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compiled list vince made for one of these videos
I get a lot of questions – here are some answers.
Here is most of the text that’s on the screen – the music is me – I am NOT Yajweh!
The Following is some info I gleaned from listening to the long sessions that I cannot post on youtube for a number of reasons.
I don’t know if I will be getting any more messages to post for a while — and I know some of you have said you want to know these things.
So here goes… This is based on what I know — Yajweh speaks for himself.
Yajweh is about 117,000 Earth years old. He is from a planet called Ibania, near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
His physical mass is much denser than ours, but otherwise, he looks human. Kind of generic, Caucasian, and a little less than 6 feet tall.
He was sent to Earth about 3500 years ago — to the Minoan Civilization about 5 years before it was destroyed. He then went to the Holy Land and spent a lot of time in The Middle East.
He was part of a 9-member team that was sent to Earth, to various locations and ‘times’, by the 7th Emperor of Nibiru. The Anunaki on Nibiru have had dealings with Earth throughout history.
The Team members’ stories were interesting to me — I made a little ‘cheat sheet’… (I spelled the names phonetically and did my best)

#1 — “Nee-Ya” — sent to the Mayans — an Astronomer — expert on the galaxy’s layout — comes from a family of space explorers. He is one of a species I have heard, elsewhere, called “The Orions”.

#2 — “Tee-Fee” — sent to Egypt — known in history as “Nefertiti” — she is from Yajweh’s planet, Ibania. She is a very highly educated and skilled courtesan.

#3 — “Lo-Care” — sent to Atlantis — one of the Ancients — from a planet Yajweh calls “Han” — The ancients have been coming to earth for a long time and are said to have taught early humans how to grow crops and organize into communities. He now lives in France and works for CERN. Expert on crystalline power and usable energies.

#4 — “Soon-t’Zee” — sent to China — expert in military strategy. Described to me as “getting the enemy to choose not to fight you at all” — His species known to us as Arcturians — Yajweh sees him on a regular basis.

#5 — “Hoon-Ya” — sent to Peru to live with the Incans — designed the city of Machu Picchu — Expert on Astrology — we know his species as “Lemurians” — his niche is trying to read the stars to predict, to some extent, future events.

#6 — “Awa” — sent up north and then never seen again — Yajweh said that he thinks he was sent to work with the Nordic Kingdoms and instead spawned the Inuit culture around the Arctic Circle. He is what we refer to as a “Pleiadan” — very tall and physically very strong and what we would think of as handsome. Yajweh had big news concerning Awa recently.

#7 is Yajweh — he is from Ibania. A heavily forested planet near the center of the galaxy. Gravity makes the things there very dense (compared to, say, Earth) and his father was a fire-fighter and his mother a teacher. He calls himself an “Interstellar Anthropologist” and I know him as my “cousin” — we had the same Babooshka growing up — we are NOT related! Its just a word we use because its always ‘fit’.

#8 — “Na-Moe” — he is also an Arcturian — he is a Cultural Anthropologist and probably the one Yajweh has been closest with here. He was sent to Africa, to Timbuktu, and spent a lot of time with the Dogon Tribe and knows a lot about the civilizations that still exist under the sands of the Sahara Desert.

#9 — “Yeshua” — aka Jesus — Yeshua is now back with Yajweh here on Earth — he is what we would call Krodian. Refugees from what are called the Lyran Wars. Yajweh’s very close to the one he calles “Yesh-ee”. That’s a whole other story.

Here’s the story…

From my point of view, at least. My birthday is at the end of August. Last year, 2010, some friends and I were chatting online about random crap and I happened to mention my ‘cousin’ Yajweh. I told them that when I was a kid he would come stay with my family from time to time and that he had a particular bond with my Grandmother. My “Babooshka” (a Russian term for Grandma, at least that was what I was taught).
My friends T’Nia, Kuhfu, and Ray and I all share a common experience. We are what you would refer to as abductees. We all believe we were taken aboard the same “U.F.O.” at the same time in 1995. We weren’t harmed, but it was a pretty intense experience and we had found each other online years after the event took place.

So I was telling them about Yajweh and they asked me questions that, as with many of you, I wasn’t able to answer. So the idea of the recorded info was born and I sent Yaji a letter through another cousin in Kiev. In early October he called me. We talked for a while and I asked him if he would talk to my friends. He said he would, but that he was not going to be able to be reached for quite some time. When I was a boy, he used to send me cassette tapes with him telling me stories of our family. I asked him if he would do something like that and he said he would and a couple weeks later I had the first tape. Well, to be exact, an MP3.

That is the one that is on the youtube video “Former CIA NSA Expert Discusses Upcoming Alien UFO Disclosure by US Government” that took off on youtube. I had NO idea it was going to attract attention and it was shocking to all the sudden be getting emails from people addressing me as if I were this… Alien. That was a video I made, for T’Nia and Kuhfu and Ray and we thought it was a gas – I put a snippet of a song over the beginning and reverb on Yaji’s voice (the idea was I wanted it to sound like a lecture hall presentation) and the whole “The people who control the world do not want you to see this”… I guess I was just expressing my creativity. In retrospect I wish I would have just used a blank screen. Maybe I would have gotten less hate-mail :-/
I had a chance to talk to Yajweh after and told him that I had made a video (I told him that was my plan) and that it had gone viral and could he do another one because I was going to try to get people to go check out my music at after they watched it. I went from 5 or 6 unique visitors a day to over 100! Too bad I learned, the hard way, that no one wants to pay for music anymore.

Now I am a HUGE Prince ‘fan’. Have been ever since Purple Rain in 1984. Yajweh and Prince go back a ways. I pitched the idea of making “The Secret Yajweh Tapes” and Yaji wanted to do it, to tell his story, but after we made the first one (in my tiny home-studio) he asked that we finish out in Minnesota at Prince’s place. I was so excited, but to be honest the experience, the Paisley Park experience, was a let-down. It was uncomfortable to be there and Prince was really cool, way different than I expected, but he is a trippy dude. Let’s leave it at that.

We finished and I went back to being a nobody. An unemployed musician in, of all places, Salt Lake City. I took the master tapes and cleaned them up – to be clear we don’t censor, we cut out the long pauses – yeah I know… hearing what we leave in… think of what we cut out – Yajweh sometimes stops talking for like 10 seconds! Dork ass.
I started making the CDs and sending out the tapes I hadn’t used for youtube videos with them as ‘bonus tapes’. I started getting a lot of emails basically saying “you’re a jerk for charging for this material” and that was when it dawned on me that there were people getting more from this than just the ramblings of a cooky extra-terrestrial – there were people who actually were telling me that my cousin’s words had changed their lives. That was too much for me though! I mean, the extra page views were nice, and I got some great exposure (my music) that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, but I didn’t want that responsibility – ya know?

Once I asked Yajweh what to tell people – when they ask if he’s real, if any of this is real, if all of this is real, and what do I say? I will never forget what he told me.
He said – The ones I am trying to speak to will remember these things I say from a place deep within them. They are the ones who will understand, they are the ones who will be able to affect change in those around them. — I think that is pretty close to word-for-word.

So I quit trying to debate and answer questions. That is why I hope, I pray to several gods at once, to hedge my bet ;-), that he will start answering emails. Speaking of that, if you’ve emailed Yajweh and not gotten an answer PLEASE don’t despair – he is busy and types slower than cold tar going up hill against a headwind in February. But I am confident he will, eventually, reply to all the genuine questions he is sent.
Please remember that “The Vault” is a work in progress – so check back often.
Your pal,

aka vincedelgato ;-) hehe