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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Energetic Synthesis: Unconditional Love

Image By FutureAgeSage
Happy New Year! We resume our weekly blog after a three month absence. We have relocated to the east coast and are resettling into the new timeline, as described in our last newsletter, “Separation of Worlds”.  During the past few months, through what has been described as subatomic shifting in the lower particle dimensions, many of us on the Ascension path are experiencing levels of intensity of ascension symptoms that have manifested in much more physical ways.  If you were one of those people that did not really feel ascension symptoms drastically impact your body in the past, chances are that in the last few months, you have been experiencing changes happening in your physical body in dramatic ways. Our planet has been enduring sequences of the bifurcation that creates frequency splitting within the lower dimensions. As the frequency split in the spectrum of that particular dimension widens, it amplifies the spectrum of frequencies that exist in that space to be catalyzed forward into their movement in either of the opposing directions. This event also can be defined as a type of entity transiting, where people and lower spirits, both incarnate and disincarnate, must be moved out of that particular space time location. Certain space time locations or dimensions, are undergoing frequency split and thus, are rolling up into higher frequency dimensions. This creates moving energetic streams that run into many tributaries that feed into rivers, that then move to converge into larger bodies of water, like a lake or the ocean. Energy moves similarly to how water moves, depending on its viscosity and wave length. This planetary shifting impacts how energetic tributaries move in the ley lines of the earth body, and where these energies coalesce into larger energetic bodies, like vortices or Stargates. The horizontal network of energetic tributaries are moving vast streams of consciousness energy out of the 1st and 2nd dimensions, and this lower frequency is where many of the black force shadow forms and fallen reside. This catalyzes and forces these entities to move around in different patterns, enter new grid networks, and even attach to human bodies on the descending timelines. This change to the 1st and 2nd dimensional ley lines is impacting our physical body functioning dramatically,  as well as changing how these forces are interacting with and moving in the planetary body.

Many of us can witness this energetic movement in the environment and see it in the people around us. Some people are floating comfortably in the energetic flow moving upstream through following multiple synchronicities, while others are sinking and flailing about feeling lost, as they are being carried downstream. We can observe both energetic realities happening simultaneously. The descending reality is where people have not dealt with their trauma fears, phobias or destructive habits and do not understand the ascending process of consciousness evolution and their blueprint of required learning. They are getting worse as they wrestle their inner demons and addictions, lashing out in pain or withdrawing into depression. The lower dimensions surface the main areas of separation trauma that impacted the collective mind of humanity on the earth. These are the memories recorded in the unconscious mind of the people and the earth body itself. If the person has not delved into some clarity to understand the contents of their unconscious mind, the main areas of trauma become triggered in the surface of their personality. Mainly, this is processing timelines of abuse, trauma, shock and devastation from the point in time of our original separation with our God Source, and the subsequent splitting of our gender. The male and female principle that were originally unified, were split apart and this resulted in tremendous pain, ultimately creating distortions such as sexual misery programming. This means a lot of people on the earth are processing sensations of shock and trauma from the split (fall), and are unaware of the source causation of why they are grieving or feeling lost. When we are confused about the source of our inner pain, we usually blame it on something or someone else. After the blaming, we usually self medicate and escape with an addiction of some kind.

The ascending reality is where we observe the overview of the world of forces impacting us and we sense the unconditional love of the higher forces carrying us forward into a new timeline. The new timeline is moving us away from the impact of these demons and their destructive forces of chaos. The gridworkers are called to witness these Fallen as they surface into our view from the underworld, or lower dimension. Many of us are acting as transition teams, holding compassionate witnessing,  to move out these entities from phantom or dead areas, both human and non-human.  This has been sad for us when we can feel the pain existing in the lower dimension, or we are forced to leave certain people behind.  This process has required completion of the old timeline, through ancestral miasma clearing, cord cutting, and disconnection from certain people or things that are stuck in the miasma of the lower fields.

In some cases, we have been pushed to make these hidden fallen forces more transparent to others, by revealing their unethical behavior and/or covert agenda to surface within organizations, communities or other types of groups. This is a period of time which some organizations, that have been built upon unethical or inhumane standards, are being given their Come to Jesus moment. They have a choice to see their actions and choices clearly and apply unconditional love and forgiveness, while they step down from positions of authority and power over others. That which has been built on a house of cards, ego drives and weak moral character, is being revealed in smaller organizations and group situations, creating a ripple effect in the macrocosm field.  The upgrade to the 1st dimension ley lines impacts the red wave spectrum of survival and poverty consciousness, of which the victim-victimizer program is wielded by Archons who use the Controller archetype of the False King of Tyranny to manipulate dark forces. Many of us can see the False King of Tyranny operating in people that are power or fame hungry and enjoy having authority over other people, these are Controller people. Controller people are becoming extremely obvious to the spiritually initiated, we can see the dark force manipulation of the Controller archetype existing in all types of people, the Soccer mom, CEO, middle management boss, beauty queen, policeman, ambitious young college graduate, teachers, professionals, pastors,  all walks of life.   Once you can identify the energetic signature of the Fallen Angelic or demonic force, it is very easy to feel it, see it and sense it operating in the person who is only identified with materialistic reality. This is important to discern the forces operating behind the person, and to not judge it with value, but to see it as it is and not what you would prefer it to be. We must find the spiritual maturity and strength to call out dark forces where they reside, while unconditionally loving the people that may be involved, as we apply forgiveness to their dark ignorance, when they seem hell bent to create destruction or chaos. This profile of person, devoid of love,  should not be given positions of power or authority over others. Until we recognize fully a Controller type person from their low frequency vibration, and we refuse to allow that kind of person to have power and resources over others, we cannot change the imbalance of power. Controllers will always reveal their true nature through personality defects and unethical behavior at some point over time. We must pay attention to these behaviors and assess them accurately, yet without judgment of that person. The more power or influence a person or group has over people and resources that belong to the earth, the more responsibility to their behaviors and ethical treatment of others they should be held accountable.  Until we take money and profit out of the primary motivation used to reward people’s hidden desires of materialism, this will not happen.

Through the current shifting, many of us are being called to leadership in ways we are reluctant.  Many Star people and Indigos are not fame oriented or power hungry people, and prefer to live anonymously. As certain organizations are being blown apart by revelations of unethical actions, others are being pushed to rise to help guide and support others who may be devastated from these stark realizations. It is a spiritual imperative, if you are fully committed in service and employed by God, that you do not abuse your spiritual power or take your influence for granted. This is the call to apply loving kindness no matter what the situation, and to treat all people, no matter what they did, no matter if you do not like them, treat all people with respect, dignity and humanity. Unconditional love is known as love without any limitations, it can also be love without conditions. This term is associated with other terms such as true altruism, or complete love. Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures and a core aspect of the Law of One. Altruism or selflessness is the opposite of selfishness, and the earth needs this virtue of selflessness, more than any other.

We are the example to bring the Unconditional Love of the Eternal Light shining into this world, and certain people are awakening now and watching us….