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Ra ka Isha (Rakmeister)

Arcanum XIX: The SunThe Beaming Light

The Sun — Arcanum XIX (19)

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This is the Sun. Also called the Beaming Light in the Egyptian version of the Tarot. The Law of One teachings describe the Sun as the Significator of the Spirit.

After passing the Experience of the Moon, where we can absorb or radiate light depending of the polarity we choose to get from those experiences, we now reach the Sun, which only radiates.

There is a stage in this journey that simply cannot be reached by those walking the negative path. There is a stage where even the negative entities can only advance switching to the positive path. That stage is when we finally came to the conclusion that service to self is actually self destructive and we are now alone. After realizing this, the only way out is to switch sides. This is represented by the previous archetype the Moon, where we cannot absorb light without radiate some light too.

Now, in the Sun archetype we radiate to others the light that we have within. We do not want to keep the light to ourselves so our natural option is to share. But like a candle can lighten up a thousand other candles without any harm to it´s own light, when we begin to radiate it only makes our journey clearer.

Being the Significator of the Spirit, the Sun is the spirit itself. And the spirit is creation, and creation is light. We finally ignited the Christ consciousness within ourselves and we began to shine.
So, the Sun is actually the Spirit, just as the other significators are the Body and the Mind (The Hanged Man, the Hierophant). The Sun is then connected to archetypes XII and V, in this wonderful system of sevens that the Tarot teaches us.

This is the stage where we merge with ourselves and have the balanced chakras. We became one. That is why many times the Sun is interpreted as a blissfully marriage, good union, friendship, etc.

This is the stage of pure joy and happiness, as we finally fulfill ourselves and our journey.
The Sun above the figure has 21 rays, symbol of the activation of the 3 sevens, mind, body and spirit.

This happiness is everything but material, as the two figures demonstrate by their simple clothing.
Source: http://ergoneris.org/arcanum-xix-the-sun/

XIX – The SUN All is Light – Tarot de Paris


[Letter Quitolath (Q--Number 100]
THE BLAZING LIGHT: Earthly Happiness


Q–100 expresses in the divine world the supreme Heaven: in the intellectual world sacred Truth: in the physical world peaceful Happiness.

Arcanum XIX is represented by a radiant sun shining on two small children, images of innocence, who hold each other’s hands in the midst of a circle of flowers. It is the symbol of happiness promised by the simple life and by moderation in all one’s desires.

Remember, son of Earth, that the light of the Mysteries flows dangerously in the service of the Will. It illuminates those who know how to use it; it strikes down those who are ignorant of its power or who abuse it.


The Sun

Alchemical Weddings
“…the Messiah, whom many have seen and met during the last twenty centuries, is no more only a spirit who descends and re-ascends through the heavens in order to exercise, with all the prophets who are to be found, the universal function of salvation…”
Unknown author, Meditations on the Tarot, Letter XIX The Sun
  " http://alchemical-weddings.com/alchemical-weddings/the-sun "



The Sun — Arcanum XIX (19)

Expresses in the spiritual world, the supreme heaven. In the intellectual world, true happiness. In the physical world, sacred union. Remember, then, son of earth, that the light of the mysteries is a redoubtable fluid, put by nature at the service of the will. She lights those who know how to direct her; she strikes down with a thunderbolt those who ignore her power or who abuse it. If Arcanum XIX should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, happiness awaits thee in domestic life if thou knowest how to strengthen the conjugal circle and guard its sacredness in the sanctuary of the heart. In Divination, Arcanum XIX may be read as Happiness and Joy. Arcanum XIX is figured by a young man and a young woman holding each other by the hand. About them a circle of 20 flowers springs from the earth. Above is a radiant Sun of 21 rays, in the center of which is the symbol of conjugal union. This sun is the symbol of perfect union expressed on all three planes; perfect harmony of physical desires, intellectual interests, and spiritual aspirations. The young man and woman are plainly dressed, indicating simplicity of life, moderation of desires and purity of thought. The flowers springing up about them symbolize the joy and happiness of the domestic circle which more than compensate them for material hardships. The 20 flowers signify the potency of domestic harmony to Awaken and Resurrect the spiritual flora of the soul. This ensemble personifies the fact that when the sexes are truly wed, and the triple laws of harmony are obeyed, that their lives are a constant round of happiness and joy, even amid adversities and privation.

The Sun – Symbolic Analysis

Posted on July 23, 2011
“…each mind/body/spirit complex shall and should and, indeed, must perceive each archetype, if you use this convenient term, in its own way. Therefore, you may see that precision is not the goal; rather the quality of general concept complex perception is the goal.”- Ra, Session 77

The Sun


Arcanum 19

Key Observations
  • The male and female characters represent the unity of these two powerful forces. Conscious, creative energy and unconscious intuitive energy. “When the veiling process was accomplished, to the male polarity was attracted the Matrix of the Mind and to the female, the Potentiator of the Mind, to the male the Potentiator of the Body, to the female the Matrix of the Body.”-Ra session 87  ; “…that which reaches may be seen as a male principle. That which awaits the reaching may be seen as a female principle.”-Ra Session 92
  • The sun radiates light on every being unconditionally. So to the being can either radiate love and light or it can absorb it for itself. “You have seen the prism which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. This is a simplistic example of unity.”-Ra Session 1
  • The circle: “Picture, if you will, a circle of being. We know the alpha and omega as infinite intelligence. The circle never ceases. It is present. The densities we have traversed at various points in the circle correspond to the characteristics of cycles: first, the cycle of awareness; second, the cycle of growth; third, the cycle of self-awareness; fourth, the cycle of love or understanding; fifth, the cycle of light or wisdom; sixth, the cycle of light/love, love/light or unity; seventh, the gateway cycle; eighth, the octave which moves into a mystery we do not plumb. “ – Ra Session 16
An Excerpt from Session 80
80.16 Questioner: I guess the nineteenth archetype of the spirit would be the Significator of the Spirit. Is that correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
80.17 Questioner: How would you describe the Significator of the Spirit?
Ra: I am Ra. In answer to the previous query we set about doing just this. The Significator of the Spirit is that living entity which either radiates or absorbs the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, radiates it to others or absorbs it for the self.
80.18 Questioner: Then would this process of radiation or absorption, since we have what I would call a flux or flux rate, be the measure of the adept?
Ra: I am Ra. This may be seen to be a reasonably adequate statement.

A brief description of the Sun by Ra Session 41
This is a query which is not easily answered in your language, for the sun has various aspects in relation to intelligent infinity, to intelligent energy, and to each density of each planet, as you call these spheres. Moreover, these differences extend into the metaphysical or time/space part of your creation.In relationship to intelligent infinity, the sun body is, equally with all parts of the infinite creation, part of that infinity.In relation to the potentiated intelligent infinity which makes use of intelligent energy, it is the offspring, shall we say, of the Logos for a much larger number of sub-Logoi. The relationship is hierarchical in that the sub-Logos uses the intelligent energy in ways set forth by the Logos and uses its free will to co-create the, shall we say, full nuances of your densities as you experience them.In relationship to the densities, the sun body may physically, as you would say, be seen to be a large body of gaseous elements undergoing the processes of fusion and radiating heat and light.Metaphysically, the sun achieves a meaning to fourth through seventh density according to the growing abilities of entities in these densities to grasp the living creation and co-entity, or other-self, nature of this sun body. Thus by the sixth density the sun may be visited and inhabited by those dwelling in time/space and may even be partially created from moment to moment by the processes of sixth density entities in their evolution.
Modern key words for the sun:
Optimism—Expansion—Being radiant—Positive feelings
Assurance—Energy—Personal power—Happiness
Splendor—Brilliance—Joy —Enthusiasm


 March 23, 2011
The eclipsed Sun of Arcanum XVIII is now revealed, and happy days are here again!   A man and a woman hold hands within a circle of flowers.   They are obviously in love and as happy as they would be on their wedding day. The Sun represents happiness and spiritual growth through conjugal union and the resulting offspring.

In the Waite deck, instead we see the couple’s child.  Wearing a feather in his cap and riding a white horse, he’s really having a good time.  He seems to be saying, “Look, Mom, no hands!” His look-at-me pose is very appropriate for natives of The Sun’s ruling sign of Leo. Leos are the entertainers of the horoscope and enjoy the limelight, whether it’s in show business, at a dinner party, or in any other social setting.  The sign of Leo rules the 5th House of entertainment, family, speculation, theater, games, romance and courtship.

From The Sacred Tarot, Zain writes  “…spiritual progress depends upon love, unselfishness, and the refinement of the thoughts and emotions, and nothing develops these soul qualities faster than the love and care of a parent for children.  The love of parents for their offspring is often the saving grace of their lives…” The image of the card in the Brotherhood of Light deck focuses on the parents rather than the child, and corresponds not only to the idea that unselfish parental love is a fast track to spiritual development, but also symbolizes the Hermetic concept of soul mates.

To explain this concept of soul mates, the following quotes are excepts from Zain’s description of the Brotherhood of Light Emblem:  “Tradition teaches that the androgynous Ego, or Spark of Deity at the core of each soul, existed in an unconscious and blissful state of Edenic purity but was tempted to undergo involution into material form for the sake of acquiring consciousness through knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil.  Descending into material realms the deific ego split into twin souls, male and female…After attaining self conscious awareness in the human form, the twin souls reunite in the spiritual realm.  In doing so, they partake of the Tree of Life and complete their return to the celestial plane.”  C.C. Zain further writes in the Sacred Tarot “The real union of soul-mates…is purely spiritual, and does not of necessity require carnal contact…. Yet once this bond is formed, its power is never lost, and ultimately the two become conscious of the bond, either in this world or the next, and they begin to function then as a single system.”

The key words and phrases for this card are:  happiness and joy, inspiration, universal love through familial love, romance, the result of romance, entertainment, entertaining, a wedding, love, courtship, wonderful marriage or relationship, spiritual growth through love and child-rearing.

The Sun expresses in the spiritual world as the supreme heaven, in the intellectual world as true happiness, and in the physical world as sacred union. The spiritual message of The Sun is:

Remember, then, son of earth, that the light of the mysteries is a redoubtable fluid, put by nature at the service of the will.  She lights those who know how to direct her; she strikes down with a thunderbolt those who ignore her power or who abuse it.  If Arcanum XIX should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, happiness awaits thee in domestic life if thou knowest how to strengthen the conjugal circle and guard its sacredness in the sanctuary of the heart.”

Zain, The Sacred Tarot
For more information about the 21 Brotherhood of Light lessons, the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot, or its companion book, The Sacred Tarot, browse to www.light.org.

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