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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Freedom Teachings: Sacred Sexuality and the Art of Divine Relationship Part 1/2/3 & Two Moons Rising & Festival of Light 2006 #TPB #MCEO #WS #KS

Sacred Sexuality and the Art of Divine Relationship Part_1 / 2 / 3 & Two Moons Rising &
Festival of Light 2006
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Sacred Sexuality & the Art of Divine Relationship, Spirit, Biology & the Elemental Force Part 1 of a 3 part MCEO Workshop Series. Recorded live Denver, CO July 7-9, 2006.

An in-depth, 3-part exploration of the multi-dimensional relationships between human sexuality, spirituality, love, power and gender, in relation to coupling, parenting and the Hidden Mysteries of Life and Thereafter. This Workshop Series features MCEO-Aurora perspectives on the dynamics of Divine Relationship, healing sexual isms, consciously directing your Elemental Force, and overcoming influences that inhibit the Natural Joy of Spirit, in Love, Relationship and Sexual Expression. Includes enlightening revelations on Coveted Ancient Secrets, addresses some of the most controversial Private Topics of our times and features Aurora Elemental Command Training Level-1-A,B&C.

Divine Marriage- Source, Spirit, Sexuality and Self, Private Parts- The Metaphysics of Sexual Expression, Eternal Flame- Nurturing the Love-Light Within, Survival of the Fetish- Love, Lust and Leanings, GardnerΓÇÖs Tips-Cultivating Joy in Sexual Being and Expression, Snuggles and Struggles- Gender, Power and War Games , Fairy Moons- The Elemental Force, DNA and Bio-chemical Attraction , Sacred States- God, Self, Sex & Sadhi, Blind Dates-Hidden Ooh-cult Manipulations , Safe Sex-Psychic Self-Protection in Interpersonal Exchange.

Introducing the Psonn of Aurora. Discover how our Light Cell Anatomy is intertwined with our Sexuality. The D-2 Elemental Body Sexuality and Ascension. Three sexes and four sexual orientations. Updates on the Rainbow Bridge. Starborn First Creation Cycle of the Inner, Middle and Outer Worlds and the Fast Track Evac. Reu-Sha-TA Spiral, the spinning of the Um-Shaddh-Eie and a new addition to our breathing technologies. Sacred Sex: how it has been abused on our Planet to Create the Fib of no Chi Spiral. The Big Secret about Sexuality. Ascension and the Opening of the Gates of Urtha. Elementals of Earth and Urtha and Elemental Command. Urtha Entrustment and a New Opportunity. Important activation's that should not be missed.
Image result for Two Moons Rising  keylontic

Two Moons Rising - Easter Weekend, April 2006. Recorded live in Phoenix, AZ

Discover the beginning processes involved in the expedited TaKEYon Activation Cycle, which is beginning 9 years earlier than planned, to override the activation of the Threshold Spiral, which has been arranged by a Fallen group called the ThE-tans. Early TaKEYon Cycle activation and the timing there-of, will be crucial in order to intercept the Threshold Spiral which is capable of taking all the structures and associated Life-Forms in this entire Ecka-Veca Universe, that were previously headed for either the Ascension Path or Cal-Fall, into Sho-na Black Hole Fall.

The expedited TaKEYon Cycle, that the Indigo Team are now assisting in, will be critical in preventing this intended ThE-tan take-over and providing an alternative Cal (Guff) Fall path for hosting Fallen Races AND of course in maintaining an ascending path for Kristic Races into the Middle Domains and Inner Hub Worlds for a successful StarFire Cycle.

Provides updates on the current status of the drama we find ourselves in the middle of. Tauren Light Seed activation, steps 1-17 (aka Preliminary Sequence: Setting the Creation Program which prepares us for Preparing the programming medium and ΓÇ£accessing the Creation Program in the steps 18-22C and then in the final steps 23&24). Assistance from Christiac Races, Rainbow-Sun Krystal-Matrix Speakers, assisting us to experience "Absolute Love", with progressive levesl of ReShaLA training.

Training our internal eyes of RaShaLA, the deep inner space of the Sadhi SAta state and the cock-pit of Creation. Remembering ourselves with our ancient White-Heliotalic Cosmic garments, which well be wearing when traveling within our Ra-Sha-LA and Sadhi Spheres. Linking to the Urtha Host Shield for personal activation of the 1728 personal Edon keys of the expedited TaKEYon cycle, needed to enter into the Hub Domains.

Keylona Sparks, Keylon Crystal Fire Letters, Keylon codes, fire-letter sequences, the kelontic lattice, The Piatso Electric response, the Spark of Adama proto-sparks, firing of the fire-letters, The Keylontic Keys, the KaSha keys, quatum differentials, quantum equilibrium, harmonic keys, the Keys of E-na Ka, PkE quatum building Cycles, Photo-sparks, Oscillation of the Ta-Ur, the TaUr hydrogen bond, the Ta-KEY-on neutral field, the Ta-KEY-on flash point, HELI-OM, the STILL point, The Zero Point and the Winds of Allah/AllA. Learn how the Winds of Allah-AllA through the generation of spark currents flowing in and out of the Creation Point at the center of the Na-DA-Ur or Diamond Doorway.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Rigorous empirical and psychological implications

image by FutureAgeSage #Original

(2013-01-09 01:19:00) original in chinese tranlated to -> english Zatan

Comprehensive observed many cases, I think I need to talk about this issue here.

Recently read a other countries KSer, questioned, I do not entirely agree with the view, but think of the other questioned valuable to keep questioning can remind us to reflect, to avoid the "faith" to treat KS knowledge.

Also mentioned in this question the of psychological hint of individuals / groups, I have to admit that, even in the KSer,, which is a common phenomenon, and not less than any other system.

KS the abbreviation for Keylontic Science, Science is the meaning of [scientific]. That we need to verify a rigorous scientific spirit and treat, rather than [brain supplement] and [of fantasy literature] even [religion] attitude to deal with.

I also found that plunged into a new era, or the belief in the old days nothing attitude of the difference between blind and brain complement to many domestic and foreign KSer sometimes (no borders distinguish such phenomena).

If someone says, his energy attacks, my reaction is definitely "Oh"

If someone says he is so and so energy absorption, my reaction is certainly "

If someone says, his conversation with deities / aliens, my reaction is "Oh"

If someone says that the shadow of the negative body FATALE Metatron, in addition to my outside really did the other said.

I believe there are many real multidimensional communication and various energy interaction exists, but I can not believe the non-empirical personal feelings. This intermediate blending too much psychological implications and imagination. Susceptible to suggestive and subjective / brain complementary personal feelings / personal preference determines it is usually not my judgment thing Puppetry of the reference standard.

Online with the "awakening of the University" Galactic Federation farce, the parties and the Galactic Federation A house who have become a laughing stock. The parties and the believers in your faith, did not knew them self thinking and behavior in the eyes of outsiders repeat itself ridiculous, let alone whether to realize that they are lost in the faith. This farce is ridiculous ridiculous, but also very typical, is the pursuit of self-belief or truth can be used for self-Kam mirror. Although we have often stressed not to be too concerned about the opinions of others, but sometimes we still need to stand to look at yourself in someone else's point of view, someone else's point of view as a kind of mirror self-test yourself whether the identified beliefs under the guise of what is lost . If a person all day Yijingyizha ghost suddenly God suddenly the wind is how Rain motionless energy How often to feel what is there and what is wrong, and you think about how other people will see you: convulsions, neuropathy, the brain is not normal? If a person motionless on a bunch of big philosophical truths, to decorate their own self-righteous reasons or findings of others, this repair is not enough that the frequency is too low should how how circled boundaries ... you think others will see how all day you? Do you think in the back of the Little Red Book or learn the dog pee zoned site ah? Do not rush to complain that others do not understand you, or holding a surge of spiritual pride that others are mere mortals unknown So, first ask yourself what is not biased!

Yes, KS and knowledge really lead to a lot of people many miracles on the organism and can not with the current interpretation of Earth Sciences wonderful phenomenon, but also many people will self-imagined classified as the actual existence of the phenomenon. The majority of fans fascinated by mysticism and more from various arts industry / professional areas imagination has easily absorbed the advantages of new things and new ideas, but also has the disadvantage of less research rigor (just general, not absolute). Good imagination, blind faith justify the lack of testing and empirical spirit.

I understand that people in psychologically blind faith, it has been very careful to avoid the KS in China evolved into flooded imagined, the "ventilation pompous-devotional religious. At least, as long as there is still a "circle", as long as I'm still here, I will try to avoid such things openly here, and as much as possible to keep it a "scientific rigor" of pure.

KS GA returned the extraordinary knowledge, it is majestic, profound, ancient, detailed, fascinating. Make good use of it, good for the evolution of all races, abusing it harmful to the evolution of the whole race. I trust MCEO teaching, because it is given to me in addition to detailed enough clarity, there is enough evidence. This trust is not price, not tenure, supported by the fact that it needs to continue to be amiable certificate. The MCEO Is encouraged to view all the authenticity of the content, including its own teaching to encourage questioning contrast,. Indigos Federal can get back in the mainland of China, no GA trace of desert MCEO teaching, recover from the numerous traps throughout suspicions KS, thus becoming a major force in promoting and developing KS, has been relying on is constantly questioned and from the the negative argumentation core essence of things.

Complex multi-dimensional political front, no amount of caution and questioned insufficient, even in the face has always trusted groups. Where truth-seeking and truth-seeking is not this just an empty talk. I believe that to be able to withstand the most harsh questioning and inspection MCEO / AMCC-MCEO teaching is worthy of public trust, is entrusted to the public's knowledge can be assured. I also believe that the MCEO / AMCC-MCEO the teaching be able to withstand the most harsh questioning and inspection.

Rigorous, blind fanaticism and Light assert brought too many problems and lessons.

If people are really self-proclaimed KSer, I hope that the Chinese here, KSer to a scientific attitude to face KS knowledge, like the face of mathematics, physics or history as a mere attitude. Treat to learn, reference or use GA technology, history, current affairs, philosophy or physics, to question, to empirical actively look for the real answer. Instead of it as a non-questioning and examination of the truth or faith to look, not to seek empirical justify it as self-brain complement the theoretical basis of the imaginary situation.

This is not a request, just a proposal.

Look forward to this year, about aurora Earth changes Empirical early appear worthy of a truly great knowledge of our planet as a whole, should permit should permit new AMCC-MCEO teaching, really down-to-earth into a new era of blind .

May here never idolized, never religious, and only seek truth and the light in the guidelines.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Workshops Update Download listing #TPB Keylontic Science - Part 2

New KS workshops Provided #ThePirateBay #Torrents 
  - Knowledge is Free - So is Wisdom..   

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The Zendradon Awakening
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Sliders 6  
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Sliders 1  
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The Egyptian Lectures  
Geupload 01-18 19:57, Size 2.54 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999  5  4

Whispers of the Rasha ReishA
Geupload 01-18 19:38, Size 4.74 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999  0  5

The Ethradon Awakening
Geupload 01-18 19:34, Size 8.25 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999  0  6

The Kethradon Awakening
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The U.K. Michael-Mary Line Workshop
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The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation 1
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Dance For Joy Part 2
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Dance For Joy
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Dance For Freedom Part 2
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Dance For Freedom
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Dance For Love
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Dance For Life
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A big Thanx and Shoutout to GoAaT999  , respect to thee comes 

LaVa Ra Ka Isha
Image by FutureAgeSage

Keylontic Science Workshops Update Download listing #TPB #Knowledge is Free - 
 more missing puzzles parts for me to .. complete. and .. Remember...

New KS workshops Provided #ThePirateBay #Torrents
- Knowledge is Free - So is Wisdom..

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The Zendradon Awakening
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Sliders 6
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Sliders 5 

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Sliders 2
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Sliders 1
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The Egyptian Lectures (Flame of Orion)
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Whispers of the Rasha ReishA

The Ethradon Awakening
  Size 8.25 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999

The Kethradon Awakening
  Size 6.64 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999

The U.K. Michael-Mary Line Workshop
Download Size 6.8 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999

The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation 1

Size 5.99 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999
Dance For Joy Part 2
  Size 4.76 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999

Dance For Joy

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Dance For Freedom Part 2


Size 6.8 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999

Dance For Freedom
Size 5.85 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999

Dance For Love
Size 6.79 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999

Dance For Life
Size 4.85 GiB, ULed By GoAaT999

A big Thanx and Shoutout to GoAaT999 , respect to thee comes, in service of <3 

Ra Ka Isha

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kryst Spiral vs. Fibonacci Spiral ~ Spirit Science

Kryst Spiral
Fibonacci Spiral  
~ Spirit Science:
This info is backed by KaThaRa teachings and
 can be found in any books (Voyagers I & II & etc.
that document KaThaRa work.

A Little Summary:
Our entire matrix reflects the Phi ratio and the Fibonacci spiral, because those are ratios that feed off the last 2 numbers to maintain growth and are no longer connected to their center (they vampire off themselves), thus no longer plugged into source - thus they maintain their existance by vampiring off other living systems:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...

As you can see each progression does not reflect a connection back to 0 or Source.
This is why everything observable in our universe, including plants and buildings in antiquity reflect this number. However it is not natural for our system to be this way. Our matrix should reflect the kryst spiral, which is a spiral that is always connected to its center and not only receives energy from source, but also gives back to it. It does not vampire form other living systems because it does not have to. It has a continuous transmitting and receiving energy exchange from source keeping it and all within it growing to a point of eternal life and eventual return to source. In a natural system the Kathara Grid has the 12 on top and an open spinning rod with Yan-Yun flows to communicate energy. In the “Bloom of Doom” the rod does not spin anymore, and instead of natural flows looking like a butterfly, a “Poison Apple” magnetic grid is formed by unnatural Yin-Yang flows. Yan-Yun flows are natural electromagnetic flows through Light Body and Spirit Body systems. 
Now observe the next pattern:
0, 1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256...

It's the same system binary is on, the entire internet - the conduit which allowed for the freedom of the human race from:
I.) the lies of modern society and then 
II.) the deception of the ancient world to show what existed even before that.

It is one reasons the ancients referred to living eternally as "immortality" - immortality requires a constant energy drainage from living beings to prolongue ones own life - Thoth and many Annunaki used this method to further their lives.

We engage in vampiric energy draining every day through eating plants and animals and drinking water - if our DNA was 100% activated we would not have to sleep, as our bodies would produce all the chemicals needed to sustain us eternally and we would produce these through converting Kryst energy from the sun into these compounds.

We would also not need to sleep, as sleep is needed because our spinning conduit of energy is slowing down and it needs to be  respun. It is also one reason why Yin-Yang is not natural. It is not natural to reuse our energy. What is supposed to happen is a steady stream of fresh energy is supposed to come in the top of our Merkaba and our depleted source energy is supposed to flow out of our bottom Merkaba back to source to renew.

When you constantly recycle your energy you deplete it faster and faster. This is why we age, and our cells become less and less efficient copies of each other. It is because with each division the body has less and less source/quantum/zero-point field energy to use, because it is simply recycling the finite amount of source energy it was born with.

Thus it is a self-sustaining deception - one cannot prove the existance of the kryst spiral in nature because everyhing is distorted. Binary is the only non-distortion, because mankind artifically made it. You would have to go outside of this matrix to an actual living matrix to see it.

This is also one reason why both Drunvalo's work & Ashayana dean's work must be observed - Drunvalo's first, Ashayana's second, as Drunvalo's explain how the world is now and what laws it currently runs on (or did run on), and Ashayana's work explains how living systems work.

Our matrix has not been a living matrix for many many aeons, but has tried to be over and over, with each attempt being a failure. This is why egypt is entirely built on the Phi ratio. It was the only system on planet Earth that actually worked.

In the year 2000 though the Kryst frequencies were anchored once again into the planet (D12) which is when the Keylontic Sciences were once again attempted to be retranslated. They have been all throughout history, Jesus/Yeshua being on example of a translator in the past, but the history and the attempts have been systematically eradicated and altered by those in power at the time:
Egyptians (Annunaki & their Hybrid Bloodlines)
Romans/Greeks (Annunaki  & their Hybrid Bloodlines)
Atlanteans (eventually controlled by the Annunaki in the end)
Thus a choice was made. Does humanity follow the Kryst spiral of evolution back to atonement with source, or do they follow the current phi ratio and continue to persist in this reality that is basically on life support and fall prey to other fall scenarios. The choice is ultimately up to the individual, but no matter the info the 2012 choice is always the same - salvation through freedom of thought or damnation through collective sleep-thought.

More info @ Keylontic Dictionary 

or for example:

Voyagers II: 

Secrets of Amenti 

Ashayana Deane (Author)

 Book Description

October 1, 2001 
Voyagers II: Secrets of AmentiThe most authoritative text available on the purposes, processes and mechanics of human evolution, preparation for the monumental events that will occur between 2000-2017, humanity’s true origins and evolutionary destiny and the hidden purposes for the New Age Movement. Detailed information on Keylontic Morphogenetic Science, time mechanics, interdimensional planetary evolution, the science of Dimensional Ascension, integration of multi-dimensional identity, DNA mechanics and accelerated biological and spiritual evolution. Introduces a comprehensive model of 15-dimensional universal physics and the corresponding 15 Primary Chakra System and 12-strand DNA Silicate Matrix gene code. Discover the secrets of humanity’s evolutionary destiny that have been hidden within our ancient, traditional and New Age sacred mystical and religious teachings.

Posted by
Dado Ra
Scrubbed.... Images Recovered: for #EG !

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ending the area of MCEO and TAOCE

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ending the area of MCEO and TAOCE

This is a New Years Eve speech although it is only the 22th of December 2012, the year ended yesterday and the New Year, and a new area, has begun.
We, or should I just talk for myself, have to face the new challenges following the trail of the shift, which in my case happened on Wednesday the 19th around 8.30 in the evening. It only took a split of a second and I was right in the middle of the shift, being all dizzy and out of sync with the new reality I was put into. The next day was an adjustment day and now I am resting in the new, thinking that the old is the new and at the same time being scared of having missed the opening as if to say to myself: Could I have done more and what should I had done in the moment of the shift and the following night, when I buzzed of energy and thoughts? Should I have had stayed awake, writing down all the ideas?
But when reflecting, I have to trust myself and stay in the belief that everything is just the way it is supposed to be. The transition resembles the ideas the early Christians had after being baptized and implemented into the body of Christ; they also had doubts and felt the strangeness of being on their way to something new and yet still being placed in the old.
The new is not something outside of me; it’s inside of me – well there are some minor differences in the outside setting, but they turn into subconscious information very fast   - so the only person to ruin this is me and the way I act upon the new mind-set. Do I integrate it or reject it? Dare I follow the inner sensations and ideas? Becoming an ambassador for the new ideas and energy in my reality field?
Of course I dare. I have been preparing for this my whole life and the TAOCE project/blog has been the last part of that transition into the new mind-set. TAOCE has been the place where I tried to build a bridge from the old ways of thinking and into the new ones, I see and feel inside of me. The human nature, i.e. the instinctive nature of being a part of a group, pushed me into the long process of learning to write down what I saw and the process has been as much an evolution of my own mind and subconscious thoughts imprinted in my mind from the collective consciousness. Writing my thoughts and ideas down, building a bridge to an intended reader, have made the process much easier for me and I thank you all for being here, reading my posts and joining me on Facebook. I will continue uploading links there, which could be of interest.
On the statistics for the TAOCE blog I can see that most of the material I have put forth is centered on the MCEO and I have to be firm about this: I do not wish to enter into the KS or the MCEO material or reality field any more.
The last visit had some tolls and the aftermath was a visitation from the guardians of the cosmic battle, the Thetanian Guardians who are presiding over NETE now. The Panergeia Project and I have agreed to keep our energetic work in NETE separated from the other collaborations here. I am allowed to take as many as possible with me out, when I leave, but it has to be on the request and effort of each participant themselves; that is I have no group authority or no jurisdiction on a larger basis. The Thetanian Guardians allow us to get out, but only the ones remembering or have been working with those energies a long time.
The Panergeia Project is aimed at the HM-PCOE remembering their lineages and where they stem from and every time these degressive guardians enter my inner realm of consciousness I have to call upon the agreement we have made called “Experiment 8”.
The Thetans and their allies do not think we will succeed, and when I interact with the collective of MCEO, and the reality fields they represent, I get into trouble with the Thetanian Guardians hence the last post was the last visit into those realms. I cannot violate our agreement, because every time I enter into the MCEO realm, the Thetanian Guardians think I am trying to create an alliance with the MCEO and if I did that the agreement we have made with the Thetanian Guardians would be annulled immediately and the free pass for the individual stellar travelers in NETE would be annulled at once.
I cannot risk this, despite my eagerness to help as many as I can. I hope you will respect this and stop asking me questions about MCEO et al. because just by directing your energy toward me on the subject is enough to “light up” the energies around me, being a former member of the MCEO. In other words, please do not activate this reality field in me by making me aware or your needs; I am a helper and the harshness of rejecting your need of help is not something I prefer to do; so therefore this request. You have your own channels and helpers and it was only in my own process out of the MCEO I felt the need to put posts on TAOCE, as well as the last post, reflecting some of my own concerns, not as an ongoing interest.
If you cannot put your questions directly to your leader or her helpers, you should really ask yourself whether the time has come to evaluate your part in the MCEO Group Hierarchy. At some point, in my opinion, we all have to go solo and join smaller groups with no hierarchy, focusing on the tasks and not the power.
I have as well directed this intention to the inner realms that I am not available any more to the MCEO or their participants. Of course if you are interested in the Panergeia material, you are more than welcome to contact me.
So ending the area of MCEO and TAOCE I will focus on the new to come. From now on and the next five years (until 2017) we will have extended access to heightened energies and this is a totally new experience. We have no recollection of this in the collective consciousness and there are no evidences on Earth, in our myths or stories to show us the way and what to do with the energies; there are only the ambassadors for the new energies and their teachings based on experiments and dynamic process in transforming the higher consciousness into new levels of human and planetary energies. Humanity and their spirituality is in transition into something totally new, for those who wishes so, and we are the ones to make it happen or to prevent it from happening by the way we think and act. The goal is not the change the world, but to change ourselves into what we want the world to become.
We are being gifted with new opportunities that have not been present on Earth for a long long time and we are the ones to make them grow and prosper. The energies are there, and at any time we can activate them in our minds, creating a new belief system and mind-set but it has to come from within, on our own request and by our own will. In other words: Your HM-SCOC has to direct you in the right direction, making you long for getting out, and feel the need for changes as an imperative, despite everything else you are familiar with and what you believe in. You really have to feel your job here is done, and done well. Not that you are going to take a disruptive turn, the HM-SCOC does not work that way unless it is really needed, but by following the inner guidance and sensations like the thrill Bashar agitates for, as well as access to higher levels of clear information, you are ready to create the inbuilt sensation of stellar consciousness in you, letting it grow and become all you are. From the moment of the shift, I stopped being human and became a stellar participant in the galactic reality fields having a human body, but a foreign mind. Remembering. Knowing.
An yet the above explanations is old teachings and if you have not felt the shift within yourself, then there is really not anything I can say or do to make you take the path of transition. I work only with the ones that remember and that have access to inner knowledge and stellar information. I cannot keep bridging between the pre-shift energies and knowledge, and their collectives of soul matrices, whether they are called MCEO or something else, and the post-shift levels of information, which is why this post is the last one on TAOCE. My purpose is not to advocate for any group member, but for the different individual stellar travelers who are present here on Earth for various reasons. You know who you are.
I certainly hope that you will visit the Panergeia Project blog, reading the posts and perhaps the information you find there will jumpstart new insights in your mind, despite their different approaches to the pre-shift teachings and we can meet on the new settings, sharing our stellar information and inner knowledge, creating a forum of stellar consciousness and how it shows itself in the HM-PCOE and the challenges it poses to us to make the transition. If you are an ambassador of the True Earth or other stellar communities, you already know, being gifted with highly qualified information reaching beyond what is known. Please come forth and share those information on the blog or if you like, you are most welcome to write an article and I will post it on
Saying goodbye to the pre-shift energies, MCEO and TAOCE, I welcome the post-shift energies and higher levels of consciousness and whatever that may follow having this belief system.

Dec 2012 workshop Summary - Krystar Ascension

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Dec 2012 workshop Summary

Reposted Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 9:19am · James Pover
My understanding/overview/synopsis of the Dec 2012 workshop presentation..

Basically Net Earth, which is currently on a 23.5 degree wobble and has North Pole where South should be (and vice versa) is being opportunistically merkabically blended by the AL-Hum-Bhra to Median Earth - which is 6520 years ahead in time-space co-ordinate and oriented just right for the two worlds to be craftfully blended together in such a way. Basically in a way it's actually a stroke of good fortune that the FA's meddling with the NET planet has left it in such an orientation that this arrangement is possible, E'Asha said. This is what the Al-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Network site grid activation work was ultimately all about.

From what I gathered the progressive merging of the two worlds actually creates the "Aurora Earth" plane/probability and interestingly that's what Aurora Earth always really is/was/to be.. that probability alignment - the "heroic probability" - coming into being. Much to everyone including E'Asha surprise on the last night as it was transmitted to her during the lengthy 20 hour Guardian Time we attendees and E'Asha and Team patiently endured..

This merger would progress rapidly resulting in Earth regaining it's full ascension capability as it is hosted out of Density.. and within 900 years the Aurora Earth (merged NET and Median Earth) would actually ascend, not into Density-2 of the External Creation, but in fact into the DhA-Ya-TEI Planes of the Internal Creation - which cannot Fall....EVER!

An entire planet ascending into the DhA-Ya-TEI Planes will have never occurred in the history of the Time Matrix from what I understand of the presentation...


With this terrific result, we have surely hit the Heroic Probability quotient as a collective shield, would you agree?....


*tears of joy*:'''D

Stealthy LaVas,

James Pover

____________________RE: Median Earth ___________________
Median Earth is here (it is around us in the same reality field), but we don’t see it because we are in an Electromagnetic Harness Field called a NET. Median Earth has one-third of the quantum of Amenti Earth, Median Earth is the one-third of the grids that didn’t get caught in the NET, the one-third with Krystic grids.
It started 550 million years ago with the Amenti Rescue Mission when Earth and the Solar System were set down into Density 1. Amenti Earth splitted in pieces: NET Earth and Median Earth being two of those pieces (we also got Phantom Earth). It is ONE reality field, we just don’t see these other parts, they are quarantined from each other. We don’t see it, because the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is different than our Earth, because our Earth’s has been changed by the NET Field that doesn’t belong in there.
There are Krystiac races on Median Earth. Median Earth evolved differently from a very long time ago, from this one. It didn’t evolve through the “Fall Path”. It didn’t get infested with Fallen Angelics.
Since 550 million years ago, progressive and extensive grid damage has been intentionally orchestrated via FA groups leaving Earth in its current state. "The Earth we reside on now is called NET Earth, which is one-sixth of the original quantum of 1st Amenti Earth. There is one-third quantum left of Amenti Earth that did not fall into black hole alignment with the Milky Way. It is called Median Earth, and it is the first place to which Krystic Ascension races of Earth will Trans-locate/ Slide to visit and will Trans-migrate/ Span once the Aquafereion Host Mission is complete, and NET Earth’s Ascension gates must close."
Thanks to Birgitta Schomaker, Indigos fb group 
Birgitta - "I have looked it up in the 12 Tribes-11 (Feb 2008) transcript and my notes of the Hetharo 2008 workshop "Winds of Change, Tides of Transformation, Visions of Joy for a Transitioning World, Hetharo – May, 24-26 2008 Phoenix."


Krystar Ascension Update 2012
as posted

on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 9:08am ·
yes, as George has said, Earth is back on track for Krystar Ascension (therefore Planetary Evac deemed unnecessary! :) - incredible news in itself - but the news gets far better than that still guys... :)

What I will say for now is that both E'Asha and all the attendees of the Dec WS present for the last day- who stuck it out for a record breaking 20 hours of delays due to extensive "Guardian Time" - were all stunned and flabbergasted with the result of Final Conflict Drama showdown

How wonderfully cunning and efficient the AL-Hum-Bra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas have been in their tactics against the FA's Black Hole Fall Agenda for Earth, following the activation of the K+8 Factor Fail Safe back-up plan.

Awaiting confirmation before updating you fully guys as not quite certain if it's kosher to release the full magnitude of the news to you fully just yet so bear with us - but prepare to discover the true meaning of the word "awesome" real soon ;) 
Love to you all

 Pre-Lude info grab....     
more:  Theresa Talea also in june/july archive 
will sort them out later also.
Fallen angels in our supergalaxy have been recently overtaken by entities with advanced knowledge of plasma corruption. 
This extra distortion in the fallen ones increases the severity of their attack upon the Earth and its people by spreading plasma corruption in addition to the former light body corruption. We have plasma as part of our make-up. 
What is important about this plasma situation is that the fallen angelic war against us has severed main stargates on Earth that connect us to Median Earth. The Earth is a portion of Median Earth’s quanta and related energy matter. 
We must direct ourselves to Median Earth as our first step in the ascension process in order to avoid the potential fall of the Earth into a fully phantom system (see chapters 7 and 8 in my book, although I use the phrase Higher Earth). Between the Earth and Median Earth are implanted frequency net fields that divide our current density consciousness and keep it below the 3rd dimension. 
We should be at the 3rd dimension. Many beneficial groups, including the Guardian Alliance and their ally, the Alhumbhra Magistracy Council who mainly operate in the plasma domains, created a plasmic bridge called the An-Sha-TA-Sa Passage to Median Earth. 
Unfortunately, the entities with distorted plasma and light bodies have infiltrated this bridge. In response, the Alhumbhra Council opened a new set of gates which will stabilize the existing ascension path of Earth to Median Earth that will eventually lead to the 3rd dimensional, natural Urtha. In addition, they made new plasmic bridges from their protected DhA-Ya-Tei planes. They are in the process of closing the ascension passages and Aurora platforms that have been compromised. 
~ Theresa Talea   -