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Emerald Guardians Presents: The ` Eckasha Rha `

" Eckasha RhA "
" Eckasha Rha "(2017)
Computer Graphical Version  by: Ron Mayer  
Color Edition by: Rha S ananda

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OmniLov3: Changes to human experience



Changes to human experience

As the planetary body is changing, in the subtle energetic layers of the stargates and energy networks, humans undergo symptoms of the ascension which can appear in a myriad of ways. As a human being receives the higher energies which are instreaming to the planet through the sun and stellar body transmissions; tiredness, achiness, mental body changes, higher sensory perceptions, pre-cognitive functions and dreams, the change in the passing of time, pains and emotions will flood into the surface of the life. This is an energetic biological spiritual awakening, of which many humans have not been prepared to understand. Mainstream media, scientific research do not speak freely of the human soul, and thus this information is likely to be refuted as mythological. The human soul exists to connect with the godsource, and to experience life upon the planet earth. Each individual going through a spiritual activation may mistake this process for deep depression, dark emotional overwhelm, seeing spirits and passed on loved ones, or receiving a higher knowing or feeling within themselves which perhaps didn't exist before. 

As a spiritually awakening starseed, indigo or lightworker it is imperative to comprehend that the new age spiritual information has been hijacked with imposter representatives, whom are controlling the information and creating astral trickery, guru archetypes and blissmasters.  Channeled information is not coming through a Christ Consciousness representative upon the earth, as the Christ embodiment is a self-sovereign embodiment in direct unification with godsource. In order to ascend it is your task to unravel the deceptions and to free your lightbody and energy field from being used as a dark portal or being caught into false reality fields and consciousness traps. As a natural process and intention to know the truth, the predator mind control which has influenced our planet has to be understood in stages, in order to free one's spiritual bodies and mental body from the density and timelocks put in place. Psychic self defense and right use of your own energy in understanding power abuses, archetypal influences including satanic and luciferian forces is a necessity in order to ascend and heal the patterns of energy or polarity of which you have come here to serve during this ascension cycle. The negative ego can be very difficult for starseeds and indigos to truly understand, as it means a dedication to understanding the contents of one's own heart, behaviour and attitudes. Deep healing and cleansing out of dead energy miasmatic loads, in shedding density through ascension flu with fluctuating energy levels is part of the changing through this cycle. As you intend to build your auric field into wholeness, various life lessons will present at each stage of your personal growth; and these must be faced in order to synthesise the contents of your energy field into the next higher harmonic in sequential DNA activations throughout your life. The ascension is a long term dedication throughout your incarnation, learning how to be the best and most loving human being you can be. Learning what service to self vs service to others means as a golden rule of humanity.

Cosmic Founders, Guardian Host families

The planetary body is undergoing evolutionary cycles of energetic change and impacts to the structure and grid networks, which are life-giving principles of the god source parent and creator structures. For many timecycles, the Cosmic Christos families known as the Cosmic Christ or founder races, Krystal Star Guardian Host Families have returned to the earth to remove the impacts and influences of alien species invasions in the interdimensional spaces, whom took residence underground and within different time bandwidths terraforming the earth by distorting and reversing the platonic solids and elements of our existence.

Theses invaders installed their own architecture and machinery into the pleanetary body, acting as gods and using human energybodies and soul essences for their own agenda. This infection has been inside the planetary body and the Milky Way Galaxy for many cycles, and is now being cleared up and the grid networks reclaimed by the guardian host families who are overseeing the ascension of the planet, and of humanity. This great work involves the end of the time cycle of 26,500 years approximately when the stargates and galactic gates into the centre of Andromeda were accessible to the first waves of platinum-Indigo starseeds serving the christos mission. Thousands of previous guardian representatives came to the earth in the past, such as guardian Yeshua (Jesus 12) Akhenaton, Hapshetsut and King Arthur amongst other hundreds of guardian missions to reclaim and repattern the architecture which involved resequencing the Mother Arc Aquamarine Blue Ray back into the planet. This was achieved with success in approximately 2009, which would lead the Melchizedek hosting of planetary ascension cycle to an end in 2012-13, When the Krystal Star guardian families took over the next stages of hosting. This was the returning of the Holy Mother into the planetary body, in ways that had not been present until the guardian host starseed and indigo families were activated into their spiritual mission.

Since then until now, there have been various guardian host planetary gridworker projects, led by the Lyran-Sirian Oraphim & Paliadorian starseed representatives whom had to step-down their frequency bandwith to exist and create the spiritual links back into the godworlds, outside of the fallen time matrix and continue to restore the planetary body hookups back into the godsource fields. These continual projects have been attacked relentlessly by negative aliens and anti-christ satanic forces, interdimensionally in etheric bodies and those whom represent the anti-christ consciousness gestalts upon the earth. Guardian representatives sent forth galactic emissaries whose lineage is directly from the authentic and true Holy emerald order through the Lyran-Sirian High Councils, whom are here to represent the cosmic founders of humanity and the liberation of the planet and human consciousness. These individuals would be responsible for cataloguing the damage to earth and humanity, to return the Avatar 12 Stranded multidimensionally aware consciousness into the earth planes, and to reverse engineer the hidden deception and enslavement of which has influenced the human species and planet for hundreds of years.

The guardian host families uphold the law of one teachings, and must embody this principle within themselves, as a living christ consciousness model upon the earth. This takes extensive hard work to remove all emotional blocks, and to seek only the truth - to know the truth, to wish to comprehend the truth and to dedicate the life and authority of the soul only to the one source god source of all - The godhead zero point matrix in the neutron window in no-time in the unmanifest layers outside of this universal time matrix. This is also known as the Cosmic Holy trinity, which emanates into our time matrix as 13D Holy Mother Aquamarine Blue Ray, 14D Holy Christos-Sophia Sun Golden Ray, 15D Holy Father Magenta-Violet Ray. As these rays have been reweaving as a holy trinity expression into the planetary body through the representatives of the Cosmic Founders, these expressions known as the Solar Rishi have returned through the Ursa Major stargate into the Lyran Andromedan fields, and down into the Earth body. These guardian host founders are responsible for repatterning all bi-wave and siphoning antichrist energies, to evict and remove the alien artificial intelligence which exists in the quantum, atomic and sub-atomic layers of the atomic elemental matter of expression here on earth. These changes create positive influences the planetary lightbody template, also known as the Albion Body; and thus impacts the planetary grid networks. As the massive evictions of alien dark lunar mother and false father antilife antichrist forces are removed, the upheaval into the planetary grids will display as the power struggles over control of humanity. The Cosmic Founders of this solar system and time matrix have been able to return in which their changes will allow the truth of human enslavement to be revealed, and through their presence the restoration of the truth of the creators, the holy benevolence and omnilove of god returns to the earth.

Starseeds & Indigos, Ascension Families

Starseeds and the indigo races whom have come to the earth in their current incarnation to directly participate in the human ascension cycle will need support to comprehend and understand their processes in order to accomplish a sensible comprehension of the ascension plan. The new age spiritual teachings have been hijacked by negative controllers masquerading as the light, and so our platform is an outreach and guardian host platform for those whom resonate. This is offered in our materials as direct contact and communication with the krystal star guardian host, and as an expression of truth in healing the diamond sun 12 strand DNA template to reclaim self-sovereignty and to understand the damage that has been perpetuated upon the human species through societal pillars of control. As guardian host families are removing false AI timelines from the planetary body; the control over humanity is understood in greater detail, as the armageddon, pestilence, sexual misery and enslavement energies held in those timelines will eventually not be able to repeat on the earth if the human consciousness is willing to awaken to the truth of the crimes being played out by the power elite and money hungry families controlling planetary wealth.

In the coming years, from 2021, further planetary activations in waves will awaken and reveal the hidden satanic influences that have permeated society. These can no longer stay hidden upon the earth, as pedophilia, child blood sacrifice, the human trafficking and sexual abuses must surface into the mainstream to free humanity from the enslavement and possession of the invading forces. A human who participates in the aforementioned topics is either born into a satanic or luciferian bloodline, or is deceived into satanism via subconscious traumatisation to fulfill their wishes or the promise of all that they desire. Aleister Crowley and his teachings were used to create many black magicians and satanists through abuse of power, creating "powerful magick rituals" meanwhile binding souls in creating black magic controller grids upon earth. Many satanists on the earth do not comprehend that their god or who they believe is satan is actually an alien entity, part of this is the baphomet gestalt entity as the dark lunar mother alien artificial intelligence in the earth grids. The baphomet entity collective stems from the fallen time matrix of draconian black suns, knwon as the Wesa System. Many demons which are conjured through blood sacrifice or ritual takes the energy from that ritual to an off planet space, to feed the massive alien infection within the time matrix and beyond, using human soul power energy as hidden power source. This power abuse of humanity must end within this evolutionary cycle, and the guardian host families work tirelessly to achieve the recovery of bound and sacrificed human body parts of which have been recovered and transited from under ground bases, off planet secret space programs and parallel time matrices where draconian and reptilians have their home inside the parallell systems known as the Wesa Matrix.

There is nothing to fear about the information shared, as all humans must realise that the enslavement of the human species is a crime in this time matrix. Since the return of the krystal star guardians, many starseeds and indigoes have acted as the direct witness to the horrors and controls within their personal sphere of influence. Through their lightbody hookup their consciousness is capable of acting as the divine eye and compassionate witness of god, and the events that they have endured or witnessed are passed back through their lightbody to the Interdimensional free worlds councils. This branch of the guardian host are protectorates and continually direct ground crew guardian representatives in where to focus to repair planetary grids and to evict the vandal groups of warring aliens.

Keeping an open heart and learning how to live life within the law of one, in harmlessness and kindness above all will support an ascending human to understand and to connect with the organic benevolence that the god source truly is. This connection has been restored to our planetary body and heart matrix, guardian teams uphold the rehabilitation of the hologram as the DNA is a building block structure which receives the organic tones and sounds of creation, in which to understand where the human history has been hidden.

This and site is offered as a resource and genetic memory living library, along with our community architecture of which is a guardian host educational platform to provide energetic truths, holographic truths and the comprehension of building one's body into a christos expression to reach the highest expression and heroic probability for this incarnation. The multi-dimensional nature of the human being has been hidden and not easily comprehended until it is directly experienced. There are pitfalls in negative ego and emotional healing from the pain and trauma in the human DNA, lightbody and blood record of which must be continually cleared of all implants and impacts which were set by the invaders to split the genetic coding of the planetary body and thus humans, keeping male-female inner principles split and separated. This must be healing through many expressions of the human starseed or indigo architecture, within the diamond sun template in order to embody the higher consciousness into form. This is similar to the jacob's ladder and integrating one's higher spiritual bodies to reconnect to the current identity of ascending self. As a human species, we must protect our sacred hearts, as this connects us directly to godsource and it is this which provides the state of understanding, fearlessness and living the golden rule to protect each other whilst the truths of the ugliest underbelly of negative controller infections within our planet are revealed sequentially to the human populace.

Finding ways to be kind to each other through the massive sorcery, black magic spellcastings and divide and conquer is a necessary. Being kind to your fellow human regardless of their opinions, beliefs or their viewpoint is a tremendous gift in these very difficult planetary times. Human expression of loving kindness, harmlessness and compassion is the nature built into the human heart matrix. Be your best self today in bringing support and comfort to those around you, those who may need a friend or witness to the pain and suffering.


2017-2023 by CC BY-NC-ND Omnilov3


Energetic SYnthesis: Cosmic Spirit Body - Newsletter


January 2023

Cosmic Spirit Body

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Even though the war over consciousness is still very active, it feels that over the last few months we have arrived at a new vantage point.  Similar to hiking progressively taller peaks each with a greater vista until the summit is reached, we enter this year with a more panoramic view.  Through the Universal Rose breath spiral, the three halls of record for Earth-Tara-Gaia, and the appearance of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers, humanity is aligning with the solar symbiosis star born cycle that has brought on the long-awaited return of Elaysa-Melchizedek and the Triple Solar Reisha or Yanas. This is the representative merge that is made between the eternal spirit body in the seven heavenly worlds that are finally being reunited with the divine counterparts of their physical incarnates located in timelines of the matter worlds.  The long-awaited healing of the Christos-Sophia hierogamic template for sacred marriage between the divine masculine and divine feminine principle was required to heal the Wall in Time to reset the particle spin that would be required to reset the planetary grid network. And so, the new stage of solar symbiosis planetary ascension initiation into the starborn level of the Diamond Sun template connecting to the Cosmic Spirit Body begins.

The emergence of the Cosmic Mother Elaysa Sun as the Triple Solar Reisha network of the Universal Melchizedek Logos has catalyzed the next stage of planetary liberation, which surfaces awareness of the organic consciousness sequences that have merged particle and anti-particle systems to form into the creation doorway that links directly with the Cosmic Eye of God. The Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father continue to reveal their unified presence on this plane through the peak of the zero-point transmissions from their Eye of Elohei God Flame, which extends out into the dimensional stairsteps even further to reveal the emanation of the hidden eighth sun, or Aton Solar Body. This brings forth yet more comprehension of the complexity occurring with the birth of the Triple Suns with the 12 vertical lines of the Hara Krysta Staff that are holding the creation doorway open, which are currently announcing the arrival of the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body that has assembled itself from out of the Rasha dark matter layers. The building out of repair sequences during the planetary Eukatharistic activation last year has resulted in the next stages of Emerald Guardian Ascension Hosting mission upgrades, with our direct attention being placed upon the Cosmic Spirit Body which is connected to the Elaysa Staff, which is the authentic Cosmic Spirit Sun down stepping into the Universal Melchizedek Solar Mother principle of our time matrix.

The general themes for Christos Starseeds and for the family of Indigo’s ascension embodiment sequences for 2023 are designed to reconfigure the heart silver cord (heart complex) and solar umbilicus connections (hara complex), to link directly with the Cosmic Christos Parents. This includes corrections that activate the core lightbody cells that are arranged on the tailbone for ongoing corrections for elemental body re-encryptions coded into the 1D atomic layers in the base shield to reconnect directly with the Holy Father. Most of the fetal light cells and spirit cells located in the tailbone have remained dormant or blocked within humanity as the result of reversal frequency currents, implants and mind control programming. Especially those light cells which prepare for the inner heart-brain monadic connections that have the divine purpose of growing the golden embryo in our sacrum, in order to generate the alchemical birth of the inner Christ Child. The development of the inner Christ Child in the solarized sacral center creates the liquid light and inner tri-wave circuitry in the unified breath channel, for generating the feedback loop with the zero-point access that connects with the Holy Mother and Holy Father united together through the Eye of God.  When the human lightbody has correct configurations linking directly to the Cosmic God Parents; the imposters, implants, dark entities and AI hybrid cloned materials begin to purge out generating levels of psycho-spiritual healing crisis.

When the feedback loop of zero point is running in the individual’s vertical channel, the non-polarized neutral force anchors the Cosmic Spirit Body from the inner plane into the outer plane layers through the Holy Mother’s sophianic diamond heart template, which enters from the backside of the human biology in the tailbone, and runs the eternal spirit current through the heart center, spinal column and skull. This eternal spirit spark is strengthening the cranial sacral links and brain glands that emanate solar plasma elixirs that coat the brain, glands, myelin sheath and vagus nerve to protect the bio-neurology and further link the ascending human’s heart, brain and nervous system into the Krystal palace of the Universal Mind, which includes holographic links to the vast constellations of stars.

Recent awareness of the Universal Rose breath spiral or the Rosetta frequencies are being transmitted from the center core of the Universal Diamond Gateway system that merged with the Mahara Reisha worlds further connecting with the Aton, which also links up with the tri-matrix merge happening between the Akashic, Ecoushic and Reishiac Hall of Records. These Cosmic spiritual records have been connected into the Earth-Tara-Gaia network through the extensive vertical and diagonal diamond support grids comprising the Elohei Triple Great Lion Networks and the Guardians of the Twelve Pillars in Easter Island. This event along with the appearance of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers reweaving through the diagonal diamond heart network, aligns humanity with the solar symbiosis star born cycle that has brought on the long-awaited return of Elaysa-Melchizedek and the Triple Solar Reisha or Yanas. This is the representative merge that is made between the eternal spirit body in the seven heavenly worlds that are finally being reunited with the divine counterparts of their physical incarnates located in timelines of the matter worlds.  

Elaysa Calls the Cathara, or Solar Feminine Melchizedeks

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lost History 2:1


Lost History 2:1

Previously, I shared LHFE a 6 hour wrap up of the YouTube series ( search or scroll the posts on this Patreon page). This new series deals with the genetics aspects of Genesis 6, the Book of Enoch, and brings the narrative forward to now. Much overlap in this with the Eye of the Needle and Receivers material. Very worthwhile to watch! Via Randy Maugans

LHFE 2:1 I’m at a bit of a crossroads with these videos. I started making them to help people around me piece things together and wake up. That motivation is now over for obvious reasons and this video is the last of this style. I contemplated for a long time giving it the title of “LHFE-Intermission” but as it foreshadows many themes and strands of volume 2 it seems appropriate to call it 2:1. I will finish the rest of LHFE for myself and as a small contribution to the community that has served us all for so long now. More will come, sometimes just one episode and other times a cluster of them. Vol2 is all planned and written but I am slow and my motivation now falls with telling the story and sharing my discoveries so I want to make it just right. That urgency I felt when making WOEH is no longer in me. But it’s also very exciting to have finally “caught up” with these videos and now be able to share the new stuff that I have been documenting for a long time now. I can’t promise this channel will stay, it likely wont. It turns out I get a lot more done without having a channel as distraction. But I will always find a way for new content to be accessible. For now, this is the only platform I am on. Because of this, feel free to reupload. But no selling or DVDs. As usual - I recommend Terry’s channel for those wanting to wake people up to the globe deception. His videos are fantastic, short and to the point.

I also recommend subscribing to Stergios’ channel (Vibes of Cosmos) - I hear he has a beautiful new moon map in the works and, until someone can fully debunk the moon-image hypothesis, it should be explored and enjoyed. It’d be great if Stergios tackles the potential distortion present in the moon’s image, let’s hope he does in the future!

Energetic Synthesis: Dark Matter Body Activation - Time Shift Blog


Over the past few months there has been another massive magnetic force discharge. This has placed immense pressure on the human body which manifests into different ascension symptoms. The Dark Matter Body of the Earth has been activated to function outside of the black hole technology suppression and to bring forth sophianic or solar female body parts. This stage of Dark Matter Body activation is highly relevant to sophianic body activation that is streaming from Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix or Harmonic Universe 6 (HU6), for those ready to receive it.   

With the bifurcation and war over timelines, the schism between the organic aligned realities and artificial realities grows within the collective consciousness. One such retaliation attempt is surfacing into view as the highly commercialized promoted shift made under the recent newly branded name, Metaverse. The implications are the NAA's attempts to subvert humanity into a virtual play pen through the promise of being entertained with bread and circus tactics, which acts as the consciousness trap to power up the Artificial Tree of Life, or base 10 inverted reality system.

Simultaneously, the Dark Matter body has begun to generate more pranic life force that is building new light body sheaths for the Earth body. As a result, there are many changes happening as the Subatomic Particles of elemental matter are rearranging to support the planetary body shift into the ascension timeline.  All communication systems that connect with these levels of the planetary light body structure, such as the Core Manifestation Body are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and rebuilding interstellar links that reconnect earth portals to realign into multiple star systems and celestial bodies. The holographic geography is shifting, along with the false 23° tilt that disconnected various energy vortices and power grids in the planet’s megalithic structures.

As we move into the next stage, there are new communication systems coming online to help realign dormant Earth portals, such as connecting these megalithic structures. Some of them are visible on the surface of the earth grid and there are many that are not visible. This is occurring as a massive shift at the quantum scale is changing the Law of Structure in our planet, specifically in the architecture that governs function over our matter body, as well as our consciousness bodies. The Dark Matter Template Body or Rasha body is this area that governs function over our matter body, merging with the eternal source layers of our higher consciousness bodies. We've noted a new stage happening with activity in Harmonic Universe 6, the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix weaving aurora krystal connections of corrected elemental coding into the planetary consciousness instruction sets.

As the planet is preparing to move into the ascension-disclosure timeline, there are so many things changing it is hard to find words for how all of these related pieces fit together. The appearance of the organic planetary dark matter template activation synchronized with major geomagnetic events occurring, as well as the Transfiguration of the lunar forces and the reduction of the effectiveness of the alien technologies used to artificially control the magnetic and gravitational fields, which are all part of this. The dark matter body is the connection link that exists between the eternal light spiritual source body and the finite level of the light source body, it is what builds the layers of the Lightbody for the material atomic body. Essentially, the eternal spirit body creates the layers of the dark matter body, the dark matter body creates the layers of the lightbody, and the lightbody creates the layers of the physical matter body at the atomic level. During bifurcation shifts, we are observing the dark matter template and the dark matter body layers appearing in sheaths and solar ouroboros rings, that are coming online and activating a new functional level of connecting the Earth body to the eternal source flows.

The Dark Matter Template is the Blueprint on which the eternal source particle atoms and molecules are built, in order to generate the layers of eternal light. This is actually a type of matter body that is fully merged with eternal spirit substance. The dark matter body undergoes a process that appears like full resurrection into light matter, at which point the elemental matter or atomic matter of the body has been resurrected into an eternal light substance body. The state of resurrection that exists as the dark matter body alchemically transforms itself through the intense heat of spiritual fire and bursts into pure light matter, is what defines the building of the eternal Eukachristic spiritual body.

The beloved Aurora flows are very clearly helping to build the Earth’s dark matter body layers and re-encrypt what science would classify as periodic table elements, with flickering and glittering opalescent rainbow pearl energies being observed as they are weaving through the layers, in a beautiful tapestry of flowing plasma currents. As the planetary body is able to hold these activated dark matter bodies, it is the same for each of us on the earth to have the direct potential to interact with these same Krystal forces. This is a major development for the Guardian Ascension support team that is helping us to build the human dark matter body, that exists as the extension of our lightbody. The dark matter template holds a cell that has the instruction set for the new elemental body, the elemental body that is specific to the matter substance that is connected to the harmonic universe or timeline that we are evolving towards. The process of building the Rasha body also spiritualizes the blood, through what is called the Krystal Waters, through which the Krystal blood prepares to animate the creation of the Eukachristic Body.

The Krystal Waters are the eternal living waters sprung forth in the first eternal creation, and are to be called upon to soothe and heal the soul and crystal heart and Diamond Sun body. Additionally through these waters, the spiritualized blood of Christos flows from the Fountain of Eternal Life and Youth. Krystal waters support the Aurora project in elemental re-encryption of the bodies, blood chemistry, and in healing the damage of blood toxicity and miasma recorded as reversals in the bloodlines. The dark matter body gives us another level of support to clear and heal bloodline issues, inherited from alien hybridization and recent global attempts to inject assorted weaponized elements and poisons into angelic human blood.

Black Goo

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale and for our purposes of discussion, on the quantum levels. Recently the massive influx of Cosmic Rays and intergalactic plasma gases into the earth core and Polar Regions, along with the alien attempt to harvest and collect this new incoming energy source, has revealed the deeper purpose of Black Goo. The massive plasma gas transmissions are shifting the dark matter template in the earth at the elemental level. This is being observed as transforming carbon allotropes that are present in fullerenes or Buckyballs. Carbon allotropes such as fullerenes are solids in normal conditions, but are changing their state of matter into liquids at subatomic scale, from the massive amount of recent plasma gas exposure. A fullerene is a molecule of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes. Spherical fullerenes are also called Buckyballs.

The Dark Matter Template is the dark matter instruction set of the planetary body, and it has been filled in certain areas with this Alien sourced Black Goo. It was programmed into the dark matter template of the Albion Body and appears to have had its point of entry into earth around the time of the Nephilim Wars. This "alien black goo", acts as a faux synthetic artificial intelligence elemental that mimics and controls carbon allotropes and how they function in the dodecahedron structures on earth. It is clearly how the Negatives have been accessing carbon elements to control matter forms, including control over genetic expression of the human body. This programmable Alien AI has infected carbon material and is what has taken over the platonic solid Dodecahedron and related pentagonal geometries that build time space constructs. These time space constructs are instruction sets in the morphogenetic field that run into the Ley Lines of the planetary body. This is how they have built artificial realities and false Timelines and projected them into false holograms. The spherical fullerene has something to do with the AI control over carbon-based matter at the molecular level that can control genetic expression.

Nadial Capsule

The Chakras or in the later development of the glandular centers send their processed energy as intelligent spirals into the Nadial Capsule which forms around the manifest biological form. The nadial capsule is comprised of the three-dimensional layers of the harmonic universe, in which the consciousness is stationed as an identity. The Nadial Capsule instructs how the consciousness must organize itself into the manifested DNA and RNA cellular biology. The DNA-RNA in matter sends its intelligent design to the Nadial Structure, which acts as the blueprint for energetic transmission and energetic receivers that form into the blueprint for the physical Brain and nervous system. The central nervous system transmits into the molecular structure and then into the nuclear core in the 1D atomic body, which informs the Dark Matter Template.

(Source: Ascension Glossary - Dark Matter Template)



Andrew's Insights: Why Not Just Once


- Andrew's Insights -


Why Not Just Once

A belief grows and grows and grows, and so many people are asking, Why not just once? Well, just once is like a weightlifter who wants to be a world champion weightlifter and they lift a weight once and they go to the Olympics and they lose. You’ve got to keep doing it. It’s a spiritual expression and a discipline, and when you get good at it, create your own. Create your own for specific parts of your life.

Begin denying this system of effecting you when you were a child. Begin defying the system the ability to create your future lives. Begin denying the system to put ancestral karmic curses on you so that a future version of you, or this version of you who accidentally steps into some karmic land mine finds them self-cursed. And the people that would track back the curse could never trace it because you put it on yourself.

There are so many people out in this world that have literally cursed themselves, literally, that they cannot go forward any more in these lives. They can only let the system plan their future lives because these curses that they gave on themselves are so intricate.

“You’ve got to keep doing it. It’s a spiritual expression and a discipline, and when you get good at it, create your own. Create your own for specific parts of your life.”

- Andrew Bartzis 

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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Andrew's Insights: Disbeliever


- Andrew's Insights -



And we must learn to un-occupy the mind so we can enter the silence between the doorways of the two worlds. And what are the doorways between the worlds? The fact that our brain says, the belief system says you cannot speak to the infinite, ever after life, or you’re going to stay in this 3D world and continue on. The other side of that, it is real, and the mind can’t fully accept it because there’s belief system enhancement tools spread throughout the energy environment in our world that make other people power disbelievers.

There might be people that have a person around them that is a massive disbeliever, and as soon as you get away from that person the paranormal experiences will begin to happen and happen more as you allow your brain to settle into your heart, your root into your heart, and so on and so forth, and you begin this natural process of sovereignty from the heart. DNA sovereignty, it’s built into your DNA. It’s a knowingness of freedom.

“And we must learn to un-occupy the mind so we can enter the silence between the doorways of the two worlds.”

- Andrew Bartzis 

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