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living in the eye of love; the diamond key of being
the vector of a diamond when doubled and harmonized with another is the exact geometry of the innermost freqeuncy of the heart which is the higher heart and it was once called the Egyptian blue lotus activation

Anchoring Higher Consciousness: Harmonization and Integration
Plasmic Seed ; Rising Earth

The Human Form
All form is music. The consciousness codes just like any thing may be viewed as an inanimate object but every thing is also living and multidimensional, composed of interactive frequencies, and is an energy intelligence field that can be worked with to bring about understanding. The example here is how mantra and intention has co-created the consciousness field of an eternal virtue this code is a 1st Chakra/Muladhara empowerment, the mantra and code serve to crystallize this energy and generate strength, balance, poise, timing into the body through visually and energetically harmonizing these frequencies.

Chakra Column

With every exhalation energy expands and circulates upward upon the inhale energy is condensed into the higher heart. When the chakra column activates, energy spiral connections begin to form within and then between higher levels of identity along set arc pathways. The energy flows continue to ascend to the extent that the embodied entity is able to harmonize with those movements. The identity can then temporarily lock into a higher position and perceive, experience, and strengthen connections with other dimensional or density levels.

Plasmic Star Flows ; Activating the Inner Crystal Heart

Song of Wisdom: Awakening the 5D Waterfire Flows

Awakened Crystal Blue Earth Code

Higher Heart Flower; Core of Clear Feeling

Dream Seed; Light of the New Gaian Dream

Avatar (Beginning the Inscending)

 Celestial Seed: Blueprint of Space-Time : Cosmic Vajra

Sacred Healing : Higher Light Harmonization

Elemental Purity Code, Sacred Water-Light
Realization : Alignment to the Eternal Awareness
Luminous Sanctum; Inner strengthening

Light Flow: Higher Consciousness Integration Code

Pure / Higher ; Blueprint of change

Galactivation Template; Alignment of the Monad

Cosmic DNA Healing Consciousness Code

Flight of the Soul : 6th Dimensional Sight

Portal Harmonics, Unifying and Purifying the Inner pools of living light

Purification ; Co-resonance Crystal

Solar Attunement Key Code; Harmonic induction of the hypothalamus
I am made whole through the heartportal; I am purified and aligned am connected beyond physical lines to all that is. In this time I engage the greater galactic light & I invite the cosmic heart to reset my bodies breath and pulse. I am now the formless peace and resplendent awareness of the universe. From this state I set forth the original template & intent for the present to be upon the brightest arc of evolution, the most heroic expression of human-star consciousness individually and collectively. May I serve as a gateway for all energies that are aligned to infinite kindness, awareness, and balance this day and night. Connect me to my highest mind, unify me to those who share this winged intent. May the celestial blessings rain down upon those who sing this soul song. So be it and so it is.

Victorious Peace

Respiritualization of Central Coding; Igniting the four pillar template
collab with Rakmeister(EG)

Realization : Alignment to the Eternal Awareness


my  edit of original  shown below (^^cleared distortions.. a bit more)#EG

6th Dimensional MER KA BA; Etheric Spiral Lightbody Configuration 6th Dimensional MER KA BA; Etheric Spiral Lightbody Configuration


  1. Dear family! I am proud of your hard work and the opportunity to enjoy the art of digital design. Warmest regards from Holland. My modest contribution to the joint project of education is the 3D model.Thank You! Lavas, Aqua Elle. http://aquaelle.nl/

  2. This Artwork is truly inspiring, healing and amazing xx

  3. amazing work, i feel interesting after this. did some pineal induction on a few.. amazing.

    much love