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Extraterrestrial Technologies and Viable Counter Strategies By Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane)

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Extraterrestrial Technologies and Viable Counter Strategies By Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane)

2010 April 24by wemustknow.koen

In this article I hope to provide the reader with a brief overview of the mechanics behind ET technologies such as the Frequency Fence and the Holographic Insert. These technologies are part of an unbalanced agenda presently being orchestrated by Intruder ETs in order to infiltrate our society before the year 2012, when such an infiltration will no longer be possible.
The term unbalanced means that these beings are not in alignment with the Law of One.
I can empathize with those who refuse to believe in an intrusive ET presence; this is a frightening concept that is easier to deny than accept. Sometimes I’d like to “hide my head in the sand” and pretend away what I have learned.
It is not easy or fun for me to share information on unbalanced ET agendas or covert government involvements. Honestly, it scares the heck out of me to be in the position of having such information. The potentials of the aforementioned technologies are frightening and it is even more intimidating to realize that hidden Intruder forces apparently plan to use these technologies against us. However, our safety is in knowing, for we have the ability to stop such intrusive plans if we know what they are and what we can do about them.
Ignorance may be bliss but it leaves us wide open for manipulation. Personally, I’d rather face a problem than ignore it until the “mole hill becomes a mountain”. When a problem is faced decisions regarding effective action can be made. We have a problem. Humanity is being faced with covert Intruder ET manipulation. If we see the problem we can take effective action toward a solution.

The Invisible PARTICI – Our Key to Understanding

A Frequency Fence is an electromagnetic pulse technology developed through the science of Keylonta.

Keylontic science is based upon principles of energy dynamics that may seem quite “alien” to our traditional scientific community. The theory behind Keylontic science emerges from in-depth study of small particle mechanics, and the primary difference between our scientific theory and the ETs’ Keylontic science is that they are dealing with particles smaller than what Earth scientists have yet to discover.

As demonstrated through the ETs’ superior abilities to move through time and space and direct the density of matter at will, it is obvious that their comprehension of the intrinsic laws of nature far exceeds our present understanding. The ETs’ theory of universal mechanics is built upon a model of energy relationships that we have yet to discover and this model is the foundation upon which ET Keylontic science (and its resulting technologies) is built. One primary difference between our scientific assumptions and ET theory can be summed up in one word, the PARTICI (sounds like “party guy”).

The reality of the Partici is completely hidden from our view at this time while the ETs have an in-depth operational knowledge of the Partici. Partici can be defined as “energy units that emanate as tonal impulse from a central, universal source, which group by like polarization to form micro-strands or fibers of pre-matter substance that form the templates upon which all pre-matter, matter and antimatter forms are built.” There are two types of Partici, the PARTIKA and the PARTICUM.

The Partika are tonal emanations projected from the central source as an expansion pulse and form the base electrical transmissions upon which the universe is perpetually fed energy in the form of electrical impulse.

The Particum is also a tonal impulse from source but it carries a contraction pulse through which energy from the Partika is drawn back into source at about one half the speed that it is being projected outward by the Partika.

The Particum sets the base contraction pulse upon which all effects of magnetism are structured. The Partika and Particum actually represent phases of expansion and contraction of the Partici and it is this dynamic of energy pulsation that sustains and continually recreates the structure of a Perpetual Motion Universe.

To simplify the concept of the Partici, view them as units of vibrating energy that emit inaudible sound tones and when grouped together they form “chains of sound” through which electrical impulse can flow. Partici strands operate organically in a way similar to fiber optics, allowing electrically coded data to circulate from a central source into a multitude of different “outlets” or forms, which are themselves composed of Partici. These forms, composed of Partici strands, form the basic energetic blueprint or template upon which all matter structures are built. The Partici are the basic building blocks of matter, and the operational intelligence behind and within all forms.

The complex templates they form are called Partici Grids, and every structure in the universe, from the smallest to the largest, holds within its form a primal Partici Grid. Partici Grids are smaller than our smallest known particles and literally exist as minute structures within those particles.

Partici Grids cannot be seen by our most powerful means of magnification; photons would seem large by comparison. If we were able to see Partici strands they would appear as a grid or template of vibrating, pulsating, concentrated light (similar to a laser beam) that is organized into a wide variety of fixed, interrelated geometric patterns. The Partici Grids pulsate in a rhythm of expansion and contraction which would give them the appearance of “flashing off and on” as they circulate electrical impulse to and from the central source.

The ET Keylontic technologies such as the Frequency Fence and Holographic Inserts are based on manipulation of the Partici Grids, and those in possession of this technology have great power at their disposal for they can manipulate the very foundations upon which matter, biology and perception are constructed.

Mechanics of the Frequency Fence

The Frequency Fence is a bio-neurologically induced form of “mind control” that is set into operation through manipulation of the Partici Grids within human DNA and the Grids permeating the Earth’s crust. This is one form of Keylontic technology.

Keylonta can be simply defined as the science of light, sound, the subconscious symbol codes and the base codes of matter. These “codes” are precisely the geometrically formed Partici Grids which direct all operations of subatomic and molecular mechanics.

The ET Keylontic technologies such as the Frequency Fence and Holographic Inserts are based on manipulation of the Partici Grids, and those in possession of this technology have great power at their disposal for they can manipulate the very foundations upon which matter, biology and perception are constructed.

The Frequency Fence works in this manner. From underground and underwater bases (already in place) the Intruders can send specific electromagnetic pulse transmissions (digital data programs) into the Partici Grid which runs through the Earth’s crust. These EMPTs can be directed to specific locations and can be transmitted directly into the Partici Grid of the human body via the feet contacting the ground and through the Partici Grids of naturally occurring elements contained within the body.

First a “base-pulse” would be sent out via the Earth’s crust. Through repetition of this EM pulse the body’s natural resistance to foreign EMPs would be weakened allowing for more foreign EMPs to enter the electromagnetic fields of the body’s Partici Grid. This would create a subtle genetic mutation that would override the body’s natural immunity to Partici manipulation.

Once the base pulse is operational, the body and the DNA are “opened” to receive alternate EMP programs which can then alter the operating genetic code and all body systems and perceptions that receive their “electrical instructions” from the DNA. The next set of contrived EMPT programs would be sent through the Earth’s crust Partici Grid to specific geographical locations, the locations upon which our electrical plants, transformers and generators are built.

Through this method of transmission new EMPTs could be sent out following the pathways of our known electrical grid, creating a “phantom” EMP that would follow transmissions from the known electrical grid into any device drawing power from that grid. Any electrical device drawing power from that grid could thus become a tool for the transmission of complex EMP programs sent out by the Intruders. The body would absorb these new programs via the Partici Grid in the DNA giving the Intruders direct electrical access to the human neurological structure.

The Phantom Pulses are created in a way that would serve to block some of the body’s operational neuro-passageways which organically process electrical impulse through the body and brain to create the five-sensory picture we call three- dimensional reality.

What we call three-dimensional “physical” perception is the result of consciousness interacting with the biochemical-electrical processes of the body, through which the mind/body organism synthesizes bands of frequency into specific sensual holograms which gives us the experience of five-sensory perception within a three-dimensional world.

The Phantom EMP programs are geared to artificially control this natural perceptual process by blocking out the body’s ability to synthesize all but a select few frequency bands. This creates a biologically induced “perceptual harness” literally cutting off from human perceptual range activity taking place outside of the selected frequency bands. Once the Frequency Fence is in place, sensory illusions or holograms can be projected into the harnessed frequency bands.

The Holographic Insert

A Holographic Insert is a technology which also uses Keylontic science and manipulation of the Partici Grids, and it cannot be orchestrated on a mass level without a Frequency Fence. The Holographic Insert employs the Partici Grids within the molecular structure of elements within the air as well as the Grids within the Earth’s crust.

Once the Frequency Fence is in operation and human perception is biologically confined to specific bands of frequency, more contrived EMPTs can be digitally projected into the Earth’s atmosphere within the harnessed frequency bands and anyone who is biologically “tuned” to those frequencies (via the Partici Grids in the DNA) will experience as three- dimensional physical reality the illusion created by the Holographic Insert.

It can best be compared to finding yourself within a “virtual reality” program, but you would not realize that you had entered. The sci-fi technology called the “Holo-deck” demonstrated in our TV series Star Trek: Next Generation can give you some idea what walking through a Holographic Insert would be like, except it would not be a localized illusion confined to mechanical chambers but rather a nine- dimensional, five-sensory illusion generated directly through the natural environment.

Unlike the Holodeck of Star Trek the Frequency Fence and the Holographic Insert are not science fiction–they represent state-of-the-art technology now in the possession of Intruder ET visitors who want to “mess with us.” The Intruders hope to activate this technology on Earth in 2006, which leaves us very little time to come up with a counter strategy. Fortunately we do have the ability to avert this intrusion.

Averting the Frequency Fence

If we had a working knowledge of Keylonta and understood the mechanics of the Partici Grids, we would not have been vulnerable to this sort of manipulation in the first place, for we would know how to monitor, control and protect our own energetic fields.

The solution to this dilemma is learning to control our personal and planetary Partici Grids, at least to some degree. Fortunately, the human body and aspects of higher awareness (the soul or “Superconscious Mind”) hold an operable understanding of Keylontic science, so it is more a process of bringing that innate wisdom to a conscious level than learning something new and seemingly “alien.” We all have access to knowledge of the Partici Grid through our genetic imprint and if we choose to tap that knowledge we can easily derail the Intruders’ Frequency Fence agenda before it is put into operation.

It is easier to prevent the activation of the Fence than it is to disengage it once it is operational. Presently we do not have the technology to create instruments that could block a Frequency Fence (though such mechanical apparatus does exist) but we do possess the most powerful protective “weapon” of all —the human mind/body/spirit organism. We simply need to learn to use it properly.

Because we do not yet understand the true nature of ourselves, we do not realize the hidden potentials that live within us, and one of those hidden potentials is precisely the solution to the Frequency Fence problem. The potential of the human mind being able to directly affect the operation of the Partici Grids of the body and the Earth will be our saving grace.

This hidden potential gives logical validation to the concept of “mind over matter” when it is realized that the electrical impulses of the mind can be used to directly interact with the electrical circuitry of the Partici Grids. But it is one thing to know this potential exists and quite another to call this potential into practical use. It takes knowledge, practice and time to develop the skill of consciously directing the Partici Grids, and mastery of the Grids within the human body is the first step.

At this stage we do have the dormant ability to affect the body’s Partici Grid enough to create a natural immunity to the EMPTs that the Intruders plan to use on us. The solution to the Frequency Fence problem is simple: The Fence is constructed in a way that the vibrational oscillation speed of the Partici Grids of the mean (average) of the global population is measured. That measurement is then used to calculate the specific frequency bands and sub-frequency bands that would be used to transmit the contrived and Phantom EMPs. That measurement is also used to isolate the precise frequency bands into which human perception would be harnessed, and all of the Intruders’ EMP programs are created to operate within those set boundaries of frequency.

It has taken them over 50 years of experimentation to perfect the precise EMP sequences to manipulate our Partici Grids on a mass level. They do not have enough time left to create new EMP programs if that original measurement of population Partici Grid speed changes.

If we can simply shift the speed of vibrational oscillation of the Partici Grids within a “critical mass” of Earth’s population, it will shift the speed of the Partici Grids of the population mean, which will render useless the complex EMP programs the Intruders have devised. In simple terms we can “move their target out of range of their transmissions” by accelerating the speed of Partici Grid oscillation within the bodies of a number of people.

If we can make this acceleration within the personal Partici Grids of only 8% of the global population, that “critical mass” of people will be reached, the Frequency Fence will be disarmed, and the Intruders will fail at their agenda.

After 2012, due to changes in the Earth crust, Partici Grid, the Intruders will not be able to use that grid for their transmission of EMP programs. The 2006 plan is their only opportunity to get us under their control to infiltrate our culture. If they cannot execute the Frequency Fence in 2006, they will leave permanently.

Accelerating the Personal and Planetary Partici Grids

There are numerous ways the Partici Grids can be affected even if you don’t have the Keylontic theory to clarify why these methods work. Here I will offer a list of twelve suggestions that will help to accelerate the personal and planetary Partici Grids in order to avert the Frequency Fence activation of 2006. I consider the following suggestions as “Twelve Steps to Freedom” and whether they are practiced in whole or in part they will help you to help yourself and the planet simultaneously. The more people using these suggestions the faster we will be able to reach the 8% “critical mass” needed to shift the mass Partici Grid out of range of Intruder EMP transmissions.

The Twelve Steps to Freedom

1. Reach for a personal relationship with your concept of a “Higher Power.” In spiritual terms this can be God, the soul or the higher self. In scientific terms this can be the “Creative Mind,” the Intuitive self, the Superconscious Mind, the “Super Ego,” the muse within or whatever you want to label that higher aspect of human identity and awareness. The labels don’t matter. What matters is that you seek to find that level of awareness within yourself and use it for guidance, wisdom and strength. It is through this connection that you can access the knowledge of the Partici Grids and how to develop your hidden potentials. Such a relationship also automatically begins to accelerate numerous levels of the body’s Partici Grid allowing for further acceleration.

2. Refuse to accept “victim consciousness” or ideologies that promote a sense of personal dis-empowerment, worthlessness, subjugation of personal power to outside authority figures, punishment or harsh judgment of self or others and avoid theologies that endorse separatism, elitism and “us vs. them” mentalities or who use fear and guilt as subtle means of control. All of these tactics are covertly promoted by Intruder forces because they keep us divided, powerless, confused and afraid to trust our personal power. These ideas directly affect the speed of the body’s Partici Grid, slowing its rate of oscillation. Explore instead ideologies that promote personal empowerment through peaceful relationship with the self, Higher Power and all other life forms and which teach you to use personal power responsibly for the good of self, others and the planet simultaneously. Investigate the true meaning of “Unity Consciousness,” explore perspectives that endorse cooperation and “prosperity consciousness” rather than competition and “scarcity consciousness” and integrate these ideas into your daily life. This will dramatically increase the speed of your Partici Grid.

3. Take the time to examine your personal beliefs about reality. Realize that “thoughts are things,” literally. Thought patterns are also composed of Partici which form electromagnetic Partici-strand patterns (that we can’t yet see) and these patterns directly interact with and affect the speed of the body’s Partici Grid. Rigid, dogmatic, fearful, closed-minded beliefs become literal electromagnetic blockages to electrical impulse when they are translated into the body’s Partici Grid. Learn to examine, control and direct your beliefs rather than accepting without question the beliefs of others, the experts, the media, the government, the teachers, your friends, family and clergy. Examine the beliefs you have accepted as fact and determine whether there is real proof for that fact or if the idea is rather an assumption being presented as fact. (For example, there is no proof that ET visitors do NOT exist, yet many people assume this is true simply because they have not seen them.) Teach yourself to become an independent thinker and to use your “Higher Power” and intuitive self as tools for assessment and decision making. Become your own “shepherd” rather than a “sheep” or at least choose your “shepherds” wisely. Through reviewing your beliefs you can become empowered to change those that stand in your way of learning new ideas that could potentially help you. You are not your beliefs, they are ideas you choose to entertain, either consciously or subconsciously. Become conscious of these choices and you will find a great wealth of personal power and protection from manipulation.

4. Learn more about the body’s Partici Grid and methods to accelerate its frequency. There is much information available today regarding the intuitive senses and the subtle energy dynamics of the body. Ideologies involving knowledge of the “chakra system” and related electromagnetic energy fields can give effective tools for understanding and affecting the Partici Grid of the body. The “chakra system” of energy centers within and around the body is not the same thing as the Partici Grid. The Grid is beneath and within these subtle energy systems, and both structures are too small to see under present means of magnification. By learning to work with the chakra system you will find more ways to influence the Partici Grid as well as methods to improve general health, happiness and strengthen the connection to Higher Power. Much of the data on chakras is presented in texts with a strong spiritual or metaphysical slant which often deters those with a more scientific leaning. Realize that you can gain good information about the basic structure and operation of the chakra system from such texts and you don’t have to fully accept any spiritual interpretations with which you are not comfortable. Don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water!” Just explore the reality of the subtle energy systems and how it can be used to enhance your understanding and control over your personal bioelectrical systems. Exploring intuitive development methods will also help you in your study of the chakra system and will automatically begin to expand and accelerate your Partici Grid.

5. Strengthen your mind and exercise your “mental muscles.” Learn about and use “mind technologies,” such as meditation, affirmation, visualization, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, dream programming and projection of consciousness. All of these activities will help you to strengthen your mind and begin calling your dormant potentials into use. They will help you to connect with your Higher Power and give you powerful tools to use in consciously directing the body’s Partici Grid. You can learn a lot about yourself and how to direct the Partici strands of your thought patterns for effective results. Developing skill in these activities will automatically create a biological immunity to EMPTs of the Frequency Fence and will raise the speed of the Partici Grid beyond such manipulation.

6 Strengthen your body. The condition of the physical body directly affects the operation of the Partici Grid (and visa versa). By taking better care of the body you accelerate the speed of the Partici Grid. A diet with less chemical additives, red meats, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners is better for the body, but it is not necessary to go to extremes as even small changes are beneficial. Explore alternative approaches to eating such as vegetarian or macro-biotic health diets, food combining, herbal and vitamin supplements, organic and cruelty free-foods. Avoid irradiated and over-processed foods if possible. Investigate other perspectives on food consumption [rather] than stress healthful eating, rather than only weight control, and try some for yourself to see if it makes you feel better. Light fasting also helps the body release toxins and accelerates the speed of the Partici Grid (but if you’re under medical care, consult with your health professional before making changes). You can also develop your intuitive senses and learn to sense the speed of the Partici Grids within foods so you can tell if it holds a usable amount of electrical energy or if Grid speed is too slow to sustain the body properly. Fresh foods have the greatest amount of energy stored in their Partici Grids and this dissipates through processing and over time after it has been harvested. Learn to think of food as Partici Grids that you are entering into your own Partici Grid. This may give you a new perspective on desirable consumption habits.

The body is also strengthened by conscious breathing and controlled breath exercises. There are many good “stress reduction” techniques that teach you to direct the breath for short periods of time which helps the body and blood receive more oxygen. Oxygenation improves the overall function of the body systems and directly accelerates the speed of the Partici Grid, as well as helping to reduce stress.

Moderate exercise, yoga, free movement and dance also help the body to balance the electricity within the Partici Grid and drinking fresh, clean water assists the flow of electrical impulse through the Grid. These are just some suggestions as to how the body can be strengthened to accelerate the Partici Grid. When making changes you should allow the body time to adjust and change a little at a time.

7. Heal your emotions. Emotion is not just an intangible perceptual experience we have when we “feel something.” When we “feel” our emotions we are experiencing certain parts of our Partici Grid as it is translated through the sense facilities of the body. Emotions are directly affected by our thoughts as the Partici patterns from our thoughts directly interact with the Partici of the emotions. The “emotional body” exists as a complex network of Partici patterns that are intertwined with the Partici Grid of the body, and “unresolved emotional issues” literally become trapped within the body’s Partici Grid as slower moving electromagnetic Partici strands. Repressing emotion only compounds the problem as these slower moving strands build up and begin to slow the [vibratory] rate of the body’s entire Partici Grid. So it is important to be willing to face and heal your emotions. Contemporary theories on “healing the emotional body” are very helpful as they emphasize releasing trapped emotive patterns and bringing emotions into harmony with the mind rather than suppressing emotional symptoms through chemical means. Emotions become unbalanced for a variety of reasons and these imbalances first appear within the Partici Grid. These distortions in the Grid then in turn affect the operation of chemicals, hormones and the neurological structure of the body manifesting in various psychological and personality disturbances.

But the original problem occurs first in the Partici Grid and if healing is approached with the intention of correcting the Grid rather than suppressing symptoms more lasting results can be obtained. In the future Keylontic science will reveal great advances in this type of healing but for now we can simply face our emotional issues and work with various traditional and contemporary healing approaches to resolve emotional difficulties. Working with your Higher Power, personal spirituality, beliefs and “mind technologies,” can be very helpful tools for emotional healing. Past, present and future life hypnotic regression can also be quite helpful. Emotional release and healing is one of the fastest ways to accelerate the speed of the body’s Partici Grid.

8. Learn more about holistic approaches to health for these contemporary ideologies promote a view of healing that understands the intrinsic connection between body/mind/spirit. The Partici Grid directly links these three aspects of the human being and holistic health emphasizes healing on all levels rather than suppression of symptoms in a specific area. Holistic health also promotes development of the body’s natural healing abilities, encourages people to take more responsibility for their own health, to become more assertive in the doctor/patient relationship and to focus on wellness and preventative maintenance. Holistic health practices from aromatherapy, acupressure, Reiki, herbology, crystallogy, toning, reflexology, and therapeutic touch to more conventional forms such as chiropractic and vitamin therapy can do wonders for raising the speed of the Partici Grid, as well as improving general health and happiness.

9. Explore perspectives that address the issue of cellular transmutation. Many people have never heard of this concept but it is generally understood by those involved with “New Age” spirituality and related philosophies. You do not have to accept the New Age belief systems in order to learn more about the Partici strands in the DNA and how they operate. Cellular transmutation is a spiritualized science that understands the direct link between human consciousness and the structure and operation of the DNA. It is usually understood in such philosophies that our human ancestors originally had twelve rather than 2 strands of DNA which gave them “Godlike” abilities and awareness compared to our own, and that the “10 missing strands” are still contained within our present cellular code in the form of tiny sub-particles our scientists call “junk DNA.” The “junk DNA” actually represents pieces of Partici formations that once operated as our twelve strand DNA structure. As humans become more aware of their ability to affect the Partici Grids of the body, the option of “reassembling and plugging in” the Partici of the junk DNA becomes an option in accelerating the evolutionary process and greatly increasing the speed of the body’s Partici Grid. The reality of this art/science is that the higher-dimensional aspects of human identity (the soul or Superconscious Mind) and the lower dimensional aspects of the “subconscious mind” are being brought into human conscious awareness, and it is through reactivation of the junk DNA (and the Partici Grids behind and within it) that the body is able to expand its genetic code so that these expanded aspects of identity can be electrically translated into conscious human perception. It can be compared to creating “new channels” within the neurological structure (by assembling the pieces of the junk DNA) through which faster moving electrical impulses from the higher identity and slower moving impulses from the subconscious identity can be put “on line” with the bio-chemical- electrical processes of the body that give us five-sensory perception and the experience of three-dimensional matter. Once the genetic code is expanded, our awareness, perception and abilities will expand accordingly. Most data on Cellular Transmutation is presently available through “New Age” philosophies and advanced “channeled” material. Cellular Transmutation occurs through the dynamics of Keylontic science. This knowledge has been hidden within the secret mystical schools of our religious traditions for aeons, and kept out of public domain by the power elite within those traditions. Keylontic science and knowledge of the Partici Grids is entering the public domain for the first time in over 10,000 years. I recommend exploring the potentials this information has to offer even if the concept seems radical to you. Again, you don’t have to accept the whole philosophy of the New Age to learn about the science of cellular transmutation, and this knowledge will give you the power to work with the Partici Grids directly.

10. Join or form groups to explore the subjects listed in steps #1-9, and begin to use this knowledge to assist yourself, others and the Earth and its natural environment. Methods of prayer, meditation, visualization, sacred ceremony and mind/energy dynamics are often used by such groups frequently without the knowledge of Keylontic science and the Partici Grids. Though the scientific theory behind their activities may not be apparent, their practices directly affect the Earth’s Partici Grid and raise the speed of its vibrational oscillation. The power of the individual is amplified by the Partici Grid of the group exponentially so it is worth participating in such activities even if you don’t fully accept the belief systems in which the activity takes place. In any group, avoid excessive dogma and those who do not support free thinking and individual expression, and reserve the right to personal interpretation. Such group energy work will directly affect the Earth’s Partici Grid helping to raise it out of the range of Intruder manipulation.

11. Seriously re-evaluate your personal ideas about the issue of ET visitation and support those who are petitioning for the government to release data on UFO/ETactivity. Realize that much information regarding these subjects has been purposely withheld from the public for reasons of “national security”. This knowledge now circulates within “unofficial” networks of people, some who have been closely involved with aspects of the military, others who have had direct UFO/ET encounters or abductions. If you seek them out and listen to their stories with an open mind, you will realize the great amount of data that supports the premise of active ET visitation. Yet the governments of our world “debunk” these stories, discredit and harass witnesses whenever possible to keep this information from seriously entering the public awareness. We have been fed a form of propaganda in which ET visitation is either vehemently denied or made to appear as humorous fiction. This is not fiction. There is more evidence to support the visitation theory than there is to validate the debunking propaganda. The Intruder agenda depends upon them being able to control public perspective regarding their presence and government secrecy puts all of us in danger, for we are left totally uninformed and unprepared for an encounter with ET visitors. We are denied knowledge and knowledge is power in the face of an Intruder presence. Consider for a moment that your personal beliefs negating the possibility of ET visitation have been inadvertently colored by this propaganda and seek to become more informed. Even within the government and military only those with the highest security clearances have access to UFO data. So you can just imagine what might be withheld from the public.

12. In the U.S., peacefully form groups to petition the White House to appoint an independent agency to investigate the CIA and other “secret” divisions of government that oversee issues of UFO activity. Evidence suggests that a small faction of individuals within top security positions in such organizations have knowledge of ET contact that began around WWII. Information from various sources strongly suggests that a covert faction was created in the early 1950s under President Eisenhower to oversee and try to control dealings with an ET presence that made itself known to U.S. government just before the end of WWII. The private organization began with twelve men appointed by the President which was nicknamed “the Majestic 12″ or MJ-12. There is a strong possibility that this group did exist and continues under new leadership today, possibly without the President’s knowledge and that this covert organization within the government is at least partially responsible for withholding information and debunking UFO witness accounts. If enough Americans became aware of the possibility of this covert government faction we could petition for mandates to seriously investigate the government organizations allegedly involved, for if these activities are taking place without the President’s knowledge, our democratic process is being compromised.


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Suzan Caroll: Multidimensional News ~ July 2011 Message from El Morya

Our ascension is drawing near and I, along with many others, am receiving many communications that I feel need to be shared. Therefore, I am beginning Multidimensional Bulletins to present short messages that I have received from beyond about our process of ascension.

If this email has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, you may subscribe at the bottom of the page or email me at suzancaroll@multidimensions.com and place SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

July, 2011
Message From El Morya

I AM the Ascended Master El Morya, and I wish to leave a message for the many ascending AND Ascended Masters holding an earth vessel. There are three things that I wish to share with you, our Planetary Ascension Team:

1. Release ALL the fear that is still embedded in your physical earth vessel.
2. KNOW that there is ALWAYS Enough.
3. Maintain your earth vessel for as long as Gaia needs you to.

It is NO sacrifice to maintain your earth vessel because your Spirit is forever FREE. Your earth vessel merely represents that YOU are the planet Earth. Therefore, as you release your residues of fear that are in the molecules and atoms of your earth vessel, you are serving to release all fear in your planetary vessel, as well. Furthermore, your fear of not having enough, which is an innate “fear of survival,” can be released when you realize YOU are the planet. As the planet returns to Galactic Consciousness, the humans will return to their true Planetary Consciousness.

You, the members of humanity, have reached critical mass regarding multidimensional consciousness, but only because the awakened ones hold so much more light than the masses. However, many of you awakened ones are still holding a form in fulfillment of your pre-birth contract to partner with Gaia. Also, the physical form that you hold is a representation of your Planetary SELF. Humans, who are the Keepers of the Land and the cetaceans who are the Keepers of the Water are sworn to release ALL attachments to their third dimensional illusions while they retain their earth vessels.

Your detachment from illusion while maintaining an earth vessel facilitates the release of ALL fear embedded within your earth vessel, so that you can better assist in releasing all the fear embedded in your collective planetary vessel. It is the knowing that there is always ENOUGH that expedites the release of embedded planetary fear/darkness. While watching a scary movie you may say, “It’s just a movie. It isn’t real.” You can now make the same comment while observing the many frightening third dimensional illusions.

Because you know these illusions are not real, you can maintain your earth vessel and continue to play the 3D Game while you also move through your process of ascension. The ascension personal and planetary processes are accelerating more and more each day. Things may look the same on the outside, except that you are finding that things that were once essential to you are no longer important. Competition, wealth, fame and success carry less weight once you realize that the Game of 3D Life is not real. What is REAL is inside.

Inside, you are becoming more and more transformed with every breath. Just as thought precedes action, changing your state of consciousness precedes changing your reality. Believing that you are changing your reality places you in a state of consciousness in which you can change your reality. In fact, you are not just changing your reality. You are creating your reality with your every thought. Therefore, remember to maintain your Mastery over your every thought and emotion. You have great power now, and with that power comes the responsibility to maintain your multidimensional consciousness.

I, El Morya, serve as the Ascended Master of the First Ray, the Blue Ray of the Power of God’s Will. To avoid religious discriminations, as different religions have different names for the energy they perceive as God, I will speak of the Will of ONE. Dear ascending ones, we Ascended Masters understand how difficult it is for you to forgo your return to SELF in order to remain in service to Planetary Ascension. However, I proudly remind you that YOU are not “remaining” on Earth. You ARE Gaia.

You are the portals through which the multidimensional light and unconditional love of the higher dimensions can enter Gaia’s body of Earth. In return, Gaia shares Her expanding light and love through the glory of Her Nature. I will return to speak more of being an Ascended Master while still maintaining a third dimensional earth vessel. We, the Ascended Masters of Earth, remind you that if you have found yourself reading this communiqué, you are an Ascended Master who is still wearing an earth vessel.

You may wonder how we could make such a sweeping statement, but you must remember that we are in full possession of our multidimensional perceptions. Therefore, we know you are an Ascended Master because you are ALL Ascended Masters. You did not leave the fifth dimension and beyond to enter third dimensional Earth. No, you expanded your consciousness into the third dimension so that you could participate in this cosmic moment. It is just that you forgot that your earth vessel was actually a puppet, an avatar in a video game.

As you awaken to your Multidimensional SELF, you realize that YOU are the puppeteer, the one who chose to log into this reality during this auspicious moment of transmutation. In fact, you spent eons of lives training for this particular reality. One of the worst indoctrinations of this 3D Game was that “You are NOT Good Enough.” We say to you, “YOU are precious!” YOU are necessary and vital for the completion of a great plan that went into motion long before the establishment of Lemuria and Atlantis.

YOU are the final chapter in the book of third dimensional Earth. YOU are Gaia, the consciousness of Earth.

Those of you who have awakened, have done so because you refused to totally forget your SELF. You may have seemed to forget, but there was always a glimmer of a memory of your true SELF. That memory that was implanted into your Soul during all your lives in which you prepared for this moment of HERE and NOW. You are, indeed, HERE NOW in the process of ascending your personal and planetary SELF.

I AM El Morya. It is the Will of the ONE that you succeed. Therefore, you shall! All of us in the higher dimensions know that you will succeed, for in the NOW of the ONE you have already ascended!

(I have served with El Morya since the late 1970s. When I had my first inner meeting with him, I was terrified of his power, the Power of God’s Will. In fact, I believed for quite awhile that he was angry with me. Fortunately, like an adult would love a frightened child, he comforted me and assisted me to find my own inner power. I have come to know his loving heart and quick humor. He does not mince words and speaks powerfully with utmost authority. In other words, he is a role model for us all!)


I am El Morya, here today to take you through the portal into the Moon. The Moon was once a spacecraft, but is now inhabited by the higher fourth dimensionals who wish to be protectors of Earth.

To begin this journey, find the Moon inside your self, for that is the True Reality. Can you see it? Each of you may carry the Moon in a different area of your body. In fact, your Inner Moon, which is the Portal to Gaia’s Moon, can change locations with your emotions.

I ask you to close your eyes for a moment of the NOW and feel the power of your Inner Moon. Do you feel how the power of your Inner Moon is different than the power of your Inner Sun? It is calmer and subtler. It is not as steady as your Inner Sun, but waxes and wanes with your state of consciousness.

In fact, your Inner Moon IS your state of consciousness. When your consciousness is expanded, your Inner Moon is huge and fills your entire body with its peace and truth. Then, when your consciousness is trapped in the mire of physical life, you Inner Moon can feel dense and far away.

Therefore, take a moment to take some slow breaths to connect with your Inner Moon:

Once you have connected with your Inner Moon, allow your right hand to slowing rise and touch the place on your body where it is at NOW:

As you connect with your Inner Moon, allow its light to project the Path into Gaia’s Moon:

Slowly, you float upon the Path as you allow the Moon the pull you into Her embrace. As the Moon approaches, you know that you will easily move past its surface via the Portal of your Inner Moon. In a flash, you are inside the Moon.

The beauty inside the Moon is indescribable, and looks like a combination of Lemuria and the Land of Faerie in their peak expression. Floating above what appeared to be the grounded area (as the “ground” is inside of an orb), are many magnificent beings of the higher fourth dimension. In the very center of this reality is the Moon’s Violet Temple of Transmutation.

I, El Morya, must tell you that now you are on my own, for only those who can resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond could find their way to enter the Temple. Therefore, just relax into the unconditional love that you have felt for your self and for others. It is through the energy of your unconditional love that you shall find your Way.

As you relax into the flow of your unconditional love, you easily float up to the three stairs before the Temple entrance. You feel the innocence of purity of your Divine Child and know that state of consciousness will grant you the ability to climb these three stairs. You can see now that this Temple is made of pure violet light, and that its shape can change with your expectations. It is you state of innocence and purity that allows you to hear the manner in which you can climb these stairs.

Your consciousness is free of fear, or you would not be approaching this step. However, to climb the first stair, you must release ALL fear from every cell and atom of your physical form. Inside, you hear the Mantra:

I NOW release ALL fear from every cell and atom of my physical form And replace it with Unconditional Love.

Say this Mantra three times, or as many times as you need to until you can believe it is true. Is it not a glorious feeling to experience your body completely free of fear?

To step upon the second stair, know and fully believe that YOU are the creator of your reality. Knowing that all you need is “enough” frees you from the toils of the third dimension. In the fifth dimension, you create only what you need for the NOW and allow it to return to the ONE for redistribution once you withdraw your attention from it. As you use this fifth dimensional thinking in your grounded life, it grants you complete independence from third dimensional worries. This independence comes from your total believe in the next Mantra:

“I ALWAYS have Enough.”

As you move toward the third step, you hear, “What will you forget?” To your surprise you answer, “I will forget nothing. I carry with me the memory of every life, every experience, every sorrow, joy, fear, anger, love and lost love that I have ever experienced in any of my third dimensional incarnations. I, a speck of the ONE, entered the individuality of the third dimension to gain experiences, which I vowed to share with the ONE. Therefore, I now place every earthly experience I have ever had upon the Threshold of this Temple, so that I may share all that I have known.”

As you place your earthly experiences on the Threshold, you hear the third Mantra:

“I now place every earthly experience I have ever had on the Threshold of Ascension, so that I may share them with the ONE.”

With the last Mantra, you float into the Temple and are instantly surrounded by every higher dimensional Being you have known during your many sojourns on third dimensional Earth. You listen calmly as they tell you that you are now, and have always been, an Ascended Master.

As you return to your mundane life, you hold the memory of being surrounded by my many Guides and higher expressions of your SELF who are bathing you in their unconditional love. You vow to Gaia that you will retain an earth vessel for as long as necessary, so that you can contribute your Light to Her Planetary Ascension. You know that something important is happening, and you will maintain your presence on the body of Gaia for as long as she needs you!

You are not yet aware how this process will influence your life, but you vow to remember the three stairs:

I NOW release ALL fear from my earth vessel.
I KNOW that I AM creating “enough.”
I share all my physical experiences with the ONE.

Preparing for Ascension II
Being Lightbody


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Acknowledging the Law of One

Acknowledging the Law of One
by W. T. Samsel

Lately, it seems I have been concentrating my writings primarily on the present
state of our social, political and world situation. Perhaps this is due to the
sense of urgency that I am feeling, which compels me to speak out on the true
issues with which we should all be concerned at this time. I expend a lot of
energy in this pursuit. While all of these things are extremely important at
this time, perhaps I should reserve some of that energy and direct it towards
what is of the utmost importance at this time, the reintroduction of the Law of

What is the Law of One? Where does one begin to explain something as
complicated, and yet as simple, as the Law of One? Well, perhaps it is that
something, which many people spend their entire lifetimes, trying to find.
Maybe it is that something we are all looking for, without knowing what it is,
or being able to define it. We remember it somehow, somewhere deep down inside.
We have a longing for this, and search for it out there, in the physical world.

We carry within ourselves, soul memory of it. Soul memory is very different
from our brain's facility for memory, for it is at the very core of our being.
It is who we are, our talents and abilities; it is our nature and motivations.
It is a part of our spiritual and physical make-up, and can be accessed through
the practice of transcendental meditation. We do not have to keep running
around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to find something that we
cannot identify; to fill that need in us that we cannot describe. The One Law
rings true for so many, because they have been carrying it within themselves,
all along. What happens, is that their soul memory is awakened, and what
follows is enlightenment and understanding. If there is something missing in
Life, if the world around us doesn't make sense, could it be because the Law of
One has been repressed throughout our recorded history? Could it be that the
Law of One is the missing something in our lives, in our communities, in our

"A human being is a part of the whole, called by us the universe,' limited in
time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something
separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This
delusion is a prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection
for a few persons close to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from our
prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all humanity and the
whole of nature in its beauty." -Albert Einstein.

These days, there are many out there preaching their own interpretations of
spirituality, from television evangelists to new age gurus. There is the
prevalent fear-based traditional Christianity, wherein God will punish you,
sinners go to hell, it's God's will, and we all need to be saved. Then there's
the present new age extremists, who think only 'good' thoughts, send out only
'positive' vibrations, and don't let anything 'negative' intrude into their
space.' From the extreme left, to the extreme right, the entire spiritual and
religious spectrum can be daunting to the truth seekers. Trouble is, most
religions demand total adherence to their own particular dogma, through which,
people wind up directing negative emotions at others, based on difference. It
can be a vicious circle. With all these spiritual roads and no road map, how
does one spiritually navigate?

We are all Spirits who possess a body and a mind. The physical body is merely a
vehicle that the Spirit inhabits, in order to experience Life on the Earth
plane. When we believe that the body we inhabit is truly who we are, as we are
programmed to believe, then we are always searching outside of ourselves, for
that elusive 'something' which we can't describe. We look to that promotion at
the office, or that new luxury car, or a relationship with another person. We
look for answers from other people who we consider, authorities.

The church preaches that it is the work of the devil,' when an individual goes
outside of it's established parameters, to explore other spiritual avenues.
Well of course! If everyone discovered their own personal connection to God,'
to the All that Is, then they wouldn't look to the church as the intermediary
between God and man, would they? Hence, the church would be out of business; it
would no longer be able to maintain its control over the masses!

We all inherit the ability to communicate directly with Creator and the Spirit
world. We need to realize this. By meditating and going within, we are able to
tap into soul memory. We can raise individual consciousness from its entrapment
in the mundane trivia of the material world, and we can reconnect with the
Source! Therefore, each individual plays an important role in determining our
future. The Spirit is the direct link to God, because it is a part of God, just
as each drop of water is a part of the ocean. Spirit is a part of all creation,
and is the link to greater knowledge of the All that Is. We can have a better
understanding of our lives, of why we are here and what we are here to do.
Meditation is the key! As a radio tunes into various frequencies of reception,
so too does the conscious mind attune itself to various vibrational
frequencies, and other states of being. Once the inward journey has begun, what
unfolds is awakening and understanding. What unfolds is the Law of One.

The Law of One is so complex, that I could spend the rest of my Life writing
about it, trying to explain it. He also says that it's so simple, that any
little child can understand it fully. The Law of One is the Law of Love. Jesus
Christ said, "A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another! As
I have loved you, that ye also love one another." The love that Christ
displayed was unconditional love, One Law love! Many aspects of the One Law can
still be found in Christ's words, in fact all of history's sacred messengers,
from Christ to Krishna to White Buffalo Calf Woman, spoke about the various
aspects of the Law of One. Unfortunately, as history attests, the Sons of
Belial, to meet their needs and purposes, have altered these messages!

Life, Love, Earth and Spirit are the four major elements of the Law of One.
Love is the single, most powerful force in the universe . . . a positive force
of unlimited potential! The effects of Love are cyclic in nature, in that the
Love you send out comes back to you from others. The power of Love expands
outwards and is amplified in this way, so the more love you send out, the more
you will receive and the more you will have to give. The power of Love can heal
the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, shelter the homeless and put an end
to poverty. It can save the environment, save endangered species, and put an
end to war!

Our social, economic and religious structures pit us against each other in so
many ways. We need to realize that we are not contestants! We are not in
competition with each other, this is illusion! The truth is that we are all
related, and love is the power that can bring us all together in peace and in
harmony, with each other and all of creation. This One Law truth can set us

The Law of One is all about inclusion, about the true equality of all humanity,
irrespective of skin color, social class, landmass of origin or spiritual
beliefs. What dwells within the physical form is sacred and so, must be
honored. What dwells within the human form is that which we must learn to honor
in each other, and we must learn to allow each other to be free. The One Law is
about freedom, the freedom to let the Inner Light within each of us shine
through. To bring forth into the physical world, one's own unique expression of
self, while allowing others to do the same. Why conformity? Control, control,

The One Law is also about the sanctity of Life, not only in the human sense but
Life in all its forms. To live and to let live. Inflicting pain, suffering or
death upon any living thing goes against the One Law.

The One Law is about the sacredness of the Earth. We need to understand that
the Earth is a living thing, and that She is the source of all that we need for
our physical existence. We must cease attempting to reconfigure the natural
environment. We must cease denuding the planet of its natural resources. We
must cease driving untold numbers of other lifeforms into extinction, while
polluting the air, land and sea with our waste. We must change the way we
regard the land, the seas, the air and all lifeforms . . . for we are the
stewards of the Earth.

The Law of One is also about the Creator's Love of infinite variety. Everything
is unique and everything, according to the Creator's intention, is
interconnected to everything else within the cosmic scheme of things. I once
saw a bumper sticker that read . . . honor diversity. Again, we must accept and
honor this, because it is the intent of the Creator that these truths exist.
These aspects of the One Law hold true, no matter if you are a Hindu, Moslem,
Christian or Jew. It doesn't matter what religion you practice, because we are
all differing expressions, and these are merely differing avenues that lead to
the same source. Truth is truth.

We need to simply allow each other freedom, and learn to honor each other. The
Law of One is simple, actually. It is about honoring each other. Nobody should
go without food, clothing, medicine or shelter. We do not need to spend
millions and billions of dollars on weapons and war, and we don't need to
destroy the planet to feed greed!

I believe the Law of One is the ultimate truth, that your heart and soul
acknowledges deep within. By following and living the true principles of the
Law of One, you will find what you have been searching for. You will attain
peace and harmony within yourself, and with the world around you. Share with
each other the infinite diversity and variety of mankind! These "differences"
in expression and culture are there not to divide people, but to enhance their
experience and to broaden their conception of the All that Is. There is coming
a time when one will stand before another, and celebrate both the uniqueness of
each and the oneness of the two. The Law of One is the ultimate truth that can
set free all of humanity. It can raise the collective consciousness of mankind
and therefore enable it to break free from the cycles of its history.

I seem to always be saying that the Law of One is "That which can set free
humanity and save the earth." Well you might wonder, how that could be so. If
you take a good look around you, you might find that many things appear to be
rather backwards in our society.

One of the universal truths of the Law of One, is that life is the sacred gift
of the Creator and so all life forms are to be considered sacred and must be
honored. This means all living things, be they human, animal, tree, plant,
insect, all that have the Creator's gift of life within them. This is the spark
of life, that which dwells within the physical form. This is the soul, the
spirit within each of us and in all living things. That which comes into the
physical experience is sacred and must be honored.

You may argue that our judicial educational and religious systems do not
promote war and that our country stands for peace. If this ancient One Law
truth were held as such within our own society, then the concept of war and of
killing each other for political, economic or religious cause would be
unthinkable. The fact that such behavior is acceptable this day is testimony to
the hypocrisy of our religious, political and economic institutions. If our
collective societal consciousness acknowledged and accepted the One Law Truth
that life is sacred and must be honored, then religious, political, judicial
and economic structures would reflect just that. Individuals and organizations
would conduct themselves as per that One Law foundation. If our collective
reflected the fact that 'we are all related,' then people would act out of
cooperation rather than competition. The focus would be on we, together as one,
rather than on me, myself and I!

The religious institution that became the Temple of the One Law was very
central to Atlantean civilization until the appearance of the Sons of Belial
and the Temple of the Sun. These ultimately, became of greater power in
Atlantis. However, for many thousands of years did the Law of One and the Great
Temple play a central role in everyday Atlantean culture. The authority of the
One Law was that of ultimate truth, universal truth. The Temple was very
powerful. In civil matters, establishment of laws, settlements of dispute, in
political matters such as foreign affairs, regulation of trade and commerce,
the Great Temple held authority. As overseers of the public economy, they held
authority in matters of collection and distribution of public funds. The
authority they held was only to insure that all proceedings were conducted
according to the principals of the Law of One.

We are all related. Therefore, the Great Temple and the People had authority in
all public matters. Council government, representative and participatory
government was meant to keep public matters of the people, by the people and
for the people. It was also intended to insure that ALL living things, ALL our
relations, have the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The
Great Temple stood for their rights and assured respect and protection not only
for these relations, but for the Earth Mother as well. This, in all matters.
Such was the power of the Great Temple then.

If the earth is a living thing, then people must conduct themselves, as this is
so. If the earth is sacred then men cannot own the land. They certainly cannot
simply take from the land what they want or alter it as they wish. Neither can
they disrespect the land or pollute it. Who would claim authority in such
matters? The Earth Keepers of the Great Temple. All is interconnected and must
remain in balance under the Law of One. It is not for mankind to upset that
balance. So it was and so did we conduct ourselves then.

We, today, do not conduct ourselves as though the Earth were a living thing.
Our culture's view of the earth is as water, sand, rocks and dirt. The value of
real estate keeps getting higher and higher. Land must be developed! Cities and
towns must continually expand. New housing and building starts are a leading
economic indicator. To many people in our modern society, being in touch with
the natural world, means looking outside the window to see what the weather is
like. To many people today, being in touch with, or in harmony with the source,
means being on track in financial matters and with the program in their career
goals. Human beings need to be in harmony and balance with the natural world.
We have created and live within an anti-natural society. We live apart from
nature in a system which is anti-natural. The concept of the earth as nothing
more than landmass and oceans, rocks and dirt, that and no more is definitely
unnatural! This is the mindset of the Temple of the Sun. It is the mindset of
the Sons of Belial. The earth is nothing more than a resource for mankind. It
is this mindset that has allowed the exploitation, destruction and pollution of
the earth and all of our animal relations.

"For the Lakota, there was no wilderness, because nature was not dangerous but
hospitable, not forbidding but friendly. Lakota philosophy was healthy, free
from fear and dogmatism. Indian faith sought the harmony of man with his
surroundings: the other sought dominance over nature. In sharing and in loving
all and everything, one people naturally found a portion of that which they
sought, while, in fearing, the other found need of conquest. But the old Lakota
were wise. They knew that man's heart, apart from nature, becomes hard and
cold. They knew that lack of respect for growing, living things, would lead to
lack of respect for people too." -Chief Luthor Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux.

"There is natural power, and there is spiritual power. In the old days, my
people did not separate daily Life in the world, from spiritual Life.
Everything was spiritual, our attitude was spiritual, and Wakan Tanka was
involved in everything we said and did." -Fools Crow, Teton Sioux, 1975.

"All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the sons of the
Earth. Man did not weave the web of Life, he is only a strand in it. Whatever
he does to the web, he does to himself." -Chief Seattle, Nez Perce, 1854.

If our "civilization" conducted itself according to the Law of One, we would
not bring destruction to our environment and alienate ourselves from all that
is natural. We would not discharge our pollutants into the skies, the waters
and the earth. We would not use up the land for developments sake. We would not
divide up the land to be owned by human beings, for the land indeed belongs to
only the Creator, who in divine wisdom and intention, fashioned the order of
all things to be interconnected and interdependent. We would understand the
earth as the source of all nourishment and sustenance, a genuinely living
being, truly our mother.

Primitive concepts you may counter. I say truly the more advanced concepts.
Concepts which our relations from the stars surely had to come to terms with in
order for their species to advance to higher levels of technology and
civilization. Humanity is but in an adolescent state of consciousness and
development for we haven't yet acknowledged these truths, we haven't yet
learned the lessons. That is why we are under the intense surveillance of our
relations from the stars at this time. What happened to Atlantis? The big
question is what are we going to do this time around? The big question of the
new millennium is, do we acknowledge and implement the universal truths of the
Law of One? At present, we live with hypocritical institutions, in a
degenerating society that is, in all actuality, truly primitive and
"backwards." How much longer do we sacrifice the earth, all our relations and
future generations upon the alter of gold and greed, before we understand? We
will shortly find out. The truth shall reveal itself!

Thank You,

W. T. Samsel.

(Source 1st of all my inbox - 2nd: http://www.davidicke.net/emagazine/vol12/articles/law-of-one.html)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

EMVs, Sun control and the Solar Anvil - James Horak explains

Gigantic Object discovered near our Sun - The Solar Anvil

Six weeks of solar activity - timelapse from June 1. 2011 to July 12. 2011
Composit of images from SECCHI COR2-A and SECCHI EUVI-A 304
provided by Naval Research Laboratory on Helioviewer.org

James Horak explains some astonishing phenomena we witness around our Sun. Next to the Sun, in a two o'clock position we see an object that is called the 'Solar Anvil' and has never been mentioned by science. This object is larger than all our planets together and has been there all the time and is captured by solar observatories in space and now published for the whole world to see. The sensation being that these images are actually presented to us unexplained and that science does not even ask what it is, at least publicly. NASA claims it is a fiber from the coat of Santa Claus, but everybody knows the true abbreviation for NASA: Never A Straight Answer.

You are now witness to a whole new discovery and called upon to change your concept of what reality is, don't hesitate, it will benefit you, our world and our chances of survival. Only note this: We are really taken care of by some awesome spiritual technology all around us that now can be observed in action.

In this video you see after a series of six strong blasts within four days, starting from June 1. 2011, that the area between the Solar Anvil and the Sun is darkening. Being converted to a low energy state, the darkened area is now forming a kind of connection between the Anvil and the Sun. After these blasts and the forming of that 'Channel' or 'Portal' the whole vicinity around the sun starts to fill up with fast moving objects that must all be quite large. These objects are using the Channel or the Portal that was facilitated by the Sun and the Solar Anvil to jump here from all over the universe, mostly passing through, as James knows.

There is time compression involved and those EMVs and ET craft that we see emerging en masse from the Portal are using that possibility, facilitated by the Solar Anvil and the energy of the Sun.

We see other strange objects but the most peculiar is a sun-cruiser resembling a butterfly in its shape, passing by on a curved path, coming close to a flare and charging up. This is a civilisation that is using a different kind of technology, maybe the Hippies of the Universe?

The amount of blasts and solar activity within only six weeks is astounding and one would come to think how this could be going on for more than six billion years without the Sun being depleted rather sooner than later.

This video is so awe inspiring especially when you can understand what is explained here by the most qualified man there is and who is helping us to get to the stars as well - if we defeat the NWO.

And what did Pink Floyd know to sing about to 'Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun'?

Solar Dynamics

by James C. Horak

A talented friend kindly, generous with his time, has put together images of the sun taken at each hour over the period of the last month and a half. He did this in order to better understand my claims on the Kevin Smith Show that an enormous object now acknowledged in proximity with the sun, is not only fixed in position there, but operating in an interaction with the sun to accomplish certain dynamics only possible to a technology far beyond that of any planetary civilization.

These features become very important to discussions today as we see an errant drift of mindset being fostered more and more to portray an hostile ET presence as virtually inevitable. That this is absurd in any context, historical or present, as a matter of common sense, is being lost more and more to the drum beat of steady media repetition.

In dredging up myth, superstition and the remnants of poorly developed logic among western science fiction writers, an underlying theme of this “inevitability” has already been implanted. Still, it is no less absurd, and fostered and promoted on vast scale simply because it has a designed agenda behind it. Now, instead of manufactured terrorism and attacks on national sovereignty on earth, to engineer the ages-old device of war upon people in order to deny them more personal freedoms and better means of financial sustainment, the stage is set to bring an end to all social contracts based on the advances, cultural and technological, mankind has achieved on earth in the last 300 years to win any equality among levels of society for the individual. The fear driven agenda of an hostile ET threat has been developed as the ultimate false flag operation to do just this.

Just as we were led to believe that nations must form alliances under detente in order to escape “certain” destruction from the imposed threat of the hydrogen bomb and that nations must combine on the same basis to afford advancing space exploration, we will be “taught” combating this new alien threat will require a nationless New World Order... already set up as a feudal corporate police state. We already see evidence of this as corporations like BP are allowed to police their own catastrophic environmental holocaust in the Gulf of Mexico, instead of the EPA and Coast Guard and Monsanto is allowed to confine food production to corporate control with laws that prohibit non-hybrid seed.

These trends are not justified by any external threat, but are part of a growingly apparent agenda around what lies behind the false flag fabrication of one, world dominance by an elite that has long lost its way morally and in any context appropriate to evolutionary advance.

At this stage of crucial decision-making, is important to view certain dynamics in a perspective long denied the people of this planet. For all to see that the design in nature governing all things on the astrophysical plane have both order and design shared in common knowledge by all civilizations that advance beyond the point at which the people of earth now near.

Why, dearest fellow children of the Universe, you have nothing to fear from those part and parcel to these dynamics.

View what you see as but an example of what is possible when people survive their own technology and share it without the constraints of any lords and masters. JCH

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Source: EMVs, Sun control and the Solar Anvil - James Horak explains

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Message from the Arcturians

Message from the Arcturians

by Angel and Faery Guidance by Jojo on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 7:13pm

We come to you today dear brothers and sisters of the stars to guide and support in relation to UNITY and heart centred life experience. We are the Arcturians and once more we give love and blessings to this channel for stepping aside so that this message may be brought to all across the planet earth. For many channels a new energy that comes in can be confusing and many channels are not following their heart and putting trust and faith in the messages they are bringing through. Dear ones we guide that if you “usually” channel a certain energy and another steps forward then please check with your heart as to what is happening. We guide strongly that over the coming weeks more energies will step forward through different channels. WE do this to show the UNITY that human consciousness is moving towards and to bring further evidence if you will that WE ARE ONE.

It is important that many begin to live through their hearts and detach from mind centred life experience. As the energies begin to increase once more across the planet then illusion will seek to teach the lessons of lack, of fear and of the end. Dear ones we guide most strongly to detach from the mind life experience, the mind cannot process emotion and it is through the emotion that you will discern TRUTH. Many have been using the phraseology of the new age and we guide that for many this is also the path they walk but for many others it is not. We guide you to look at why you would speak the words but not FEEL them. It is vital that grounding and that FEELing take priority in the human life experience, as the energies shift and multi dimensionality becomes more and more anchored in your energy system it will become more and more vital that you live through your heart. If this is not done then many of you will descend into chaos. Chaos is where illusion sits dear ones, for not being in your heart centre means that you cannot FEEL. Illusion can also talk the words of the new age, many walk in illusion at the moment. We guide you to move from the mind back into the heart.

There is not quick fix dear ones, there is no way to bypass the work that needs to be done at this time within the human heart. There is no way to anchor the new energies and create the life that is in UNITY with the rest of consciousness if you do not do the work of clearing. For many across the planet it is this clearing that is causing much distress. We guide strongly that to fall into illusion and to try to hang on to that which no longer serves is the distress, moving into the heart, allowing the LOVE that IS to flow will take you out of distress. We fully acknowledge the depth of illusion and strength of teaching around this and we note that many will not be able to move through this at any speed at all.

We guide now on the ascension process and what it means and what it does not mean. We do this to further guide and support ALL across the planet earth. Many are still engaged in competition and we guide strongly for ALL to detach from these teachings. These are illusion at its strongest, to find yourself in competition with another human or find yourself in a situation where you battle against anothers will is to fall into illusion. We guide you to take the word UNITY into the silence and allow your heart to show you the truth. Many are still misled by illusion and believe that when they move to 5D living that it will all be over, there will be no further work to do and that the world will turn into heaven. We guide against attaching to this teaching dear ones for it has the edge of illusion to it. It brings you out of the NOW and moves your focus, that is a teaching of illuson dear ones. Remember the illusion can voice the words of the new age, however illusion cannot show the FEELing of the new age, that is the reason we guide on heart centred living. Whilst it is easy to use smoke and mirrors and talk the talk it is not so easy to pretend the emotion. For many use smoke and mirrors with other humans trying to hide the fact that they still live from the seeds of fear. We guide you dear ones that if you are triggered by our words then you have seeds of fear within you.

Across the planet the truth will be revealed to each human in turn. Moving into your heart will reveal the illusion and its teaching at greater and greater depths. Those who have made the decision for whatever reason not to embrace full heart centred living will be shown as who they are. It can be no other way dear ones, UNITY is the focus of heart centred living, one cannot live in UNITY and hold fear. It is not possible the vibrations of the two are so different they cannot co exist.

We guide those who are triggered on reading our words to look within, what is it that stops you from truly BEing? What is it that promotes the fear within your BEing? What stops you from moving into the heart? Illusion will teach the heart is full of pain and we guide you strongly to detach from this teaching. The heart will take you out of pain dear ones , for the heart is your compass of truth. Only your heart has connection to source and to all other realms, for you connect via your heart to ALL.

ALL are awaiting the connection, for this connection to be strong and to be pure the heart has to be open. Many humans across the planet are not living with open hearts and we guide that this is due to seeds of fear that are sometimes found but not weeded out. Once more we guide that when you feel yourself triggered it is not enough to simply acknowlege there is fear within your BEing, you must go within and take out those seeds of fear or they will begin to germinate. This is an ongoing process dear ones and there is no end to this. It is a constant weeding out of fear for many humans as the layers are deep. It is not written how long this process must continue for it is individual, if timescales are mentioned dear ones then please process with your heart. It is not possible to put general timescales on something that is individual.


We guide strongly that for many lightworkers there may be confusion as the life path they have created has now changed dramatically. Many have fallen deep into illusion as the fear of what will happen to them has triggered those seeds. We guide you to go within dear ones and sit with the silence. The path your create is from your heart, nothing is written in stone, this is not about following dear ones it is about creating. The responsibility for YOUr life rests with YOU. This is not about waiting for the universe to show you the next step for only YOU can show YOU the next step. That is done through connection to the heart. Only when you are in heart centred living will you be able to see the path illuminate for you.


The universe will support and guide you dear ones but the decisions of who YOU are and WHAT you are is individual. Once more we guide around labels and containment. Many who are working in the field of healing are continuing to define themselves and we guide you to detach from this teaching. To define is to contain, the ascension process is all about growth and expansion not containment and labels. ENERGY just IS dear ones, please accept this truth, process through your heart and live that truth. Illusion will seek to teach it must be labelled and have rules and regulations and be defined and we guide you to look closely at this teaching. WHY? Why would it be defined ? who does this serve? Does working with energy with no rules or regulations bring fear up for you? If so why? Why would there be fear in working with LOVE?

These questions may be taken into the silence dear ones, for another human cannot answer on this. For the answer is YOUr truth, only YOU know what fear you hold deep within YOUr BEing as only YOU have experience YOUr life journey. Do you understand our words and our meaning?


For too long illusion has taught separation and abdication of responsibility and now we guide the time has come to detach from this. If you allow another human BEing to trigger fear within YOU then it is not the fault of the human who triggered it, for the responsibility of that FEELing rest with YOU. Do you see our meaning ?


We are the ARCTURIANS and we will guide more in due course through various channels. If you are reading our words and you channel then please process our words through your hearts. If a new energy steps forward for you to channel then process this and ask the questions you need to ask. We are in UNITY dear ones, separation teachings must be detached from. Human consciousness will continue to heighten but we guide that UNITY must be understood from the heart. Move into your heart will enable you to understand our words at a much deeper level for the human mind cannot fully understand emotion, that was not the purpose of its creation.

We once more send love and blessings to this channel for her trust and faith in our words. We are the ARCTURIANS, we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. ALL ARE ONE.



Channeler: Karen Doonan

Source: Angel and Faery Guidance by Jojo

Monday, July 18, 2011

Multidimensional Newsletter ~ July 2011

Multidimensional News

July 18, 2011



For Ascension on Sirius B Part I, please click:

Through expressing the deepest depths and the highest heights of our emotions, and mastering them both, we are able to transmute emotion into intuition.

Shaleem’s Story

My name is Shaleem Shakara. Tarmaine and I are Divine Complements. I shall now share my tale with you, for it is appropriate that you hear of our merging and ascension from my viewpoint. From where I am now, the journey from where I was then, would be far. Tarmaine and I were worst enemies for many hundreds of years. He hated and feared the darkness in himself that I represented. In turn, I hated and feared the light in myself that he represented. But in spite of the hate, in spite of the fear, we always, always felt the spark.

When we would enter the Planetary Council Meetings, he was the only person in the room for me. I even stopped attending the meetings for a while, as I was so disturbed by the feelings that I had for him. I was a Priestess of Darkness and lived in the deepest caves that were located on the planet’s surface. He was the enemy, as he represented the light, which would distract me from my duties. The Council of Darkness knew that in order to maintain the 3D Matrix, the polarities of light and dark would have to remain separate or our planet would return to Source. Therefore, we chose to separate from light. If we had to use fear in order to maintain this separation, it was a small price to pay to continue our physical reality.

I had heard of the Ancients, but I had never met one. In fact, I thought they were a myth, until they saved my life. It was shortly after the Council Meeting in which I “ran into Tarmaine.” Twice a year, when the moons were in opposition, the Councilors of Darkness and of Light met to discuss the important issue of controlling the 3D Matrix. Although we kept it a secret from our citizens, both Councils knew the Matrix was degrading and there was not much time left before our planet would transcend into the next dimension. We were much like the Priesthood in the final days of Atlantis who, no matter what price, wished to keep themselves in power as long as possible.

We told ourselves that we kept this information from the masses to protect them and give them more time to evolve. That was, of course, a lie. We did not tell the masses the truth, as we knew that it would diminish our power. As I was saying, hundreds of years before our ascension we knew that the 3D matrix was degrading. However, since we were the ones in power over others, we were the ones who were the least likely to embrace this change. We liked our power, and we wanted things to stay the same, so that we could suck the last nectar from the flower of our success.

We were successful at domination and control 0f others. We saw no need to focus on our inner world. In fact, we did not even have an inner world. Even our Goddess Mother was external to us. It was the service of the Council of Darkness to maintain separation and limitation so that our planet could play the 3D Game longer. In fact, even the Council of Light had an external God. Their God lived up in the sky somewhere. He was so far away from them that their Counselors even believed that they could hide things from Him!

They could be very ungodly outside of their Temple, but it was acceptable as long as they were godly inside the Temple. As Counselors of Darkness and servants to our Mother Planet, we were wise enough to know that the Great Mother saw everything and was everywhere. We also believed that the Mother Planet was an enemy of the Father God and his Council of Light. Therefore, we only interacted with the Council of Light at our bi-annual Planetary Council Meetings. Other than that, the light and the dark were forever separate. Therefore, when I finally returned to the Meetings and my old feelings resurfaced as soon I saw Tarmaine, I was greatly concerned.

I didn’t know what love was, but I did recognize attraction. I was so attracted to him that I could hardly be in the same room without looking at him. When I saw him at the Meeting, I practically flew from the room. Little did I know that he had had the same reaction and had escaped in the opposite direction. However, the corridors that we escaped into were circular, and in our haste to escape, we ran directly into one another. For just a moment, or was it an eternity, we looked into each other’s eyes.

In his eyes I saw unity. Somehow, I knew that he had seen that same unity in my eyes. I excused myself before I could look at him again and returned to the Temple of Darkness in great haste. Once there, I realized that when someone, such as myself, who had known only separation and fear, unites with love, it can cause great injury. My very physical form became almost instantly dis-eased. My body temperature rose to an enormously high level, and I ached everywhere. I could not eat, rest, move, talk or think. My body was infected with the virus of light, and I could feel it spreading throughout my system. I was dying.

For days and weeks I lingered on the verge of death. I was so distraught that no one could read my mind, even though that was normal for our society. I was now separate from the one group that I had been united with, the Council of Darkness. Finally, my fellow Councilors realized that, even though the journey might kill me, they would have to take me to the cave of the Ancients to be healed. We had always been forbidden to enter their Caves. In fact, we were not even sure that anyone was really inside of them. But we had to take the chance. My sisters brought me to the Cave and left, as they knew the Ancients would not come while they were there. By this time I was hallucinating. I was outside myself, watching my small, shaking body propped against the entrance to the Cave of the Ancients, as I moved farther and farther away.

I was sure I would never return to my physical form, when suddenly in a moment of excruciating pain, I was pulled back. The Ancients had come to save me. I cannot remember what happened after that. I can only remember that I was healed. My body was healed, my mind was healed and my spirit was healed. Actually, I was transformed. My heart was open, and I could not close it again. Eventually, I went back to my old world, but found I could no longer lived there. I could not tolerate the fear. For my entire life, I had used fear like a weapon. Now it was intolerable to me.

I knew from being a High Councilor that our leaders were not ready to change. I learned that Tarmaine had “defected” to the Threshold Dwellers. Somehow, knowing that allowed me to start a new life myself. Hence, I joined the Ancients. The Ancients were peace and love incarnate. I didn’t think that I would be able to feel either the peace or the love. However, much to my surprise, I could, and it was wonderful! I studied with the Ancients for many years. During that time, more and more of our citizens joined us. It seemed that once the Ancients opened their Cave to me, it remained open to anyone who wished to enter. Because the Ancients had Planetary Consciousness, their emanation of peace and love seeped out of their now open Caves, into the body of the Great Mother, and throughout our watery atmosphere.

Eventually, I could even sense the minds of many of my former friends in the Council of Darkness yearning to join the Ancients. These Councilors wanted to change, but they were afraid. Fear had been their ruler since the beginning of our time, so it took time and effort before they could release the hold of that fear and embrace the peace. However, gradually they did, until one day, most of my friends had joined the Ancients.

Allow me now to tell you of my next meeting with Tarmaine. Much time had passed since our “accidental” meeting in the corridor. During that time, he had joined the Threshold Dwellers, and I had joined the Ancients. In order for us to do so, he had had to face his inner darkness, and I had had to face my inner light. Therefore, when we met, it was not as two polarized halves, but instead as two complete beings. Since I had released my fear and joined with my light, I had a deep sense of love. Tarmaine had joined with and balanced his inner darkness and had a profound wisdom. Therefore, our second meeting was NOT an accident.

Since the awakening of Tarmaine and myself, our telepathic connection was greatly enhanced. Even though he resided in the Threshold Temples, and I resided in the deepest caves of the Ancients, our communication was almost constant. We were somewhat like what you would call in your world, imaginary friends. Finally, we both received from our inner selves that it was time for us to meet physically in the exact middle ground of our planet’s atmosphere. I was to pull the feminine polarized energy of the Great Mother up, while he was to carry the masculine polarized energy of the Divine Father down. I was to represent “matter,” and Tarmaine was to represent “spirit,” as we consummated our Mystical Marriage of spirit-into-matter.

The Divine Father and the Great Mother were to marry and give birth to the sacred child, our new world. Since we were the first of the High Counselors to “defect” to the Threshold Dwellers and the Ancients, we were the first to perform the ceremony; as each of the Divine Complements met as one, they would also perform the same ceremony. If both Divine Complements had served in the same Temple, light or dark, one of them would choose to study in the realm of the opposite polarity so that during their eventual joining, Divine Complement with Divine Complement, they could assist in de-polarizing the planet. I say “de-polarizing,” as polarities of good/bad, male/female, light/dark, even here/there, are what keep the 3D (in our case 3D/4D) Matrix intact. Each time two Divine Complements joined in mystical marriage, the 3D Matrix of our planet degraded further.

I would like to share with you my Mystical Marriage with Tarmaine. Since we were the first to unite in such a way, there was greater energetic resistance between our two polarities. Hence, there was greater power released when our polarities merged into ONE. My journey into the middle atmospheres was very difficult, as I had only been there during the Planetary Council Meetings. These meetings did not expose me to the light energy because our Council of Darkness had special vacuum tubes, like elevators, which maintained each Councilor’s own vibration in the “mid-world.” The Council of Light had the same devices.

Each Council believed that its way was right and did not want to taint its “purity” by exposure to the opposite polarity of the other Council. Also, both Councils had come to realize that these meetings of light and dark might have been a contributing factor to the degrading of the Matrix. Therefore, we created barriers to separate us during our meetings. However, the energy field between Tarmaine and I was so intense that we could feel each other even through the barrier.

Now, my journey to the mid-world was different, indeed, as I had studied many years with the Ancients in preparation of my Mystical Marriage. Since the beginning of our civilization, the Ancients had been the ones to protect the knowledge of the end days of transformation. In fact, that is why they had isolated themselves from the rest of our society. The Ancients, much like the Native Peoples of your planet, held the ancient secrets until the time of ascension.

The first to inhabit our planet, the Ancients would be the last to ascend. They were the “Captain” of our planetary “ship,” and would not abandon it. They would ascend with the planet, or not at all. The Ancients taught me that, in the beginning, our world was fourth dimensional. Then our planet gradually lowered its vibration to encompass the third dimension. The Ancients contributed to this process by dividing their formerly androgynous selves into Divine Complements, two genders, and sending one of their genders into the upper atmospheres. In this way, the male/female opposite polarities could stabilize the emerging 3D Matrix.

Since Tarmaine and I were the first Divine Complements to re-join, I was incredibly nervous. I had to constantly go within to find love, so that I could calm my fear. Fortunately, the Ancients were there to give me courage, while Tarmaine’s loving call urged me toward him. I had found my light within, but I had never experienced the light of the higher worlds. The further up the atmosphere I traveled, the more I had to confront my fear of the unknown.

Without the call of Tarmaine, I don’t believe that I could have made the journey. However, when I saw Tarmaine moving towards me in the mid-world, I knew that it all had been worthwhile. I felt a deep love and understanding within me project out towards the form of Tarmaine. As he came closer and closer, I gained an ever-growing knowledge of myself. When first we touched, the world disappeared. We were again ONE. There was no ceremony, or celebration. There was only Unity, Peace and LOVE.

We left our planet completely and traveled to our Source as the one being that we had always been. It was there that we learned all that was necessary to assist our planetary ascension.


Tarmaine’s Story

I am Tarmaine, here to continue my story. My first journey into the darkness was just as terrifying as Shaleem’s journey into the light. To me the darkness was not just unknown. It was the enemy.

My fellow Councilors and I believed that the enemy was always inside of others, since we fancied ourselves as being only light. When I first met Shaleem, I felt her darkness, but the thing that attracted and repulsed me, was that I felt “her” darkness inside of “me.” How could that darkness be inside of me, the one who was ONLY light? However, that was not the most disturbing thing. The most disturbing thing was that the darkness felt exciting. It felt powerful and fun. Fun was not something with which I had much experience.

In the Temples of Light, we were SO serious. We prayed, meditated, pondered, and controlled. We controlled what we thought, what we felt, what we ate and where we went. We even controlled others. There were strict rules for everything, and it was forbidden to ever question a rule, much less break it. Luckily, we believed we were all of all light, so none of us ever considered breaking a rule. That is, we never considered getting caught breaking a rule. We Beings of light were very ruthless about our subterfuge. If we broke a rule, we made sure that no one knew about it, no matter what we had to do.

From who I am now, I look back to that mindset and see how truly dark we actually were. However, we believed that we were right. In fact, we believed that we were perfect. That belief was the first inner darkness that I had to accept. I realized that my arrogance about my light was actually my greatest darkness. Once I realized that, I could not continue the lie about my perfection. Just as Shaleem did, I went into a deep depression and great fear after meeting her. I was afraid that I, this high and mighty Councilor of Light, was not good enough for my enemy, a Councilor of Darkness.

None of us had actually met our Complements. Nonetheless, when I ran into Shaleem in that corridor, I knew that she was my Divine Complement, and I was hers. I also knew instantly that I would have to break every rule there was to be with her. After much inner conflict I knew that I could no longer be a High Councilor of Light. I realized that my life, and all that I had so vehemently stood for, was a lie; a lie that I could no longer live. Therefore, I left my life and all that I had known. I threw off my symbols of station, and without a word to anyone, I disappeared into the world outside the Temple. It was a world that I had never experienced.

I had been born in the Temple and lived there my entire life. I wanted to see the people that I had spent my life ruling. For months I hid in shadows as my hunger grew. I had never worked and had no social skills. A life of labor had always been beneath my station. Yes, I did see members of our world laboring, but I also saw them as having fun. It was the thought of having fun that drew me from my shadows. However, I knew no social conventions and offended everyone with my arrogance. When I was around, everyone stopped having fun. They didn’t seem to realize why, nor did I, but my presence made everyone get serious. Who I was had not changed just because I had taken off my robes and escaped into the night.

I was still a controlling presence that made everyone feel uncomfortable. I traveled far and wide seeking a place where I could fit, but always it was the same. When I entered a gathering, everyone stopped having fun and gradually dispersed. I was totally alone now. I could not find a place for me, and I could never return to the Temple. So, I went off into the wasteland areas of our world where none traveled and none lived. Even though we were a water world, we still had a wilderness. This area was much like your desert in that it was flat, no peaks, and no caves. But most frightening of all, the wastelands led right to the precipice of the territory of Darkness. Since I had no responsibilities, there seemed to be no time, and since everything was flat and looked the same, there appeared to be no space.

I was alone without even time or space to define my essence. There was nothing left to hide behind, or in. I only had myself, and the memory of Shaleem. I became a nomad, traveling around the wilderness in search of food. My thoughts and feelings were focused on my physical survival, and on my great pain. Why did NO ONE wish to be with me? How could I have such a negative influence on everyone whom I encountered? How could they shun me? I was a High Councilor of Light. How could mere laborers turn away from my mighty presence? Of course! They were frightened by my great light, my great Power.

“How could they, so lowly in our civilization, not recognize my great LIGHT?” I shouted into the nothingness. It was then that I heard the laugh. It was NOT a happy laugh. It was a taunting one.

“Now you taunt me,” I cried indignantly. But, I realized that I was alone. There is no one here but me.

“You are never alone,” I heard inside. Was it the Collective Consciousness observing me in my sorrow?

“I AM your SELF. I AM in you, as well as beyond you,” replied the voice.

This time, it was not laughing. In fact, the voice felt compassionate and kind.

“How dare you be compassionate with me,” I yelled. “I am a High Councilor of Light. It is I who have the right to be compassionate—or not.”

“To me, you are a child,” replied the voice that I was beginning to hate.

“You taunt me, then you have compassion for me, then you judge me. How dare you be so arrogant with ME!”

“Why are you so angry at your SELF?”

“I am angry at you, not at myself.”

“But here is only you. Your arrogance has even cut you off from the Collective Consciousness.”

“How dare you call me arrogant? I am just out here trying to survive in this wasteland of nothingness. I came out here, as there was no one who would accept me, no one who could even be near me—ME—a High Councilor. Didn’t they know who I was?”

“Do you know who you are?” the voice softly whispered.

The quiet of the voice, and the truth of the words, stopped me. NO! I did not know who I was, but I knew then that I would have to find out. I had to go to the one group that accepted everyone and judged no one, the Threshold Dwellers.


The Ancients Speak

When Shaleem first came to us, she was on the verge of death. She had lived her life championing the cause of separation. Always, she had held the negative polarity of matter and third dimensional stability. When she joined with Tarmaine in the hall she was electrocuted by his positive charge of light. All the electrical circuits in her body were de-polarized in that moment of their meeting.

Tarmaine’s body did not suffer that injury, as his body was more ethereal and could absorb a brief depolarization. However, within that moment of unity, Tarmaine’s mind was opened and his thoughts were freed of limitation. He was formless, and experienced himself as pure consciousness in union with the Flow of All That Is. Henceforth, he would never again feel separate from another—even his “enemy,” and the dogma of the Council of Light was revealed to him as separatist, limited and judgmental.

However, what affected him the most was Shaleem’s opened heart. Just as Tarmaine’s mind had opened, Shaleem’s heart had opened, and she experienced a moment of pure, unconditional love. Within the moment of their meeting, they each had a fifth dimensional experience. However, since they were both still incomplete within themselves, the experience repelled them rather than united them.

Tarmaine’s opened mind had made him doubt all that he had formerly believed in, and threw him into self-doubt and confusion, while Shaleem’s opened heart made her release too much of her life force into Tarmaine. This sudden loss of life force was why she became so ill, and why she could not heal herself. In their brief meeting, their lives were changed. Together they experienced something that they could not experience apart—the fifth dimension. However, before they could stay there together, as ONE androgynous being, they would each have to find their SELF—separately.


The Threshold Dwellers Speak

When Tarmaine came to us, we were surprised to have a High Councilor of Light at our door. We knew who he was with our inner senses, but, externally, he appeared more like a peasant than a High Councilor. He had no arraignments of authority, and he looked beaten and broken. Our healers took him in at once to assist him, but his problems were not physical. He had released everything and everyone he had known. He felt totally lost. However, he seemed to have found an inner voice that none of us had yet remembered. Oh yes, and he had found Shaleem.

He believed he had lost her as well, and his inner voice constantly told him that he must find her. He found her first telepathically, inside himself. In fact, he talked to her often. Telepathic communication was not unusual in our society, but any communication between a High Councilor of Light and a High Councilor of Darkness outside of the Council Chambers was unheard of and totally forbidden.

When he first came to us, he kept to himself, but, gradually, he began to share his experiences in the wastelands and his long journey to join us. He had lived among the masses for years and released all sense of superiority and arrogance that all the other Councilors had. He did not try to lead us, but his essence was one of leadership and assurance. We sought him out for guidance, and yes, for comfort. He knew of darkness and pain, as he had gone into the depths of himself and had found him SELF.

One day, much to our distain, he told us he was leaving. He had shared all he had to give and must join with his Divine Complement, Shaleem. Tarmaine had spoken quite a bit about Divine Complements. With much patience, he finally convinced us that everyone had an opposite polarity, an opposite gender. He told us that, eventually, we would all merge with our Divine Complement and become our true androgynous, fifth dimensional SELF.

Then, one morning, he was gone. He left without a word and without any ceremony. He had gone to his wedding, his Mystical Marriage. We connected with him via our Collective Consciousness in order to support him in his “Joining.” We could feel that his journey to the mid-world was no longer a challenge for him. He was lowering his vibration, as Shaleem was raising hers. As he approached Shaleem, we saw her through his eyes, and we felt their great love through his heart. When at last they touched, there was a burst of light, and they were both gone.

Just as Tarmaine had said,
They had Joined and gone into the fifth dimension—as ONE.


The Path between is hard to see
The One within is hard to BE

To BE the Darkness and the Light
Expands the hearing, hones the sight

The sight of ALL that does abound
Beyond the world of light and sound

The sound has trapped the Light within
Veils of Illusion—oh so thin

Illusions now, they slip away
Preparing for another way

There is a way that’s in-between
All we’ve heard and what we’ve seen

Beyond the Dark, inside the Light
There is no wrong. There is no right.

Compassion comes from finding how
To love the ALL, inside the NOW

Tomorrow may no longer be
And from the past, we now are free

Oh my ONE, take me inside
So in the TRUTH, I can abide

When judgment lies down with my pride
I feel that I must take a side

The side I take is down the Center
Into my SELF, I wish to enter

I enter NOW. I do not wait
As I am sure it is my fate

The fate that I, myself, have made
As I walk the Path that I have laid

I AM Kepier

We speak to you from the Starship Athena. We are readying ourselves for our first official visit with your reality. We speak to you from our fifth dimensional resonance. Hence, I use the plural term of we. Because we resonate beyond time, our visitation has already occurred. It is for this reason that we KNOW that we will meet you soon. “Soon,” is a term we often use when speaking with our time-bound ones to reassure them of ensuing events. However, your experience of any given event of which we speak, depends not on time, but on your frequency of consciousness. In other words, when your frequency of consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension, you will be able to perceive and experience our meeting.

Do not be concerned if each of you experience these meetings in a somewhat different way, as you are still holding your physical, individual forms. Because of this, you will each have your perceptions influenced by the thought-forms and emotions that are embedded within your earth vessel. This situation is by design. You all entered the experiment of life in a polarized reality to experience the many different individual expressions of the ONE. It is this individuality that you will donate to the ONE on your ascension into the reality of Unity.

We wish to share more about your transition with you. You see now how your earth vessel is changing more each day. Also, the news of our First Contact is becoming more and more commonplace. As we have told you, our First Contact with our grounded ones will be inside your consciousness rather than within your external, physical reality. We begin our contact in this manner to remind you that the Path to Ascension is not above you but within you. Therefore, to speak to you inside your heart and mind, you seek our communications by tuning, not into the third dimensional news, but into your own Inner Truth.

To find this inner truth, tune into your innate Multidimensional Consciousness to which you have been awakening. Then, because of the blissful feelings and bodily sensations that accompany our communications, your rational mind can more easily accept this inter-dimensional communication. Yes, it is the expansion of your consciousness that is our primary goal in preparation of our “landing.”

Again, we wish to remind you that it is your state of consciousness that will allow you to experience this landing, not the place in which you may be or the time that you should be there. Once you connect your consciousness to ours, or to any member of our Galactic Fleet, you will be on our “email list.” In other words, once your consciousness is united with ours, you will Know how you are to participate within this great transformational moment of First Contact.

We say First Contact because it has become a well-known term. However, there are many of our grounded ones of all our Galactic and Celestial Families that have experienced and are currently experiencing contact with us. Many of you have known us by a name that was already in your vocabulary as some form of deity. You chose these names for us because the feelings of bliss that our communications evoked in you were much like your feelings during meditation and prayer.

We wish to remind you again, that we are not deities in any manner. In fact, we are YOU in a higher frequency. The bliss that you experience is the unconditional love that has always been latent within your own earth vessel. This unconditional love reunites us with our grounded ones and can only be activated by a higher state of consciousness. The component of this Unity with which our grounded ones have the most difficulty, is the understanding that this unconditional love is best activated when you can love yourself unconditionally.

Fortunately, through communing with us, usually through what you would call meditation, you can feel our unconditional love entering your awareness. Since love given unconditionally is a rare experience in your dimension, you may need to first experience it from what initially appears to be a separate source. One of the most important things that we wish to relay to you today is that WE are NOT separate from our grounded ones.

We are ONE! It is within that ONE that you shall ascend. To prepare our grounded ones for our impending unity of consciousness of personal and planetary ascension, I, Kepier, will send you communications via your Youtube:

Preparing for Ascension
Releasing Time and Space


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