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Coast to Coast - Akashic Record Access (2014-12-13)

Coast to Coast - Akashic Record Access (2014-12-13) 

Accessing the Akashic Record

Date: 12-13-14
Host: Richard Syrett
Guests: Douglas James Cottrell, Magda Havas, Douglas Cottrell Jr. 
Host Richard Syrett welcomed remote viewer, medical intuitive and healer, Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, who detailed how he uses a deep meditative trance to access the Akashic Record and how, in this state, he develops a 'soul voice' which has dictated a number of books to his son, Doulas Jr., who also joined the conversation to discuss this process.

"Mediumship is a connection between myself or my mind and someone else who is another consciousness who is discarnate," he revealed, adding that during his process the conscious personality mind is subdued to allow the 'soul mind' or higher self to communicate. This allows Cottrell to locate and examine someone at a distance, connect with the Akashic Record, and receive specific remedies to help that person. It has a tendency to be highly accurate, he noted.

In the second hour, Doulas Jr. guided a discussion between Richard and Cottrell, who had entered a deep meditative state through which his higher self was able to speak and access information. Richard asked Cottrell about the likelihood of a major EMP event in North America within the next few years. "As to the possibility of a totality as to the effect of electronic equipment resetting and disrupting, this is highly probable," Cottrell revealed in a voice slightly different than his conscious way of speaking.

Richard also inquired about the probability of an eruption of the Yellowstone caldera. "Very likely, this is indeed going to happen. You will find that there will be a wall of lava, there will be volcanic ash, there will be choking and suffocating those that would be in an easterly direction from this location," Cottrell's 'soul mind' responded. He also confirmed life on Mars, the UFO/ET reality, and shift of world power from the west to the east.

Musical Plants

In the first hour, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University, Magda Havas, talked about her research into electromagnetic pollution and notion that plants can respond to their external environment. Havas described an experiment in which a lie detector was used to measure how various electronic devices caused physiological stress in people. Plants hooked up in a similar way reacted to environmental stimuli with changes in conductivity as well, she explained.
A MIDI interface designed to convert this change in electrical conductivity into sound allowed the plants to produce music, Havas continued. "We had these plants hooked up in my lab... and suddenly they would start playing," she said, noting how it felt like they were conscious, almost sentient beings. Havas played audio from a YouTube video of Robert Connolly conducting his plant band with a quartz crystal singing bowl.

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Politics on MD4 human reality field

29. november 2014

Politics on MD4 human reality field

Another interview with some stellar races. From July 16 2014

Seen from above a new wave of energy and consciousness is approaching the OD3 reality field. Looking closer it was not fully dark, but of a more grayish tone. I tried to single out one or two participant of this new energy field and an Alcyone Pleiadian appeared to my request on what was going on.

“Galactically speaking we have been invited to join the True Government of the OD3 human reality field. This means that we are under direct contact with the Controllers and we have agreements to take over certain areas of the OD3 human reality field.”

“We have agreed to restore the order of the latest events of unsuccessful changes initiated by interfering forces. We do agree on the benefits of stopping the old genetic experiments to provide regenesis material to different races in other systems undergoing the process of degeneration and we are here to reinstall a more common understanding of how a stellar community has to unfold to become part of the galactic councils,” the Alcyone Pleiadian said and made it clear that the councils she referred to was under the galactic federation, i.e. the lesser free world systems being, from my point of view, on the fringe of depleted consciousness all in all belonging to societies still having a long way to go before they are ready to partake in the free worlds based upon the Creational Laws.

“We are here to undo the damages of the past,” an Arcturian said. Indicating strongly the agreements made with the Controlling Elite, which they see as the True Government of the OD3 Reality Field, in other words the governments of the different countries are seen as departments under the True Government as they call it. Only humans holding the full consciousness capacity, being both OD3 and MD4 to MD7 are seen as real humans to be considered equals. The Arcturian made it clear with his attitude that the very less evolved humans of OD3 mostly were seen as animals and not part of the stellar communities on equal terms. “How can they be; being partly animals and unevolved consciousness?” he asked without any doubt what so ever and clearly the Alcyone Pleiadian agreed on this, a female btw.

“The genetic experiments have been legalized for centuries (by the less evolved councils) and the sciences behind the regenerating light pattern, as it started with a long time ago, have funded many new and exciting innovations in many degenerating communities where we have helped. Your True Government has helped many different cultures all over the galaxy and we are indebted to them for proving genetic examples and light pattern material to us. We are here to pay back this help and restore a higher level of order amongst the very primitive off-planet souls from certain experiments and re-evolve the primate humans into their full capacity as stellar humans. Only the ones worthy will progress into the new societies we are here to install,” she said in full agreement with the Arcturian.

It is clear that we have not heard the last of this wave of new consciousness and “order” being installed in the OD3 human reality field and that the implementers clearly sees humanity as being in a primate state, not more conscious than animals, and therefore we do not have a saying in what is going to happen with us and with our reality field in the years to come.


This is not the moral or ethics of the Free Worlds. We honor both the IPBs and the OD3 humanity as being equals. The problem is that not all humans hold enough light pattern (light DNA) to be able to evolve MD4 consciousness, a necessity to evolve beyond the OD3 reality field. We follow the original program in collaboration with the IPBs and therefore we work intra-dimensionally instead of inter-dimensionally which mainstream humanity is steering towards via the assisting off-planetary allies. The OD3 reality field and its humanity is heading towards the less evolved stellar model where beings are not considered equals and therefore it is legal to trade, experiment, exploit etc. such beings, humam-like or not.


The Controllers are the forces behind the hijacked program (as we see it since they hijacked the original restoration program after the fall of Atlantis), or the OD3 human reality field. They are the group of 33 original ones from the period before the fall of Atlantis that gathered together to unfold the EARTH program which has led to the reality we know today. They belong to the old races of humanity, being the first off-planetary souls to arise from the original restoration program and are as such strongly interconnected with the original OD4 reality field, the Moon. They are the overall Controllers of all the interdimensional factions scattered around the OD3 human reality field and they are the masterminds behind the MILabs, the underground bases on the Moon and Mars etc. They are sort of eternal since they incarnate into specific blood lines where their original light pattern and the MD4 personality they have chosen to keep as the one and only (i.e. the soul) are kept intact. They incarnate with full memory. They are the True Government since they are the highest positioned forces on “Earth” (the OD3 reality field we see as planet Earth).

Human-reptilian means human body, reptilian soul.

Soul is a vague term and denotes the inner being in evolutions that prefer to use the same personality based upon their light pattern over and over again, when they integrate themselves into different dimensional bodies. Most off-planetary degenerate evolutions have lost the ability to shift bodies and are therefore stuck within the same body as we are. Being born and die. They have experimented on how to extract the ability to eternal life being able to shift dimensional structures as it is possible in the higher world of consciousness and energy and the hijacked program has delivered many solutions to this in many systems.