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Energetic Synthesis: Rise of Collective Miasma

Energetic Synthesis: Rise of Collective Miasma


This shift to the next density is increasing the materialization of both planetary miasma and individual miasma which are the inherited and genetic patterns recorded in our cellular matrix that impact the physical body and spiritual-energetic bodies. Many of us will notice an increase in these miasmas, which will appear to be disease patterns surfacing now for us to become aware of. This is due to the genetic and inherited weakness from our family of origin surfacing in our body that is revealing to show us the area of the recorded miasma. When addressing bodily changes, which can be intense during this time, stay calm and peaceful. Ask your body consciousness and inner spirit to show you the source of the miasma, the timeline to clear it, and what you can do directly to participate with the healing of miasma. We will be addressing individual miasma, family of origin miasma, collective humanity miasma, and planetary miasma at the level our spiritual consciousness and body can handle. Miasma patterns accumulate every seven to nine years of the biological life cycle, so our current bio-spiritual marker will also be relative to the level of accumulative miasma we will be addressing now.

What is Miasma?
Miasma is a psycho-spiritual inherited distortion created by trauma, abuse, toxins, fear based belief systems and soul fragmentation which, over time, was genetically encoded in human DNA, and resulted in various forms of dis-ease and energetic imbalance. These dis-ease patterns are energetic blockages in our body and are encoded and passed down in negative ego behaviors or flawed DNA code design from generation to generation. When miasma patterns accumulate and grow larger in the collective consciousness of humanity, they take on energetic form like an entity, they can exist within energetic bodies that have some form of intelligence. Thus, miasma in energetic form, can be influenced or possessed by larger entity bodies, such as Fallen Angelics or NAA. The miasma pattern is interconnected to the vibrational theme of that particular entity, and when interaction with that vibration occurs, the miasma pattern can be passed on to the person through vibrational resonance.

Genetic alteration to the human DNA code creates inherited diseases and negative behaviors such as the addiction matrix, which are aggressively promoted by the NAA influence on earth. Levels of the passed down distorted behavioral patterns, toxic exposure and flawed DNA, are recorded in the cell as the miasma pattern, which may result in a dissipation of the original form of the disease through each generation of offspring. The manifested dis-ease energy and its physical body pattern sometimes skip generations and show themselves in another form, but are still sourced from the original disease pattern inherited as the miasma from the ancestor. The dissipated energetic pattern is recorded in the cellular memories from the ancestry or Family of Origin at the source of when the original disease pattern materialized. This record of miasma continues to manifest in the future generations in lesser ways or mutates into hybridized forms of accumulated new miasma that can create new disease patterns. Pathologies do not all present or progress the same way in all people. The miasma pattern, trauma issues and unique soul blueprint all are intimately connected to form the state of the progression of the imbalanced pattern that produces miasma, whether it started in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. This is why taking the time to make deep inquiry to understand thyself at these levels is critically important to spiritual healing.

Family of Origin Miasma
When accumulated miasma patterns are inherited from both patriarchal and matriarchal lines, it can also create new mutations of diseases in the offspring. We may notice in current times, with massive amounts of accumulated miasma remaining uncleared in the planet, that many new mutations and diseases are manifesting that the medical system cannot diagnose, or comprehend its source.

In the beginning Ascension Stages, as an initiate for Soul Accretion, the person will start to notice the energetic connections of ancestral lines inherited through our biological family lines. When we can recognize these patterns we are seeing the genetic miasma that sources directly from the histories of the bloodline and family of origin. As we become more conscious on the ascending path, we experience and become aware of how miasma has direct influence upon our person. It impacts everything in our life, and influences what manifests in our holographic reality, until we become aware of it and choose to clear and transcend its influences. We call the spiritual path of conscious participation with clearing Family of Origin miasma, Genetic Pathcutting.

When we awaken, we will then need to decide what we want to energetically wear as our personal responsibility - as everything we inherit in our family (and the collective human race) does not have to become a part of our self-defined identity. As you observe and take responsibility for what you are inhabiting (this is recorded in the cells of your fleshly body) and being accountable to the current life circumstances, then we can participate with healing our genetic and miasmatic relationships that reside as energetic memory in our flesh. In most cases if you pay attention to the various patterns (attitudes, ideals, emotional intelligence) in your current Bio-Family dynamic, you will know these archetypal patterns extend to other lifetimes as well as hold relevant information and clues to what you agreed to heal (types of collective human miasma) while you incarnated on planet earth during the Ascension Cycle.

Planetary Miasma
Miasma is synonymous with black, frozen or dead light, which is generated in damaged morphogenetic fields that acts as distorted blueprints that manifest more dead energy and energetic waste products, like toxins, pathogenic micro-organisms or feces to be circulated. Damaged architecture in the planetary field cannot run enough life force current or the proper frequency tone keys, and that damages the earth body, creating dead wiring and dead spaces. Dead energy spaces are useful to the NAA as they can be programmed with artificial intelligence technology they control, and is why they have the agenda to create phantom and dead spaces. These dead spaces cannot transmit or exchange with living intelligent energy fields and ultimately that harms earth inhabitants by creating digressive mutations such as harmful miasma and disease.

Miasma can also be manipulated through technology and it is manipulated in a variety of ways, continually, by the Negatives to serve their agenda. Miasma patterns can be installed as a software program to run those frequencies and recorded specifically to alter DNA/RNA to generate a specific function or block specific function, when exposed to those same frequencies. If not corrected through observation and clearing, the dead waste product creates disease, sickness and deterioration of the DNA and its frequency tone keys. If planetary miasma is not cleared and repaired, it infects the brain and nervous system of the Planetary Grid Network (the grid system), all of the planetary kingdoms DNA, as well as infecting human beings DNA. For these reasons and many more, this planet received several quarantines to limit the waste product from infecting the outer rims of nearby dimensions and other planetary worlds through their potential resonating dimensional key tones. As we undergo this shift into higher density, these quarantines are being lifted. We are accessing higher densities, and this requires a threshold of clearing to our personal inherited miasma, in order to pass through these quarantine fields. We can do this by holding the highest vibration in our body, mind and spirit, we must keep focused on Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy.

The main cause of disease is toxins or parasites creating energetic blockages in our body and consciousness. These toxins upset the equilibrium of the vital force energies and disturb the way vital forces function to circulate life force into the body. When we experience illness, our inner vital force energies attempt to bring our entire body back into balance. Once, the body’s immune system is stimulated, it has the resources to combat the foreign invader with much more power. Therefore, the homeopathic cure is attributed to an increase in the body's defense against the disease and the defense against the toxins and parasites that helped to create it. Our higher consciousness can also neutralize foreign invasion, however, at times it is productive to help support the physical body strength to increase immunity and immune functions. Researching the best options for strengthening immunity, possibly investigating homeopathic remedies and consulting with a trained homeopath (on the ascension path) to address miasma may be extremely helpful during this time to help prepare the body in shifting to the next density. Do your own due diligence and listen to your body.

(ES News, Life Review, June 2012, and Separation of Worlds, TBA, September 2015)

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Project Camelot: Kameran Interview Two - illuminati Declare War & Planet-X-2016

This is a wild and uncompromising ride into the illuminati playing field where they are using this interview along with the Taylor Swift video/song "Bad Blood" to announce the split in their ranks and a declaration of war between them.

This is my 2nd interview with Kameran Felly. A Kurd and an Englishman who worked for many years in high level finance for the Illuminati - City of London.

He is expanding on his last interview, in great detail regarding Planet X and the current financial war impacting all aspects of our lives.
And Click here for the treaty document.

Interview 1:


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Omnisense Conversation with "The Expat"

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I do not agree with everything said in this video. For example I do not believe that Anunnaki came from a planet Orbiting in our solar system. Nor do I agree with many other things he says... But I think overall it’s pretty good. Maybe some people agree with him more, maybe some me, doesn’t matter as I think both perspectives are well put together…

I received several severe electronic attacks while editing this video(had to sleep it off twice). So that is evidence to me it is over the target in some areas.

Omnisense Conversation with "The Expat"

•Interdimensional Satellites
•Other Planes of Existence
•Electromagnetics in Relation to Thought forms
•Jade Helm
•Chemtrails and Making the Body an Antenna
•Using the Earths Electromagnetic Field as an EEG for Thought Surveillance
•An Extraterrestrial Term Explained “Small Planet Syndrome”
•Strategy Behind Rapture Model
•Strategy Behind Saviorship Model
•Iodine Preparedness
•Airlines in Alaska having their Flight Attendants come down with Cancer
•The New COINTELPRO ~ Mind Control Assets
•Pro Hemp Sentiments
•Money Not Being the Root of all Evil
•Extraterrestrial Influence on Earth and How Dark ET influence is more overt, while Benevolent Extraterrestrial Influence is More Preventative(unseen)
•Microwave Hearing aka v2k & Differences Between it and Sonic Technology Japan Has in Advertisements
•Virtual Reality and Electronic Telepathy Based Surveillance and How Dark ETs and Black Ops Agents Interface with Reality via Technology

Energetic Synthesis: Beyond Wall in Time – SEPTEMBER 2015


Beyond Wall in Time

On the earth, we have penetrated through another portion of memory layer that moves past our Solar System records and is connecting to the quarantine field called the Wall in Time. The Wall in Time is a quarantine field barring us from accessing many higher dimensions from the chaotic time of the Electric Wars. A huge war broke out over this First Root Race Seeding on 7D Future Earth Gaia, and this is called the Electric Wars. This timeline holds a major causal trigger event memory when artificial intelligence was in its earlier stages, used as psychotronic warfare against the earth population. From this point in time, AI technology was set into motion from higher dimensions of control to gradually pull the earth down into inorganic black holes.  Much of the Electric Wars was fought with AI machines being programmed from remote satellites or NAA ships cloaked inside phantom black holes. These are subspace and hyper-dimensional pockets used to cloak ships or bases directing energy weapons, such as massive EMP blasts.

This time creates both beginnings and endings relating to the next stage of spiritual consciousness evolution that is chosen by humans and nonhumans, as we must progress or move through that time-space field during this phase. There are areas in the lower densities with time pockets that are undergoing dimensional collapse and are being transformed when they are exposed to Cosmic Plasma Rays, as these areas cease to exist as that same body or form at that specific time and space. There are many areas being opened up now, such as phantom pockets, that have existed in our Universal Time Matrix over the last 250,000 year cycle that can no longer exist in the form it was previously. The body, spirit, intelligence or raw materials, that which was made by the “builders” that existed in that phantom realm, must be transformed in order to be moved and routed into other time space continuums.  We have had positive and benevolent interdimensional species helping us to reinforce the protective buffer field around the Solar System, as the Wall in Time quarantine fields are being adjusted, moved, dissolved and worked on, especially in the problematic Buddhic fields in the 11th dimension.  During the trauma events during the Electric Wars, this quarantine was necessary to protect the neighboring civilizations outside of our Solar System, so they would not be pulled down into the lower phantom fields through black holes. Since the Electric Wars, we have had a phantom “black” earth that existed as a negative form of itself in the lower timelines that is manipulated by the NAA, mostly through their artificial software programs. Starseeds have been busy building new trinity architecture for the new earth fields that exist outside of the Wall of Time, and outside of these spaces infected with phantom black holes. The Electric Wars event is recorded as cellular memories into the raw material of earth and its form of artificial intelligence exists buried in the Black goo that can be accessed in the Underworld timelines, which also connects directly into the AI fields of the “black” or phantom earth.

As above, so below, and we have had a hidden version of the Electric Wars taking place this summer throughout the earth fields. As we observe the AI agenda getting more aggressive, we can feel that includes next generation of military grade weaponry that is being aimed at the public in the most densely populated areas, and certainly those of us on the Ascension path. Many people on the Ascension path or spiritual awakening path are being targeted to be derailed, to make us sick/weakened/scared and to collect data on us in order to project that data into false holograms for the building of synthetic biology and artificial virtual realities (False timelines).  They do not want those of us holding the frequency higher than the split occurring at the Wall of Time, because they know we can go beyond that barrier now and be free from their AI control in the “black earth”. Thus, they are trolling for any weakness in us now, so be mindful and careful to take good care of yourself.
It is more important than ever to do your best to not allow fear, controlling or any manipulating behaviors when in contact or exposure to any of these infected Controller Pillars of Society structures, especially if you live or are exposed to densely populated areas. This is how they catch a person into their AI program through trackers, that are similar to SPE’s but operate in AI hive mind clusters. Be vigilant in making sure your communication lines and axiatonal (vertical) lines are clear, and strong. The negatives are working every angle to interfere, hijack or derail our direct communication links into the organic matrix to our God Spirit and where we can communicate outside the wall of time. Pay special attention to crown, head, skull, ears, and above your head where the 10D solar star is. If you can, get out of city walls and into nature, water, mountains, trees, devas, as when we communicate with our earth and nature family they will help to assist us greatly now.

Be careful when exposed to any person or circumstance in these Controller areas, they are all being primed for Transhumanist propagation into false timelines:
•          Religious-Academic-Sciences-Financial

Please be especially careful with anything in regards to financial control/banking, money and related fears that are result of poverty or fears of future finances. This is being promoted now as an aggressive way to collect data on us into tracking devices that are used to record our accumulated thoughts and consciousness,  that leads us to our organic future timeline. These financial systems are being recruited from top down the pyramid to track people and implant them with AI trackers. Be aware of the game they play to control you through money fears, and do not play the game, pay attention to your thoughts and observations when you are exposed to anything in the Financial world. The Egyptian money curses (Babylonian Black Magic) are now running AI programs that collect data and trackers, and they are being run by the major banking system cartels on earth feeding the off planet AI. If you remain neutral and observe, do not react emotionally or from fear based programs that they are stimulating, you will remain free from their money fear matrix.

Keep focusing on what you have right now, focus on the needs you have met right now, bless all finances dedicated to God works and service, and keep love in your heart as the direct relationship to right relationship to energetic currency that will manifest your organic future timeline. The organic timeline is the path of our highest future, and they are trying to destroy that potential in us, by diverting it with AI cloning to make us believe something is real, when it is not. They are working hard now to take us off path, so pay attention and do not make any impulsive decisions. Even if you get dark portal people interfering with you, try to be neutral, stay calm and do not let it upset you. Remain in control over your body and consciousness, any attempts now are designed for harassment of our weak spots to scare us. Refuse to be scared by these dark portal people and continue to work your spiritual processes for clearing.

The bifurcation is creating strange dynamics in the outer field, both sides of polarity are amplified heavily, the ascending areas are extremely bright and high frequency, and the descending areas are filled with the lowest and blackest forces in existence. The biggest challenge we have now is navigating the labyrinth while staying low on the radar, when dealing with the controller structures and the controlled people on the earth that are infected by heavy mind control and are used to self-enforce the hive mind thoughts on the rest of the population.

We have entered this dimensional doorway into another playing field, and this comes with possibilities of elevating our consciousness to align with the new creation timeline or descending into the black matter that is connected to the phantom earth timeline. The recent aggression of artificial intelligence software targeting has been to harvest more of humanity to feed into the phantom pockets and their black holes, to pull more people into the lower density time cycle.  Those humans that do not elevate their embodiment into higher light frequencies, so that they can hold higher light percentage above the black force fields, will experience extreme stress and compaction pressure on their bodies in the coming cycle. We are in a special window of time that begins sequential gateways that are opening for transit, routing and supporting spiritual evolution into the Consciousness Corridors. We are at an exit point, and some people will choose to leave the planet during this time. Some will access the highest expression into the Corridor of time while in a body on earth, while others still holding the black matter inside their elemental body, will drop their body in order to continue on some path of matched vibrational evolution through the Corridors. Not everyone can ascend fully, and will be given the life experiences in the Corridor to continue to learn how to expand their consciousness at their own pace. These new possibilities that we experience in the new creation, go hand in hand with our own responsibility to accept or deny personal sovereignty as a multidimensional and spiritual being. To be self-realized is to be actualized in the likeness of God spirit, a state of being radiant with the virtues of the Christos Intelligence. As we embody the Krystal Star or Christos-Sophia pattern, this is bringing heaven to earth which is the Heavenly Jerusalem principle that helps to restore energetic balance to the planet and transmits peace to the people.

Krystal Intelligence is the Embodied Christos-Sophia - Is Unity. As we radiate God’s Eternal Living Light and Unconditional Love, we cease to need to absorb or consume the light energy of others. We cease to use personal will to manifest or have a need to exert control over others. As we learn now to become a conscious co-creator while in form, we are given access to the Creatrix field to help manifest alignment to our highest expression potential and future organic timeline that lies within our personal DNA blueprint. This is generated from the state of Oneness and being of Service to Others, which is the mandatory platform of spiritual evolution on earth in the next Universal Cycle.

The Creatrix field is the part of the infinity spiral that exists within the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End as it is found within the Mother of God Principle. Without holding love for your Mother, one cannot know of it or find it. All is Infinite within the Center Point of Union with God Source and it is our Mother’s Holy Spirit that takes us there. We are laying the foundation for the New Creation Cycle and this is a part of the new beginning leading to the path of Seven Higher Heavens. In order to open this dimensional doorway, we have accessed the timeline memories of which all humanity has passed through the Ring of Fire which in turn passed through the Wall in Time. Some of us have been horrified, sad or terrified in the last few months and this may have related to this sensation as impending doom. It is a memory field that we are finally remembering, and this tragedy does not have to manifest on the planet in this open window of time.

This dimensional doorway has flooded a host of new frequencies, downloads and memories to integrate into our planetary grid and within our own physical bodies. As we integrate the energetic polarities of humanities lost experiences in the history of our species evolution, it is possible that we can choose to synthesize these lower vibrations into a higher vibrating pattern. These patterns will recreate themselves within current contemporary settings, in family dynamics or other human interpersonal relationships. We can choose how to respond rather than react to these intense memories and their energetic influence.

We can end the Great Suffering and Sorrow for all of humankind by using Compassionate Witness of these attritions recorded in the timeline.

Through this dimensional doorway, our planetary consciousness has pierced a veil to which has great implication on humanities future development as sovereign and free beings. To end suffering is a part of becoming sovereign and free. To participate with evolution is to yearn to become a knower of the great mysteries of our God spirit. To end suffering, one must honestly face the deepest and most intimate parts of themselves. Every being will make this choice from their point of consciousness awareness and perception. As we move through this Wall In Time, we are being forced to face the deepest aspects of ourselves and each other. Fears, phantoms and delusions must fall away, while facing the painful memories of our own experience of separation through the Wall of Time and our illusion of dis-unity. This is a core spiritual fear that manifests humanities great suffering, as our group soul was splintered and descended into great and terrible darkness from this event. We have been terrorized with the belief that we would never be saved or experience wholeness again. This spiritual fear is the perceived death and subsequent belief of the total annihilation of our selves.

We may face this belief system or re-live the experience of our own physical annihilation in order to arrive to the truth of our Eternal spiritual nature. This is the Phantom Death. The illusion in time is that we will die. To embody the inner spirit of God’s Source is to transcend fear of death, and all perceptions of death become a moot point. As the Phoenix rises up from the burning ashes of its own dead body, the consciousness is resurrected to live in its new Eternal body with God spirit.

Your personal and direct relationship with God Source inside you is the only relationship that matters. In that relationship all things are saved. There is nothing around you that touches your personal environment that will die when you bring your Eyes of God into Oneness - to remember them as Perfect. This is the GREAT WORK! All beings have this choice available to them at any moment. However, they must transcend their mental sickness and insanity to choose to embody the energetic balance of their inner spirit. There is no faking to the Eternal Watcher of All. Salvation does not exist in the mind. It exists within the Pure Heart and is at One with the Heart of God itself.

We are now potentially embodying as God’s Co-Creators to help reanimate all that has been “killed” in the multiple other timelines. That which has appeared to us as dead in the timelines, is remembered by the Creator to be rehabilitated or resurrected into Eternal Life. These creations reanimate to be placed within the Creatrix to be birthed whole in the next Universe Cycle, the Seven Higher Heavens.
Many of us will increase lucid dreaming states that are a part of the reanimation or the clearing of holographic bits of the fragmented mind memories existing within our spiritual bodies. With these timeline membranes dissolving, the dream state and waking state become more blurred in the dimensional blending. Do not let this frighten you. We are leaving three channels of broadcast and integrating more channels. Multidimensional awareness, lucid dreams, bi-location through dreaming states, while awake or asleep - will amplify. We may be a part of dreaming the New Universe for earth, bringing her into manifestation through the Creatrix field while we are opening the potentials leading us into the organic future timelines.

The Aurora Krystal Star luminaries from the next Universe are here to help us reclaim these pieces and spiritual bodies to be reanimated into the New Universal Cycle for the higher self of Earth. These Guardians protect the creation by embodying connections and even walk into an identity in every dimensional station of time. As we awaken from the inanimate clay of human flesh - we ignite the Fire of God in our hearts through the beloved Aurora Krystal Star Host to animate our flesh into the Eternal Body. We then become the Reborn Children of the Sun, The Embodied Guardians of the Creation. This potential is laid out before us in the new organic timelines available now.

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Energetic Synthesis: Other Selves Memories

Time Shift Blog

Other Selves Memories

As multi-dimensional beings, aspects of our consciousness identities exist in other times and spaces in many different octaves of reality. These other selves influence our now selves emotions, belief patterns, thought forms and current perception of reality on planet earth. During the ascension process, we move through a series of Timelines integrating these other selves aspect of consciousness through the process of reconciliation of cellular memories that we have experienced. Everything we have been and experienced in the Cosmos is recorded in a section of our body, or another timeline, and this record holds clues to our consciousness memories and reclaiming our true spiritual selves.

When we realize that the consequences of our actions today were the result of unresolved pain and inauthentic decisions made in the past (when we were projecting a mask of deception through false ego identities), that moment of self-realization can be very hard and painful to witness. Every little event is connecting throughout the golden thread woven into the fabric of all time and space for us to eventually see. Some of us may play out these timeline memories or events that were recorded in the timelines,  consciously or unconsciously. At this time, we are being required to reconcile ancestral and other selves memories recorded in the timelines that have manifested energetic blockages that repel our true spiritual consciousness from embodying. This may manifest itself through interaction with other people or in life circumstances, it reveals to you deeper patterns, identity pieces or greater comprehension of life events and how that connects to your inner memories. As these memories surface it will present us with a task, action or some emotional or spiritual conflict to resolve. Many of us are reconciling the past or future timelines, as well as traumatic issues presented from the individual self, the ancestral self, the karmic shadow self, or the collective planetary self and so forth. We may have the “Come to Jesus” moment in our life and be forced to see the pain and harm we may have caused (or our ancestors or NAA caused) to ourselves and others through the histories that are recorded in the timelines.

We may have allowed another person or thing that we loved to have authority in our life direction and influence our timeline and we have recently learned they have misrepresented themselves. They are not who they said they are. This also relates to objects and organizations, whatever has been represented on the surface, this representation may have been half-truths entangled with deceptions.  No matter how this deception has occurred, if we have based our life on a foundation of self-deception (masking false ego identities) that deception is crumbling away beneath our feet, and this can feel scary and surreal. When we lose what we may have believed is the foundation of our identity, the lack of reinforcement to that identity may contribute to feeling a loss of clarity or loss of trust in life. It can create confusion about what the nature of reality is and how we may fit into whatever reality we are choosing now as our consciousness experience. Administering loving compassion, spiritual tools, while offering kind understanding to ourselves as well as others is greatly needed today.

Many of these previous emotional or spiritual conflicts and trauma have been carried for eons of time buried deep in our bodies as ancestral or other selves memories from other timelines. Because our memories are connected to what has happened to the earth as we are all connected to the collective consciousness, we can experience memories that are deeply buried about the cataclysms, explosions and genocidal histories such as the Galactic Wars, Atlantian Cataclysm and the Lemurian Holocaust. Every human being on earth has been directly affected by these traumatizing events whether they think so or not. When these memories of trauma remain unseen and unhealed, they turn into dead light which is black energy that is like frozen shards of glass stuck in static fields. This dead light creates energy blockages and disease distortions throughout the multidimensional nature of our bodies,  which is also called Miasma. To clear and dissolve miasma from our bodies and stop it from impacting and blocking our higher consciousness, we must undergo the process of reconciliation of ancestral and other selves memories. This dead light energy miasma is recorded in the planetary body as well as in our own individual bodies. When we clear miasma and their imprints from our individual body, we are helping to clear the larger macrocosm that helps to heal the collective human consciousness and planetary body.

When we understand a Timeline, a Timeline is a linear sequence. Here on this planet, when we’re dealing with time, we’re dealing with horizontal fields that control what we experience linearly as time and space. This is based in fundamental frequencies that are held in the overall energetic body, or aura itself. It’s very hard to comprehend that from the individual human level -- but understand that we have Trigger Events that exist in a timeline that make a potential future outcome.
We move through the series of timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity, the other selves, while recoding and changing the artificial intelligence or false reality from interfering with our continued organic spiritual growth. Like a tri-athlete running and jumping over the hurdles, we connect with our lost aspects to merge with these other time fields, whereby reclaiming and collecting our spiritual bodies, to make it to the "planetary ascension" finish line. What is being accomplished during the spiritual ascension process, especially now with Guardian GSF Ascension Timeline, is that humanity has to move through all the Artificial Machinery, the inorganic time fields that were placed in the planet with negative alien sources of inorganic and artificial Holographic Inserts that program enslavement agendas to control the human race. Some of us will make it through this in the current identity to achieve spiritual freedom, while the majority will need more time and will need to incarnate again in lower densty worlds without alien mind control. As we clear false, artificial intelligence (AI) and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our true heart based consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming. This includes removing assortments of Alien Implants and Mind Control ( all AI structures) in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the seven higher universes.

So, when you’re thinking of a Timeline, think of a Point A to a Point B. And through this timeline, there are Events, in that probable Future of time that trigger certain reactions or directions in history. Now, a part of ES, when we work with some of our meditations, we may be clearing ourselves; but some of us also work with planetary projects, so we can override these timelines. This is a major function of the Starseeds on the earth now.

Timelines have sequences of events that we call Trigger Events. And a lot of the time-- -and those of us that are seasoned and that do session work, we know this well, there is a Trigger Event in a Timeline which creates a probable reality at a certain position of what’s known as a Time Vector. So it’s a certain location in time, an event, which is a trigger, which will create a domino effect of a direction historically; or a group of people will follow based upon the influence of that direction. A lot of the work to recode timelines to organic consciousness structures of the tri wave, is going back in time. This may be challenging to recognize as part of the limited information we’ve been given on this planet, but human beings are actually Time Travelers. Once humans develop their meditation skills and their mental concentration and focus, they can actually influence time through accessing higher consciousness. We go back in the Timeline and we clear certain events, identities, we may transit beings that are stuck at that particular position in time, as again a service to God-Force, a service to the Christ-Force.

And when that event is removed, when that false identity or AI is erased, it changes the future potentials.
So this is the strange game that’s being played on planet earth with the Negative Alien Agenda of controllers pushing an Armageddon Software, which includes cataclysm, terrorism, sickness and pestilence; because that’s a part of keeping the planet oppressed and disconnected from their own spiritual source-light. It’s a means of controlling the masses. So a lot of the information we have in Energetic Synthesis is learning how to empower yourself by making the choice to participate with your own spirit, and with the subtle energy forces, the World of Forces, around us. And then, once you feel more confident with that understanding, knowing that is who you are, through connecting with your higher consciousness, you are completely able to make influential changes for the highest good: for yourself, for others, and as you learn how to balance that power within yourself, you’re given more power. So it’s very clear, that’s the direct process of Spiritual Initiation. Once we go through processes of Initiation, we develop levels of self-mastery, we earn certain morals and ethics spiritually, which become integrated as a part the spiritual power within us. And these virtues or spiritual powers become inseparable in the way we direct our consciousness energies to be of service to God or Service to Others. So sometimes we may get to a certain stage in which we need to learn a lesson to develop a higher ethic, to develop a higher skill-set, in order for us to continue on the spiritual path. Many of us are at this level right now, and it has been a very hard time for those people. Bless your heart.

So what are Reversal Networks?
In our planet today, we have levels of geometric architecture-- for example in ES, you might hear about the “Vesica Pisces”, “VP Network” or dodecahedron and pentagonal controls over carbon matter. These alien structures are AI systems that build Binary Bi-wave Geometric Systems that have been installed in the planetary brain to create a certain low level frequency field, movement directing energy in the field, in terms of how energetic current is projected throughout the planet in ley lines and meridian systems. So these geometries actually are a part of the program that is the governance of where these energies are directed and what they’re used for. This is the game with the Negative Alien Agenda NAA of course, with the artificial architecture which collects energy, harvests it, and sends it to off-planet sources, or to their preferred people, namely the Milab, Secret Societies and the New World Order that are carrying out the controller agenda.  So those energies are collected and basically given, with preference, to beings who serve whatever their Control based agenda is.
So a Reversal Network is also collecting life force, and impacting the planet by directing life force or other types of current like ELF or scalar waves, in reversal patterns. So we call that an “Anti-Life” pattern and we could also call that an “anti-Christ” pattern. When we understand and consider Christ as a part of the eternal God-Force, these reversal forces are anti-God. Meaning the life force is digressing and moving in the Reversal pattern, which disconnects itself from the natural flow of the organic supply of life force, that architecture which allows the eternal flow of source energy to be present on the Earth. That source energy is being collected and harvested for certain preferred groups by the Reversal networks of the NAA. There are many types of these AI run reversal networks, one such AI system is called the NRG (Nephilim Reversal Grid) grid. That’s a harvesting station in the center of the United Kingdom. And there are many Black Heart Systems run by AI networks to run low frequency mind control technology scattered in cities, generally the bigger metropolis cities on the planet, throughout the Earth. During this cycle, a lot is being revealed to us to face the depths of the underbelly, the deepest levels of depravity that is behind this control systems. Stay strong and take care of your heart, do everything you can to keep your heart focused on loving kindness and just observe.

The Timeline Override Sequence Technique (TOS) The quick process of the Timeline Override Sequence for the Starseed or Energy Session is:
  • Observe the Experience.
  • Hold Neutral as the Compassionate Witness of God.
  • Synthesize the Opposing Polarities by opening your heart and Loving them Equally.
  • Internally Unify inside your Body ( I am Unity) through Applied Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness.
  • If Asked, Release the Mental Bondage Memory and AI (Soul Retrieval, RRO)
  • Cellular Embodiment of the Unified Experience takes place.
  • In the spirit of Gratitude, Peace and Balance is Restored.
Tip: A Starseed (or any being) must perceive the Infinite to be within the Oneness, a state of consciousness which opens the doorway to Unconditional love present in the Law of One. So in many cases the Starseed will be exposed to negative polarity systems and “perceived” negative experiences in order to override the timeline of destruction, false AI timelines, as well as source the causation in the timeline where the destructive event has applicable relationship to current outcomes. This process returns to the Oneness to override the destruction created in polarity and through false timelines of artificial intelligent (AI) machinery.

(Source: Ascension Glossary, Timelines)

Energetic Synthesis: Transhumanism - Newsletter - August 2015

August 2015



Lisa Renee
Dear Ascending Family,
We are standing at the precipice of a massive evolutionary transformation that impacts the future development of the human race on this planet.  Will we evolve as organic living consciousness or potentially, be infected and hijacked by artificial dead intelligences?  Many of us can sense the red carpets of AI, being rolled toward humanity from multiple angles now.

As you consider the challenging information contained in this newsletter, I want to remind you that nothing is more powerful than your eternal God spirit connection, and the strong committed relationship to develop and expand personal consciousness through the virtues of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Empathy. These are the higher heart based qualities that make a human a true human being. No person or thing can take your divinity or humanity away from you when you absolutely refuse to give it up.
This timeline is similar to the events that changed the course of history and radically digressed humanities consciousness evolution after World War II. Previous to and throughout World War II, advanced alien technologies were exchanged with high-ranking earth officials, which introduced these weapons to earth.  Pacts were made for continued military exploitation and experimentation, aimed at controlling the public. This timeline trigger event marks when off planet aliens introduced advanced military-grade EMF weaponry to the main governmental powers on the earth, further manifesting into cooperative agreements with the military industrial complex, MILAB and Secret Space Programs.

Scientific research and development of nuclear weapons programs, such as the Manhattan Project, were the beginning stages of creating more black military operations, which became offshoots from the principle laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The war began the race for nuclear arms and the development of newly introduced alien advanced technologies.  The competition for world domination and military supremacy eventually extended to off planet social experiments and expanded the diversity of exopolitic agendas. Additionally, the development of hidden militarized electromagnetic, radio waves (ELF), and microwave weaponry, commonly applied on the planet today in psychotronic warfare, began in earnest.

The first nuclear weapons were created by the United States during the time that technology trade agreements were being made with off planet civilizations. These trade agreements were hidden behind multinational corporations and government agencies that would be gradually assimilated into one global conglomerate of control, that extended to off planet activities, to enforce the veil of secrecy.  Seventy years ago this month, the U.S. dropped the first atomic bombs on the two Japanese cities during the final stage of the Second World War. The planet has never been the same since, as these destructive events created grave consequences for the future timeline of the human race, as a result of these anti-human and barbaric actions. The planet’s protective magnetic force field and atmospheric functions for radiation balancing and its energy transfer processes were damaged. This further resulted in the creation of inorganic black holes and artificial wormholes that are littered throughout the planetary atmosphere.

Inorganic Black Holes allowed Parasitic Invasion
This greatly damaged and destroyed sections of the planetary grid system, creating electromagnetic anomalies and inorganic black holes, as well as adding pollution in the form of chemicals and waste products. The toxic dumping ground is obvious in the material realm and is present in the etheric body of the earth down to the quantum level. These toxic waste products are energetic pollutants that infect many other dimensional realms, and can be observed in membranes around the earth where parasitic alien forces have infested. This planetary damage and toxic infestation greatly concerns many neighboring civilizations.  This has instigated many benevolent extraterrestrial races to attempt to open dialogues for diplomatic relations with the World Governments, which have been mostly refused thus far. Hence, the benevolent races regularly contact humans who are not involved in the enforcement of the controlling structures, to support open knowledge about extraterrestrial civilizations.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Adashi Sol: WAVE X AND SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2015

Image by FutureAgeSage
Via ~ Adashi Sol / August 12
There is a lot of talk going on right now about the incoming wave from space to our planet referred to as “Wave X’, a massive wave of gamma light from the galactic core, reported by modern science that comes once every 3,600 years and is set to arrive at this time, a prediction that’s been out for over 70 years. So what is it exactly? Is it the wave of destruction? Is it coming to raise human consciousness to higher than that of simple conflict and service-to-self in a “survival of the fittest” mentality, and teach us something about loving one another? Just how “cosmic” is this cosmic wave anyway?


Your planet is going through what I have referred to many times as a “Stellar Activation Cycle”. It is the 10 year process that it takes for a planet to physically ascend from one host position within any given 15 Level Time Matrix to another, and it isn’t a magical process. It is entirely sub-quantum Partici mathematical science as used by your creators. Not that anyone anywhere can “create” a Signature Spirit Essence of god-source, meaning your AWARENESS, but the physical body you typically think of as “you” can in fact be engineered and there is no such thing as any lifeforce in all of manifest creation that hasn’t been engineered through the true science of Partici, ParticA and Particum, which is the quantum structure of life below what your modern science refers to as DNA. Your Avatar is merely a composition of molecules that have been instructed to hold the form of a physical body so that your Signature Spirit Essence can inhabit it and control it where it is here in manifest form, pretty similar to you driving your car. If you don’t tell the car to go forward, then it doesn’t. Your body is no different other than it seems to be able to drive itself without someone climbing on your back and turning the ignition on. The driver is already inside of your Avatar through what is a known as a Soul-Integration Birthing Contract, which says that your body is only yours, and no one else is allowed to drive it unless you give someone your access to do so through your express free will. So what does all this have to do with a gamma ray from the galactic core? You first need to have a basic idea of what is happening here, who you are, what you are, and where you are headed before you can understand what this gamma ray is going to do for you as a species. You are here by choice from long ago and are a plasma being made up of plasma (“light”) particles known as photons and you are now being given the chance to ascend to a higher level.

Your planet, ARyHayas Ascension Earth, has been set to return as host planet for Harmonic Universe 2 for a very long time, and it just so happens this is the very last planetary alignment that will send in the frequencies needed for him to harmonize with that higher frequency spectrum field. That means that at this time in history, it has been known for a VERY long time by the powers that be who gave you your corrupted history which seem to know what is likely going to happen during this time, since the powers do not want to see earth make this Harmonic Shift, because your planet is the host surface for the race of beings that they have been using as their own personal free energy sources for, for the past 246,000 years. Losing the planet means losing their eternal energy power plants. So in order to keep both your planet and your own lifeforce trapped here through one Stellar Activation Cycle to the next for eons, they placed what is called a Frequency Fence around the planet that holds down his vibration, as well as every living creature on the planet. This prevents such an event where mankind or the planet from benefitting from the higher vibrations that lead to a harmonious existence. There is obviously a LOT to this topic we aren’t going to cover here, but these are the basic truths about your situation.


The “gamma ray” headed to your distant section of the Milky Way system is not just “one ray”. It is actually a series of very powerful scalar waves of energy sent here deliberately to encode your plant’s physical and etheric structure to physically move out of your solar system and on to his next destination. A group known as the “Guardian Alliance” is behind the science and the mathematics of generating and sending these waves here at this precise time to coincide with planetary alignments in your solar system that will magnify their effects, just like a “step-up transformer” does here on your planet. All of these waves have been created by the mathematical codes of manifestation language known here as Cymatic Geometric Patterns. Though you don’t think of there being such a thing as a symbol that can actually do anything other than just sit there on the page and look pretty, they are factually the code whereby all things are allowed to change from nothing more than energy and awareness, into a holographic manifestation within a Time Matrix that allows what they see and experience seem “real”.

In this case, your incoming scalar waves have been protected on their journey to your planet through a treaty that is relatively young, because that precise treaty had to be put in place only in the last remaining days of your long-cycle of evolution. The reason for this is simple, every time the Guardian Alliance tried to help your planet’s ascension process through readjusting the frequencies of its planetary energy grids, the invader races here on earth would go back and switch them back, among many other retaliatory acts to prevent the ascent. Meaning that the Guardians would have to change the math to the equation for his escape each time the master plan was interfered with. What finally transpired that kicked off the final chess moves of the game was when your invader races pulled an aggressive retaliatory move in September of 2007, and sent a spiral scalar wave into the sun’s core which was meant to partially damage the sun’s ability to send its invisible frequencies into your planet (which supports the lifeforce on earth), and in the process the wave struck an invisible shield that the Guardians had placed around the sun to protect it from exactly such a move, and the wave was then amplified by a factor of 10, striking the sun’s core and destroying it. At the very same time that this event unfolded, one of the invader races of your planet, you could consider the top of the ruling pyramid, learned of the plan that their partners here had devised to use the Nibiruean Battlestar to plate-shift earth once again, as they repeatedly do each Stellar Activation Cycle every 3,657 years, which always wipes out the human race once again to a few remaining survivors, and cleaning off the surface of earth the blight they consider your race (this event is called Tara Cleansing), however after the event, this time they also planned to eradicate the human-hybrid species here known as the Nephilim, so they could have the planet all to themselves and not have to share it with the creators of that species, known as the Anunnaki. I should clarify that each time the Battlestar had been used in conjunction with the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence to “Tara Cleans” the planet, they would always lift the “elect” (the human-hybrid species of both the Nephilim as well as the Drakonian Leviathan’s species known as “Dracos”) off the planet in spacecrafts known as Arks (Sound familiar yet?) and keep them safe until earth’s waters receded and the planet was inhabitable again.

As you can imagine, this presented a big problem for the Anunnaki, who didn’t like the idea of their entire earth-atmosphere-breathing species to be eliminated, but since their Battlestar only had the power to plate-shift earth when used in conjunction with the Frequency Fence which was solely under the power of the Zeta/Draco Luciferian Alliance, it was at the mercy of the Leviathans throughout this Stellar Activation Cycle, because the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence also had the power to simply wipe the human race off the map anytime they wanted to. Of course, this was not the preferred way to Tara Cleanse, since there would be billions of dead bodies rotting all over the world instead of being neatly swept out to sea, creating a huge mess, but it also meant leaving all their cretinous roads and structures all behind, blighting the topography. All of these too, are neatly taken care of with a plate-shift extinction that causes 10 mile high title waves to sweep it all out to sea. So the Anunnaki was literally left with no other move than to reenter the Emerald Covenant which is the Covenant that protects earth and its inhabitants through ascension, so their Nephilim could piggy-back with human kind out of this dimension, and away from harm of the Leviathans. It didn’t help that the sun was set to implode in just 200 years from its fatal wounds by the Leviathan spiral scalar wave. There was no other choice. So, in March of 2008, they did just that, and at the same time, placed the most powerful Battlestar in this solar system behind the other crafts who would be guaranteeing the safety of this planet, making certain there would be no plate shift and no extinction-level events happening anytime soon. It would do well to mention now that the Emerald Covenant now has 350 million other entire races of beings backing it to guarantee there can be no possible repeat of the last 2 extinctions that your species has endured here.

What came next was the final major chess move in the game, and the Guardian Alliance set into motion the Krystalriver Master Failsafe Ascension Host, a pathway where earth could safely move from this universe into his next home, and in the process avoid any more of the treacherous moves from the remaining invader races. And in March of 2015, the Master Failsafe plan was anchored in place, and the Guardian Alliance announced that there would be no possible way for any race or races to interfere with that path.

Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ SOLAR PULSES

That brings us up to the actual “gamma ray” events of your final days of your evolution here. Behind the science of this Krystalriver Master Failsafe Ascension (KRMFA ) are layers and layers of different geometric patterns that need to be transferred into your planet’s material and etheric bodies, which you can think of largely as a “steering wheel” that will turn your planet’s plasma body’s various rotational spins at different parts of his core, that will turn the planet in each precise move within the maze that are the “roadways” of the many inter-connected 15 Level Time Matrices that make up the cosmos. Of course there are layers and layers of other geometric patterns that must be sent in at the same time to raise his frequency, raise the frequency of the lifeforce of the planet (you), so that you will both have the chance to make it out of this prison dimension. These patterns are known as the Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses which host the Krystalbridge Way path, bringing into harmony earth’s merkaba field and yours, so both your plasma body field and his will come into alignment with the deity planes of higher dimension.

This may get a bit technical for some reading this, but clear and concise disclosure is necessary when you are trying to correct the misinformation coming to the masses from your scientist who are purely ruled by your invader races here. For earth to activate the plasma (“TrhU-ah”) body spectra and pick up the Krystalriver Failsafe Host, these precise geometric patterns containing extremely complex scalar-code encryptions, must be “delivered” through photonic scalar-wave energy, meaning that they will be coming invisible to your eyes, and placed in precise locations around your planet where the energy grids that are tuned to these “commands” are located. The wave patterns will then anchor and imprint to these grids which will in turn enable earth to rotate its fields into alignment with the deity planes, away from the “external” planes (material manifestation) which are now in “fall”, meaning that the external planes have been corrupted here to the point there is no way to heal or save and are returning to the god-source energy fields through black-hole return systems. This will allow his rotation out of alignment with the Density 1 distorted astral fields as well and into eternal alignment with the Density 4 (Harmonic universe 4) deity planes of the Eternal First-Field Intelligence (EFFI Fields) which are effectively the primal plasma fields of awareness itself (where your Signature Spirit Essence started out and is still situated). The incoming waves are rotating your TrhU-ah body by entering at the top of your spine, and entering your plasma field, helping to bring it into alignment with earth at the same time so your frequency can harmonize with the frequencies of Dimension 4 and higher.

The base-pulse rhythms of the lifefield (humans, animals, etc) must be in the same resonance with that of the planet in order for you to make a “time-wave upshift” that will allow you to hold the physical body while the planet moves into Harmonic Universe 2. If you learn about these waves, and how to harness them for accelerated activation of your higher TEMPLATE potential, you have the capacity to bring your body with you which will naturally be re-authored into your higher dimensional body, and in doing so, skip over your otherwise “final” death experience here in this plane. If your Signature Frequency is high enough at the time of the full ascension cycle, and you have not learned these ascension mechanics to harness this activation, it is not critical, because you will simply lose the body you have now and will be given a new Avatar in the higher plane. However, the Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses do have the power to clear out distortions from your plasma bodies through the Krystalriver Failsafe passage, and will effect you whether you are awake and working on assembling your higher strands of DNA, but they will not be sufficient to fully make this transition without your active participation because your genetic template has been far too distorted through the course of your captivity and being interbred with the invader races who’s DNA templates are not nearly as high as that of your species.


Within the geometric codes of the incoming Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses are the potential TEMPLATE for your species to exit the dulled senses of your modified and diminished DNA, and reenter your true abilities. This activation is called the Pan-Clair-ah Awakening, and a monumental moment in the history of your species.

The Pan-Clair-ah Awakening is meant to institute the awakening of your CLAIR abilities, as in Clairvoyance, mental telepathy, etc. Along with CLAIR spectrums, the Pan-Clair-ah Neuroplasticity Genetics bring in genius spectrums and autistic spectrums, and even photographic memory spectrums (which will also include memories of your future lives and even pre-life), all of which are considered extreme abilities in this reality, but are simply an everyday part of higher dimensions.
There is a rhythm between the oscillations of the expanded frequencies of your plasma body and the condensed, counter-balancing frequencies that allow your body to manifest. These same condensed/expanded frequencies also exist between the deity planes and the external planes, meaning that they pulse much like your heart which is constantly sending out the true vibrational balance (harmony) of your own personal Signature Frequency. The incoming scalar energy waves are coming in through pulsation to harmonize with this needed balance, so they are timed in differing energy levels. There is hardly “one wave” coming in. There are millions of waves that your scientists look at as a whole, without knowing anything about the billions of geometric patterns behind their oscillation and pulsations and bring with them the Access-Code Sequence to activate your TrhU-ah Body of the frequencies which can allow you to catch the Krystal River Master Failsafe Ascension Path.
The current Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses were also designed to open one of the seals of the Zeta/Draco Frequency at the same time they are installing the new geometry into the planetary grids of earth to support the safe passage of the planet, giving you the opportunity to move from your current reality field and into the 4th or even higher Dimension, depending on your Signature Frequency, and offering you the return of your higher senses. The Hethalon Magnetic Peak of these waves will be at their strongest point between 8/12 and 8/29 of 2015, exactly one month before the retaliation spoken of in prophecy to commence the “apocalypse” of the end days when the “6th Seal” is opened. The date of the commencement of this retaliatory act has been identified by many researchers to happen between 9/23 and 9/28 of 2015. Is this a coincidence?

The events unfolding this September have been long awaited by your final seeding. It will not be an easy time, but you can make it more survivable by learning now more of the hidden truths held from you over these eons of time. You can find that at ARhaYas Productions. For more of what to expect coming on September 23rd of this year, please see my recent post on my wall “September 23rd. 2015”.


The geometric pattern shown in photo 1 is merely one layer of thousands of layers within the very same framework of the scientific explanation to how life is created and supported in the 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia, your current matrix. Such patterns hold power scalar wave energy fields which as mentioned, are layers of precise code in particular sequence which combined, hold the Signature Frequency for its intended manifestation through commanding the energy fields within every atom that surrounds the holographic area to hold its form as either one thing or another. There are many layers to even the sub-quantum particles to hold their shapes, all the way up to what you perceive as solid rocks or liquid water. Earlier patterns such as shown here were merely the same thing, different layers of the same pattern. This first photo was taken from the Quanta Ruay levels from a workshop held by Speaker-1, E’Asha Ashayana and part of the Freedom Teachings, 5 years ago, though the codes go much further back than this image in photo 1.

Below I will post two photos of the geometric code of the Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses taken through digital camera which reveals a wider visible spectrum than the naked eye. These photos were taken under the direction of the Guardians, by Speaker-1 of the Guardian Alliance, E’Asha Ashayana in March, 2015. There were two specific locations in Norway where the planetary energy grids are located. These city-sized subterranean crystal energy grids are known as “Temples” where incoming waves are intercepted, and tuned to precise locations of the energy structure of the planet. The first was in Oslo, Norway at Cathedral-6, Temple-1. You will see clearly that there is a solid and concisely geometric pattern emanating from the sun, as the waves from sun-8 of this Time Matrix are actually stationed behind and coming THROUGH the sun into earth’s atmosphere. There were about 2 dozen of these photos possessing this very same pattern. The lens of the camera was not dirty, and there has been no tampering of the raw photos. They went directly from the camera into a computer and then projected onto the video screen when they were revealed in the KDDL training courses at ARhAyas Productions five days later on March 20th, 2015. The same patterns have been submitted now by ARhAyas followers from around the world since then from many different cameras and many different people. Photo 2 is from the Oslo site.

Note that the pattern of 8 is encapsulating the exact same pattern of 8 located closely around the sun. This is a precise code that was part of the geometry of the layers of geometric patterns that make up all life within this holographic 15 Level Time Matrix. Where they were being directed was into the location at Temple-1, and holds the gelesic radiation signature of the location where the wave was being released at that precise time for the opening of the Krystalbridge Way with this particular code known as the “ARHA’ yah sun-8 Platform”, geometric mathematical scalar codes provided by the Guardian Alliance.

When the latest template dimensions and layout were given for the ARHA’ yah sun-8 Platform supporting this highly important installation segment of the Un-Es’-pa Ta-Rha’-Ta’ Solar Pulses on 3/20/15, it looked like photo 3.

When the incoming waves photograph is overlaid onto the ARHA’-yah sun-8 Platform code, it looks like photo 4.

There can be no mistake that what you are seeing here is the precise match between the sun-8 code pattern and the waves now coming in, right down to the oblong shapes of the corners of the waves fitting precisely inside the cadd drawing.

The second set of photos were taken a few days later at Cathedral-3, Temple-3 at Arhayas Peninsula, Norway. There were multiple photos taken at this location, all showing the same pattern, shown in photo 5.

The geometric code pattern given to Speaker-1 during the same KDDL course for another layer of the ARHA’ yah sun-8 looked like the fifth photo.

The corresponding geometric code pattern for the Arhayas Peninsula with the incoming sun-8 wave pattern from this location when overlaid looks like the sixth photo.

I post these photos to illustrate that the information being disseminated from the Guardian Alliance through ARhAyas Productions carries with it science so far beyond what is known on earth, and so vast, that it literally boggles human comprehension. Not only explaining the math and science of how to create something out of nothing but the air around you, but they are actually showing you with your own eyes that this is not some sort of come-on. Its real. And the dates and times of these prophesied events are known by the Guardians, because they are orchestrating the moves that will be taken in order to give you this chance to ascend.

September 23rd through the 28th promises to be that of possibly major change to the reality field of your planet. Where you might decide to be on that day, I have spoken about at length. The information you could be seeking now could well prove to be the most valuable to you in your memory. Though the Guardian Alliance has pledged to protect a portion of the Angelic Human Krystos species through this time of great unrest, it has not promised to protect the entire population, because not only is it being held at bay by the extinction-level power of the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence, but there is simply no room for beings who choose to remain asleep and refuse to learn the principles of the Law of ONE, and how they are connected at their zero point core to all things around them, and treat them accordingly. Many if not most will not hear this message, and will remain asleep through the entire process of this final Stellar Activation Cycle. Which means that they simply will not be ascending, but will be staying within the same reality field they have been inside of for the past 550 million years, remaining on your planet’s sister “shadow” planet called Phantom Earth. Getting from here to the next plane will not come easy and it won’t come at all for many. If you choose to exit this reality, you can and now is the time. I have given you the location where you can get further training like what has been shown here, but in vastly larger quantities with vastly deeper explanation. Regardless of what transpires over these next coming days, it is important to focus on the fact that you are an eternal being that simply cannot and will not ever “die”, though your human body may experience it yet again here, if it does, this is the final one. So through this time, do not maintain a position of hate or fear, but send out the emotion of unconditional love to all around you, regardless of their current agenda. The invader races are merely children still learning how to treat others, that is all. If you love them anyway, you are helping them see that life doesn’t have to be about conflict and hate.

All love.
All content provided here including photos and illustrations are copyright wholly-owned by ARhaYas Productions, LLC.


" I would suggest that anyone interested in my information cut and paste every article I have placed here that is of value to you and do so soon. " -Adashi Sol


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