Sunday, December 30, 2018

Emerald Guardians Presents: The ` Eckasha Rha `

" Eckasha RhA "
" Eckasha Rha "(2017)
Computer Graphical Version  by: Ron Mayer  
Color Edition by: Rha S ananda

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" Eckasha Rha "(2016)
Computer Graphical Version  by: Ron Mayer  
Color Edition by: Rha S ananda

" Eckasha Rha "
Computer Graphical Version  by: Ron Mayer  
Color Edition by: Rha S ananda

" Eckasha Rha " (2015)
Computer Graphical Version  by: Ron Mayer 

30  December 2014  #EG
Original Handdrwn Eckasha Rha 

" Eckasha Rha "

This is the finished version of my new pure Eckasha Rha
In flow with now-time status and energetic s
So enjoy the early new year's gift.
Eckasha RhA Seal 
by: Emerald Guardians 
1 Red
     2 Orange
   3 Yellow
 4 Green
5 Blue
 6 Indigo
7 Violet
8 Silver
9 Gold,
                 10 Deep-blue-Silver
                         11 Aqualene-Blue-Silver
              12 White-Golden.

It is fully function-able & is  Use-able with the Maharic Seal Technique.
& also for " Pineal Induction* "  see forum:

This One can be used good for printing & self-coloring

A  thanks goes out to:
Mah Love D.J Livia Ether
for the add...


Happy New Years Wishes 

to all of you.

Plasmatik Lava's


Emerald Guardians


These works are licensed under a 
 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International


  1. the Eckasha Rha is beautiful

  2. This finite infinity reality/universe is like a Diamond/(excuse me) adrift in the void of the dark drifting in the emptiness without another collaboration that perpetuating itself?

  3. Saturday, December 30, 2017


  4. I understand that you created these images but do you have permission from use the names for your graphics?

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  6. indeed its mine selfmade, hand-drawn yep , than computerized cheers Ron.M

    so now we/i need permission to to use a word thats not ownable...
    names? which one? Eckasha , or Rha or them together.
    in that case(RE Q): no i havent, nor do i need to.

    heck, them over there at: arhayas are very good at doing bad or plainout false.. "DMCA request" to host and domain provider.. with false claims hence rejected over and over.. and lol them use.. googledrive to proof theirs..ownership yet not related to the claims.. linked to..
    (via *Deborah Mitchell *
    Arhayas Productions LLC *
    5020 Clark Rd #307
    Sarasota, FL)

    they dont own the trademark nope (nor does it apply here), and copyright doesnt apply here neither...

    now has Rha of RhA the right to use the word Rha,. i do surely guess so. no not guess, yes i know i do fully stand in my rights and beyond it...


    SELF-SOVEREIGNTY: Freedom from the need for approval from, or the need to rebel
    against any form of "external authority" through understanding that you, as a
    manifestation of the God Spirit, have the ability to create personal freedom without
    violating the spiritual rights of others and without allowing others to violate your spiritual
    rights of being.

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