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Lisa Renee: Mother's Language - #Energetic Synthesis

Mother's Language

Mother's Language 06 August 2013 Written by: Lisa Renee
We may be starting to feel the new energy platform supporting our foundation so this group of us is not feeling such an energy burden in our personal bodies. The chakra at the base of the skull has been referred to as the "Mouth of God" and its opening is exactly at the back of the neck where the skull lays on top of the spine. It connects to the medulla oblongata and the reticular formation of the brain and spinal cord. This area esoterically has been called the Golden Chalice for it is the Occipital Cup that holds the Cosmic Intelligence or Wisdom. It is a etheric type of brain rewiring (and spiritual body activation) in order to hold and be receptive to the "Golden Chalice" of transmitted Universal Knowledge. 

Many of us are becoming aware that we are being connected to another "language", another octave, another dimensional layer of accessing knowledge through energetic transmission. There are waves of us accelerated into this spiritual body development of accessing Universal Knowledge from the Golden Chalice as it activates processes in the base of our brain. We may not comprehend it quite yet, as it involves a language of "code", "syntax" or "archetype". However our sensory faculties are aware of something that is changing the "energy field" that is a new cycle and it is beginning to change our relationships to everything around us. 

Knowledge and the wisdom required to be responsible for that knowledge comes with the great purification of "Fire". This purification fire has been rearranging the cells and for some of us it manifested into symptoms of head and sinus infection, throat and lung congestion and other physical ailments and body aches. Some of this has been felt deeply with the new consciousness children, as they are more deeply connected to the changes on the earth. The dropping density requirement has been feeling very intense recently to prepare our bodies to hold what is coming next. 

Many of us have been isolated, sequestered and sleeping a lot over the last quarter quite busily building this structure as well as step down fields that act as circuit boards to transduce and moderate high frequencies in these various energetic circulatory complexes. A tremendous amount of change is underway now. 

This has also been evidenced lately as the planetary body is shaking and quaking lately to reposition itself for an entirely new Magnetic Field Grid Network System to power up and connect new stages of the 13th Pillar or The Mother Arc. This is the sequential return of the bodies of God which are represented as the feminine-spiritual principle, to bring “her” manifestation into more objects in physical matter. It is time to embody her principle. 

The Guardians refer to this aspect of Mother as the Aquamarine Ray energy, a part of her magnetic force powering up in our Earth Core (through the newly reconnected levels of the 9D Quadra Merkabic structure) - The Mother Arc. The awareness and systematic dismantling of several obsolete controlled architectures in the planetary field have allowed this to come on line. It is similar to understand we have poked a hole in the mind controlled frequency fence and reconnected our handshake hub to reconnect our relationship to Divine Mother through the Mother Arc. It is through the Mother's Perfect Proton Seed (or Cosmic Egg) that Creation can Heal Itself to its Original Divine Blueprint. 

A new "Mother" language/vibration and its seed codes began transmission from the planet's newly activated Arc Gates portal network and its reconnected portions in the planetary grid system. From this vantage point of human reality the seed codes are being called the "Universal Grandmother Codes". These codes have been embodied, protected and hidden by the Aboriginal and Indigenous cultures of the earth for eons of time. These are like a God Inoculation and a surprise revelation as to what is beginning to transpire in consciousness fields –an event that has never transpired before in the history of creation. Our group of planetary consciousness has been traversing another in depth sensing of the Underworld energies (through the portal of the Astral Plane) in order to heal and unify the collective emotional body of the planet, therefore reconnecting and healing the human being's group soul and its heart center. 

In order to heal, one must be able to "feel". The Mother and female God principle is what nudges us to feel safe enough to “feel” our heart again as we merge with her heart.  Personal emotional distortions need to be first "realized", then "witnessed" in order to be "synthesized" into a higher frequency and harmonic alignment. This is how individual and planetary DNA is recoded and healed through the energy blueprinting architecture, through higher light, sound frequency arranged in tones of scalar wave arrangements. This is the Mother God composition – also a part of the "Music of the Spheres". Our Mother God parent returns to show us how to create beautifully harmonically arranged music that allows us to

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Visoko - The enigma of the Bosnian Pyramyds

The Bosnian Pyramyds are the most debated ancient buildings in recent history. This documentary is aimed to show quite a few very intriguing topics why it is believed to be so mystyrious.

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Bases 27 Anne Hess Spirit

Bases 27 Anne Hess Spirit

megawatts1066·290 videos on Aug 5, 2013
Anne has not authorized this for release, as some of the material is not correct. I have decided to do so as this is rare time when the "Spirit Guide Lover" is discussed.
The researcher needs to take care in these issues, so this is strictly about this section of her discussion.
The DJINN access humans via their emotions, and can be a parasitic lover, mesmerizing the victim, and entrancing. I believe this is the case with Anne.
Anne is a close friend but the last week has been too much, so I feel this kind of example of how a person can be enchanted by an "invisible non existent lover", should be made public.
I do not believe this is a incubus, but similar.

The Bases Project 27 Ascension Frequencies with Anne Hess Part 1

Bases 27 Anne Hess Part 2 Transhumanization

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Krystalai: Activation of the Great White Lion

See my note as keeper of the lion's heart... #end <3
CRYSTALAI (c) 2013
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Zaurak, my starry brother, and his security team from Sirius B will be reactivating the Great White Lion between July 26 and mid August. They began this project in 2003, but there were many obstacles preventing the activation until now. The The Guardian Alliance has told us that the Great White Lion regulates the complex mathematical programs by which interdimensional electrical currents interface with Earth's templar.

The Great White Lion is a Mathematical system that is created of something similar to our microchips made of a crystalline silicon substance planted in the grids of the Earth. The Golbal GWL looks exactly like the Sphinx in Egypt, except it covers the entire world. The GWL runs on a D12 Twelve code pulse and links Earth's Planetary Shields to their Divine Blue Print D 12 Pre matter Template at Lyra Aramatena. The GWL has also been called the Lion's Gate because it opens the passage to all 12 stargates. This possibility wasn't a possibility until after Earth was shifted in time to a place where there was an Aramatena 12th stargate. The Annunaki had destroyed our Aramatena in the Electric Wars 250 billion years ago. Our Founders and Cosmic Councils have been preparing our way back home for many millions of years.

First, July 26 - August 16, we will be merging face to face with our starry family from Sirius B, who are the great Maharaji Security Team for our planet, and the Starry Families who have been most active in securing our rebirth. The Security Team from Sirius B will ground us into the GREAT WHITE LION that will connect the stargate 12 Aramatena with the Inner Earth Stargate 12.

Those of you who have been reading my journal for the past seven to ten years will already know about my journies with Zaurak, my starry brother from Sirius B. We have been working together for millions of years on these Ascension Projects and Creation Projects. The project in Monterey in 2008 was one piece of the mighty project that will begin its CLIMAX in the next few months. aDolphino has also been a part of this project for millions of years. We knew each other indirectly when we were creating the Great White Lion Frequency Coded System. aDolphino mostly remembers his friend Lacodemus, who speaks with him frequently about the good ol days, and Markus, who was the head of the Jesus and Mary Project for millions of years before there even was a Jesus and Mary. This project began as the Crystalai Sphere that connects the Inner Earth Blue Sphere directly to the Mind of God. That project was completed billions of years ago.

This will be the beginning of bringing back the original potential of the CRYSTAL GRID APIN SYSTEM, which was free global energy, climate stabilization, healing, and inter stellar subspace communications and broadcasting by aligning through the Light Codes of the Cosmic Council into the Crystal Liquid Light connecting to the Mind of God, Eternal Source Field. We can connect our consciousness into this GWL Crystal Grids running through Earth into Inner Earth and out into stargate 12 Aramatena. We always need to connect our consciousness into both fields of energy- the Inner and the Outer and use our body temples as the lightning rod that connects the flow of crystal liquid light, D12 Consciousness.

The GWL runs on a D12 Twelve code pulse and links Earth's Planetary Shields to thier Divine Blue Print D 12 Pre matter Template at Lyra Aramatena.THE GREAT WHITE LION IS being reactivated CORRECTLY by our Security Team from Sirius B. They plan to have it running into the original connection with stargate 12 Aramatena and into the Earth stargate 12. This is happening now but will not be complete until the two sets of angular rotation spin of Tara and Earth completely separate. We can attach our consciousness into the Grid now and activate the gifts that it naturally brings to us.

Once the technical elements of the APIN grid were in place- the Founders desired to leave a part of themselves reflected in the APIN to remind the races of Earth that they were never alone or abandoned. This is what aDolphino remembers the most about his time in Egypt building the Sphinx pyramid as a reminder of his best friend Lacodemus and all they had accomplished together and what their grand heroic achievement would be. That grand achievement is happening now . The design of the Founders APINS was also to serve as a subsonic planetary identification flag when viewed from space via photo radionic scaning equipment. From space it looks like a picture of the Sphinx pyramid was drawn in light accross the Earth.

THE GWL belonged to the Elohei Elohim Christiac Founders races of D12 Aramatena Lyra the feline homind Anuhazi Race. The gwl heart was located at Earth's star gate 12 Montsegur France. The throat of the lion was at star gate 11 southern England. Its head was to the west cresting the north pole and the body of the lion lay across the expanse of the Asian continent. When I saw the picture of this Grid System in VOYAGER's 2, I was approached by Zaurak, and he helped me remember our time together in creating this project, millions of years ago.

Project Camelot: Interview with Karen Hudes - World Bank Whistleblower

Published on Aug 1, 2013
This is my interview with Karen Hudes the Whistleblower from the World Bank. This is a wide ranging discussion covering her time at the World Bank and what led her to blow the whistle on the corruption she found there. In the process her view of the worldwide corruption widened to include governments and the overall monetary system.

We discuss the 'backwardization' of gold, the manipulation of the dollar and the need to replace the current fiat system with a gold or asset backed currency and the plans of the cabal to create chaos and institute the NWO.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

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GaiaPortal: Softening of Outer Earth and “Surface-Only” Oriented Beings Occurs at This Time - 31 July 2013

GaiaPortal by ÉirePort: Softening of Outer Earth and “Surface-Only” Oriented Beings Occurs at This Time, July 31, 2013 –
Softening of outer Earth and “surface-only” oriented beings occurs at this time.

This may be reflected and/or caused by various weather and surface-crustal shiftings, as well as personal/individual shifts of the so-called “unexpected” nature.

Higher Guidance and Higher Level Beings assist with this softening, as individual soul contracts must be honored.Paradigms formerly “unyielding” to all human efforts to remedy, will find softening, resolution, and revolution.

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Lisa Renee: Spiritual Maturity - July 2013 - #Energetic Synthesis

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July 2013
Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

As we travel the spiritual ascension pathway and undergo the sequences of initiation into higher frequencies, the focus of our consciousness energy changes therefore changing the focus of our mind, thoughts and emotions. Our world perception and sense of identity dramatically shifts leaving us feeling isolated or sequestered. We begin to search for the meaning or purpose behind that which is aligning us to a change into new value systems. Many of us will run the entire gamut of thoughts and emotions; from questioning our sanity to feeling lost or depressed, to moments of ecstatic feelings and deep spiritual connection. During the spiritual expansion and the integration phases of higher consciousness this state of mental and emotional fluctuation is frequently common. This process helps us to identify unhealthy or destructive patterns (because we do not want to suffer anymore) and transform them into more healthy patterns. Ultimately the path of consciousness growth (spiritual ascension) leads the person to experience more peace, love and heart based fulfillment with life. Conversely, when consciousness is stunted or suppressed, the person will experience deep pain and suffering. The more traumatized the soul body (the heart and real emotional body) the more pain a person will feel, many times from being unable to understand why they feel this way. The more disconnected from spiritual consciousness (heart energy) the more pain, disease or disassociation will be experienced by that person.
As we expand our consciousness awareness through self-inquiry we discover what the priorities are in our life. What is running us? Where do we have pain? Thus we are open to explore and are exposed to greater levels of life experiences of which create resistance in order to gain knowledge. Sometimes to find out where the destructive pattern is hiding inside the human being, the soul guides a wide array of intensely painful and polarizing life experiences. We are not able to heal inside us what we do not recognize or identify first as a painful destructive pattern. The more destructive we are, the more spiritually weakened, and this invites satanic (anti-life) forces for manipulation or possession. As we identify the destructive elements inside us, we can invite healing and loving spiritual forces to help us evolve through our heart. We are unable to evolve when the heart is shut down. 
However, this process of identifying the destructive pattern and being willing to change or heal that pattern requires Spiritual Maturity. This is very common on earth now during the end of the ascension cycle, as the soul-heart is here to evolve beyond deception and learn self-knowledge within an array of opposing world forces. This is the final stages of resolution and completion of the last dark consciousness learning cycle. This defines the evolutionary model of which consciousness (energy) is based, and is a governing energetic law that all human beings are subjected to while on the earth. All things such as a species, entities or beings energetically evolve, transform or digress to die off. There is no stopping the natural laws of evolution, (referred to here as the Natural Laws of God, not Darwinism) only temporary manipulation of those energetic laws in order to achieve instant gratification which ultimately does not last. When we repeatedly go against the Natural Laws and do not make correction (anti-life reversals), the result is genetic deterioration, mental sickness and possible extinction in the longer term.