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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Interdimensional News: Why are the Aliens so Mean to us?

If you have not already, you should watch the videos I have uploaded on the Restoration of Humanity Movement page on Facebook. There are many species represented here in the outer domains, of which our Earth represents the 3rd dimension. Most of the so-called aliens are the other dimensional beings of this planetary scheme and some are correctly enough connected to other quadrants evolving their species and their evolutionary lineages of which there are five primary lineages.
Secondly you are to study the picture I have created to you, to fully understand this article.

Thirdly you are to stop having the idea, that you are human because you are not.

Evolutionary speaking, you are a mammal and you act like one. What you hold of so-called human emotions and human values are pure mammal or animal emotionality, affection and kindness. You hold the emotionality of the predators as in eat or be eaten, holding instinctual reactions as fear, anger and hatred and on top of this you have stagnated in your natural evolutionary steps. Or more correctly you have been manipulated and set into this primate genetically altered body type, i.e. the true MD4 stellar consciousness you have which should have evolved through all steps of the mammal evolution, via different mammal species, have been damaged and altered into only expressing, over and over again the primate energy field, prohibiting you from evolving the other strains of consciousness preparing this quadrant to step into the realms of true humanity.
And fourth: The natural evolution is to evolve the five primary lineages from the Generative Domains (the pure or abstract 10-12th consciousness outside all evolutionary schemes or the density 5); i.e. the Insectoid, the Avian, the Reptoid, the Mammal and the true Humans from the previous overall cosmic evolutionary scheme and join them with seven sub-fields which this quadrant, and all other multiverses, expresses via five domains:

1) The Core Domains with dimensions 3-9 constituting this energetic level of the CDs or density 4 unfolding the cosmic levels of consciousness, i.e. the five lineages evolve via this density system through the seven cosmic dimensions, 
2) The Inner Domains with dimensions 2-8 constituting this energetic level of the IDs or density 3 unfolding the galactic levels of consciousness, i.e. the five lineages evolve via this density system through the seven galactic dimensions, 
3) The Middle Domains with dimensions 1-7 constituting this energetic level of the MDs or density 2 unfolding the stellar levels of consciousness, i.e. the five lineages evolve via this density system through the seven stellar dimensions, 
4) The Outer Domains with dimensions 1-7 constituting this energetic level of the ODs or density 1 unfolding the planetary levels of consciousness, i.e. the five lineages evolve via this density system through the seven planetary dimensions, 
5) and the Fallen Domains with their energy dimensions 1-5, i.e. the so-called 5th dimension humanity is to evolve into according to all spiritual systems but as you will understand it is not the false 5th dimension, but the true 5th auric field in your energy system or the ability to express the true human evolution.
Our goal for planet Earth and this quadrant is to evolve into the 5th auric field and continue as true humans fulfilling the plan for this evolutionary scheme. Thus ALL so-called human emotionality, the psyche or the OD chakra system is therefore not our friend anymore but have become the hindrance we are to overcome and transmute since the negative factions control us by our primate emotionality via the electrochemical transmitters in the PNS and glands. The first step is to re-establish all the original mammal lineages on Earth (yes, we have to get the feline brothers back and all the other mammals that once inhabited Earth being a part of this seven-planetary mammal system) and to re-awaken the original five lineages, we still have dormant in the MD4 mind-field, activate the energies we are connected to in the MDs to be able to reconnect the OD3 reality field to the other six of this quadrant, reentering our stellar families being incarnated on the other six planets, and from here re-enter the free and original evolutionary scheme of this Multiverse. 
When this is said and understood, we can start this article.
Many different angels have been made to awake the primate hominids (as in “earth humans” holding all sorts of genetics from the animal kingdom even though the main expression of the earth races are based upon the primates since this form has been utilized by the Controllers to become the most preferred body type on Earth[1]) and continue their natural evolution. 
The five lineages are known here on Earth as 
  • The insectoid hominids are predominantly known as the real Greys, not the biological androids, but the tall ones of them as well as the mantis. 
  • The avian hominids are predominantly known as the Annunaki or Lyran-Avians. 
  • The reptoid hominids are predominantly known as the reptilians; the winged ones are a cross-breeding of avian and reptilian genetics but most important are the two fighting brothers Enlil and Enki because each of them represent the controlling forces or the brotherhoods of Earth as they divided during Atlantis etc.)
  • The mammal hominids are predominantly known as the felines, the cetaceans as well as the Pleiadians, the Nordics of which all holds genetics from the previous evolutionary schemes. 
  • The true human hominids are predominantly unknown in our quadrant other than a pull to evolve into something higher than what we are now. The original lineage came from Lyra albeit when we start to awaken our Lyran genetics they have to be transformed as are all the other four lineages in us.
In the different videos on the Facebook page people are speaking from their stellar connections, meaning that something is going to happen in the upcoming years. Chaos is being created for a reason.
Jim Sparks represents the oldest lineages on Earth i.e. the Insectoid races or the first planetary beings here on OD3, i.e. the original “Greys”. Some of them are benevolent, others are not. They are the “devic” races or intradimensionals (the IPBs) being able to manipulate this reality field, since they laid the foundation of the seven dimensions in this reality field being the first lineage to evolve this quadrant. They therefore hold all the knowledge of how to manipulate this reality field creating fields of possibilities and probabilities etc. bending reality as we understand it. Many of the so-called entities showing themselves to us as angels, fairies, nature spirits etc. hold insectoid genetics to be able to use shimmer, division of essence, transparency etc, cf. this video. "Magic" as in being able to directly interact with the energies of this reality field belongs to the Insectoid genetics.

All factions of the insectoid races in the outer domains are far from the mammal evolutionary level and thus they do not understand the emotionality connected hereto. They use the android grays to investigate the next step of their evolution, which they do not understand, cf. the many abductions of both animals and humans as well as the mutilation of both, trying to understand the physicality they are to enter, or if anything can be altered to keep the control of the hijacked program. When we work with the devic beings or the intradimensional we work with the insectoid lineages activating the insectoid lineage in our stellar genetics. This lineage is not all converted into the Grey body type, but this faction is the most active in the malevolent factions, albeit some of the masters of this lineage work with the benevolent factions of the Earth evolutions.
The insectoid see the next step of evolution, at least the malevolent of them, as being an atrocity and something to be avoided and thus they have participated in experiments with the primate body, created the hijacked program in collaboration with the Controllers and altered the original mammal evolution into the primate body type (being the “creators of our species”) to see if they could manufacture hybrids without the traits of the original mammal, as in emotionality, keeping the original insectoid consciousness and all their knowledge intact in the mammal body type. They are not here to “harvest” emotional energy nor are they seeing earth mammals as something they want to become, as in envying earth people. They hold the original energetic understanding of OD3 being intradimensional in nature and they control the nature of Earth. They do not wish to lose this prerogative. The benevolent of them co-worked with the star people behind the Restoration Program. 
The Greys have in 2007 put the limit to when the big change is going to happen on Earth that is when this system would collapse and they have not put this in terms of "time" but in terms of population. All the competing factions on Earth have got this information and thus the chaos, whistle blowing etc. Around the time when we reach 8 billion people, Earth is no longer able to sustain us, as an energy field, and the great collapse begins of the environment as we know it - hence the world clock on the Facebook page so you can see how far we have got to the serious limit, hence the dire timeframe.
The hybrids from both the malevolent and benevolent factions, as well as the previous races creating a body type that is able to hold their original consciousness without altering into the mammal consciousness level, are to be seen in this context as well as the next stellar wave that has to take over this reality field, being depleted and destroyed as we speak, hence the stellar interest from benevolent factions trying to avoid this limit by inserting hybrid races being able to hold higher levels of energy to prevent the outside reality field from collapsing in the very near future as the limit of 8 billion is getting closer. The rewinding of the timelines to 2009 was another attempt to prolong the inevitable result here on Earth. It has bought us some time, and has altered the overall timelines from entering the Fall Domains, but we are still in a state of a sinking reality field. The next two years will determine whether or not we are able to change the limit and activate very old leylines in Earth and reconnect this reality field to the other planets in this solar system, giving the OD3 reality field an infusion of the energy it has been depleted of by the holding back the true evolutionary pull into the mammal and true human realms. 
Simon Parkes represents the reptoid races and the mantis, not as one of them, but one that has left this faction and is now telling us what is going on here. Some are working to assist us and others to get what is theirs, as I have talked about before the reptoid races are forced to leave due to galactic dynamics.

The reptoids and the mantis are working together to prevent the left of dark wing Illuminati (the avian-mammal races of Atlantis) to take over the Earth and turn it into a fall zone, i.e. the dark brotherhoods working with the negative reptoids (predominantly Enlil factions) of the OD4 Moon eventhough the reptoids and the mantis have their own agenda - see the notes below.

The left wing of the Illuminati, ie. the Controllers, are also working to keep the number of humans below the 8 billion limit, albeit not to save the earth people and their evolution but to buy time to connect to the domains of their allies, hence the frequency programs and the epigenetic electrochemical pollution strategies. The darkened side of the Illuminati - or the dark wing of the planetary hierarchy - is working together with other darkened star nations focusing on a transhuman solution to avoid the natural evolution.
So this is one level of the multidimensional truth about Earth.

[1] The primate body type is the easiest to control and to alter genetically but originally the earth people held many different types of mammal bodies as we can see depicted in all ancient cultures of Earth. Atlantis was the high stage of the Earth mammal evolution but digressed due to the take over from the Avian races against with the mammal-reptoid races belonging to the Sumerian branch (the Enki priesthoods). The Avians or the Thothians from Egypt are the Atlantean branch of the darkened brotherhoods, which make the Thothians the most pristine faction of the Illuminati on Earth. They hold all the old magic from Egypt and are the main Controllers in cohort with the negative reptoid races under Enlil. Enlil did not take on the mammal form, but interbreed with the Avian lineages and have remained in his pure reptoid form, in contrast to his brother Enki that merged with the mammal body type to continue his natural evolution. Enki is thus the main leader of the white brotherhoods working to help humanity back on track, whereas his brother works against it. Atlantis was not an island since Earth back then was connected as one huge landmass – thus Atlantis is all over Earth in the megaliths, artifacts etc and not hidden in the sea. The remains of Atlantis are right in front of our eyes in all the great monuments, artifacts etc. of all ancient cultures – which are the remains of Atlantis.
On Enlil - the banished or darkened reptoid god who got a son with Ninlil (being the daughter of Anu – Lyra-Avian - one of the other fallen major players) called Sin, i.e. the Moon god or YHWH (Jahve in later biblical texts). The “son” (holding the pineal gland mechanics) Abram came from Ur, the city of Sin: and with him the dark priestly lineages of Sin (the reptoid-avian lineages) spread to the Levant making the inhabitants here the people of Sin or YHWH (being the ONE GOD of Earth with his priestly races, i.e. the chosen ones of the darkened brotherhoods). This lineage of the brotherhoods is known as the original lineage on the OD4 Moon (the Jews and Muslims of today have very little of the original Enlil lineages in them). Enlil sometimes visit his son Sin on the OD4 Moon reality field trying to link the kingdoms together making OD4 Moon and OD3 Earth part of the reptoid schemes to prevent the overall cosmic evolution to move from the reptoid levels and into the mammal evolution. This plan is slowly being abandoned due to the galactic closing of portals between the two realms due to the forthcoming pull into the human realms of this quadrant (the SAC). The plan was to link OD3 Earth and OD4 Moon to the reptoid planetary schemes to expand landmasses, so to speak, and to prevent their own evolution to enter the next stage of mammal evolution. They detest the mammal evolution because of its emotionality and weakness. The three races before the mammal and true humans function as hive minds and are hierarchal in structure concentrated on survival of the fittest, separation and control, whereas the mammal and human evolution functions on free will, kindness, caretaking and inclusion.
On Enki  or the benevolent force in all of this, operating from Mercury or MD4, being the leader of the Planetary Hierarchy or the Great White Brotherhood in OD3, co-working with the Breneau Sanat Kumara via Venus and Inner Earth (the original 5th dimension in the ODs connected to the IDs). Enki is a reptoid but he merged into the lineages of the Pegasai (not the winged faction) being the main mammal lineage he breed into. He is the true “lord of Earth” albeit he does not hold the idea of being a lord, but works energetically through all that wants to evolve and follow the original evolutionary scheme of this quadrant. He co-works with the different free world agencies and communities to restore the original plan for Earth and all the star people waiting to continue their original evolution in this quadrant into the human realms. Different benevolent star races work together with Enki and his factions, being the right wing of the Illuminati albeit this collaboration also holds branches that do not fully work as they should, i.e. some of the grey factions. 
All in all Earth is in a battle between two brothers and their allies of the reptoid races that took over this quadrant from the Avians and the Insectoids, of which one of the brothers have done all that was in his power to delay the natural evolution from insectoid, to avian, to reptoid, to mammal and into true human whereas the other has embraced the changes and are battling the dragon, so to speak. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

To The Awakening Ones: A little heads up on the 21th of June 2014.

A little heads up on the 21th of June 2014.

I know adapting to the changes is hard. And I know that many of you are experiencing rough times – especially in the interstellar circles: a lot of star seed are experiencing loss of friends, beloved ones etc. as in being rejected from their usual circles of friends and loved ones – as if they are being separated from all the old things they use to prosper in and expect to be their normal network. Old friends suddenly turn their backs against them and become very unfriendly, even hostile.

My own experience on this stem from the information I got during a minor task of mine. I was contacted by interstellar races from Sirius A wanting me to mediate this to a new friend of mine, asking me to wake her up by infusing me with the energy she needed from the outside to be activated, since she had forgotten her task, being all soaked in the “love-vibe” or the 3-6 consciousness (clairvoyance and communication with the dead as well as psychic abilities: all in all using the heart system or the PNS - more correctly the automatic nervous system - and the chakras, i.e. the “animal consciousness” or the consciousness of the EARTH program), abandoning the mental or the 1-4-7 stellar/mental consciousness (grounding the stellar energy into the EARTH program, activating it internally and raise the CNS and brain into higher frequencies). 

A little comment on “fallen systems” such as Sirius A: Aside the interstellar sci-fi communities many of such systems hold, not all of them are “non-free” and many participate in the IPHS along with other interstellar communities that has been categorized as “fallen” in the old historiography of the KS. Again the KS information is based upon the old timelines and not the new ones being integrated during the SAC which makes it history and not contemporary information. Whatever fear based information about the interstellar communities that flourish on the internet is it all old information. A lot have changed since the beginning of the interstellar projects in the 2000 - remember that EARTH is more or less 10 years behind the middle domains (the real “human” and interstellar domains), and the further we go into the stellar realms and the human middle domains following the 1-4-7 timelines and consciousness (the same thing; a timeline is a stream of consciousness) – thus a lot have changed in the last 14 years in EARTH time, which in galactic time might equal a 1000 years. Besides within the restoration program – when you have been accepted and transfer from the transit zones – you will not meet the non-free interstellar races at all, but you will see many communities that might not fit your perception of “perfect” cultures. The interstellar communities are evolving on all levels.

Another note: What is the difference between “human” and interstellar races? Not much except that the interstellar races hold a different template (expression of the LIFE principle), meaning that they can unfold as all kinds of beings from Aethien to Avian, to Dolphin erect species etc. Their DNA have evolved into the erect pentagram feature (as Greer calls it – I kind of like the analogy) being hominid in appearance, whereas the “human” template is based upon another type of DNA – not the “ape” DNA we have evolved into the EARTH program prototype, but based upon the Adamic template. More on this in the scientific articles, albeit all original stellar or human DNA is embedded into the healing holographic EARTH body.

So it all has to do with the change of the life work those interstellar beings are here to perform – not that they are here to “save” us, but they are ready to connect to higher levels of the EARTH program via their interstellar DNA creating variations in the “mental field” and it is this variation, either human or interstellar, as in different types of radiation that will pull us into our correct timelines or sub-field of the EARTH program. The “uniform” development scheme within the animal consciousness is being divided, not to create groups as in “I am better than you”, but to accommodate the very specific evolutionary lineages we stem from. Only if we pull in energy from our “own” original system, which we connect to via the CNS and the brain using coherent energy patterns in the brain – called “meditation” in the old systems – are we able to transform the EARTH program prototype energy system into our specific light body or interstellar DNA template in lack of better terms for the time being. The mental field has to be transformed via the infusing of energy from the original system, using techniques shown in “meditation” (coherent thought patterns in full contact with the original interstellar or human helpers situated in the original system or domain) and clear conscious connection to the teachers or the “receiving stations”. We are to learn to expand our mental field into being able to connect and contact the domains, we stem from.
The “mental” energy in us (the field that actually holds our true DNA which is strings of consciousness) is being elevated into a more cosmic vibration, having the purpose of placing the stellar and "human" consciousness into its origin or “home” radiation level and build conscious bridges to these places – both the 50 non-free and the 200 free galactic communities participating in the IPHS. This means that the usual vibrational “love-vibe” (the animal consciousness) is being superseded by the stellar energy and “unawakened” people react to this, simply because they cannot recognize the radiation from the stellar energy, or the radiation activates their dark mental “karma”/miasms/distorted units of the holographic mental field in the interfering energy system (friends etc.). The same elevation is happening in all other species being part of the IPHS on EARTH of which we will see other races become active in the future to come, albeit most of the participants in the EARTH program are from the middle domains, i.e. the “human” and interstellar communities.

This is a natural part of the “bifurcation of timelines” as Lisa Renee called it. We are being placed within the sub-fields of the EARTH program where we can evolve our specific 1-4-7 consciousness connected to the “mental field”, i.e. the CNS and the brain or the neuron system in the human body. The neurons are being activated to start to radiate the stellar frequencies, meaning the incubated DNA of our original template is fusing into the normal cellular structure of the animal system (PNS and hear system), replacing the energy from within. When the 1-4-7 energies have transformed the PNS/heart system the old chakra system will merge or be absorbed into the “mental field” and become a transmuted version of this.

This is happening on a grand scale and totally without our own participation as a result of the midpoint in June 2014 (it had its peak around the 12th). This also means that the ones “being behind” their natural evolutionary scheme are facing rough and very hard “waking up” calls now; meaning that if they had not, on their own, adjusted to the new galactic core (as in from within) energies being infused into the EARTH program, everything around them, that prevents them from resonating with their specific sub-field of the 1-4-7 consciousness or timelines, will be torn away from them in a very rough manner. Simply because the chakra system creates energy stings to outer connections and circumstances, tying the energy system to outer energy fields that hold back the interstellar consciousness from evolving and as a rocket launching the scaffold of energy stings are being removed as the inner stellar consciousness launch. 

The rougher the outer circumstances are, the clearer it is, that this interstellar being or human has not followed the inner call and guidance, or have been mislead by false inner associates. Not that you should feel “safe” if you do not experience such rough times – this could also mean that you have been taken off “the list” of interstellar or human beings worth awakening for the time being.

The other races here, still being on the 6-3 animal consciousness timeline evolution schemes, are facing new levels of awareness as well. They have to choose between the ordinary and safe way of life, and the new times to come, as they unfold around them. Many of these races – from very distant galactic communities – will only adjust via an outer form of pressure as it will arise from the new governmental systems to come in the depleted zones. 

All in all we have to adjust, and we have to adjust quickly. The old la la way of living, or the “I will do this tomorrow” is fading away and the new mental energies, in reality the EARTH program version of the true consciousness of our original being, in the collective consciousness field will speed up all processes of evolution, in both directions. What belongs to the depleted zones will quickly fall into these timelines and the others will adjust and resonate into their own specific sub-fields. 

The sub-fields of different interstellar and human races will face times where we will learn to communicate in new ways, collaborate and co-exist as the races we are, since in the overall picture we are brothers and sisters, stemming from the same Ancient races.

So the main message in this post is to the interstellar races and the human ones as well since we will be the next wave of awakening entities, and whatever the interstellar races experience now, will be our turn in the upcoming years – so stop being indecisive and start to accept the facts about what is happening. Start the inner work you have been told in nearly a century to do, and stop being so d… lazy, rigid and “content” in your artificial life. If you feel the inner pull to changes, it is because you have to make them! Not just read about it. We are all afraid of making huge changes, but if we want the outer to change, we have to change from within and soon.

Too many are still seeing the changes as a sort of “idea” that is interesting to read about, but not really something to follow and take part in. Too many are still surfing the Internet seeing blogs like mine as entertainment and too many just wait for the changes to come – by the work of others. But the changes start with YOU and the upgrading of your consciousness by your own will. Because if you don’t, you will be the next in line to experience the tearing down of what you think is your “true life” and instead of adjusting in a calmer pace, you will have to face the changes overnight – or being taking off the list. 

The interstellar energy consciousness came into the EARTH program during the SAC (2000-2014; the last adjustment in 2017). The human energy consciousness will come in from 2015-2029, reaching the final adjustment in 2033, and then the remaining races will awaken, taking their turn between 2035-2055. The full division is still scheduled to be 2055, where the restoration program (human) or the regenesis (interstellar) programs will separate themselves fully from the non-active levels of the EARTH program (read the depleted zones).

The other message is that things will change fast now. Perhaps not on an greater scale, as in governments – this has a sort of changing pattern over a least 10 years and mostly within the frames of the depleted areas still holding the overall governmental structure; this will not change at least until 2025 – but on a personal level as in being very unsatisfied with the life you live. You are to prepare for the changes, because you are not to stay in the EARTH program and reincarnate, but to leave when you are done in the present holographic body. 
The next generation of the EARTH program will hold totally different structures, based upon the new levels of intergalactic lifeforms, so all in all it is not just a race against time within the EARTH program, but in the overall IPHS to adjust to the new intergalactic energies and consciousness.

The 21th is another demarcation point and new levels of cosmic energy will enter the already galactic core vibration to start to change the already renewed galactic core energy, meaning that the incoming vibration is sort of outdated already before it was implemented. We will see a series of incoming energies of this in the years to come, as the old EARTH program transform into the new settings and we adjust accordingly. 
The Restoration Handbook will try to capture the changes, bridging between the old regenesis/restoration programs and the new levels of cosmic energies coming in. It will still be released in ultimo July, but it will be the basic level and the new levels will follow under the Sciences Section in articles, with the level needed to follow the new cosmic consciousness as it unfolds. 

If you in some sense feel that I am “aiming” too high or that my writings are too advanced or difficult, then you should not turn away from it, but see it as the level you need to evolve into. If I run fast, you should run faster.

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