KDDL 3 Technique 4: Rainbow Round Vehicle Activation journey

KDDL 3 Technique 4: Rainbow Round Vehicle Activation journey


★ Transcribed by: Tama, fox, ARI (Korean Ksers), July 2016 


OK...I’m gonna find out what we do when we get up to the golden pillars as well cause they haven’t showed me yet. All right… Let’s relax our body. Relax our breathing. Slow the breathing rate by about half.. Bring your attention to your Eff-i-mah heart sphere about the size of melon. And now remember the little rainbow crystal at its center. Just breathe and be aware of that feeling of your Eff-i-mah heart sphere. Sense how it feels like it expanding the ribcage and lungs out of it. Hu~ Now place your attention both in your feet and on the top of your head. Just put your attention in the two. While also holding a bit of three point attention at your Eff-i-mah heart. And imagine that all stress and tension in your body is the color red.

Try to sense the color red as tension in your body..just muscle tension.. doesn’t have to be anything negative but just as you’re moving from more waking state into a more relax state. There’ll be tension that needs to subside. So imagine it as a red color all thru your whole body wherever it is some places look more red..some will be just very faint..helps you sense where the tension is in your body. Once you  get a feel or see the concentrations.. areas of red. And we’ll do a two point inhale and use an inhale to bring all of the red up from your feet up to your Eff-i-mah heart. And at the same time all of the red from the top part down into your Eff-i-mah heart. And the arms will go with the top part down..So any tension in the arms..and hands will also going with the breath coming this way. So relax the lungs a bit.. And exhale..Hu~ And inhale the tension from all thru the body and put it in a little red ball inside the Eff-i-mah heart. Hum~ Hold at the top of the inhale to pull all of that tension out into that ball.. And now exhale the ball out up over your fields right directly forward. Hu~ And kind of hang it there in the air for a minute. So they will hang it there..it won’t come back. We’re gonna do something with it in a minute.

But sense now the feeling of your body. Sense if you can feel yet..the toning down or little bit of relaxation that pulling that red energy out has done. And now sense again and kind of scan the inside of your body..Is there anywhere where there is a bit red flaring up again..Usually it takes about 3 breaths to get it toward  it doesn’t. So inhale the two points again and bring up the next layer of any of the red tension frequencies into the Eff-i-mah heart. Hum~ And then exhale them up into the ball that already have waiting there. Hu~ Sense your body getting a bit lighter now as the tension frequency is being removed.. And one more time any little red flares popping up. This time look even at the subatomic level and at the spaces between the atoms and all of that. So if there is any red flickers still left. And then inhale them into your Eff-i-mah sphere. Hum~ Hold and feel them collecting. And put them in the ball with the rest. Hu~

This time just breathe gently and feel as if your physical body is beginning to gently sink a little bit into the floor or the bed whatever you’re laying on. Feel that as if it's sinks in about an inch or two..cause it’s growing less dense. So it’s actually sinking into the solid matter that you laying on. Feel the sense this feeling of the body sinking just little bit into what you are laying on.. Now inhale into the rainbow crystal at the center of your heart of Eff-i-mah. Hum~ And hold for a moment. And bring your physical hands up around the ball of red energy tension that you put up hanging up above you. And exhale thru both palms thru arms and both palms the rainbow frequency into it. Hu~  And watch it as it pops and little sparkles just kind like little sparks flare up into the air. Almost as if sparks from the fire.

Now call to mind.. the sense and the feelings of the aqua vapor plasma body layer that we experienced in the 5th room of the elemental clearing rooms. Try to call to mind the feel of that layer of your plasma body that corresponds with the cathedral one sets.. the ether vapor. Feel your ether vapor aqua self plasma TrhU’-ah body laying peacefully inside of your physical body. And again you can change the position of your plasma body arms while leaving your physical body once where they are physically just to get the sense of your plasma TrhU’-ah body and the difference between it and your physical body. And now in a moment we’re going to use two point breath. Contract our aqua layer of our plasma TrhU’-ah body into shrink it down and contract into the heart of Eff-i-mah sphere. Inhale and contract our aqua layer plasma body TrhU’-ah body. Hum~ And then gently exhale. Hu~ And release you plasma TrhU’-ah body into your heart of Eff-i-mah. Sense it laying in there comfortably in the same position that you’re laying physically.

Now we’re going to begin the journey by projecting. We’re gonna raise in a moment we’re going to raise our Eff-i-mah sphere up. And then project it thru the computer screen here and into the image of the sun with this seals from world’s end location. And feel ourselves hanging out like a whole bunch of little bubbles inside of the white area of the sun until we all kind of collect. And then we’ll go thru to the ARH-i-yah Earth and as our group. So sense yourself  and your aqua level TrhU’-ah body inside of your Eff-i-mah heart. Then inhale and use the inhale to grab hold of the little rainbow crystal at the center of your Eff-i-mah heart. Hum~ And then exhale gently and push from the rainbow crystal push upward directly straight upward a little bit over your physical body. Hu~ And bring your whole Eff-i-mah sphere your Eff-i-mah heart sphere with your aqua layer TrhU’-ah body inside just kind of hang it there above you for a bit..

And this gives us a little bit of idea of how momentum occurs when we have our rainbow ride vehicle activated. So as we’re hanging here in our Eff-i-mah heart sphere with our aqua layer TrhU’-ah body. Inhale from your aqua layer TrhU’-ah body but also physically inhale again into the rainbow crystal at the center of the Eff-i-mah heart.. does now in the sphere here. Hum~ Hold for a moment. And then use the exhale to project yourself forward project your sphere forward thru the computer screen and into the white area of the sun image on the screen. Hu~ And just sense yourself there in your TrhU’-ah body in your aqua layer TrhU’-ah body. And imagine that you’re in there in your Eff-i-mah sphere like a bubble around your tiny TrhU’-ah body. And everything outside of your Eff-i-mah sphere just looks bright glowing white... that you are in this very bright white light. Try to sense the other bubbles collecting. Some people have longer thrust than others like more push behind there Hu~ exhale..and now get there  faster. So let’s wait till everybody collects and everybody is almost in I think. There is a few still 20. I can see people and their little TrhU’-ah Eff-i-mah bubbles going pew~~ and still a few coming in.

OK. Focus your attention as much as you can in your aqua TrhU’-ah body inside of your Eff-i-mah heart sphere inside of the sun image. And just sense around you..the presence of  the other bubbles. It’s quite a few of them. Now I’m listening to them.. they’re taking over going me what to narrate directly here. So  we’ve got companies..yeah..the guardians. OK. They’re going to send a frequency burst from the ARH-i-yah Earth in the Sun 8 DhA-YA-TEi Plains. They will send us burst down into...They’re saying just call it the backside image of where we just projected into as if that’s a 3 dimensional space. And when it occurs it’s going to create a large bubble. And it will be.. this one would look like the rainbow, the rainbow ride vehicles where it’s fully with the rainbow colors running thru it.

And they’re gonna host as thru and until we have ours activated. So a big bubble is surrounding the group of all of our little Eff-i-mah heart spheres with our aqua TrhU’-ah selves inside them. Sense that larger bubble that your smaller Eff-i-mah sphere is part of with bunch of other smaller people in there.. Smaller bubbles in there..people in there aqua TrhU’-ah bodies. OK.

Now we’re gonna collectively create momentum with this as the Nomiyah Eff-i-yah ARhaya from ARH-i-yah Earth that are assisting us and gonna greet us now. So they’re going to create a kind of like a gentle suction draw frequency to pull our large bubble up. And they also want us to help by inhaling into our own individual Eff-i-mah heart rainbow crystals. And holding for a moment. Hum~ And then when we exhale we’re going to use it collectively just push up on the top of the sphere.. the large bubble we are all in. And they all make it move forward. And they all catch it in their tractor beam current. Hu~

You may sense a bit of popping sensation. When we leave the frequencies of the sun image and its 3 dimensional encryption counterpart. And as if you’re drifting little bit vertically upward in this large this large rainbow bubble. And then sense now as if the large rainbow bubble has gently bumped into what feels like a membrane at the end of its upshift. So we’re gonna pass thru this membrane in a moment as a collective. And then the large rainbow bubble will just pop. And we’ll be back in our own Eff-i-mah heart sphere. So they want us to push again..inhale into our Eff-i-mah hearts. Hum~ And hold. And then use exhale to push up on the big bubble. And collectively push up thru membrane. Hu~ And a little bit of it came thru it’s like not quite half way thru. Let’s do it again. And inhale into our Eff-i-mah heart rainbow crystal. Hold to build quantum charge. And then exhale little more firmly to push that bubble up thru the membrane. Hu~ Good job that worked.

OK..Now we’re actually all of our little Eff-i-mah spheres with our aqua TrhU’-ah body selves inside are still inside the big bubble.. the rainbow big bubble. And we’re outside on that stone porch in the building that would be on the left of that sketch if you’re looking at it of the sketch just building on the left. So we’re inside that outdoor porch. Now still in the big bubble. And so now to go back into our uh where we can stretch our TrhU’-ah bodies. Let’s inhale then we’re gonna use exhale to collectively pop the big bubble. And that frees our little bubbles. And then we can expand our TrhU’-ah body selves. Let’s inhale into our rainbow crystal in our Eff-i-mah spheres. Hum~ Hold. And then exhale and collectively pop the large bubble that surround us. Hu~ And kind of..it’s going (*lip sound-pop) Just gently like a soap bubble.

And sense now that you can feel more of the air. It’s like more of flow there because it’s larger space that you’re in now..because you’re not confined inside the spheres..the bubble the big bubble. But you still inside your Eff-i-mah heart sphere. So now we’re going to expand our aqua layer TrhU’-ah body outward back to the size of what our physical body will be. And we’re gonna keep our Eff-i-mah heart sphere the same size which will end up to be that size of melon, once we expand our TrhU’-ah body outside of it. So let’s inhale into the rainbow crystal at the core of our Eff-i-mah hearts. Hum~ And then we exhale pop out our TrhU’-ah body standing up..in a standing up position. So a bit down head up and exhale. Hu~ Pop.

OK. Sense yourself standing there now in your aqua vapor layer of your TrhU’-ah body. It’ll take a few moments for your senses and your visions to adjust. But you might feel first. And again if you brought shoes thru with you, take them off in your TrhU’-ah body. See if you can feel on the skin of your TrhU’-ah body feet..the stone floor of this outdoor porch. You may notice this sense with your TrhU’-ah body that it’s little colder than you’re when you inside your Eff-i-mah heart sphere. But it’s not cold. Though you turn to look out the front of there actually its pillars that form like windows but the windows don’t have glass in them. But they have membrane. It’s like an electro-magnetic membrane field that helps to keep the temperature stable inside of the structure. Because it’s bit cooler outside of the structure. So standing in your TrhU’-ah body aqua layer aqua vapor layer. Look around you and see if you can see other people and their TrhU’-ah bodies. Even if you just see them without details of the feature details or anything. See if you can sense the presence of the group of us that have come thru.

And then extends your sensing out and see if you can sense the group of the Nomi-yah that have come out to greet us. They’re also in human like form but the Eff-im-a’rhal human forms..which means they can transfigure at will and things like that. They’re saying that they are here to hold shield for us and to activate accessibility to the golden pillar which is the frequency..the magnetic connection plasma loop  that’s coming up thru the ground and thru the floor in this stone porch area that we’re gathered in.

Notice that in the center of this porch. There is a pillar..large area. And it’s really just like stone and then just pillar coming up thru it. And the pillar is interesting. It’s golden like yellow golden light as we saw in the reference picture that I showed you. Yet it looks like it’s braided into three..like a hair braid would be. And they’re spiraling upward. And it’s like in a braided configuration of three different currents of it. All the same golden color. And they’re just spiraling upward thru the ceiling of this place. The Nomi-yah are saying that this is  the place where we’ll begin the process of activating our Nomigene thru the epigenetic overlay. And whether or not we have the physical Nomigene in our DNA anymore in this lifetime, it will still be and the epigenetic overlay in our plasma template. So if you want to participate in this activations we’ll be given the opportunity to do this. And again we will use our lone harmonics for this. As you begin this process first within the golden pillar of frequencies running up the golden plasmas. It will there’s of a few steps to it. We’ll each be doing it lone harmonic and by the end of it, we will get our first part of our rainbow round.., that rainbow sphere around us except it won’t be rainbow yet. We have to pick up the rainbow frequencies at the other structure that was shown in that sketch.

So OK. They’re are saying in order to for us to at this level of activation of TrhU’-ah body to go into the golden plasma pillar, we need to have a shield opening escort which means willl open the flame for us. Otherwise you don’t have a frequency yet to where we could just pass in to it. So you’ll notice when you go in that a Nomi will stand on your right side. And the Nomi-yah..and you may see it as light being.. or you may see features. It depends on your vision in your TrhU’-ah body. So it’s not gonna hold your hands your anything. It’s just going to walk in with you in order to open the field. So you can go in yourself. So imagine we’re all standing around now in our aqua layer ThrU’-ah body. And getting we’re standing facing this pillar kind of like a circle around it.. various layers. And when we walk in we’ll do as one individual. And we can all go in at the same time and not bump into each other because we’re in lone harmonic. And they will be a Nomi-yah to come with us and with each one of us..So they’ll be one to open that for each one of us on the lone harmonic.

OK. So for those who would like to continue with the activations of the Nomi gene thru the epigenetic overlay just walk with your body forward. Notice that you have your Nomi-yah. Basically gate opener on your right on the right side of your body walking in with you. And just walk in to the golden plasma flame. It’s kind of like flame but it’s not exactly flame like.. the different substance of plasmas than I’ve seen. So just gently walking. And open your eyes and try to see with your TrhU’-ah eyes just that you are inside of this beautiful golden current that is just perpetually moving upward. It’s moving up around you right now. But when you call it in with inhale. It will actually move up thru your feet and thru your whole body. And we’ll first as that begins to occur. We’ll first begin the activation of our rainbow crystal inside of our Eff-i-mah heart.***

So sense your steps..self-standing there in your aqua level TrhU’-ah body inside of the golden plasma pillar as it’s spirals thru and around you. Then inhale  up thru your feet to bring the golden frequencies up thru you. And bring them up into your rainbow crystal at the Eff-i-mah heart. Hum~ Hold them there for a moment. And then pop them outward with the exhale and pop out a bubble around you. Phu~ You’re still keeping your Eff-i-mah heart sphere in your plasma body. You’ve just popped out a golden bubble, a frequency of the golden plasma surrounds you. This is the beginning of building your rainbow round which becomes your rainbow ride projection vehicle. So stand in the golden plasma pillar and breathe more. You have your golden sphere around you. But it’s not very thick yet, not very quantum charged that. So let’s inhale more but this time. Hum~ Bring the frequencies up and just exhale them thru the entirety of the inside of your aqua vapor plasma body. Hu~ Feel(fill) it as if the inside this turning the lovely golden plasma color..Hum~ with the aqua vapor as a skin on the outside. Hu~ Feel the warmth in your feet as the golden plasmas come up thru your feet. Feel the warmth spread up thru  your legs.. As you do this what your plasma body feel it in your physical body as well. Feel the golden plasma coming up thru your feet of your physical body and your plasma body. Feel it coming up to your knees. And warming your physical body and your plasma body. Feeling it where the golden plasma light. Hum~ Now up to your heaps. Hu~ Hum~ Inhale and exhale it into the bodies..now  up to your naval. Hum~ Hold an exhale then. Hu~ Feel your physical and plasma bodies. Hum~ Filling with the golden plasma light. Hum~ Feel it gently spiraling up thru you going upward. Hum~ Bring it up thru your lungs in your physical and plasma body. Hum~  Feel your lungs fill with the golden plasma light. Bring it up thru your head, your face, your eyes and your brain. Hum~ Hold at the top of the inhale when you’ve got it all the way up to the inside of the top of your head. And then exhale in both places firmly and blow the pale frequency, the pale golden frequencies out your crown chakra. Phu~ You may feel little shiver.. run down your just..kind of under your skin a little bit.

This is the beginning of charging the epigenetic overlay layer. The layers three of the Eff-im-a’rhal interface beginning to clear that layer three of the shell of contention that is the control for the other 4 layers. Hum~ Hu~ So I just standing in breathing in your plasma body. Just breathe the light up thru you the pale gold plasma. Frequency is spiraling up thru your plasma body. Feel them. Hum~ Swirling up thru your physical body and now in your physical body. Feel a concentrated ball between below each foot of the pale golden plasma. We’re gonna bring it thru just into the chakra and the ball of each foot. So use inhale to just bring that ball of golden plasma into the ball of each foot. Hum~ Hold there for a moment. And when we exhale, it’s going to.. it knows where it’s going..It’s going to that layer that 3rd layer. So exhale. Phu~ And then sense that there exist layer. Almost just like I described before where there’s the crust of the Earth. And then there’s the mantle beneath it. But there is the subtle energy space like a void space between. There’s that space little bit deeper into your skin, not right under the skin little bit deeper in. Try to sense that place as the golden plasma frequencies begin to fill that space.

If you have this golden layer now, it goes around all of your organs and your lungs all of your atoms. But especially feel it running thru your physical body just a bit below the surface of the skin. Hu~ This frequencies will continue to run even after we bring the rainbow frequencies in with them. And they will continue to cycle as the frequencies from the rainbow reservoirs of ARH-i-yah Earth are brought into Earth planetary templar into the rainbow reservoirs here in Earth. They will progressively send you burst of the pale quantum plasmas up to your feet. So you may completely forgot like two weeks from now you did this technique. And all of a sudden  You feel this burst of warmth come up thru your feet and run thru that layer a bit beneath your skin. Here you go “Oh yeah! That’s the golden plasmas coming up from the Earth reservoirs activating.”

So we’re gonna take one more very large inhale in our plasma bodies and also in our physical bodies bringing up this pale golden plasma up into our Eff-i-mah heart center in both places. And in this time when we exhale we’re going to push up a big quantum of the golden plasmas into our what will become our rainbow round field around us both in our plasma body and also around our physical body..We will push out this large sphere of golden energy around both bodies. So inhale up thru the feet the pale golden plasmas Hum~ into the heart of the Eff-i-mah. Hold to build quantum. And expand out what will be the rainbow round. But now it’s the golden round field. Hu~ Sense in your physical body the presence of this golden sphere around you..Sense it also as you still stand in the golden pillar around your plasma body as well your TrhU’-ah body on the aqua vapor layer. But now the aqua vapor filled with the golden plasma light.

Now we’re going to collect our rainbow set frequencies. They’ll be the ones that come down from above and run down and bring the rainbow colors into our golden sphere. So to do this. We’re going to step out of the golden plasma pillar still up in the ARH-i-yah Earth area. Step back out on to the stone of the porch. And sense that you have your golden round your golden orb around you right now. And we’re going to move. You can walk in it. And as you walk, it goes with you. So walk toward where those front facing pillars are that give the window effect. And there’s that membrane that on the window for climate control basically. And look out in your TrhU’-ah body eyes. And see the beautiful rainbow reservoirs  of ARH-i-yah Earth of the Nomiyah cathedral Sun8 temple that we’re visiting.

And now we're going to using inhale breath and for a moment shrink both our plasma body and our golden round Hu~ make it smaller. So we can fit thru of the space between the pillars so we can project out. So we’re hanging over the reservoir up there ARH-i-yah. Hum~ Inhale and pull ourselves in. Exhale and push ourselves thru between the pillars and out. So we’re hanging over the reservoirs. Phu~ Then expand out to normal size again. Feel yourself floating in the air inside of your round. Sense the presence of all the other people that are doing this with us in their golden rounds. And now instead of walking down the staircases, we can simply float down by intention to move forward in your golden round. Inhale into your Eff-i-Mah heart. And just keep the bubble the same size just inhale into your Eff-i-Mah heart. Hum~ And then Exhale pushing forward. Hu~ And that all move your golden round forward. So you just Hum~ Hu~ Hum~ Hu~ And make you way down. Hum~ Hu~ to the other structure that was on down lower in the right side of the sketch. And that’s the building that has the golden dome and the golden bubble around it. It’s actually more of rainbow bubble around it. But the dome underneath is golden.

So now we’re going to land in our golden rounds in our plasma bodies. And notice there is the force field that’s around this building. As very large building.. compared to the size of a human. So just notice the size of this big force field with this building in it. And simply inhale and Hu~ push forward with your golden orb. And you’ll move thru the force field. And there is a doorway on the side.  And they are bringing us this side door for some reason. So now you can just walk with your golden orb around you. You don’t always have to fly with it. And notice when we go in..there is a much larger diameter pillar. But this one looks like the rainbow rain coming down from the ceiling. The ceiling is dome shaped like its inside of the dome where the round part would be on the outside and you are on the inside of the dome. And it is a lens that brings in the ARH-i-yah sun light and polarizes into the rainbow spectrum frequency..the plasms. So each in our own lone harmonic with our golden round, we’re going to now just move forward with one inhale and one exhale. And put ourselves in the center of the large rainbow rain pillar. So inhale Hum~. Exhale and move in the pillar Hu~. Sense the colors and see the colors coming down like gentle rain. But it’s rain of lights..It’s exactly rain of plasms. It doesn’t feel wet. There is particular quality of energy to it. That’s quite unique. Feel it moving thru your rainbow round..your golden round and into your TrhU’-ah body. And then notice as it moves to your TrhU’-ah body. It starts to flicker little rainbow speckles inside of your golden round. This is the rain..as if it is..rainbow is coming down from the top, running thru you, down out to your feet.  Inhale and pull in a large quantum of that rainbow rain and pull it in thru your crown chakra, into your Eff-i-mah heart. And  expand it outward at same time do this with your physical body, expand it outward into your golden round. Phew~   You may feel a vibration running on the inside of your golden round as the rainbow frequency interface.  Almost like soap bubbles..Now notice that the rainbow rain frequencies start making those soap bubble like colors on inside of your golden round. Take 3 more inhale and exhale breath projecting the breath outward to bring more of the rainbow frequency  into your golden round.  Inhale..huh.. exhale rainbow rain..hum... another inhale, and exhale rainbow rain Hu~

And one more in this time hold at the top of the inhale for moment, really feel the rainbow rain filling your physical lungs now as well in your physical body and also lungs of your TrhU-ah body, finally one more gentle slow exhale as you bring that frequency rainbow rain out into your round. Phew~ As you still standing there in plasma body within what was golden round.  Notice now it is like now beautiful colors, rainbow colors, soap bubble effect, the color sliding all around. It doesn’t feel wet but it looks as if it is.. and notice now in your physical body as well.
Extend your hands out to the size..if you have enough  room wherever you’re laying, with your palms as if they could touch the  inside of your rainbow round bubble, it’ll actually bigger but you can get a sense of where it is out from where your palms can reach. Just sense the frequency of it, try to push on it with your energy a little bit..’Cause it’s  further out than  your arms can extend.  But sense feel of that frequency.  This will progressively charge and activate more as the planetary rainbow reservoirs progressively bringing in more of the rainbow frequencies.
To begin the it’s like a FIBRILLATION(심방잔떨림, 심방세축:*Fibrillation is the rapid, irregular, and unsynchronized contraction of muscle fibers) effect in the rainbow round that  turned it into the rainbow ride projection vehicle. To do this we are going to come back from the ARH-i-yah Earth and we are going to come back thru the next image. It’s not this one. It’s the next image of the sun we’ll put up in a moment.  This one. This was another one from the same place but I didn’t realize I got until I looked at string of photos from world’s end in Norway.
So we gonna come back thru as if we are coming thru back side of it.  Image the back side of that image. It is actually sphere that white in the middle as sphere, the sun as sphere..We are going to be coming from where we are in the ARH-i-yah Earth.  We gonna come right down thru the rainbow pillar and Pop into the orb that is the Sun, in that photo.  We will do this by inhaling into our Eff-i- mah heart and then pushing forward and intending our rainbow round in our plasma body to go into the sphere of the Sun, that meeting place in frequency HU~
And sense now in your plasma body and in your rainbow round. As soon as you pass thru this side of it, there is gonna be almost like electrical kakaka  goes thru your rainbow round and activates it into your rainbow projection ride.
So inhale in there..we are inside that sphere of the Sun, we are going to project out now and thru and back into the room where you are for a moment.. You’re gonna come back again..project out and inhale and then exhale project out back thru to your room as if you are hanging over yourself in your physical body now in your room.
Try to sense your plasma body there and it’s rainbow round and sense that kind of FIBRILLATION electrical tikttik~happening in the rainbow round field. For a moment inhale your plasma body back into your physical body and the rainbow round both come together. Exhale and just push frequency from your rainbow crystal in your Eff-i-mah heart outward…..and we are gonna inhale and bring as much quantum as  you can find in your physical body and the space between the atoms.  Bring that into plasma body with you, bring all of the layers of plasma body, into the plasma body that you just brought back in which is your aqua layer, so inhale bring  all of quantum of  plasma body into the plasma body and in your body.
And you gonna take the whole plasma body with you now when you project.. you gonna quite quickly actually gonna  inhale, hold project back thru the screen and back into that image for a moment, just hold there. Phew~~
For a moment just breath gently both physical and plasma bodies.  Feel that there is this arc of energy that is fully connecting almost similar as more of an arc shape than like when we were using the pale white vortex effect. It’s more like arc but feel like arc from the image where your plasma body and your rainbow ride are now stationed directly with your physical body as well and still feel your rainbow what’s becoming your rainbow ride in your physical body as well. So keep that connection.
And just breath into that for a little bit.  Now we gonna begin the journey. We are going gently begin the music and begin the projection journey and when the image starts to move, imagine you pop yourself out of the Sun and into the image-scape that you will see in the video as it unfolds.  Feel yourself inside of your rainbow, your rainbow ride. And when you begin to see the images of lakes, of the lakes of Interlaken.  Just begin to breathe those frequencies up to you because they will be assisting grounding you and they will fly back actually thru that arc of energy Into energize the physical body and physical rainbow ride as well. So I will stop speaking now and we will put the music on and begin the journey to Interlaken, Switzerland, the First Rainbow Reservoir to Activate on Earth…***

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