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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: The Goal of Our Work

The Polarian Network

True Earth Associations


The Goal of Our Work 

If you haven’t already: Read the previous article and the Cosmic Path of Sirius and the Introduction.
As you know I have agreed to take up the responsibility to run an Internet School where those being interested can take the first two initiations (probably also the third if the first two are a success) under the guidance of the Teachers. The Teachers does not follow the outer path of the dimensions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11D which is the foundation behind the teachings reflected in the Voyagers material, nor are we working with the inner path of the dimensions 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 reflecting the teachings of the Bailey series. The teachings the Teachers reflect stem from the old version of the paths; i.e. the full path of the Chrestos or the original “light seekers” and is as such contained in both the Voyagers and the work of the Bailey series (the teaching from the signet 1-3 planetary Hierarchy).

I have also told about my memories from Atlantis, the last time around where the stellar activation cycle was imminent and ready to run, but it was thwarted and all attempts to help the failing monads and their attached personality matrix were aborted and crumbled in their infancy. I stayed behind watching the others leave both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial in origin by either lightships or by transforming their outer particle structure into anti-particle structure being able to shift into Inner Earth. From this incarnation, where I stayed behind – I was unable to shift my particle structure from the work I had done back then – I ended up in the future of the Crystal Dome Cities where I met my demise as space dust. So I have returned from the first run through of the destiny of this outer Earth to change my own destiny and in doing this trying to remember what I am and what incarnation, missions etc are all about.

Since this is the darkest day of the year in the Western world, i.e. Good Friday where we remember that the world have crucified the “Christ that dwelleth within” (i.e. the 8th chakra, the Azur-a or the 5th thymus chakra of the mental field connecting us to our monads) symbolized in the story of the crucifixion of Christ – I still remember him actually being crucified and this was also one of the things that led me to my demise in the future since the experience cut me off my connection to my 8th chakra, probably along with the memories of all the other failed attempts – it is the perfect day to remember what our goal is all about here in the lower outer worlds.

First we have to remember that mind, living light or the form-holding principle was the main energy to evolve in the previous system. Thus mind, living light, manasic energy or the form-holding principle as in the particle energies which create the “outer reality” was evolved in the previous system, whereas intuition, living consciousness, inner light, christed beings (Chrestos – using this term to circumvent the distorted thoughtforms and return to the oldest versions of this teaching), buddhic energy or the anti-particles of “inner reality” is the main evolutionary principle or energies in this system. Outer and inner is also relative in terminology since the different reality fields wobble and shift from being inner to outer etc. Btw: when we talk about the evolutionary principles of this system, we call it energy and when we talk about the evolutionary principles of the previous system, we call it forces. 
Thus in the previous system the living light – or the particle forces – was evolved and it formed into what we perceive as the human prototype or the particle body. The particle body in HU-1, with its personality matrix, consists of particle forces and is the lowest expression unfolded of the highest principle of pure energy – the etheric layers – being able to put on form. Therefore the etheric energies equals pure energy, the mind-fields or particle forces equals living light, and the anti-particle energies equals living consciousness or intuition.

I am not changing the expressions to confuse you, but as I clear out the distortions of my mind-fields I am moving from old terminology into a terminology we can use today and at the same time I force you to recreate your thoughtforms, avoiding them from being infected. When my created inner visions, as I write them down here, are placed into the collective consciousness through all of your readers, each and one of you cannot avoid creating thoughtforms and when you do so, you are connecting to the digressive forces – since you have not cleared out your mind-fields yet - and your thoughtforms link between the dark network and my teachings, infecting them. You do not do this on purpose; this is an inbuilt mechanism of all being a part of the dark network. All in all I have to create dynamic thoughtforms forcing you to become more flexible in mind. I am not creating a teaching system, but a path and only a path alive will work. In the old days such teachings were only given orally to avoid this however due to the forced timetable we have to take other means into consideration making this school an experiment. But this also means that this is the last official or free article; all my teachings and work will follow the First Initiation Classes, the First Initiation Group on Facebook and the articles. 
Not to exclude you but to hold the energy of those who are willing to work hard to activate their inner light and become a Chrestos. And being part of this also means being willing to support me financially. I'm not taking exorbitant payment for my work since I work after the principle that the more people who pay, the less each need to pay, making the expense possible to pay for everybody having access to the Internet. To be able to keep the energy for those who choose to follow the path of the inner light, I need to be able to be supported fully by my work. If I take a regular job, I will decrease in frequency and it will destroy the path therefore when you pay for my material and work with the teachings I reflect to you, you are all in all helping me, the others on the path and yourself.
We have to get out as a group, and as a group we help each other: Some add with money, others with knowledge and yet again others with being in connection to the Teachers. We are all able to progress on our own, you are able to connect to the Teachers on your own, and you do not have to follow my classes, but if you do, you show your appreciation by supporting me financially. For now I will open the First Initiation Group on Facebook where I will post tutorials with what I have learned from the Teachers along with other mind-breaking posts. Go to the First Initiation Class, scroll down and subscribe to the monthly payment of € 7. Then you can apply to the Facebook group by activating the link to The First Initiation Group on Facebook. I will accept when I have received a payment note from PayPal.
To return to the article
In the previous system the particle reality ranged from 1, 3, 5D and ended in the highest conglomerate level as the sum of all the living light forces fused with pure energy that had to be evolved. The conglomerate became the beginning point of this system, or the 6D of the inner reality fields. From this HU-2 point zero of creation a new HU-1 level was fashioned holding the particle reality and mind-fields of the personality matrix connecting to the monads that did not make the full transition into the 6D anti-particle structure, i.e. did not integrate the pure energy and by this merging being able to transform the particle body to its anti-particle equivalent. Those who did succeed and changed into anti-particle structure are called the devic evolutions.
The HU—1s all over this system (holding the original structure of 1, 3 and 5D; not only the 1,2,3D) are entirely created to make the failing monads able to take a new incarnational round in particle bodies in a HU-1 (1, 3, 5D) particle reality field to reach the level they did not manage; i.e. the 6D.
The 1st world of our solar system was thus placed in close connection to 6D of the inner reality fields, where succeeding monads from the previous system became the overseers and supervisors. In this solar system it was the Pleiadians to begin with. The failing monads holding the most potential to merge with the 6D point zero energy were the first to be inserted into the 1st world, reawakened from the pralaya there always is between two systems. The pralaya is a period where all the energies of a system are gathered back into the singularity or source, and from here unfold into a new stair step creation. When the higher principles unfold, they unfold downwards into different planes of existence – also called dimensions – laying down their triadic structure into each, of which there are 12 in this system, until the level of the previous system is reached and on this level the evolutions from the previous system – in this system there are 7 creative hierarchies that needs to progress - can start over, being given a new try to progress into the goal of the present system. This also means that the upper 5 creative hierarchies of this system entirely unfold the new principles of this system and thus belong to the “god-worlds” so to speak.
As you also know the 1st regenesis or “try-once-more” world of this time matrix was under the direct supervision of the “devas” (monads, i.e. “humans” that managed the goal) and it was created to heal and restart the progress of the failing monads. Unfortunately the 1st world was quickly infected, cutting itself off from the Inner planes of existence and the monads within the regenesis program started to digress into the lower manasic 2nd world. When this happened the 1st etheric template connected to the regenesis monads crystallized and they were pushed out of the Inner planes of existence and started to create the blueprint of an outer Earth on the manasic plane. 
The manasic or mental 2nd world – what later became the foundation of Median Earth - arose and along with it creating the blueprint of a “fallen” or involutionary Median, an Inner and an Outer planetary scheme. The inner planes of existence in 6D are the lowest point of creation in this system; the higher outer and median progressive planets are composed of the higher creative energies and therefore being very dissimilar to the outer planets in the HU-1s. It is a whole other type of evolution, thus the progressive Inner, Outer and Median reality fields of this systems have very little to do with the involutionary or digressive worlds we know in our part of the creation, being the section holding all the forces of the previous system to undergo regenesis. 
The 2nd etheric template was created to make the regenesis monads able to unfold into a particle body composed of manasic forces, now holding the karmic imprint of the first etheric template along with the digressed manasic light DNA of the previous system, along with the monads from the Moon chain (they had sort of been in a state of pralaya now being inserted into the manasic world similar to the state of forces where they failed their first attempt to regenerate), making the transformation even harder. It was into this set up - unfolding to regenerate the failing monads of the previous system and the Moon chain - that the succeeding monads of the HU-2 Tara fell into due to the infection. 
The 2nd world therefore ended up holding the digressive monads of this system, the most promising that was given a second change in the 1st world but digressed into the 2nd world, the digressed personality matrices and their attached monads from the Moon chain as well as the infected fragments and grid from Tara, creating a new structure in the solar system, doubling the regenesis scheme into 11 other planetary schemes. Originally our solar system only held the decaying Moon and the very early stages of the Earth chain and those two planets, the Moon and Median Earth being composed of manasic forces, was the primary system orbiting around the Alcyone star of the Pleiades. Thus the Pleiadians are the original supervisors of this HU-1, but after the insertion of the lunar monads and the infusion of the fragments from Tara, the Sirian Councils, the Andromedian Councils and the overseers; i.e. the Elohim, entered the scene to take control over the directions of this very complex HU-1 system. It was at this point the Breneau was called in, and the story line from Voyagers begins in our HU-1. 
Naturally the 2nd world digressed even faster due to this and the 3rd world or astral plane arose, where the lower unfolded principle of the monad – the personality matrix – could take recreational rounds. Thus the 3rd world still exists but as a dual plane of both the network of the living light and consciousness – linking to the inner reality fields - and the dark network entirely linking to the outer digressed reality fields, where the deceased of both network go to after death. Thus the monads holding the non-transformed three lower mind-fields as in not having merged them with etheric four layers, go to the dark network areas of the 4D astral plane and the regenesis monads in progress go to the areas belonging to the Network of Light to re-group within their incarnational group before re-incarnating into the 4th world. Thus the failing monads are continuing to incarnate within the dark network unable to undergo regenesis, and the regenesis monads re-incarnate until they reach the mid-point where the four etheric layers are infused with the three lower mind-fields making them turn into an anti-particle structure. Or as it is the case every 26.000 years or so, to work with the energy influx of the stellar activation cycle that make all lower beings able to follow the up flow of energy in all of the HUs of this creation.
When the inner world succeeding monads choose to wobble outwardly it is to progress further in the higher forms of the outer particle reality fields of the HU-2 to HU-5. Only the ones trying to help the failing or regenesis monads choose to integrate themselves into a HU-1 system or if they digress; they too end up being a part of the dark network.
The difference between the process of transformation in this and the previous system, is that in the previous system there were only two layers to be merged; in this system there are three layers when we include the living consciousness, and thus separating the second-time-around monads a bit further from source.
Therefore in the previous system there was a Tara existing in a similar HU-1 particle form and this planet was not the Moon-chain. The Moon chain was the first planetary scheme in our present HU-1 where the failing monads from the previous system was inserted and since they failed entirely the “Logos of the planet” (the umbrella principle of regenerating monads) pulled itself out leaving the planet to untimely decay and a new infancy planetary scheme was created; the 1st world of this solar system. When the HU-2 Tara of this system became infected the parts could not fall back into the HU-1 of the previous system, because the old HU-1 Taraian scheme did not exist anymore – and following the rules of the infected inner planetary system being pushed out into the outer planetary systems to heal - thus they was pulled into this HU-1 where our Median Earth, at that point only being a blueprint of manasic forces starting to evolve back into an involutionary planetary scheme holding the failed monads of the Moon chain and other monads of the previous system – making our planet one of the hardest schools in all of creation given that it was the second-time-around planet in an already infected HU-1 of the Moon chain. 
The different fields of the personality matrix are in this system called mind-fields (i.e. the instinctual mind-field, the subconscious mind-field and the rational mind-field or the principles behind all HU-1s) that is the form-holding principles tainted with residual forces, i.e. “karma” of the previous and this system. 
In the previous system the same non-infected mind-fields created the personality matrix originally only holding the subconscious mind-field and the rational mind-field connected to the monadic energies of 6D. I say 6D since in the previous system 6D was the highest dimension to be evolved and thus the guardians of this system is placed in 6D, i.e. the Sirians etc since they took the full path of Christ back then and transformed their outer particle structure into an anti-particle becoming what is called “devas” in this system and thus the monads reaching the 6D inner anti-particle structure became the main evolution of this system.
Because the first or previous system was able to unfold 6 dimensions, this system following the adding up principle holds 12 dimensions to unfold and evolve. This also means that the HU-1 are pushed even further away from their main goal of evolution; in the last system the monads only had to evolve 1, 3 and 5 and then gather or synthesize the achieved energies into the 6D being the turning point, gathering plane or the level where one evolution ends and a new start.  
The monadic chakra is in this system placed in 8D, is what I call pure energy and this chakra level reflects, on a lower level, the first triadic structures after the singularity or source, i.e. the Yanas of this system. Thus the 8th chakra is the Christ principle in us, reflecting our innermost “divine” essence and structure of the Yanas.  
The goal with the initiations are not to unfold powers or to get out, those are both ego related reflecting either greed or fear of the personality matrix, but to awaken the Chrestos that dwelleth within and to regain access to our monad, and thus to the Yanas and source. When we do this we regain the “connection to our Father in Heaven”, and we become “one” with “him” again to use the terminology of the New Testament. It is not the stories that had been distorted, but the thoughtforms we connect to when reading the gospels.

The goal is to become a part of the devic or anti-particle evolutions and the progressive worlds, leaving behind the digressed particle systems, the fallen particle mind-fields and the old timelines belonging to a system of harm and suffering onto which the inner Christos – the monad - has been crucified. We are to leave the body of death, the first body of Adam behind, followed by the two robbers personifying the instinctual mind-field and the rational mind-field in the story, and resurrect in the image of Christ as the spiritual – or anti-particle - body unfolding the monadic energies and consciousness from within.

The transfiguration of Yeshua was to show us the path we were to follow transforming ourselves by reconnecting to our Father in Heaven – our monad – and from this merging transforming our particle body into the anti-particle body after death, shedding off the three lower mind-fields, now standing in full glory only holding the merged and transformed four etheric layers; the true form of the monad.

18 April 2014