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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: The Goal of Our Work

The Polarian Network

True Earth Associations


The Goal of Our Work 

If you haven’t already: Read the previous article and the Cosmic Path of Sirius and the Introduction.
As you know I have agreed to take up the responsibility to run an Internet School where those being interested can take the first two initiations (probably also the third if the first two are a success) under the guidance of the Teachers. The Teachers does not follow the outer path of the dimensions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11D which is the foundation behind the teachings reflected in the Voyagers material, nor are we working with the inner path of the dimensions 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 reflecting the teachings of the Bailey series. The teachings the Teachers reflect stem from the old version of the paths; i.e. the full path of the Chrestos or the original “light seekers” and is as such contained in both the Voyagers and the work of the Bailey series (the teaching from the signet 1-3 planetary Hierarchy).

I have also told about my memories from Atlantis, the last time around where the stellar activation cycle was imminent and ready to run, but it was thwarted and all attempts to help the failing monads and their attached personality matrix were aborted and crumbled in their infancy. I stayed behind watching the others leave both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial in origin by either lightships or by transforming their outer particle structure into anti-particle structure being able to shift into Inner Earth. From this incarnation, where I stayed behind – I was unable to shift my particle structure from the work I had done back then – I ended up in the future of the Crystal Dome Cities where I met my demise as space dust. So I have returned from the first run through of the destiny of this outer Earth to change my own destiny and in doing this trying to remember what I am and what incarnation, missions etc are all about.

Since this is the darkest day of the year in the Western world, i.e. Good Friday where we remember that the world have crucified the “Christ that dwelleth within” (i.e. the 8th chakra, the Azur-a or the 5th thymus chakra of the mental field connecting us to our monads) symbolized in the story of the crucifixion of Christ – I still remember him actually being crucified and this was also one of the things that led me to my demise in the future since the experience cut me off my connection to my 8th chakra, probably along with the memories of all the other failed attempts – it is the perfect day to remember what our goal is all about here in the lower outer worlds.

First we have to remember that mind, living light or the form-holding principle was the main energy to evolve in the previous system. Thus mind, living light, manasic energy or the form-holding principle as in the particle energies which create the “outer reality” was evolved in the previous system, whereas intuition, living consciousness, inner light, christed beings (Chrestos – using this term to circumvent the distorted thoughtforms and return to the oldest versions of this teaching), buddhic energy or the anti-particles of “inner reality” is the main evolutionary principle or energies in this system. Outer and inner is also relative in terminology since the different reality fields wobble and shift from being inner to outer etc. Btw: when we talk about the evolutionary principles of this system, we call it energy and when we talk about the evolutionary principles of the previous system, we call it forces. 
Thus in the previous system the living light – or the particle forces – was evolved and it formed into what we perceive as the human prototype or the particle body. The particle body in HU-1, with its personality matrix, consists of particle forces and is the lowest expression unfolded of the highest principle of pure energy – the etheric layers – being able to put on form. Therefore the etheric energies equals pure energy, the mind-fields or particle forces equals living light, and the anti-particle energies equals living consciousness or intuition.

I am not changing the expressions to confuse you, but as I clear out the distortions of my mind-fields I am moving from old terminology into a terminology we can use today and at the same time I force you to recreate your thoughtforms, avoiding them from being infected. When my created inner visions, as I write them down here, are placed into the collective consciousness through all of your readers, each and one of you cannot avoid creating thoughtforms and when you do so, you are connecting to the digressive forces – since you have not cleared out your mind-fields yet - and your thoughtforms link between the dark network and my teachings, infecting them. You do not do this on purpose; this is an inbuilt mechanism of all being a part of the dark network. All in all I have to create dynamic thoughtforms forcing you to become more flexible in mind. I am not creating a teaching system, but a path and only a path alive will work. In the old days such teachings were only given orally to avoid this however due to the forced timetable we have to take other means into consideration making this school an experiment. But this also means that this is the last official or free article; all my teachings and work will follow the First Initiation Classes, the First Initiation Group on Facebook and the articles. 
Not to exclude you but to hold the energy of those who are willing to work hard to activate their inner light and become a Chrestos. And being part of this also means being willing to support me financially. I'm not taking exorbitant payment for my work since I work after the principle that the more people who pay, the less each need to pay, making the expense possible to pay for everybody having access to the Internet. To be able to keep the energy for those who choose to follow the path of the inner light, I need to be able to be supported fully by my work. If I take a regular job, I will decrease in frequency and it will destroy the path therefore when you pay for my material and work with the teachings I reflect to you, you are all in all helping me, the others on the path and yourself.
We have to get out as a group, and as a group we help each other: Some add with money, others with knowledge and yet again others with being in connection to the Teachers. We are all able to progress on our own, you are able to connect to the Teachers on your own, and you do not have to follow my classes, but if you do, you show your appreciation by supporting me financially. For now I will open the First Initiation Group on Facebook where I will post tutorials with what I have learned from the Teachers along with other mind-breaking posts. Go to the First Initiation Class, scroll down and subscribe to the monthly payment of € 7. Then you can apply to the Facebook group by activating the link to The First Initiation Group on Facebook. I will accept when I have received a payment note from PayPal.
To return to the article
In the previous system the particle reality ranged from 1, 3, 5D and ended in the highest conglomerate level as the sum of all the living light forces fused with pure energy that had to be evolved. The conglomerate became the beginning point of this system, or the 6D of the inner reality fields. From this HU-2 point zero of creation a new HU-1 level was fashioned holding the particle reality and mind-fields of the personality matrix connecting to the monads that did not make the full transition into the 6D anti-particle structure, i.e. did not integrate the pure energy and by this merging being able to transform the particle body to its anti-particle equivalent. Those who did succeed and changed into anti-particle structure are called the devic evolutions.
The HU—1s all over this system (holding the original structure of 1, 3 and 5D; not only the 1,2,3D) are entirely created to make the failing monads able to take a new incarnational round in particle bodies in a HU-1 (1, 3, 5D) particle reality field to reach the level they did not manage; i.e. the 6D.
The 1st world of our solar system was thus placed in close connection to 6D of the inner reality fields, where succeeding monads from the previous system became the overseers and supervisors. In this solar system it was the Pleiadians to begin with. The failing monads holding the most potential to merge with the 6D point zero energy were the first to be inserted into the 1st world, reawakened from the pralaya there always is between two systems. The pralaya is a period where all the energies of a system are gathered back into the singularity or source, and from here unfold into a new stair step creation. When the higher principles unfold, they unfold downwards into different planes of existence – also called dimensions – laying down their triadic structure into each, of which there are 12 in this system, until the level of the previous system is reached and on this level the evolutions from the previous system – in this system there are 7 creative hierarchies that needs to progress - can start over, being given a new try to progress into the goal of the present system. This also means that the upper 5 creative hierarchies of this system entirely unfold the new principles of this system and thus belong to the “god-worlds” so to speak.
As you also know the 1st regenesis or “try-once-more” world of this time matrix was under the direct supervision of the “devas” (monads, i.e. “humans” that managed the goal) and it was created to heal and restart the progress of the failing monads. Unfortunately the 1st world was quickly infected, cutting itself off from the Inner planes of existence and the monads within the regenesis program started to digress into the lower manasic 2nd world. When this happened the 1st etheric template connected to the regenesis monads crystallized and they were pushed out of the Inner planes of existence and started to create the blueprint of an outer Earth on the manasic plane. 
The manasic or mental 2nd world – what later became the foundation of Median Earth - arose and along with it creating the blueprint of a “fallen” or involutionary Median, an Inner and an Outer planetary scheme. The inner planes of existence in 6D are the lowest point of creation in this system; the higher outer and median progressive planets are composed of the higher creative energies and therefore being very dissimilar to the outer planets in the HU-1s. It is a whole other type of evolution, thus the progressive Inner, Outer and Median reality fields of this systems have very little to do with the involutionary or digressive worlds we know in our part of the creation, being the section holding all the forces of the previous system to undergo regenesis. 
The 2nd etheric template was created to make the regenesis monads able to unfold into a particle body composed of manasic forces, now holding the karmic imprint of the first etheric template along with the digressed manasic light DNA of the previous system, along with the monads from the Moon chain (they had sort of been in a state of pralaya now being inserted into the manasic world similar to the state of forces where they failed their first attempt to regenerate), making the transformation even harder. It was into this set up - unfolding to regenerate the failing monads of the previous system and the Moon chain - that the succeeding monads of the HU-2 Tara fell into due to the infection. 
The 2nd world therefore ended up holding the digressive monads of this system, the most promising that was given a second change in the 1st world but digressed into the 2nd world, the digressed personality matrices and their attached monads from the Moon chain as well as the infected fragments and grid from Tara, creating a new structure in the solar system, doubling the regenesis scheme into 11 other planetary schemes. Originally our solar system only held the decaying Moon and the very early stages of the Earth chain and those two planets, the Moon and Median Earth being composed of manasic forces, was the primary system orbiting around the Alcyone star of the Pleiades. Thus the Pleiadians are the original supervisors of this HU-1, but after the insertion of the lunar monads and the infusion of the fragments from Tara, the Sirian Councils, the Andromedian Councils and the overseers; i.e. the Elohim, entered the scene to take control over the directions of this very complex HU-1 system. It was at this point the Breneau was called in, and the story line from Voyagers begins in our HU-1. 
Naturally the 2nd world digressed even faster due to this and the 3rd world or astral plane arose, where the lower unfolded principle of the monad – the personality matrix – could take recreational rounds. Thus the 3rd world still exists but as a dual plane of both the network of the living light and consciousness – linking to the inner reality fields - and the dark network entirely linking to the outer digressed reality fields, where the deceased of both network go to after death. Thus the monads holding the non-transformed three lower mind-fields as in not having merged them with etheric four layers, go to the dark network areas of the 4D astral plane and the regenesis monads in progress go to the areas belonging to the Network of Light to re-group within their incarnational group before re-incarnating into the 4th world. Thus the failing monads are continuing to incarnate within the dark network unable to undergo regenesis, and the regenesis monads re-incarnate until they reach the mid-point where the four etheric layers are infused with the three lower mind-fields making them turn into an anti-particle structure. Or as it is the case every 26.000 years or so, to work with the energy influx of the stellar activation cycle that make all lower beings able to follow the up flow of energy in all of the HUs of this creation.
When the inner world succeeding monads choose to wobble outwardly it is to progress further in the higher forms of the outer particle reality fields of the HU-2 to HU-5. Only the ones trying to help the failing or regenesis monads choose to integrate themselves into a HU-1 system or if they digress; they too end up being a part of the dark network.
The difference between the process of transformation in this and the previous system, is that in the previous system there were only two layers to be merged; in this system there are three layers when we include the living consciousness, and thus separating the second-time-around monads a bit further from source.
Therefore in the previous system there was a Tara existing in a similar HU-1 particle form and this planet was not the Moon-chain. The Moon chain was the first planetary scheme in our present HU-1 where the failing monads from the previous system was inserted and since they failed entirely the “Logos of the planet” (the umbrella principle of regenerating monads) pulled itself out leaving the planet to untimely decay and a new infancy planetary scheme was created; the 1st world of this solar system. When the HU-2 Tara of this system became infected the parts could not fall back into the HU-1 of the previous system, because the old HU-1 Taraian scheme did not exist anymore – and following the rules of the infected inner planetary system being pushed out into the outer planetary systems to heal - thus they was pulled into this HU-1 where our Median Earth, at that point only being a blueprint of manasic forces starting to evolve back into an involutionary planetary scheme holding the failed monads of the Moon chain and other monads of the previous system – making our planet one of the hardest schools in all of creation given that it was the second-time-around planet in an already infected HU-1 of the Moon chain. 
The different fields of the personality matrix are in this system called mind-fields (i.e. the instinctual mind-field, the subconscious mind-field and the rational mind-field or the principles behind all HU-1s) that is the form-holding principles tainted with residual forces, i.e. “karma” of the previous and this system. 
In the previous system the same non-infected mind-fields created the personality matrix originally only holding the subconscious mind-field and the rational mind-field connected to the monadic energies of 6D. I say 6D since in the previous system 6D was the highest dimension to be evolved and thus the guardians of this system is placed in 6D, i.e. the Sirians etc since they took the full path of Christ back then and transformed their outer particle structure into an anti-particle becoming what is called “devas” in this system and thus the monads reaching the 6D inner anti-particle structure became the main evolution of this system.
Because the first or previous system was able to unfold 6 dimensions, this system following the adding up principle holds 12 dimensions to unfold and evolve. This also means that the HU-1 are pushed even further away from their main goal of evolution; in the last system the monads only had to evolve 1, 3 and 5 and then gather or synthesize the achieved energies into the 6D being the turning point, gathering plane or the level where one evolution ends and a new start.  
The monadic chakra is in this system placed in 8D, is what I call pure energy and this chakra level reflects, on a lower level, the first triadic structures after the singularity or source, i.e. the Yanas of this system. Thus the 8th chakra is the Christ principle in us, reflecting our innermost “divine” essence and structure of the Yanas.  
The goal with the initiations are not to unfold powers or to get out, those are both ego related reflecting either greed or fear of the personality matrix, but to awaken the Chrestos that dwelleth within and to regain access to our monad, and thus to the Yanas and source. When we do this we regain the “connection to our Father in Heaven”, and we become “one” with “him” again to use the terminology of the New Testament. It is not the stories that had been distorted, but the thoughtforms we connect to when reading the gospels.

The goal is to become a part of the devic or anti-particle evolutions and the progressive worlds, leaving behind the digressed particle systems, the fallen particle mind-fields and the old timelines belonging to a system of harm and suffering onto which the inner Christos – the monad - has been crucified. We are to leave the body of death, the first body of Adam behind, followed by the two robbers personifying the instinctual mind-field and the rational mind-field in the story, and resurrect in the image of Christ as the spiritual – or anti-particle - body unfolding the monadic energies and consciousness from within.

The transfiguration of Yeshua was to show us the path we were to follow transforming ourselves by reconnecting to our Father in Heaven – our monad – and from this merging transforming our particle body into the anti-particle body after death, shedding off the three lower mind-fields, now standing in full glory only holding the merged and transformed four etheric layers; the true form of the monad.

18 April 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: After the Solstice and the beginning of the full divison of APINs

True Earth Associations
Prelude to level three. I did not fully know how to share the information that grew out of the severe division that happened during the solstrice (19-25 March 2014) but here it is: 

Monday, 31 March 2014

After the Solstice and the beginning of the full divison of APINs

My Taran faction – the main force behind my work- has informed me of this: If we belong to one of the three seedings (being an original Taran) under the guidance e of the Priesthood of Mu and Ur – and we want to return to Tara – then we only got until 2025 to take the first initiation; i.e. leaving the dark network by our own free will and gain control over the personality matrix.

If we belong to other factions of the Palaidorians, e.g. the Pleiadian or the Sirian section – as in originate from those systems – the terms will be different. Please notice the difference in action, help and guidance in between the members of the Palaidorians.

The 1-3D Shambhala factions are still present as always in Inner Earth and will be until the day Inner Earth retracts to the living light areas of the Multiverses. Thus the Bailey material is valid to use to take the first initiation. Do only use the books, not anything else – create your own understanding; do not rely on the understanding of others or thought forms on the Internet; not even the schools that has grown out of this material. As soon as the speaker or writer of higher information is no longer present energetically, the thought forms start to decay. Thus we have to recreate the original thought forms in our personal energy work evolving intuition along the Path.

The 4D Priesthood of Mu (the teachers on the Path) will only be working through the network of living light, through the Four Faces of Man APIN. This communication system will release the knowledge we need to have when working our way through the next initiations. The Four Faces of Man indicates the full path of Christ – the four initiations – and releases the energy (manasic light DNA) needed to take the initiations, after we have taken the first one ourselves, even though the teachers themselves do not interact directly before after we have gained full access to the network of light; i.e. taken the first three initiations. The second initiation – releasing the Seal of Palaidor and taking the Solar Heart Activation, i.e. opening the true heart chakra – will connect us to the four faces of Man APIN which is per se “the Path”. The fourth initiation – the transfiguration or full ascension – will not be necessary, but the first three will be, to be able to leave the fourth world and regain access to the receiving stations on Tara (unless we apply to leave as a mind-field, cf. the Panergeia Project).

The 5D Great White Lion APIN is under the Priesthood of Ur and it will provide the information and energy we need to work with the leylines and the energy being infused here during the SAC. The original plan to let the SAC energies run in all of the networks as well as the natural leylines have been abandoned, and the energies of the SAC, which we need to release the Seal of the Palaidor and take the Solar Heart Activation to be able to build the three triangles in the head (regaining the 12 chakra structure), are only flowing in the Great White Lion APIN. We will be guided to the correct spots in our surroundings, when we are ready and from here integrate the energy needed to take the second initiation. This is called “the Way”.
Thus the second initiation connects us to the APINs we need to be connected to in order to evolve further.

Note the difference between the Path and the Way; the first indicating the four initiations we have to take by will and the use of living consciousness and the latter indicating the energy work we have to do by connecting to the living 4-6D cosmic forces in the leylines.

The Great White Lion, along with the Four Faces of Man, have to be used in the correct combination to be able to take the third initiation, working our way through the 4D and 5D of Earth – within the outer layers of the network of light – while we cleanse out the digressed mental energies back into the manasic light DNA of the second and third worlds. The third initiation opens up to the Sirian or 6D level in us.

We are literally working our way back through living energy and living consciousness rebuilding our original structure to be able to regain full citizenship of the Living Light Worlds. For some the path of following the original energy structure will be sufficient, making the last transitions into present day Tara within the receiving areas, and others are already now starting to work with the energies and consciousness from the fifth living light world as we will see in the next generations of children incarnating in human earth form, but are entirely enveloped in network of living light, preparing for the full division of the Earth chain in 2055-2147.

Between 2025 and 2037 we are able to release the Seal of Palaidor and take the Solar Heart Activation, i.e. the second initiation as we please (it is only possible if we have taken the first initiation) and start the process of the third initiation which will lead us to the active network of living light on Earth or the receiving areas on Tara after the transformation of the personality matrix and its matter form, infusing it with living light and consciousness from the spiritual triad. If we progress rapidly, taking all three initiations and starting the fourth, in this lifetime, we will be reborn into the living light fifth world of the Earth chain.

Hereafter the doors to the network of living light will close as the energies of the SAC fades out and the division of the frozen light communities and the network of living light will divide in full.

The original mission as partaking in the remaining cycle of the fourth world of Earth under the stronghold of the frozen light communities will only be as part of the living light network, which means that the helpers are in this world, but they do not intervene or partake actively or energetically. They are here to supervise, the ones still being present in human form, but they are not present as healers, grid-workers or similar missions. This has been given over to the humans taking the first and second initiations as a part of their energy transformation.

I know this information contradicts other information on the Internet, especially the ones indication that all of Earth has become an ascension planet, but this is the information I have got and I rely on this simply because it stems from the original sources I belong to on Tara.

The fifth and sixth world of the Earth chain will take place but within the network of living light. The fusion of the solar system with the Taran system is still going to happen, but only the ones that have taken the three initiations will become a part of this. The ones choosing the frozen light communities will follow their version of the fifth world as the overall division of Earth continues to unfold.
Again this is information for the ones still being present here on Earth stemming from the first three seedings. The rescue missions as orchestrated from the original Palaidorians follow this timetable. If you do not feel in agreement with this, you might belong to other factions and should find their timetables for the events that are bound to take place after the SAC fades out in 2017-2022.

I know of one Pleiadian who is still functioning within the dark network due to a sort of energy sphere around her, making her able to work within the quickly growing frozen light communities. This will protect her even though the energies of the SAC are retracting into the Great White Lion, since she is directly connected to her group, positioned in a secure location, i.e. Inner Earth, through her sphere. The Pleiadians will therefore continue to interact within the frozen light communities and their fifth world scenario; at least until the full division of Earth in 2147.

The lower digressive races are still leaving, i.e. the ones not partaking in the frozen light transformations, and the APINs belonging to those races have been taken over by the 5D and 6D forces of the former dark network – now called the frozen light communities (actually they already have different fancy names, but I will leave it at this).

As I have always said, the new world leaders of the frozen light communities are highly civilized and use highly evolved spiritual technology to fuse the digressive manasic light with crystalline energy; all in all creating eternal frozen light souls (built out of the remaining 4-6D spiritual triad fragments) being able to take on different types of artificial body structures created out of tissue etc. Science will therefore experience some major breakthroughs over the next 20-50 years on how to prolong the life expectancy of the physical body.

This is happening all over the Multiverses and in the future – where I come from – the Multiverses are divided into the free living light worlds and the frozen light worlds. This has not changed since all that is happening now led to this destiny and the timelines to this are still unfolding. The only thing that has changed since the first run through is the many rescue missions getting so many more out, before the division happens.

I know I took a little detour to reconnect with the Bailey material in the 1-4D, and I enjoyed the happiness this gave me talking about light beings and devas, but as mentioned in the second article in the link below, this is just one way of handing over the teachings to us while we work with the personality matrix. The reality is still what it is in 4-6D, or the reality of the spiritual triad, Tara and the HU-2 levels of the Multiverses and the information in this blog article stems from this level.

Read my material supporting this article here…..  The Path of Initiation (2)


Translated version DK->ENG = below:

Is knowledge of what a star human being in general is important to us?

+ Art, balance and integration

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 4 Reflection on Human Evolution – so far

Image by: FutureAgeSage

True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

- Part 3

For now I have focused entirely on the angelic (lunar) and devic (solar) evolution. I have done this by using the material from Alice A. Bailey, cf. the Planetary Hierarchy and the Keylontic Sciences, cf. the Voyagers books by A. Deane. If you feel like it, you can add the first information from the Hierarchy that is the Secret Doctrine by Mdm. Blavatsky albeit I find this very premature and to obscure to really take into account. But it is the basis of the second turn around, the Bailey material. Link to the secret vol. V of Blavatsky here.

What are we dealing with, when we read such accounts from either faction? What is being hidden from us and why?
This article is my reflections on this theme as well as the different material. Those of you who have followed my progress and back falls in understanding this, know that I at times am pro and at other times am against, but all in all, as you will understand by the end of this article I am only calling for caution and clarity of thought when reading both materials. The solar or Planetary Hierarchy (PH) is not full in account and a lot is hidden within the text, where as the Voyagers seemingly hand us the whole truth and nothing but the truth – nah, not! Both have an agenda and a reason to twist or omit certain truths of our history. 

But let us start with the Planetary Hierarchy; who and what are they?
To be frank: They are and have been our planetary prison keepers or teachers; you decide what term you feel like. If you have a lot of the angelic DNA in your template you will view them as the first and if you hold more solar material, you see them as the beneficial teachers from Venus; the planetary system we are connected to and as such are the providers of the aid we need to evolve into this solar system. They were the first to transform the lunar material into the solar, so they know what they are doing, and the best way to progress slowly for the monads of the previous system.

Here is another hint, which the teachers of the PH willingly give to us. They talk about the previous system and this present solar system and what does that mean?
Well. This has to be taken literally. You know from the Keylontic and the PH material, if you are able to read between the lines, that systems, planet etc. change when the accretion levels change. This literally means that when the energetic collective level of either consciousness or energy reach a certain level the whole system change or wobble into another form. It is not “god” that creates worlds, it kind of happens automatically according the level of energy and consciousness of the system. Very technical information is behind to really understanding this and fortunately – or unfortunately – we have the material from the Voyagers. I say this because it is and will be material from the survivors of the angelic or moon chain, the masters of the previous solar system, which in more correct terms should be called the moon system, because back then the dead moon we see on the sky, where the light bearer as the sun is for us now.

The moon of the moon system was then a sun and connected to the worlds of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena. Our sun connects there as well, but not into the old versions of those three systems – they are long gone – and the remaining masters of the previous system are divided into two major groups; the pro this solar system and the against this solar system. The ones against this system left a long time ago and colonized other parts of the created worlds or the Multiverse, when the old system fell or were destroyed, where they joined other evolutions just like the humanity on Earth bears the angelic template. Some of them returned and became the dark brothers or the regressive factions in company with the foreign races they had integrated themselves into.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 3 of the Human Evolution: Working on the template A

Image by: FutureAgeSage

True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

Part 3 of the Human Evolution: Working on the template A

Before I move on into my attempt to try and create the ”theory of everything” on a spiritual level, to start with mixing the lunar (Keylontic) and solar (Esoteric Teachings) sciences, I have to make two important distinctions first:

1) We have to be very earnest with ourselves. This is so important and most people do not really take this into account when they work spiritually. What do I mean with this? Well. The Keylontic calls this implants and the solar sciences call it glamour. Actually it is a combination of both things. Most of you reading this blog, I guess, are familiar with the Keylontic Sciences, but to explain what an implant is, it is a sort of manasic symbol coding matter, in every sort, into vibrating a special frequency blocking or opening consciousness. It is a very mechanical approach and is not fully correct, because even though KS define matter, the solar approach of understanding matter as living beings is kind of missed in this highly technical way of viewing Earth and the matter the solar system is built of – at least it escaped my mind when reading the material. But I guess at some level this will reappear when we work our way through this series. It is there, but since the Keylontic came at a point in time, where we needed the hard facts and the scientific approach – to mach our present state of mind – they chose to focus on this.

So, the symbol is a living thing, and the matter is a living thing – both are versions of lunar or manasic elementals and have no free will, but can be coded by a higher existence having free will; cf. us or even higher. Using symbols or implants to code matter is a dangerous science, if used in the wrong hands.

Anyway back to being earnest with our selves: No one else but us can test what is going on in our energy system. Only we can detect whether or not we are under the spell of glamour. To really understand this concept, you have to read and understand the solar sciences of glamour and to do this, you must read Glamour- A World Problem and if you want to partake in my exploration in a serious manner, you read what I suggest, because as you will discover, aside my previous strong rejection of being a teacher, I am crossing the line and slowly starting up my own school – if the energy is provided and the means will surface – so these blog articles are my infantile attempts to evolve my kind of teaching and what I want to share with those who feel for it. So read the books I recommend and you will become just as wise as me. If so you will not need me to teach you, you will have it all from inside and my work has been done perfectly.

I am only showing you the way – but you have to do the work to progress; not clinging to me or expecting me to give you all the answers. And please do not think of me, but only think of what I am conveying and stand in your own light and core consciousness when you do so. I am only a messenger and you need to utilize the information and energy of the message – nothing else. Please forget me and remember the content.

Thus you have to be earnest with yourself and detect your own contribution, how prepared are you to go the way? How much effort do you place in studying and learning the higher sciences? How much of your daily time do you spend in meditation and contemplation over the things you read? How hard do you try to understand, and the most important thing of all: What is your motive to do so? Getting powers, longing for home or because it is exciting? None of these driving forces will bring you to anything but glamour.

Glamour is all around us. We create it all the time and the three planes of existence, into which the personal matrix, the personality, is situated is one big pool of glamour and illusion. And into these illusions, of which we create the most ourselves through our way of thinking and feeling, we get vulnerable, because the elementals we consists of can get “spammed” so to speak by implants.

Glamour is also when we dive into one line of spiritual expression and exploration. In my Panergeia Series there is glamour, in the Terra-Gaia Network you find illusions, in this series of articles I fight my own glamour and all the fog that prevent me from really getting continuity of consciousness. But we have to dive into the pools of glamour because only so are we able to cleanse it out of our system. Working with it, while observing what the line of thought does to us, make us become aware of our own glamour and illusions and where we need to work. This is part of the cleansing process; diving in and becoming wiser, and then to let go of what we have learned and seen. Nothing is revealed in full to us and we have to evolve and progress everything we learn into new frames of intuition and thought, and then we have to dissolve them to be able to move on to the next level of information. Dive in, explore, understand, integrate and dissolve. So you have to be earnest with yourself and detect your own illusions, glamour and maya; cf. the three levels of distortion or infection you have in the three lower planes of your existence or the lower triangle.

2) The other part of being earnest is to really understand where you are in your progress. Are you still exploring the Hall of Knowledge, cf. utilizing the elemental energy in the lower triangle or are you ready to enter the Hall of Wisdom, starting to utilize the solar energies, or the higher energies stemming from your core being, as well as the higher life principle (your original source or inner life-giver) trying to express this in the world in a wise and knowledgeable way? Most humans are still expressing the lunar elemental energies and in a very unfortunate way, but this is the result of glamour, implants and lack of self observance, cf. mindfulness and lack of use of the free will to learn, evolve and get rid of the glamour and implants.

I am not trying to teach the ones still learning to control and utilize the energy in the lower triangle, but I am trying to reach the ones starting to get ready to enter the Hall of Wisdom or has already thread the doorsteps into the great path of higher consciousness, combining what has been learned in the lower triangle with the powers of the life-principle in the heart system. Who has to some degree integrated the deepest feeling of not just being an I, but in reality being a we and thus starting to see Earth as a living system, humanity as a part of this and our emplacement in the higher evolutions of which Earth and its humanity is a part. Most of you are also pass the notion of one god and one true god, have left the need for human desires and the craving to become someone or somebody in the world. You are not seeking powers, but seeking to serve and help humanity; not out of misplaced compassion, but out of common sense and a deep-felt need to do so from your heart. This deep-felt understanding leads you to search for the best ways to help Earth and its humanity, because you see all things here as living principles expressing higher realities and types of consciousness.

Thus I will not explain all in detail, but work from the second triangle and all the new things we have to learn here and explore, understand, integrate and dissolve. It is a piece of illusion, but I need to create the thought form to get further in my progress. I might dissolve it later on. Into this thought form you are my passenger, but you are to discern what you recognize and what is not your path, because I am not only talking to the ones connecting to the solar path, but will eventually enter the stellar-galactic path; which is my goal. But for now I have to work with the second triangle, in order to wisely utilize the elemental energies in the lower triangle and transform them into the solar consciousness. My aim is not magic or becoming a wizard, but how to transform those poor elemental beings, letting them go so they can return as small solar beings or becoming a part of this solar system. Helping them to cross the threshold of old and into the new. This is why they are here. Some of you are here to take a certain quantum with you back to your own systems, but this is another teaching, you will get on your own.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 2 of Human Evolution – the Etheric Template

True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

Part 2 of Human Evolution – the Etheric Template

As understood in part 1 of this series, we are all one on the highest levels of evolution and we all stem from the true worlds of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena, unfolding the consciousness units of the prime beings, which is connected to us in our heart centre through the consciousness units connecting to us through the chakras in the head. But as I also suggested, the human form has divided into two main evolutions, based upon the original human crossbreed form consisting of angelic-reptile (mostly previous system) and Pleiadian-Andromedian (this system, but from the stellar-galactic worlds) light DNA.

Into this form the devas of the solar evolution (this solar system or the Christ, Bodhisattva, compassion or inclusive consciousness) have integrated themselves, mostly from Venus (the 5th planet of the Venusian chain and thus housing the kingdom of souls, or the ones that have transformed the material from the previous system into this solar system or are built of pure solar material, cf. the goal of this solar system) but also from other planets evolving the same type of consciousness. The stellar-galactic races have followed later – again I will go into this later on. For now we have to start from basis and this with the etheric field or the angelic template.

Now, when I start to bridge the Keylontic and the esoteric teachings of the Hierarchy (under supervision of the Advisor) you have to make an important discernment: It is like working with classic and quantum physics; they both have the same level as their origin and then they move into two totally different directions. One is working on the atomic level and the other on the subatomic level.

In the esoteric teachings the etheric field is the basis, the light structure that entails all the other energies of the body, connecting the consciousness units to the planetary grid. The etheric body is connected to the etheric level of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and cosmos. This grid of light unfolds all through the created worlds and is thus the level to encode and manipulate when we talk about what kind of energy we want to evolve when attaching the consciousness units from our prime being into some kind of form. In other words this is the template from which all living beings are created, but how the material unfolds into the different systems, planets and worlds of energy is all related to the consciousness units connected to this grid, the etheric field or template.

Thus the principle of life stems from the consciousness units and their attachment to the heart system. I will look deeper into this later on, but just to make a sharp discernment: The etheric substance of light is not the life principle; it is the grid upon which the life principle can express itself and the goal of this expression.

On Earth, due to the choice of Jahve-Elohim and the Sirian Council etc., the etheric field is based upon the angelic version of it and here is where the Keylontic and the esoteric teaching meet and divide.

The esoteric teachings
The etheric field consists of the chakra system, the basic chakras, and holds 12 chakras. The ones reading the esoteric teachings superficially only read about the 7 chakras. This is a misunderstanding of the etheric field, because there actually are five chakras connected to the body and 7 in the head; all in all 12 chakras. 
Below is my interpretation of the information given in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and for those of you who choose to go the human-deva way integrating the energies of this solar system, this is the book you have to read and understand on an intuitive level. Not with your human mind, but intuitively so you can relate to it on its correct level. If you do not want to evolve and progress through the solar evolution, but consider the stellar-galactic path instead, you have to add other teachings, but those are not really available yet, so I can only recommend reading this book until the next level of teaching arise. If you are stellar-galactic oriented then you can combine the book on Cosmic Fire with the book on Esoteric Astrology and you can start working on the new teachings yourself.
If you are more focused on the angelic-reptile level of your being (the actual first humanity), work with the Keylontic information, but not the levels after 2009; and especially not the information given after may 2012. Try to read the original material and combine it with the new versions available on the Internet, but be careful; we have a long way to go to weed out the regressive 5 dimensional teachings. The same goes if you choose to work with the Kabbalah and the angelic realities this very old system conveys. Both systems are oriented towards the moon chain and the previous system, but factions from this system is present in the councils and the remaining humanities from the moon chain are working their way back into the cosmic evolution of higher systems, where we all start to meet again. 

In the end of this article is a picture from the Keylontic teachings for now, just to point in some direction to begin, but we have to do the weeding out ourselves. Some of us (such as myself) intend to evolve the full human sixfold template in all directions, thus this huge work I am performing in understanding (and my errors in the process) all the paths of human evolution.
Let us start with the 5 chakras of the body:
1) The root chakra where all physical matter is connected to the etheric field and this chakra contains the hidden fire of the physical matter; the Kundalini fire. Matter as we know it on Earth is from the previous system and this is what we are to transform, regardless of race or origin, but we cannot transform this level until we have transformed all the other parts of the chakra system. Matter holds the green-golden fire of the previous system (symbol the spinning swastika) and until we have integrated the other chakras of the etheric field, all the fire of the physical body lies dormant and hidden within the root chakra.

We utilize small amounts of this fire on a daily basis, through the lifeforce, the use of energy from the astral and mental planes, but as a whole the fire lies dormant. The esoteric teachings teach us that when we have transformed the other chakras (changed the lunar fire into solar consciousness; symbol the swastika with 9 concentric circles of blue fire) in the body and ignited the 7 solar chakras of the head, all levels of the fire of matter will rise up following the Sushumna and blend with the consciousness of the monad, through the Sutratma or the string of consciousness from the monad to the mind and the etheric brain (the true brain or generator of higher energies). When this happens; we are freed from the wheel of incarnation on this planet and stand in full conscious connection with our monad (the consciousness units from the prime beings, which we unfold and evolve).

Excurse: The spleen chakra.
This chakra is not as such a chakra, but it fuels the etheric body through the spleen on an etheric level. The energy or the light grid of the planet automatically runs through the spleen chakra and from here into all the other chakras and the rest of the etheric field and thus to the nervous system. It is on this level that we utilize the energy of the planet and when the magnetic field (the outer expression of the etheric grid) changes due to incoming CME or cosmic energy, we are able to connect to the elevated levels of energy in the planetary grid structure, fuelling our field and thus kicking off our chakras into utilizing higher levels of consciousness. Unless of course, our chakras are not too clogged and full of astral sludge (which most humans are). Thus a prerequisite to start to activate the deeper levels of the etheric body, the light DNA, is to cleanse the chakras so they can utilize the energies from the planet itself and the cosmic incoming levels of higher energy hitting the planetary grid. 
The outer bodies of humans are thus very perceptible to the energy changes in the magnetic field and into this the pollution of the atmosphere has to be taken into consideration as well as the use of chemical compounds to alter the incoming energies from cosmos and the sun. The use of chemical technology, such as sun radiation management, to stop the incoming radiation from the sun and cosmos (the help from the cosmic planes to assist the human evolution on a broader scale) will prevent the common human body from being elevated. It is not to pollute or exterminate the human population, but to prevent the standard human being, belonging to the mass consciousness, from being awakened. When the lower chakra of the etheric field is kept in a polluted state of being, the chakra system will stay dormant and only utilize the lower frequencies of the planetary energy system – the forces of the previous system. The regressive forces are able to delay the human evolution, but they are not able to stop it, because if each and one of us start to work internally and change our use of astral and mental energies, into their higher version, then we will add another chakra and energy provider to our etheric body: The higher etheric chakra.

Between the shoulders is a higher version of the etheric chakra. This is connected to the spleen chakra but lies dormant in most humans. When the heart system is activated this sister-chakra awakens and the etheric body is fuelled with energy directly from the sun, but not just radiation, because this energy is threefold (the energy of the physical sun, the energy from the heart of the sun and the central sun, expressing the threefold structure of the consciousness behind our physical sun; the solar logos). The atomic radiation from the sun is fuelling the spleen and the planetary grid, but the energy from the heart of the sun will fuel the prana chakra between the shoulders when the heart system is activated. The heart system is thus a sort of higher energy triangle consisting of the higher version of the etheric field, fuelled by the prana from the heart of the sun (the buddhic energy of the solar system), the life principle (the incoming energy from the prime being) in the thymus chakra and the crown chakra, unto which the consciousness of our consciousness units are attached. When this inner higher triangle is activated we are able to connect to the soul, or the helping deva of this system, connected to our etheric field through the heart system and placed there to help us transit into the solar fields of consciousness. When you connect to this triangle, you connect to the network of light, therefore no matter what direction we take after this, this level is common for all of us. Only through the network of light are we able to meet the suitable teachers to direct us in the correct direction and evolutionary path from Earth.

As mentioned in the first article the nervous system is the outer expression of the etheric field, but what radiates from the nervous system (human kinetic energy are the outer expression of the use of astral or emotional field fused with the small segments of the internal fire which matter holds, e.g. heat) all depends on the type of energy that is utilized in the nadis or channels of etheric energy. The same goes for the planetary grid. The mass consciousness of humanity and the wrong use of force, see below, we are utilizing are infecting the planet and the etheric field is radiating with lower astral-mental energy; cf. the magnetic field. This field is the outer expression of the astral-mental planes and not until we have cleansed our chakras on a collective level, will the dense energies of the planet disappear. Each and one of us are responsible for the condition the planet is in and its constant use of lower energy forms.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: One race, one planet, one expression of the greatest experiment of all. Part1

One race, one planet, one expression of the greatest experiment of all. 

Well. I simply have to return to the international sphere of energy after being working with the Danish realm of energy and trying to build a bridge into the ruling thought form of esoteric knowledge, cf. the material of the planetary Hierarchy. And now I must return to the greater sphere of thought, albeit I have enjoyed reading the material, using the language and understanding this point of view, the same way as I did with the Keylontic material and my opinion on the misuse of it, cf. the Terra-Gaia Network.
I crave to use the higher levels of thought and think in a more scientific way. I feel like the patient old dog, trying to convey thoughts and ideas to the litter, and I know this is not a full accurate description, but I am an old dog, when it comes to being here on Earth. This article is from the old dog’s point of view and not as being better or higher, just a bit wiser.
Again, we have to remember that the goal for Earth is not the transform the outer sphere of reality, but to transform the inner levels of lower and higher consciousness – this is the cross interplanetary goal for all consciousness units on Earth – no matter where we come from. When we change the inner levels of fivefold energy structure, no matter what terminology we use, then the outer will transform as well. Thus; all changes start with the individual human being and the inner struggle to transform the energy structure of the body. It is not something “the others do”; it is something we have to take on our own shoulders, bear our own cross of matter (note the cross as four arms), so to speak.

It does not matter what type of teaching we use; each and one of them belongs to the common goal of humanity in spite of their somewhat twisted history of reception, as it is called; i.e. the way the interpreters have tried to understand what the world teachers have given to us over time, from Zarathustra, to Buddha to Jesus etc. In time when you connect to your intuition, you will see the light within the teachings and you can easily understand what is correct and what is not. None of the teachings are all true and none of them are all distorted.
We also have to remember that in the awakening process the different factions – both benevolent, cf. progressive and malevolent, cf. regressive – are trying to build their own levels of continuity of consciousness connecting to their inner groups of helpers and their original systems. This is also something we have in common and the way back home – that is connecting to our original system of consciousness – is not to let go of the human way of living, but to learn to live here on Earth as a consciousness units “being in the world, but not a part of it”.
The more we indentify ourselves with the system, we have integrated our consciousness into, the more we become the type of lifeform that rules in that place, and the time has come to learn to be in this world, but not to hate it, despise it, reject it, fight it or get lost in it. 
We are here to work and to become what we are, internally and in connection to the greater being we stem from. All planets and stars have a great consciousness, a sort of summative essence, which each and one of us stem from. The connection to our original summative essence (the “God” of our system, or logos to use a less tainted word) is in our hearts, and thus the heart system has to be awakened to really connect to home, no matter where we come from. Working our way through the timelines and the karma connected hereto is the way to cleanse the heart system, and the path to this is the path through the astral plane, the emotional or subconscious plane of our psyche and all the illusions here, ranging from archetypes to personal distorted perception of reality, previous lifetimes and all the negative energy we have built into our energy system, cf. the blueprint, the etheric level, the template or the light pattern of our being.
I use all the different terminology to build a bridge or cross the first barrier of common understanding – the language works as the connector or the separator of consciousness, and we are the ones to find the common ground; learn to translate the different terminology into energy signature and from here telepathically understanding that even though the consciousness unit in front of us has different, seemingly,  ancestral lineage, and a different type of light DNA, this does not mean that we are strangers; we simply have to learn to use our intuition instead of our brain when we talk to other people. When we do this, we see the light in their hearts and where they stem from, and we acknowledge with respect “what is in our brother’s heart and mind”, as being a part of the great collective system we all belong to.
If we can accept this, then we can see that the fight over which God is the true god is nonsense and we can see that in the end, the uppermost or highest summative essence entails all the minor gods of the planets, galaxies and stellar worlds and thus we are all one. On the highest level we are all brothers and sisters. Not in the sense of being part of the earthly logos (what most convey as “God” of the Bible; the Jahve-Elohim), but the Source of highest summative consciousness and in the end the collective systems of gods and their consciousness units.

We are the flames of light belonging to such large beings, and we spring from the mind of the logos we belong to as small consciousness units. In my infantile attempt to understand the builders of our present system, read the the Panergeia Project series, or see the video on the Saga of Galactic Humanities, I mentioned how those great beings, the highest level of us, projected their consciousness into the created worlds and that this created the consciousness units which is essence in us, cf. the consciousness in form or created substance. Thus the true worlds are the worlds of the higher prime beings and the world we are in now is the created world, where each and one of us is a combination of consciousness units unfolding the combination of the true and created worlds into individual consciousness, for now, and later on into functioning as a group of beings, all connected to our own original system, but still a part of created worlds, bridging the true and created worlds together. 
To return to Earth, so to speak, my aim of this article is to build a new bridge between the different conceptions of human ancestry, which is important in our work with the karma of the ancestors or the ancestral karma and in activating our light DNA.
First I have to stress that humanity as a whole are in the process of awakening, i.e. creating continuity of consciousness, and in this process many human errors of interpretation occurs, due to the fact that the memories arise through the astral level, or the level of illusion, fog, veil of deception. This plane is similar to the holographic world, the Hindu conception of Maya, the world of archetypes, the shamanistic levels of the underworld, etc. To get a really fine understanding read the book on Glamour from the Planetary Hierarchy. I know some of you resent this material, I will return to this later in this article, but for now I will appeal to your common sense and understanding of, that if you wish to become a member of the cosmic UN, you have to read the statements from all the countries being a part of this gathering. The same goes for the Planetary Hierarchy; they are one of the major factions being here to help their own integrated “souls”.
Being biased, that is being against or pro something, is a clean cut expression of the dualistic astral plane and thus of holographic imprints or glamour. 
Ok. Touching the Planetary Hierarchy I might as well continue here: The Hierarchy of white brothers, the Great White Brotherhood (and sisterhood), are one of the human-deva lineages from Venus present here on Earth, just like the angelic-reptilian faction under the Sirian Guardians are present here as well. We also have the minor tribes of Orion (most of Orion has fallen into the degressive or regressive powers, but a small faction are positioned here on Earth to continue their line of consciousness) and the contributing human seeders of the other half of the human light DNA, i.e. the Pleiadian-Andromedian factions. 

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Grid Reports:Apr 9th: Cleaning up and pulling out

Monthly political news from the New Earth Council

Apr 9th: Cleaning up and pulling out

I cannot really say whether or not this goes for all of humanity or just a few lineages, but today I noticed that three of the original 12 givers of DNA to the human family tree left my bio-field. Despite my Gaian origin I have entered a “12 stranded human” bio-field for the reason of lack of old Gaian holographic human structures present in contemporary timelines – it has been quite a while since we were present on holographic Earth - and I am only here to gather the remaining CUs from my version of the Taraian template, which I had left behind before the Quarantine were put on Earth 12.500 BCE. Quite a lot of us left in a hurry due to the fast growing infection and taking over of humanity of Earth and the bio-fields became dangerous for the old worlds to be integrated into.

I can now see that I constructed my 4-5D levels of the earthly hologram I hold now by borrowing “Indigo” holographic imprints. These are the only ones in contemporary times being able to awaken and work with as in integrating new living light, because of the host fields they are connected to and many of the old races from other timelines have borrowed holographic imprints on 4-5D from the MCEO races with the purpose of altering the holographic imprints (the possibility units of the hologram) into old world structure, when the living consciousness reached those levels of the bio-field.

As you all know I had a long period of struggle with this inside of me, not really understanding why my bio-field and the holographic stellar geometry wanted to do the KS techniques in 4-5D, being “programmed” to do so when this level was reached, while my CTC resisted it. The result of the internal struggle was that I became caught up in a weird place of dark beings, taking advantage of my “in between position” telling me all sorts of lies. I was really not an Indigo so the material did not fit and protect me and yet I was lit up like a candle in the dark by the symbols attracting whatever was in the neighborhood.

Back then the only beings in 4-5D that were able to connect to the human bio-field was belonging to the intruder races and their many dark beings, so all I had to go by and follow of light was my own intuition and my growing ability to discern the effects of whatever energy I came in contact with until one day when I totally stopped listening to any inner beings and demanded that my own true core being would come forth – the Panergeia Series is the story of this transformation from my bio-field holding all sorts of foreign holographic imprints and my struggle to let these go and integrate my own true CTE.

This is why I had so much emotional resistance towards the Kryst and the KS – I had to have this tension otherwise I would not get myself out of the borrowed holographic MCEO structure - I had to release all the coding from the KS material as I did with the coding from the giver of original CUs in the lower triangle of the bio-field.

Both the lower and middle triangles of my bio-field have undergone a full transformation of the inserted holographic possibilities and my own version of the Gaian structure is slowly being integrated. No wonder I feel tired and warn out and need a vacation: So many different layers to transform and alter into my true CTC.

I am not the only one undergoing this process hence the notice here. Perhaps you are not a Gaian albeit from another old race having borrowed holographic material to be able to insert yourself into the earthly hologram in this period of time to gather or otherwise before Earth enters the new timelines of the Kryst Magistrates and the new holographic set up. It is not bad, but it is not of our making, hence we have to leave the field.

The Gaian communities – along with other old races - have sealed of the entrance to the hologram from the true worlds, and I – along with other Taraians/Gaians being here – are functioning on a dispensation field of energy in 6D until the bio-fields wear out or we are ready to leave.

Therefore I do not know if those lineages left my system, due to my own takeover of the bio-field transforming it into a fully Gaian structure, or if it is because I have chosen to leave the polarity game in time of death of this body. When I leave nothing is left to be recycled, so to speak.

The two options are thus; either some of the original givers have decided to leave the human royal 12 DNA stranded template or they have just decided to leave my 12 DNA stranded template, cf. the above explanation.

The 12 stranded DNA template is known to be royalty meaning that 12 highly developed holographic races gave their generic material (holographic manasic geometry or coding being able to hold living consciousness) to the human bio-field. I still have some trouble with understanding the purpose of this whether it was to create a bio-field which could be used by all 12 races or if the idea was to create a multi-dimensional being holding 12 levels of inter-dimensional knowledge.

In other words: the human bio-field is a battle field.

Some of the bio-fields are undergoing my process and others are in the midst of different lineages, claiming their rights over it and when we start to wake up, we have to claim our bio-field to be our own and to hold the rights over the 12 DNA strands imbedded into it. Some of the strands lead to our own memories and prior stellar manifestations on other dimensions, while other memories belong to the imbedded holographic manasic geometry (what becomes DNA).

The whole idea was - as they tell me – that the owner of the body would transform the bio-field with its 12 “lineaged” holographic manasic geometry into a new perfect being, holding the potential of living consciousness strands of all the 12 stellar lineages; in the process of integrating the living consciousness units into the holographic manasic geometry of the bio-field, the CUs of the many lineages would become an intrinsic part of the evolved bio-field. The amalgamated being would be wondrous.

Now, in the process of waking up, some of the original races have chosen to leave the game and when we get to the level where this living consciousness is held as potential living light to be imbedded and integrated into the bio-field, these levels are being pulled out of the bio-field. They cannot pull it out until the holder and owner of the bio-field gets to this level and gives the permission – which I freely gave; no point in holding three levels of consciousness units from beings that want their contribution back. Most of those higher levels of beings have been unwillingly connected to holographic Earth for eons and are only waiting to be released.

Or, as I have said, they did not want to be a part of my Gaian template structure. It is all fine; I will not become less, but will be able to integrate more of my own nature, so to speak instead of the pre-fabricated 12 stranded DNA human bio-field. The Cassiopeian part belonged to the pulling out DNA; in other words one of the less noticeable races being a part of the human bio-field. We all know the first six or races, but the higher dimensional races are yet to be discovered.

The other thing I have become aware of is the cleansing out of artificial bio-fields. There seems to have been made some agreements with the remaining intruder races and the Krystal Magistrates of eliminating some of the many hominoid bio-fields which in reality is not humans as in holding more than minimum living consciousness to be able to exist.

So all in all there seems to be a sort of pulling out, cleaning up and bringing the holographic mess into order before we can progress further.