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Friday, January 24, 2014

Ascension Whispers: Eternal Conscious Creation Level 2

ill update level 2 videos here as them are released.

Stepping into the time matrix - galaxy and seeing where the Eternal Life Grid fits as well as the polarized frequency bands of the holographic reality fields. Understanding more about the Sub-Conscious Mind and how creation occurs; traveling "back to the future".

Understanding what a Conscious Collective is.

Ascension Whispers: Eternal Conscious Creation - Videos Series - Level 1


Monday, January 20, 2014

Ascension Whispers Whispers: Time Travel

Note: Viewing of the videos on the AW youtube channel will be necessary to understand this post fully.

Time Travel


Are you one who has often dreamed of being able to do something like travel through time? For most the concept is only possible within science fiction drama but through the course of “time” many people have dreamed the dream and many have studied their entire life to try to make that dream come true.

Would you find it hard to believe that you are traveling within the most sophisticated time machine ever built or is the thought simply more science fiction?

Famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking believes humans are capable of time travel. But scientific theories require the use of some kind of mechanical space craft to accomplish such.

Perhaps all of the sectors of science should get together and plug all of their pieces into one program to see what they might be over looking.

Quantum physics has now proven that creation is a hologram and yet how many people are running with that information, applying it to daily living and rewriting the history books? Ahhhhhhhhhh, it will take “time”!

The largest majority of the population still require tangible – physical proof to apply anything to their tangible – physical reality but continued healing into higher conscious thinking will increasingly challenge people to rethink their concept of what reality actually is.

As has been shared within the Ascension Whispers material, the planet and all eternal life expressions are and will continue to experience “time shifts” every 30 days for the next 87 years.

When that information first became aware to share on the AW youtube channel, awareness only allowed for what was shared but more information has now opened up to awareness that shows the time matrix galaxy is not only one of an uncountable number of holograms but is also a “universal clock”. Time Matrix = Grid Clock!

Time is created by the process of energy accretion and the science fiction thoughts think that time travel should include being able to instantly move from one point in time to another to experience a totally different reality field, which we now know for certain is a hologram because those who need tangible proof have been supplied that via quantum physics.

We measure time via the face of our clock but what kind of instrument might one need to measure time from one era to another? Could the face of our clock be limiting in our ability to believe that something like time travel is possible? We all time travel every second of every day but how many people think about that reality when they quickly check the time to see if they are going to be late for that next important meeting?

Hawking says moving backwards in time is impossible because it “violates a fundamental rule that cause comes before effect.” Have you ever noticed how scientists will create fundamental rules to make a theory work in the moment?

Since quantum physics has now supplied the tangible proof that it is all a hologram does that not imply that there is a cause that creates that effect and since matter does not really exist, does that not imply that “something” that is NOT matter is creating the effect? If there is something that is not matter that is creating the illusion of a massive hologram is it not possible that something could re-create the entire hologram? This type of thinking can lead into what science deems “the supernatural” and since the supernatural cannot be studied in a laboratory is not an area we will see main stream science reporting on any time soon.

This means that the common person is going to need to collect all of the pieces and put them together for their self, if they desire to understand more of what it means to “shift into higher consciousness” which in fact is moving through time or time travel.

If we can begin to get our brains around the truth that time is an illusion created by the process of accretion of energy, that all of creation is energy and nothing is really matter manifest, it then allows us to theorize that moving backwards through time is indeed possible if something occurs to create a rapid drop in energy accretion.

Think about boiling a pot of water for a moment. The process of moving forward in time would be “experiencing” the time it took for that water to reach a boiling point and the process of moving backward in time for the water would be the time it took for reaching room temperature which constitutes the process of energy becoming hotter and then colder.

That is exactly what occurred when 2/3 loss of energy occurred within the planetary system. Higher, hotter, energy instantly became room temperature! Of course this translates into the non-existent matter particles as well which would mean a rapid change within the chemicals that make up those matter particles and this would translate into “de-evolution” for the non-existent matter biology. So, if matter does not exist, what does? Energy! Energy cannot be created or destroyed! Does that not beg the question, “where does that energy originate”? Oh no, that takes us back into the scientific taboo area of the supernatural. :) Which seems to imply that both science and the supernatural are required to understand the larger picture and since neither science or the supernatural religions are willing to mesh their thinking, we must do that for ourselves.
When the 2/3 energy loss occurred within the planetary system during the Atlantean time cycle it was literally a process of rapidly traveling “backward” in time and this is because all of the energy that had already been accreted or all of the seconds that had already been experienced were instantly lost. The pot returned to room temperature!

The monthly time shifts the planet is now experiencing every 30 days is the process of “re-accreting” all of that energy that was instantly lost to awareness; all of those seconds that had already been experienced within the non-existent matter and created a rapid de-evolution of the matter form.

We are all riding within the best space ship available and traveling “Back To The Future”! And this IS the process of expanding into higher conscious awareness!

What might it be like to experience within a holographic matter form that de-evolves the chemical elements it is composed of? That answer is pretty simple, it experiences exactly as we are currently experiencing. What might it be like to experience within a matter base that de-evolves and holds a hidden, unknown virus and what kind of hologram might that create to experience? Again, that answer is pretty simple as we are all experiencing it.

The JOY lies within the “rediscovery” of what it is like to experience with open, aware higher conscious thoughts and the entire planet is locked within that adventure.

What does it mean to experience “lost memory” turning back on to awareness? It means re-accreting all of that lost energy that holds those thought memories within it.

The next time shift is set to occur tomorrow, January 12, 2014 and as you go through your day of experience perhaps you might choose to give a moments thought to what you were doing the previous time you accreted the energy of that day in time.

Even though the shift is scheduled to occur tomorrow, I became aware at 3:00 AM on January 11, 2014 that this months time shift is already underway and it has been an interesting experience these past 24 or so hours.
Began with instant inside out extreme body heat followed by cycles of instant inside out extreme cold. What does that experience mean? It means that the rapid increase in energy that is encountered via the shift forward in time first heats up the chemicals of the matter form and then the accelerator is slowed and those chemicals cool down and the cycle continues until the shift in time has completed at which point the life form begins the process of opening to awareness the “thoughts” held within that new point in time.

I don’t know about you but I am extremely happy to know that the “supernatural force” is in charge of this process least the space craft might blow up from not knowing when to let off the gas. :)

Because it is a process of shifting back to the future it means that the new discoveries, new thought patterns, new ideas about everything is actually turning on lost memory and lost awareness of truth.
We will see the universal clock in upcoming videos on the AW youtube channel.
Welcome to the process of experiencing traveling back to the future!

Loving Joy,


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ascension Whispers: Education – Healing into Personal Power

pic form <3 ES

Note: Viewing of the videos on the AW youtube channel will be necessary to understand this post fully.



Healing begins through education as the first step of conscious healing requires knowledge that healing is needed.
Healing into personal power is not a process of offering knowledge and healing tools and then those things becoming a crutch. Healing into personal power cannot occur if the individual continues to believe they must rely on the teacher to tell them what to do next.

The life forms of Earth have become dis-empowered via memory loss and lack of Source energy to such an extreme that the majority cannot yet remember they are Source embodied and that the life experience is not being done to them but that they are creating it their selves.

It is necessary to offer knowledge to assist the life form to first remember how they are creating the life experience which opens memory and begins to return awareness of personal power.

Only by remembering personal power, remembering the personal connection to Source and regaining self trust can a life form regain personal responsibility for everything they experience inside and outside of their self.

The distorted system of the Earth hologram has been created and controlled via the inner distorted virus via distorted thoughts and the process of daily living and survival seems like it is controlled within every sector of the life experience.

The people of Earth easily accept the factions of control through held beliefs and thoughts of concepts such as the devil, satan, ET groups and secret societies. This is not a new occurrence within the mass consciousness and has been held in place for thousands of years via the inner distorted virus.

The masses find it very easy to believe that a hidden, unseen force is responsible for the chaos, imbalance and control and this is a result of personal experiences with inner and outer demons that seem to be very real.

Simply because the thoughts of the masses have been controlled by the distorted thoughts of the inner virus for so long and because of memory loss, the mass consciousness accepts imbalance as part of the life experience and are shocked or amazed when things work within balance to such a degree that it seems like a miracle.

The desire to heal into balance remains but seems like an impossible feat simply because at this time there is no one on the planet with open memory of what it “feels” like to experience within a balanced reality field; the concept of miracles offer hope yet always seem to be out of reach and possibly even fairy tales.
Simply offering an assisted healing system will not allow healing into self empowerment, it would only be one more program that became lost among many programs that are already available on the planet, some of which simply promote more control and dis-empowerment.

The inner distorted virus has used the life forms of Earth for so long to do its bidding and co-create its desires that it seems natural to the largest percentage of the population for someone to tell them what they should do and to take care of their needs when disaster and chaos strike.

It is for these reasons that the people quickly turn to the political, religious and medical communities to lead them and tell them what they should do and provide for their needs of well being.

Every life form on the planet and the planet itself carry the infection of the distorted virus consciousness and feel helpless within a sea of imbalance and there will remain those who are more than happy to control and tell people what they should do and how they should live until the virus is completely purged from the planet which will not complete until the planet returns to its healed expression in 87 years.

The battle to heal from the virus cannot occur by placing ones energy within the outer hologram and focusing on what is occurring within the outer hologram because what is occurring within the outer hologram is a result of what is held within.

Only by focusing within, by remaining constantly aware of the personal thoughts and “reprogramming” the distorted thoughts can awareness of the healing that is taking place occur.

The dis-empowerment and control of the virus has created and fosters the belief of an external savior within the largest percentage of the population. The concept of a savior is adapted to fit into any belief system; it may be thought of as an embodied face that is going to appear in the outer hologram and instantly remove all imbalance or it may have been adapted to think it is going to be some higher ET life form that is going to remove chosen ones from the planet and take them off to a balanced reality system.

Such beliefs have been held within the mass consciousness for thousands of years and such beliefs are exactly the same with the only difference being the concept of who and what the savior will present as.
Only by remembering that all of creation is energy, the energy of Source, how creation occurs and that all life forms are Source embodied can real healing occur and the false belief of an external savior be healed within the conscious collective.

The process of healing into balance still fits within the ancient thought that healing does not occur via supplying the fish, healing occurs by teaching the individual how to fish and provide for their own needs.
The dis-empowerment that has occurred within the Earth hologram is so severe that if the current food supply system were not in place hundreds of thousands would very quickly starve to death simply because they have no idea how to feed their selves and the food supply system has been allowed to be completely controlled.

The current desire is to offer knowledge and understanding to remember truth that will empower to allow those who can hear to take back control for their needs, personal healing and well being while healing to remember allowance and free will.

Allowance does not mean sticking your head in the sand and ignoring what is going on around you. Healing into balance requires remembering the importance of the whole and how each piece of the whole is required to allow anyone to heal.

Allowance requires understanding personal strength and how & where to apply that personal strength to assist into whole healing while remembering that you do not have the right to control anyone but yourself as all hold the gift of free will.

It is known that there are those who are anxious for personal healing and may currently feel they need to be told what to do to facilitate personal healing and there are those who do not feel they need such assistance who have reached a point of healing to allow them to remember their personal power and the support and strength they know via their personal connection to Source.

It is desired to offer as much support into healing as possible for the whole without interfering with free will and when enough knowledge has been offered to allow the opportunity to allow for an “informed choice” there will be offered some tools for assistance with personal healing but you do not have to wait until such tools are offered to work on personal healing and making a stronger connection to Source. There are already some tools offered on the AW website that can assist with personal healing but the main key is daily consistency of focusing on and communing with Source as well as constant awareness of personal thoughts.
What limitations might your thoughts be imposing upon you? If you believe you cannot “you will not” because your beliefs will create exactly as you believe.

What are you filling yourself with from the external hologram? Are you filling yourself with thoughts and ideas that speak of forces with a desire to control, consume and create chaos? If those types of things are what you are choosing to focus your thoughts on then that is exactly the type of experiences you will create.
Ask yourself why anyone might find it challenging or impossible to find 30 minutes a day to simply be one with Source and be quite and commune with Source. Is the imbalanced life experience so important that there is no time to work on co-creating balance? If it is then it will be quite unpleasant to experience healing into balance.

Why might people put the needs and desires of others as more important than their personal needs or desires? Do you run yourself out of energy daily trying to take care of everyone else and have no energy left to take care of yourself?

Do you feel it is selfish to take care of yourself first and if so why do you feel that way? Such a feeling spawns from lack of self love and trying to ensure that others continue to supply the love that feels missing within. It is a game of chasing your tail and never getting anywhere and spawns dis-empowerment for others by not allowing them to take care of their own needs.

Lack of self love spawns from false beliefs that say you are not good enough or unworthy in some fashion and such false beliefs can only heal by consistently filling yourself with the love of Source.

You ARE important! You are an extremely important part of the whole and without you there would be a missing piece within the whole and then who would take care of all of those needs of others that seem to be so important.

If you choose to allow time for yourself daily to simply relax, be quite and still and focus on Source within you then you can quickly discover that all of the love and acceptance you will ever need is held within and that you can easily fill yourself with the love of Source and then it becomes much easier to gift that love and eternally gain more for yourself.

Loving Joy to All,


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ascension Whispers: Still Thinking


Still Thinking


Hello All,

Just an update because I know many of you are wondering when the next video presentation is going to be ready on the youtube channel.

Thought to share a bit of “my process” with you. Within the next video we will be stepping into the time matrix – galaxy and remembering what I am able to share with you thoughts about what is going on there.

Eight weeks ago I did not think I had much to share at that point of the presentation, goes to show you what I know. :)

Today’s class has been on “light” and understanding a bit about visible and non-visible light. I have come to think of sessions with Vertical Guidance as classes because for me, it really is matter of being in school.

This class has been rather technical for my pea brain but I am to the point where I can begin to step down those pieces and put them into words that our brains can handle a bit better. I say technical because it is showing light units in ways I have never seen them before and how those light units can then create a hologram that we perceive as manifest.

Of course all of that technical data goes along with understanding how it is all a hologram and what does it mean that it is a hologram. I am remembering it is not just enough to simply say it is all a hologram and so not real because that implies our physical body is a hologram as well and not real and yet, we know we are real so what does “not real” really mean?

This is why some bits about visible and non-visible light become important to be aware of and some of what light is doing to allow us the illusion of matter particles. I can assure you that you are “very real” and of course you know that. But we are going to remember where our “realness” resides and how that applies to the concept that creation is a hologram.

Since matter manifest is a hologram, that implies our physical body is a hologram, so where are WE that is creating the hologram? All of this also ties into remembering that we are ALL part of a conscious collective so where does that conscious collective reside?

Silly me to think there was not much to talk about when stepping into the time matrix until we step into the solar system!

It is coming together and will be shared with you exactly when Guidance says, “OK, this part is ready to share now”. Talk about ‘levels”! I realize at this moment I have no clue what that might mean.

Loving Joy to All,


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ascensions Whispers: Happy Freedom Day +

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.

Happy Freedom Day


Hello Beloved Expressions of Source,

For those who are interested in my personal share of experiences – so far – on this wonderful day of Freedom;

At approximately 11:00 PM on December 11, 2013, I began to notice things occurring in my head. It began with the crown chakra (soft spot area) hurting as it does if you bump your head hard. As I sat and felt this, the palms and feet chakras became very heated and vibrating with energy.

I next saw, with inner vision, the vertical pillar and at the top of it, above the 12th chakra above the head, I saw a vortex of spinning energy that was spinning clockwise around my body as if I was sitting in the middle of a clock with the 6 point in front of me and the 12 point behind me.

As I watched the spinning vortex, the bumped head feeling in the crown chakra began to expand to cover the head but under the skin as well and felt like a crown, bowl or hat sitting on top of the head and then quickly down the back of the head to the base of the skull.

At approximately 11:30 PM, I was guided to begin my daily routine of energy exercises, which my husband joined me for.

As we went through the routine, the spinning vortex continued to spin faster and faster. My palms and feet became so electrified that they felt like flaming spheres of energy.

The entire inside of my body then felt electrified and the particles inside the body felt like excited energy, kind of like the spray that comes from a waterfall. Then the inside freeze out began through the entire body with my teeth chattering. :)

We completed the exercises by 12:00 midnight and was guided to simply sit within the God Space with continued focused breathing, inhaling and exhaling the word “balance” until 12:15 AM.
At about 12:30 AM I made myself comfortable in my recliner and quickly fell asleep and instantly began a series of dream time experiences in which I kept seeing myself in different time periods, looking different in each one and noticing the difference in the surroundings.

It was not a restful kind of sleep dreaming and every hour I was nudged to open my eyes and look at the digital clock on the entertainment center then quickly back into a new time period.

This continued until 6:00 AM on December 12th when my body finally awakened and wanted to soak in a bath, during which time guidance explained that the experience of cycling through the different time periods was a result of rapid infusion of Source energy which literally created a rapid accretion cycle of energy, re-accreting through time cycles that had already been accreted and experienced prior to the Atlantian attack.

Upon waking at 6:00 AM, the entire head still felt quite sore but this faded as I soaked in the bath.
Guidance says that each continued monthly time cycle shift will present similar with higher energy turning on and re-accretion of energy that had already occurred prior to the Atlantian attack.
The planet now feels like she is basking gently in a blanket of energy and the entire planet and all eternal life forms are in energy integration mode which will continue for about  3 days when things begin to feel more balanced until the quickening cycle begins for next month’s time shift.

I am intending that things will settle down now and I can put together the next video share for the youtube channel. A whole lot of wonderful information to share with you!

I must say, in all of the many ways that I imagined what this experience “might” express as, it has expressed in a way I never even thought of but that is nothing new to my hologram as Source continually surprises me. And guidance continues to remind me that Source creates in balance and Source heals in balance.

What does it mean that the higher energy of Source coming into the planet created a series of massive leaps through time? It means the planet and all eternal life forms are now in the process of turning on that higher energy within and that will allow those higher thoughts to express into the hologram. What will that look like? Whatever we desire to co-create!

There will be information presented in an upcoming video that shows how the time matrix – galaxy is actually a “clock” and what that means as far as these shifts in time but I can tell you for certain in this moment that it means we are going “home”, home to our healed expression. There is no turning back now for the Eternal faces of Source as we are all on the home bound train and it is moving full speed ahead.

Loving Joy to All,


Freedom Day Arrival Time


Hello Lovely Expression Of Source,

I am happy to tell you that tonight I was told the time the event will commence on Freedom Day, December 12, 2013.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ascension Whispers: Root of all Imbalances + Personal Share of Physical Body Symptoms

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.
The inner distorted virus is trying to hold on / maintain and knows its end of expression is close at hand.

The extreme physical body symptoms that have shown their self in numerous ways during points of more of the higher energy of Source turning on is not simply because of the distorted condition of the Eternal Life Grid, held within.

The distorted virus has always battled with the higher energy of Source that turns on within the internal structure because to the virus it is as if it is being bombarded by an attack of higher energy. To the distorted virus, the higher energy of Source seems like an aerial and ground attack of rapid firing energy missiles that it must fight to survive.

The strategic control & command post of the virus has always been from the 11 & 10 points of the distorted internal grid structure and in the physical body anatomy correlate to the brain area. It is the virus battling for control from those location points that creates the severe symptoms in the head region of the physical body form.

We could think of the distorted points of the 2/3 fall grid compared to the way we think of things within the hologram; the 11 point being the seat or house of the ruling king and the 10 point being the command headquarters, the 9 point being the frontline of battle and all lower points receiving the fall out ripples from the front line.

When we think of the waves of the higher energy of Source turning on as waves of energy with peak points we can recognize the heightened physical body symptoms increase when riding the waves up to the next peak point and gradually decrease riding the wave back down the other side.
It has been the approach to the peak points of the higher energy of Source when the inner virus has expressed strongest defensive attacks to try to maintain control and it is during those points when the inner battle of energy presents the heightened physical body symptoms. The heightened physical body symptoms can indeed feel like there is a war raging within.

The physical body symptoms will increasingly decline on and after Freedom Day because the infusion of the higher energy of Source that will flow through the system when planetary star gate 12 comes back on line will be the strike force of stronger energy of Source against the distorted virus.
Source does not battle at any time as Source does not need to, Source simply turns on higher and higher levels of energy so the battle is always one sided from the distorted virus trying to maintain control of the system which the higher energy of Source is reclaiming.

Of course the distorted virus would rather the people of Earth not think of anything but pain and suffering because it knows that the thoughts of the people will continue to create exactly what the thoughts are creating and it has been in critical mass control of the largest % of the thoughts of the Earth population for 26,000 years.

Thought control coupled with 2/3 energy loss is how the distorted virus has used the masses of Earth to create the imbalance within the hologram so it is completely aware that it is soon to lose control over the thoughts of the masses and this translates into loss of control of the entire Earth hologram.
The physical body of the masses and the planet has been held within an extreme stressful and toxic environment with the masses thinking the environment was natural; for all of these reasons, it is suggested to do the best you can to eliminate as much stress as possible and allow gentle comfort for the physical body.

If you are encountering extreme head symptoms it can be quite challenging to allow yourself any time thinking of higher thoughts and ideas and if you desire to simply sit within the God space and focus your thoughts and feeling on the Loving Joy of Source you can find peaceful release from the thoughts that may be raging through you at this time.

There may even be thoughts that seem to come from nowhere and desire you to doubt everything about yourself and Source. Such are not your own but are coming from the distorted virus as it battles to maintain control so there is no need to focus on them and accept them as your own as doing so will only create trashing about for the emotions and physical / emotional body.

Simply focusing on the White Light of Source will allow you the strength to ride out the storm and the sun shines eternally on the other side of the storm.

Loving Joy to All,

Personal Share of Physical Body Symptoms:

December 5th brought very intense physical body symptoms with majority focused in the head and base of skull. Intense migraines, feeling the scalp not big enough to hold contents, extreme pain at base of skull; blurred vision, dizziness, intense ringing in the ears, lack of attention for anything, tender scalp and feeling as if scalp tenderness slowly creeping down back of skull. Moments of feeling as if movement occurring inside of skull.

Physical body feeling exhausted but unable to sleep because of feeling like a ball of energy bouncing around the room; eventually fell off to sleep for 6 hours followed by a brief awakening then slept for 3 more hours.

Awakening on December 6th felt some relief from extreme pain in head and scalp but thoughts still feel disjointed. Being reminded of a time when I was laid up in a sick bed for several weeks as a small child with measles and the feeling of when the body was starting to get better from the illness and a mental desire to get up out of bed and play with toys but the physical body was not strong enough to allow for such so laid in bed making flowers out of Kleenexes until falling back into illness sleep.

Same type of feeling today when I look around my personal hologram; desire to do things in the hologram but feel like the body is still too ill to find the strength to get up and play with the toys (hologram).

Am being guided to remember that sick bed as a child and apply that same now feeling to the experience shared in the videos on the AW youtube channel and the hospital ward bed of remembering about the sub-conscious mind. Am now applying the same feeling of the childhood sick bed to being in that bed and the desire to break out of the sickness of the inner distortion and get up and play with the toys of the hologram but not yet strong enough to do so.

I am now being guided that the feeling of wanting to get up and play and yet not feeling physically strong enough is a result of the same type of feeling of a fever breaking from a long illness and the body finally feeling some relief and a bit better but still not strong enough to engage and that the Freedom Day event of December 12, 2013 is going to be the day when the feeling of release from that sick bed will occur.

The days leading up to Freedom Day remind me of being a child and anxiously awaiting Christmas Day and the excitement of opening the special “gift” that is sure to come. The planet is feeling like that as well; a small child who simply can hardly stand the excitement of waiting for the gift to unwrap.

Just a personal share of this now moment for those who might like to compare their now moment body challenges.

Love & Joy,

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ascension Whispers: December 2013 Quickening

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.

December 2013 Quickening

The Quickening leading up to the time shift on December 12, 2013 is now underway full strength. You may be feeling out of sorts at this time.

Noticed Symptoms:
  • Pre-existing body issues amplified.
  • Feeling like a cold coming on one moment and completely gone the next moment.
  • Electrical energy intense right now, can create inside body chills followed by heat; this is due to the base electrical particles of frequency band 2 heating up or electrifying the base magnetic particles of frequency band 1. This will be talked about more in Level 2 on the youtube channel soon. Hot bath suggested to get through the chills.
  • Brain fog and hard to concentrate heightened.
  • A feeling of not wanting to do or care about anything.
  • Eyes blurring and watering from any type of outside light. When higher energy is flowing through the physical body it can temporarily affect the eyes because the body is drawing in light energy when they are open and it can be too much energy in the moment. Subdued lighting or almost dark can offer some relief but of course keeping the eyes closed works too.
  • Possible to feel like the body only wants organic foods right now and not much of them. Lemon water to drink seems to assist a bit.
  • Heightened nervous tension as if there is only one nerve left in your entire body and everything and nothing is jumping up and down on it. Suggested to try to remove as much stress as possible and pamper your body softly. Focused slow breathing can assist this a bit. You may even notice the muscles in your body start pumping as if you just completed a long run. The hot bath should help that as well.
A Loving someone pointed out to me that there is a date missing in the time shift schedule on previous post. That is what I get for trying to work with numbers even though I used Microsoft Excel to try to get it right. LOL

I will go through and figure it out later and hopefully fix it and repost it but at this time there is no way I can even look at numbers, inside or out.

More amazing information is opening up now that will be included in upcoming videos on the youtube channel about the time matrix galaxy and solar system. Just when I thought that material was ready to put it together more comes blasting its way through but it is all simply amazing and can’t wait to share it with you.

Onward and Upward we climb!

Loving Joy to All,

Referenced videos: Ascension Whispers: Eternal Conscious Creation - Videos Series

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ascension Whispers: Eternal Conscious Creation - Videos Series

----UPDATED 15-11-13----

A good basic entry level into information. as said in vid1. vs the more advanced folks that have delved into the materials and such. 

 Marie Love Presents:

Eternal Conscious Creation Introduction Video 1

Discover information about an amazing event that will occur on December 12, 2013 as well as truth of creation that has not been available on this planet for 26,000 years now available from Ascension Whispers.

~ The return of the base12-tone Sequence  ~
~ & Return of Divine Trinity ~

Eternal Conscious Creation - Level 1, Part 1, Video 2

Understanding who, what and where is God Source. The Divine Trinity, how is God eternal.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 2, Video 3

Birth of Inner Creation, Spheres within Spheres, Thought Encryption, Color, Consciousness Highway - Unified Field, Eternal Life Forms

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 3, Video 4

Eternal Conscious Creation, Layers 1 & 2 of Outer Creation, Light & Sound

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 4, Video 5

Ascension Whispers presents Eternal Conscious Creation, creation of the Vertical Pillars of creation, what is on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy, creation structure, layers of creation.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 5, Video 6

Ascension Whispers presents the Eternal Life Grid for the first time in 26,000 years, Seats of Conscious Identity, See what happened to the Eternal Life Grid to allow the imbalanced Earth reality field that everyone things is natural.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 6, Video 7

Ascension Whispers presents more understanding of why terrible things occur as they do on the planet and in our daily lives.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 7, Video 8

Ascension Whispers presents the concept of the Sub-Conscious Mind.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 8, Video 9

Finally, we reach the Big Bang of December 12, 2013 as well as other information to consider.

Eternal Conscious Creation Level 1, Part 9, Video 10

The Rapture, 100 years of time shifts, planetary healing and much more from Ascension Whispers.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ascension Whispers: "The Walls That Bind" Next layer of Emotional Body Healing

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.


The planet has now entered into a next, deeper layer of Emotional Body Healing which means that all life forms on the planet have as well and will feel and experience it to the degree their energetic system will allow.

When a life forms has experienced a deep enough level of Mental Body integration and began the process of Emotional Body healing, which allows mental awareness that they are indeed Source embodied, the next phase is healing to “Become” Source embodied. Which means it is now time to allow yourself to begin the process of expressing through your every moment with the “knowing” that you are Source embodied.

What does it mean to “know” one’s self as Source? Do you stop every few moments of your day and think about yourself as yourself; most likely not. You are simply yourself and you know yourself as yourself. Do you stop to think if you can breathe before you take your next breath? Unless you have physical challenges that hinder your ability to breathe, you do not. You simply breathe in and out automatically. It is the exact same feeling to simply know one’s self as Source.

When you know you are Source embodied it then allows you the ability to apply that knowing into every moment of every experience and doing so can allow you to make higher choices and instantly know how to shift the energy of any situation you encounter. It also allows you greater awareness of appreciation for all life forms and become better skilled in finding ways to gift the love of Source to other life forms. For every gift of Source that you give away in love, you receive at least three times that amount back.

Being “mentally aware” that you are Source and “feeling” in your every moment through your Emotional Body that you are Source are two completely different things. Because your Emotional / Physical Body cannot yet remember that it is Source and through the distorted, lower thoughts that are currently embedded within your Emotional Body, you continue to feel any degree of anything that does not feel like Source Embodied.

If you desire, you can certainly pretend that you are fully aware that you are Source embodied but until your Emotional body knows this as well, you will continue to be limited within the confines of what your Emotional body believes.

If you have read previous sharing, then you are more than aware of the importance of healing the Emotional Body. That will not be repeated in this message as it is already here for you to discover, if you have not already.

The layers of embedded, lower, compacting, light blocking thoughts that are currently held within the Emotional Body have occurred over eons of time and they must be transmuted and cleared in layers as you could not withstand clearing them all at once and it would not be possible within the confines of the distortion you are currently immersed within.

Some layers can be cleared simply be sparking them with higher energy and transmuting with each spark. Other layers will require more assistance simply because of what they hold.

In order for your Emotional Body to heal to remember that it too is Source, it will require more of Source energy or more of Source light to be able to shine through your Emotional Body and the many layers of lower, distorted thought patterns block the energy of Source from shining within and through. When Source energy cannot shine through, it creates the darkness and this in turn creates all things that hold distortions within the darkness. If you choose, it is now time for you to turn on more of Source light within yourself.

It had not been previously possible to begin transmuting this next layer of distortions that are held in your Emotional Body simply because there had not been enough of the energy of Source available to transmute this layer safely and effectively. It is now possible to begin healing this layer of your Emotional Body and Planet Earth has now begun the process so you may already be starting to feel it unfolding within your hologram but may not be aware of what it is about.
The next layer you can now begin healing of your Emotional Body is called a “Walled Layer”. This layer holds so many walled up emotions that it pretty much looks like a fortress with no entry or exit point. This Walled Layer holds all of the emotions that you have stuffed in this life time simply because you did not know what else to do with them.
Here is a short list of examples of things that have been stuffed within this layer;
  • Grief from losing a loved one to the physical death process.
  • Fear of rejection or sadness from being rejected.
  • Fear of letting go of anything.
  • All of the emotions that have ever been encountered in a battle for energy with another.
  • Fear that comes from being in a life threatening accident or of someone you love being in such.
  • Fear of dying or taking off the physical body.
  • Fear of being attacked, physically, emotionally or mentally harmed by another. Many of these types of emotions are so extreme that people will block the experience from memory recall completely.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of change.
  • Previous history with relationships separating and all of the chaos that went with it.
  • Childhood trauma which can include parental abuse, sexual abuse, being bullied or excluded.
  • Experiencing death of a parent during childhood.
  • Feelings of being a failure as a parent.
  • Feelings of being the black sheep of the family.
  • False Guilt.
And the list could go on and on. When you encounter these types of emotions many around you most likely tried to assist you to the best of their ability and offer you comfort and love and you had no choice but to manage to get through it somehow and keep on keeping on.

You did have a choice but very few on the planet are aware of this and what that choice might be. The choice is to make a stronger connection with Source and send it ALL to Source in the moment to transmute right then and there but even so, the other layers of distortions held within the Emotional Body act as a magnet to draw things in.

This layer that you are now able to access and begin healing holds any number of lower thought patterns, memories of emotional traumas and experiences that you most likely do not want to remember, talk about or even think about and certainly do not want to re-experience.
Simply because they have been so extreme for your Emotional Body to endure, your Emotional Body has built walls around all of these emotions. If you could see them with your physical eyes, they would look like brick walls to you but they are actually made out of crystal; walls that will not allow anything in or anything to get out.

As you now begin to become aware of this layer of your Emotional Body you most likely feel your emotions starting to cringe or your attention to turn away and not want to even think about it. That is your Inner Child rebelling and preferring denial about any such thing.


Your Inner Child is terrified to even be reminded about the layer of Walls least they have to experience all of that all over again. Take a deep breath and allow yourself comfort in knowing you do not have to experience any of those things again. They can be transmuted, released and healed from your Emotional Body without you even having to remember what is buried there. They can be healed through Source energy without having to bring down any of the walls and letting loose anything that is held within them. They must be if you desire to continue your goal of healing back into balance with Source.

The process of healing this layer of your Emotional Body has already begun and this is why many are already starting to feel the effects of such healing. You may be experiencing people whom you thought was out of your life for good or at least out of your awareness, stepping back in to show their selves again. You may be experiencing old thoughts and memories coming up to your awareness that reminds you of grief and pain.

You may be feeling unusually exhausted, as if your physical body simply wants to sleep and forget about anything else. You may be encountering the prospect of trying out something new and feeling terror if you even try yet you have no idea why you would feel such.

You do not have to experience any of those lower thoughts and feelings stuffed within this walled layer of your Emotional Body and can choose to co-create healing for them by working with Source energy before the healing process becomes so strong the crystal walls begin to shatter to allow Source energy to enter and heal these things.

You can do this by co-creating spheres of Source energy around every single wall that exists there and allowing Source energy to “expand inward” to heal the wall and everything that is held within and transmute and release them from your Emotional Body.

Releasing what is currently trapped within the walls of this layer of your Emotional Body will allow more of Source light to shine within and through you and in turn, will make it that much easier for you to simply “know” you are Source and continue on with your desires for healing back into balance with Source.

Here you will find an exercise to assist you in beginning to heal this walled layer of your Emotional Body – White Light Spheres Of Source


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Ascension Whispers: The Quickening 4-6-13

The Quickening
Are you feeling over loaded with so many tasks to complete at this time? Of course anyone could answer yes to that question just about any time. In the past few weeks you may be aware of a feeling that over load feeling seems to be heightened and a feeling of there simply not being enough time available becoming stronger. If you are currently feeling this, know you are not alone. You are experiencing the effects of the "Quickening".

The Quickening has been slightly mentioned in times gone by. Some may have become aware of this feeling briefly between 2000 - 2003 and noticed the feeling subsided and was quickly forgotten. The Quickening is back again but this time the process will continue to occur in cycles.

As the planet continues its healing process which is now possible as a result of the higher energy of Source once again being available, there will continue to be cycles of higher energy consummation, initiation and activation. This process is also occurring within the life forms on the planet even though many people are not yet able to become aware of feeling the Quickening. For many who are aware and feel this heightened process, they many wonder what this is about and why is it happening now.
The process is natural when a system is working correctly and continues to expand to hold open more energy of Source. The feeling of the process could be compared to the feeling the physical body has when doing something like cardio exercise. As you work the physical body to move faster, the heart, lungs and other body organs operate faster. The heart rate increases, the breathing rate quickens, the muscles and neurological system speed up as they expand to allow the flow of more energy. When you have finished such a physical body workout, you most likely are aware of the muscles pumping faster while the body begins the process of slowing down to its base line function rate. This process is also a quickening feeling within the physical body but on a smaller scale. You may experience that after such a physical body workout, your body needs time to rest, relax, wind down as it returns to its base line point. You may even feel the need for a nap.

Quickening of higher energy through the energetic system effects the physical body in a similar fashion except you may not feel the body organs pumping above their base line operation point. When the feeling is a result of energy quickening, many other factors slightly change. Time seems to move faster which creates the feeling of there being less time to accomplish things. Thoughts translate faster through the neurological pathways to the brain for translation and you many find yourself tripping over your words quite often. You may notice a feeling of the chakra points seeming to pump or beat similar to the way the muscles pump faster after a cardio workout. Your work load or To Do List many seem as if it doubles or even triples right before your eyes. This is a result of the faster moving thoughts people experience during a Quickening period which allows more awareness of things desired to accomplish to reach a new goal that they most likely had not yet recognized.
As higher energy of Source is accreted or drawn into (Consummation Point) a life form there is a period of time required to allow a specific dormant packet/s of stored data within the energetic anatomy to reach a critical mass point or be be fully turned on. When the critical mass point occurs, there is then a period of time required for the internal sparking process to unfold, this is the Initiation process. When the Initiation process reaches full quantum sparking of energy, the Activation Point is reached and the coding held in that previously dormant packet/s of data begins the process of shining forth into the hologram to then allow awareness of what is held there to occur.

During this current Quickening process, the Earth is at the Initiation point of the current moment process of turning on more higher energy of Source and will soon begin the Activation of that stored energy data packet. When the Activation point occurs, you will most likely notice a feeling of returning to inner balance as the "new" base line is settled into. Cycles of Quickening will now continue as the planet continues to heal itself. The life forms on the planet will continue the same process at their own rate of speed and the physical body will continue to feel the effects of the Quickening to the level it is able. Each Quickening cycle slightly increases the quantum of Source energy that activates within the energetic anatomy and within the DNA and is most commonly called DNA activation. This same process has been discussed within information presented in previous years but it was not presented to allow more understanding that the effects of reaching a point of full DNA strand activation occurs in cycles of Quickening as sub-harmonics are activated within the energetic anatomy.

For further understanding, you could think of the planet and your physical body as a space ship that is soaring through outer space at a rapid rate of speed and you could apply the Quickening process to that analogy as the process of opening more fuel lines, pumping more fuel through the line and opening the throttle to a higher position to all you to soar through space even faster. You are not literally moving from point A to point B faster as you are not literally moving anywhere but you can experience the illusion of movement through space and time faster as a result of more of Source energy flowing through you. Such an illusion could allow it to look like the stars outside of your space ship fly by your window much faster.

When the activation point is reached, the new speed or throttle level remains and your physical body quickly adjusts to the new speed which allows inner balance to return and a feeling like time has slowed back down. You may become aware of that thoughts, ideas, questions and more understanding becomes available within you as the previously dormant data packet begins the process of translating through your physical body. This is the very same process that gradually allows more people to begin to wake up, ask questions, wonder and think outside of the program they have previously only been able to experience. The dynamics of the Quickening allow more people to be "sparked" and the opportunity to choose to begin the process of healing.

Planet Earth will continue the process of healing herself regardless if the people on the planet accept such truth and all life forms on the planet will continue to experience the effects of Earth healing herself regardless if they are able to wake up during their life time or regardless if they desire to heal.
Death of the physical body of course is not a new experience to the life forms of Earth and as the planet continues to heal and hold open more of the higher energy of Source, there will continue to be waves or Quickening cycles when it seems as though a large number of people choose to remove their consciousness from the physical body form as a result of the higher energy becoming stronger than their physical body can support their rapidly expanding consciousness. The process of the need to remove the consciousness from the physical body form will not change until the Emotional Body can reach a critical mass point of healing to allow enough higher Source energy to flow through the Physical / Emotional Body and allow transmutation of the particles that the physical body is composed of.

The condition of the energetic structure determines if a life form can continue to expand and hold open more of the higher energy of Source and the process of expanding to do so can continue even if a life form removes their consciousness from the physical body form if the energetic structure will allow. Choices have everything to do with the condition of the personal energetic structure and choosing to heal and return to balance with Source automatically begins the process to the degree possible for the life form.

Beginning To Heal The Fibonacci Spiral:
Note from Ascension Whispers: The following message was presented several weeks before this posting. It has been the desire of Ascension Whispers to go back through previous years information and include bits and pieces to assist those who read this web site and may not have integrated that information a better understanding of concepts spoken of in the following message. Time has not allowed that to occur and time may not allow that to occur anytime soon. Therefore, the following message is being shared as given and links are included to information where the reader can find more information to bring more understanding if desires. Even though it is the intention to present the messages shared here as simple as possible so that anyone can benefit from them, some of the technical information that will allow greater understanding to unfold is simply to large in size to try to include it here. When necessary, links to places where more understanding can unfold will continue to be provided.

The Fib Spiral still holds in place the effects it has created on the Earth planetary field even though the planet and its life forms have been able to be assisted to rise higher in energy to allow for following the path of the Krystal Spiral. Much healing must still occur to heal enough of what the Fib Spiral has done to release Earth and its life forms out of phase lock.

Understanding all of the components of what the Fib Spiral has done is quite technical but you can begin to understand small aspects in the way that you understand other concepts. The distortion code itself is held within the 2nd dimensional frequency band but extends down into frequency band 1 and up into frequency band 3.
Because frequency band 2 of Earth's planetary fields was harnessed for so long and literally had the energy sucked out of it, it created a disharmonic of energy within the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2. The reason this expands upward and downward into frequency bands 1 & 3 is because of the "misfire" that is occurring in frequency band 2.

You most likely know quite well what it sounds like when an incorrect key is chosen when playing a song. The full harmonics of the song are out of balance and it creates an irritation not only to your ears but through your physical body. Harmonic tones can be created by doing something like making a string taut and based on the length of the string, the tightness of the string and the point of the string that is plucked, you hear a different sound tone. When you pluck several strings together that are all set to their specific coding, you can hear a harmonic of sound tones and your ears can hear very quickly what harmonics do not resonate for you and which ones you are attracted to.

You were told several years ago that the way to "reset" the harmonics in the lower frequency bands was to bring the harmonics from the higher frequency bands into the lower ones "manually" and you did this process for years with the toning of the Veca Codes.

It was hoped when the Veca Codes were first presented that the D12 energy would begin poking holes in the Net Field and would eventually cause the Net Field to collapse. But the continued amped reversed energy halted that process and is why you may have become aware when it felt like the higher accretion of energy slowed down to a crawl as compared to how quickly it felt like it was climbing. The process for resetting the lower harmonics has not changed. What changed was the ability to pull enough of the higher sub-harmonics into the lower density levels to continue climbing in energy. That has now changed!

Because the planet and its life forms have been assisted to access higher energy of Source and because the fallen life forms can no longer pump a critical mass of reversed energy into the planetary system, holes are occurring within the Net Field. However, the Net Field cannot, and will not simply fall away completely all at once, for the Earth and its life forms would be in danger from the radiation from the sun as the Net Field turned off the planet’s organic corona sphere. As the planet continues to heal this will turn back on and the Net Field will dissolve completely.

Because the planet has been without the necessary quantum of Source energy for so long due to the harness of the Net Field and the stealing of Source energy via the 2nd dimensional frequency band of the planetary system, an entire dis-harmonic within the sub-frequency bands of the 2nd dimensional frequency band was created.

Think for a moment about what has been presented about DNA strands and remember the Fire Letters held within them. Just like each frequency band holds 12 sub-frequency bands of energy so too does each DNA strand, each Fire Letter, each Chakra, etc. The Fire Letters are "Flames" and the lack of Source energy has weakened the quantum of energy held within the Flames. This could be compared to loosening the tightness of your taut string and getting a "flat" sound other than the sound you expect to hear. A piano out of tune to the max! Because the Flames have lost quantum of energy they have lost their ability to spark high enough or create a high enough tone to allow the chain of sparking across the length of the fire letters. Because the notes are flat, when the small charge makes its way through the fire letter sequence, it does not hold enough quantum of energy to allow what is supposed to occur when the full harmonic is played. It fizzles out when it reaches the 10th harmonic and goes flat. This is a simplified way of thinking of a base 10 system versus a base 12 system.
You have already heard information that explains the Base Tone, Resonate Tone and Over Tone. When the harmonics of the Flames are in tune and as the quantum of energy within the flames increases, there is supposed to occur another tone called the "Transmutation Tone". The Transmutation Tone has not been able to occur within the Earth system since the fall from Tara occurred.
When the 3 Harmonics of tones reach a critical mass level, they "spark" the Transmutation Tone into activation. Things that you currently dream of such as spontaneous thought manifestation, physical bi-location and ascension are dependent on the Transmutation Tone.

Because the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2 are so out of tune it creates a buildup of static or chaotic energy within frequency band 2 and this translates into your Emotional / Physical body and that of the planet’s Emotional / Physical Body anatomy. This buildup of chaotic energy is what crushes the template as you continue to accrete energy unto yourself and is why you must eventually remove your consciousness from the physical body form, causing the experience of death of the physical body. 

You could think of a crystal container filled with energy and energy continues to be put into it but it cannot expand. The energy should allow the container to become heated to such a degree from within that the particles the container are composed of will begin to transmute and become as hot as the energy within it, and then merge to become one with the energy that is held within it as that energy then transmutes the container into pure light or pure energy. Such would be dependent on the energy held within being able to reach a high enough heating point to allow the container to transmute. But the energy within has not been able to generate enough heat to allow for such, as it is unorganized energy that simply continues to expand without the ability to increase in temperature because it cannot generate higher energy sparks. This is a very simple analogy but one you should be able to understand.

The misfire of the sub-harmonics of frequency band 2 is what keeps enough inner heat from being able to be generated and of course will not allow for the Transmutation Tone to occur. Since the fall from Tara, there has not been enough energy available to planet Earth and its life forms to heal to be able to re-sequence the harmonics of the sub-frequency bands in frequency band 2. That has finally changed! If the tactics of what the fallen races had done with their reversed energy from 2000 to 2012 had not been to such a high level, the process of re-sequencing or re-tuning the sub-frequency bands could have been well underway. Before those events occurred, Earth and its life forms had accreted higher in energy than had occurred since the fall from Tara.

You are now back on track of energy accretion because of the Gift of higher energy the planet and its life forms have received but the planet had to integrate enough of that higher energy to get to the point where you are now back on track.

For those who resonate, it is strongly suggested to work with the High Veca Codes. Toning and working with the High Veca Codes allows you to bring into your energy template and activate within it the higher dimensional energy of the time matrix in the correct sequence so as not to crush the lower energetic system. And the way to retune the dis-harmonic energies of the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2 is to reset them to their correct tones from the undistorted energy that exists in the 12th dimensional frequency band. The 12th dimensional energy will begin the process of retuning the tones of frequency band 2. The High Veca Codes were returned to planet Earth for this exact reason but at that time it could not yet be understood about the Fib Spiral in relationship to all of this.
 By going through the process of placing the codes on the corresponding physical body points and activating those frequencies via their sound tones, the Physical / Emotional Body picks up the "wave sequence" of instructions carried along those light waves (images) and sound waves (tones). It is like having a piano tuner come and retune your piano.

When the tones within the fire letters are flat and create chaotic energy, the chaotic energy implodes on itself and literally consumes itself. At the point when the chaotic energy has reached a critical mass level, it generates an "explosion" and this allows the energy to expand but in order to continue to expand it must latch onto more energy and continue the process as it cannot self-generate internal energy because internal sparking cannot occur. This is what the Fib Spiral allows to occur and will continue to occur until the sub-harmonics in frequency band 2 can be re-tuned. This is why physical death of the body will continue until this issue has been able to be healed to a high enough level to allow the proper sparking sequence to return to the sub-frequency bands of frequency band 2.
When a person has worked with the High Veca Codes frequencies for at least a 30 day period, they can safely move into the next level of frequencies known as Heliotalic Energies and bring in even higher sub-harmonics, but first they must activate the frequencies of the High Veca Codes. If one has previously worked with the High Veca Codes, it is still suggested to start the process over again and ease your energetic body into the higher energies even though it may be possible for you to do such in less than 30 days.

It is hoped you are able to understand this and why we stress even more so the importance of Emotional / Physical Body healing. As has been previously stated, the issues the entire planet is dealing with are held within this level of the anatomy.

When the harmonic tones of frequency band 2 are able to be re-tuned, they will then hold enough energy quantum to allow the correct sparking and firing sequence to occur. This will allow for the Transmutation Tone to occur. As this process unfolds within you and when your energetic body is charging up in energy, just before the Transmutation Tone sparks, the personal Merkaba Vehicle activates. The heightened charge of energy naturally turns on your Merkaba Vehicle and the Merkaba Vehicle begins to spin, faster and faster while your consciousness is held in a suspended state within the center of it.

The increased spin speed of the Merkaba Vehicle, generated by the rapid sparking of the fire letters, sparks the Transmutation Tone into activation. The internal heat that is generated heats up the waters that compose the physical body form and the heating up turns on the transient element of Celestine. If this occurs while still embodied in a physical form, it is at that point the particles that compose the physical form are transformed into pure light.

The increased spinning of the Merkaba Vehicle releases the energetic locks that keep you phase locked or stuck at the angle you are that allows you to perceive the current reality field. When the locks are released, by simply "thinking" where you want to experience, the Merkaba Vehicle will "shift" or "rotate" to the alignment at which that reality field occurs. It will then slow the spin speed and stop spinning. Your consciousness and physical body, if you did this while embodied in a physical form, then transform to the properties of the particles that the reality field are composed of and you re-manifest as you would appear within that reality field. At which point you simply "appear" within the reality field. If you did this process as pure consciousness and not while embodied within a physical form, you could then go through the process of incarnating into a physical form within that reality system to experience life within that system.
For some who have already been through years of working with those techniques and wondered why they even bothered because nothing happened anyway, it is now intended that you have more understanding of why nothing really happened anyway and can once again see the importance of healing the Emotional / Physical Body and re-tuning the fire letters of the 2nd dimensional frequency band at the same time.

 As you re-tune the fire letters of the 2nd dimensional frequency band, the internal heating up process that is created transforms more of the stored, distorted thought patterns that are held within the Physical / Emotional Body and this process will continue to allow you to heal to be able to accomplish things like opening your personal vertical communication line, making higher choices, holding higher thoughts that allow you to think of a way to rewrite the new planetary script and co-create balance and healing within the Earth reality field.

Planet Earth has now begun this process herself and will continue to do so as the energy continues to accrete to higher levels. The planetary life forms who hold an energetic body that will allow them to, will continue the process with the planet. If one chooses to be a conscious part of the process it can occur much easier, because you can consciously assist to heal the distorted thought patterns held within the Emotional Body before they manifest, as the increased amount of higher energy will continue to awaken them within you to shine forth to experience and be healed unless they are transmuted before that occurs. By choosing to be a conscious part of your process of healing, you can draw to yourself much more quickly the higher energy currents to activate them within your energetic anatomy, instead of waiting for a high enough point to occur within the planetary body to allow that to occur within you.

If you choose to continue working with higher energetic technologies that have been presented after the High Veca Codes, you will continue to rapidly turn on higher sub-harmonics of energy to the degree your energetic body will allow for. There has already been returned to planet Earth much information that explains intricate details of these processes so there is no need to repeat all of that information.

As the planet itself continues to heal to a high enough level, this will allow even higher technology and understanding to become available to the masses but such is dependent on the energy those things ride within being able to turn on within the planetary body. 

It has been mentioned in early information returned that something like the pyramids were literally "sung" into manifestation. When you can begin to understand that all energy, from the smallest to the larger quantum of energy, holds fire letters within and all energy holds sub-harmonics of light and sound tones that are designed by Source to work together as a "team" to create full harmonics of light and sound then it can become easier to begin to remember how your conscious, focused through patterns can co-create with the energy of elementals to send direction to the elementals via sound tones to manifest what those sound tones are giving instructions to manifest. This process has been harnessed within your Emotional / Physical Body anatomy and that of planet Earths via the mis-firing that is occurring within the fire letter sequence. It can result of your pillar of energy turning into a flat pancake of energy and fizzling out on the ground. The Transmutation Tone must be able to occur after the pillar of energy is sparked into creation to allow the particles of the energy of the pillar to transmute into the sequence of the encrypted thought patterns imbued within them.

In order for the fallen races to control planet Earths energy and that of the life forms on planet Earth, they had to harness this process by shutting it off via redirection of Source energy when putting the NET field in place. Otherwise, the energy of Source coming into the planetary system, via the solar gate system, would have simply over rode their ability to control. This is why this process will slowly turn back on naturally as planet Earth continues to heal herself as that process will continue to poke holes in the NET field and it will eventually dissolve.

Count Many Blessings, Dear Ones. The path of ascension has once again been returned to you if you choose to follow it.

Hint: If you have chosen to explore your Krystal Ring of Power, as has been presented in previous information within this web site, you may have already discovered that when you step into the ring and look around you and above your head, you will see a Krystal Capsule, which you are actually held within. When turned on, this Krystal Capsule becomes a Merkaba Vehicle that will allow your consciousness to travel anywhere within the time matrix which your activation level in that moment will allow for. Have fun exploring!