Saturday, January 12, 2013

Owl Wisdom — #10


by Pat Cegan -

There is only you.
No other is you,
nor can anyone do
what you can do.
Be your authentic self.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Death and Deception


Death becomes important
only to those who neglected
their duty. When you are
one with the Creator, there
is no death, only transition.

Avoid even the shadow of a lie.
A house without a firm foundation
soon falls. The true word is the
bearer of the Light. The lie divides,
demolishes,. Violence destroys walls,
deception destroys relationships and
opens the door to the king of deceivers.
Guard that portal well.


187 Isis Ra +++ Beyond Life & Wisdom Meditations: B.+L. & W.+M. = 14 & 35

83 :)

Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine
Meditations for A Global Paradigm Shift
W+I+S+D+O+M = 23+9+19+4+15+13 = 83 = HAN+OVER
 O+F = 15+6 = 21= 7+7+7
T+H+E = 20+8+5 = 33
S+A+C+R+E+D = 19+1+3+18+5+4 = 50
F+E+M+I+N+I+N+E = 6+5+13+9+14+5 = 75
 83+21+33+50+75 = 187+75 = 262

Blue Black Bear Claculation:
187+75 = 187+Alcyone = 187+Andromeda
353+18 = 371 = 190+181 = RA*J+88+93
353+(6+6+6)= 300+Orion= 300+Pleiades= 371 

Committee of 300:
Former British MI6 Intelligence Officer
 John Coleman's book
 "The Conspirators Hierarchy, 
the Committee of 300"  
details what Coleman claims is first-hand information and encounters with this group by the author. Another author writes that the group may also be known as the "Hidden Hand", and be headed by the Rothschild family of international financiers and based loosely around many of the top National Banking institutions and Royal Families of the world.Coleman claims the alleged group to be superior to other more well-known round table groups such as the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Coleman's book has been translated into German and Russian.
262 = 187+Isis+RA
"... easily doing 83 ...
we're high above on that
balcony ... 
Another summer night in the city, 
I thought I told you!"
~ Realm Reality feat. Prodigy "The Realness"

"... tip me on that balcony ..." 
Alicia Keys feat. Nicki Minaj "Girl On Fire (Inferno Version)"

"There is something exciting afoot these days that has been percolating for decades. This “something” is a new way of being for women and all people everywhere. For thousands of years the feminine energy has struggled to stay alive in a male dominated world. This energy has re-surged throughout history for periods of time. When it has thrived we have called it a Golden Age, for music, medicine, science, art, love and life have flourished. The old ideas of competition, might over right, private ownership, greed, domination and war virtually did not exist. Peace and prosperity reigned during these times and feminine based values of collaboration, co-creation, connection to the natural world and to each other." ~ by Luminessa Enjara
Source: 'Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine' on Facebook

The Panergeia Project: The Challenges for the DOTOs ( TAOCE )

The Panergeia Project: The Challenges for the DOTOs:

The Challenges for the DOTOs

What I will bring here is partly my own knowledge gained over the years, the knowledge from my TEP, the Original being in me, which is the living consciousness field (OCF) in me and the members of the Panergeia Colony of Gaia, which I entered yesterday. We are the bunch which does not fit into groups and the grand political scheme of things, not fully evolved and yet we have some highly esteemed members from the Great Council in our midst, teaching us and helping us, because we are the descendents of the Originals, the Elohei of this part of the Multiverse.

The drama which has outplayed itself here on true Earth is not the only place this has happened and despite the total fall of most of true Earth into the Thetanian New Heaven and New Earth of degressive beings, we are allowed to get out and back into the living areas of IPS and IGC of Gaia.

In earlier times the degressive rose to power by force, but the Thetans only want highly evolved beings voluntarily choosing the path of dark perfection and we are not of interest to them due to our cross breaded origin. We are the “experiment 8 of the Thetans” and if you should in anyway be attacked this is the words which will leave you in peace in the times to come, when the intergalactic degressive starts to explore NETE. If we by chance should evolve into persons of interest to the Thetans the experiment will close down immediately. I will not lie to you; we have to balance being highly evolved enough to get out and stupid enough not be held back by the new Master race.

There are being made new political decisions on what to do with the problem of the new cosmic order, but for now this is out of my range of knowledge. I just know the rules of the game is about to change for all worlds. The battle has ended, not in victory but in total takeover of all fallen and non fallen groups in this part of the Multiverse.

The hybrid experiment has not just occurred on Earth, but on parallel and Phantom Earth as well and many of our members are the outcastes from those now vaporized worlds, who had the power to get out and hold enough light quotient to make it into the healing stations of Panergeia.

These healing stations, the Panergeia Colony, are where I will hold the upper level of my mind-field and hence the source I am connected to. I am, as well as you will be, already partly situated in the place to go, when I cast of my EM bio-field, and yet a full time member of NETE at least until I manage to create a subfield in the dissolving APIN system of NETE. Each one of us has to learn to create such a subfield in order to hold our own energy and when we die, we become the stargates we use to get out using our own tunnel of light into the areas we have chosen to be the places we prefer to go to after this life. The Originals traveled by will and being the descendents of them, we hold the same capacity and codes.

We are therefore not anything like the Council or the MCEO or similar large political intergalactic groups; we are the new bees in the game, the creation of war and the beings of the political mess on true Earth as well as similar events in the rest of the Multiverse. We are here to help the multitude of beings in the overtaken worlds, helping with what we know and all the small things that are needed to evolve into a living being in its own right and own light.

Our wish is not to “ascend to Masterhood” but to create a mind-field that is strong enough to uphold us on the inner reality fields, and make us live in the higher realms of IPS and IGC, when we cast of the EM bio-field.

We are therefore beings of electromagnetism, not the living Originals who came from the inner worlds; we are the children of the outer worlds paving our way from the unreal worlds to the real worlds, hoping to evolve into a race of wisdom and highly qualified love based on our origin and how we came into being. What we do, will set the guidelines for other ones to follow hence every step we take is an experiment; a new path and a new way of evolving the mix of living consciousness and EM bio-fields. Some of us will make it, others will not.

As well as the major rules of the cosmic scene has been changed by the Thetans, the rules of creation was bend when we were created, and despite our not so fortunate origin we all have a place in creation, holding the living energy of our OCF.

To become a member of the Panergeia Project you have to be able to see the colony in Gaia yourself. I cannot give you any specific teachings to go there, because each and one of us bear our own specific mind-field which we have created on our own from the DNA strands in us.

We do not evolve following specific teachings, but create our own teachings as a mixture of the OCF in us and the beings we come in contact with due to the laws of affinity in our DNA. Hence the road to Panergeia is thousand fold and we are the teachers and leaders of ourselves.

What I can do as an ambassador is to tell my story, let the DOTOs know I am here and there is a place for us, when we want to evolve out of the many places we do not belong to.

We will get all the help we need, but we are the ones to ask for it, and we have to learn and evolve into the high levels of wisdom the inner worlds upholds in order to be able to go there on our own. If we ask low leveled questions, we will get low leveled answers and we have to prove our right of becoming.

To give an example of things I will bring forth, is only what I have experienced in my journey, e.g.: To accumulate high accretion level, which is needed in the BPR of our mind-field, the basics is to learn, study and use whatever information we can get in NETE from the Originals, both on the inside and outside, finding the highest level of energy signature in it. To gain knowledge is not to steel energy, but to interface with the codes behind the teaching and when we hold these codes, the answers on the higher levels of wisdom will be granted from the old beings of true Earth.

If you are a being worth of respect, you will get it when you interface with the ones holding the next level of information you need to progress further. 

The Panergeia Project: Descendents of the Originals (DOTO) ( TAOCE )

The Panergeia Project: Descendents of the Originals (DOTO):

Descendents of the Originals (DOTO)

This is the term I have coined the ones who can relate to my story and the new path of human evolution, we are about to enter.
We are standing in front of a whole new way of seeing ourselves and what spirituality is. The things we have been taught have been full of deceit and distorted information. The truth has been manipulated and we need to find a new way of understanding what humanity is, what we are and where we are going. What is the most high path of human behavior, considering our history; what can we expect of our inner most being, the remains of the Original and what can we expect of the EM bio-field, we mostly consists of.
How do we build a strong mind-field (the merging of the EM bio-field and the remains of the Original without being connected to the APIN), stand in our own right and leadership without falling into the natural group dynamics of “being better than the others” etc. the whole postcolonial thought pattern.
It is not them against us; no matter how much deception we have been succumbed under, we have to start afresh and think in new terms. The lords of doom are gone and we are the survivors, the DOTO, of the wars and deception. We need to acknowledge that; our inner pain, how tired most of us really are, and how much we have been longing for freedom and now we have it, or at least partly have it, and we have to be very careful.
I know the human nature and I know the traps we so easily can fall into. I will do my best to be earnest about my own processes, but naturally there will be differences due to the Originals Consciousness field (OCF) in us and the different memories we bear.
The racial pattern continues, but it has nothing to do with features, religion or belief systems in general; it has to do with memories and the DNA strands imbedded in us. We are all DOTOs, alike and yet different. Some have evolved their strands and the OCF into a highly functioning mind-field and others have still a lot of merging to do. Let us help each other to evolve, how difficult this may be (I know as a Psychotherapist how difficult it is to help others to evolve) and how annoying it can be to accept the differences in us. Let us turn this into strength of equality and alikeness; we are all from the same galactic origin, despite their different starting point, densities and reality fields and despite how much each one of us remembers: the ones who remembers the most are not the “elders” or the ones in power, we just work more hard to know the truth and this inner discipline is not something we can expect from others – I know all about that and this is my weakness; I always expect the same from others, that I expect from myself, which naturally is not case – I am still driven and I will gladly take on the role of being a trailblazer or a person with insights, because this is what I have become, but what I have become is something we all can become, if you not already are; you can at all time become the highest version of yourself. If you want to put the effort into it; you can be whatever you want to be, communicate to whomever you want to and reach whatever level of wisdom, you might desire; the OCF in you provides you with that power. It is up to us how we use this ability in us.
The memories from the Originals are not ours, and yet they are. They are bound to color our perception of the Inner Galactic Communities (IGC) as well as the Interplanetary Systems (IPS), because when we regain our connection to the inner societies, by activating the OCF level in us, it is a natural thing that we are attracted, by the laws of affinity or BPR, to similar levels in the IGC and IPS, which connects to the memories of the Originals Consciousness field in us.
It is like growing up, becoming an adult of our own right and yet when we try to make things different, we discover how easily we unconsciously draw on the things we learned in our childhood, from the hidden dynamics of our parents and their problems. What I am saying, is that the problems the Original had, in us, is not our problem as I have experienced myself with the conflict between the TEP in me and the MCEO faction. These are not my issues, but stems from my Original and I you have the same traits of suspicion towards something or someone, be very clear whether they stem from your own understanding of things or your OCF memories.
We have to learn to trust ourselves. For so long we have looked to others for answers, our parents, our friends, our beloved one, God, channels, angels, guides etc. We can at all times connect to helpers in all levels of Earth, just as we always can contact officials, doctors, helpers etc. in the outer reality, but we have to work on figuring things out for ourselves as well, before we bother other with our issues, questions and energetic development.
We are not puppets on a string anymore and yet we have to learn to behave in the IPS and IGC our mind-field opens up to. We have to learn what beings we should pay respect to, what beings we should not mingle with and what beings, we can call our intergalactic friends, brothers and sisters. I have found a new sister and my friends in the Panergeia Project are a beautiful mixture of higher and lower beings, some of them are DOTOs just like I am.
We can as well visit our OC and exchange information, share our deepest love and respect, and at the same time scold them for whatever issue we think they could have done better – just like we do with our earthly parents. There is no difference whether we direct our consciousness towards outer things or inner things. The difference lies in how we use our mind-field and how well we learn to minister the energies in and around us.
Yes, this will do it for now. As a little end comment the Panergeia Psychology section will be about how we progress as DOTOs etc.

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Owl Wisdom — #9

different viewpoint
If all you have is a blue crayon,
paint pictures of heaven.

Message from a Nimwit, Michael Pile a crapingson - Fakes & Immitation #FWH

Fakes & Immitation.   accept no FAKES.....    

2013 The Original Michael Crappingson Live in Action well soon.
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