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Friday, September 27, 2013

Scientists confirm the existence of parallel worlds. + addon

Friday, September 27, 2013

Scientists confirm the existence of parallel worlds


A team of scientists at Oxford University have demonstrated that parallel universes do exist. The same theory these worlds appeared as early as 1950.
Hugh Everett felt that the Universe every new fact probably causes its division. In this way the number of alternative universes tend to infinity. This theory was recognized as fantastic and forgotten. But at Oxford ended unexpectedly concluded that Everett was on the right track.
show that the shrubby branching structures, which arise during the degradation of the Universe in parallel versions of itself, explain the probabilistic nature of the effects of quantum mechanics.
That, say the scientists, it is inevitable that we live in one of the many parallel worlds and not a single.

Cheers Iceujin

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Around the planet there is a huge energy "grid" which pulsates with 7.8 Hertz, at exactly the same frequency pulsing and the human brain, compared to HAARP & the NASA

UNBELIEVABLE - Around the planet there is a huge energy "grid" which pulsates with 7.8 Hertz, at exactly the same frequency pulsing and the human brain, compared to HAARP & the NASA

Around the planet there is a huge energy "grid" that looks like a huge crystal which vibrates with 7.8 Hertz, at exactly the same frequency palletaikai the human brain.
This grid has built millions of years ago by unknown numinous engineers. This grid does not only affect the atmosphere and weather or telecommunications, but the thought of people! If you manage to control it then failed to control the world. Through it, directed broadcasts, one can change the behavior of people. Can cause revolutions and stop wars, cause or defeat global epidemics and guide general behavior of people as he wants. The HAARP program is not an ionospheric studies, one secret weapon microwave radiation as some suspect, but an effort to understand this grid. Which is the biggest secret in the world this season? Around the planet there is a huge energy 'Grid', which looks like a huge crystal which vibrates with 7.8 Hertz, at exactly the same frequency pulsing and the human brain. This grid has built millions of years ago by unknown numinous engineers. This grid does not only affect the atmosphere and weather or telecommunications, but the thought of people! If you manage to control it then failed to control the world. Through it, directed broadcasts, one can change the behavior of people. Can cause revolutions and stop wars, cause or defeat global epidemics and guide general behavior of people as he wants.

The HAARP program is not an ionospheric studies, one secret weapon microwave radiation as some suspect, but an effort to understand this grid. The atmosphere of our planet vibrates at 7.8 Hertz, at exactly the same frequency pulsing and the human brain. But when the astronauts leave the Earth's atmosphere for long periods of time, they feel that "lose their reality," and for this spacecraft, NASA puts today Schumann generators, producing in the booths of the spacecrafts an electromagnetic field that pulsates with the rhythm of 7.8 Hz.kai so do not lose reality. Note that our ancestors knew very well especially Pythagoras and Plato have described.

posted by Iceujin~ written in Greek(GR -> EN (Googletranslated))

wasnt it also "rising": the Shuman Resonance.     not the Base Pulse but the 2nd Wave of   it . @end 2011 it was passed the 12Hz range.. into 2012. so i wonder what its at now (also spoken of in ~Dance of Joy series* & others regarding it  ( * Plans to expose 34-21 Reverse Creation Mechanics explaining origin of 7.8Hz Schumann's Resonance) see also a good read :

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Energy vampires! People you "suck" energy and how to avoid them ..

Energy vampires! People you "suck" energy and how to avoid them ..

Ενεργειακά βαμπίρ! Άνθρωποι που σου “ρουφάνε” την ενέργεια και πώς να τους αποφεύγουμε ..

Have you noticed that after meeting some people feel almost sick with no energy?
was weekend and decided with my best friend to get together at home. We would beaute! We booked a girl we had set up for a good manicure and pedicure and waits and visibly uplifting the ...

.... we had found time to devote to ourselves
It! Pleasant, smiling and it turned out that he did indeed good manicure. But talk much ... Asked everything commented everything he told us all about her personal life ... When he left, we were two rags. We had no courage to lift nor our hand. 

supposed to after care of ourselves we would feel much better and eventually ended up sick. With intense headache and fainting.
According to psychologists, there are people who come into your energy field, because they are themselves too dieidytikoi manage to get energy from you and to disrupt. 

And that's exactly what pathame noon. "There will never Again taking" informed me with a voice that barely came out of her mouth. "I am a rag. I can not move. I feel like I sucked all my energy. " Like that ..... And that's how we started to enumerate several people we socialize at times and after talking with them we felt awful. 

Maybe it's what we call evil eye? The evil eye is a kind of energy vampirism? guess. Your head hurts, you feel dizzy, you come vomiting, you can not open your eyes ... 

How do you do? Experts say it is a matter of aura, the energy field they have. Is such that it can and disrupts the energy field of others. And free completely ...
It takes you time to recover ... 

The profiles ... -They say a lot! Burrow into the personal and putting their noses everywhere-is envious and miserable-are people who rejoice in the joy of each other, but rejoice in being shuffled and mingle another. -Are people strong but negative personality. There are people who are approaching each other with love, but with envy, jealously, fraudulently, with bad interest. But surely have power personality because if they had they would not manage to disrupt the personality, balance and calm the other. 

What should I do.

If you noticed that a man in disorganizes if he sees that contact with him lets corpse you had better avoid them especially when you are not in your best clothes. When you're crap at a time when you're tired, when you're ready to get sick or do not feel good when you have problems, when a loss of your immune why not eat well, you are sure that contact with an "energy vampires" will be for you Waterloo. Too easily I'll get the last drop of energy you have. 

If you feel lousy it is the people who disrupt them avoid politely, with some justification. No need to get in touch with them to this day. 

Unlike when you're on the good and you think you can face them, it is advisable to always have in the back of your mind that it will not allow them to get inside you and your get energy. To protect yourself. When you see that in the mood to do with questions, comments, chat with them, then put your limits. Say: "I would rather not discuss it. Unless we have something nice to say then hello". Somehow this will leave and will not allow the other to throw in ....

Origal written in Greek~

Astral Gates & Nephilim

Astral Gates & Nephilim  Αστρικές Πύλες & Νεφελιμ

A video based on a lot of books around the world the theory of stellar gates of the Nephilim, the kidnapping of the human species at regular intervals. Combined of course with the reality that comes not to appeal but at least have the fact of millions disappearances every year in ....
planet. Indeed there are enough American film production claiming implicitly that possibility. One of these, recently released on the big screen for movie based on extremely strange but very true facts!

The data ONLY for Europe and the United States (ONLY for under 18) The year 2011 517,236 minors were recorded as missing in the FBI database.
While larger percentages are, of course, Africa and Asia that are easier grabs (apparently from the Rann and Ebre and not only). While these FBI NOT INCLUDING statikstika ADULTS.

-Information about the channel azezalon.
The channel azezalon is an Orthodox channel. This video paroysiazei one possible scenario on correlations of exafanisewn million people per year and so-called beings-Nephilim. The source of the information is from books of texe marrs and Mr Liakopoyloy.

Original post written in Greek~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Categories allomorphism entities ...

Categories allomorphism entities ...

s allomorphism entities ...

(translated Greek->English)

CTHULHU (Cthulhu) name used to describe a member of the race of the "Old Ones" exodiastasiakon beings who populated in the very distant past our planet and since then ekdiochthisan another dimension, waiting to open the gate to return.     Their description is difficult to apodothei.Ostoso, there are descriptions that said these creatures as chtapodoeidi as the crawling chaos, creeping shadows, giant humanoid gelatinous substances with numerous endings terrible whirlpools, psychedelic demons or even as titanic monstrous entities that can to move as they want the dimensions and chorochrono.Merika these names: Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Subba-Nigkourath, Azathoth etc. It is rumored that they knew an Arab mystic, Abdul Alchazrent, recorded knowledge of this in a book called Necronomicon ........

A kind of GM people related to alien underground vaseis.Ta features are similar to people with red hair and orange dermatos.Echei reported that their faces have some specific similarities with those of Reptoids (reptilian). Evidence for their existence suggest that it is a kind of hybrid breed created by genetic admixture people and Erpetoeidon.I presence in underground bases controlled by the Greys (and thus from the Draconian), indicating that the injury or slaves of the above breeds.

Type aliens were often in America 60s although there have been sporadic reports from other parts in the next chronia.Perigrafontai like tall, winged reptilian humanoid onta.Polloi witnesses have described as beings that look like bats or demonic sculptures Gargoyles of cathedrals naon.Echoun gray-brown skin and big red eyes that seem to have hypnotic idiotites.Oi appearances coincide with elevated phenomena UFO sightings and strange peristatika.I more satisfactory description of the action has been done by John Keel in his book Visitors from Space (1975). do not know their purpose, however, the more strange occurrences that accompany their appearance is far efcharista.Episis cause terror among the witnesses who have seen it.

Is genetic engineering impurities human and alien DNA created using embryos and tissue samples taken from human abductions. Variety in emfanisi.Mporei be beings that are very similar to people to beings with completely alloprosali form. Among other people, A Hybrid Stand out from the abnormally large forehead, very pale eyes, pale skin and of the strange abilities and quirky behavior tou.Polloi indicate that these hybrids are even the future of the human race, as the official arrival alien will mean a new era of human and extraterrestrial involvement.

A tribe whose members may pass almost unnoticed among anthropous.Proerchontai from Andromeda or from Sirius while often identified with the notorious Vril.
Appearance, have human charaktiristika.Synithos have blond or white hair (and from where the name "North"). They have very beautiful features be it men or women, and has been reported to be capable of telepathic epikoinonia.Polles testimonials for them we had the 50s and 60s.
Their objectives are unknown as they do not know where the nature is good or kakoi.Palaiotera was said to be cooperating with the Greys (and that have helped and the Nazis). Generally considered benevolent and friendly.

Are enemies of Gkrizon.Ypotithetai to originate from the Pleiades.Einai relatively small humanoids with blue translucent skin and big eyes. Myths of the Hopi Indians the blues are "children of the Great Father who came from the heavens." According to U.S. researchers, The blue came to warn the U.S. government about the dangers posed by transactions with grays but those responsible (army) ignore them completely. blues Some remained on Earth, making a deal with the Hopi to monitor the movements of gray. Apparently not have bad moods.

The most commonly reported allomorfikoi (or aliens or esogiinoi, pick and get) the last dekaetion.Synithos abduct people for tests and experiments on them if we believe that the abductions have been minimized because apparently the Grays have completed their tests and experiments. They have delicate body height from one to two feet and naturally gray derma.To head is more than human and have large black almond matia.Legetai that the black surface of the eye is actually a membrane that acts as a protective cover for the real eyes that have a more "conventional appearance."
Have from three to six fingers on each hand (according to the testimony). Did not seem to have genitals and be completely atrichoi.Emfanizontai often wear uniforms applicators. Many say the Grays are products of genetic engineering and cloning, since members are identical to each other and obviously are infertile and have no specific fylo.To predominant scenario says that abduct people to reap fresh genetic material and reproduce hybrids perhaps to continue their species. Opinions were divided about whether the Grays come friendly or hostile. 

It associates the Grey, occur more rarely and are believed to be superior in degree from the aforementioned Grey relatives.
Reach up to the height of two and a half meters, but have the same subtle body with smaller Gkrizous.Echei observed that large gray structure construction have unusual skull / brain, each hemisphere and can perform different up operation at the same time, a natural advantage that is difficult to makes us vulnerable.
The Great Grey may be the original form from which (genetically) the Gkrizoi.An this is true, then the gray hair is an organic robot that just do the dirty work for their bosses.
Nor do we know if these are good or bad ...

Reptilian races also known as Draconians or Chontromytes Gkrizoi.Genika considered to be the leader of a faction that includes the alien Gkrizous.Theoreitai to be from the constellation Draco.
Ypsilosoma is a reptilian humanoid facial features and somatos.To skin is green-gray with flakes and possibly mutate themselves depending on the environment in which they reside.
The reptilians seem to be a breed of "Heads" and it is generally believed that there are two main confederations "alien" and the reptilian Draconians or lead one of them.
Often considered to be indifferent to humanity (unless you consider the source of various resources) and use the Grays to perform their goals.
Others believe (among them the writer) that the reptilians are on Earth long before humans and their presence has played a catalytic role in the development (and maybe .... still creating) the being we call "human."
Some researchers say that while people are members of a phylum breeds "souls," the Draconians and his followers are "soulless" and therefore harmful to human life.
Insectlike creatures that resemble giant Praying Mantis or Mantis as we know in our country.
These creatures have long arms that fold into their chest when these are adrani.Theoreitai that insectlike constructional structure can not be the same as that of the terrestrial arthropods.
Little is known about these creatures as for their purposes.

They have appeared many times in the history of mankind and with many variations.
The incarnation in our time dating in the late '40s.
Although the MIB have human appearance has often been reported with non-human characteristics such as lack of familiarity with ordinary everyday objects, clumsy movements, flat voice or weird embellishment (eg men who wear lipstick). Their name comes from their habit of always wearing black or dark clothing, sunglasses and drive shiny and clean black cars are usually old models.'s MIB usually occurs after sightings ATIA in order to "convince" the witnesses that what ... "they thought they saw was" a completely ordinary explanation as aircraft lights, comets, satellites, the planet Venus klp.Isos be associated with big government or be some kind of mutant governmental agents.'s MIB threaten and terrorize witnesses strange occurrences and can reach to the edges if the witness refuses to remain silent and to work with them. SASKOUANS (SASQUANS) creatures are often transient mistakenly Yeti, Big Foot (Bigfoot), etc. appear in desert areas and often seem to act as guardians of some specific sites.'s tall and hairy beings, something between huge humanoid gorilla and bipedal anthropomorphic bear.
Their objectives are agnostoi.Tha could be products of genetic experiments to create "biological robot" to perform heavy tasks to remote underground bases ......
Seems to have limited intelligence, they behave more like animals and so the concept of morality does not seem to apascholei.Echoun reported attacking people only when they are in self-defense

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIMENSIONS .... [4th dimension ... and photons] .... PART A / B

original in greek. translated -> google~

ΟΙ ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ ....[ 4η διάσταση... και τα φωτόνια ] ….ΜΕΡΟΣ Α

It has been said by many esoteric teachers and sages, that a man fit and mentally prepared, freed from the psychological << >> weights, or other free from the mental garbage << >>, could pass the physical body The dimension of the 4.

Why be difficult to approach this dimension, since it is the upper part of our natural world, we move, live, and creative; .

The reason is that I << >> mesmerized by the idea of such an experience tetradiastatikis, we stay in and just to talk and theorize about it, consolidating thus our most important obstacle for this .... transition.


And so we lose a lot of time in the hope that someday we will experience such an experience.

Also .... Danish ideas and intellectual and emotional attachment we have for the space of three dimensions that we have positioned our physical body, ie the doctrines, ideas, perceptions, sensual attachments, habits and addictions, and hallucinations, not us allow such experiences.

The result from this is that we stay in theorizing, and only in the imagination .... with hope.

Modern physics agrees with the ancient knowledge, that all matter is energy vibrating at different situations.

The << >> things have changed, The energy has changed [vibrational] in recent years, and many of the experiences that were previously thought distant dream can be achieved more easily and with less effort, as long as there is genuine interest and mood.

The remembrance of ourselves for example, without this state of consciousness can not go no even a small step in this work, can achieve ..... immediately! and now! .

And finally it depends on us, how much we want to .... be ourselves and live in the now, we ............. to aftoekpaideftoume, to maintain this state of consciousness.

No angel, no teacher or guru, no book religion, no philosophy can not make us conscious inspired by beautiful and mystic words alone can empower us ....!. And again us depends on what we do with empowerment, and spiritual energy received ....

This consciousness our situation [remembrance of himself] is the factor which brings the relationship with ourselves, with the mother earth, and the third dimension we live in, and understand.

And where is the basis for further press and dimensional psychological research and our experience.

Tobias says << ............ ....... right here in the now ....... starts here! begins in now!   and do not ever forget that. unable to access the field, you can not have access to the corridors of dimensionality if you are in now! >> excerpt from tsaneligk [].

The earth wants to help us reach the fourth dimension.

The fair! The fourth dimension is the area that rightfully belongs to us, like other dimensions.

The ethereal world is the upper part of our physical world, the philosopher Plato considered the ether as the fifth element of nature for 2000 years.

The earth wants to change, and do it! Also wishes and our own parallel development to achieve an existential change together as humanity, but is essential and our active and conscious participation in this effort, in this change, so that this change be made ​​as you become more smoothly.

According to recent studies, research scientists, [geologists, physicists, from French University Denis Diderot], the Earth slows down for a few years the speed of rotation, thereby weakening the magnetic field of the earth.

On the other hand increase the pulse, the vibration, while up before 20 or 30 years was a stable pulse approximately 7,8 Hz In recent years has been an upward trend, and now it has come to have a vibration in the range of 9 Hz and above.

This change occurs in the magnetic field and the earth vibrations result << all >> strange phenomena and events we see happening and to prevail on our planet and on all levels ....

That ..... Strange weather, geological, and climatic and natural since man is a resident and directly dependent on the land affects him ............ physically and psychologically. The result is that we have a crisis ...... values, religious, political, social, wars, and generally there is a general commotion worldwide, and all systems based societies to falter.

Instead of considering what is happening and why is all this happening, add more responsibilities to each other as we always have for thousands of years. But even this is normal .... because it is such as water, which must eventually reach the limit of the boiling, in order to evaporate and become ....... steam.


Behind all these facts, there is a cataclysmic event, the frequency of earth changes, evolves, and this impacts humanity directly.

All the elements and all the kingdoms affected the weak systems that prevailed until today known as bubbles have burst open and can not afford this development, new energy, and new condition.

Are obsolete because most, if not all, and we must change and adapt sooner or later the new state ....

This will happen on a personal level, individual-level relations, business, health, psychological, ideas etc.


Our solar system, after about 25,000 years, passes through a stream of photons, which will run over several hundred years.

As if the planet does deliberately and slow rotation, to deactivate the magnetic fields and photons to bathe the planet without the slightest hindrance. At the same time raises the vibration to hold both become more ....... light of these. The man knows whether or not, consciously or unconsciously, is a participant in what is happening around our solar system. This was prophesied by the Mayan calendar ending on the 21.12.12, had estimated when it would end the year >> << Large at the Indians, the big << >> Manchavatara of 25000 years, always accompany large radical changes. What position do we choose to, in front of this fact;

Suppose we are in a wavy sea and want to get to the beach.

Behind us is a huge surge of strength and momentum, and we know that in a few seconds the wave would reach us ... there are many options for action,,,,,,,,,,,, let's see some .......

a]. probably panikovlithoume to curse him ...... time, and in a panic to get away from us a wave, and can be .... Drown.

b]. We hope you will bear with stress or conflict with it, and that eventually with luck and a few scratches and maybe make it.

c]. We see the wave coming, but we are sure it is .... harmless to us because it is near the lifeguard about, or think we know good bath, and continue so casually in our bathroom.

d]. Since it is so close, we decided to work with the wave and the power, and be at the beach .... him.

The latest version is perhaps the most intelligent << >> for those interested in this work.

To coordinate that with the wave, and when he comes near us, to participate in the push to allow ourselves to be carried away, so get out quickly and easily to the beach with him .... because the waves at the beach ends ... and where we want we can go.

What you say and acceptance, we allow one ..... and the flow also is trust, and also declare in practice our intention to participate in the new energy and co create together.

So does the earth ....

The man is known to also surrounded by an electromagnetic field, which modulates the frequency and vibration of thoughts and emotions.

Our emotions as humanity, [collectively], and the quality of these feelings and the vibration level, are producing similar magnetic vibration and support and help the earth to make great change ... is like saying that humanity is .... Now the magnetic field of the earth. The magnetic fields of the human, is to attract what you choose in life according to the law of attraction.

Since the earth weakens the magnetic field, it is obvious that grants man the management of the planet, and man must take responsibility at all levels. As an awakened man, but as a son and daughter of the earth, to harmonize with her ​​and help her in this transition.

The earth provides us with an opportunity of increasing frequency.

Our approach vibrational and makes it easy to adapt to our own frequency.

The fourth dimension is part of our nature, but to a higher vibration than we are used to and get hooked.

When you remember ourselves, and consciously breathe the vital element ... air, tune and approaching the vibration of the photons bathe the planet. then begins to approach the fourth dimension ....

Only we can feed ourselves consciously from .... << mother who comes from heaven .... >>

Photons are something like the mother who fell in the desert, the people of Israel and carry electromagnetic energy and light, and cause profound and radical changes in DNA to those who know how to feed << >> it.
   Previously to be able to get the 7.8 Hz [Theta Waves] which was the frequency of the earth from the 14-30 Hz [beta waves] that we are normal human condition ...... we should do deep concentration exercises, exercises and visioning meditation.

Now you achieve this state easily, since the frequency of the earth has risen above 9 Hz ............... and growing.

It is obvious that whoever adapts his thoughts and feelings on these frequencies the earth ............ it's like riding the wave!
And that means all the benefits that may result from such action first ...... with a smooth transition to a new existential and psychological state, and then as a physical reality but also higher dimensional level

The dimensions ...... [Change in visual Us] PART B

The 4 th dimension as all other dimensions are braided in such a way that they pass into each other without confused, to cooperate in the creation, and give >> << universe for the expression of life at all levels.  

All these levels of scale are found everywhere in nature and in us.

Each mineral, plant and animal contains and is contained in many dimensions.

All ancient texts, tales and legends, we carry coded information on these dimensions, and sometimes we say and how we can approach it.

The sesame >> << opened the magic word of Ali Baba, you say that .... maybe it's a kind of mantra, which opens the gates of the subconscious, where the hidden treasures of human history.

The reason that we can not perceive and experience these dimensions is the way we handle >> << the Mind! [Or us if you want better handling]

The sensual mind has become a dominant status, which operates mechanically and unconsciously, and it is a tool that we should use people consciously to create the earth, and when we do not want to use it to have such a cooperative relationship and understanding that simply did not hinder us.

The normal state is to be empty ......! to be able to experience consciousness through the experience of the heart, intuition, and without labels, judgments, and interference ......

And in the emptiness to generate and inspire innovative ideas, new, and expresses them, implement them in the interest of all people.

<< So when the universe was created so we understand that it was built according to the unchanging standard that is perceived only by thinking and logic. Having therefore we accept this, then necessarily this world must be an image somewhere else >> real world. [Plato]

The reason that we can not have a higher perception dimension is the level of vibrations moving thoughts and feelings, which gush like reactions to external events and sensuous materialistic and superficial everyday life.

The level of consciousness and our existential situation is analogous these external events and our internal states.

When they do not match, or not synchronized to the same vibration frequency, and existential situation is the 4, 5 or, 6 and the dimension it is not possible to have such a life experience.

In Part A, I mentioned that the earth raises the vibration of continuously and that while passing through a stream of photons.

This is a universal fact, and an opportunity for humanity to change existential level since the planet constantly elevate dimensionally, and embraces him anything akin vibrator.

The remembrance of the self is the appropriate vibrational basis to be able to make this dimensional transition.

It is obvious that the vibrations corresponding to the elements of violence, fear, revenge, greed, divisions, etc., can not follow, and adapt to new circumstances [of this and are on the rise and in recent years, and try to keep and feed, creating events and incidents where the vibrations].

This implies that people continue to be controlled by these psychological elements, they can not adapt to the new situation, because the vibrations are similar.

The defects of ........ personality with low vibration as I mentioned, will be converted or mutate through composition, acceptance, and understanding of oneself in the virtues of the soul. [peace, freedom, cooperation, unity] is love.

In the fourth, fifth, and sixth dimension there is no family in the way we perceive here the three-dimensional world, [siblings, cousins, wives, relatives, fellow etc.]

In these dimensions we are all one united global family.

So people separate their fellows for their beliefs, religious, national, political, by color, origin etc doors of higher dimensions is rather closed.

But the key is, and remains, and is for ALL who want their internal change.

And he has given to mankind by many teachers who have experimented and have made ​​the transition, or the internal road.

One of these teachers tell us ..................

<< ........... O costs related psychological mind with matter in a specific way. when we change the psychological connection of mind with matter, the atomic motion takes a radical change in the physical material, physical body, can not leave the three-dimensional world and pass in the fourth, fifth, or sixth dimension of space.

The man [the student] can alter the psychological relationship that normally exists between mind and matter.

When making this alteration, the molecules of the physical body vibrate faster, and then the student can put the physical body is the size of the fourth, fifth, and sixth .......... >> .......... Samael Awn Veor

How to use this tool [Mind] which nowadays is mainly based on the acquisition of power and profit, and investing in the competition and separation ................... and emotion is also controlled by fear and insecurity, has lowered the vibration and the vibration of the human being very low, so they do not even understand the dimension move, live, and breathe.

And many times not interested in this knowledge, or to live in false perceptions, and follow ideas that are not his own.

The 4 th dimension reveal when an optical change us as mentally beings in relation to the matter and everything surround us. [Impressions]

Disclose when achieve the synthesis of all three dimensions .......... [Mental perception, sensual intellect] ...................

through understanding and intuition ............ [internal intellect, consciousness].

As psychological liberation disclose when summarizing and acceptance of a defect, or an aspect of us, creating discomfort and hampers our life and the harmonious flow of an experience that we experience.

For example

Anger and meekness are two opposite psychological elements which compose when [after the meet and experience them as actions] to arrive .... understanding is that ...... ..... ..... ...... like two sides which faces lie on one, same currency. In the same manner as the above psychological characteristics, located on the same scale, but differ however in their vibration.

Experiencing these feelings discern the difference in vibrations.

So consider the gentleness virtue because of high amenity and vibration, and anger defects because of unpleasant and low vibration.

Understanding this but through the synthesis leads to the knowledge of both .... as a difference ............ with only insofar vibrations.

So we can ftasome to join them. Otherwise the mental separation into two sides, good and evil that we do not allow it.

The duality forces us to take a position on either ....

the composition of the two allows us to overcome and acceptance.

Then leads to the release.

The composition .... this psychological work is a visual change of mental << >>, and the start of a deeper understanding, or a more internal and psychological perception.

Somewhat so is the 4 dimension, is the composition of the three dimensions, and the composition leads to the next dimension is .... 4, which we call and. Ethereal world

In the ethereal world corresponds to our ethereal body, known as the vital body.

The radiation of this body [aura] has photographed for many years by a Russian engineer in Kirlian.

The aura which appears several times around people is a very small part of this 4adiastatikou body.

The etheric body determines our health of the physical body, and during sleep acts to rebalance the energy, and the next day be able to continue its activities.

From 4adiastatiko our body and also by the state, determines the health and the life in our natural world. . [Unless we are able to consciously change that].

The 4 th dimension is the source of life for the world of three dimensions, a simple activity of nature in the 4 th dimension, causing the phenomenon of 4 seasons in the world of three dimensions.

And many phenomena of nature which we believe are caused by huge << ... >> trivial events to another level.

Interestingly, we participate in it, even ..... unconsciously.

The 4 th dimension and other dimensions are vibration issue ... and the man to experiment and have experience of them, should have similar vibrations.

So it is a matter of perception, levels of existence and consciousness.

Suppose we have a flower on our balcony and begins to dry up.

So we see it, and move the pot to a more sunny environment, also the watering and care.

After a couple of days in our flower has recovered and is again alive with bright colors, and beautify our space again.

The flower reclaim, and revived, he realized that perhaps something happened and felt before, but never noticed the hand that moved, that took care of watering.

So we are like those flowers, things happen in our lives that we can not explain because our mental perception and the way we treat the mind, it allows us to perceive.

Such perception without prior change in the relation of mind to matter and without the remembrance of ourselves, we can not exist.

We know that there are three dimensions to the visible nature, height, length, and width.

We also know [under kymvaleion] that there .... << more >> down there ... that's out there and instruments.

How could these dimensions to look within ourselves, therefore, to get to experiment the 4 H, 5 H, 6 H dimension;

First dimension [height] is ourselves ........ symbolize a ladder that leads to heaven where angels and people go up and down, and symbolizes the existential level of consciousness of humans and gods, ranging from earth and reach the sky ..... as Jacob saw in his dream.

You should transfer the center of gravity from the outside, ie the personality inward, to focus on heart, to know more of the ladder we are every moment.

From the heart begins ladder ..... [there is vibration, our vibration Us]

The ladder is not out ... is within.

And it is our existential levels alternated depending on the aspect now controls our psyche. Depending on how high vibration us every time.

Second dimension .... As physical dimension [outside world] associated with distance and separation, is our relationship with the object, person, or event in which we engage in our daily lives.

Through our psychological, associated with thought and emotion, our psychological attachment and our reaction to things, people, and our identification with the events that we experience in the material world in general.

The quality of the psychological, emotional, mental and relationship we have with people, objects, etc., directly affect, and the height of the stairs where we are.

In most higher vibrations has to do with how we can extend and increase psychological.

How can we embrace and to fit plus, it has to do with acceptance and ultimately how love can give.

The width >> << are proportional to the height << >> us, which always intersect at some point and forming a cross.

The more we [conscious], the more we can give love and embrace, and also according to We attract ..

Third dimension contains the previous dimensions.

  Be psychological space, our inner world, our universe, where in the past there diadikazontai, consciousness, thoughts, and feelings.

That is, the psychological world that connect with the infinite. [Cycle]

All these procedures are created and experiencing in a wonderful organic environment in our body into a temple [heart] given to us with incredible complexity., And connect with the universe.

Both the width and the length always intersect with the height and forming a cross.

Whichever way you look .... the center is the heart.

The composition then these three dimensions within us is the basis and starting point for all other dimensions ... and extend them as much as you arrive at infinity.

The composition of these three is remembrance of ourselves here and now ... in the natural world ... with the heart center.

At the heart .... where blooms the Rose of the Rosicrucian.

Whoever wakes up in three dimensions, awakens everywhere ... it is so important to life on earth.

When you reach this composition then ceases to exist and the restrictive sense of the body, then we experience a different sense of freedom and comfort while we [as substance] in a material body.

The perception of three dimensions convert into a single intuitive perception of all things that exist around us and associated with the point that we focused our hearts ......................................................

We must change our visual ...

that is how we see and perceive the world ...

We must open our interior book << >>.

And a balance to what we call the external world, the inner world and our psychological

For example ....... mechanical way visual and perception of modern times is that .... events happening in the lives of our rank with our minds on positive and negative, pleasant or unpleasant, etc..

And while we have within us, and the appropriate emotions that well up front as a reaction to these events ... and so our life flows.

Whether we are happy or unhappy.

So that our life, our everyday life, always have the flavor and rhythm of events we encounter, without being able to do many things to change.

But there's another way to relate to life, and indeed quite creative ......

And it has to do with the idea that life and events are revealing.

each time revealing something of ourselves, we need to see ...

that ....;

With feeling ...!

There spouting what we need to see if we need to change. Always ahead to some event, some aspect, some I will manifest itself through the feeling ..

We must be there to see it.!

Remember when ourselves we see it.!

When we are not there simply identify with the event and was looking ...... Run!

The identification of the mind with things, is the result of sensual perception, is the allure of the world of three dimensions

Remembrance of the self is self, there is the revelation!!

The person, object or event .... not as important as our response to this person, object, or event.

And even more, the revelation.

Life is not outside but mistakenly believe in us ...

Only in practice we understand that life is a school, and reveals to us every moment of the most incredible things.

The door dimensions are there in the heart ......... other paths lead nowhere, but even if they lead somewhere after much wandering heart lead again.

The other point then is that everything in life, and the events that enrich, give us the opportunity to wish aftognoristoume and change.

When Zoe and seeing the world as a tool for self-knowledge, as opportunity as a mirror that reveals and reflects in us what we really are, then changed his mind the psychological relationship with matter.

Then we really are! .....

We can read a thousand books, listen to a thousand mouths, although not experience it but then we are simply fans an idea, a philosophy, a movement that just like us.

When told that a teacher or a wise, we practice in our lives, then it ceases to be a simple idea, or a philosophy, and we cease to be following an idea.

Why this idea of teaching the conquest and is now ours.

Then we are the very Teachers. ................. [Lifestyle]

There are no initiations

<< Initiation is the very life lived wisely ......... >>

<< .................. When we change the psychological connection of mind with matter, the atomic motion takes a radical change in the physical material, physical body, can not leave the three-dimensional world and pass in the fourth, fifth, or sixth dimension of space ........................ >>. S. A. W.

<< Never forget that there is life and the events that defeat is the man who overcomes the face of life and events.

Life continues in the same way as the triumphs with disasters ...

It is only the person who can change the events that occur in this >> Lakhsmi