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Remembering With Pamela: Energy Fuel for Light Workers ♥ - 13-Jan-2013 #AUDIO

Remembering With Pamela Tartar aka LoveChoice – 13-Jan-2013 #AUDIO

Take care of your own EM-Biofield... and more. parasites attachments, cleanup work time....

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Isis' Golden Third Eye SunRay Heart Meditation: 464

Isis' Golden Third Eye SunRay Heart Meditation

464 = 443+14+1+2+0+1+3 = 443+7+7+7
 "We don`t see things as they are, we see them as we are."
quote ~ Anais Nin
Through a simple shift of perspective, we change our inner and outer worlds when we realize fully that we are vibrational energy beings. Being in love is being in the vibrational energy frequency of love. Emotions and thoughts are both energy. Feelings are the physical translation of vibrational frequencies flowing through your body. The Soul is one aspect our Higher Self and it is through the Soul from our Spirit that we experience the quality of our thoughts through feelings and emotions. This is how we experience what we are giving our attention to, be it consciously or unconsciously, and then manifesting into creation. The kind of thoughts one chooses to occupy themselves with or entertain for a long period of time repeatedly, sets up a mental wavelength that that person is resonating on and becomes cloaked like an atmosphere around them. This also acts as a field through which they emit energy through the feelings and emotions of those thoughts. This then repels or attracts persons away or towards one another according to their vibrational affinity. We are electro-magnetic energy beings. We have polarized aspects to ourselves. Equal forces of energy with different qualities that, when harmoniously balanced, function as a whole energy consciousness.

There are higher frequency thoughts and lower frequency thoughts - thoughts are energies. Our true nature resonates at the most highest spiritual thought vibration of the one Infinite Creator. Being that we all receive thought that is flowing out from the One Universal mental reservoir, we then all have the ability to receive any thought we allow ourselves to receive which is then felt and expressed as creativity.

In the beginning Humans were full of insight and emitted a spiritual light that poured out from between his eyes, an area that the Elders called the Third Eye. This was well known by the spiritual healers of old and by teachers and disciples of the Mystery Schools of Learning. This light was referred to in many ways: a vital energy, a force from the soul, an invisible antennae, a vapour of cosmic power. The Aquarian Age, (also known as Zep Tepi - meaning the ending of time and new beginning) is a period when the Truth which has been hidden, that which has been unknown, will take its true place in life with its owners, where the natural resources for man's inner qualities and abilities, not commonly known, will rise to their full capacity and reopen the Third Eye. The Aeon we are in now, is one of great planetary and cosmic ascension. We owe it to ourselves to raise our vibrations and consciousness to align with our divine nature. In doing this we create our ideal reality in harmony with the universal mind.
The Heart Centre is the Great Central Sun within your inner Universe and it is through the heart that purification and transformation takes place when we align with the Creator Spirit within. We can chose to live from either fear or love based intentions. Fear is based on the illusion of seperation and lack but Love reunites us with the reality of our oneness of all that is. It is time to shine and to be all that we can be for others and ourselves in gratitude, abundance, creativity, bliss and love for creation.

Journey To The Source 'A Guided Meditation'

post scriptum:
Ma'at, Isis, Horus & Nefertari:
סרבית המנון אלוהים של צדק

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.”
Heraclitus (established the term Logos)
+++ Hathor & Isis:
The Great Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

Integrity — Yours and Mine


How is it that we can do
a hundred good things and
no one pays attention, but
let us slip once and we
hear about it for the rest
of our lives?

I have had my trust broken
many times, sometimes in
small ways, other times in
important circumstances. I
place a high value on integrity,
mine and others. When I make
a promise and break it, I am
not keeping that integrity.
I say, I do. So simple a
concept, so why do we fail
to do it at times?

Unity can not exist without
trust, and trust is built
with integrity. It is pivotal
to mankind living in harmony
with all. Let us be diligent
about guarding our word. If
we make a commitment, let
us keep it. If for some reason
we can not, we must let the other
know so we do not break their
trust. So simple, but it takes moral
strength to remain firm with this.

The Three Wise Monkeys - 三匹の猿

The Three Wise Monkeys

One of the unique benefits of studying at a budo institute is the access it allows to people who have dedicated their lives not only to the study of martial arts, but to the study of the history and development of the martial arts. The information is not always readily available; however, if you have a dictionary and the interest, there are many professors who will take the time to speak on various aspects of budo. I will try, whenever possible, to include information on the history of the martial arts or how changes in Japan have affected modern budo.

Sanbiki-no-saru (三匹の猿) or the Three Wise Monkeys, as they are referred to in English, comprise a famous symbol known throughout the world. Though the exact origins are unknown, the three monkeys are most often associated with a carving over the Tosho-gu shrine in Nikko, Japan, dating back to the early seventeenth century. The monkeys are known as mizaru (見ざる), kikazaru (聞かざる) and iwazaru (言わざる) or see not, hear not and say not. Some hypothesize that monkeys were chosen to represent these three ideals due to the fact that the Japanese word for monkey, saru (猿), is pronounced similar to the antique suffix expressing negation—zaru. A play on words results in which “see monkey”—mizaru (見ざる)—is read as “not looking”.

Statues and images of the three monkeys reached the western world by way of Dutch traders throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. During this time, Japan was closed to all but a few Dutch traders who themselves were limited to one island off the coast of modern-day Nagasaki. The meaning of the statues was taken to be “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” and is a maxim for the healthy way to live. This information is all available on Wikipedia or any number of other websites; in fact, large groups of people collect images and statues of the Three Wise Monkeys and have discussion boards online.
After a trip I recently took to Nikko, I was discussing the statue of the three monkeys with a professor. The famous carving over the Tosho-gu shrine is attributed to a legendary sculptor known as Hidari Jingoro (左 甚五郎). Hidari, in Japanese, means “left” and the story goes that Jingoro was cut in his right hand and, therefore, learned to paint and create encredible sculptures with his left. In actuality, Hidari Jingoro was not a single person but rather a title handed down from person to person in the Hidetakayama region. Hidetakayama was long known in Japan for its artisans—sculptors amongst them—and Hidari Jingoro was said to come from this region. Whether or not the story of a man overcoming a physical disability to create beautiful art is true is unknown. It makes for a nice story, however, and is therefore repeated frequently. It is also said that Hidari Jingoro once carved the likeness of a woman so realistically that she began to move.

Further speculation on the history of Hidetakayama and the significance of the three monkeys is difficult to find. It is believed that after the Genpei war, in which two clans—the Minamoto and Taira—fought for power, people associated with the Minamoto clan fled Kyoto. These people established themselves in the mountain towns of Hidetakayama where they remained for centuries. They then had a long reputation of defiance against the ruling Samurai class.
Hidari Jingoro, if he indeed came from a background of anti-samurai sentiment, was probably making a statement with his carving of the three monkeys. Though it is known that “look-not, hear-not, and speak-not” were rules to live a healthy life, it is not so immediately understood that these were meant in irony. In order to be a healthy Samurai, one must learn to ignore the things that happen around him. The tokugawa clan, to whom the shrine in Nikko is dedicated, had a history of atrocious crimes against commoners. Some samurai were known to kill pregnant women, taking bets on the sex of the child within the mother’s womb.

Commoners, as well as samurai, were forced to ignore many injustices that happened around them. To openly look, listen, or repeat could result in a quick death. The philosophies surrounding Budo were developed as a result: to help curtail the violence of inactive Samurai in times of piece.

I hope this has been interesting. It is important to understand the history of martial arts as well as the practice. The Three Wise Monkeys provide a quick, though poignant, glimpse into the history of the Samurai.

 i wonder what next day is if were ending the BLUE PLANETARY MONKEY DAY.

Snow Monkeys in a Hotspring at Jigokudani, Nagano
Snow Monkeys in a Hotspring at Jigokudani, Nagano (image from Wikipedia)
They’re sometimes called snow monkeys, as their range extends farther north than any other monkey, but they also live in regions where snow is rare.

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Coalescence of Diverse Energy Patterns Begins…

12 Jan 2013

Coalescence of diverse energy patterns (structures) commences as of the 1-13-13. Unique opportunities for Gaia harmonization in particular occur at the 1:13 and 13:13 points. Higher Guidance directs operations at those window points.

To the outer eye seeming unrelated events coalesce to recognizable Higher Symmetry structures, leading to awakening to Higher Purpose for many of the previously human-only (small 'h') individuals.

Galactic Gatherings occur more readily as time lines converge and dissolve.

Hue-manity notes the significance of this 1-13-13 portal.

The Panergeia Project: What are the consequences of the information I rec...

The Panergeia Project: What are the consequences of the information I rec...:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What are the consequences of the information I received in the Council?

For starters the collection of the different variations of the Amenti coding is a clear consequence. I experienced this myself, in a meditation, and did not think much of it besides observing that some of the coding, which got us here in the first place as a part of the original rescue mission, was removed from me after having undergone a sort of process in which the fallen DNA imprint from Tara was separated from the non-fallen parts, i.e. what made it possible for us to go to Earth and collect the lost souls – the main purpose of the mission back then.
These DNA imprints in our template holds a creational structure of the Taraian first humans and are therefore essential for the Thetans, if they are to succeed in recreating their highly evolved degressive race out of the now fallen parts of Tara. They are rebuilding those areas out of the original inhabitants coding that is from the fallen soul fragments, holding both the DNA for the specific Taraian consciousness field as well as the creational science behind the construction of a land, planet etc. out of this DNA coding. Much of what we tried to do, i.e. the main purpose of the rescue missions, is taken over by the TB, as well as some of the ideas of FA, combining the science behind it all into their purpose.
To put it in other words: Tara fell when the main population was infected and lost their high levels of living energy. The fragmentation of Tara into a lower an upper level reflected the status of the inhabitants in those areas. Consciousness creates reality and reflects the DNA in the races creating their collective reality field, and after a while it is possible to anchor this consciousness field into a “mother crystal”; a great old being upholding any core of any planet etc. It is a partnership between these old beings and the inhabitants and their level of consciousness accepting to co-evolve. On Tara this cooperation was taken care of by the MCEO Priesthood, looking into the well being of all, bearing the creational coding for both planet, inhabitants and crystal.
Therefore there is a fundamental bond between the DNA, the consciousness of the inhabitants and the core crystals hence the TB needs those old codes in order to recreate NHNE. When Tara fell it was because the core crystal had been infected as well. What was a minor infection (dark flowering?) in some of the guardians of the consciousness field and core crystals (the now fallen MCEO Priesthood who came from Tara and took their distorted DNA with them, infecting areas of Earth as well laying the ground for all the later troubles – more or less broadly speaking – but many of the invited aliens was invited by them), the infection spread to the mother crystal and infected most citizens of Tara.
The infected crystals are intact on their old level of existence (what we would call inner Tara) and despite the loss of outer Tara, the old crystals can be revived and activated into the NHNE creating a fallen consciousness field out of the old original Taraian MCEO Priesthood coding among the lost souls.
Much of the creational coding was lost in the fall, hence our rescue mission to retrieve those and the souls, but when this failed the souls were more or less left to their own destiny in hidden parts of Earth and by dividing the fallen codes from the non-fallen parts the lost souls are now being released into either Gaia to heal and be recreated and the fallen parts are the foundation of the new inhabitants of old Tara, recreated into NHNE.
What dawned on me today, having a visit from one of my friends, was that this selection and division will happen on all 4 levels of our main fields, subfields and mind-fields. To make a long story short, my friend’s ancestor is a descendant of the Elijah Priesthood (a Melchizedek lineage from Israel which turned into the Carmelites in e.g. Spain) and today the TB came by to collect their, from the treaty, promised coding in my friend; she holds the lineage through spiritual inheritance.
At the same time the ancestor was present and I understood what she had tried to avoid in the many showings she had done in the last 6 months. Because my friend denied activating the coding in her and becoming a warrior battling evil (more correctly specific alien races present here on Earth, of which some really looks like demons) the TB could take the coding without any resistance; I guess that the coding had to be an integral part of her template and only if they had become as such, then the TB had no claim over them, but any coding not activated and integrated from the original lost souls of Tara and Amenti are theirs.
I had not activated my fallen and non-fallen Taraian coding as well and therefore I was, in the meditation, separated from this coding in me along with all the soul fragments I had gathered over time. The difference was that I was not visited by the TB collectors but underwent this separation in a healing station in Inner Earth. In that way we could secure the fragments and lift them into their respective healing areas to recreate.
So there you have it: do you bear Melchizedek or any coding from Tara? And if you do and have not activated them into a deeply imbedded part of your template, then you should get them removed freely in your meditation or expect a visit from the collectors – naturally you can dismiss my story if you want to, but I can only say that you really should take a good deep inner look and figure out in what way you should act and react to the coding you hold as a DOTO (I guess that having followed the AMCC-MCEO program should have taken care of this, but if you are following this program, you will end on AAE as well, see below).
Btw. no need to fear the TB collectors; they are very respectful and do not do you any harm, unless you of course starts to attack them. You just set your boundaries and strongly keep your given right as a free being to reject any field-intrusion, but really; my friend had her ancestor by her side to protect her, a very highly evolved lady of the old school of magic and trained in cosmic warfare, when the TB collectors came, so to me it all went off quietly and quickly. The TB collectors sort of removed the coding in a stream of light from the spine of my friend and went off as quietly as they came. Not to scare you, but I can only warn you about a possible visit, but I have no idea how it will happen in every specific case. In my case I was helped by my group and the co-workers of the Panergeia Project.
The other thing follows in the same line of thought: If the DNA and the consciousness together directs the BPR and hence the place we unfold our EM bio-field, then this means that the division of true Earth into 4 different parts upholding different accretion level, will have a strong effect on what part of true Earth we have affinity to in this life and in the next. A thing we do not feel the effects of yet, but it will become a major issue over time. 
I was shown that people holding various tribal coding from more than one species would experience an internal pull due to the stellar activation cycle (SAC) that in itself holds the tendency to activate different levels of accretion level in planets, systems and minor bodies such as a human system. The lower parts are for a while lifted into the higher parts and vice versa, but in the end of the SAC the merged systems will be divided and what before had a certain higher level of living energy within the EM bio-field will in the end time of the SAC be left with an even lower level. The SAC is an opportunity for all hidden higher lifeforms to escape their prison and return to their true home, a thing the quarantine prevented, but with no quarantine the SAC is very effective and for unaware humans this means an internal pull which they have no clue of what is. 
In 2017 we will all be placed according to our inner version, that is the internal day to day perception of reality which encode our DNA into a specific pattern and hence the consciousness we have and outlive; this perception of inner reality will place us in one of our subfields which in turn will either match the old NETE, FNE, AAE, NHNW or any other place you might prefer, and it is this inner reality connected to a specific subfield which after death will be our main system. I will write an article on how reality works etc. to explain this in near future.

The last thing is that we cannot hold the illusion of being safe if just we enter the Gaia systems of true Earth; they too are undergoing major changes and when we have situated our inner reality in one of the preferred subfields and hence one of the divisions, we still have to work on elevating our BPR and DNA coding into the new to come.
Posted by Randi Green

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two day rapport from the Great Council #TAOCE

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two day rapport from the Great Council

This rapport has been written over two days.
Remember that the Panergeia News has to do with things I see on the inside. The outcome is my own interpretation of what is happening right now. You can compare my level of knowledge with that of an official, having read all the important papers, received the emails, talked with some of the other officials and from here having deduced my own opinion on what is happening right now.
Day 1, the 11th of January 2013:
Generally speaking there is an energetic atmosphere “in the building”. The lift of the quarantine has set everything into new perspective as well as the new division of True Earth. 
As things are right now we have four different energetic levels of true Earth:
Political demands have been given and solutions have been taken aiming towards the opportunity of being able to retract all living energy from the now overtaken lower parts of true Earth by the Thetans; the upper levels of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena remains intact and in the hands of the Great Council. The long and draining wars on the lower levels have finally ended. 
The Great Council has been forced to acknowledge some demands of the Thetan Brotherhood (TB) in order to uphold old Earth and the AAE as long as needed in the overtaken system of the Thetans. Deals have been made in which certain old claims and ideology behind the initial rescue missions have been altered into a more realistic solution, upholding the most optimal outcome for all, knowing the regenerative powers of all living consciousness. As I see it, solutions which should have been made a long time ago, minimizing the costs of all participants. 
1) True Earth; upper levels of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena are, as usual, not involved, remaining untouched and intact, due to political mastership, diplomacy and clever solutions to the threats at hand, figuring out how to avoid conflicts by solving them in the Great Council. Only big mistake of the Great Council, as I see it, was the accepting of the MCEO rescue missions.
2) NETE: “Our world” has been separated from true Earth, yet still connected hereto by the Gaian grid Network systems, and is now on a template of its own. NETE is still under the control of the APIN system created by the FA and is as such a contained system; it is continually generating its own energy by the participants in it, i.e. the general human race. The great mass of human hybrid race, with small or dormant amount of OCF, is fixed into this reality field and will live the rest of their life here, secure and in peace, unless something changes, but the agreement with the TB is of peace, albeit they have renounced the behavior of the incoming degressive from other galaxies, making the future of NETE somewhat unstable.
The general level of elemental lifeforms have left this area, as I described in My Story, and the only living energy upholding NETE is from the humans left in the illusion or holographic reality field. When the inhabitants die their OCF is drawn back into the pillars and the adjacent plasma crystal. The APIN system will eventually be retracted into the Gaian grid Network, when all humans in NETE have died if not before; the fewer human EM bio-fields means a lesser solid reality. 
Every time one human dies, the main EM bio-field dissolves and the chakrasystem is retracted into the pillars, or the specific plasma crystals it was projected out of. The sub-personalities vanish from the subfields as visible projections of the main field and become a quantum field that is a field of non-visible energy still present in that time field and still upholding energy. For other people in that sub or parallel time field, this person died or vanished suddenly, but in reality it was just the main EM bio-field that dissolved. The remaining imprints stand on all timelines and subfields now as a ghost or spirit.
Therefore NETE will exist for a long time. All the subfields and sub-personalities will uphold the holographic reality until the energies in the subfields and the sub-personalities lose their momentum and when this happens the reality field, NETE, will start to fall apart. 
3) The Aurora Ascension Earth (AAE) following the path of the Adashi Adepts and as I see it; a primarily warrior caste partaking in the Comic Symmetric Order (CSO) of things, having evolved from various rescue missions into an overall control system of collective warrior soul matrices and interdependent hierarchies of Diamond Sun communities, distributing the Creational Teachings, Codes and powers of CSO to specific teachers, Guardians and elevated persons in the systems they preside over, generating a path of “spiritual evolution” by implementing the Kathara grid and Krystal River Host as the “Body of the Victorious Christ/Kryst”. The AMCC-MCEO community still holds doorways open to NETE to secure their members and make transition from one template to another possible, as always. 
4) The opposite degressive New Heaven and New Earth (NHNE) of the Thetanian Brotherhood; a degressive path of a dark Adashi Brotherhood elevated into a new level of fallen adept ship trying to create a master race of all degressive alliances partaking in the wars over Earth and Tara as well as other parts of the Galaxies in the Milky Way, using the mechanics from the Sphere of Amenti and the coding of the initial races which it holds.
Through the coding of the old races that is the lost souls or soul fragments captured in “Hell”, i.e. a part of Inner Earth controlled and watched over by the ancient guardian races of the Elemental Kingdom. In order to save the lost souls, the Council has agreed to divide the soul fragments into resp. their original coding and the fallen part, handing over the fallen part, imprinted with the creational coding of the old races, to the Thetans. From this fallen “substance” imprinted with original coding, they are implanted into new highly evolved EM bio-field technology creating a whole new degressive master race, which does not “loose” its accretion level near as fast. 
They have anchored their NHNE in the fallen parts of Tara by using the old stargate system, the hibernated areas of inner Earth (accessed through e.g. the Bermuda Triangle stargate and stargate 2) and by bridging to specific fallen galactic communities, they have succeeded in creating a whole new area of “creation” where the NHNE will evolve into a system of highly evolved degressive races, taking control over all lower evolved degressive races in the Multiverse. Many old fallen races, upholding a specific level of accretion can undergo bio-regenesis and have chosen to instead of being a lower caste under the TB, using the host and gate system of AAE to evolve out of our part of the Milky Way.

Day 2, the 12th of January 2013:
My preliminary visit started in the halls of the Great Council. I saw Sanat Kumara and some of their brothers and other higher ranked fallen as well. The Great Council is neutral so all factions of the Multiverse, i.e. our part of Creation, can gather here, talk together, negotiate etc.
I feel the tensed atmosphere and ask one of the members of the Council. He has no time for me, so I go to another person, not human, and ask what is going on. He looks at me with somewhat blank eyes and says, in an informative way, that the ones from out of our Multiverse are here to discuss the future of the Multiverse.
I am curious as always and follow the energy of the newcomers; from the message I pick up the signature and am lead to the “room” where they are. 
Btw. I think my mind reconstructs the inner reality into known images, albeit I do not know whether the realms are just like ours, but in other material or my brain translate the energies into know material, such as halls, rooms etc. It is clear to me that the place is different from earthly materials and at the same time they resemble what I know. The architecture is clearly different and there are no lamps; the light is all over and just is. When I say it just is has to do with my sensation that the light has no source or stems from something, like on Earth where light comes from the Sun. Here the light is an intrinsic part of the reality itself.
Watching the newcomers, I sense they are something from outside our Multiverse by having a feeling of total strangeness. Looking at them make me realize that the Creation is so much more complex than I have ever imagined. I know that reality goes beyond true Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy and that there are more similar worlds like ours, but the energy they bear and have, are something totally new. Looking at them I saw beyond the know perimeters I have in my mind.
Observing them, catching fragments of their conversation about the Multiverse and its future, how true Earth eventually has to be evacuated as well, creating a whole new division in their parts of the overall Creation or whatever I should call it, allowing the remained inhabitants of true Earth to progress into something totally new and different on the path of progressive evolution, how to change the coding, while closing down this part of Creation and leave it to the digressive and their program of devolution. 
I guess my astonishment of the implications of what they are discussing makes me visible, because at that moment one of the newcomers float up to me, look at me very thoroughly, stretch out an arm and imbed it into my mind-field where my brain is supposed to be, remove a code or devise and turns it into dust. I am aware that what I have witnessed is not within my juridistiction. After removing the devise or code, he takes a tiny part of his own energy, puts it into the empty place in my “brain” and a blue light spreads all over my mind-field. I know that I am being cleansed. The light of the blue substance draws all energy connected to the devise out of me and the darkness from it turns into nothing when it leaves my mind-field. 
After this I cannot see anything. No AAE, no NHNE, no important communication between the next steps of evolution beyond true Earth: Nothing at all, only NETE, the Panergeia Colony and the part of Gaia which it belongs to; my area of expertise and the level I am allowed to partake in, in the Great Council (somehow along the way I have gotten some coding, which gave access to higher levels of information, than I am cleared to, but this has ended - thankfully. I think it will give me peace in mind not knowing above my capacity).
So in the light of things, I will baptize the old NETE into a new word; the freed Net Earth or FNE as the part I am allowed to see and function in and the job of reporting from here, the news, the progress and our history which is being rewritten as we speak. 

by Randi Green:  

The Academy of Conscious Evolution (TAOCE)


New Perspectives on the human race