Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gaia Energy Influx Limitations Have Been Removed

Gaia Energy Influx Limitations Have Been Removed

12 Feb

gaia_energy1Gaia energetic influx limitations have been declining gradually over this past year. Subsequent to the 12-21 to 12-31-12 upgrade period, limitations were at minimum level. These limitations have now been removed.

Ascension of humanity consciousness levels as well as Hue-manity ” release of limitations” has permitted these removals of energy influx limitations.

Gaia is now subject to the full impact of Cosmic Higher Light.

Hue-manity is aware of this. humanity (small h) should prepare to be surprised.

via Gaia Energy Influx Limitations Have Been Removed.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sentience Among All Gaia Components is Increasing

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="155"]gaia_energy1 10 Feb 2012[/caption]

Sentience among all Gaia components is increasing. Such components include, as 3D representations, earth, air, water, plant, animal, human. Communication with Higher D Aspects of each of these is now enabled so that all of humanity (small h) can discover their Hue-manity (aka, “Rainbow Body”).

Discomfort may be experienced by some as alterations and adjustments to perceptions are carried out. These are necessary (required) for the “humanity” to “Hue-manity” group transition to occur.

Occasional periods of intense tiredness may also be experienced. These are caused by DNA transformations and adjustments to incoming Higher Energies. We suggest pauses in daily routines as these arise. Resting, napping, and/or meditation are helpful.



--Upsurges Are Noted…

8 Feb


We have observed an upsurge in 4D-5D activity over the past 3 hours, beginning at 1900 UTC. At this moment, the upsurge appears to continue.

Energetics of Gaia are re-forming around this upsurge, and will plateau at a much Higher and more refined energy level.

Those who have adapted to multi-dimensional understandings will align rapidly with this Higher level. While retaining integrity (unity) with all so-called “lower” levels.

Upsurge appears visually to the ÉirePort team as a spiral projecting upward, counterclockwise rotation when viewed from “above” (although this is strictly energetic, without 3D counterpart).

This report is offered as information only, and does not include predictives.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Dr. Paul LaViolette on TMRN, February 1, 2013

Dr. Paul LaViolette -On-Time Monk Radio Network February 1, 2013


Bio for Paul LaViolette

PAUL A. LaVIOLETTE, PH.D, is author of Secrets

of Antigravity Propulsion, Subquantum Kinetics,

Earth Under Fire, Genesis of the Cosmos,

Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Galactic

Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth, and is

editor of A Systems View of Man. He has also

published many original papers in physics, astronomy,

climatology, systems theory, and psychology. He

received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his

MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from

Portland State University.of Chicago, and PhD from

Portland State University and is currently president

of the Starburst Foundation..

Source: timemonkradio.com, etheric.com

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Important Message from The Earth Allies~ The Return of the Bird Tribe!~ 6 August 2012

They Have Called us Many Names, and Our Message should Be Clear to Everyone By NOW. We are Love, We Stand By Love, We are Love In Action and We Know Clearly Love is all Which Exists~ We Have Returned to Planet Earth=Heart As the Bird Tribe, The Winged Ones from Heaven. We are Here to ReHeart Humanity, that They Were All Created Equally In Love and they Have the Kingdom of Heaven Stamped On their Butts. ~Look Closely~

~We Are Here By Divine Intervention~

Love The Earth Allies We Are The Bird Tribe

~The Return of the Bird Tribe~ Notes and Excerpts By Love Reporter Ken Carey

“I will come to You first with the consciousness of a child, for it is through this, that you will learn again. No one who is divided within himself will survive the times ahead. They are Times of integration and wholeness.

In times when fear patterns predominate, the laws that humans require are many and complex. But, when those patterns are broken up, as is shortly to be, all human laws shall be abolished. In the Presence of My Spirit, there is but One Law and that Law Is Love; Love ALL, Love What Is, Love Yourself as You Are, and Love Me as I express Through You. See the Unity of Life. The Law of Life is More then a Law, it's a Way of Life.

It is Written that the day will come when men will no longer live on the bread of matter, but on the living Word of God. Attune. That Day is NOW. Partake of Eternal Energy. Do not reason over and trouble your Hearts. Find the Doorway to this Reality in Your Hearts. My Message is One of Peace, Harmony and Wholeness. I am Restoring you to a state of Health you have not known since before the projection of the physical vehicle. I am Awakening the state of Consciousness we once shared as ONE. Awaken out of your Historical slumber and join those who are already working to usher in this New Reality. Know each other, not by outward form, but by the Love radiated in their Presence. Listen to Me O' Children of Earth, trust no more in fears, and [the] many lies. Your Collective Creation as a Unified Awareness Center is still to be, but as individuals, the Second Coming is at Hand.

Listen for the Whisper in Your Heart. You will Hear this when Your Thoughts Are Still. Focus Upon this until it Fills your Being and becomes the motivational Energy behind all your actions. If You would Participate with me now in the Implementation of My Will On Earth, Go and Heal. The Only condemnation will be on those who do not Love the Spirit of Life, who choose the things of matter and chase after them with “evil” [ignorant] deeds. Come, learn the Language of the old, the Language of Love, the Language of Light, the Language of no misunderstandings. Go gently in these last days of unconsciousness. Listen to those Voices among your dreams, Listen to the Whisperings in Your Heart.

I will Tell you Also from the Gentle Tribes from which we come, the Tribes whom some Now call Angels, but who in Simpler days were Known as The Bird Tribes. Until Recently you were not in a position to understand these things. For so long as you opened your Heart to the frequencies of fear, you used your power to give credibility to fear's illusion. We will help you Now tune to the Frequencies that Will Heal your Planet and draw you too your future in the stars. We are the Winged Ones of Heaven, Your Reflections in Perfect Love, the missing dimension needed for your Wholeness.

The ego humans ignored our warnings and departed into worlds of illusion. Their fear stirred up emotional turbulence, which cracked like constant static across the frequencies that were intended to connect us ALL. Further communication was impossible. Your ancestors were so difficult to reach back then. For when Human Beings cut off their Conscious Connection with “Great Spirit” they entered the twilight realms.

So, I made the Choice, I would go to the Heart of the warrior stronghold. My Challenge was to be in their world, but not of it. For I knew too much, technically to be in their world at all. I knew it only existed in their imaginations, a creation entirely made of their fears. So, I did the only thing I could to truly reach them. I took my Spirit and caused it to forget, that I might incarnate among them, and grow up as a child in their culture, allowing my incarnate awareness to be tailored to their fiction, molded in a communication device that would speak their language.

In my Life and My Example, I made the point that Human Beings do not have to be controlled by their fears, that they could relax and surrender all their fears to the fire that burns eternally in the Sacred Heart of God, that they could align themselves with Eternal Love, Become One With the Creator, and Live their lives in Peace, In Harmony with each other, and with a Benevolent Universe. When you choose to relax, you break away from the control of fear's conditioning. You break the bonds that have historically enslaved your race. In the Expression and restful Enjoyment in Love, you come to know the energies of The Great Spirit. You are Being Invited to Open Your Heart and make welcome for the Immense Creative Energies. You are Being invited to help direct the powers of Eternal Love. There are 2 Requirements. The First is that Your Heart Be Open, Loving, and Able to Channel the Love of God. The Second Requirement is That You Be Fully Present In the Moment of NOW. Then You are Free, Immersed in the Universal Currents of Love. The Great Spirit's Own Consciousness Flows into Your Heart, and perceives all through you. This is the Gift to the innocent; to see through the eyes of God.

Human egos know they are unfulfilled. They are looking everywhere for what they lack. You grapple externally in the 3 dimensional world, looking for fulfillment outside of yourself. But it's only the Spirit of God that Can Bring Fulfillment and the Spirit is experienced, not outside of yourself, but within. When You experience Gods Presence within, you perceive the Kingdom Of Heaven without. The intelligence that the Earth Loves and Craves is Present Again in Your Own First Hand Experience. This is the Peace that Surpasses all understanding, the Inner Peace of which your mystics speak of, the peace of mind and Heart, that all true men and woman of God have discovered and known. It comes from remaining true to one's own Spiritual Nature and thereby remaining in creative harmony with every other part of the Universal Whole.

Often the Presence of an Awakened One Puts Pressure on the Surrounding disharmonies, bringing them to the surface, flushing them out, like a cold will flush out toxins a body may need to remove. Eventually their presence will bring peace, but not at first. Before Peace can come into the Human world, all unhealthy elements have to depart. In cases where people identify with illusion and fail to make the distinction between themselves and what is being removed by their own choice, they choose to depart during these times along with the illusion they have Created. However, You are not Your Present Structures of Understanding. You inhabit a Multi- Dimensional Reality far beyond any structure of thought that could ever be created by your human mind. Know that you are not your thoughts, you are not your ideas, you are not your descriptions of the world around you. You are A Being of Pure Consciousness, which has chosen to manifest on the physical plane. You have incarnated to bring out, develop, and Enjoy the Beauty of The Created Realms.

For wherever there is just One that does not succumb to the emotional undercurrents of fear that would herd you like sheep into some collective folly, there radiates an influence of Peace, Stability, Healing, and Blessing. God will Amplify the Influence of That One and Blend it with the Influence of Others who are incarnate and doing the same. Through these Will Pour The Peace.

WE are here to Calm the troubled waters of collective emotional storms, to Walk Upon Them in Our Understanding, To Bring The Ways Of Love to a human world tossing still in a troubled sea of illusion. We Bring the Torch of Peace that comes from Trust In God. We Bring The Torch Of Wisdom that resolves human differences through Commerce, Communication, Forgiveness, and Honesty. Loving Our enemies, We have no enemies, nor anything to fear. Our Torch Lights Beckon from Above the walls of human turbulence. The Consciousness of The Eternal ONE Shines Forth From Each Light We Hold. Those who struggle and clutch at wreckage in the turbulence below cannot harm US or Our Kind. They can only become Us in time.

End of Excerpt From Ken Carey



Monday, February 04, 2013

(The Delta Sol Project)


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Transformations / Transitions During this Time May Be Sudden…

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="179"]gaia_energy1 3 Feb[/caption]

Transformations and transitions experienced during the 2-2-13 through 2-13-13 may be sudden, un-”expected”, and en-(In)-Lightening. All stones are being upturned in order to assist alignment with the true Light within each.

Humans are realizing/becoming Hue-mans, and stone-upturning at this time period is required.

Those who resist will be nudged, often strongly, to “cease and desist”. And to search within for the vision of their Higher Hue-man Self.

Be in your joy, and all will proceed smoothly.


Friday, February 01, 2013

Alignment of Hue-manity Higher Templates with incoming Cosmic waves…



31 Jan

Alignment of Hue-manity Higher Templates with incoming Cosmic waves presents Higher Choices to individual Hue-persons in “Hue-person-recognizable” forms. These Cosmic-wave-aligned Higher Templates are incoming to assist each human to choices to transform into Hue-man.

Simplicity programs being transmitted enable recognition for most. Those with CBS (“Complicated Brain Syndrome”) will not receive, and require additional transmutation prior to reception. Pain is not required, but CBSs will likely choose the pain path for a period.

Higher Hue-manity continues evolution at accelerated pace due to this Hue-manity Higher Template/Cosmic wave alignment.