense such manipulations through the intuitions and emotions, so
developing awareness of and sensitivity to these felt impressions of
subtle energy is the most important thing you can do to ensure your
safety. Learn to consciously channel the energy of your soul matrix into
your conscious mind and you will have a direct Interior Guidance
System to steer you away from harmful situations that exist outside of
your range of perception. Remember, the soul matrix is always there,
the soul never forgets you, as you are a living portion of its own
personal experience. It is you, the human, that has forgotten the soul
and your ability to consciously communicate with that greater identity.
Remember and awaken, and you will be safe.

In the next section we will return to our discussion of the
adjacent Earth system in which the Zeta old agenda has succeeded. We
will take time to discuss this subject because the realities in that system
have a direct bearing upon the future of your Earth system. We hope to
show you through this information what you can evolve to avoid. And to
illustrate the reasons why it is important that you do.

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