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Monday, May 13, 2019

a gratitude of essence thanking for your support..

just see it today... thank you, timing and gift do align.
i thank you in gratitude and will add more to EG in time i can..... #thanks_for_the_donation....
much appreciated..

""Have visited emerald guardians more than 100 times and value it immensely. Your service, is unique and unmeasurable.

it very much appreciated.. and yes needed even.. send me a msg even i if you need any WS.. i has it... ill share it..


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

KS Reality Talks: ' Rakmeister '( Rha / EG ) January 12 2016

KS Reality Talks
Christopher V Comstock
An interview talk with Rakmeister (RhA/EG)

Censorship with the FT's (Freedom Teachings) is discussed in great detail. Some discussion of what the 'Stealth Shield' is. Rakmeister shares how he has developed his own line of information from the FT's and the expansions he has experienced from this. We discuss the many different representations of the FT's and where the 'official' version of histories and agendas begins and ends.

Or listen/download via soundcloud Audio/only

Youtube channel:
 KS Reality Talks
Chris V Comstock
Rha S ananda (EG)

Soundcloud: (not working)