Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Avalon Sol: Human Weakness. The Massive Lie.


You might think because I am teaching ascension mechanics training here, that I am a new-age spiritualist. I’m not. In fact, I have absolutely nothing to do with new age spiritualism, nothing to do with taking drugs for hallucinogenic brushes with the astral plains, nothing to do with christianity (with a lower case c, since that entire paradigm is based on a nearly flawless lie), Buddhism, or any other religion or faith. I am here with one message, that of the Law of ONE. The teachings handed to the Angelic Human species by their creators, the Guardian Alliance, originally known as the Guardians of Tara, since that is where you were originally seeded. You are no longer on Tara, and before you mistake the names of planets as “their names”, let me dispel that myth as well, the “names” of planets are the names of their office within their 15 Level Time Matrix, not “their name” at all. Once a planet that has previously hosted such office of position falls from that place, it takes on a new name that represents its current planetary status. Mars wasn’t always mars. Mars used to be a piece of Tara. Just as Jupiter and Pluto, and earth and all the rest of the actual planets in this star system used to be “Tara”. The position of office this once incredibly large planet used to be before it was torn into many different pieces during the war of the Fall Of Man, 550 million years ago. “He” (that’s factually correct, your planet is NOT a “she”, his parallel planet Phantom Earth is a “she”, try not to get hung up on this “new” fact) has been healing ever since. And just because those planets are no longer connected physically, doesn’t mean that collectively they are no long actually connected, which they are through quantum entanglement as the very same being, even though they appear to “separate” which they are not. I will give you a few minutes to wrap your head around that ½ billion-year-old history before we begin our second paragraph. I do not expect you to just “get it” the first time you read these articles. This is covering hundreds of millions of years of ground in only a few minutes.

What does all that have to do with humans and their weakness? Unless you can understand where you came from, how long you have been here, how you “fell”, and what REALLY happened, you will never be able to assimilate what it is you actually are here for, and just how much effort has gone into your creation. This is NOT a religion, I am NOT a guru, or a shaman, or an intuitive empath. I am a being who is here from very similar historic genesis as the Human species as a Wayshower for the soul-group seeded to this planet when your Grand Experiment began, and now, you, the hybrid offspring of an incredibly important experiment that has had an incredibly difficult road to walk, to finally ascend. Do not look to me to know all about your Indian guru’s teachings, about the messages of Buddha, or talk about the fully fictionalized “Jesus” who never actually existed as “that being”, or bring you 40 years of spiritual training. I was activated for my journey less than 3 years ago, I was given 1 billion years’ worth of your history all at once, and then turned out into your masses so that you would have some idea of what the Law of ONE really is, and why you will be required to know it, believe it and live it, or you don’t actually get to move forward. There is no use for any of the programs of brainwashing and entraining of what your “spiritual” leaders here have used to confuse you so that when this precise 10 year window opened, you would be unable to see the actual truth. Hate me now for saying they were duped into their teachings so you can get over it by the next paragraph.

HUMANS ARE WEAK. FRAIL. STUPID. NOT TO BE TRUSTED TO LEAD THEMSELVES. Okay, then stop lying to them about literally every single thing they were ever taught, and let’s see for ourselves if this is true. Because before the invader races fell on this species here, they lived in perfect harmony and joy without war or conflict for 10 million years. Read that again. 10 million years in paradise. A place factually named E-Den. If 10 million years of being able to lead themselves isn’t enough time to prove to anyone that the Angelic Human Krystos wasn’t truly able to be trusted to wipe their own noses, then I don’t know what is. But you have zero way of knowing this about your ancestors, (which were you in earlier lifetimes), because your captors have wiped every single written text of this history off of your planet and blank-slated your memories so you would have no way of connecting back to who you really were. And who that is, is something that is spoken of in the interstellar communities throughout the cosmayas in hushed and reverent tones. No, this is not a joke or pandering. You can believe this message or not, and it will not make any difference to the fulfillment of our contracts here.

We, Indigo, have zero use for anything now that isn’t actual fact. What I am telling you, just so happens to be true, and was not crafted to make you feel special. It was crafted to inform you of the raw data surrounding your existence. Who you were, why you came here, what is it about the Angelic Human that sets this one species apart from the millions of Angelic species within the cosmayas. “Angelic” is a term, it is not in reference to “all the beings in higher dimension”, as “angels”, Angelic is a DNA TEMPLATE feature, a term carried forward from trillions of different species down through hundreds of trillions of years of creating new types of beings. “Angelic” happened to be a really sought-after feature in a DNA template, that is why there are so many of them out there today. Human doesn’t mean just this one species on this one planet. There are trillions of “human” species out there, it denotes certain physical aspects of a biological Avatar, and it is only one of the many different aspects of the Angelic Human Krystos super-race. What Angelic Humans HERE have that they DON’T have all across the cosmos, is the KRYSTOS feature. That one feature is the REASON you have been enslaved, tortured, bioformed and murdered for 550 million years. We will get into that in a few minutes in the next paragraph. Yes, I am giving you a little while to catch your breath first.

Lots of new-age spiritual “guides” like to tell you that “humans are of immense power”. And then, that’s it. They literally leave the message with no period after it. No explanation as to why you are of “immense power” and you are “divine”. They just sense it. They just somehow know it. And while they are right, and the message of this power did likely come down to them from their higher self, the explanation is missing. And it has been missing for over 10,000 years now, save the very few tiny periods of time that the Law of ONE was being disseminated among the human element through voices such as Thoth before he defected and returned to the Luciferian Treaty, and Jeshewua Ahumbra Melchizedek before he too returned to the Luciferian Treaty, and Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek (whom you call “Jesus”), who in fact was representative of YOUR actual species. The stories of how all of these played out is exhaustive and not part of this article. But suffice it to say, that NO ONE here is going to tell you why you are as powerful as you truly are, because they simply aren’t allowed to, and if they try to tell you, then those who are not under contract here complete with protection, have always been assassinated immediately. This voice has that protection and you are going to hear about it now.

You are inside of a ten-year period of time that your founding fathers have been struggling to get you to now for 980 million years. That time period includes the time it took to perfect your genetic design, that predates your seeding to this planet 550 million years ago. Yes, it took that long to design “you”, even though the templates predating “yours” spanned into trillions of years previous. Those “templates” of DNA were empirically arrived at through the creation of more soul-groups (you call star races or “ETs”) than the human brain is allowed to process, so it is irrelevant for me to try to put a number on it, as that number changes every single day as new beings come into creation. There is a DIFFERENCE between those that had come before you, and who you are now today. And therein lies the answer to your “power”. This ten-year period is the end of your long cycle, which means that the celestial bodies of your solar system align in such a way as to infuse your planet with frequencies that are able to sustain a mass-ascension of the evolution of that species. Time and time and time again when this period came, your captors have always found a way to plate-shift your planet to erase nearly all of you, blow this planet apart so it can’t possibly hold the frequencies of ascension, or to absolutely eradicate your seeding completely off this planet, something called “Tara Cleansing”, referring back to the time when the soil under your feet used to hold the position of Harmonic Universe 2, host-planet to the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, that office being “Tara”, the second DENSITY of your 15 dimension, 15 Level Time Matrix. Your ten-year window to ascend began on 12/21/12. It wasn’t the “end of the world” as the media wanted to paint it when the long cycle tracked by the Maya ended. It was always about when you would finally be able to move forward to your next level. That level has been torn away from you now for hundreds of your lifetimes, an unthinkably cruel act of your captors. This will be the last cycle here, and this one will not be wrestled away from you unless you actively assist them in not participating once again.
Down through the ages, there was always a plan in place to finally break you free of this prison, it involved hundreds of thousands of beings who would be from your founding father races, who would be able to enter into your final few days here, and post the frequencies needed to support your planet’s vibration through the Stellar Activation Cycle. It has filtered down to you as being “144,000 elect”, and then turned back around yet again to mean that only 144,000 of your species were “good enough” to ascend, and hence, “god” would “rapture” them into the sky, and leave the rest of you mongrels here to die in a fiery hell of 7 years of tribulation, torture and horrific death. What those 144,000 were, were Indigos who had previously played the role of your captors in times long since passed, and now had defected from the collective under the Luciferian Treaty, and entered into something called a Palaidorian Indigo Bioregenesis Birthing Contract. We have covered this contract in depth in other articles, and I suggest you read them so you can know exactly what that means. In short, it means that each one of these beings who had once been your slavers, would now act in the role as your end-time Wayshowers, leading you out of the hell they had once been a part of trapping you in. But this didn’t mean there were only 144,000 Indigos here to help you find your way out, it was a significant number they could place on this exact ten-year cycle. There were to be 500,000 Indigos here, the vast majority which had come to your planet beginning 200 years BEFORE the Stellar Activation Cycle, in order to pave the way for this one final mass-seeding of super-high frequency beings under Oraphim Angelic contracts as a stealth move to silently do the work of actually and finally breaking the absolute stranglehold on your evolution here. So what are the 144,000?

The 144,000 were seeded to your planet beginning in 1999, and ending with the last one on 12/21/12. This extremely narrow window of time was intended to place all of these beings here in a short enough time as to make their presence here difficult for your captors to keep track of them all. Each one was placed here under the precise contract to bring enormous frequency into your planet’s plasma body, quantum-entangled to its own morphogenetic unified field, to bring his frequency into harmony with that of the next higher Density, that of Harmonic Universe 2, where he once held the position of host-planet for dimensions 4, 5 and 6. Also, to act as conduits of energy and knowledge for the human element known as the “life force” of this field, to synchronize with earth’s precise frequency. Many of these Indigo never even made it home from the hospital, but were abducted and imprisoned for the rest of their lives, as your invader races were not allowed to kill them, so their voices were silenced upon birth. Their parents were informed that their child had died, and that was that. If they couldn’t kill them, then at least they would be of no avail to educate those around them about higher understanding, as they did not have the same vulnerability to the lowering of frequency that Humans had from the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence, allowing their frequency to remain vastly higher than that of humans. A vast many of those who escaped instant abduction upon birth, were then sentenced to lives in psychiatric wards and fed drugs that would lower their frequencies. This was easy to institute, since Type 3 Indigos are autistic, and that diagnosis alone was enough to have them committed.
So WHY do Humans and these other beings from other star systems of the Indigo act differently under the powers of the Frequency Fence from each other? Because the species that had been ordained as that to be “disposed of”, Humans, vibrate in a different frequency field from the Indigo ETs, and the human frequency was what needed to be lowered the furthest by the Fence. The Fence, though brought to this timeline from a timeline far in the future from this one by the time-travel expert Zetas, holding incredible power and technology, only brought the ability to lower ET frequency to SOME degree, but clearly had the capacity to lower the frequency of the 12-strand DNA frequency of the Angelic Humans in a very radical manner. Hence, Humans suffer here with the lowest frequency of all. And this translates directly to IQ. The lower the IQ, the higher frequency of the original Signature Spirit Essence that had entered into contract to evolve an Angelic Human Krystos avatar from this precise Time Matrix. It didn’t work the same way on Oraphim Angelics who had come here from Alcyone Pleiades as your original captors, and it didn’t work at all on the very low frequency captors here from the Alpha Draconis star system known now as “Dracos”, or Leviathan Drakonians. This has to do with levels of harmonic resonance associated with DNA “templates”, or level of evolution needed to “ascend” an Avatar out of a Time Matrix. So if it seems like we are talking “down” to you, just understand its our intention to speak as directly to you as your captors have allowed and we mean no disrespect. Frequency has everything to do with IQ, and abilities allowed while under the Fence. And your 144,000 Indigos here now, are uniquely gifted, who have entered deliberately into a guerilla-war zone once again in manifest, mortal form, in order to bring you out of this prison camp.

This brings us to WHY you humans are so “powerful”. Though teachers from all walks LOVE to tell you just how great you are, they simply have no real foundation for their claims. Your true power comes from your heritage. But who ARE you exactly? WHY was your one species targeted so viciously? WHAT makes you so special, if in fact you were ever really “special” to start with? Or has this always been a ploy to make you fall yet to another religious scheme designed to put one man in a Rolls Royce while the believers walk to church in holy shoes?

950 billion years ago, the evolution of biological, animated beings came into a new level of use of the standing energy fields of god-source. Before this time, all life force, or Avatars (living beings who were not fitted with a program of “instinct” and “sense”, designed to be utterly taken over by a Sentient Awareness from god-source as their SOLE manifest “vehicle”) had been designed to continue to “live” only by feeding from another energy sources already existing. It was literally a dog-eat-dog existence in the cosmayas. Either those life forces ate some sort of food, or they had to absorb aura energy (merkaba field energy) from another life force, or it would begin to deteriorate and eventually die. Even if they continued to intake energy from other life forces, they still had limited life spans. It was a cruel system of life and rebirth in order to maintain a “manifest” form. While your body (Avatar) SEEMS to be real, made out of solid and liquid matter, it, along with everything else in creation was created out of holographic manipulation of photonic energy from the god-source standing energy fields. Everything is, in fact, a hologram. This is even known by your quantum physicists today. This new “breakthrough” in Avatar creation came in the form of a being named the “Anuhazi-Elohim”.

The Elohim Archangels, spoken of in your “history” books such as the bible and hundreds of religious texts from around the world, were “created” by beings known as “Eternal Gestalts” referred to as “Yanas” from Lyra-Arametena from the Sirius star system. And when I say “created”, I mean that their DNA templates of that biological life force had been engineered by the Gestalt scientists using Keylontic, sub-quantum, Cymatic, geometric pattern-commanding science to harness the standing energy fields of god-source to hold the form intended. An energy field that is limitless and eternal. The pattern they worked off of to create this amazing new type of Avatar was styled loosely off the Anuhazi (Feline Hominid Elohei-Elohim Krystos, yes they looked like cats) template, a very ancient progenitor of your template today, but more on that in a moment. This article would be the length of a book just to cover how geometric patterns hold the scalar-wave command “fire letter” codes which command all particles to hold the shape and “matter density” of whatever a sentient being wishes those particles to hold the shape of. Suffice it to say, this is “DNA” on a deeper level than human science has ever peered into by an extreme measure. No one “creates” another being. All they can do is create the command sequence that causes energy particles to hold the shape of a biological or other body, allowing the Awareness of a fractal (particle) of god-source to inhabit that body. Only the Signature Sentient Awareness of that one fractal of god can make the decision to inhabit that body, so no one “put you here” in manifestation in this Time Matrix. They HAVE placed your Awareness in a body that you did not originally sign up for AFTER you arrived, and trapped you in a slave system you had not intended to find yourself in, but no one “sent you here”.
The Elohim’s unique energetic connection directly to the Eternal Unified Plasma Field of the Deity Planes was the one breakthrough that made the difference between how life could be experienced without the constant need to “refuel”, paving the way for millions of new Time Matrices (where manifestation can be experienced). It also gave the Elohim unlimited command of the god-source energy fields, a reservoir of kinetic energy vastly beyond the reach of any other physical being previously in existence, making them physically speaking, way beyond just “powerful”. Of course, this new energy source also fueled them in other highly unique ways, as their DNA “template” held codes that could now tap into this immense power any way it wanted to, something that had not been available to biological forms up until this time. If you can imagine flying using your elegant and beautiful wings without ever getting tired, you start to get the picture of what made them such an amazing species. The “arc” or “silver strand” (similar to a never-ending lightning bolt) that connected them to this unlimited source of power would later be added to the name of a self-proclaimed group of “gods”, as we will see in a moment. And so it was, the Elohim were indeed considered “god-like” within the interstellar communities during the 950 billion years since their creation. Other beings or “Avatars” (manifest particles of god-source Awareness) of the Deity Planes (you refer to as “heaven”) with antiquated DNA templates, considered the Elohim to be the highest evolution of all “time” for this period. And the Elohim REALLY enjoyed this position of adoration. As far as they were concerned, they would prefer things to stay just the way they were. Natch.
“Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”

And even in the Deity Planes, this can be true as well, because eventually, a small group of the Elohim decided that they would deem themselves “overseers” of the cosmayas. “God” if you like, though that’s not what they called themselves. A self-proclaimed position of power that certainly was not theirs to make, and flew in the face of the sovereign principles supported by the IAFW, (Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds) which embraces the Law of ONE. This new fraternity would be called “Anu-Elohim, the Michalube, Suns of Baal”, and their intent was keep the cosmayas free from Avatars that might be “too powerful” for the interstellar communities. Though this was more an excuse to keep the cosmayas the way they had been, where everyone thought of them as close to the real thing that gods might actually be.

Its fair to note here, that all decisions about life, manifestation and experiencing “reality” within Time Matrices always landed on the collective of god-source awareness, trillions of individual personalities of one ultimate awareness, what mankind and many other beings refer to as “god”. It was never about one species usurping the position of “the creator”, since all the trillions of fractals of god-source awareness were ALWAYS in charge of all things that the god-source collective chose to either do, or not do. And the drama that unfolded over the ensuing battle between the Michalube and the founding fathers of the Angelic Human Krystos was ALWAYS the story about “Satan” vs. “GOD”. The reason why the terms “Satan” and “Lucifer” are used today to refer to the “bad guy” who challenged “god” and was cast down to earth has to do with the names of the beings that the Michalube ultimately used in their quest to stop human evolution, as two of the “main players” here in your enslavement were named Marduk Satain and Thoth Lucifer, part of a larger collective of beings who had been created as “Anu Avengers”, who were literally “hitmen” created for the one reason; stopping your species from reaching any higher than the 3rd dimension of this one Time Matrix. Regardless of how much Marduk and Thoth had to do with your dramas here on earth, it had always been the Michalube who were at the head of the invader race table, its just that your religious programs here always sought to make “Archangel Michael” (the Michalube) look like the “good guy”, so they made “Satan” and “Lucifer” interchangeable bad guys in the stories passed on to you. This way when you referred to “god”, “satan”, “baal” or “lucifer”, you were unknowingly referring to the one fraternity at the top of the pyramid, the Michalube the whole time, but thinking your deities and demons were actually different entities. They weren’t. Your true founding fathers never interjected themselves into your day to day dramas here, as the Emerald Covenant made it clear that your evolution was to be a sovereign journey, so while in the perspective of your having a “creator god”, you sort of do. But the god mentioned in the bible and the other religious texts were always referring to the group that chose to place themselves in this position, the Annu Elohim Michalube. We mentioned before where the designation of the ARC in Archangel Michael comes from, the silver strand connecting them to unlimited power, and what made an “Archangel” so much greater than mere “angels”.

Now we get into WHY there was ever a “problem” with the evolution of just another one of the trillions of soul-groups entering into the interstellar communities, and what it was that happened to the Angelic Human Krystos soul-group as briefly touched on in the previous paragraphs. WHAT was wrong with this ONE species anyway that would command so much attention, for so very long, and why had they been attacked repeatedly down through the ages? After all, the first extinction-level event happened to the 1st seeding of the Angelic Human evolution on this planet 550 million years ago, just 10 million years after it began. Then, 240,000 years ago, the second seeding of your same group was utterly destroyed once again by beings created by the same race that destroyed the human seeding the first time, then 13,500 years ago the 3rd seeding of your very same race was captured and imprisoned by the very SAME invader races as ½ billion years preceding. WHAT happened that it would be SO BAD about this new soul-group? It was the true GENESIS of YOUR species that made it unthinkable to the Michalube for it to become just another species among the trillions already existing in higher dimensions.

The genesis of the race you now call “human” here is in every way considered royalty in the interstellar communities who have been EAGERLY anticipating your entry now for 560 million years. And when we say that, we can tell you just HOW royal it really is. The “bloodline” of this evolution comes directly from the DNA template of the Elohei-Elohim, the portion of the collective group of Elohim who never abandoned this species, nor had anything to do with its eradication. After seeing just how amazing this new feature of unlimited power had been for the Elohim, a group of geneticists, Grail-Line Oraphim Angelics from Sirius-B decided to perfect it even further. Their superior creation was then used as the template used for the Human experiment here on earth. More on that in a minute. Regarding the term “Grail” in the name of the beings behind this stage of your evolution, grail is another term for the word “Krystos” mentioned in the Angelic Human Krystos species. Another term for this same feature is “arc”, as the Anu-Elohim went on to add to their Archangel status, in reference to the silver-strand to eternal-life developed in the Elohim. The bloodline of the Elohim template has always been the “holy grail” spoken of in your religious texts, as it has always been the one most-coveted feature of all beings. The “chalice” of the holy grail always meant a real human body, and not some cup made of special metal from the heavens that imparted eternal life. Your captors do not share this feature with you, which is another large topic for another time.

The Creation Of Earth Angels from the Royal House of Aramatena
The DNA template that had been used to create the Elohei-Elohim, had been used for the creation of many new species over the period of 950 billion years, one such sub-species was the Grail-Line Oraphim Angelics from the “Royal House of Aramatena” of Palaidor, Sirius-B. That group of geneticists decided to take the project even further and created their own sub-species with the same GRAIL Krystos strand. This wouldn’t be just one new species, it would be five. It is difficult for the human mind to comprehend the massive history to the human species and the overall message being set before you now, I realize that, but if you are going to hear the real truth that has been hidden from you for millions of years, you will have to try to imagine that there is no such thing as anything that seems to be “alive”, and no such thing that seems to be “inanimate” that didn’t go through the very same trillions of years of perfecting. Likewise, the human species was not some one-off, hail-mary. The empirical development of your species and every species in existence dates back billions of times further than humankind has ever been allowed to imagine.

The Oraphim had dropped the long, elegant flowing wings that the Elohim were well known for, and they advanced the DNA coding to include other powers that the Elohim never had. The importance of wings only had to do with the lowest 3 levels of Time Matrices, where flight would have to be managed mechanically, in higher dimension this would be archaic, since flight and translocation is an everyday thing there. The 5 new races were then seeded to the land of Palaidor, and over millions of years, evolved into 5 distinct races, all from this same genetic base-template. One had brown skin, another red, another white, another yellow and the final one was black. These all carried incredibly unique abilities we won’t get into in this conversation, but each one were amazing, and in real terms, equal in their true value to the interstellar communities. It was an awe-inspiring accomplishment and the Oraphim Angelics were extremely proud of their creation. For their Sirius-B project, the Oraphim Angelics were perfect, but a bigger project made its way to the forefront, and another group from all segments of this Time Matrix as well as many others, came together to use these FIVE Elohim evolutions to create what would be referred to casually as the “Grand Experiment” and scientifically, the “Turaneusiam Project”. This group is now known as the Guardian Alliance and the only reason you find yourself on earth today. What came next would be the birth of Human man to a planet that had been created for and coded to the distinct new super-race called the Angelic Human Krystos. By now I shouldn’t have to bother mentioning that it had NOTHING in the cosmayas to do with “apes”.
The Turaneusiam Project began 980 million years ago on a planet called Tara. It was a 2nd density host-planet for dimensions 4, 5 and 6 of the 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia. Here the super race would finally begin 550 million years ago after the science had concluded, where all 5 of the Orpahim Angelics carrying the Grail bloodline of the Elohim would all be seeded together to intermix their bloodlines together to create the one most advanced race yet for evolution of the KRYST. For 10 million years this elegant and beautiful new species would evolve into the one slightly tanned-skin, humble yet brilliant being with advanced Clair abilities, advanced music and artistic sense and highly creative, not to mention heightened emotional responses. Breathairians who never had to eat or sleep, just live and enjoy manifestation. Perfection.

Fallen Angels And The Fall Of Man

The group of Elohim who had decided they didn’t care for the idea of this new super race of beings entering into higher dimensions than the bottom of the Time Matrix of Gaia, not yet formally the Michalube, but merely fallen Elohim Angelics who had chosen to manage the cosmayas, went before the Emerald Council, the Council that is in charge of the oversight of the evolution of the Angelic Human, and formally asked for permission to come into the Gaia Time Matrix, and use humans who all had their own arc connections to the unlimited power of the god-source energy fields as slaves. The Council thought about it, then said “uh, hell no”. Undeterred, the Anu-Elohim decided to band together and after 10 million years of the incredibly successful evolution of the Turaneusiam species, came down to Tara and opened fire, blasting the planet into many different pieces, and sending the host-planet body of the office of Tara, down to merely survival in Harmonic Universe 1 of the Gaia Time Matrix. All human life was lost and this marked what is now referred to as the Fall Of Man.
Over the coming more than 300 million years while the planet healed enough to once again host a life force and your species was once again seeded back only this time in Dimension 3 instead of the original 4th you had previously ascended to, the fallen angels formed their official renegade group, the Michalube, Suns of Baal. It would be at this time 240 million years ago they would create the Bi-Pedal Dolphin group they would name the Jehovah Anunnaki, the hit-man race designed for one purpose, to stop the evolution of human man. The Anunnaki then traveled to other star systems and bioformed the multiple races of the Leviathan Drakonians of Alpha Draconis, enlisting them as assassin Draco Anunnaki to help them in their quest. They later went on to do the very same thing to the sister-evolution of earth-based man, the Sirian Oraphim Angelics seeded to Procyon, Pleiades, creating the Samjazzi Sirian Pleiadean Anunnaki for a new gang of thugs enlisted to also bioform and destroy your species from within. The last two invasions of your planet would be carried out by these hybrid beings carrying the code of your extinction in their very DNA from the original Anunnaki, who have deliberately scrambled your DNA higher than your 2nd strand, disconnecting you from your arc connection to your higher self and the energy fields where you once had command of the power of the universe itself.

You have been entrained to think that you were created in the mythical story of Adam and Eve. “God” took an earth-bound ape, mixed in soil from the earth and created this lowly, moronic and clearly pathetic being he called man. He then took a rib from the ape-man, and from this bone he created his assistant, Eve. Eve was so stupid, she ate an apple from a tree, the only tree in Eden they weren’t supposed to eat from, and because of that, she shamed both Adam and herself, into a continual life of pain and suffering, blocked from their sanctuary of Eden. Pour stupid Eve, and pour stupid Adam who couldn’t refuse her, so now they both carry on in this never-ending perpetuity of ignorance (even though they had eaten from the tree of knowledge), forever recycling into a reality of mortal existence where there wasn’t enough food to go around, not enough shelter to go around, and so their lives would be marked by pain, suffering and then punctuated by the near-death experience that Eve would have to suffer through each time she bore children. Once that desperately miserable existence came to an end, then you would endure the horror of death (not part of your genetic design) and then it would all start over again with your memories wiped. Morons, you deserved this. So get to it.

Well then, that is a very compelling story designed to make certain that you would forever do two things: one, blame every man on earth for being so foolish as to be around such a stupid being as woman, who was so weak she couldn’t resist Satan’s lies and subjected them both to eternal hell on earth, and two, that women are simple-minded and gullible, resigning her to the position as eternally the inferior to the man where she would have no rights. She would then be below man, who did no wrong himself, but merely tried to befriend her through her apparent ignorance and complete lack of common sense anyway. Adam was the ignorant hero, and Eve was a worthless moron. And so became your genesis into manifest reality where egalitarian bonding would never exist. Yay.
It would be comforting for humans to know that none of this actually happened. And of course it didn’t. But now, after hundreds of lifetimes of being lied to, will you be able to trust this message? That will be up to you. At this time, this is just a voice whom you have never heard of before, so it can easily be dismissed like yesterday’s newspaper. It will be the rare person who will have educated themselves on life history enough to hear and understand this voice comes to you from Oraphim Angelics under the Emerald Covenant to protect your species during your evolution here. This is the message of the 500,000 Palaidorian Indigos, representing your original founding fathers and under contract to share with you the truth about your creation and to show you the true path home.

-We are the Guardian Alliance-

You will come to know this term very intimately over the next 7 years of your Stellar Activation Cycle. You never came from apes, you never came from dirt, and your women here were never your inferiors. Ever. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg of what you haven’t been told, all meant to make you feel like a race of animals where you can be easily controlled and enslaved. Yet through this Stellar Activation Cycle, your planet has been infused with more high-energy scalar waves specifically formatted to raise the frequency of your own plasma body as well as that of your planet, than it has for more than 26,000 years. The path your planet is now on, is entering deeper and deeper in an area of the galaxy where very high frequencies dictate the type of existence there, known as the 4th dimension and higher. As the many different types of scalar waves are also sent into your planet from the core of the sun, controlled entirely now by the Guardian Alliance, your DNA will begin to correct itself, allowing you greater and greater connection to your higher self, and a remembrance of how to command the ether, restoring your true original powers. This will be a time when your invader races will no longer want to be here, because it wouldn’t take 7 billion of you to overcome your captors, it would just take one. And now you know what we are talking about when we say that you have no idea of your own power.

All love

Avalon Sol



  1. Absolutely great information, thank a lot for this information. resonate with me.
    Love and Peace,
    Edgar Bernal -from Tropical Toronto, Canada

  2. Thanks so much for remind us who we are, love you Avalon Sol!

  3. Maaann, this report is freaking BEAUTIFUL - !!!!!

  4. Amazing the true power we have

  5. Could you please speak on the topic of illness? I have often felt that diseases were created to keep humans from reaching their full potential. More specifically - those here who are aware that not all is as it seems. Some feel they are here (indigos, contactees, star children, any number of names, etc.) to protect others who are not aware, are being targeted with chronic illness in order to be surpressed from carrying out their missions. I for one dream constantly of a past, great intergallactic war, but also of a future one of well transpiring on earth. I have believed for quite some time now that my seemingly incurable (nothing has helped so far) conditions are being done on purposely to keep me and other like myself "complacent", so to speak. Many others I have spoken to over the years, who are also contactees, indigos, star children, etc. also speak of having some important mission regarding mankind, and have also have been plagued with numerous and sundry autoimmune conditions. Any information you have on this, and any possible methods of reversal of these conditions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Water fast. I've done it and I'm living proof it heals the ugliest diseases. It repairs your veins. It's a lifestyle change. Eat raw.

  6. i believe i am of the 144 and born is 88 so i dont think your dates are correct ...

  7. This sounds just like the work of Ashayana Deane, and Keylontic Science :)

  8. Yup it's a mixed salad of a lot of things.........none of it original. Another example of someone siphoning other's information and taking the glory. Not cool.

  9. Please, it's all about the content and the message, not a contest on who gave it to us first.

    The content resonates perfectly in me!
    Me like!!! <3

  10. Just the fact that there is a warning coming up, telling me this site is unsafe... tells me this is absolutely correct information! :-)

  11. I need direct answers please

  12. I was born 87 and I just woke up so I’m lost