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Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Ancient Path

the ancient path

Fundamentally embedded in our DNA is an intelligence that resonates with inter connectivity. For thousands of years the norm for human beings was a shared experience and one that was far more attuned to elements, forces, & beings than that of our present paradigm. This is the ancestral spirit we have inherited; it is a history defined by generations of experiences of the sacred.

The ancient path or the pathless path is our natural shared spirituality.

Compassion, self-perfection, and equanimity are its teaching.

Our traditions are diverse; the routes of change, transformation, & truth are many.

Communication between groups has been as poor as the practices have been genuine.

The unified whole of our body has known the conflicts of control. As each conflict passes it becomes more clear that there is no one way or one belief that is more definitive to the whole of the human race than any other. Human spiritual aspirations have many manifestations and each is worthy to consider as each is a gateway to the sacred.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Theresa Talea – Critique about the Law of One Belief

Critique about the Law of One Belief

As I introduced in my 3-part video series (see below at the end), entities in the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) who have worked with author Ashayana Deane state that we comprise 144 components in our current dimensional make-up. In my book, I interchanged the group name Guardian Alliance (GA) with the MCEO because the GA is their ground crew, and some of the GA tailored the message to their respective dimensional statuses. I will now aim to better clarify between the groups, because a group within the overall MCEO at the 13th dimension had started the Law of One belief, and the GA more so work within the lower dimensions, although some GA members are also in the 13th dimension.

It appears that the Fibonacci-based number 144 is frequent in the MCEO material. One such instance in Sliders-1 essentially states that the Periodic Table of Elements chart in high school chemistry class that goes up to 118 elements could potentially grow to 144 elements if scientists discover more; this information by the MCEO seems plausible to me. However, when put into their Law of One belief that involves probability mathematics of a gestalt, which implies “One” being or atom that steps itself down as parts into future mathematical grids for creation, then this mathematical model needs to be addressed. This is important because the so-called elements can represent a number of identities, including the complex identity structure of a person.


Three-Part "Law of One" Critique
Part 1. The Law of One Belief Does Not Create Equality

Part 2. Law of One and the Origin of David Icke's Infinite Awareness
Part 3. Beginning of Creation--All That Is

Critique of the Law of One Belief

Nearly 1½ years have passed since my first edition was published. My book mainly addressed the issues of Judeo-Christianity, but I showed how this religion fit well in the New Age paradigm. I was undecided about delving into another belief system because it was not my experience; however, I realized that I needed to learn more about the Law of One because it is like religion in how it shapes our perception of reality.
In Chapter 6, I repeated the Guardian Alliance (GA) belief about creation occurring as spheres within spheres without having put enough thought into it. I knew that creation did not entirely follow that model, but I did not know if much of it did. I left it as information to be weighed by the reader, but I regret parroting it as though I agreed with it. I did argue against the existence of an ultimate gestalt sphere and consciousness, which is the basis of the Law of One belief, so hopefully the reader will assimilate the many gems in my first edition along with one’s logic and intuition to determine an adequate analysis of the bigger picture. Accordingly, I asked a couple of undeveloped questions to open up inquiry about how the All That Is (ATI) could possibly be a part of this spherical model, but the ATI and immediate levels afterward simply do not have shape or that pattern as part of their make-up. Although I wish that my first edition was even more accurate about natural creation mechanics, each inquiry and piece of information has helped me to take the next step in problem solving. It takes time to understand a new physics; we do what we can from our current bodily position.
My upcoming second edition will devote a new, entire chapter critiquing the Law of One Belief. I choose to mainly focus upon the teachings of Ashayana Deane because she presents the deepest and most thorough information about it. I initially opened up some analysis in this article, but it is too vast of a subject that needs more space and effort to pay attention to details. Therefore, this small but incomplete critique only introduces a few key concepts; I explain them further in my upcoming book.
Ashayana has received otherworldly information from several entity groups, especially the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) and its higher level counterpart called the Ra Confederacy that exists outside of the Milky Way. The Guardian Alliance (GA) is their main task force. These entity groups are closely aligned to where it becomes almost indiscernible, but I work to distinguish between them in my upcoming second edition. I will just say now that the 13th dimensional Cosmic Awareness entity group created the Law of One belief, and it works with the MCEO. For the simplified purpose of this article, I will refer to them all as the GA.
The Fibonacci-based number 144 is frequent in the GA material. One such instance in Sliders-1 informs that the Periodic Table of Elements chart in high school chemistry class that goes up to 118 elements should rather contain 144 elements. This could be plausible; however, this number is also popular in the Bible and esoteric texts where “fallen angels” try to direct us toward their death science mechanics.
Basic keylontic science teachings by the GA should talk about fully life-giving mechanics, but the Law of One view within our partially distorted Milky Way muddles it. The number 144 is also applied to the more complex identity or entity within our multi-dimensional universe structure, as the following GA quote states on

The Oversoul, HU-3 identity, creates 12 soul identities in HU-2, each of which create 12 incarnate identities within the six time cycles of HU-1.
Thus each person is part of an Incarnational Family of 144 incarnates residing within the six HU-1 time cycles.
Your Soul is a plural with 12 faces and is part of a larger identity called the Oversoul that is composed of 12 souls – each with their 12 incarnate identities, so you are dealing with 144 incarnates in your immediate Oversoul family.

It is taught that a type of Oversoul entity multiplied itself by an exponent of 12 into the lower dimensional bands grouped in sets of three, called a harmonic universe. I really, really wonder why the Oversoul level has such importance in the Law of One belief, for as my Part 1 and 2 videos explain below, much distortion involves the Oversoul level so that blatant religions were formed. This gives me pause when viewing the original Law of One belief because it can still be believed by people, entities, etcetera who have tweaked it toward more distortion. Therefore, these entities can potentially be included in the expanded transmission line of the GA down to us.
In the Law of One teaching about an Oversoul, it appears that some GA members in the 7-9 dimensional harmonic universe said that they are the creators of our “family.” In another GA transmission (MCEO Ordinate System: Getting Your Ascension Codes Back, 2007), it speaks from the perspective of the harmonic universe of dimensions 10-12, where the exponent of 12 into our dimensions 1-3 gives us 1,728 multiple identities in our “Christos” family, which is a distorted spelling of kristiac or krystic.
If the Cosmic Awareness explains its story of creation, then the exponent of 12 into our HU-1 of dimensions 1-3 would create 20,736 “faces.” This particular base-12 paradigm has no scientific relevance to the plethora of cells and energetic components that already exist within each of us. These faces and identities rather bind us to the principal entity and its group because we must assimilate outside entities in our ascension path. It appears to me that these principal entities in each level wish to view themselves as gods. I explain that we are already self-sufficient in our make-up, and they are the ones with greater deficiency.
There is a base-12 mathematics in proper keylontic science. It is true that 144 is a plural of 12, but it is an extension outside of the keylontic expansion model where it becomes an exponent that incorporates “all probabilities as all One” into our actual environment and bodies. It is especially dangerous when it nullifies the distinctions between contrasting components and deduces that there is no polarity or duality, no good or bad as pure or warped. A heavily distorted being could conceivably be fused into our personal make-up if we draw in all probability. The Fibonacci sequence contains the number 144, whereas the krystal (and keylontic) sequence does not. Fibonnacci-based fractal systems are the only ones in which reincarnation can occur.
Reincarnation is technically a bit different than re-incarnations, although I sometimes used the words incarnation and reincarnation interchangeably in my book. Technically, strict reincarnation can only occur seven times, as I wrote in Chapter 6, because it is solely based upon the recycled Fibonacci and Planck “laws.” If a being ascends for a period of time and gets repaired to some degree, then the reincarnation or re-incarnation cycle should be extended. The Milky Way is predicated upon this different template that accordingly skews the supposed “sacred” geometry here, so a lot more experimentation and contradictions apply.
Let’s say that an 11th dimensional person re-incarnated by choice into our current 2.5 dimension. She had to gain those lower dimensional aspects as layers unto herself because of the nature of expansion. These extra layers contain replications or holograms, but they also contain different aspects for her to be able to live here.

This is why many higher dimensional beings orb themselves to possess people here, as I indicated about the religious “gods” in Chapter 9’s Spirit and Soul—“Higher Self,” because their bodily composition does not fully align with our matter. To be able to live here, they simply re-incarnate their original person into their related gene code. Many of these re-incarnations are random, but some are orchestrated as purposeful entries when either an innate connection exists between beings or the gene code is very specific and well known to the entity.

So, the ascension process for the original 11th dimensional person who descended onto Earth would entail shedding some extra layers and transforming other layers of herself in order to become who she once was. Her original DNA template was already fully assembled and also mostly or fully activated according to the higher level where it existed. In addition, that template receives and connects with all the natural layers of creation back to the beginning source. This is the underlying nature of our body regardless where someone originates. If people stay true to themselves and do not become altered away from their personal paths, they can return to their respective original states and then embark upon further journeys in the upward ascension and then inward “incension” process (or in the uncommon case, only an inward process if the person originated outside of the 15-dimensional time matrix).

A related teaching of the Law of One involves drawing into oneself the probabilities of future and past incarnations of our supposed self; the delineation between those family members and these versions of re-incarnated selves is especially unclear. Any theoretical probability is akin to a prophecy that can only guess an outcome; it really does not apply to our actual experience that can change at will. We each have a unique past, but we can only approximate the future. Bottom line is that each of us is our own innate universe that comprises a unique identity, so incorporating any probability mathematics into our body according to the Law of One may result in more complications and external entities joining our personal bio-field.
The only time we would possibly need family members to merge with us is if people became highly fragmented as “ghosts” when they are far along in the reincarnation process and finally awaken toward wanting bioregenesis, or if people such as those from Tara were destroyed in cataclysmic events. This current Earth was originally nurtured to save those Taraneusiams, so are we really sure that the Law of One applies to the people who are much less fragmented? Is it even safe for us newbies here, especially newbie Indigos, to do all of the Law of One-infused Sliders techniques? This is my big concern right now that I begin to answer in Sliders and Pre-Sliders Techniques Discernment of the Book Updates page.

Another big piece to the Law of One puzzle is DNA assembly and activation. I will significantly expound upon Chapter 9’s DNA section in my second edition as well as include information within the new chapter that exposes risky DNA and chakra kundalini techniques.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Freedom Teachings: Veca Codes - Universal Christos-Trion-Meajhe Field



The Rha-Veca Code

The Khu-Veca Code

The Eckasha
not lined holds 50% distortions... 
clean version i made. artistic version soon..

Codes Bi-Veca

The Dha-Veca Code

The Trinity -Veca Code

The Dha-Veca Code

Veca Codes:

(See: Code, High Veca Codes, Symbols, Geomancies) (register a acc(free) for more ACCESS words/Dictionary) @

Veca Codes: the "Time Vector Codes"; mathematical programs of manifestation that govern the formation of Fire Letter Sequences in manifestation templates.

Each Dimensional Field, and the Primal Light and Sound Field have a set of Veca Code programs, that when activated in a Planet or Being allow the corresponding Life Force Current, in its original organic "Eternal Divine Blueprint" or "Divine Right Order" form, to progressively embody.

The High Veca Codes of D-12 Divine Blueprint and Primal Light/Sound Trion-Meajhe Fields above have the power to restore all Veca codes and Scalar Template below them to their original Divine Blueprint or "Divine Right Order."

Veca Code Bio-regenesis programs allow the unnatural 7 Jehovian Seals to be cleared from the body and Veca Code RRT's allow rapid anchoring of the D-12 Planetary Divine Blueprint for expedited fulfillment of the Planetary Christos Realignment Mission.

When used with the Temporary Maharic Seal, Toning of the Veca Code "names" (auditory translation of their core mathematical vibration. Mu-a'-va, Ha-sha, Shar-dA'z-a, DU-a'jha and Ec-ka), activates corresponding mathematical codes in the DNA Template, expediting embodiment of the personal D-12 Pre-matter Divine Blueprint and corresponding levels of personal expanded consciousness.

(Voyagers II - Page 517)

Veca Codes clear Radial Body and DNA Miasms on projection current, then Return Current carries Veca Code-corrected Divine Blueprint mathematical program back through personal anatomy and Kathara Grid
(See: Universal Life Force Currents)

Return Current continues on to carry corrected Divine Blueprint program back into Planetary Anatomy, clearing corresponding portions of the Planetary Grids, Radial Body (Memory Matrix), Merkaba Fields, Planetary Shields and Kathara Grid.

Creating a Personal Bio-Field Link to the
Universal Christos-Trion-Meajhe Field:

Induction of the High Vecas* 

Use will also help clear Jehovian Seals Veca Codes Veca Codes are very specific SYMBOL CODES, each possessing corresponding Sound Tones or Arieas. Working with these codes assists us in opening the Maharic Shield to the Rishiac Shield (the level of our being at the 5th Density or Harmonic Universe Level: the Primal Light Fields), as well as balancing more smoothly the higher frequencies now anchoring on earth. Veca Code technologies facilitate the healing of the subconscious mind, helping us to intercept incoming distortions or miasms and also to begin to clear the backlog of these distortions in our own anatomy. 

 Induction or embedding of the High Veca Codes into the 15 Dimensional Anatomy involves placing individual Symbol Codes (mathematical programmes) over the regions of the physical body that correspond to the appropriate aspects of the Kathara Grid. The body placement of each code corresponds directly to its place in the Shields. 

Once the Symbol is in place, the breath is used to direct D12 Maharata Current through each symbol code and body region. Use of the Maharata Current carrier wave (via induction of the Maharic Seal/Shield) is required to induce the code's mathematical programme into the various levels of the Kathara Grid, where the programme will then naturally transfer into the corresponding areas of the Level-1 Kathara 12-Tree Grid core template. This induction is amplified by the use of optical-pineal induction whereby the eyes are focused for a time upon the Image of the symbol code. The mathematical Veca Code programme enters the Pineal Seals through the Optical Currents and 6th Chakra, and then travels for embedding/ induction through the Central Vertical Current into the body regions to which the code corresponds. In the beginning stages of working with optical-pineal induction it is recommended to use a 'cross-eyed' focus in whatever way this feels most comfortable, either relaxed or more concentrated, to give a double, 'overlapping' image of the symbol code. This facilitates the realignment of distortions in the optical region (see CCR and SYCA workshops for further information on brain structure). 

Once the High Veca and Eckasha Code Sequences are embedded/ induced into the Level 1 Kathara Grid, they are then activated in the Kathara Grid by TONING the corresponding Veca Code Ariea sequence. The longer the toning is sustained the greater will be the quantity and quality of Veca Code Activation. We are reflecting back to our Shields what is in them, and that reflection stimulates the vibration of the same pattern that is already in the Shields. When it vibrates, it begins to bring in the frequencies to which it is keyed. The Radial Body is our pre-sound, pre-light body, the radiating fields of energy and life force around and within us. It takes the primary form of a tissue capsule around the auric field and also smaller energy capsules around all of the atoms of the body. The Radial Body is not just the tissue capsule; it is also what is contained inside it. If there are distortions in the Radial Body, it is like projecting a film onto a damaged screen, thus the condition of the Radial Body, our manifestation arena, has a direct bearing on the quality of the life we experience as manifest around us. The Holographic Template or Thought-Energy Blueprint is the original thought-form construct upon which our universal structure is perpetually re-created. The Radial Body is the living theatre within which the consciousness held in our DNA and entire energetic structure can be experienced as a 3D hologram, the holographic refraction lens that allows the hologram to move through us. Veca Codes are Radial Body codes; in addition to clearing and realigning distortions at this level, they control the opening and closing of the Radial Body capsules. Every time we work with the Veca Codes we are releasing the Radial Body locks which hold the levels of the Radial Body separate from each other. This allows the levels of the Radial Body to blend together, facilitating the full activation of the whole Flame Body. Once activated, the Veca Code programmes travel upward through the stages of the Transduction Manifestation sequence, the process by which Source steps into manifestation in every moment, temporarily restoring the Christiac Merkaba Field, Radial Body and Memory Matrix Divine Blueprint. Frequent and continued use of these and other KS codes will progressively build Critical Mass of the Divine Blueprint programme simultaneously within ALL levels of the 15 Dimensional anatomy, eventually culminating in expedited full restoration of the D 12 Maharic Shield blueprint within the Body-Mind-Spirit system, via the Radial Body Trion (Light)- Meajhe (Sound) Field. To receive the full benefits of working with Veca Code technologies, the Emerald and Amethyst Awakenings Sequence should be fully run at least once in the life time beforehand.   

Exercise - 1: Once per day, do Eckasha Maharic Seal then practice each set of Veca-tones separately while fixating visual focus on corresponding Veca-Code symbol; spend at least three or four minutes gazing at each symbol (optical-pineal induction) while toning corresponding tones (core template vibrational induction). With practice this will progressively expand the personal consciousness while activating the personal Christos-Trion-Meajhe Field of your Christos-Rishiac-Ascended Master identity levels within the cellular structure.

Exercise - 2: Once per week, directly after completing  

Exercise - 1, place all Veca-Code symbols over designated body areas, activate Maharic Shield, breathe D-12 Maharata Current through each symbol and body area to induce code, using the Bi-Tri-Khu-Dha-Ra Sequence, then begin toning the corresponding tones following the Bi-Tri-Khu-Dha-Ra Sequence.
Memorize the tone sequence of the 5 High - Veca Codes as if it were a "song" and relax, close eyes and sing/tone this "song" (Psonn) for 5 to 10 minutes.

The longer you tone, the more frequency power you build within the body and the stronger your link will be to the Universal Christos - Trion Meajhe Field.

This exercise can also be used with groups, either singularly to create and amplify Christos - Trion - Meajhe Field links or just prior to beginning RRT work.

 Frequent and consistent use of these two exercises will progressively develop the spin-rate capacity of the personal Christos Merkaba Field, while expanding higher consciousness within the body and progressively enhancing the health, immunity and integrity of the Mind-Body-Spirit system.

The High Veca Codes
Universal Time Codes for
Primal Frequency Access*

Veca Codes open the Radial Body Locks between the Veca Quadrant and the Ecka Core of the Ecka-Veca Body, allowing passage of Heliotalic Currents into the Manifest Density Body.
To hear a wave file of the toning sequence, Right Click HERE (464kb) and choose
"save link as". Save to your desktop so you will know where it is. Go to
desktop and double click the file to play.

Bi-Veca The Bi-Veca Code
Density-4 Dimensions 10-11-12
called the Mu A' va
TONE: Ma ha ra' ta Mu A' va
Symbol placement:
Right Foot bottom
Tri-Veca The Tri-Veca Code
Density-5 Dimensions 13-14-15
called the Ha' Sha
TONE: Kee' Ra ShA Ha Sha
Symbol placement:
Left Foot bottom
Khu-Veca The Khu-Veca Code
Primal Sound-1 Triadic
called the Shar dA'z a
TONE: Khu Shar DA'z a
Symbol Placement:
Chakra-8 Front (clavicle)
Dha-Veca The Dha-Veca Code
Primal Sound-2 Polaric
called the DrU A' jha
TONE: Dha' Dru A' jha
Symbol Placement:
Chakra-2 (just below navel)
Rha-Veca The Rha-Veca Code
Primal Sound-3 Eckatic
called the Ec ka
TONE: Rha Ec' ka
Symbol Placement:
Over Tailbone

Eckasha The Eckasha
To balance the electrical and magnetic forces in the body
To create an "eckasha" vehicle for interdimensional travel Via Pineal Induction
TONE: Um ah A' ThrA' E' na A'

A & A Deane, All Rights Reserved; Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series


Friday, July 29, 2011

Acknowledging the Law of One

Acknowledging the Law of One
by W. T. Samsel

Lately, it seems I have been concentrating my writings primarily on the present
state of our social, political and world situation. Perhaps this is due to the
sense of urgency that I am feeling, which compels me to speak out on the true
issues with which we should all be concerned at this time. I expend a lot of
energy in this pursuit. While all of these things are extremely important at
this time, perhaps I should reserve some of that energy and direct it towards
what is of the utmost importance at this time, the reintroduction of the Law of

What is the Law of One? Where does one begin to explain something as
complicated, and yet as simple, as the Law of One? Well, perhaps it is that
something, which many people spend their entire lifetimes, trying to find.
Maybe it is that something we are all looking for, without knowing what it is,
or being able to define it. We remember it somehow, somewhere deep down inside.
We have a longing for this, and search for it out there, in the physical world.

We carry within ourselves, soul memory of it. Soul memory is very different
from our brain's facility for memory, for it is at the very core of our being.
It is who we are, our talents and abilities; it is our nature and motivations.
It is a part of our spiritual and physical make-up, and can be accessed through
the practice of transcendental meditation. We do not have to keep running
around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to find something that we
cannot identify; to fill that need in us that we cannot describe. The One Law
rings true for so many, because they have been carrying it within themselves,
all along. What happens, is that their soul memory is awakened, and what
follows is enlightenment and understanding. If there is something missing in
Life, if the world around us doesn't make sense, could it be because the Law of
One has been repressed throughout our recorded history? Could it be that the
Law of One is the missing something in our lives, in our communities, in our

"A human being is a part of the whole, called by us the universe,' limited in
time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something
separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This
delusion is a prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection
for a few persons close to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from our
prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all humanity and the
whole of nature in its beauty." -Albert Einstein.

These days, there are many out there preaching their own interpretations of
spirituality, from television evangelists to new age gurus. There is the
prevalent fear-based traditional Christianity, wherein God will punish you,
sinners go to hell, it's God's will, and we all need to be saved. Then there's
the present new age extremists, who think only 'good' thoughts, send out only
'positive' vibrations, and don't let anything 'negative' intrude into their
space.' From the extreme left, to the extreme right, the entire spiritual and
religious spectrum can be daunting to the truth seekers. Trouble is, most
religions demand total adherence to their own particular dogma, through which,
people wind up directing negative emotions at others, based on difference. It
can be a vicious circle. With all these spiritual roads and no road map, how
does one spiritually navigate?

We are all Spirits who possess a body and a mind. The physical body is merely a
vehicle that the Spirit inhabits, in order to experience Life on the Earth
plane. When we believe that the body we inhabit is truly who we are, as we are
programmed to believe, then we are always searching outside of ourselves, for
that elusive 'something' which we can't describe. We look to that promotion at
the office, or that new luxury car, or a relationship with another person. We
look for answers from other people who we consider, authorities.

The church preaches that it is the work of the devil,' when an individual goes
outside of it's established parameters, to explore other spiritual avenues.
Well of course! If everyone discovered their own personal connection to God,'
to the All that Is, then they wouldn't look to the church as the intermediary
between God and man, would they? Hence, the church would be out of business; it
would no longer be able to maintain its control over the masses!

We all inherit the ability to communicate directly with Creator and the Spirit
world. We need to realize this. By meditating and going within, we are able to
tap into soul memory. We can raise individual consciousness from its entrapment
in the mundane trivia of the material world, and we can reconnect with the
Source! Therefore, each individual plays an important role in determining our
future. The Spirit is the direct link to God, because it is a part of God, just
as each drop of water is a part of the ocean. Spirit is a part of all creation,
and is the link to greater knowledge of the All that Is. We can have a better
understanding of our lives, of why we are here and what we are here to do.
Meditation is the key! As a radio tunes into various frequencies of reception,
so too does the conscious mind attune itself to various vibrational
frequencies, and other states of being. Once the inward journey has begun, what
unfolds is awakening and understanding. What unfolds is the Law of One.

The Law of One is so complex, that I could spend the rest of my Life writing
about it, trying to explain it. He also says that it's so simple, that any
little child can understand it fully. The Law of One is the Law of Love. Jesus
Christ said, "A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another! As
I have loved you, that ye also love one another." The love that Christ
displayed was unconditional love, One Law love! Many aspects of the One Law can
still be found in Christ's words, in fact all of history's sacred messengers,
from Christ to Krishna to White Buffalo Calf Woman, spoke about the various
aspects of the Law of One. Unfortunately, as history attests, the Sons of
Belial, to meet their needs and purposes, have altered these messages!

Life, Love, Earth and Spirit are the four major elements of the Law of One.
Love is the single, most powerful force in the universe . . . a positive force
of unlimited potential! The effects of Love are cyclic in nature, in that the
Love you send out comes back to you from others. The power of Love expands
outwards and is amplified in this way, so the more love you send out, the more
you will receive and the more you will have to give. The power of Love can heal
the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, shelter the homeless and put an end
to poverty. It can save the environment, save endangered species, and put an
end to war!

Our social, economic and religious structures pit us against each other in so
many ways. We need to realize that we are not contestants! We are not in
competition with each other, this is illusion! The truth is that we are all
related, and love is the power that can bring us all together in peace and in
harmony, with each other and all of creation. This One Law truth can set us

The Law of One is all about inclusion, about the true equality of all humanity,
irrespective of skin color, social class, landmass of origin or spiritual
beliefs. What dwells within the physical form is sacred and so, must be
honored. What dwells within the human form is that which we must learn to honor
in each other, and we must learn to allow each other to be free. The One Law is
about freedom, the freedom to let the Inner Light within each of us shine
through. To bring forth into the physical world, one's own unique expression of
self, while allowing others to do the same. Why conformity? Control, control,

The One Law is also about the sanctity of Life, not only in the human sense but
Life in all its forms. To live and to let live. Inflicting pain, suffering or
death upon any living thing goes against the One Law.

The One Law is about the sacredness of the Earth. We need to understand that
the Earth is a living thing, and that She is the source of all that we need for
our physical existence. We must cease attempting to reconfigure the natural
environment. We must cease denuding the planet of its natural resources. We
must cease driving untold numbers of other lifeforms into extinction, while
polluting the air, land and sea with our waste. We must change the way we
regard the land, the seas, the air and all lifeforms . . . for we are the
stewards of the Earth.

The Law of One is also about the Creator's Love of infinite variety. Everything
is unique and everything, according to the Creator's intention, is
interconnected to everything else within the cosmic scheme of things. I once
saw a bumper sticker that read . . . honor diversity. Again, we must accept and
honor this, because it is the intent of the Creator that these truths exist.
These aspects of the One Law hold true, no matter if you are a Hindu, Moslem,
Christian or Jew. It doesn't matter what religion you practice, because we are
all differing expressions, and these are merely differing avenues that lead to
the same source. Truth is truth.

We need to simply allow each other freedom, and learn to honor each other. The
Law of One is simple, actually. It is about honoring each other. Nobody should
go without food, clothing, medicine or shelter. We do not need to spend
millions and billions of dollars on weapons and war, and we don't need to
destroy the planet to feed greed!

I believe the Law of One is the ultimate truth, that your heart and soul
acknowledges deep within. By following and living the true principles of the
Law of One, you will find what you have been searching for. You will attain
peace and harmony within yourself, and with the world around you. Share with
each other the infinite diversity and variety of mankind! These "differences"
in expression and culture are there not to divide people, but to enhance their
experience and to broaden their conception of the All that Is. There is coming
a time when one will stand before another, and celebrate both the uniqueness of
each and the oneness of the two. The Law of One is the ultimate truth that can
set free all of humanity. It can raise the collective consciousness of mankind
and therefore enable it to break free from the cycles of its history.

I seem to always be saying that the Law of One is "That which can set free
humanity and save the earth." Well you might wonder, how that could be so. If
you take a good look around you, you might find that many things appear to be
rather backwards in our society.

One of the universal truths of the Law of One, is that life is the sacred gift
of the Creator and so all life forms are to be considered sacred and must be
honored. This means all living things, be they human, animal, tree, plant,
insect, all that have the Creator's gift of life within them. This is the spark
of life, that which dwells within the physical form. This is the soul, the
spirit within each of us and in all living things. That which comes into the
physical experience is sacred and must be honored.

You may argue that our judicial educational and religious systems do not
promote war and that our country stands for peace. If this ancient One Law
truth were held as such within our own society, then the concept of war and of
killing each other for political, economic or religious cause would be
unthinkable. The fact that such behavior is acceptable this day is testimony to
the hypocrisy of our religious, political and economic institutions. If our
collective societal consciousness acknowledged and accepted the One Law Truth
that life is sacred and must be honored, then religious, political, judicial
and economic structures would reflect just that. Individuals and organizations
would conduct themselves as per that One Law foundation. If our collective
reflected the fact that 'we are all related,' then people would act out of
cooperation rather than competition. The focus would be on we, together as one,
rather than on me, myself and I!

The religious institution that became the Temple of the One Law was very
central to Atlantean civilization until the appearance of the Sons of Belial
and the Temple of the Sun. These ultimately, became of greater power in
Atlantis. However, for many thousands of years did the Law of One and the Great
Temple play a central role in everyday Atlantean culture. The authority of the
One Law was that of ultimate truth, universal truth. The Temple was very
powerful. In civil matters, establishment of laws, settlements of dispute, in
political matters such as foreign affairs, regulation of trade and commerce,
the Great Temple held authority. As overseers of the public economy, they held
authority in matters of collection and distribution of public funds. The
authority they held was only to insure that all proceedings were conducted
according to the principals of the Law of One.

We are all related. Therefore, the Great Temple and the People had authority in
all public matters. Council government, representative and participatory
government was meant to keep public matters of the people, by the people and
for the people. It was also intended to insure that ALL living things, ALL our
relations, have the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The
Great Temple stood for their rights and assured respect and protection not only
for these relations, but for the Earth Mother as well. This, in all matters.
Such was the power of the Great Temple then.

If the earth is a living thing, then people must conduct themselves, as this is
so. If the earth is sacred then men cannot own the land. They certainly cannot
simply take from the land what they want or alter it as they wish. Neither can
they disrespect the land or pollute it. Who would claim authority in such
matters? The Earth Keepers of the Great Temple. All is interconnected and must
remain in balance under the Law of One. It is not for mankind to upset that
balance. So it was and so did we conduct ourselves then.

We, today, do not conduct ourselves as though the Earth were a living thing.
Our culture's view of the earth is as water, sand, rocks and dirt. The value of
real estate keeps getting higher and higher. Land must be developed! Cities and
towns must continually expand. New housing and building starts are a leading
economic indicator. To many people in our modern society, being in touch with
the natural world, means looking outside the window to see what the weather is
like. To many people today, being in touch with, or in harmony with the source,
means being on track in financial matters and with the program in their career
goals. Human beings need to be in harmony and balance with the natural world.
We have created and live within an anti-natural society. We live apart from
nature in a system which is anti-natural. The concept of the earth as nothing
more than landmass and oceans, rocks and dirt, that and no more is definitely
unnatural! This is the mindset of the Temple of the Sun. It is the mindset of
the Sons of Belial. The earth is nothing more than a resource for mankind. It
is this mindset that has allowed the exploitation, destruction and pollution of
the earth and all of our animal relations.

"For the Lakota, there was no wilderness, because nature was not dangerous but
hospitable, not forbidding but friendly. Lakota philosophy was healthy, free
from fear and dogmatism. Indian faith sought the harmony of man with his
surroundings: the other sought dominance over nature. In sharing and in loving
all and everything, one people naturally found a portion of that which they
sought, while, in fearing, the other found need of conquest. But the old Lakota
were wise. They knew that man's heart, apart from nature, becomes hard and
cold. They knew that lack of respect for growing, living things, would lead to
lack of respect for people too." -Chief Luthor Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux.

"There is natural power, and there is spiritual power. In the old days, my
people did not separate daily Life in the world, from spiritual Life.
Everything was spiritual, our attitude was spiritual, and Wakan Tanka was
involved in everything we said and did." -Fools Crow, Teton Sioux, 1975.

"All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the sons of the
Earth. Man did not weave the web of Life, he is only a strand in it. Whatever
he does to the web, he does to himself." -Chief Seattle, Nez Perce, 1854.

If our "civilization" conducted itself according to the Law of One, we would
not bring destruction to our environment and alienate ourselves from all that
is natural. We would not discharge our pollutants into the skies, the waters
and the earth. We would not use up the land for developments sake. We would not
divide up the land to be owned by human beings, for the land indeed belongs to
only the Creator, who in divine wisdom and intention, fashioned the order of
all things to be interconnected and interdependent. We would understand the
earth as the source of all nourishment and sustenance, a genuinely living
being, truly our mother.

Primitive concepts you may counter. I say truly the more advanced concepts.
Concepts which our relations from the stars surely had to come to terms with in
order for their species to advance to higher levels of technology and
civilization. Humanity is but in an adolescent state of consciousness and
development for we haven't yet acknowledged these truths, we haven't yet
learned the lessons. That is why we are under the intense surveillance of our
relations from the stars at this time. What happened to Atlantis? The big
question is what are we going to do this time around? The big question of the
new millennium is, do we acknowledge and implement the universal truths of the
Law of One? At present, we live with hypocritical institutions, in a
degenerating society that is, in all actuality, truly primitive and
"backwards." How much longer do we sacrifice the earth, all our relations and
future generations upon the alter of gold and greed, before we understand? We
will shortly find out. The truth shall reveal itself!

Thank You,

W. T. Samsel.

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