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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

OOTWX: TERRARIUM ARhAyas Ascension Earth

Posted by HATTER on October 31, 2014.

FORWARD: How I came to the knowledge in the messages here and how E’Asha Ashayana Deane would become, for me, the solitary source of truth in the ocean of disinformation on our planet is a rather lengthy story involving face-to-face meetings over the course of many months in 2013 and 2014 from a being who referred to themselves as a “Watcher” of the “children” of earth. The full story of that can be found here. The science of the holographic expression of all things we perceive as reality and how merkaba fields interact with all life forms can be found in E’Asha’s Voyagers II: The Secrets of Amenti. Here is a free copy of the PDF. It is missing some of the first chapters of the book, so this is not a complete history of earth, but it can be used while you are attaining your own copy through retail sources. I am not connected to the sale of these or other publications of E’Asha’s, I am merely directing you to where you can find the authentic history of your human race.

The Star Tetrahedron is the formula of all life within the true 15 level GAIA universe. The math behind this formula is found within the Maharic Merkaba Tetrahedron field of the planets as well as all life forms of each. The secret to this “God Math” is within the function of collecting the eternally-flowing energy from the ether to support life without an “end date”. This is not how all the life forms of the universes work. And in fact, it is specifically something of an amazing anomaly, since others outside of our universe (and INSIDE a false Time Matrix that was placed inside of Gaia’s) utilize the Metatron Tetrahedron math of the Fibonacci Code which is a system that functions through the parasitical exploitation of the energy fields surrounding it, as explained in E’Asha Ashayana’s messages sent to her by our founding father races of the Emerald Covenant. Starting with the Voyagers books and progressing up until the present day, her science reveals the physical mechanics to create sub-atomic prana structure, all the way up to the expression of life itself. Highly complex and vastly outstripping all mere mankind-level rudimentary mathematics, science and physics, which are at a kindergarten level of comprehension comparatively. My work here is not to retell her same teachings, it is merely to put into perspective how this massive database of information is applied to the mortal man.

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Chilli Schock

Terrarium (ARhAyas Ascension) Earth

Update 10/30/14
Following the fall of Atlantis some 246,000 years ago, the invader races who had successfully destroyed both the first and second seeding of the Angelic Krystos Human (God Template) Avatar Evolution placed a holographic curtain around the 3-D planet we now think of as “Earth”, the 1st “material” level of the Gaia universe. This curtain effectively created a “universe within a universe”, something of an encapsulated, or trapped “terrarium” planet, functioning in an artificial combination of solar and lunar rays which effect both time, as well as gravity. Both of which has been highly distorted from its intended reality. It was at this time that the planet received what we call a moon today. Though this holographic curtain is called a frequency fence today, it is much more than just that. It is in fact an illusionary solar system embedded within the organic universe, at least partially controlled by an elaborate “star” projection of a highly defined codex in our skies which we know as the astrological bodies which represent Greek “gods” of ancient “mythology”. Conveniently the Greek Gods are only myth, right? I mean, the bible doesn’t talk about “fallen angels”, “giants”, “Hercules fighting gods”, right? Of course it does. But let’s forget that.
6 1/2 minutes into this video, you will hear E’Asha explain that “this planet does not have its own solar plane”. So what’s that?
A solar plane is the astrological area between a sun and the planet itself. Through my recent 6000 hours of study into the matters surrounding the enslavement of man, I have no evidence that an organic dimension within any 15 level time matrix, that there would be the application of a “moon”. Within our encapsulated, or suspended existence, our humanity has been subject to this artificial element that has gone on undetected as “out of place”, because we have never known anything different. However, there is no reference to a “moon” in any of the higher dimensions or densities of our time matrix that I have been given, or have seen spoken about by anyone representing the Guardian Alliance. So what would a moon have to do with our bondage here exactly?

Think of the moon as something I have termed as an “Annu-Zodiak Holographic Projector”. A giant projector that imprints our “heavens” with what appear to be planets and an invention called a “moon”. NASA claims the planets of our zodiak are just too far to travel to, so they are just pretty dots in our skies, and because NASA knows everything, we believe them, (which is a damn neat trick in itself, seeing as there has never been “distance” ever discovered by science in all of time). After all, what could they possibly gain by telling us something totally untrue? It has been reported to me by a source who claims to be very long-time space traveler and personally familiar with the “other side” of the moon, that there is a sun parked directly behind it. And yes, does THIS very much make sense. This report came to me long after I had determined that our moon’s existence was factually artificial to our planet. The satellite we call a “moon” is filtering the rays of our second, organic sun into earth’s atmosphere through its own modulation leaving mankind without the powerful and now lost source of nutrition for all life on our planet below.

Though my personal contact with the Guardian Alliance has not yet confirmed this to be the factual case, I have enough of the truths here to bring forward the science of how this not only would work, but how it is brilliant beyond comprehension to an invader race bent on the perpetual recycle of a natural resource on a planet that also carried with it the ability to see outside of this density and connect with memories of its other 1727 selves scattered across the time matrix unless that natural resource were placed under a frequency fence, blocking their access to these lives and memories. So if the moon is NOT actually a planet that is supposed to be here, how would we know this?
The moon does not spin.

It doesn’t even turn. Like a ball solidly attached to a pivoting center ball, the moon acts as if it does nothing but orbit around earth’s center-most point. Since the days of Plato, the same smiling man in the moon has peered down on mankind. No one bound on this planet has ever seen the other side of that celestial body, making it a satellite. In fact, modern astrophysicists CALL the moon a satellite. And NOT ONE PERSON in a thousand among us realizes that this is so. Ask someone how many planets spin. After all, NASA tells us they do, so their answer will be “all of them”. I mean, why would NASA lie? But IF they “all spin”, then why doesn’t the moon? For this they will have no answer.

Around 300 B.C. Theodorus writes in his first book that the moon had appeared a little while before the war which was fought by Hercules against the giants (Nephilim fallen angels).
Around 250 B.C. Aristarchus and Dionysius Chalcidensis, in the first of their works, report: “Mnaseas said that the Arcadians were born before the moon, and so they were called ‘proselenian’; meaning, ‘before the moon’.”

Velikovsky quotes everyone from Democritus and Anaxagoras to Aristotle and Apollonius of Rhodes to show that such a pre-Hellenic time existed.  Those humans living at the time were called Pelasgians, Proselenes (“before the Moon”), and Arcadians (pre-Danai and pre-Deukalion).
Plutarch, Hippolytus, Censorinus, and Lucian all wrote of pre-Lunar people, as did Ovid, who said that “The Arcadians possessed their land before the birth of Jove, and were older than the Moon.”
Indians of Bogota Columbia, agree. According to tribesmen of Chibchas, “In the earliest times, when the moon was not yet in the heavens.”

The moon is a manufactured sphere or “dish”.

The earliest photo ever taken of the moon was by Dr. J. W. Draper of New York, 1839. In this UNDOCTORED picture, it is easy to see the lines of the assembly of the moon’s structure. This is an indisputable and obvious truth to anyone seeing it outside of Stevie Wonder. Click to enlarge.
In this new photo of the moon taken very recently, you can clearly see that even though nearly 200 years have gone by, it hasn’t changed by a single asteroid. It is perfectly identical. And in the outside chance Stevie Wonder is actually reading this, I colored in the seams for you to see it is a manufactured body. Again, be sure to click to enlarge and see for yourself the moon has been left exactly the same as the first image from the early 1800s.

In early Greek Astrology, there were two suns in our “solar plane”. And in fact, Greek language shows us there were two words for Sun: “θεός” Theos and “Ἥλιος” Helios, which were not synonyms. Theos was a star like object and scholars never discussed a possible form of it or distance to – for them it was eternal, very remote and almighty, “unmoved mover” by Aristotle and became synonymous with “god” which immediately took over as the word used to depict “god” in the biblical texts. Ignore the fact it was always referring to a SUN “deity” that brought life to the planet! Just call him GOD from now on. Similarly, Helios was treated in their stories as a deity. Earth mates with him soon after her own birthday and a difference between Helios and Theos was defined like that between husband and father. Helios was obliged to stay by her in a distance that was remote from her on 27 diameters only. It is important to note here that Helios was supposed to be about 27 times the diameter of the earth away from her. Our moon is about 29 times the diameter of the earth away. Guess this is just “coincidence” though.

When we look at other star systems within our galaxy, we find two suns. National Geographic claims that our solar system alone, has “millions of planets with two sons“. This way the sun never sets and the planet never goes into darkness. If an artificial “moon” were parked in front of our second sun, blocking that sun’s rays, then 1/2 of the time, earth would remain in perpetual darkness. Here is a little secret: You don’t need darkness. That is all part of the dark force’s lie that “yin and yang” is necessary for all things. Sunlight carries life-replenishing photonic waves that carry nutritional value. Of this, there is no argument. And sunlight continually circling any planet would sustain life thereon exponentially greater than one, with or without a “moon”.
The moons rays can be shown through empirical evidence to radiate a DIFFERENT type of photonic signature than that of the sun. If the moon DID actually reflect the rays from the sun, then those rays coming from the moon would possess the same effects as those from the source of the reflected rays. However, the moons rays are shown to possess zero heat. How would this happen? If you use a mirror to reflect the flames of a campfire onto say, a stone just outside of the fire pit, the stone would gradually warm up because the rays the mirror is reflecting carry the scalar patterns of a heat signature. The moon’s rays don’t do this. In Living Age by E. Littell, 1867, it had already been established that the moon’s rays do not carry forward to earth the heating type of photonic signature that the sun carries. Not even on a microscopic level.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Journey of Awe: Indigo children and drugs & Maintaining ecstasy without drugs

Namaste my beautiful co-creators

Indigo Children and Drugs

Inviting you to a special edition of Journey of Awe show, interviewing an Indigo Child &; Stephen Redding.

Indigo Children have a hard time fitting into our society, reaching for drugs and other substances to deal with being an outcast and to tune in higher frequencies to find bliss.

Stephen will share his experience how he was able to step away from self-distractive use of drugs to channel Source energy to a self-empowering choice of realization that we have a choice and other conduits to reach the state of bliss.

He discovered Frequency Music ( ) as a replacement for drugs after using drugs for mind alteration for more than a decade.

Tune in TODAY@ at 12 pm PDT and 3pm EDT as he shares his wisdom of self-awareness and transformation.


Descriptions of indigo children include that they:

Are empathetic, curious, strong-willed, and independent
Are often perceived by friends and family as strange
Possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose
Show a strong innate subconscious spirituality from early childhood (which, however, does not necessarily imply a direct interest in spiritual or religious areas)
Have a strong feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here
Other alleged traits include:

High intelligence quotient
Inherent intuitive ability
Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Freedom Teachings: Architects of Light - Secrets of the Indigo Children

Cheers Gabriel for sharing

●There are 3 types of Indigos: Their purposes include:

Type 1: Planetary grid work projects

Type 2: To bring back the 12-strand potential

Type 3: To help solve the polarity imbalances of the races

The genetic code of the Indigo is the key to their purpose. The gene code is more than what appears to be DNA on the 3-dimensional level. Scientists use term DNA to mean the core blueprint of the human gene code but what they are calling DNA is really a chemical translation of only a small portion of the core blueprint or "template". Understanding the nature of our DNA brings us understanding about the relationship between our bodies, minds and spirits. The Indigos are bringing back the knowledge of our genetic heritage. ● To understand Indigos, we need to understand the ascension process. The experience of matter is built on a core of consciousness. ● Core consciousness involves Fire Letters or scalar wave patterns that, when activated within the DNA, allow the body to turn to light, allowing particle and anti-particle to fuse and turn into 'fire' and transmute from one dimension to the next. Distortions in the Fire Letters leads to distortions in the DNA. Because of distortions, only 3 of the 12 DNA strands representing the 12-dimensions of Ourselves are currently active. ● The history of our Earth Races is a history of "bio-spiritual evolution". Indigos are both ancient and future races. ● Indigos and Humans are part of what are called "Guardian Races".

● About 99% of autistic children are Indigo 3's. Autism occurs when the non-Christiac Being within the Indigo 3 person tries to take over the Christiac Being (Oraphim), shutting it down and freezing the person's ability to communicate. This results in the personality going into terror. An "inner war" is going on inside on an unconscious level. ● Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A lot of these infants are Indigo children. The child Being finds a way OUT because they realise they're not going to be able to activate the gene code the way they had intended, and not going to be able to do what they came to do. So they leave and look for another body as quickly as possible. ● Indigos often have asthma and jaundice as infants and often have spleen problems because the body is not quite ready to handle that level of frequency. ● At an early age, Indigos will have bleed-through from Parallel Earth because they have 2 sets of memories running concurrently. They might also be birthing with a lot of incarnational memory running before they open their eyes or before they talk. ● Authority is an issue for Indigos, because they have a higher authority, their connection to Source, and if you try to violate that they are going to push back. ● Experiences of Indigo Children on drug therapy.

● Angelic consciousness is really between Dimensions 6 and 9. Both terms ET and angel can be misleading and set you up for manipulation. ● Our stellar heritage and the fact that all Humans and Indigos possess ET genes. ● Holism: a way of using our minds that is from a higher level of consciousness and that will change things that go on 'out here'. If we want to heal our world, we need to learn to use our minds differently. ● What we perceive as light here is something that has an oscillation rate that's faster than that of our own. Imagining light: we are imagining wave patterns of higher frequency. When we do visualisations, when we use our minds creatively inside, we are creating literal manifestation patterns by using the core of creation which is scalar waves. We are directing them with Light. ● Connection between heart chakra and astral body. Ways of having intimacy without doing harm to ourselves/ while still protecting the integrity of our own bio-fields. ● Importance of doing Maharic Seal before any energy work. Energy sensing. Learning to sense each other as energy/ seeing beyond the illusions. Sensing energy signatures. ● Meditation: finding our Sirian (6th Dimensional) Selves.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Lisa Renee: The Starseed Mission - #Energetic-Synthesis

The Starseed Mission : Reclaiming Christos Body

The source code or unity intelligence field is a Krystal Star (Christos Consciousness) hub accessed through the merging of manifested bodies holding trinity wave formats that connect directly into the Eternal Source light (Godhead). The three sound-wave-tone parts when merged into internal energetic balance become designed as one component that access directly into the feedback loop exchanging with the Eternal source supply. This exchange with the godhead is the principle of Christos, an inner sustained eternal source light which signals the end of vampirism or consumptive modeling on planet. This is what it means that the Godhead cannot be reached by anything but the Christos Consciousness (Krystal Star Tones), although this process of unifying consciousness with the Godhead is known by different names.

The Krystal/Christos architecture is that which allows the synchronic phasing of inner/outer/inbetween currents of energy to be inhaled and exhaled circulating the eternal life spark of creation throughout the entire organism.

This trinity principle is the original holographic architecture of the microcosm to macrocosm, planetary, human and all of universal creation. Our bodies and souls were not created by Reptilian Anunnaki or other E.T. False Father Gods; we were modified and hybridized to suit their various domination agendas through hybridization. The Christos template is designed as a unity form of embodiment, thus all architecture, patterns and 12D code must be embodied as a trinity wave to return the Christos to the earth. The original source code of one component cannot work without the other three parts unified together. Hence we have existed on 3D earth in a separated state, governed by the tyranny of the False Father Gods, only allowed to experience within a partial component of the entirety of our existence. The Holy Mother, the Holy Father and the Holy Son (Christos) are all One as the Godhead; however the Mother principle is not the Father principle, nor the Son. There is an energy matrix comprised of frequency that is a trinity wave tone, this tone is inter-dimensional and also a part of the core substance of our Universal matrix. Up until recently this planet (consciousness) was separated from the merge between all of its creational components. Now that our Mother principle component has returned, this is the unique process and massive transformation an ascending group of humans begin as potential planetary Christos consciousness.

Many of us as Starseeds are the Ascension blueprint prototypes to embody this source code energy into the physical realm, and we have begun the alchemical process to become the “house where Christos dwells”. The Spring Equinox will activate this Inner Christos embodiment potential for more of us in the Starseed family. This cycle will be a rebirth for the masculine principle.

Starseeds Reclaim Christos Mission 

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Indigo Children #Krystalsinger #Music

Indigo Children

(Melissa Higginbotham)
August 24, 2009
Melissa Higginbotham

I had a friend who was making a documentary on the Indigo Children. We talked about how they were starting to show up, but that many of them, in order to survive, had hidden their true selves. In pondering the frequency call I knew would be, or was going out to them, "The Lost Indigo Children" was born.


@ (Chinese)

From: Aigle Noir Solomon (Mr Owl) 2013-07-04 06:39:31

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Freedom Teaching: The Ou Lafen and Indigo Children

The Ou Lafen and Indigo Children

(2012-02-15 18:17:21)
The Ou Lafen and Indigo Children

Original / Copyright: Yi Aisuo
Translation: Black Jack
The proofreading: Carlin small tower

"Oula Fen (Oraphim)" has a very special gene codes called "Double Diamond Sun (Double Diamond Sun)" or the "Emerald Sun matrix (Emerald Sun Matrix) is - double diamond with 12 of the original human chain coding beyond the time of the Ascension proficient level plus another 12 chain the Emerald class, the Higher Council of Oula Fen has additional 6 chain DNA, corresponding to three Russian card Ti matrix (Eckatic Matrix), and the origin -one before the last one Ascension proficient level.

In other systems, Oula Fen is usually called "Heaven's son (Paradise sons).

Emerald class Oula Fen from Tulane Okinawa Samuel (Turaneusiam) descent, but not only so ...... they are planting this universe the original race Yeluo He (ELOHEI) (not "Elohim Elohim", which Many Elohim "fallen"), prior to the material existence Tian Qin Race ...... This time matrix has been sowing the life of the original incarnations (Avatars).

Ascension cycle, they are only a large number of born, the the the Ascension code guardian Star Gate guardian and planetary security team, responsible for orchestrating the Ascension cycle during the necessary grid structure. Them from the pull federal (Ra Confederacy) the azurite Parliament (Azurite Council) Melchizedek (Melchizedek Cloister) family, the Priory chain management Ascended Masters of our Time Matrix Group (Ascended Masters collective).

They are responsible for the supervision of the the time matrix inside and outside other smaller Ascended Masters Group. Your little on Earth I do not have a higher encoding. Oula Fen no ego - once they awaken, they will know in here purely to serve the full one, and to perform their own tasks. Currently, the number of them on Earth 50 million (Annotation: 2000), has just started to wake up. "The Amenti secret" book a lot of mention of their situation, to as a "wake-up call of" and Oula Fen their response is ideal. Other DNA fails to activate the people can handle 4-6 dimensional data frequency is very difficult to understand the contents of the book mentioned.

Emerald class has to remember at least incarnation (Avatar) level (10-12 dimensional) contract and service contract of the nature of the world here. Return this time, into the manifest, emerald class have been skillfully proficient in all three Ascension. Most of them have the universe service contracts, not just planetary service contract. They are so far beyond being alliance here cognitive range, some of the highest consciousness following the 12-dimensional even this planet do not know who they are. "The dark side" to hate them because they bring the knowledge of freedom. Most of us are living as a "sleeper" until we awakening in the previously scheduled time and date, and then we began to remember who we are, what do you think we are.

Indigos today mestizo plan is operated by the Emerald class of the Oula Fen - Tulane Okinawa Samuel - the primordial human Presbyterian race, 550 million years ago, they had human sown here, and vowed to assist in the Earth on humans to retrieve the 12-strand DNA potential rather than 10 chain, 10 the chain A Ru-Naqi (Anunnaki) and the Dragon (Drakonian) DNA mark human 12 chain.

Indigos is Ou Lafen incarnation all (there are three different types of indigo), they are now the embodiment of this by making the race morphogenetic field (the material manifestation scalar template) to reach critical mass, to help promote the the ordinary human gene code into a higher level of activation. The the the primordial human gene chain mestizo plan being choreography to help humanity activate dormant DNA so, during a stellar activation cycle in the 2000-2017 year, the human race can have a better chance to avoid damage to the physical body and dormant genes. (Solar spectrum change will occur in this period, which will damage Earth's human race, because from ancient Sirius A Ru Naqi invasion the ordinary gene inherited code will have a malignant mutation.)

All indigo born already activated section 6 chain DNA (DNA still showed "double helix", but the times chain matrix operation additional coding), which allows them to turn on the memory of the identity of the other temporal aspects.

Emerald class 48 Parliament (human visitor group - 48 is the DNA distribution, does not refer to the 48-member parliament) trained in higher dimensions (5-15 dimension above) remote observation and matrix scan. Within the dimensions of the pro-human Parliament close attention to the agenda of the actions of the visitors on Earth, in order to ensure that the planets and on unwitting human safety through the 2000-2017 cycle, and other various reasons. [Jade-class members in the past have tried to come into contact with human government, but the Secret Government Treaty the Zeta - Adeniji Lean the (Zeta Rigelians) "single world order" more interested in, and has long been in connection with the agreement. 】 Jade class on the one hand is also trying to provide protection for the human "light workers who they are subject to the risk of negative manipulation, because they have not yet remember who he is, why the incarnation of this drama, and how to protect their biological energy field.

Indigos are born already activate 6th strand DNA, and if they can lower chain fragments integrated access chain 6, it will be able to operate the onset. (This "if" depends largely on from their parents that pick up what the genetic code, and they grew up in what conditions.) All human beings have this DNA acceleration, to remember other life experiences and their potential eternal consciousness structure, They can learn their 15-dimensional anatomy and laws, through these, they distort our era this there Ah Ru Naqi DNA mutation can be reversed, because these distortions barrier through the DNA into the conscious awareness of the high-dimensional data. This is why you want to teach the 15-dimensional human anatomy and how to start treatment more of DNA to make it back to the original 12-chain potential.

Klooster - Dora - Katrina (the Cloister-Dora-Teura) a detailed description of the lost history of our race and DNA / Kundalini / Merkaba Mechanics, and Earth grid scalar mechanics multidimensional state-of-the-art science literature - through these human beings can get back their space - time - the physical experience mastership.

Dora the - Choi satisfied literature in the last on the planet to maintain accurate, did not deviate from the form of the time was 210,216 years ago. Later, in the era of Atlantis have tried to translate part of Dora - Katrina literature - which in the end when the year 9558 BC through the the Thoth emerald slate, after the original was again distorted to the Bible, the law of Moses (Torah), faith Kabbalah (Kabbalah) and Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures. In ancient times, the late Dora - Cui satisfied literature translation, edit translates Ah Ru Naqi emerald slate asked, are A Ru Naqi and reptilian visitors, and their human Illuminati (Illuminati) support those who abuse, tampering, distorted, misunderstood, and was completely damaged. But once, long ago, those who teach this basic truth and commitment to human freedom.

Emerald class Oula Fen, and now into the flesh, Indigos, they kloster - Dora - Katrina literature (CDT) the original author. As the Emerald Covenant part of the agreement, these documents are given to 248,000 years ago the Earth, the Emerald Covenant is established by the original planet human lineage interstellar vows, to assist the Department of Earth human family re-evolution, to get back their original 12-strand DNA potential. These teachings are a gift of love and knowledge of human Presbyterian race, they care about the Earth's human, and you want to to see humanity retrieve freedom, awakening and empowerment. The Emerald Covenant there are many, it explains those ridiculous set forth in our recorded history.

2000-2017 stellar activation cycle when the sunlight spectrum changes in human DNA is starting to aggravate activation, many people began to remember their incarnations in other space-time position memory. To be carrying the less Ah Ru Naqi or reptilian twist of DNA, and the recovery of memory is also faster and more. Anyone can restore emerald class professor DNA mutations technology benefit; remember is the convention of human heritage belonging to all of us - remember potential.

Indigos - Oula Fen incarnation of the flesh into the Earth for more than 100 years old, but in our population of only 500,000 strong indigo, they have begun to remember who they are, and another 150,000 in 1999 - born 2012. Indigo and the Emerald class human Presbyterian race is sponsoring a pro-human mestizo plan, trying to recover lost knowledge and multi-dimensional structure of science, and true spiritual cognition, mankind will heal DNA and began to recall. They are trying to correct the distorted abuse Klooster - Dora - Katrina literature errors, so that people can use this knowledge, and through them, the rapid evolution of their own against A Ru Naqi and reptilian manipulation. Because the the ancient jade Covenant commitment of the Earth's human promised oath, they are trying to do so, they love and cherish their elders racial sown seeds - human, and the human elders racial eager to see the Earth humans evolved them the full potential and become equal members of the interstellar community.

A Ru Naqi - Pleiades - Ni Bi Ru destruction before the real file has been distorted mess Bible, it was a decent book, it is trying to translational Klooster - Dora - Katrina literature orthodox knowledge part original translation Atlantis emerald slate (Thoth them before tampering with its own agenda), the Bible, the law of Moses, the Kabbalah, Buddhist scriptures were all unified - all these teachings From the kloster - Dora - Katrina, but they have been distorted to the extent unrecognizable.

Hidden period of 210,216 years ago, when the reptilian invasion and take over our vast temple complex was blown up, we try to protect the Dora - Katrina holographic message disk. After 22,000 years BC, jade class incarnation again in an attempt to prevent the abuse of the human genetic code A Ru-Naqi, they have done much - when we try to re-sent to the Dora - Cui satisfied freedom by the original emerald slate teaching, and monitor A Ru Naqi - Zeta. Adeniji Lean. Thoth, he has been the appointment of jade class literature translate, but he was opposed to the Emerald class and tampering teach in favor of A Ru Naqi mestizo agenda. In biblical times, the emerald class again try to restore A Ru Naqi human mestizo the Illuminati human family and their visitors colleagues "fallen Elohim and take the non-profit (the Nephilim) dismembered distort the true teachings.