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Ascension Whispers: December 2013 Quickening

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.


December 2013 Quickening

The Quickening leading up to the time shift on December 12, 2013 is now underway full strength. You may be feeling out of sorts at this time.

Noticed Symptoms:
  • Pre-existing body issues amplified.
  • Feeling like a cold coming on one moment and completely gone the next moment.
  • Electrical energy intense right now, can create inside body chills followed by heat; this is due to the base electrical particles of frequency band 2 heating up or electrifying the base magnetic particles of frequency band 1. This will be talked about more in Level 2 on the youtube channel soon. Hot bath suggested to get through the chills.
  • Brain fog and hard to concentrate heightened.
  • A feeling of not wanting to do or care about anything.
  • Eyes blurring and watering from any type of outside light. When higher energy is flowing through the physical body it can temporarily affect the eyes because the body is drawing in light energy when they are open and it can be too much energy in the moment. Subdued lighting or almost dark can offer some relief but of course keeping the eyes closed works too.
  • Possible to feel like the body only wants organic foods right now and not much of them. Lemon water to drink seems to assist a bit.
  • Heightened nervous tension as if there is only one nerve left in your entire body and everything and nothing is jumping up and down on it. Suggested to try to remove as much stress as possible and pamper your body softly. Focused slow breathing can assist this a bit. You may even notice the muscles in your body start pumping as if you just completed a long run. The hot bath should help that as well.
A Loving someone pointed out to me that there is a date missing in the time shift schedule on previous post. That is what I get for trying to work with numbers even though I used Microsoft Excel to try to get it right. LOL

I will go through and figure it out later and hopefully fix it and repost it but at this time there is no way I can even look at numbers, inside or out.

More amazing information is opening up now that will be included in upcoming videos on the youtube channel about the time matrix galaxy and solar system. Just when I thought that material was ready to put it together more comes blasting its way through but it is all simply amazing and can’t wait to share it with you.

Onward and Upward we climb!

Loving Joy to All,

Referenced videos: Ascension Whispers: Eternal Conscious Creation - Videos Series 


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Formerwhitehat Pedo Michael Hemmingson @Revolution Radio & Mike Ringly Station Owner supported BS.

Update: 9 jan 2014, rip Micheal Hemmingson/FWH , may your daughter be well.

i ran across this on Idolbin and than also saw my name dropped again by station owner mike ringley....   so ok. lets play.. as i posted on G+ (Idolbin Discussions _ Shares Relevent to Your Interests)

so the story continues... ah you wanna "name" me in it OK. and point again at me Nighthawk.... OK. lets play again...

 you're lackings isnt it?... NnighthawkK / mike ringley.

 last year you choose to support his BS..   and allowed it to go on and on and on.  remember the 11-11-12 skype group-call (where i was added) where all* hosts(not all some you kept away from that info..)  wanted him GONE.... but you kept your dog that shits alot..  Hemmingson on your station and covering for him...     even thank on air for the FWH donation post..    (than play the blame game.. you remember Paul Richard Price ? Mr NnitehawkK? im sure you do....  you were afraid to get sued... #court.  so i heard.
whom you asked for help to track the .it italy ip & info.... yep me. which i 1st didnt...  (

So Tammy.M told him ON AIR he;'s a greeny.....  lizard.....   
& Andrew.B ON AIR long long reading told him he;s a bug smasher...   good we need them also dark bugs..  gone.

,& Khristian was working on a NEW Website +  a New exposing... Article with muchos new info with more "known names" in and around(mostly invisible unnseen behind the scene) the Revolution/Domination-Radio station.  and folks behind the scenes pulling some strings.,,... as   its the same folks behind hemmingson that are sooo dark their smell is even bahhh , sickening as frequency carriers... in meat bag-suits. nice term.. ( at least ^from couple instances/experiences.. )

so mike ringley nicely wordplays the story.. the other-way around... 

and than duncan is the fake/fantasy and drama... blabla.

yet.. mike ringley had to watch them PEDO videos to identify the persons in question as a JOB in past .mil? Squad. yet he still supports pro Pedo Hemmingson........  go figure...  it must be that Dark Negative entity thats Attached onto Mike;s backside. no-one dares to speak of... to him.....  nor any one helping... him. as he doesnt want to be healed/helped. so seems

"Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:10:04 AM
        i emailed his brother and sister to find out the truth"
  yes they should!!! find out the folks behind it that are part of the same domination&control system... that you facilitate NnitehawkK....   , was timely how crappingson could not keep silent... and went and bragg about it on Douglas Dietrich show.. as callin.. and making it look like suicide saying it was..   you knew quickly damnz must have insider info... yep....

so lemme add the chatlog "complete" me and admin/mod Tones.

ill get them files i gave Khristian also. ones that werent posted before. and name all them biatches involved. yep

and all a that on Deception-Radio at No-Freedomslips.com

Mike Ringley was so Kind to Thank ON AIR for "his"^ Blogpost :re: support the STation donation Rounds.... before it was removed... to hide.. it all..

A...B....  informed me about Khristians death. and  that it was... shady..circumstances-
i said to him its the same dark folks behind the scenes.. involved ..
as hemmingson = Cult of Set/Satan...   as an effected pawn in past. still not healed..... not by far...

fiction is when one chooses do deny reality , its called delusion unable to grasp... willing to see... that it might be....
than one stamps the Label on it. aka judging.. to come to a delusional conclusion. 

PS... aquino =
Daniel David Michael Moore  (cheers @Paul Richard Price for that)

Project Phoenix , NSA , Montauk, Dulce,
and guess whom followed up after Aquino, yep Stew Webb..  see its all connected.....

oh and since i saw it come by again on livia's blog also. FUCK THEM BLACKHOLE GROUPS> yep FCK THEM> LEAVE OR BE DISINTEGRATED INTO SPACEDUST. THE END
you gotta leave the way them came in... so back in your shitty ass blackhole go and leave this time-matrix once and for all.. its done, over. the end.



Steven D Kelley
at Nov 27, 2013 10:59:19 PM
WTF??? Mike Ringley, Catt Jenkins, not cool at all.
Michael Hemmingson Linked to Killing of MK ULTRA Whistleblower Khris Neal | Duncan and Miranda

Michael Hemmingson Linked to Killing of MK ULTRA Whistleblower Khris NealNovember 27, 2013UncategorizedDuncan and Miranda O'FinioanThis article is a companion article to The Murder of Khris Neal, where we first exposed the circumstances of Khris’ death and our conviction that he was, in fact, murder...

 Apu Paul , Jason R. Gonzales , Christopher Elmer , John Brewer , Rhonda Vilhauer , Quince Eddens , Thomas Dale Wolfe , Lainey Chainey Chic , Rhianna Rose Woods likes this 

Lana Boyle Martin commented at Nov 27, 2013 11:08:29 PM
        ...details...did they repost or post this?
Steven D Kelley commented at Nov 27, 2013 11:09:13 PM
        just got this
Che Helena Phoenix Hennessy commented at Nov 27, 2013 11:35:01 PM
        Is this a hoax?
Steven D Kelley commented at Nov 27, 2013 11:35:36 PM
        The post was made by FWH
Steven D Kelley commented at Nov 27, 2013 11:36:02 PM
        Duncan is reliable I think
Che Helena Phoenix Hennessy commented at Nov 27, 2013 11:36:18 PM
Catt Jenkins commented at Nov 27, 2013 11:47:03 PM
        I have no clue.
Heather Holman commented at Nov 28, 2013 12:05:33 AM
        former white hats
Marielle de Greslan commented at Nov 28, 2013 1:10:16 AM
        Actions speak louder than words here Steven,look at all the pics he is posting!!! With his daughter in between....this guy is sick,look at the poor dead squirrel with blood in between it's legs and a bottle next to it,just sickening...I believe Duncan...
Heather Holman commented at Nov 28, 2013 1:37:57 AM
        I don't... and to bring his daughter into this is absurd Mr Ofinnian. Its one thing to start rumors, but its worse to perpetuate them. I could make up a trashy analogy for anybodys timeline
Che Helena Phoenix Hennessy commented at Nov 28, 2013 1:52:11 AM
        Sorry heather. I misunderstood ur post.
Catt Jenkins commented at Nov 28, 2013 2:00:40 AM
        Just drama fodder.
Heather Holman commented at Nov 28, 2013 2:43:08 AM
        just playing the devils advocate / fair is fair /drama fodder :).... but to clarify my post, Michael is not a killer
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 2:46:25 AM
        this is a remix of last years BS
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:05:05 AM
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:05:26 AM
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:09:31 AM
        i think is abunch a hooie
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:09:33 AM
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:10:04 AM
        i emailed his brother and sister to find out the truth
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:10:12 AM
        research and proactive stuff is so cool
Rhonda Vilhauer commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:17:54 AM
        First time I became aware of his existence, I said he was on the dark side. I stand by that as more connections are revealed.
Rhonda Vilhauer commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:48:35 AM
        IMHO, Revolution Radio needs to dump this guy. It does no good for them to be associated with the likes of him.
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:54:43 AM
        i saw this exact same story 6 months ago 1 year ago 2 years ago - all perpetrated by a guy goes by the riekmiester
Mike Ringley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:55:16 AM
        and duncan fantasy creat drama to stay in the headlines normality
Steven D Kelley commented at Nov 28, 2013 3:56:18 AM
        That is good to hear, it is unsettling for me because I am on the receiving end of his "fiction".

Mike Ringley....

you should indeed tell his family the Truth.... but you cant... wont... refuse to do........

also discussed here:
After Hours show on OffPlanet Radio with Randy Maugans

 After Hours with Duncan and Miranda - 11/15/2013 - OffPlanet Radio - Right click to download MP3


 Former White Hat = Fraud ♦ Theidylwildgroup = Fraud

STANDING UP FOR THE TRUTH….OR NOT ( D & M’s) Facebook Message


Michael Hemmingson is Former White Hat & Louis Kahn Nin – Period!

Bases 25 Part 3 Interview with an MIB(check 51-min mark, and i agree a piece a shit, and goon2 is jason., whom is being misused as.. talisman...

 The Alternative Media Disinfo: Game Over #formerwhitehat #PC.

 War between ExoFantasists intensifies. INCL #FUN NOTE #FormerWhitehat [RationalUFOLOGY]







commented there.....^^
ima famous. PS justin also involved, with BS hats. and wheisenberg, i can only assume. justin i know for sure, when NNitehawk station owner(Freedomslips.com) choose to keep BShat on station. after being kicked of a show, as co-h0st, and another show disbanded(and all hosts wanted him gone). more nice pics here on my FB
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.121322134729047.1073741843.100005537822975&type=3 #FormerWhiteHat -BS- #RR 81 photos

More controversial stuff. ha 
 Chatlog Ra-> Tones #skype Sept to last..  
http://pastebin.com/nZLTm9xx #Formerwhitehat #Department_Of_Bulshit #DECEPTION #LIES #1SiDED #JUSTIN #WH
^says enough

Idylwild Group ha jeah a 2man team. justin other nick… masterswordsmith.
and if you can code/sites you get Dave Corso over also… (justin/Wheisenberg) free gift. re-do the site… but than again, WSR is hosted by RR. 50$. and dave choose to support that bs. his choice. reflects well how he also plays duncan, which is sad.

and mr Tman (whiteknights my ass)= richard miller,… kerry and lorien, went to his nice bootcamp…. haha, 

and im banned ha, ofc i can join chat. but wont bother,. havent for all 2013, except D’s show. but she quit also. just like A did. so no reason there no moar. and nothing worthy neither to listen to
i been on that station & chat +-2 years, before Crappingson arrived… ha
was fun on radioshow, kerry told Michael NOT to respond to a caller-callin, re Q: being him/fwh,. and ( even thats not his real name, nor last name, thats stolen also)
now the real fun is, on Andrew's show, Hemmingson called in, and got a long reading, and guess what Hemmingson is himself a greeny. now isnt that fun haha

R.i.p Khristian -feb - 2013

he was taken out.. he was working on a new site, and also data i passed onto him., exposing more folks around it, and deeper into them dark ones.. 

signed, Rakmeister 

the one and only :)

Department of Bullshit: xd : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=123365791191348&set=a.101960143331913.1073741827.100005537822975&type=1&theater both NH and Craphat.
i gave NH a last chance, he failed.

updated Image folder for ^ that. Google Picaso hosted.....
FormerWhite"BS"hat Michael Hemmingson - Revolution Radio Supported , Mike Ringley Approved.

& some drops on pastebin:
Michael FraudingSon CrapHat Worfpoe
Old vs NEW #CASE CLOSED X3 Michael Hemmingson Form...
The · O'Hemmingson · Factor Formerwhitehat Mike ...
#CASE WAS ALLREADY CLOSED - Michael Hemmingson

Saturday, November 30, 2013



Shifting into the Silicate Matrix of Divine Reality

The reality that we have been existing in has been based on the electron and proton creating what we visualize as three dimensional reality. When ionization happens, we shift into a state where there are no longer electrons. The electron proton changes into the neutron reality. The positively charged ion that is created by ionization creates a new type of standing wave pattern. A standing wave pattern that doesn't contain the same balance of gravity that we have now.

The Comet Ison will cause an ionization in the atmosphere and in our chemistry. We will go through a conversion of electron atoms into positvely charged ions. That will be the completion of the harmonic conversion that started in 1987.

But, when it comes to the forethought of your mind it is from the analogical mind of god.
So when I command the sub conscious. You are in it and nobody but a force that is compelling those bands to spin. at a greater and greater and greater velocity. subconscious shoots a frequency into the bands and just by saying it, subconscious increases the electomagnetic flux.

That trillions of omni tablets will start to form so minute you cant see them but you are covered like a porcupine that the drilling into the omni filed is occuring that is the torsion field That begins to raise the energy of consciousess. This torsion field is actually in concert with every single atomic structure that makes itself known as a molecule or an atom or as tissue. That everything that is mass from its atomic structure up is NOW starting to spin.

That was the date that we received the message from the Guardian Alliance to MAKE GOD's MOVIE. It took us well over 20 years to figure out what that meant. When the ionization process takes place, the electromagnetic brain--the upper cerebellum, mortal mind, yellow brain- will give way to the mid brain.

If we were to place the symbol of a merkaba over the the forehead, we would realize that it stands for the electric- male- clockwise upper triangle and the lower female-counterclockwise triangle spinning into a constantly changing harmonic convergence.

Once the electric brain gives way to the magnetic female brain, we can once again make God's Movie. This means we can begin to manifest the new world the way we want it to be. As long as the male, clockwise electro brain was dominating, it was just recycling old information over and over again.

It is finally time to shift into the mid brain of transformation. The Comet Ison will be very helpful in this process. I have practiced going through this process hundreds of times simply by focusing on a candle until my mid brain takes over. It is a wonderful experience. It just feels like the world melts away. All of the social phenomena seems to float above the head and never enter in.

The problem with the state of focus of the mid brain, is the upper cerebellum--the mortal brain- is very stubborn. It usually only allows the state of the mid brain to take over for a few moments at a time. When the ionization occurs, it will become much easier to stay in the mid brain focus where we can Make Gods movie.

The Guardian Alliance gave us a very special gift that allows us to stay in the state of the mid brain for hours after we focus on the candle, in order to create the shift into the mid brain. The mid brain is frequency specific. So, the Angels taught us how to make this frequency specific music that aligns the brain waves into the fifth dimensional Blue Sphere of Super Conscious connection. The connection into the 4th astral, 5th archetypl, and six celestial consciousness connects into the subconscious of the etheric body. This  transforms the body from a physical body into a spiritual body.

Ultraviolet light from the sun ionizes or electrifies atoms and molecules inside the comet’s temporary atmosphere. One of the most common gases found in comets is carbon based. As the sun’s magnetic field washes across the solar system like so many waves rippling a pond, it sweeps ionized carbon  molecules out of the coma to form a second, blue-colored ion tail that is silica based or stardust.

The spinning rate of the comet and the particles that it brings results in ionization.

Ionizaiton is loss of electrons in the atom turning it  into positively charged ion. This is  ionization or ionic conversion, resulting in harmonic conversion, bringing us into a higher frequency of a higher dimensional reality.

The Sun went through this Ionization Process November 5th and 6th 2013.

So now the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum field but has actually been neutralized and goes back to the plasma of an omni field state positive. That is called a magnetic mirror.

The change from carbon based reality in to the silicate matrix reality of the blue ions create a shift in consciousness. The body becomes lesss dense. The chemical make up of the body changes. The biology changes. The entire solar system changes.

The upper brain is electric. It has electric fingers searching for data. The data must be something that is already known. The mid brain is magnetic. It is frequency specific searching only for information from the subconscious connecting with super conscious of the fourth dimensional - astral, the fifth dimensional- archetypal, and the sixth dimensional- celestial consciousness.

This is the shift from the use of the five senses by the upper cerebellum into the 12 senses by the mid brain. The 12 senses are the higher sensory perception of the Soul Matrix. All that was ever known, combining into a constant new wisdom flowing into consciousness. The sense of KNOWING exists because when our consciousness reconnects to the Super Conscious knowing of the Soul Matrix that connects to the Mind of God-- we know everything. We are in a state of KNOWING as long as we are connecting with this Frequency.

The spinning of the invisible merkaba is always creating two bands of frequencies spinning in opposite directions. The outer band always spins clockwise and the inner band always spins counterclockwise within the outerband. The outerband is the electrical band that is holding within it the Source Consciousness and all that is within it, including Cosmic and Universal Consciousness.
The outer band  is flowing into the body through all of the bands of light and sound. The spheres within spheres within spheres of the electromagnetic picture.
When that picture is made- that picture is what the mind of God is going to create. It will be created into Time and on the Quantum Field.

We must create in our minds eye the reality that we wish to create and the reality that we wish to live within. When we are holding that idea in our minds and spinning it into the spheres or the bands of light and sound, we are actually creating the idea.

When we become so absolutely that - when we become the thing that  we are creating, we have then shifted the dynamics of our Life, and our subsequent expereince of  it.

During this Divine Process there are other extraordinary properties that are going on. There is a great field that has been created from the within to the without. From within every cell in the body we go deep within beyond the quarks and the sparks into the omnions and microtubules into the zero point where we touch on Source Consciousness in the deep within and absorb the omnipresence and omniscience, omni intellience from the within into the without of the outer bands of light and sound, and from another slice called the Outer Band.
We  use the band of the long slow wave of hertzian and we are carrying it because we are still in the body, and we ride that wave throug the infra red and the invisible light and out into the gamma and the plasma waves.
As we increase the frequency then we can absolutely over ride the anchor of the mass that the body is. We over ride it through the frequency fields that are riding the omni field, which is the anchor.

This means that our body is oscillating so fast that we remove the anchor from the omni field that gives us gravity. When we over ride this frequency, we levitate. WE loose mass. As we loose mass, we can levitate . There is no longer gravity in our standing wave pattern that we are within. The mind of God holds us within a field of consciousness- the omniconsciousness of the omnipresent all knowing. We are held within the standing wave pattern of the omni, but within that standing wave we can move through fields of consciousness that allow us to change dimensions.

When we gain this ability, we can  turn this frequency in on their bodies, creating a torsion field on the outside and  the inside the body can become invisible.
When we turn the field on in the body we can de materialize and go invisible.

This allows the observer-- the god subconsicous mind to create the reality  and manifest it.
If you get within the spheres - the five spheres of consciousenss and  weave the webs of multi dimesnional consciousness around you and connect to the stars of universal consicousness, you become that mind.

Or work to see the entire blue body breath load and spin and breath load and spin faster and faster and then present the picture.
The ultra violet blue realm is the lord of the light realm. This is the place we go within when go all the way into the gamma and then beyond into the pre light and sound and into the mind of Source and then when we come back out we turn blue.

The realm changes us into the blue body that follows the Breath Source-- breathing on the spark or the idea to create the flame that manifests.

We are adjusting reality in order to remove the  neuronet that prevents the flow in and out of wealth. In order to over ride lack and to create genius is to create a new reality. We ceate within the Etheric Mind then bring it back into this body.

The sound is the bands. Electromagnetic field goes into a vector magnetic flux, a rotating magnetic field  creates a torsion field that looks like a tornado.
An electromagnetic field, and increased frequency begins to spin,and  the spin, creates a pitch in sound that is very audible in the brain. The pitch sound is drilling through or over riding or disolving transmutting the positronic clouds- the negative clouds electromagnetic field over rides a negative field and the positive field. As it does that, it acts like a drill.

If you take a piece of wood and say these are layers of electrical mass, All mass is electrical. Those that are not electrical mass such as hydrogen gases are a conduit to an electrical field. Add one more particle to hydrogen and it becomes a hydrogine engine.
 Gravity becomes relativistic in terms of the earths magnetic field.

The bands begin to spin the outer bands of the body have a cumulative effect on every cell and its bands and the cumulative effect of the cell upon all  tissue and mass.between tisue have a slight fluctuation, but they are all producing this enormous band width. We have one band that is the physical band that represents the density of the mass of the body. Then we have an outward band that is representative of Mind and we put the bands next to each other. and we see how mind influences the body. Let us say the block of the wood is the density of the body and lets say we are  boring through a hole. Now who is doing the boring The outer band the mind is the drill that is about to flux the inner band mass which is the piece of wood.

As we begin to spin these bands of the spirit mind- the highself or however you want to think of them
The mind spins and bores into the bands of the electrical field of mass itself.

As a hole begins to appear high frequency over rides static electical mass.

So as high frequency is applied to electrical fields of mass, then what it does it neutralizes them and over rides them what you see is a hole starting to appear what we want to do is bore

There are several layers of OMNI.

As the fields of stardust enter our atmosphere after Comet Ison wraps her tail around the Earth, the frequencies of the stardust will begin to transmute the cellular structure of the Earth's body and our bodys. The most important thing that we have learned over the past twelve years as the Guardian Races prepared us for our Load Out from planet Earth, was that STARS are Entities. The Star dust that will be coming to Earth is actually the very Consciousness of our Starry Families. This process of aligning a Comet that would carry the CORRECT STARDUST from the Stars of our TRUE FAMILY of Aquarius through the help of the AQUAFARIANS, who created the Cloud Cities, the Crystal Cities, the Aurora Plasma Fields that would capture that StarDust which is the Consciousness of our Families-- our OVER SOULS from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

The stardust begins a process of transmutation. The more we utilize the stardust and the Frequencies of the Stardust--which is the Dimensional Consciousness of our Starry Souls and OverSouls and even our AVATAR selves. The stardust frequencies will begin to help us use our Merkaba Spin rate to create spinning bands within bands or spheres within spheres that will change the density of our bodies and the dimensionalization of our consciousness. The stardust will help bring our consciousness into atunement with the zero point within our atomic nucleus as the frequencies allow our conciousness to melt the density of the physical into the spiritual self which is made of stardust.

This seemingly magical transformation that many New Agers, Lightworkers and Starseeds have believed in and talked about for decades might seem like a joke to normal people. When we talk about the End of the World, new light coming to Earth, the transformation of a population, the coming of Islands of Light and Blue People coming to meet us, the masses will call us crazy. And this phenomena may just remain a thing that they never experience. This realization of this transformation requires some work on the part of the individual to raise their frequencies high enough to be able to perceive the transformation taking place.

We are fortunate that we will have some help from visual phenomena and from scientists from NASA giving us some nice pictures to look at. But, if we don't understand what is really going on, it will just become another firework show of meterorites falling to Earth. That is not what is going on.
We already left the old Earth. We were already transported into a funnel of energy that aligns us directly into the 12th metagalactic stargate. We are being pulled into and toward this new reality of the 12 subharmonics of the 12 stargates. We are being pulled into the Essence of the Stargates. We are being wrapped within the subharmonics or the consciousness of all 12 stargates. We are being given back our complete consciousness of the 12 DNA raceline from Tara who were originally the Oraphims.

We can feel this FREQUENCY of STARDUST surrounding our bodies and lightbodies right now. We can feel it more and more every day. A dimensional shift is a FEELING. We must learn how to FEEL frequencies and we must learn how to absorb these frequencies into our cells in order to transmute them into the zero point that allows us to transform our bodies.

We learn to FEEL by listening to Frequency samples. Our website, cosmicdolphinmagic.ning.com is dedicated to providing listening samples so that starseeds can learn to Feel and Know and Discern Frequencies. We have spent over twenty years studying with our Guardian Races and learning how to collect these frequencies. We are always given the help of the Elohim of Hearing and the pre sound and pre light GrandYanas, as well as many other Starry Entities who guide us.
We have even created listening samples of Stardust and Angel Dust and Sun Alcyone as well as Cosmic Dust, Universal Frequencies and Source Frequencies.

We use the spinning of the bands that we create with the spin rate of the Merkaba to bore through omni trons omni ons, which are the pre cursors to electrons and protons and neutrons and we are going to bore through those, who in discrete units create a denser mass such as protons, neutrons, positrons electrons.

We must connect consciousness into the frequencies of the dimensions with the help of the Merkaba. The merkaba increases our spin rate by thousands of light years because it is the spiritual tool of atunement with the crystal liquid light of Source Consciousness. We must train our consciousness to grow into a standing wave field that is more powerful than an electron and it has to over ride the positive aspect of an atomic nucleus. We spin our merkaba and ride it down into the 14th dimensional sound and light field of the etheric inner Earth. This is the place where we can connect consciousness into the heliotalic frequency that allows our transformation. It is the same frequency that will be used to allow the stardust to flow into our biofields. The stardust will cause the atomic structure  to be polarized which would become the positive positron inside the nucleus of the atom.

The nucleus  has an electrical field, so we must  over ride that, which allows us to bore thru density with the use of consciousness and energy of a higher dimension whcih  displaces omnions and allows the delicate streams of  zero radiation, Once we have displaced the omnions, we can travel faster than gamma. We are moving at the speed of light.

We are now at the zero point of quantum energy and that is how we ride within our merkaba space ship.

When we ride in our space ship we must follow the crystalline grid lines which are the navigational tools of our new reality. We will have our Krystic Grid Lines which hold us continuously within the mind fields of Source Consciousness. These are the same navigational tools that birds use to fly. We will be held within a perfectly guided transportation system. This crystalline grid line is etheric, it is not the size of a freeway, it is more like a tiny little fish line. We must learn to focus on the grid lines in order to stay within that transportation service.

After we have asserted all of the omnis that create atoms, we can assert their inertia to over ride it by using the higher frequency to transmute the lower frequency.

When we do that we neutralize inertia. When we neutralize inertia, we neutralize gravity. This is the process used to levitate. We use consciousness and energy to bring in the frequencies of the dimensional bands that transmute the old fabric of space into neutrality. This allows us to over ride inertia and neutralize gravity.
The mass is always held within the bands or the spheres of Consciousness of the Mind of God.
We raise consciousness beyond the five spheres of this matrix into the sphere of Source Consciousness. This is where we ride our lotus and sit beyond the gravity of the Earth's matrix. This is where we go to retrieve the blue body and become the Buddha body. This is how we rise above the world of materiality. We over ride the mechanism of mass that creates gravity. We go beyond the material world.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Krystalai: The Entire Human Angelic History

- Entire Human Angelic History

Dear members,
This article contains a basic outline of the entire history of our Christic or Angelic Race line of Gaia, Tara and Earth.



Humans were a race of Angels that were put here on this planet to guard this planet and to protect the Earth's shields and to help restore them and heal them because they have been damaged by a group of fallen angelic races.

The fallen angels were originally a part of the normal creation, but they made decisions and choices that created a fate for themselves that was very unfortunate.

They created a situation by rebelling against Source. They genetically altered themselves in a way that they could no longer hold the higher frequencies of consciousness that connect us all to Source.
So, they decided to become masters of the Universe themselves. They tried to take over other universes and to feed off of them. For many eons this planet has been under siege and there has been a time that was waited for. It was a time when the planetary star gates - the portions of the planetary templar stargate that opens between this space time place and other space time places in the higher heavens. This is that time.

A stellar activation cycle is 26,556 years. Ever since Atlantis, it was known that this is when the next one was going to occur. There were plans made in Atlantis- on both sides- fallen and unfallen sides.
Now, all of those forces are back on this planet - the Christic and the anti-Christic. Both sides are here. Most people are asleep. They don't remember the Atlantian times. They don't remember the agreements they chose to be a part of.

They don't know what forces are moving them or moving with them or moving through them. This makes the people and the planet very vulnerable because there are things here we don't see unless we use our inner eyes. There are things going on that we need to know if we are going to maintain the integrity of our own Divine Blue Print and help the planet do that as well.
Those who do light work correctly because they have the genetic codings of the Angelic Human and the Indigo Races are assisting in running the Christic frequencies back into the planet in order to open the Star Gates. Angelic Humans are the keepers of the Star Gates. We are the only ones with the genetic codings that can open the star gates. That is why we were placed in a state of amnesia by the Annunaki races.

The original teachings of the Founders Races used the 15 dimensional structures to align our consciousness to the best understanding needed at this time. This represents the structure of the way creation is in this Universe. The D12 is the twelfth dimension where the Christos frequencies of pre-matter of the Divine Blue Print exist.

There is a Christos life line that links us all in the higher god worlds and to Source. That is why translations come down through the Bible that Christ is your savior and your link to God. It was referring to the fact that the Inner Christos frequencies align us through the pre matter template. We all have the ability to carry those frequencies in our bodies. It is our Divine Blue Print that links us to Source. The planet has a Christos frequency potential and so does the Solar and galactic.
But, things have happened to the scalar templates on this planet  over the 25,500 years so that the planet could not run 12 D frequencies, which made it very vulnerable to infiltration from lower angelic kingdoms. We are here to restore those Christos frequencies that were removed from our planet. Our bodies are the conduits that allow these frequencies to be restored.

The type of energy we carry will depend on how much we know about our anatomy. If we don't know that we have chakras that have a scalar template, and we don't know about auric levels and how to keep them clear we are not going to know what to do with ourselves. We will become easy pray for those living in the D4 astral plane. They might be using your fields for something that you don't ever know they are using you for. We use frequency shields created from Cosmic and Source fields to protect us.
The Eiyani Races are the founders races who are in Inner earth at this time. When we use the codes and frequencies given to us by our Founder races, we are reactivating the mathematical programs that are a part of the planetary divine Blue Print within ourselves.

When we use sound and light technology combining the frequency signature and code or symbol of the idea to be manifest, we collect frequencies by oscillating consciousness into the domains or the dimensions of Christic and Cosmic and Source and then bringing those tones of transformation into our templates - our physical spiritual bodies.

The more we use the light and sound to activate our bodies, the sooner we awaken to our 12D templates and our fifth dimensional selves that allow our multidimensionality of all times in no time.
There are things happening in this 15th dimensional system that have been things done by our guardian races to keep these chaotic things from happening. The fallen angels have never fully agreed to work with the guardians for our recovery of our Christic Template.

There have been many fallen angelics that have come back on board and then retaliated again and again to the dark side. The light and sound technologies are the beginning of remembering how our body and souls work and how to begin to  recreate the Christos civilization on this planet.
The Christos frequencies have not been on this planet for 208,000 years except for the reactivation brought by Jeshua 12 two thousand years ago. There was a stellar activation 25,000 years ago when the frequencies almost reactivated shortly.

Our entire history has been about wars and wars over land. The land that was fought over contained star gates on this planet and portals that go with them. The fallen angelics have taken these star gates and blocked them with metatronic radiation that would reverse them and spin away from source fields.

The blockage of those star gates has been blocking our bodies and our brains from the Christic Templates that were once placed within the Earth. Stargates were always on this planet. Fallen angelics have been fighting with each other for eons. They pick on races that they can make into their foot soldiers.

The Leviathin race is a group of fallen angelics who have been bred here on this planet. They were the result of an experiment that went wrong. The experiment was the Guardian races had allowed in the fallen angelic collectives and what is called bio-regenisis which is regeneration of their DNA template so they could evolve to get their Christos potential back. They entered a Christos Covenant which was a Christos co-evolution agreement. Certain groups of the fallen races agreed to be a part of the emerald covenant. They waited to evolve back into the 12 D Christos pattern. They wanted to get their DNA back to hold the Christic frequency. There were a small group of them who were permitted to get back into human form.

There was a very specific way that the DNA template had to be blended in order to create this evolutionary option of what was called a hybrid race. Unfortunately, the hybrid race worked well and it blended well with the angelic human template, but, certain groups of them motivated by their fallen angelic kin from other places decided to take over our planet.

They had an In to Earth once they got into human light bodies, and progressively they raided the human races and mutated our DNA to the point where we have nothing left of our memory of who we really are. We have had our light switch turned off.

We are dealing with a huge history of problems and a huge solution. There is the history of the Levithian Races , the history of the fall of Atlantis.

What is happening now is a part of what is called the Luciferian Covenant that was an agreement of the anti-Christic races and their Leviathin hi brids here to take over this planet when the next stellar activation cycle occurred.

We are now in that stellar activation cycle that is happening from 2000-2017. This cycle is happening now.

If we participate in this activation cycle consciously by knowing it is happening, we can become the new Christic race, reborn on Earth once more.

This time matrix began 950 billion years ago. The matrix was caused by metatronic science that allowed the gods to create and mis create realities that were not in tune with the Source Frequencies.
There is a huge connection between metatronic science and what became the Greek Olympian Gods and Roman gods. Both mythologies were based on truths that were taking place in Atlantis.
Mythology is a way of taking history and consolidating it in fairy tales with a mean sense of humor. Turn a collective of people into one person and then having this person marry that person--when in fact, they were actually talking about Race Lines of people.

Roman mythology contains known history of Atlantis that has to do with Metatron, Lumarian planets in Wesedrek Matrix.

Scalar Grid mechanics is the substance god creates with. This was knowledge that belonged to the guardians of the planet. The human angelics are these guardians. We were denied this info since Atlantis when a few people came in and took what didn't belong to them. The whole planet lost its memory. The science of the shields- the planet has a scalar template and every being on the planet has a scalar template that is connected to the planets templates. These templates circulate primal life force currents. They circulate the energy of god through the templates. The templates on the Earth are dependent on the Earth's template. The damage to the Earth's template erased our memory.
There were things done here to block the planetary scalar shields. They were twisted in ways that are abnormal. That shut off certain frequencies that carried cognition. they carried higher frequency information. They carried our identities.

If our DNA was working the right way, we would know our selves as Christic beings- as Avatars. Our bodies wouldn't die. We would not get sick. We could manifest instantly.
There were things done to the electromagnetic field of the planet to block our DNA. Working with the Light and Sound technolpgy is to help bring back the D12 frequencies. The Divine Blueprint has the ability to reset all of those misalignments of frequencies in the planetary grid.
Part 2

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Murder of Khris Neal

Source:The Murder of Khris Neal-  

Khristan Jade Neal 1976 - 2013
Khristan Jade Neal
1976 – 2013

By Miranda Kelley - duncanofinioan.com
Khris Neal was a friend of ours and a fellow blogger. Until now, we have not publicly talked about the circumstances of his death and the things we know, as well as the things we discovered upon further investigation.

In our small community of MK ULTRA survivors and those who knew and interacted with Khris, no one knew anything was wrong at first. That is, until the early hours of March 2nd, when our good friend Randy Maugans, host of Off Planet Radio, received this comment to the Off Planet website. The comment was never approved, so this is the first time it is being made public.

Khris-Neal-Death-Idylwold Grp(This is a screenshot of the comment as it appeared in Randy’s moderation queue)

At first glance, Randy thought it was just another post by Former White Hat/Michael Hemmingson/ The Idylwild Group and his coterie of lackeys, who have run an organized effort (poorly executed, but organized) to smear our names with outrageous, libelous claims on a regular basis. And Randy was right — it was (more on that later). 

However, after paring away the usual onslaught of ridiculous lies about Duncan, a search found the funeral home page which confirmed that Khris Neal was dead — in fact he had been dead nearly a month — quite possibly the only true thing this group has ever posted.

Now, we had to ask ourselves, how was it that someone(s) in this group of extremely overenthusiastic and dedicated smear campaigners would know about Khris’ death before any of us, his friends and colleagues did? Or a single solitary other person in this internet community? Very curious.
We were all hit very hard emotionally by the death of Khris. It was certainly a blow, and a hard one. We knew and have always known the stakes of what we are involved in, but it doesn’t make it hurt less when someone you care about is killed.

The details of his death, after reading his obituary, were minimal. We put out some feelers to various friends and acquaintances of Khris, trying to track down someone who knew him, friend or family member, in order to not only share what we knew but try to obtain more details regarding his death.
We finally got a break weeks later when, of all people,  Khris’ own mother called me (Miranda) directly on my cell phone. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. When I called her back, it was one of the most difficult phone calls of my life. Only those who know the pain of losing a child can even begin to know what this confused, horrified, and grief-filled mother was experiencing. For her, Khris’ death was still a completely open wound, compounded by the fact that she could not make sense of why it happened.

The first thing she told me was that the police had found my phone number in Khris’ wallet. It was evidently written on a folded piece of paper and said ‘In case of emergency, contact’ followed by my name and phone number. At the time, I had no idea how Khris had gotten that paper or my number because I never gave it to him, but Duncan and I later found out that one of our friends, another MK ULTRA survivor and close friend of Khris, had been concerned enough about his safety that she had given him this information in case of emergency. How prescient she was.

Duncan and I find it very interesting that, despite it being a very clear emergency contact number in Khris’ wallet, no one from the police department up in Oregon bothered to use it at any point, which is usually standard operating procedure. Khris’ parents only found out about the note’s existence when the police called them and asked them about it. We find it very telling that they did not call me.
The Scene of the Crime
My eyes were burning with tears as Khris’ mother began to recount to me how the police found Khris’ body. According to her, Khris’ house had been completely trashed. Not just things knocked over and cushions flung, but she said that someone had taken the time to open bottles of liquid and pour several of them out all over the carpet. Doors were kicked in. She said that even the burners were ripped off the stove. 

There was no suicide note. She told me that Khris had been found with a single gunshot to the head. The police, she said, had ruled it a suicide. Really. She told me that she did not believe it was a suicide, but that she had no idea what really happened and was not getting any answers.
It seemed that there was indeed a cover-up of Khris’ death, and not a very good one. To say the police’s conclusion was overly hasty would not be a stretch, given the evidence and what we now knew.

I made a difficult decision. I knew that Khris had kept a part of his life separate from his family, particularly information having to do with his struggle to learn about his past as a child being involved in MK ULTRA government projects similar, and certainly tangential to, the ones that Duncan and I were involved in. This is not something that is easy to talk to one’s parents about in the best of circumstances. I filled her in as best I could, concerned that I might be compounding her grief but just as certain that it was the right thing to do — she needed the information we had and could then make her own judgments from that.

I appreciate her talking to me and more than anything want justice for Khris, which is obviously problematic since his murder seems to have been covered up.
Sloppy Work, Boys
Based on what Duncan and I, Randy, and a few other people have found out, we have some theories about what happened to Khris, who did it, and why he was, we believe, murdered in cold blood.
At the time of his death, Khris Neal had been investigating the identity of our harassers, the very ones who seemed to be behind the later comment to Off Planet Radio informing us of Khris’ death.
Khris was an extremely intelligent and resourceful individual. On his blog, he had exhaustively researched and made the connection between couple of specific anonymous disinformation blogs and pseudo-gonzo-with-a-side-of-pedophilia writer and self-professed former asset of ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) — one Michael Hemmingson.

In fact, this exposé was the very last article Khris Neal ever posted on his blog.
We cannot rule out the possibility, even the likelihood, that Khris was murdered because of what he was investigating regarding Michael Hemmingson’s identity and connection to the blogs by “Former White Hat” and Idyllwild Group. Based on the research one of our other colleagues, a computer forensics expert, has done on this group (more on that in another article — there are more people and groups connected to this that we’ve found), Khris may have uncovered even more information that he never got a chance to release. We will never know.

Duncan and I believe that Khris was not taken out by a professional or directly by any agency. The work was too sloppy, and that’s not how things of this nature are normally done — there are procedures that are followed and certain protocols that were obviously not observed in this case.
We believe, based on the scene and what we know of it, that someone was probably sent just to scare Khris into stopping what research he was doing, but that things got out of hand and the person or people sent ended up bungling things, panicking, and killing him. That’s our opinion, again, based on how we know things like this to work and how they have historically been handled as well as information we have picked up regarding the situation. This is something we are in a position to know about because of what we used to do.
Further Taunts About Khris’ Murder
Not too long ago, we got this email — directly from none other than Michael Hemmingson himself. It would appear that we, and this certainly includes Khris Neal, were correct — Michael Hemmingson is the person hiding behind the Former White Hat name, and evidently no longer feels he needs to.
Please notice a couple of things here. One — Randy, Duncan and I discussed this and none of us ever remember coming across this particular photo of Khris Neal predating this email. We haven’t been able to say conclusively that this is the first time we had seen it, but we are pretty sure. So then, how did Michael Hemmingson obtain it? It looks like it’s from some form of identification card.
Second, you may also notice the second attachment is the seal for the aforementioned Office of Naval Intelligence. The e-mail is subtly titled “a reminder”. It would appear that Michael Hemmingson sent us this e-mail to gloat about his involvement in the murder of Khris Neal, and perhaps to imply further that his actions will be protected by none other than one of the least known but largest spying arms of the government, the ONI, since he used to work for them, apparently. Good luck with that. They just love when you do stuff like this and then use their name. Publicly.
The Deeper Game
Many people not familiar with this situation or how these things work might be saying to themselves, well, I’ve seen the White Hat blog and it’s ridiculous lies and anyone who believes that crap is crazy. This is true, to a point. It is filled with poorly constructed science fiction fantasy and puerile writing, and Duncan and I have a hard time keeping track of how many clones of him there actually are according to it, but there is a deeper game at play here.

Those of you who look at blogs which write blatant lies about us (and other whistleblowers) and dismiss them as absurd are missing the point. The point is that this is an organized group of individuals who are carrying out orders. This is a concerted effort to not only destroy our credibility, but to bury the truth under a mountain of lies and half truths so that no one can find it.
This is done so that when people search the internet trying to find out information about MK ULTRA, or gods forbid supersoldiers, they are bowled over by articles deliberately containing lies that sound like they’ve been written by a crazy person, or articles written at at least a high school level but composed by people who have decided to just make up their own experiences, never caring that they dilute the few crumbs of truth that manage to get out there.

And when someone gets too close, they get killed. Like Khris did.
Khris threatened their whole system, not just the truth suppression itself, but the method for suppressing the truth – the very mechanism that throws up the chaff leading truth seekers in the wrong direction. His path led to a name that now directly connects to these two websites that were supposed to be anonymous – Michael Hemmingson.

Is Hemmingson the head honcho on this, the big fish? Oh, hardly. From what we can figure, he’s big enough to have some other people under him following his guidance on things and letting him tell them what to post on their own sites. But he’s small enough that he can be jettisoned from the organizations he is affiliated with – disposable, you might say. And he appears to be unbalanced enough to not quite realize this, or perhaps he just doesn’t care.

We will go into further detail in other articles regarding who is really behind this organization who was likely responsible for his murder. We have amassed a fair amount of data, but it’s a fairly twisty path and will take more than one article, which we will publish soon. This one’s about Khris because he deserves to have the world know how brave he was.

For now, know this. The push to keep truthful information suppressed is real. The threat to those who speak out or who uncover information that they shouldn’t is equally real. We know it. Khris knew it. He died trying to uncover it.

Khris, you were a very sweet man. You were trying to help others and you were trying to do what was right. You are a warrior and a true hero and we salute you. You will be greatly missed.

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yes Khris was working on a new Site, and Article to post. with much new info , and who what where folks involved int he background. and that darker-side . and very known names around some a them peoples.. and all layers of their BS.. shown..   

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