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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Krystalai: RE-Opening Stargate 12~

CRYSTALAI (c) (2013)



Before we start talking about how 12DNA is restored, I would like to share a brief synopsis of how our 12DNA was disconnected from our body templates. I can't recommend enough reading the entire Voyagers 2 book by Ashayana Deane who was the one who brought back these great truths that were in the original Emerald Covenant teachings before they completely scrambled into a text called the Bible, rewritten by the Fallen Angelics to make sure no one one Earth would remember the Truth that would set them free.

The place where we are now in the history of the Angelic Human Race is the time when the GREAT WHITE LION will have its power restored. This project of turning the Lion back on began in 2000, was met with many problems, tried again in 2003, finally Earth was realigned into a new time matrix where the Lion could be activated, and now we are in August 2013 awaiting the great activation, which is taking place but will not be fully realized until the Sun finishes the parallel alignment.
I'm placing this pdf which is a picture of the Lion, so that you will know what I'm talking about in the next article.

WHITELION.pdf (*WK5gR5ntNMpbkltFmIOIdc5uuId3HEprcNPwwkHxHGpD4WUT0DB9cnCQgblm9/WHITELION.pdf)

CRYSTALAI (c) 2013

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Zaurak, my starry brother, and his security team from Sirius B will be reactivating the Great White Lion between July 26 and mid August. They began this project in 2003, but there were many obstacles preventing the activation until now. The The Guardian Alliance has told us that the Great White Lion regulates the complex mathematical programs by which interdimensional electrical currents interface with Earth's templar.

The Great White Lion is a Mathematical system that is created of something similar to our microchips made of a crystalline silicon substance planted in the grids of the Earth. The Golbal GWL looks exactly like the Sphinx in Egypt, except it covers the entire world. The GWL runs on a D12 Twelve code pulse and links Earth's Planetary Shields to their Divine Blue Print D 12 Pre matter Template at Lyra Aramatena. The GWL has also been called the Lion's Gate because it opens the passage to all 12 stargates. This possibility wasn't a possibility until after Earth was shifted in time to a place where there was an Aramatena 12th stargate. The Annunaki had destroyed our Aramatena in the Electric Wars 250 billion years ago. Our Founders and Cosmic Councils have been preparing our way back home for many millions of years.

First, July 26 - August 16, we will be merging face to face with our starry family from Sirius B, who are the great Maharaji Security Team for our planet, and the Starry Families who have been most active in securing our rebirth. The Security Team from Sirius B will ground us into the GREAT WHITE LION that will connect the stargate 12 Aramatena with the Inner Earth Stargate 12.

Those of you who have been reading my journal for the past seven to ten years will already know about my journies with Zaurak, my starry brother from Sirius B. We have been working together for millions of years on these Ascension Projects and Creation Projects. The project in Monterey in 2008 was one piece of the mighty project that will begin its CLIMAX in the next few months. aDolphino has also been a part of this project for millions of years. We knew each other indirectly when we were creating the Great White Lion Frequency Coded System. aDolphino mostly remembers his friend Lacodemus, who speaks with him frequently about the good ol days, and Markus, who was the head of the Jesus and Mary Project for millions of years before there even was a Jesus and Mary. This project began as the Crystalai Sphere that connects the Inner Earth Blue Sphere directly to the Mind of God. That project was completed billions of years ago.