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Krystalai: The Entire Human Angelic History

- Entire Human Angelic History

Dear members,
This article contains a basic outline of the entire history of our Christic or Angelic Race line of Gaia, Tara and Earth.



Humans were a race of Angels that were put here on this planet to guard this planet and to protect the Earth's shields and to help restore them and heal them because they have been damaged by a group of fallen angelic races.

The fallen angels were originally a part of the normal creation, but they made decisions and choices that created a fate for themselves that was very unfortunate.

They created a situation by rebelling against Source. They genetically altered themselves in a way that they could no longer hold the higher frequencies of consciousness that connect us all to Source.
So, they decided to become masters of the Universe themselves. They tried to take over other universes and to feed off of them. For many eons this planet has been under siege and there has been a time that was waited for. It was a time when the planetary star gates - the portions of the planetary templar stargate that opens between this space time place and other space time places in the higher heavens. This is that time.

A stellar activation cycle is 26,556 years. Ever since Atlantis, it was known that this is when the next one was going to occur. There were plans made in Atlantis- on both sides- fallen and unfallen sides.
Now, all of those forces are back on this planet - the Christic and the anti-Christic. Both sides are here. Most people are asleep. They don't remember the Atlantian times. They don't remember the agreements they chose to be a part of.

They don't know what forces are moving them or moving with them or moving through them. This makes the people and the planet very vulnerable because there are things here we don't see unless we use our inner eyes. There are things going on that we need to know if we are going to maintain the integrity of our own Divine Blue Print and help the planet do that as well.
Those who do light work correctly because they have the genetic codings of the Angelic Human and the Indigo Races are assisting in running the Christic frequencies back into the planet in order to open the Star Gates. Angelic Humans are the keepers of the Star Gates. We are the only ones with the genetic codings that can open the star gates. That is why we were placed in a state of amnesia by the Annunaki races.

The original teachings of the Founders Races used the 15 dimensional structures to align our consciousness to the best understanding needed at this time. This represents the structure of the way creation is in this Universe. The D12 is the twelfth dimension where the Christos frequencies of pre-matter of the Divine Blue Print exist.

There is a Christos life line that links us all in the higher god worlds and to Source. That is why translations come down through the Bible that Christ is your savior and your link to God. It was referring to the fact that the Inner Christos frequencies align us through the pre matter template. We all have the ability to carry those frequencies in our bodies. It is our Divine Blue Print that links us to Source. The planet has a Christos frequency potential and so does the Solar and galactic.
But, things have happened to the scalar templates on this planet  over the 25,500 years so that the planet could not run 12 D frequencies, which made it very vulnerable to infiltration from lower angelic kingdoms. We are here to restore those Christos frequencies that were removed from our planet. Our bodies are the conduits that allow these frequencies to be restored.

The type of energy we carry will depend on how much we know about our anatomy. If we don't know that we have chakras that have a scalar template, and we don't know about auric levels and how to keep them clear we are not going to know what to do with ourselves. We will become easy pray for those living in the D4 astral plane. They might be using your fields for something that you don't ever know they are using you for. We use frequency shields created from Cosmic and Source fields to protect us.
The Eiyani Races are the founders races who are in Inner earth at this time. When we use the codes and frequencies given to us by our Founder races, we are reactivating the mathematical programs that are a part of the planetary divine Blue Print within ourselves.

When we use sound and light technology combining the frequency signature and code or symbol of the idea to be manifest, we collect frequencies by oscillating consciousness into the domains or the dimensions of Christic and Cosmic and Source and then bringing those tones of transformation into our templates - our physical spiritual bodies.

The more we use the light and sound to activate our bodies, the sooner we awaken to our 12D templates and our fifth dimensional selves that allow our multidimensionality of all times in no time.
There are things happening in this 15th dimensional system that have been things done by our guardian races to keep these chaotic things from happening. The fallen angels have never fully agreed to work with the guardians for our recovery of our Christic Template.

There have been many fallen angelics that have come back on board and then retaliated again and again to the dark side. The light and sound technologies are the beginning of remembering how our body and souls work and how to begin to  recreate the Christos civilization on this planet.
The Christos frequencies have not been on this planet for 208,000 years except for the reactivation brought by Jeshua 12 two thousand years ago. There was a stellar activation 25,000 years ago when the frequencies almost reactivated shortly.

Our entire history has been about wars and wars over land. The land that was fought over contained star gates on this planet and portals that go with them. The fallen angelics have taken these star gates and blocked them with metatronic radiation that would reverse them and spin away from source fields.

The blockage of those star gates has been blocking our bodies and our brains from the Christic Templates that were once placed within the Earth. Stargates were always on this planet. Fallen angelics have been fighting with each other for eons. They pick on races that they can make into their foot soldiers.

The Leviathin race is a group of fallen angelics who have been bred here on this planet. They were the result of an experiment that went wrong. The experiment was the Guardian races had allowed in the fallen angelic collectives and what is called bio-regenisis which is regeneration of their DNA template so they could evolve to get their Christos potential back. They entered a Christos Covenant which was a Christos co-evolution agreement. Certain groups of the fallen races agreed to be a part of the emerald covenant. They waited to evolve back into the 12 D Christos pattern. They wanted to get their DNA back to hold the Christic frequency. There were a small group of them who were permitted to get back into human form.

There was a very specific way that the DNA template had to be blended in order to create this evolutionary option of what was called a hybrid race. Unfortunately, the hybrid race worked well and it blended well with the angelic human template, but, certain groups of them motivated by their fallen angelic kin from other places decided to take over our planet.

They had an In to Earth once they got into human light bodies, and progressively they raided the human races and mutated our DNA to the point where we have nothing left of our memory of who we really are. We have had our light switch turned off.

We are dealing with a huge history of problems and a huge solution. There is the history of the Levithian Races , the history of the fall of Atlantis.

What is happening now is a part of what is called the Luciferian Covenant that was an agreement of the anti-Christic races and their Leviathin hi brids here to take over this planet when the next stellar activation cycle occurred.

We are now in that stellar activation cycle that is happening from 2000-2017. This cycle is happening now.

If we participate in this activation cycle consciously by knowing it is happening, we can become the new Christic race, reborn on Earth once more.

This time matrix began 950 billion years ago. The matrix was caused by metatronic science that allowed the gods to create and mis create realities that were not in tune with the Source Frequencies.
There is a huge connection between metatronic science and what became the Greek Olympian Gods and Roman gods. Both mythologies were based on truths that were taking place in Atlantis.
Mythology is a way of taking history and consolidating it in fairy tales with a mean sense of humor. Turn a collective of people into one person and then having this person marry that person--when in fact, they were actually talking about Race Lines of people.

Roman mythology contains known history of Atlantis that has to do with Metatron, Lumarian planets in Wesedrek Matrix.

Scalar Grid mechanics is the substance god creates with. This was knowledge that belonged to the guardians of the planet. The human angelics are these guardians. We were denied this info since Atlantis when a few people came in and took what didn't belong to them. The whole planet lost its memory. The science of the shields- the planet has a scalar template and every being on the planet has a scalar template that is connected to the planets templates. These templates circulate primal life force currents. They circulate the energy of god through the templates. The templates on the Earth are dependent on the Earth's template. The damage to the Earth's template erased our memory.
There were things done here to block the planetary scalar shields. They were twisted in ways that are abnormal. That shut off certain frequencies that carried cognition. they carried higher frequency information. They carried our identities.

If our DNA was working the right way, we would know our selves as Christic beings- as Avatars. Our bodies wouldn't die. We would not get sick. We could manifest instantly.
There were things done to the electromagnetic field of the planet to block our DNA. Working with the Light and Sound technolpgy is to help bring back the D12 frequencies. The Divine Blueprint has the ability to reset all of those misalignments of frequencies in the planetary grid.
Part 2

We can now bring through these frequencies for the first time since 208,216 B.C. This planet can run 12 D frequencies. That was way before 25,500 B.C. when it began to get really messy here.
There were a series of cataclysmic events that have happened here during our history.
We have these higher parts of ourselves that never lost connection to god.
Those carrying the Christos message are carrying the same message they have carried for the past 500 million yearsl It has been on every planet. They carried the truth about our connection to Source. They promise ones in certain races who incarnated as the human angelic race to heal this time matrix.
There was a thing that happened 250 billion years ago in Earth time between races that were the Christos Founders races. There was a time of Lyran Elohim Wars. Certain groups of Elohims fell from grace. They went through code convolution. Meaning their DNA templates became distorted because of inbreeding. That created distortions in consciousness and they started waring with founder races.

This was a place that was supposed to be based on freedom and co-evolution. It was not supposed to be a waring matrix. The problem begain 250 billion years ago. The original sin was when the entire time matrix almost implodded down into a black hole thanks to what the Elohim had done.
We are still fullfilling a promise.
Those who incarnate as angelic humans made a promise back before the human form even existed to come in and finish the healing of this time matrix. Earth in density one, Tara in Density two and Gaia in density three.
25,500 years ago was our last chance at a Stellar Activation when a race called Annunaki invaded Ionia and placed the Nibiru Crystals for control. It was anchored in Stone hendge, England and Stargate eleven area. They placed crystal wave technologies that work like microchip to get the control of the planetary templar. That began in 25,500 b.c. The guardian races were here. It became polarized. Those doing anti-Christos and those doing Christos being directed by Annunaki Races and the other the Draconian Races.

10,500 B.C. we had the Luciferian conquest when more dark forces came in to make worm holes in Earth. That created the Bermuda triangle off the coast of Florida. 9,550 Flood the deluge done by the Luciferian covenant and was orchestrated by space ships. The great flood was done by the Luciferian Covenant.

The grail line humans are the real humans. Not the hybrid humans.
The real humans that match the planetary grids have templates. We are the ones who have the codes that can open and close the star gates on the planet.

Any race that wasn't organic to this planet doesn't have those codes. There have been those who have forced themselves onto this planet in order to try and take the codes.

 The Leviathin race tried to build a master take over race that have more and more of the codings that went with the planetary star gates so they could, when they had enough coding in their body to run the templar the way they want to.

The Ionian people - Greek and Roman- the Tribe 5
10,500 B.C. Luciferian conquest Grail line humans were being executed and hooked up to technology to take their cellular knowledge out of their bodies.

In order to preserve the human race line before they became extinct.
The Leviathins would had taken over the planet.

The human races moved away from the stargates they were assigned to. Those in Ionia were guardians of stargates in atlantis. One is stargate eleven.

In 1992 the guardian races tried very hard to get the Annunaki to co-operate. The Pledian Sirian agreememtns of 1992 were supposed to bring the Annunakis and Leviathins together with the Guardian races to make a stand to prevent the Draconian Races from taking over the planetary templar and from that point the period the humand indigos and annunaki and leviathins would create a united humanity.

This would allow us to slowly bring back the truth. The Annunaki weren't too thrilled that we would know the truth about them. In  246,00 B.C. the guardian races made a promise that when the end times came they would tell the truth even if there was no one who wanted to hear it.
War is between Annunaki and Wesedecks and the Draconians who don't agree with them. Human angelics are here to hold the frequencies.

The fallen angelics are making choices of hate over love and war over peace.
An Azurite is a powerful spectator We are Cosmic negotiators.

Guardian Races have bigger space ships. When the battle in the skies begins its time to head for the hills.

If there are  ET battles before December 2012 and the masses know there really are ETs that is the time to head for the hills because things will get really bad in the cities.
When fallen angelics are no longer invisible and then mass populations are hard to control.
If it ever gets bad and there was a pole shift we would be asked to be an evac team. We were asked to get ready. Use Time projection to move to the future.

Jehova was a fallen angel from phantom matrix. Jesus was an Et birth Turanisium Jeshua 9 - the Joseph and Mary story was a Nephilium birth.

250 billion years Draconians and Annunaki have hated each other and have been waring with each other.

Christic Realignment

We can't have the present structure of government . The frequencies dont fit.
They will link our time line into the Inner Earth time line and give us 2000 years of evolution where we can catch up with the selves we are supposed to be.

There are changes that are coming and they will affect masses of people. Each person that chooses conscious evolution  as a path and chooses the program to clear their DNA and get it activated to its highest level to get your bio filed your will help the collective. If a small handful of people do that they will be able to affect the race.

The races morphogenetic field and they will be able to help more and more people begin to synthesize the frequencies in their DNA.

Each one of us who works with these frequencies is giving a gift to those on the planet who cannot save themselves. Those who are spitting at us, insulting us, writing negative comments about our teachings, those will be helped by these frequencies because they have none of their own.
It is necessary to get a lot of awakened ascended masters on this planet for 2012. Those who are drawn to this are Indigo children who have potential of 12 DNA that Angelic humans have. Indigo children have 24-48 DNA strand potential. They can flip over the race template a lot faster because they can hold the collective field. Some Indigo children have awakened to know this about themsleves.

There are a  lot of people on the planet that are of the Leviathin Race line. They can also activate their DNA.

In 63,000 B.c. the Angelic Human was the original Atlantian Root Race
These cloister Races were Indigos. There were the Lyrian and Sirian and Gaian Oraphim human races that created the Turanisian 2 Races.

There was another Version of the 12 Strand human race during the  Atlantian and Lemurians. From those there was a smaller break down of the strand contract. They were the guardians. The Levathian races began to be genetically interwoven with our race and the all hell broke loose. Atlantian use of cyrstaline technology perversion geneticall raped an entire raceline.

This took the star gate system here and the star gate of phantom annunaki and plugged it into another stargate. That is what they did with Crystalline technology. The cycle of evolution has gone to its extreme of negative technology and now it must wing back the other way.

If it swings any more negative it would take down the entire time matrix stucture. Now we are re balancing the time matrix by bringin in the Divine Blue Print. That means we are in prime time for final conflict drama. They don't realize they are getting astral field implantation that will activate more of their reverse matrix coding just by going to metatronic workshops.
155,000 B.V. first leviathin race created to 63,000

Atlantis after Leviathin

Giving of the fifth angelic strand into the Leviathin race was done creating the annu mekelzidek race.
First race that looked similar to angelic races. they looked ape and reptillian like. They didnt look like humans. They came from the neandrathal pattern. After they picked up more and more angelic human strands they began to look more like human beings . Humans were 6-9 feet tall. This is where we begin our downward spiral. Several ET groups invaded. The Annu Elohim false creator gods created the Annunaki. The fallen Seraphim Races, Draconians and Reptilians got mixed in.

The Seraphim also created bird people. Original Elohim created Aquatic Ape from Elohi Emerald order were homonid felines. The original Lyran pattern.

The Leviathan fallan ones  were parallel to our matrix linked to us. The Wesadeks invaded us from the parallel matrix. The Ekasha Cluster of reality fields . Besides Wesadeks there were nine invader races. All of those came from the Annu Elohim and Annunaki lineage or Seraphim fallen ones and their Draconian.

First Annunaki form was bi pedeal dolphin
Later there were the Jehovian Annunaki creating the Adam Races - a race separated
from Source.

Nibirian Annunaki, Pledian Annunaki, Lucifarian Annunaki Not Jehovian
The Jehovians were Bipideal Dolphin People Annunaki
They combined with Seraphim fallen Draconians to form a hybrid strain.

Anki Mardek groups of Annu Seraphim annunaki Races. Anki Zephelim combined with another group combined with Marduk Satin family races.

This is where we get the word Satin from
One of the Draconian hybrids of Seraphim
They combine with one of the more hybrid retillian
Take a Zephelim and combine with Marduk Draconian and Satin family and you get a Luciferian.
The Luciferian was an upgrade of the Nibiruan Anu Pledian.

Pleidian Nibiru Annunaki are the Luciferion. This is the Toth group.

The Raider Races are from Pleidians Alcyone
and are called Sunjarian Luciferian.

They are the pretty Blondes. Nordic look was stolen from the Prosiacs
Nibiru Annunaki took Rome from Draconians. Eight pointed star is the sign of Nibiru and the phase locked merkaba

 Marduk Luciferain Annunaki Draconian group Jehovian Annunaki Race to destroy Oraphim Race. Once the Wesadrak agreement was made and they broke through to this matrix. The Oraphim were created after the Azurites fell Once that occured in response tothe Oraphim being created the Jehovian Annunaki created the Annunaki. They were the avengers of Annu. Their purpose was to destroy the lineage of the human angelics in order to take over the Matrix.

Annunaki were created and programmed fro the purpose of the take over and they were programmed to believe they were elite. They were made to believe they should be running this time matrix. They were arrogant. That was Toths downfall

Some dolphins are the Braharama Races. The cetacean races came to counteract the Jehovian Bipedal Dolphinoids. The Cetaceans were one of the three founding races.

The Annunaki races came out of the Jehovian Annunaki. They were bipedial dolphins with feet and hands they could go on land or water and they were density two race semi etheric.
The Noah lines came from the Leviathins from the Atlantis regions near Florida. These areas were where the raiding began. Searching for sacred sites control sites of planetary grids.

Iraq and Iran contain gates that are fought over.
Osiris and Isiris lines were Leviathin Races.
The Luciferian Conquest Enoch broke emerald covenant and joined annunaki
Toth had arrogance and Enoch did it to save his people
Jehovians and Annunaki Enoch was the leader.

Original human race was from Tara. The Adam Kudmum Race had several divisions  Adam Kudiam created the Adam Kadmon race by interbreeding with rader races. This is the path of Aramathaya the metatrons were started.

This was before the flood 9,558 b.c. 10,500 Luciferian conquest. When Enoch groups joined with the Toth groups, they created the Annunaki legions forming the master races. The Adam Kadmon race was created to take over the planet. To get rid of everyone on the planet. They needed to keep the humans to keep Earth from going into pole shift. They had to keep us here, but keep us stupid. The Luciferion covenant. The Jehovian Annunaki joining the pleidian nibirian annunaki to create raider races.

The Hassa kings combined with the reptilians. Adam Damon race was a master hybrid race that went about raiding other races. Noah and the Arc was Enoch taking people Toth led his people to take on the Metatronic Immortal Body rather than the Naural Eternal Ascension Bodyl. When Enoch combined with Toth they took a Metatronic Coding. Noahs Ark was the Arc of the Covenant
The Toth and Enoch only took those who were already genetically metatronic race andthen took them from Atlantis by boat to Giza where the Arc of the Covenant portal exist. He had the pass key tothe Arc of the Covenant portal because he had been a gate keeper and guardian. He took those people into the Arc of the Covenant. That was Noahs Arc. They took enough people and animals to reseed when they came back up We all came through the Arc of the Covenant to get here.

The Noah line later became the Abrahanm line. Toth and Enoch decided to go to fallen Luciferian agenda involved the Wesadek coding. That was when Toth decided to lead his people into Metatronic.
Elohim Braharama and Seraphim are the three creation gods of this matrix. Fallen Annu Elohim came from Giovanni family which was called Metatron. Giovani felt responsible because they created fallen annu elohim

Eye of Bahahrana

The fire sword initiation of AA Michael is a tool of Metatron to allow our chambers to get zapped with metatronic programming.

The metatronic shadow is fused with consciousness collectivenenss of Wesadrak Metatronics
We have a shadow that is a part of us that was put in recersal that hangs out behond us blocking the Source field
It causes polarity of our chemical organic and inorganic fields.
Metatronic coding causes disease in body. We can over ride this as long as we have one third of uor Christic life in us. Those doing the AA Michael Fire Sword initiation will become metatronic. They often use the names Yahwae and Melkizedek to get customers.

Halls of Amenti: 6 Time Portal passages within the Sphere of Amenti that allow for teleportation ascension from Earth to Tara when opened; created 25 million years ago.

The Halls of Amenti is part of the Kristiac Network.

All the Guardian races on Earth are considered Amenti Races.

Also connects to the star gates of the Universal Templar Complex through the D3- Earth Star Gate-3.

The confrontation between Guardian Angelic Nations and Annu-Elohim/Anunnaki Angelic Legions is about the destiny of earth human evolution and control of Earth’s Halls of Amenti star gates, and to do so, both need to take advantage of unique conditions of geo and astro-physics characteristics of the Natural Star Gate Opening Cycles (Called SAC – Stellar Activation Cycle) to fulfill their intended objectives.

The Next Natural Star Gate Opening Cycle is between 2000 and 2017. “The Final Conflict”

Opening of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates is expected in the year 2012.

The portals (part of the Kristiac Network) within the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti are known as the Halls of Amenti. They are dimensional passageways one must pass through in order to ascend from Earth, out of the Time Matrix and dimensionalized reality.

The Halls of Amenti have been a closely guarded secret since the time of your inception on Tara, 550 millions years ago.

The Halls of Amenti for Earth were created 25 millions years ago.

(Each planet undergoes similar Sphere and Halls of Amenti creation at various other times, each set being named after the portion of the morphogenetic field it carries)

The Sphere of Amenti and the Staff of Amenti (Blue Flame), which allows the Halls of Amenti to open into Tara (dimensions 4,5,6) is the way you must ascend to fulfill your evolutionary imprint as soul and return to your Creator/Creative Source.

If the Fallen Angelic races can gain dominion of the Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates, they intend to use the Amenti Star Gates to destroy Universal Star Gate-12 in Density-4.

Destruction of Universal Star Gate-12 would effectively seal off from Density-5 Founders Race protection, 11- dimensions of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix and the manifest life field would become “imprisioned in time” for Fallen Angelic exploitation and dominion, unable to fulfill the natural evolutionary process of ascension.

This is the core motivation behind the Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest.

To accomplish their objective of claming Earth and the Amenti Star Gates, Fallen Angelics need to possess the Arc of the Covenant Gold Box and star gates tools (“Rod” and “Staff”) and to achieve critical mass population of their hybrid-human races, whose DNA Templates carry reverse sequenced Fire Letters.

Prevention of the Anti-Christos Agenda (Fallen Angelics’ continuing Grail Quest) is the purpose for which the Angelic Human Race was created 560 million years ago.

With the assistance of the Ra Confederacy the Ur-Terranates of the Covenant of Palaidor gestalt of consciousness/genetic and planetary morphogenetic field was entered into the remaining morphogenetic field of Earth through the 11th and 14th dimensions. This morphogenetic field of consciousness energetically took on the shape of a sphere, and was called the Sphere of Amenti, named after the portion of Tara’s morphogenetic Field that contained the imprint for Mu and its inhabitants. Amenti was the part of Tara’s planetary core that connected energetically to the portals upon the continent of Mu.


The Halls of Amenti is a school, star gate, and cosmic energy vortex located in the exact center of the Earth on the Astral Plane. In The Halls of Amenti you will find a great assortment of Ascended Masters and Energy Beings teaching and tutoring  rising Ascending Masters who have qualified for training in The Halls of Amenti. Amenti is also the supreme energy vortex of this planet and greatly sustains, upholds, and repairs the planet in every way. Students of Amenti are taught the ultimate mysteries of time, space, alchemy, and the nine dimensions. An unascended human could not enter The Halls of Amenti without being destroyed by the much higher vibrational frequency of Amenti. Thus, only the highest Ascending Humans can enter The Halls of Amenti and this serves as a perfect self-regulating device (which is no accident) and perfect self-regulating devices such as this exist throughout all worlds, times, planes, and dimensions of God’s Omniverse.

12 BC - 22 AD

    The Azurite Council knew that in order for the races to be prepared for the mass ascension wave of 2017 AD, the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti must be restored by realigning the Portions of the Sphere trapped within the D-2 [Dimension-2] Earth morphogenetic field.  The Alcyone morphogenetic fields of Templar Melchizedeks and those that received the Templar-Axion Seal during Akhenaton's reign and were stored in Sirius B, also needed to be reintegrated into the Sphere of Amenti.

    Despite the failures of Akhenaton's campaign, he had successfully reintegrated the Annu peoples into the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field, so a similar arrangement was made in reference to the Templar and Templar-Axion Sealed race families.  This time, not only would the races be restored to their place within Amenti, the entire Sphere of Amenti would be realigned with the original 12-strand DNA pattern.

    Realignment of the Sphere of  Amenti would allow all of the races to heal their genetic distortions in preparation for the opening of the Halls of Amenti, and would restore the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti so the Halls of Amenti could be opened. This realignment project would require the services of a 12th-level avatar, whose energetic imprint contained the alignment of 12-dimensional frequencies.  This 12th-level avatar was to realign the Sphere of Amenti and Alcyone morphogenetic field of the Templar Sealed Hebrew and Annu Melchizedeks, and he was intended to bring together the factions within the Essenes that had developed within the Melchizedek and Hebrew Cloisters.  He would also re-enter the original egalitarian Templar creed back into the teachings of the Essenes..

    Under the direction of Azurites of the Ra Confederacy, in 12 BC, the 12th-level avatar, a pure Taran Turaneusiam-1 soul essence was born outside of Bethlehem in a private residence, to a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hebrew Essene mother and a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hibiru Cloister Essene father. It was not an Immaculate Conception, but rather orchestrated via traditional means through a couple chosen and prepared by the Priests of Ur.

    His mother's name was Jeudi, his father Joehius; both were leaders within the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essene sect.  The child's soul essence was born of the HU-4 [Harmonic Universe-4] avatar Sananda, and the child was named Jesheua-Melchizedek (herein Jesheua-12), who later became known as Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph.  The personages of Mary and Joseph were not the parents of this avatar child, they were the parents of a ninth-level avatar soon to follow. Jesheua-12 was born to descendants of the house of Solomon, and taken in infancy into the custody of the Priests of Ur.

    In 7 BC the Elohim orchestrated the birth of a ninth-level avatar, who would serve to integrate the Templar-Axion Sealed souls of Sirius B, back into the Sphere of Amenti and restructure the patriarchal Templar creed to be more reflective of the Law of One.  This child was named Jeshewua (herein Jeshewua-9), and the stories of his birth to the Hebrew-Melchizedek Essene's Mary and Joseph are recorded as the birth of Jesus in contemporary Christian doctrine.

    Jeshewua was not born of an Immaculate Conception either, but rather through the visitation of an ET Nephilim, who, like King Melchizedek had been, was part of the entity named Jehovah. The entity Jehovah, who was one of the original contributors to the creation of the Sirian-Anunnaki races of HU-2, had worked with the Elohim since the time of the Treaty of El-Annu 848,000 years ago. Jeshewua's mother Mary was also born of Nephilim conception.

    Following the events of Akhenaton's reign, the Elohim did not want knowledge of ET ancestry available to the general human populations, so the truth of Jeshewua's birth was hidden within the story of the Immaculate Conception.  Through the centuries that followed the two avatars, the life stories of Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9, plus another man who was not an avatar, became consolidated into one personage called Jesus Christ.

    With the birth of Jesheua-12, the 12th-level avatar, the Hebrew Melchizedek morphogenetic field in Alcyone was reintegrated into the Sphere Of Amenti.  Through Jesheua-12 the integrity of the Hebrew Melchizedek genetic imprint was restored, and he became known by some as the "savior" of the Jewish peoples for this reason.  The portions of the Amenti Sphere that had been trapped within Earth's D-2 morphogenetic field, as a result of Akhenaton's reign, were realigned and the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti was once again restored.  In a greater sense, Jesheua-12 became the savior for the races, for through his birth the Halls of Amenti could once again be opened.

    The realigned Sphere of Amenti was kept in storage within the UHF bands of D-3, now under protection of the Azurites of the Ra Confederacy.  At age 20 (8 AD), following his study in Persia and India, Jesheua-12 was taken to Egypt by the Priests of Ur.  At the Great Pyramid of Giza, while Jesheua-12 was between 20 and 33 years of age (8 AD through 21 AD), he and the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes secretly orchestrated  ascension for various groups, directly through the portal passage of the Arc of the Covenant. (Ascensions conducted while the Halls of Amenti were closed could only be done through the energy field of a 12th-level avatar, whose bio-energetic field could carry the energy fields of others through the seals on the Sphere of Amenti.  Through the energy fields of the avatar, people could pass through the Arc of the Covenant, into the Blue Flame of Tara's morphogenetic field and into Tara.)

    Through Jesheua-12, the Hebrew Essene races that followed the Blue Flame Cloister Melchizedek Essenes were appointed by the Azurites of Ra, to share guardianship of the Arc of the Covenant with the Melchizedek and Hibiru Cloisters.  The descendants of these groups presently carry the full 12-strand DNA package within their gene codes, as this group was one of those chosen in 1972 AD to receive full-genetic realignment through interaction with the time traveling, hybrid Zionite race (see Voyagers I, p. 38).

    The Zionites were created during the present-day Zeta infiltration and were sent back in time to realign certain ancestral groups with the 12-strand DNA imprint, in order to accelerate the evolution of present-day humans.  The followers and descendants of the Jesheua-12 Essenes were one of the groups chosen for this realignment.  Groups involved with Zionite genetic restructuring are considered to be of Celestial Human lineage as they carry the full 12-strand DNA Silicate Matrix within their operational genetic codes, regardless of their primary racial line. (The Silicate Matrix appears within family lines as a recessive gene composite, which remains dormant until it is called into activation via opening of dimensions 8-15.) Various groups within Root Races 3-5 and Cloister races 3-6, along with several other hybrid race strains, were chosen for this genetic realignment, so the Silicate Matrix is distributed at random throughout present-day human genetic lines.  The greatest concentrations can be found within the Hebrew, Melchizedek, Aryan, East Indian and Tibetan racial lines.

    During the period that Jesheua-12 practiced in Egypt (8 AD-21 AD), the second Christ, Jeshewua-9, grew in popularity among the families of the Templar Melchizedeks and Hebrew Melchizedeks who were not aware of, or interested in, the birth of Jesheua-12. Jeshewua-9 was also taken to Egypt for initiation, ascension training and ordination as a Melchizedek priest, and portions of these rites were conducted by Jesheua-12.

    Prior to his ordination in Egypt, Jeshewua-9 had traveled throughout Nepal, Greece, Syria, Persia and Tibet, training in various inter-faith doctrines. Jesheua-12 studied primarily in India and Persia before coming to Egypt at age 20 and his Templar teachings showed a stronger eastern orientation than those of Jeshewua-9. The training and ascension activities of Jesheua-12 and the Blue Flame Essenes remained primarily hidden and practiced as a secret “mystery school” within Egypt at Giza and in various other locations.  The teachings of Jeshewua-9 became more well-known, which caused him progressively more persecution from Roman influence and also within some factions of the Hebrew and Templar-Melchizedek race lines who did not accept deviations from the original patriarchal Templar creed as set within the Jewish religion by King Melchizedek.

    When Jeshewua-9 was 32 years old (25 AD), with the assistance of supportive Templar Melchizedek Essenes, the Elohim exiled Jeshewua-9, his wife (the woman who came to be known as Mary Magdalene in Biblical reference), and their three children to the territories of France, to avoid political persecution.

    Another man, by the name of Arihabi, who was a Jerusalem-bom Hebrew-Annu-Melchizedek, was led by the Elohim, through a series of visions, to believe that he was the true Jeshewua-9, and this is the man who was crucified. Neither of the avatar Christs [was] crucified, and both of them left genetic family lines within the Hebrew-Melchizedek races. The sacrifice of Arihabi was orchestrated to divert attention away from Jeshewua-9, his family and his lineage. The resurrection of the “body of Christ”/Arihabi, was orchestrated by the Elohim through the use of holographic inserts, but Arihabi was indeed resurrected following the holographic display. In return for his assistance in diverting attention from Jeshewua-9, the body of Arihabi was restored to life by the Elohim, even though he was not an avatar. He was then taken to India, where he lived for another 30 years.  Upon his natural death, Arihabi’s soul essence was ascended to Sirius B through the Third Eye of Horus portal bridge. After his ascension to Sirius B, the Elohim granted him special favor and adjusted his energy field so he could ascend to the Sirius star system in HU-2 via the planetary core of Sirius A in HU-1.

    The story of Jesus Christ as it is known in contemporary times, evolved through the mythology the Elohim used to conceal the identity of their avatar, Jeshewua-9, and to perpetuate their patriarchal slant on the Templar Creed. The distortions of the true facts of history were used to protect the lineage of Jeshewua-9 from political persecution, making it appear as if the Christ had no descendants, thereby allowing those descendants to remain obscured from the public view.

    The teachings of Jeshewua-9 and the Templar Melchizedeks became the primary foundations for both the contemporary Jewish and Christian faiths, but the Jewish religion did not acknowledge Jeshewua-9 as their savior.  In truth, Jesheua-12 was the true savior of the Jewish peoples, for he re-entered their race morphogenetic field into the Sphere of Amenti.  Few people knew of Jesheua-12 and his Blue Flame Melchizedek Essene ascension school, so the majority of the Hebrew people did not realize that their foretold Messiah had, indeed, arrived.  Even though Jesheua-12’s accomplishments went unnoticed by the majority of the Hebrew people the restoration of their genetic development was valid - an unseen gift to the Hebrew peoples for which Jesheua-12 did not receive credit.

    Between 8 AD and 21 AD, while Jesheua-12 practiced ascension rites at Giza, several expeditions were made by Jesheua-12 and the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes. They traveled throughout Egypt and Nubia and into Jerusalem, promoting the original Templar teachings of ascension and gathering together groups of people to take to Giza for ascension.

    Plans were made to perpetuate the Jesheua-12 lineage, which carried the full 12-strand DNA imprint, and six women of various Melchizedek Cloister sub-races were chosen to bring forth the children of Jesheua-12, the First Christ.  Couples were chosen to serve as guardians of these children.  Each of the six females to receive the seed of Jesheua-12 was matched to a male Blue Flame Melchizedek who would serve as adoptive father to the child of Jesheua-12.  Jesheua-12 did not interact directly with the raising of these children, nor did he serve as husband to any of the six women chosen to carry his seed. The children were created through sacred procreative rites for the sole purpose of perpetuating the 12-strand DNA pattern within the human races.

    Descendants of these children spread throughout the various regions, some appearing within the French Aristocracies, others within the Celtic, Egyptian and African genetic lines. One line of the descendants of Jesheua-12 now resides within the continental United States. Of the six families of Jesheua-12 that were seeded between 18 AD and 23 AD, five of the children survived to bring the 12-strand DNA lineage into the contemporary human gene pool.

    The lineage of Jeshewua-9’s three children also prospered and spread throughout various nations to the present day. In his later years, Jeshewua-9 traveled to Tibet, where, with the help of the Elohim, he ascended out of matter in 47 AD to HU-3 [Harmonic Universe-3], through the portion of Tara’s morphogenetic field stored within the planetary core of Venus. (This ascension passage requires a tenth-strand DNA imprint, and is thus not available to most humans, without direct assistance and DNA reconstruction by the Elohim, Azurtes or other HU-2 guardian groups.)

    The teachings of Jesheua-12 were highly censored by Templar Melchizedeks who later came into political prominence, and were kept alive through the secret mystery schools that evolved throughout Europe, Egypt, the Middle East and in certain parts of China and Indonesia. The teachings of Jesheua-12 were originally included in the manuscripts that became the Christian Bible, but were distorted or edited entirely at various times, to suit the needs of the power elite within the evolving political-religious machine.

    Eventually the teachings were banned by the early Christian churches, for they disclosed the identity and tactics of the Elohim and other ET groups, and told of the divisions within the Melchizedek Templar Creed. Very few of the original Jesheua-12 teachings have survived into the present time, though there are remnants of these teachings secretly preserved in France, that will one day be discovered. The original teachings of Jeshewua-9 were also distorted and misrepresented through political and religious structures of various times.

    The teachings of contemporary Christianity, though they provide a basic structure upon which social organization and spiritual initiation can be built, reflect little of the depth, content or meaning of the original teachings of the avatar Christs.

    Following the establishment of Jesheua-12’s lineage (18 AD – 23 AD) the avatar had completed his work on Earth. The Blue Flame Melchizedeks carried on his teaching legacy and became the primary keepers of the secrets of the Arc of the Covenant and the Sphere of Amenti. Various groups were assigned various portions of the whole story, with no one group having the entire chronology of the teachings of Jesheua-12.

    Jesheua-12 left Earth through the Arc of the Covenant at 39 years of age in 27 AD. He did not die, but rather bodily ascended to Tara, and has since evolved far beyond the confines of physical matter. The Arc of the Covenant was resealed within the UHF bands of D-3 following his ascension, awaiting the time when Earth’s grid rose high enough in vibration to allow for the return of the Sphere of Amenti, which was scheduled to occur before the mass ascension wave of 2017 AD.

    The Azurite Council, Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds and their many supporters maintained a stance of non-interference following the success of Jesheua-12’s mission. They allowed the Elohim and other Host Matrix Families to direct the course of earthly events as they desired, knowing that the truth of the Templar and the Law of One, as upheld by the Blue Flame Melchizedeks and Priests of Ur, would eventually come to light within the evolving human consciousness. The Azurites planned to wait until the return of the Sphere of Amenti to Earth’s core before bringing this knowledge back into the public domain, and in the meantime hoped to unite the Melchizedeks within the teachings of the sacred Law of One.

    Though Jesheua-12 had successfully aligned the race morphogenetic field at Amenti with the original 12-strand DNA imprint, most of the races still carried traces of genetic distortions from the Templar and Templar-Axion Seals, which would need to be cleared prior to the opening of the Halls of Amenti. The Elohim, Templar Melchizedeks, Blue Flame Melchizedeks and many other unrelated Host Matrix groups have assisted, and continue to assist, many individuals in clearing their genetic codes in preparation for ascension.

    All present-day ideologies that teach conscious evolution, and DNA activation and transmutation, are geared toward this purpose, including the new information currently being provided by various guardian ET and metaterrestrial forces.  Jesheua-12, the 12th-level Turaneusiam avatar from Tara, fulfilled his purposes on Earth. Through him the Sphere of Amenti was made ready for re-entry into Earth’s core, following which the Halls of Amenti would eventually be opened. The race morphogenetic field had been reunited, so following the opening of the Halls of Amenti, all souls could again ascend through Amenti, once their genetic imprint had evolved to assemble the fourth and fifth DNA strand. The plan for preparing the races for the 2017 AD ascension wave was put back on schedule. Since 27 AD, when the avatar Jesheua-12 ascended, the races of Earth evolved under the primary influence of the Elohim and various other Host Matrix groups not associated with the Christian and Jewish perspectives.

    Through the achievements of Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9, the primary morphogenetic imprint for all of the races was returned to the Sphere of Amenti, and the Sphere of Amenti was once again made whole. These accomplishments set the stage for mass ascension, but the races still had a long way to go in healing and evolving their consciousness and genetic codes.

    The Frequency Fence quarantine (UHF D-3 seal) still blocked Earth from open relations with the inter-stellar communities.  The Arc of the Covenant D-5 security seal kept all but the Melchizedek race strains from bodily ascension. The races still carried portions of the Amenti Seal (DNA strands one, two and three mutation, anti-particle “death” seal), the Palaidorian Seal (DNA strands two and three mutation, D-4 seal), the Templar Seal (DNA strands two, four and five mutation, D-6 seal) and the Templar-Axion Seal (DNA strands one, five and six mutation, D-7 seal); the “666” seal) within their genetic codes and the memory  of the human lineage still remained locked away within the Sphere of Amenti in the UHF bands of the third dimension. These conditions would have to evolve and heal before humanity would be prepared to face the ascension wave of 2017 AD.

    Throughout the evolution of the races, guardian races attempted to awaken humanity to the reality of its evolutionary destiny. All of the major Earth religions were seeded at one time or another by guardian groups, to help the races prepare for their eventual ascension out of HU-1. Though the teachings are often quite different or seemingly contradictory and all religions have suffered manipulation and distortion at the hands of man and covert intruder ET forces, they are united through their original purpose of achieving ascension and freedom from the illusions of matter.

    The secrets of Amenti were ultimately kept under the protection of the Blue Flame Cloister Melchizedeks and the Hebrew Essenes who followed them, but the reality of Amenti belongs to all of the races and world religions. The Sphere of Amenti, Arc of the Covenant and Halls of Amenti represent the manifestation of the Covenant of Palaidor, which holds the evolutionary promise and progression for all races of the human lineage. It is the promise of humanity returning to the integrity of the Immortal God-being that is the original morphogenetic imprint of the human race.

    The promise of ascension is the hidden heritage and legacy of the human condition, the fulfillment of humanity’s evolutionary blueprint.
The GA represents a smaller, specialized group, and primary task force, within a greater Guardian Organization called the Inter-dimensional Associations of Free Worlds. (IAFW) created 568 million years ago after the Angelic Wars.

(See: Angelic Humans, Indigo Children)

The GA is a co-operative organization through which an enormous variety of different interstellar, multi-dimensional and inter-time species and races work together to assist in the evolution of developing cultures throughout the multi-dimensional universe.

Their mission is to protect and insure that species discover and fulfill their genetic plan of true spiritual enlightenment and multidimensional heritage as they were intended.

Many members of the GA appear to be quite human, but they possess knowledge and abilities far beyond conventional human development.

All the Guardian races on Earth are considered Amenti Races.  (See: Races)

Some other members of the GA include:

The regal Lyran-Sirian Whites, an elder, pale-skinned hominid Sirian race frequently called the Founders.

The Aethien, large, white graceful beings of high spiritual development, which resembled upright preying mantises.

The Rhanthunkeana (refered by some as Rhantia), tall, thin light-emitting beings with translucent white skin, almond-shaped eyes of various hues and kinky white hair; skilled shape-shifters and highly advanced spiritually.

The Breneau, advanced beings from the highest dimensional worlds that appear as tall, luminescent figures with elongated heads and large eyes, when they physically manifest.

The Queventelliur. Large, longhaired apelike being of great intelligence and sensitivity, who are occasionally glimpsed on Earth as they monitor Earth’s environment for guardian purposes.

The Turaneusiams, tall, beautiful humans with elongated heads and skin/hair colors representing all those apparent on Earth plus some in pastel hues. The human lineage evolved out of the Turaneusiams, the Elder Race, primarily immortal.

There are many other species involved with the Guardian Alliance, from various hybrids created through intermixing of these species, to the vast, formless sentient conscious entities who direct the Guardian Alliance, entities that exist beyond the scope of dimensionalization.

The GA space-time location spans many different planetary, space, time and dimensional fields. Membership within the GA reaches from the matter-based galaxies and universes of the lower dimensions, to the unfathomable cosmic reality fields of pure consciousness that exist beyond the Metagalactic Core, free from dimensional structure.

Though the GA has many members of a truly ET nature, unrelated to Earth, many of the GA contacts are quite terrestrial in origin, (i.e. Priests of Ur) they are time travelers from a future version of Earth (Tara – Gaia) that we may one day evolve to become.

The GA and other pro-human Visitor groups are here to help us understand and successfully maneuver the challenges our planet will face during the coming years and they hope to lead us gently to a realization of our multi-dimensional heritage. They are also here to teach us to protect ourselves today from Intruder Visitor races that do not have our best interest at heart.

(Voyagers I – Page xxvii)

Faced with the potential catastrophe of Anunnaki Legions (See: Fallen Angelic) waging war through our Time Matrix 568 million years ago (See: Angelic Wars), the IAFW created a crisis intervention Task Force called the Guardian Alliance.

Under the GA are 12 smaller “Signet Councils” that serve as Primary Guardians of each one of the Primary Star Gates in the Universal Templar Complex of our Time Matrix.

(Voyagers I – Page 166)

The GA was formed as a TASK FORCE to increase security in our Time Matrix when the Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legions created the Anunnaki race line 568 million years ago to destroy the Oraphin-Angelic Human lineage and races of the Emerald Covenant. Specializes in propagation of the Emerald Covenant and serves as the governing body of over 10 million Emerald Covenant Star League Nations within the 4 Densities of matter in our Time Matrix.

The GA is directed by the Yanas, Density-5 MC Eieyani Master Council of the Elohi-Elohim Emerald Order Breneau. Christos Founders Races and the IAFW.

The GA is the administrative body of 12 GA Signet Councils. Each of the 12 GA Signet Councils is appointed by the Yanas and IAFW to serve as Primary Guardians of one of the 12 Universal Star Gates (SG's) in the Universal Templar Complex.

All  the  Guardian races on Earth are considered  Amenti Races.  (See: Races)

Also connects to the star gates of the Universal Templar Complex through the D3- Earth Star Gate-3.

(Voyager I – Page 182)

Halls of Amenti: 6 Time Portal passages within the Sphere of Amenti that allow for teleportation ascension from Earth to Tara when opened; created 25 million years ago.

(Voyager II – Page 445)

The confrontation between Guardian Angelic Nations and Annu-Elohim/Anunnaki Angelic Legions is about the destiny of earth human evolution and control of Earth’s Halls of Amenti star gates, and to do so, both need to take advantage of unique conditions of geo and astro-physics characteristics of the Natural Star Gate Opening Cycles (Called SAC – Stellar Activation Cycle) to fulfill their intended objectives.

The Next Natural Star Gate Opening Cycle is between 2000 and 2017. “The Final Conflict”

(Voyager I – Page 185)

Opening of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates is expected in the year 2012.

(Voyagers I – Page xlvi)

The portals (part of the Kristiac Network) within the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti are known as the Halls of Amenti. They are dimensional passageways one must pass through in order to ascend from Earth, out of the Time Matrix and dimensionalized reality.

The Halls of Amenti have been a closely guarded secret since the time of your inception on Tara, 550 millions years ago.

The Halls of Amenti for Earth were created 25 millions years ago.
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  1. Hello,

    I have prayed to no end regarding a current occupation of my body by what feels like Negative Grey Aliens (Zeta-Dracos and their Black Sun Hybrids) and Annunaki Reptilians (Belial Sun Hybrids). I feel that Lyran, Sirian, and Pleiadian Azurites are playing a role in this. They (or perhaps you) came upon me 14 years ago promising to help me with my life, goals, plans, work, etc. However, it quickly descended into hell, and satanic torment for most of these 14 years. Turns out that all they were interested in doing was harnessing/harvesting my DNA/chakras and altering my timeline to PREVENT me from achieving my goals. They also seem to be cutting me off from my true inner Christos embodiment. Why are you allowing this to happen to me? WHY DON’T YOU INTERVENE? Why do you allow them to possess me indefinitely as if I am a prisoner in my own body? Are all of you a party to the Luciferian rebellion?

    These beings may be using my body to achieve their Luciferian agenda. As you know, the lay lines are the meridian axiatonal lines or grid system that conducts and transmits frequencies throughout our bodies and the planet. They are an exact mirror as they exist in our personal holographic template and are reflected from within the larger mirror of the planet’s own meridian and template system. They told me initially that they wanted to use me to shift billions of people to a higher dimension. But, I did not know that it involved them taking my body over almost completely. Is there anything that can be done to change these dynamics because I feel like I am just being used by Luciferian beings to achieve their agenda and my life’s expense? How can all of this be occuring under the watchful eyes of the Azurites, Oraphim Emerald Order, Cosmic Councils, and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds?