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LeMuria, the Lost Eden aka Mu – info – Crystals & PDF Collection

LeMuria, the Lost Eden  It was not in God’s original plan for there to be a fall of Spirit onto this material plane. The Earth was to be a garden park that souls could look down upon and admire. Our souls were to remain in the angelic state, which is the natural order. But, when our souls desired to inhabit bodies in this plane, God allowed it. We are born with Freedom of Choice. It is not God’s wish that we follow His laws as slaves.

Now the LORD God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden. Genesis 2:8

The first great civilization in which we lived was the land of LeMuria, the great continent of Mu. This was a land in which we lived in etheric bodies that were androgynous. There was no death, no reproduction and no sleep. Our intuitive state of consciousness was highly developed within a fifth-dimensional frequency. And all communication occurred on the level of the mind.

Over time, the physical body was raised up from the lower primates into the humanoid form. It was into that form which we incarnated and lived in our ‘eden’, eventually co-existing with another great continent called Atlantis.[i]

As the Earth moved through Time and Space, different races travelled from other planets in the galaxy to settle here. They came through the Central Sun.And the world became populated with celestial beings from these other planets.

But, by 16,000 BC the world was moving through a dark age. And new magnetic forces on the Earth began to develop so strongly that all levitation ceased. The magnetic pull was new to us and we didn’t understand it. So we were vulnerable to it and became confused.[ii] Atlantis was projecting from the mind, while LeMuria was projecting from the heart. So one became excessively masculine; the other excessively feminine.

The Lemurians realized that our beautiful Motherland was destined to sink into the ocean and that, in the process, most of us would descend in consciousness. So they built an inner-dimensional city beneath what is now known as Mount Shasta. They constructed their etheric city under a large dome cavern inside the mountain. And it was within that city that the LeMurian culture was preserved. They call it Telos.

We are a billion years Carbon and we have to get back to the Garden. Joni Mitchell

The inner-dimensional, etheric city of Telos is now inhabited by an advanced cycle of LeMurians. They are blue-skinned beings who have obtained full consciousness.

The remains of the sunken continent of Lemuria can be found in and around the Ring of Fire – an area of seismic and volcanic activity surrounding the Pacific Ocean. This includes Mount Shasta, which is now the most powerful sacred site in all of North America.

Mount Shasta is in a very specific harmonic oscillation with the islands of Hawaii and Mount Fuji in the Pacific Ocean, and with the Santorini in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The former holds aspects of Lemuria; the latter of Atlantis. So this mountain is now playing a special multi-dimensional role in the blending and attuning of these two original continents.

Other remains of the Lemurian continent can be found in the Hawaiian Islands, Easter Islands and Fiji Islands, as well Australia, New Zealand and along the west coast of the Americas.[iii] On Easter Island, there exist giant statues of an ancient people who kneel on bended knees as a reminder of this grand continent.
Lemuria was the Motherland that assisted in the birth of all of the other civilizations on the Earth.

quoted: site thats no longer reachable:

Atlantis and Lemuria (again)
06/27/07 at 13:53:57
Oh dear, our Lemuria thread looks like it disappeared after this weekend’s glitch. Anyway, here is something that will freak you out. I don’t know how true this is, but it is certainly an interesting read.
First, study your palm. Now, read this:

From, Lemuria and Atlantis, by Shirley Andrews

p. 43
“The main principle of the Law of One is that we all are related; we are all one. The Children of the Law of One focused on love and practiced prayer and meditation hoping to promote everyone’s spiritual knowledge. They followed the Golden Rule, and also believed that whatever they did to others would happen to them. They honored the Creator from whence they came, who gave them their soul. Many individuals on the Earth today are Lemurians and Atlanteans who have returned to participate in another struggle between the forces of good and evil for control of this planet. Some believe that if the creases of the lines that are visible in the palm of your hand when you close it slightly form the letter “M” you were probably one of the Children of Light. A curved “S” or “C” indicates the Sons of Darkness. However, one’s actions or thoughts in Atlantis or Lemuria are not really important. What is significant is that today we are all here to help make our world a better place. The Children of the Law of One will continue their good work, and the Sons of Darkness will have an opportunity to redeem themselves.”

… of course, when I was a kid I was told that if you have an “M” on your palm, you’ll get married.
Not sure what to make of this but thought I’d throw it out there.

the “M” comprises of three major lines. If you hold your palm sideways on an angle, the “M” vaguely appears.

—–end quote from site.

(same info can be read here http://childrenofthelawofone.org/cotloo/content/what-connection-between-atlantis-and-children-law-one )


My hand L:
Left Hand
Left Hand
Left Hand

My hand R:
Right hand-
Right hand-

Now for those with  X in M like me, relates to this  (image is for right hand symmetry) below

Image below not hosted on this provider/blog/user so take a hike...
~ excerpted from i guess Kathara Manual 2


Excerpt from Kathara 2 Manual


- as Dr Barbara Young explained it,(short version.) its archived (youtube) freedomslips.com #revolutionradio show of Petar Petrov. pff a while back... not sure re: date.

re hadnlines she said

M = civilization Type 1
X  = civilization type 2 -  she calls them “The Eternal Ones”
and just 1 straight line them are the psychopaths/predator soulless types.

X - Elohie/Elohim
M - Seraphei/Seraphim
SS - Braharama

So thats intermixing 3 materials ( S1 /2 /3 )
into 1 same outcome


(the above 1 ^=^ not propertional to size , an idea where its is 
 locationally situated indication overview)
Remember!. Remember!.. Remember!...


The Lemurian Curse

Transcribed Session with the Sirian Council- 1/27/06

J Seals and the Lemurian Curse

The recent Shift aligning us to the next Harmonic Universe (5D Earth), (creating a hub like energy field) that occurred at the end of December 2005 has created a definitive separation of reality fields at this time and space experience. The Souls choosing to work with the New Energies in the next Harmonic Universe are starting to be pulled away from the illusionary world of the 3 D. This is creating a separation between the souls who are working in the new reality field levels of 5 D and those still working in the 3 D Earth Evolution School. Those of us with agreements to hold these New Energies will experience this separation as quick changes of people and circumstances moving so quickly through our lives that it may feel entirely unnatural. Immediately, what is not a vibrational match will be discarded or ended very abruptly. This may seem alarming and odd as it will at times be illogical to the ego as to why this job, person or supposed opportunity that appeared to look so good was taken away as quickly as the rug underneath your feet. Know this was not a vibrational match or coming with you to the New Energies and this is why it has disappeared from your reality.

Many of us (The Starseeds) that have agreed to hold the New Energy have been in bootcamp to understand the new reality fields and to release all the density, emotional baggage and karma left that is held in our energy fields. This cannot be brought with us and must be cleared.


We then were asked by the Masters to review and work with the Lemurian energies. These original distortions must be cleared as well as we move into the New World.

They take us to a holographic insert tunnel, a Time Vector Vortex where we are able to view a one sided visual of a particular time line reality of Lemuria.

We are shown a scene with a huge valley with a placid lake with a centered focal point of a large Pyramid with a large “eyeball” capstone. (this symbol is on the back of a one dollar bill) This eyeball is felt to see everything as it is “watching”. This pyramid is on the center of the placid azure lake surrounded by cliffs with Huge Crystal Temples. This pyramid symbol is shown that it was the symbolic beginning of the “seal” that represents the enslavement of all humanity.

We are shown that this was also the beginning of the “great deception” and the seed fear implanted in the human species, a seed fear of the “betrayal”. A betrayal from those whom which we love, a betrayal of spirit. Metaphorically this is referred to as the “original sin.”

During Lemurian time, an Alien race, Jehovian-Annunaki Reptiles approached the Councils and for the best interest of the Time Matrix it was agreed upon to a Co-Evolution Agreement with the human angel species. It was agreed to honor the covenants of the Law of One. This race had become parasitic in nature, lost its ability to procreate and evolve outside the time matrix into a cycle of Ascension. They had no or less developed emotional bodies and needed components of the human spiritual anatomy to enable a race acceleration and evolution. This created a serious problem in the balance of the Universal Matrix System and a resolution needed to occur to bring harmony. This agreement was the beginning of the polarity experiment and race integration to necessitate the process of co-evolution of these various life forms. The Earth and her life forms entered into the “experiment”.

Over a time a separate agenda evolved from this Alien race whom joined with other anti-christiac or anti-human Alien races. Alliances were formed and it was agreed these coalitions would form to perpetrate and utilize the newly sleeping human, stripped of its 12 Strand DNA consciousness, as a slave to their self servicing agendas. The Earth body and its stewards of Angelic Human’s had a direct source consciousness, and were an endless energetic supply among other many resources that they found they could benefit from in this Harmonic Universe. It was easy to take advantage and exploit the human as they now were completely cut off from their awareness of multidimensional consciousness and God-source connection.

These human and earth energetic resources could be harvested to create life, sustain life and they could still fulfill their own agendas in service to self without having to conform to the Law of One or enter into any peaceful co-evolution agreements. Many planned to take over the Earth, clear the landscape of the Human Angel and replace it with the Alien Races desiring dominion over this particular dimension and the Earth. This would take time to colonize as they found they needed human genetics in order to live on the surface of the Earth as their Alien Bodies could not sustain healthily on this planet. They also could not operate the various Star Gate portal passages leading to the other dimensions for travel and further opportunities for exploitation. The Human energetic anatomy was directly related to every living thing on the Earth and you had to have the Genetic of the Human in order to make these codes work and to have access to these other reality fields. They were not advanced enough to crack the code and realized they needed the human to stay alive on the Earth surface so they could figure it out.

Over time cycles it was realized there was a great need to create more energy resource to sustain their “phantom matrix”, the lower worlds of which they existed. The Annunaki implanted various seals (These are referred to as J-Seals in the Voyager books by Ashayana Deane) in the planet’s grid and subsequently it created even further reverse mutation genetics for the human. This was designed to digress the humans DNA resulting into a full disconnection from the higher reality fields, limiting their awareness, limiting all their multidimensional abilities. It was meant to destroy the Silicate Matrix Template permanently, stripping the human of their divine inheritance and ability to Ascend and evolve. As well it would further activate these seals during the natural Ascension Cycles to release more energy blockages and disease into the human physical body resulting in much earlier physical deaths. This would help keep the consciousness from evolving and suppress its ability to understand the “Ascension” mechanics.  Over large time cycles these recurring distortions, imbalanced matrices and karma resulted over the cycles of the humans experiencing all new sources and levels of suffering, disconnection and pain. This pain is has been and is continually recorded into the cellular memory of every human and in every cell of the Earth. The cycle kept many fragmented consciousness stuck in cycles of reincarnation into the lower form worlds, as a cycle of food and resource for the Jehovian-Annunaki agendas. It would not be in the interest to have the Human ascending outside the planetary ring pass not, as the human would now have awareness of these agendas and be liberated from their direct manipulation and control.

What are J Seals?

Exerpt From Voyagers II - "The Unnatural Jehovian Seals in the body progressively activate in response to release of the unnatural 7 Planetary Jehovian Seals implanted into Earth Templar by Jehovian Annunaki.  Jehovian Annunaki designed the J-seals to drag Earth and all of its life forms into Phantom Matrix; full activation of the J-seals causes biological death with the astral body consciousness being drawn into Phantom Matrix.  If J-seals are not cleared, progressive deterioration of the body results during Stellar Activation Cycles"

First we were informed that this was not of Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy jurisdiction, such as the Planetary Lords of Karma. These implanted J-seals created distortions that resulted in further mal-alignment within various levels of the planetary hierarchy as well as various mutations in the human species and the planet’s own layers of morphogenetic fields. These J-seals created more fractious souls in the cycles of evolution and other distortions in our divine human energetic template and its merkaba light fields. These distortions prevented the human species ability to embody the DNA resurrection codes or ascension codes to transmute or leave the lower planetary consciousness fields of reality experience.
This issue of the Lemurian Curse and J- Seals was reframed as the jurisdiction at the Intergalactic Levels and the related offshoots of the Galactic Signet Councils working with the particular Templar Mechanics, the certain Guardians of the StarGate Interdimensional portal System. The Templars in charge of the Stargates and Planetary Ley Lines, note that this is an issue of “security violation”, and that if these particular seals are released en masse among the Human Angel population it would create a security issue because too many people are still too asleep to their power and it opens them up to further manipulation and exploitation from the Negative ET’s , Counter evolution forces. Also it would place the Starseed at risk for potential abduction or genetic tampering or stealing. If these seals would be released too quickly the physical bodies may electrically short out because the negative ego behaviors, beliefs, subconscious programs and collective unconscious programs have been ingrained in the human cellular matrix bodies for eons of time, creating mass distortions and density in the light bodies. That is why the Ascension cycle was created as well as the “Initiations” through each dimensional plane of accumulated light accretion, as the soul has to work on proving it’s mastery on the physical plane. Otherwise an undeveloped or asleep soul would become a walking target to the forces of maya and the counter evolution forces. It would be like handing incredible powers of creation and manifestation to a two year old baby and expecting them to handle it safely.

The Masters refer to that there is a specific group that these J Seals could be lifted off of at this time, and that is those that have completed their Planetary Ascension or oversoul integration. The souls/people that have gotten to that evolutionary level have been liberated from rebirth from the Karmic Wheel, ( the earth frequency fence) and are able to handle the responsibility, as well as have accreted enough light-codes into their subtle energy body systems so they can absorb the new influx of spiritual current resulting from the release of these J-seals. A minimum light accretion at subatomic levels of 85% has to be balanced in the Light Bodies for this to occur, as this merges the light body with the seventh plane of the planetary energy field, the beginning of oversoul integration. This is the Science of the Ascension, as it is a literal light accretion process demonstrated through self mastery of the chakras and resulting acts of compassion, love and forgiveness and Service to Others. The more you devote to Service to Others with true heart felt intention and compassion , the quicker you will ascend. The quicker you will gain the attention of the Ascended Masters who will greatly cultivate and activate your spiritual evolution process. The Masters do not waste energy and will match your intention to evolve with any heartfelt inquiry.

They also said at individual soul level it is a case by case basis and that anyone can petition the Masters for assistance and release and it will be considered.

The J seal at time of inception, created karmic distortion patterns in the layers of the planetary bodies, this as part of the Lemurian Curse was the source causation of the new patterns that wove karmic distortions, patterns of imperfection to be held in the memory of the planet ley lines. At this time humans are getting axiatonally reconnected, to reflect that as a Lemurian we had full 12 strand DNA connection, full 12th Dimensional awareness. At this time human destiny through the Ascension Cycle is to be reconnected to our original divine blueprint as we were as incarnated Lemurians. We are allowed to clear residue, remnants and remains of the effects of karmic sludge created at the starting point of the acceptance of the Seals, as this was the proverbial fall of the human angel into the world of karma in the lower form density worlds. We see these as crust, sledge and tarry goo on the planet’s matrix. We focus there with the teams to clear it through each level and layer of the solar planes, through the central point of all union and accept it as done.

At the time we cleared this, we felt codes adjusting in the blood chemistry, and we saw a relationship of this karmic residue imprinted in the human blood stream. We both felt a deep nausea and discomfort in the solar plexus as this occurred.

We get taken to the Crystal Core and caverns of the Earth to a vault with specific security codes. We are granted an access to enter this area. It is explained that the J seal over eons of time in some soul energy fields has created reverse mutated DNA, an inability to hold the full 12 Strand DNA potential, referred to as the Silicate Matrix or the “gene of transformation”.  A paradox results from this as the reverse mutated DNA creates suppression in the individual soul consciousness, EVEN when the soul had completed its planetary ascension. So the soul was still being withheld certain reconnections, activations and Source blending because the DNA was damaged not allowing to fire its sequence letters and activate the DNA as the biology was originally designed and created to do. We are informed that some planetary Ascended Souls will need to traverse this chamber to receive an morphogenetic field imprint, a host matrix implant, in which it can, upon its Ascension and removal of J seals, rebuild its energy template to the Silicate Matrix Imprint. For security measures in order for this to occur the soul will be directly and personally escorted by a Guardian approved by the Guardian Alliance. This will at this time, be on a soul by soul basis.

This then will allow the natural progression of evolution to occur as per the instructions of the original 12 D divine blueprint. It allows the energy template bodies to receive the higher frequencies, therefore increasing light accretion and activating the appropriate DNA when the Stellar Activation Cycles are introduced to the planetary energy fields for this very purpose. It will also create the gradual new immune body, strengthening the physical body to immunity to many incoming virus and disease.

Once entering the vault we are taken to a chamber that runs cylindrical energies top to bottom, back and forth imprinting new codes into the energetic field system. Ripples of energy run up through the spinal column, sacrum, tailbone, the exo-skeletal system. We see the pituitary growing and expanding with simultaneous cranial and crown chakra adjustments. We feel our cranium expanding from this.

Lemurian Curse

The Council then appears and begins to work in our Solar Plexus in removing strings of goo, tentacle like debris and start a rewiring process. We feel nauseated and stomach churning as this happens. After a few minutes, at this time an embryo is removed deeply from the solar plexus. We are informed that this is a part of the cross breeding, hybridization program, they had referred to as the Lemurian Curse. Some humans are tagged and working as breeders in this alien reptilian hybridization program. These hybrids are being animated into life disconnected from Spirit, disconnected from love, as they are using the primal root human energies,( ie lust, fear, addiction etc.) that are harvested to create this new reptilian alien “ baby”  life form. This is how they procreate their race to be hybridized with the human.

We are informed that we need to raise the consciousness of those that come to us to accept the spiritual maturity in facing this fact, so that this breeding program and it’s tagging and can be fully removed from our human energy fields. This will also create DNA conversion and reinstate the human cellular nature to its original divine intention templates. This process of clearing and rewiring in the solar plexus continues through out the evening.

We close the Session in deep love and gratitude.

Whatever is shown to me are issues that are for all of us and are a part of the human evolution towards the Light. I share this with the hope it will prepare you and assist your understanding in the current planetary dynamics of Ascension. For more information in detail I highly suggest the Voyagers book Material Series by Ashayana Deane and the Azurite Press website at http://www.azurtitepress.com and http://www.katharahealing.com.

To my Family,
Love Lisa

Begin to work with Techniques:
Step 1-
12 D or Maharic Seal – Work with the Eckasha Rha Code Symbol and the induction of 12D current.

Step 2 -
Episilon Sequence- Disengage Manipulation technique

Step 3
– Use the Universal Harmonics Code or “ High Veca – Tri Veca coding Wave throughout your body.
Read information and study Kathara Healing which explains multidimensional anatomy and how to clear miasm and these seals.

Start to go through the Newcomer Process of techniques located at the Azurite press website. Which explains in detail the above information.

Further reference:  http://www.azuritepress.com or http://www.katharahealing.com

© 2006, Lisa Renee


Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous “kundalini” event several years ago that catalyzed an “awakening” to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Guided by a Spiritual Hierarchy, Lisa was trained and downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields. This understanding of Spirit Technologies was experienced by her own personal conscious evolution and began her transition into a Spiritual Guide and Multidimensional Energetic Healer during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is a Galactic Emissary for the Guardians and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to “Ascension”. Along with the Guardians, her mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. She is an Intuitive, Spiritual mentor, Writer, Quantum Therapist and Etheric surgeon. She lives and has a practice in Santa Monica and Encinitas, California. You may contact her at lisa@energeticsynthesis.com.    


Lemurian curse removals/Jehovian-Seals(7)

Some speculate that the Lemurians were at some point telepathically linked to the Dolphins.
Their tones were called “Dolphin Codes.


Cosmic Forces Of Mu, Vol.1 by James Churchward

Cosmic Forces Of Mu, Vol.2 by James Churchward
The Sacred Symbols of MU by James Churchward + notes.pdf

The Lost Continent of MU by James Churchward

The Cosmic Forces of Mu – Volume #3-Col.James.Churchward


Lemurian Prophecies
From Mu To Thule


La pack
Download LeMuria – Mu _ By Rakmeister.rar  File Size: 49.36 MB

 More External -Camp Ra- Archived Links @LegionnairesAwaken


On Lemurians

Lemurian Crystals

Lemurian Artifacts

Lemurian Artifacts

posted Oct 18, 2011, 11:42 PM by Unknown user
By: Carol Jean Attoe: (1st 5) http://cjattoe.com/lemurian_artifacts.html

Temple Lemuria // Temple Of The Wind

Circa Late Pre History // Lemurian Icon

Ancient Icon

Lemuria Artifact #1(?) Wood 9"x9" : by: Travis Zumwalt

From Sheldan Webinar: 11-3-11

(^^ not propertional to size just locationally situated indication overview) 
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