Ascension Waves

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Most likely every person on the planet holds their idea of what the word ascension means. Of course, this is because of the many different belief systems, held within humanity. It could mean something as simple as moving the body from a lower point to a higher point. Walking up a flight of steps would allow for that.

It may be surprising to know that the word ascension does not mean the same to all people. It means what ever the individual was “taught” it means based on the belief system they have chosen as their own or that has been passed onto them by those who came before.

Religious and new age thoughts have supplied us with concepts of ascension being when the masses of earth will “move” from where they find themselves currently, to some currently unknown, unseen place. This place might be called heaven, a higher dimension, a higher reality field or even another star system.

It may also surprise you to discover that the concept of ascension is not an organic occurrence, for the healed expressions of humanity. Neither are thoughts that speak of human evolution, an organic process for the healed expressions of humanity.

All beliefs, surrounding the concept of ascension, or evolution, are the result of the consciousness of humanity “decending” in energy, which means dropping in energy. Therefore, the concept of the ascension of humanity is a process of healing back into the full energy expression, of the organic expression, of humanity.