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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Randi Green: The Day after the Trump Call and Full Activation of Humanity

this follows Lisa renee's post/info also + update kinda after election,....
EG: from Randi Green stating the core of our planet is the beast - evil - and has been activated by us voting in Donald trump and will enable end times scenario ^ scenario5 she calls it. , no status quo means... more extremity. and now this Scenario5 will force all hands.. curtains come down. and well good. ( folks seems to forget how less influence President USA has, even more with Above President levels Security Clearance... and folks on Antarctica got played also they now even more. frantic... this final play is the choice of [Time Line collective council" /// still listening to the vid randy im 5min in, yes no vote best ,abstain.. folks yes voted for one to not have the other... thus play into the game. but still better i agree also vs Clinton option ( i wonder what Ken thinks with his 100%sureness and how it effect also again probabilities and galactic and meta-galactic. so rest well in due time. duncan O'finioan whats your take on them Core reversal they wanna force... open (i say ohh wont fly upgrade seals will be ,. fck them) 1000shades a grey will make folks unable to see... beside the battle. and folks acting as their template embodies..  -EG

2nd EG NOTE from a fb* correlation: 
Daniil Unrealated* to this , Randy is partially off with infos usually,good usualy,there are multiple timelines
 EG correct re her what if nowto2025 but does give insight into faction and attempt tobe,. on par with recent past and current ongoings. (other stuff me2 not fully agree in her view of what will be. [rest removed  not for public ]
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Randi Green: Planetary Updates - Newsletter August 2016

image via EG

Newsletter August 2016

We have been accustomed to many changes over the years, those of us who began the journey into the stellar realities around 2000. Ups and downs and in all of this different factions pulling our work in many different directions; giving us a hard time as well as obstacles to overcome. Most of all the obstacle of manipulation and deception. 

The long 17 year period is at its end and as I look into the material that kick started it all, again I´m faced with a deception scheme from the left wing brothers and their galactic affiliates (LPRF3 attached avatars), proclaiming to be the spokespersons for what they called “the Guardian Alliance” playing their own tricks of mixing Christian material with Jewish esoteric teachings (the Qabalah), already existing information of the stellar races which had surfaced in the 1980´ties and the human quest of being something special. Some of the information was true; however most was a creation to enable this faction to get out. As usual. In this we understand that there never was a 26500 cycle of progression or a stellar activation cycle; just another advanced scheme to upgrade the programming of humanity, as it has been upgraded over the last 200 years, beginning in the 1700 with the age of reason. And again we stand with the question of what is the truth and what is not. 

The truth is that there is no truth! There are factions, interests of property and a long haul of the different stellar-galactic races, which have been striving for their own survival for the last 500 years. In this their internal battles become apparent and how humanity has been used as a tool in this. Their struggle for survival is almost over - at least on our planet. And they are to leave, or have left (the ones that could), between 2017-2025 where our planet falls under the jurisdiction of the crystalline Sirian Bs. 

Again what we were taught by the “stellar activation cycle” spokes persons have little to do with the actual overtaking of the crystalline Sirian Bs. At least from what I get. It is true from the perspective of what has been before that our planet has turned into an ascension planet. It is also a fact that the artificial 5th dimension is being anchored into our reality field in 2017, lifting us out of the restraint of the astral barrier (a perception barrier controlling the chakra systems of every man and woman on this planet) and into a new future. However in this pretty pictured painting, things are omitted. Things such as how the leaving of one system and into another is to change our planet and what that means for humanity. Now I have not looked into all that is on the Internet - and I really don´t have to. 

I rely on my own sources, as do we all. As I change so do my sources and the more I leave behind the old levels of my progression journey and enter into the mammal levels of our planet, new sources show up, explaining me new angles and understandings of our planet and the future we are about to face. But one thing stands out from all of them old or new; they shy the crystalline Sirian Bs with all what they have got and they portray a future under the crystalline Sirian Bs, which leads to a very dark version. 

actions from the future have come back to prevent the crystalline Sirian Bs to take over and do their crystalline ascension on our planet and in this they are prepared to use extreme measures to prevent the crystalline Sirian Bs from getting their crystallized hands on this part of the sector. Why is that? Is it the reactions from regressed races not being able to see the good in the peaceful future under the crystalline Sirian Bs?

Its my luck that I have my own insights into the crystalline future under the crystalline Sirian Bs. Its a very pretty future and in this the systems that choose to go the crystalline way are divided into two sections; the crystalline and the non-crystalline. The crystalline faction live in pretty cities in huge glass domes. The non-crystalline live outside of these; left to their own demise. As the reality fields under the crystalline Sirian Bs get more and more crystallized, the holographic energy units sustaining all lifeforms gets crystallized too and the non-crystalline inhabitants are either forced to go crystalline or evaporate due to lack of energetic infusion. It is a forced tyranny of artificial progression. 

Now regressed or not, the old stellar races prefer to do the progression in our own way and by the use of consciousness. And yes, that has not really played out well for any of us, due to the regression and in this the distortion of the goals of our progression - forgetting the original intent and purpose of our being here in this secondary universe created to develop the genetics of the first universe, where we failed. 

That is a fact we have to face, as we unveil our true soul attached to us, and not the programmed version we have gotten so far. We are to face the fact that souls are engineered, manufactured, altered and go from all levels of projection to copies and one time mission souls. We have much to learn in this and as we wake up and reconnect to the higher energy system attached to us, the human ego will face the hardship of letting go of all old programming of gods, souls, a heaven and eternity. 

Most speakers out there keep the programming of the eternal pure soul as part of their teaching system because the realization of what a soul is, is too difficult for most to digest. However not until we face the facts, can we truly change. And not until we beat the programs that have kept us enslaved here for so long, can we begin the process of claiming our right of our own destiny and progression journey. The crystalline Sirian Bs are here to take that away from humanity. 

From 2017 and on humanity are being groomed into a new race, linked up to soul matrices where all that is thought and felt is controlled by higher leveled Sirian Bs, who are not crystallized themselves. The leaders of the crystalline worlds do not undergo the crystallization, but prefer their eternal freedom to chose what type of progression, they want to take part of. They keep their old structures intact, i.e. the same as the non-crystalline races choose to keep but with the difference that the leaders have their own networks to get energy units from. And why is that? Why do the leaders of these realities keep their old stellar energy systems (souls)? 

To maintain their sovereignty of course. As part of the lower levels of the crystalline worlds, you are part of a soul matrix, hence linked up to a hive-mind. A pretty peaceful society controlled by a small non-crystalline faction of ancient types of Sirian Bs. The very same faction is the one that will instigate the Sirian B-Reptoid wars within the next 200-500 years taking out all other non-crystalline factions that could beat their proclaimed leadership of this sector. 

It is our path and duty, as I see it, to fight for our freedom and choice to do the progression using the original idea of this universe. Distorted and destroyed as it is. However we can restore ourselves by using what the ones that have tried to help us have left behind. They have left behind holographic teaching systems holding the information we need to be able to grow, if only we do the needed work to get to the non-regressed level where we can reconnect to their teachings and in this get the second chance to leave, or grow, into a future of our own choice.


Friday, February 06, 2015

Please notice this!

The Panergeia ProjectNews, Science, Psychology and Energy Work

The Panergeia Project
News, Science, Psychology and Energy Work

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Please notice this!

This newsletter is marking a change in the ratio of posts on the Panergeia Blog, because the many windows I was connected to before the shift and shortly after are closing down – thank you for that!

The last couple of years have been like standing on the central station and all the passengers on the different lines standing on top of each other to get a message through to me and I have tried my best to get as much information as possible, trying to help and to pass the information through, because every time I connected I got new codes and new consciousness, learning about the overall things the direct way. Being in contact with inner beings are like a total transfer of what they want to convey in pictures, sensation and knowledge; all at once. No book or human being is able to convey that much information at once, hence the process has been a part of my training, but the school days are ending and I am starting to remember why I came and what I want to bring into this world of information and teachings. Some of it relates to the new to come and other relates to my own journey and different visits, jobs etc. in a sort of cleaning up process and ending the job the best way, before I leave this system for good.

NB! Unless you are trained in the whole inner communication thing, do not attempt to do the above mentioned, i.e. telepathic contact. As things are right now, the old system being in chaos, inner communication for new bees is not a good idea.

The basic books of Panergeia Series are going to be for all, but the more advanced are for the independent old travelers who got stuck here and need to regain their inner structure to get out; the many different codes in me will make me able to communicate with the groups behind such beings. There are many groups out there and many will surface giving the correct information to the various races here on Earth, so I am not alone. We are many working on different tasks, each having our own areas of expertise.

But the most important information in this post is – taken from book 1:

One thing constitutes all human beings; we are all imbedded in a DOTO human EM bio-field with its false 7 chakras, and this needs to be transformed and by-passed in the years to come. Therefore the remarks below are worth noticing; write them down, put them on the door of the refrigerator or on your mirror:

1) The transformation process of your body, mind and emotions NEVER ends as long as the outer reality field exists. We are all embedded into an artificial construction consisting of reversed and non-reversed material as I wrote in the Section for the Descendents of the Originals. Read this section again. Do not fool yourself into believing it does not apply to you; perhaps you are more than a DOTO, but basically we all are the same – we all have the same outer body created out of the Originals. Remember that the outer reality fields (RFs) are artificial, as I wrote about in the The false reality fields of Earth. Try to comprehend this and work accordingly; the reality is build of probability fields and your choices (thoughts and emotions) are the once making the possibilities come true. The reality will work like this a long time ahead and the best way we can help the true creational grid to get stronger is to work with it, and not with the old ways of human life, thoughts and emotions.

The daily awareness:

The EM bio-field is not to be hated or anything like that, but the main part of the reversed grid you need to transform; your body, mind and emotions are your local part of the reversed reality field and your personal responsibility. The most important thing in your life is to transform your EM bio-field. If your EM bio-field remains unchanged you are becoming a plug in the overall transformation of outer Earth. Each and one of us are important that way. If you change your part of the artificial grid, then you are doing a huge important job, creating a zone of true living energy. If all humans on Earth changed their DOTO system, there would be no outer Earth. Our daily work is the most important of all. Print this out and read it over and over again: Always remember this one.

Inner energy work:

Work safely with your artificial energy system and cleanse it by using imaginary journeys: Go into a meditative state, focus on a chakra, and the energy in it conveys what is hidden there. Follow the images and the journey each chakra will lead you through. In normal fantasy journeys you are the one imagining the things to happen; in a chakra travel, you have no control over what is happening, but you are to take the appropriate means of action like slaying the beast, transform the dead, dissolve the monster, love the little boy, comfort the little girl, say no to the evil fairy, transform the mummy to a beautiful fairy by sharing your substance of the heart, take in the golden substance, free the dragon in the cave, help the troll, see what the gnome has to say, dive into the lake of healing, burn your inner body into the flames of the phoenix, listen to the Sphinx, take a ride on the rainbow, go deep into the ground and visit the crystal caves, dive into the ocean and talk to the whales, get rid of the dark cube etc.

Every time you get to a new place, ask “what do I have to see, learn or feel” and if no answer, in the form of images, emotions, colors or sounds or new directions, ask for a helper to show you. Follow the helper (a cat, mouse, man, woman, fairy, etc.) and listen to the things it has to say to you.

Or the chakras will emit the psychotically issues you have from this or other “previous lives”, i.e. being material from the OCF, feelings of sorrow, pain and anger. Feel the emotions and then let them go, comfort, cry and calm yourself, use the therapeutic methods of psychology (read books on how to help your inner sub-personalities, see below), becoming the skilled, better and newer version of yourself, being able to comfort and heal the many inner personalities an OCF holds. If the emotions and thought-forms are imbedded into many of the chakras, you will meet them over and over again, both on the outside and in your inner work.

This is work you always can do and it is the beginning of the way to learn to navigate on the inner realities, albeit the many layers of the chakras are not the “real ones”, but they need to be transformed and the many inner journeys are a way to do this. Take one chakra at a time, in line or what feels like the ones most important to cleanse today. To get a better contact lay your healing hands on the chakra in question; this will activate the chakra and unfold its energy. Repeat repeat repeat. This work never stops.

Notice that when you start to unfold your false chakra system, the content has a way to outplay itself in the interaction with other people, the reality and in your actions. Use the mindful approach and be calm, observe, learn and see the energetic pattern in the event; do not take up on the energetic hook from your chakra system compelling you to use the old energies of anger in one end of the spectrum and overly happiness in the other end. Cleanse until you are able to stay balanced and emit the vibration of indifference. You have to learn not to have emotional reactions in the body, but ONLY in your heart, using the correct heart chakra to empathically understanding the other person.

You will discover that many of the old issues of controversies or energetic exchange with other peoples will vanish into thin air. If you have cleansed the false chakra system, and keep it clean, you will always meet people in the most optimal way for both of you and not meet the other person clouded by the energy in that specific chakra the other person relates to or activates in you. Every single meeting is an activation of our chakra system and the event, person or outer energy relates to a specific chakra and frequency, activates it and sets its energy into exchange mode, outplaying the relevant energy from the chakra into the surroundings, meeting or event to enhance it and saturate it in the system. Stop this energy circulation by being harmless; react wisely (turn the other cheek – remember?)

2) The old spiritual ways will change, because the so-called 7 layered chakra system and all of its teachings, belongs to the artificial RFs. Most of what have been taught the last 2500 years or more is soaked in a mix of false and true teachings and only the really clever can discern and extract the true meaning of it, or if one remembers the inner reality. So whatever level you think you are functioning on, be aware that this is about to change; be open for the new things to come.

3) Try to stop the dominion of the mind. The mind belongs to the outer RFs and is constructed to interact with the APIN system, hence the CNS and the brain is a part of a vertical dipole field turned outwardly, along with the chakra system. Every time you “think”, deduce, try to understand, work with the material of the collective artificial consciousness fields, you are activating the wrong dipole field in you, turning all of your energy outwardly. I know a lot is going to happen, on the outside, but try to let that go for now and choose the probability fields of the highest possible way to be a human. If you need to think about the general future or feel angst concerning your own future, then center your thoughts around how a highly developed inner society would like your constitution to be, when you go there. Always keep in mind: What would a highly evolved human consciousness do in this situation?

4) Learn to observe and be in the present state of being, always trying to relearn reality as new energy every minute. Do not use assumptions and old thought-forms of how things used to be. Use your emotions in the body in a correct and higher way, by sensing and then let the intuition tell you what the sensed energy is all about. Use the post The basic psychology.

The material in the Panergeia blog is not just something you read once, and then move on; they are meant as the basic tools for the next 6 months and beyond that, hence the broad variation in energy.

There are many things to come in the future, but for now it will suffice to say that there will be another lift of the Grid following the equinox and that after solstice I will come forth with the many new energetic paths to go. What you need to do now and in the nearest future is the above, because we need you to collapse the best possible probability fields and not the ones of fear etc. Stay in this trust and please work mindfully.

Helpful articles and books to read:

(the energy behind them shoul be more or less neutral)

Psychological level:

On the sub-personalities By James Vargiu:

Notes on Sub-personalities by Adrian Longstaffe November 2003:

Interview regarding the Voice Dialogue method

Deeper spiritual level:

Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual by William J. Baldwin

Life before Life by Raymond D. Moody

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2012-2017 The next five years ~Gridreports~

Sun Feb 17: 2012-2017 The next five years


I have put the old clip from Bashar in this post, because it sort of describes very well the challenges we are to face the next coming years.

This is the information I will give on the topic:

We; the aiding parts on the other side, and I have to choose our words carefully – not manipulating them – but choosing the words and energies which lead the reader to the most optimal direction in mind and emotion. Every single reader is the first to capture the energy and connect it into the collective consciousness field and therefore in time humanity as a whole. It is all about ideas or thought-forms which each single human place into the collective consciousness field and the ratio of identical or similar thought-patterns which will enhance it and hence make it real over time. The more people that follow various sorts of ideas and thought-patterns, the more likely they are to manifest into the reality fields of Earth, becoming “real”.

This is how it works and it is how the future is going to be. The old ways of slow manifestation, leaving the thinker long dead before his or hers ideas surfaced and manifested into the probability fields of Earth - creating a sort of abrupt and disconnected timeline between the thinker and the result - are slowly moving out of the way things work on Earth. The raising of the energetic levels of immanent and intrinsic energy within matter itself, as it is on all other levels of the other side of the former Quarantine, the reality line (RL), will enforce every thought, emotion and action on the outer fields of Earth. This will lead to certain changes in the crust, reality and states of matter on the planet and in the human gen-collection as well. As with the overall recreation of the human EM bio-field the reality fields of Earth will have to undergo a cleansing process along with the many stellar and galactic humans cleansing themselves. The two goes hand in hand, because the reality fields of humanity and the Earth are closely interlinked.

But despite the many different ways things can be communicated, I have to use my own voice and my own energy, when I bring forth the information from the Council regarding the outer reality fields and the Grid. They would like the wording to be more soft and open, knowing the minds of humanity, but I have chosen to put them into a do and do not scheme, because the guidelines are important, so despite my way of putting things in a specific way they are guidelines and you can choose to follow them or not. I have a job to do and I intend to fulfill it the best way I can.

The choice is always yours, so no need to rebel or feel any pressure, fear or anger related to trust issues (many of you remember subconsciously the ordering from the failed rescue missions), old patterns of resentment towards authorities (some of you came here, because you were tired of the battles; just wanting to forget), sadness, because you still have to do things (“does it never end?”; sorry to say: No) and many of you are tired and have a huge need to be comforted, being all imbedded into the human body of mind and emotions. Those thoughts and feelings belongs to the human EM bio-field and not the inner true you: You have forgotten the clearer and wiser – seeing things from many angles - approach most stellar and galactic races hold as their natural inner level of consciousness and until then, we accept those reactions in you and will try to meet you in this.

We have all gone a long way, but now is the time to wake up; to remember who and what you are. All you have to do is to initiate the process by will – ask for it and it will begin. Stop projecting fear based ideologies and limitations upon yourself; you are the one keeping yourself in darkness; no one is able to do that for you. Start doing what we came here to do!

I will as soon as possible bring forth information on how to alter the human EM bio-field to activate the double (the mind-field) on the other side of the RL in order to be able to reintegrate the fragmented parts of you (your true template) into the mind-field and hence to gain access hereto in order to be able to integrate this as knowledge in the outer reality body, you hold for now (see the Panergeia Project Blog and the Panergeia Series). The outer body is not yet ours to alter, but we can start the healing process and activate our true inner knowledge, connecting to the rest of our true stellar and galactic consciousness, we left behind in order to be able to integrate ourselves into the human EM bio-field on those timelines. This activation will grant us the full access out, when the time comes.

I will try meet you where you are and help the best I can along the way (we are all in the same boat) by sharing what I know until you are able to do so in your own way and do not need my help anymore, but for now just try to understand the importance of the information I bring to you and do your best to take in what you are able to process and leave the rest for some other time in your life.

Those of you who came here to escape the battles on Mars, Tara and other places (still happening in other timelines – we are freeing this section, and it will happen) I can only say: I can feel you and I need your help! Now is the time to remember and to be re-activated, not in battle, but in the awakening of this area. If you resist, you are one of those holding the new realities back, because you hold old high-leveled information regarding Earth before the Quarantine in you and it is important to reactivate your energy system into the Grid, placing this knowledge you hold there to be possible to access for others. The newly created humanity, the children of the Quarantine, needs to be able to gain information from here, when you leave. When you leave Earth, you will remember and get out using your old template, but we need your help before that; do not leave Earth without helping contemporary humanity and the new races to come. That is all you have to do as a minimum, before leaving to other places, where you can continue your hiding, if you still want to follow this path of evolution.

What needs to be said according to reality and our earthly living - besides the most important events in the Grid, which I will monitor and explain as they arise in this blog - are:

The next five years, from 2012-2017, the energies will escalate and the Grid will enhance itself. The ones ready to work with the outer and inner realities have to follow the Grid, work with it, enhance their energysystem, i.e. cleanse and raise the vibration in it to the highest possible levels, because after 2017 the Grid will stabilize.

What you will achieve in the next five year period in your energy system on all levels, your emotional status, your energetic complexity of your thought-forms, your levels of connection with the other communities of the RL, what you remember etc. are what you will be able to put into action and creation between 2017- 2047, when the next wave of stellar and galactic energies are to hit the Grid.

The next wave is not for you, but for the many hybridized children being put into the reality fields of Earth in the next years to come, starting with the last quarter of 2012 and forth. Those children are not to be termed anything else but the new races, carrying stellar and galactic energetic templates, and unlike the indigos etc. they are not here on some kind of rescue mission, a teaching process of humanity, or to raise the vibration in humanity or anything else related to your generations; they are solely here to ensure the correct and stable path into the galactic communities, being somewhat their own clear and conscious self, so what you do not achieve, they will.

They will not interact with contemporary humanity as the previous races, which came into the Grid of Earth having access to higher levels of consciousness; you are distinct and different races and the more sensitive of you will notice that. Some of you will feel intimidated by their somewhat non-sensitive or non-emotional approach to things, but just remember that the human emotional way is not the common trait in higher leveled communities. The new races are deeply caring, but will demonstrate other ways of compassion and interrelation stellar and galactic beings alike using telepathy, inner-viewing, intrinsic knowledge and energetic sharing on other levels than the “show-off” matter oriented way of exchanging energy in your generations by words, ideas and emotions outplayed as an audible, visual or felt expression, i.e. the outwardly reversed use of energy. It will take some time for them to learn and to adjust to the Grid on outer Earth, but they should be ready when the next wave comes.

Some of you have jobs already assisting the new races to create sub-fields they can live in until the Grid is vibrating highly enough and the parents of those children have been carefully chosen for the task, by their own sub-conscious choice. No such child is born into families unable to sustain or understand those children in the correct high-conscious way; they are followed by inner and outer helpers on all levels, having both parents stemming from solar or stellar lineages in humanity and who are able to grow energetically with those children. You all know by now who you are (the pregnancy being somewhat an ordeal for your body), and if you should choose to be a parent in the near future you will be contacted, helped in knowing what to do, either directly or by human helpers around you.

We have learned from the Indigo generation and what needed to be learned back then is not relevant any more. The Indigos and many other stellar and galactic races are outplaying their roles now and in the next 30 years to come.


You are to do your part of the energetic job, create and manifest to the best of your abilities, using what we have thought you, showed you etc., and all the time you have to focus on recreating yourself, in order to cross the RL when the human EM bio-field stops to function (when you die), paving the path for the many others to come, following your trail in the collective consciousness field, both the conscious ones and the ones not being able to reconnect themselves.

You are not on a big rescue mission; you are here to rescue yourself and by doing this; remembering, integrating your defragmented timelines, memories and higher energetic qualities, you are doing the most important job of all, i.e. paving the path.

As a humanity in progress we are here to assist, but not to nurture your egos as it has been done in the past, to give you the correct incentives based on your previous states of mind. Now is the time for you to grow up on your own, using your own inner capacities and showing how able you are to regain consciousness and build the future out of the oblivion, as you all came here to do. Start working, start waking up and start taking responsibility for yourself. Do not expect us to do the job: we are securing the energetic levels, but you are the ones to use them in your specific field of expertise, which you all have been shown during your lifetime in the body you hold now.

Nothing has been a coincidence; all have been put into action, both inner and outer, to make you remember, activate your inner capacity and what you are here to do. Start using what you know you are, expand and explore all the new ideas of what humanity could or should be. Stop using the old pre-shift energies and thought-forms in your work; rethink everything, using the old material as building blocks but by putting them together in new ways – new higher frequency patterns of thought and action.

Relearn what you know following the raise of the Grid as it happens over the next five years; use no assumptions, ask questions instead, listen and relearn everything. Draw a line in the sand of 2012 and start afresh. If you use the old thought-forms and ways of thinking, feeling and being, you will stay in the old levels of the collective consciousness field and miss the raise of the Grid.

It is a dynamic energetic approach we ask of you, not the stable, rigid ways you used to function on. What you have learned will change the moment you add new energy to it, making the assumption old-fashioned on each turn the Grid takes. You have to rethink your methods of everything almost every day, tuning into the Grid when you wake up in the morning, sense it and connect to it. What does today bring of ideas and new ways of living? You still have to do the same old actions the outer world acquires of you a long time ahead, but your inner world is your own and you are the maker of changes by changing your inner world, connecting to the other side of the RL, pulling in new ideas of living and being from the other side, integrating them into yourself, every single day, and start living them by changing your attitudes towards reality.

At first most of what you will be doing are manifested into books, models or other creative minor expressions etc. but the small manifestations are enough to plant the ideas in the collective consciousness, so start building your own high-leveled reality field by playing, making and creating. Later on you might be able to manifest them into reality itself on a larger scale.

Either way: The small rings will lay the ground for the next generation to continue from the collective field of consciousness. You are building the future now, every single moment in the next five years, and what you accomplish is yours to use and at the same time the platform the next humanity have to work with and from. Do your jobs; do them well in joy and excitement (as Bashar says), follow your innermost dreams and ideas of a better future and you will have laid the foundation for the next generations to come.

Change humanity– change the World.

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Checkerboard reality!

The Panergeia ProjectNews, Science, Psychology and Energy Work

The Panergeia Project
News, Science, Psychology and Energy Work

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Checkerboard reality!

I am tiresome, I know it!

Well, luckily for me and you, you can choose to leave my forum and find another better and less cynic one, if you get too much of me – I get too much of me sometimes. One thing I get really tired of are the inner feelings I get of “this is not how it was or is”, when I read the so-called accepted history of Earth, Tara and Gaia on the Internet. Quite a lot have taken the Voyager material as face value, and a lot of it I can relate to, or if I get a vision and I do not know what to do with it, I use the material as a dictionary, but the story of our beginning, the wars etc. – well this is where the “hmmm this is not how I feel it should be” arises. I cannot explain it and this is the tiresome part; why is it so impossible for me just to trust the authorities at hand?

I might compare it with that my angle is from the ones being in the wars, and the angle of Voyagers are the one written down from a certain perspective, or wish of creating a detailed narrative for a reason of the war. I, as the participant, have only seen what was within my range of consciousness and what I was and am able to understand, hence when I remember Tara, and the areas I still connect to, I see things relating to my template of consciousness and what I am able to perceive by being in sync with it. And in my work of remembering, integrating the memories and alter my consciousness accordingly in order to get out, when I leave this EM bio-field body, I only see part of reality related to my perspective and my development; i.e. what I choose as the most important things to see following my evolutionary road of creation. Each and one of us create our own path of evolution and what we want to specialize in.

The first quarter - I know it is not over yet, but the trend of the collective consciousness field (CCF) is clear, so in many aspects the first quarter is over – and what I tried to hold back I cannot any longer. The first quarter was agreed to be a quarter where we let the energy of the other side pour in and a lot of beings came and joined us in the new to come. And then all we could do was to wait and see how humanity as a whole would react.

The hands of policy of the GA, and the restricted stories, channeling and what could or could not be brought forth is over and now the real work begins, and clearly I am not through with the whole polarity thing – well it is difficult to be, because the areas far up in density are polarized, so naturally I am still in this way of seeing things and it is still my perspective on things. As I said in the post on Grid Reports the next five years are the ones we have to make the most important five years of our lives; after 2017 the Grid stabilizes on what level CCF have reached and so does our individual fields of energy.

Before the lift of the RL and the opening in and out of Earth, it was a very clear cut reality; most of it were in the hands of the fallen ones (FA in general, many factions, many different beings) and now new players are on the table. Today I saw tourists!!! Yes, tourists from other reality fields wanting to experience how it is to be so limited? Seriously? And I saw energy suckers from other areas than Earth coming here to prey (funny how pray and prey are almost alike in spelling) on the last generation of unknowing pawns in this area of reality.

The good news was as I sat in the train, that the ones gathering around me were old soldiers from Tara, sitting there to protect me (funny enough all three of them were dressed in army green). That felt really nice, considering the loneliness I tend to feel as you can read out of the lines of the Grid Reports. This is the first time I have experienced this, so something is happening. After I closed down the multiple open windows on the 13022013 (each date in this year, were there is two of each digit is important); the total over-use of me from the GA and their allied to make me broadcast their agenda and their needs regarding Earth and what they want it to become (primarily a place for the angelic races, which is fine for me, but not really how things work in the big picture, taking the evolution of the angelic beings, i.e. solar and lunar beings, are only one half of creation) and my co-operation with Serapheyia (my dear solar friend in many timelines here on Earth in my multiple-life “raid” to accomplish as much information as possible to do the job on this timeline here and now, when the Quarantine is lifted) almost took the best of me in the last month of 2012 and the first of 2013.

They were around me every day, giving me messages and drawing on my own solar energy, making me wanting to stagnate in the solar levels of my template – as you recall I said something like; thank god (!) for returning to my solar side (the old female Taraian levels in me) and being connected to Serapheyia, the joy and happiness of those beings are always uplifting and I just love it. They have secured the correct “temperature” of my heart and my energetic system for decades, giving me hope, when I was lost, giving me compassion when I felt exhausted etc. Without the angelic realties I would not have made it to this point, but the invasion of my capacity to bring forth information and to more or less run over me until the day I said stop, still puzzle me; that is the extent on how humanity, the ones in progress of remembering and the ones not remembering are under the spell of both sides; the negative and the stellar and angelic realities as well. Serapheyia told me once that her original areas had to expand, which was why they came to our solar system. Remember our solar system is not a “real” system, but one created out of the Grid/matrix from Tara; the parts being sucked into this density level through the portals of the Sun, creating 12 planets, incl. our Earth, on a much lower density level than the one stemming from the original Grid. The Grid from Tara is the true Grid or the reactivated Grid. In that respect the angelic realities were here first, when the Grid settled in those areas, they started to work with it, creating the basic structures of our Earth, and then the true humanity, the stellar races, came later on and the peace was over. An exaggeration naturally, but the peace for the angelic light beings was, considering their very peaceful evolution and non-violence approach to everything. Naturally the stellar races corrupted some of the angelic beings etc. etc. you know the stories.

The angelic beings do have “dark beings” in their own evolution, but the darkness there has other properties than the darkness within the stellar races. One of the days I almost succumbed under the pressure of angelic beings wanting me to recruit human helpers, or human deceased wanting the same thing, I called for help and Gabriel came!!

Seriously!!! Gabriel belongs to a warrior caste of the angelic realities and used the old hologram to connect to me. Well, what do you know, I would never have believed that, but he/she told me that it had to do with the levels in me having reached the timelines, in my template and remembering them in this body, where I was present on Earth aka as a follower of Yeshua and once more, the many sad and bad stories of the archangels within the handed over material of whomever and whatever had to be revised again within me. The juxtaposing of realities is somewhat confusing, but this is the conditions working with the template, holding both lineages and strands of the angelic realms and the stellar human realms.

For now I am back in a human stellar strand, which I will term the commander, because it is the strong energy within me; the one having driven me my whole life and it is the part which stems from Tara/Gaia. This level is also connected to the Taraian Priesthood and the time there as well as the memories I hold from Mars, so this strand has a lot of juice in it. The warrior/priestess is a balanced mixed strand of what we understand as masculine and feminine. The same being, which in the peaceful times of Tara took on a female stellar body, working primarily with crystals, angelic powers and children, is the same consciousness which in war times become a male and general, facing the darker realities of the stellar realms of humanity. How this is possible – do not ask, I guess the reality of the true worlds is so much different than the ones here. I think the natural order of the template is a combined angelic/stellar or solar/stellar strand, where the feminine angelic realities hold the more masculine stellar human consciousness in place, giving it the softness is so often lacks. What I mean is: what we have learned to understand as a gender thing is, as I see it, not such a thing, but an energetic distinction of how energy works and expresses itself, hence the stellar races are “masculine”, i.e. what we normally understands as masculine features and the angelic realities are feminine, i.e. what we normally understands as female features. The old tale of how the Elohims created man in their likeness (Gen. 1,26) is then to be understood as the how the “gods” expressed their energy: Into the stellar races as the symbolic representation of the masculine archetypes of consciousness and the angelic races as the symbolic representation of the female archetypes of consciousness in this part of reality. The story is a representative tale, or myth, and not how things actually were back then, because the angelic and stellar races were already in play long time before any “god” of Earth created anything, including the Elohims of this area.

It is also very clear that the feminine angelic reality is now only represented on Earth in nature and the animal kingdom, which by the way, has been positioned along with half of the earthly population as a less worthy part of god’s creation, cf. the second creational myth about Adam and Eve and man´s dominion over Earth, nature and animals; not difficult to see the agenda behind this myth and the overall purpose of it. YHWH, the one being I have seen or the collective he stems from, have successfully managed to brainwash not only the Jews, but rest of humanity as the successors of this religion in both Christianity and Islam, having their grounds based on the same divine power of One god. The god from the Old Testament is really not a very nice stellar being; he is seriously grumpy and hates humanity.

The whole idea of having a warrior and a priestess active within me, in this part of my work within the areas of Earth, is to work with two sides in me; the builder of worlds and nurturing the angelic realities (they are the true builders of things), i.e. the priestess, and the protector of this side of me, i.e. the warrior. The warrior is not here to fight in any battle, but to protect me and in order to do so I have to hold some sort of rank; that is the help from Gabriel and the soldiers I encountered today. You see; my inner world and the outer is becoming blurred – welcome to the new reality without the Quarantine, where reality barriers break down.

And that the warrior has arisen again – the first couple of days after the permeability of the RL, I was positioned within the priestess and the angelic realities (Kielah is my human name in this form) - has to do with energies arising within the Grid of Earth and the whole purpose of my staying here is becoming clearer and clearer to me.

After this long prelude to the main point in this post is - da da da – the checkerboard reality!

The reality fields of Earth have turned into a checkerboard reality of white and dark rubrics, and we are the players of it; either willingly and strategically smart or unwillingly being used by the many traversing, exploiting or passing through foreign species coming here to regenerate, while preying on humanity until the newcomers learn the correct behavior. For now the whole area, despite its division into various major parts as I have told about in the Grid Reports today (you remember the three major parts, perhaps even four, but the fourth is somewhat blurry to me) and this is all fine and good, but meanwhile, while we wait for the division to finally take place in 2047 and be enforced into a waterproof reality, where the ones belonging to 1) the restoration areas, cf. the MCEO and the deals Al-Hum-Bhra have made on their part, 2) the dark areas under the Clans of the Thetans and 3) the remaining Earth being reintegrated into Tara and the original Grid from here; some of it being a part of the angelic evolution and another goes back to Tara following the soul fragments and lost citizens from the fall. Still there is a fourth, but I cannot see it clearly…ahh it is the area for the new races and the Earth they intend to grow out of that, cf. the last meeting I was escorted out from, when I was at the Council back then; hmm intriguing now I am officially curious. So all in all we are living in a checkerboard reality and we better wake up very quickly, if we want to navigate on the right fields of the board.

The next five years will determine how high we can climb the energetic ladder in this life ending in the final division for this generation in 2047, and the new generations will be ready to outlive their part of the checkerboard reality and the divided reality fields. You can already spot the different inhabitants amongst the youth and the so-called crystal etc. children. If you have eyes to see with you can see that many of the so-called crystal etc. children are not benign beings. If things had gone differently they would have taken on another soul capacity, being the scalar fields of various energies as the crystal children are amongst many other things such as containers for higher stellar beings, either progressive or digressive, so those bodies are now being used as the beginning of the regeneration process.

The division and so forth and what was to happen in 2012 have been orchestrated on other reality fields – as a set of different possibilities - and the state of the CCF is now pulling those realities into play. There were other realities at stake, but the FA and the rigidness in the minds of humanity managed to steer us in this direction (see Grid Reports of today), contrary to the many angelic voices in the beginning of the process as you could read out of my posts back then. I really would have loved to be a stellar human in the “Christ”, solar, angelic compassion realities, or the equivalent Buddhist-Tara goddess archetype of compassion on the Buddhi levels of reality, but nothing is finally settled yet, but unless we do a serious conscious job to change things, the hardcore 5D realities of stellar communities are what we have to live with until we die.

From what I have seen today humanity is no longer just humanity and the many different strands of DNA in the common human bio-field, the DOTO body, can easily be changed into a carrier of an alien “soul”, to use that expression, taking into account that most human beings, the common DOTO, had no singular higher being, but belonged to the APIN matrix and the consciousness field of the Originals, which is gone now.

Not to scare you, but do you get the overall picture as I see it? Well, luckily for you, you can choose your own reality and create a field of totally different experiences, cf. the checkerboard and I would recommend you to do so. Avoid the chemtrails and the NWO ideas, avoid the covert government and the Grey hybrid experimentation program, avoid the Luciferian old religious regime and the massive ideas from the period which lead to Atlantis, avoid the old need for salvation and the need to belong to a god, divine beings, hierarchies and helping agencies, making you a sitting duck for the old regime of FA and the many newcomers, having the consciousness we yet are to regain, and avoid the fearbased teachings of humanity being a slave race etc. Choose the best possible idea for humanity and the afterlife you want to have, so when you leave Earth, you are at least the one to decide where you are going.

I have chosen my path and I am here to gather my kin, help Tara into raising the quantum of light by getting my old friends to wake up, come home and help in restoring Tara and hence Gaia. We start here, collecting as much information as we can and as a result we can redo the many mistakes that were made in those timelines; sounds like sci-fi? Well, it sort of is in my mind, but this is the coherent picture which is ticking into my brain. As the many new voices and as I have said all along, the Panergeia Project are for the old travelers of this Universe, and that means the original humanity of Tara and other places and I am here to gather you, as one of many, and to bring you home so my teachings, ideas and energy work is related to this area; the Taraians long awaited.

I said today in the Grid Reports: Now is the time to remember your tribe and to reactivate your signet, emblem or tribal symbol into the Grid, marking that you have caught what you came here to catch in the first place. When the Grid broke loose from Tara, we followed it here to regain it, to restore it and to heal our true planet: put your mark on the Grid where you are and we can start the journey back home, in victory and with the Grid, as well as the soul fragments belonging to it, and we will celebrate when we leave. But before that, we have work to do, so the Panergeia Project has officially started.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Planetary Updates: Update

Oki. Things are narrowing down; at least they are for me.
When I look out into the world I see tensions. For a long time we have speculated whether or not there is going to be a 3WW, and I have refused this for several reasons, but now I am not so sure.
As you know from my material, the world is divided into two large brotherhoods (the ancient stellar races from before the catastrophe, i.e. the Controllers of the network of the RWBs and the LWBs conducting the polarity games on this planet) controlling the “magical realms” or the Matrix energetically on the 4th and 5th dimension. 
On top of this there are three major stellar divisions (galactic humanities) controlling the 3rd dimension of this planet. The first division is the Western Block: States, Canada and down to the most southern tip of that continent. The second division is the Middle Block: Europe incl. Africa and the rest is the Eastern Block from Finland to Indonesia, India and Japan. 
Australia is sort of a solitary island being upheld by old spirits from the ancient days. These spirits belong to far away stellar systems and they do not take part in the weirdness of the rest of the world.
The Western Block is controlled by the Greys, certain stellar factions (mammal-reptoid Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians etc. co-working with the Greys and the Reptilians), and the Reptilian races from the benevolent ones to the warrior castes. 
The Eastern Block is controlled by the ones we understand to be from Nibiru, i.e. the old ones that took part in the wars on the 3rd and 4th dimension of our planet around 8000 BCE (e.g. the Sumerian gods, the Hindu gods etc) These old races are the founders of the two brotherhoods and in the old days, before the “take over” of the Western Block from new stellar races, they controlled the whole world together as being either the LWBs or the RWBs. Back then the world was controlled by magic (mastering of energy) and not by foreign stellar technology.
The two brotherhoods of the old races divided around 2WW and this opened up to new incoming stellar races, hence the new division of the world. The western brotherhood is not strongly represented in the States anymore and functions mostly in Europe. The eastern brothers are still working with the old stellar races. The two brotherhoods divided because some factions within the brotherhoods, in the States, wanted to co-operate with the new stellar races, trading in their technologies for genetic material, and tension between the western and the eastern brothers was the result; actually it was this division of the brotherhoods that initiated the cold war.
But the tensions between the new incoming stellar races and the separated brothers in the Western Block, or the brothers in the Middle Block and the old ones of the East Block are not going to cause any 3WW. They are settled via agreements and contracts which we all honor and follow to the dot. No; the real problem is the later incoming stellar races holding Europe as their habitat, which is controlled primarily by the Lizards and rouge avian members of the priesthoods of the brotherhoods. They have deviated from the contracts and the agreements and are now working on their own to gain what can be gained on the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional level. Many of them collaborate with the Anu-network or the dark brothers (the extreme wing of the LWBs).
As you also know from my material, the new stellar races incl. the Greys are well into finishing off their regenesis programs, hybrids programs and Mars-Lunar colonization. They are in a secure place, having got what they needed and are now entering the final stages of their programs. All is running according to plan and what they need to do to adjust to the resetting, or the dimensional blend between our solar system and the three original ones it actually grew out of, is already taken care off.
So the problem rests in Europe and Africa and the many different rouge factions controlling these areas of the world. They are unpredictable and even though they have agreed to follow the two large nations, i.e. the Western and Eastern Block, they are as always taking short cuts to get what they want. The resent crashes in Europe and Africa between religious groups, one pretending to “preserve” the liberty of speech and the other demanding respect for their religious beliefs, are rooted in generated problems from the 4th dimension and the Lizzies having fun. Besides they expect the riots to generate a foundation for more intense conflicts of which they can divide the Europeans on issues as religion, monetary systems (the fall of the Euro which has caused e.g. Sweitzerland to freeing themselves from the monetary collaboration) and political issues on how to govern the collaborations such as NATO, UN and EU. All three councils are founded by the western brotherhoods, so whatever is going on in within the Matrix version of the councils are a replay of what is going on in the 4th dimensional councils behind these organizations.
My Instructions are for now
I have got more direct instructions to focus on the ones that REALLY want to work. We are in dire need of people doing the full transition to a 5th dimensional consciousness, controlling their 3rd and 4th dimensional bodies in full so they can act as outer light towers of the RWBs and the network of light all over the world, across divisions, factions and brotherhoods.
We are not all born to be RWBs, but we can evolve into becoming one. It is a matter of choice, will and 5th dimensional genetics. Whatever we were born to be, having the genetics to unfold the higher levels of this planetary system, we can choose to become what we want. In the end all definitions are illusions made to connect us to timelines and programs within the Matrix, making us pull in energy from the thoughtforms connected hereto and unfold them within the Matrix through our chakra systems (hence the “permission slip” that Bashar always refer to). The Matrix is a 2.5-4th dimensional illusion – not a reality field. The real planet is situated in the 3rd dimension (and the other dimensions connected hereto, meaning that the 4th and 5th dimensions are both part of the Matrix and the real 4th and 5th dimensions) and this is where all the stellar races live and thrive – outside the Matrix. Re-incarnation means to be embedded into the Matrix, hence whenever other stellar races choose to “incarnate” on “Earth”, they volunteer to become embedded into the Matrix. The sooner we understand the illusive nature of our "Earth" (the Matrix) the faster we can evolve to control it.
Thus I have narrowed down my “group of interest” and I am now solely focusing on the ones that are ready to begin the process of transformation, whether it will be on a minor level or the full level. My material will reflect this. 
I will as always assist the best way I can to all humans that pass by my world, no matter where they come from or are heading to, but I will only share information as an insider, talking to the ones that work and resonate with my material and have read it. I will work with my material as the foundation of this group because the material is generated to connect to the 2025 timeline and the galactic section of the RWBs under the 7th dimensional councils situated in the energy belt we see as Uranus.
You should also know that only 96 will make it as a full transformation in this context. Of these 96, 72 will become RWBs and the other 24 will be EIPs collaborating with the RWBs and the network of light. Only 16 will come from Denmark, i.e. my native country, the rest will come from all over the world.
This group of 96 will be the light towers and holders of the Plan according to the dimensional blend and what we are to expect in the future. We work under the Right Wing Brotherhoods, i.e. the old stellar races from before the catastrophe that either survived this or came here shortly after to assist our brothers and sisters that got stuck in the newly generated solar system. Our main councils are placed in the 7th dimension and were set up for the long term work here. We traveled here to do this work. 

We have worked for the liberation of our families ever since and to reconnect the 5th dimensional field of this planetary system back to its original stellar system within the Free Worlds (or worlds of wisdom) under the Plan for this overall evolutionary system. This is a long term work and either we are all in or not.
We come from all over the galaxies and our main definition is energy and consciousness in progress following the Plan and being under constant transformation. We do not belong to one stellar system, but traverse the Multiverse to unfold the Plan and our soul group genetics. Our home is within our hearts, knowing that we are transformers of energy and consciousness working according to the Plan. The Plan is the Sources of all there is, the purposes and the guidelines of all evolutions.
The group of 96 is created because of the dimensional blend and the resetting process. As you also know many of the older races, councils, etc of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions are leaving and will leave in the years to come. Only a faction is left in the 6th and 7th dimensions because they connect directly to the other 6th and 7th dimensions outside our solar system. The other dimensions were generated to fit the energies of the solar system and will therefore be reset according to the plan of the dimensional resetting hence the host fields and connection to the parallel stellar reality fields etc. of the stellar programs to be ready to shift out, when the dimensional blend reaches the different levels. 
We are few that have chosen to stay behind, and we are working in different groups and with different means. Our 2025 timeline group will work with the old ways in the 4th and 5th dimension, handling the energetic challenges we are to face here from the rouge groups of the priesthoods, the dark brothers and the LWBs that have chosen to stay behind as well. Our tasks will unfold as we go along.
I will not know who is to become one of the 96 before much later in the process. That is important to understand. This is also why I will work with whoever is interested in my material and I will view all humans that are willing to undergo the transformation into becoming a 5th dimensional traveler or join the reset planet, as one of my group to work with. I will also work with the EIPs wanting my help and assistance, due to the 24 that is going to originate from this group.
Therefore we are working blindfolded to avoid ego-related issues and traps put in front of us from the LWBs. The moment we begin to define ourselves as this or that, we become valuable to subprograms and gestalts from the LWBs sent our way to make us boost our ego in the wrong direction. We work for a cause, we do not know if we belong to or not, but we do it in service to others and this will be the foundation that in the end will lead us to the network of light. 
How well we master energy and consciousness, how willing we are to sacrifice our safety, our lives, our personal belief systems and wishes of what we want in life and how well we defend ourselves in the battles against the dark brothers and their 4th dimensional dark magic, and how well we handle the 5th dimensional mental deceptions of the LWBs - playing the polarity games skillfully - will be the marker of whether or not we are able to become a RWB.

Vitamins and Minerals

Getting a Healthier Body

How To Get Protein on Vegan/Vegetarian Diets and Other Inspirations

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Energy & Consciousness – Cosmic Evolution: The 2025 Timeline Books 2015 & Energy and Consciousness 2015 & More


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Politics on MD4 human reality field

29. november 2014

Politics on MD4 human reality field

Another interview with some stellar races. From July 16 2014

Seen from above a new wave of energy and consciousness is approaching the OD3 reality field. Looking closer it was not fully dark, but of a more grayish tone. I tried to single out one or two participant of this new energy field and an Alcyone Pleiadian appeared to my request on what was going on.

“Galactically speaking we have been invited to join the True Government of the OD3 human reality field. This means that we are under direct contact with the Controllers and we have agreements to take over certain areas of the OD3 human reality field.”

“We have agreed to restore the order of the latest events of unsuccessful changes initiated by interfering forces. We do agree on the benefits of stopping the old genetic experiments to provide regenesis material to different races in other systems undergoing the process of degeneration and we are here to reinstall a more common understanding of how a stellar community has to unfold to become part of the galactic councils,” the Alcyone Pleiadian said and made it clear that the councils she referred to was under the galactic federation, i.e. the lesser free world systems being, from my point of view, on the fringe of depleted consciousness all in all belonging to societies still having a long way to go before they are ready to partake in the free worlds based upon the Creational Laws.

“We are here to undo the damages of the past,” an Arcturian said. Indicating strongly the agreements made with the Controlling Elite, which they see as the True Government of the OD3 Reality Field, in other words the governments of the different countries are seen as departments under the True Government as they call it. Only humans holding the full consciousness capacity, being both OD3 and MD4 to MD7 are seen as real humans to be considered equals. The Arcturian made it clear with his attitude that the very less evolved humans of OD3 mostly were seen as animals and not part of the stellar communities on equal terms. “How can they be; being partly animals and unevolved consciousness?” he asked without any doubt what so ever and clearly the Alcyone Pleiadian agreed on this, a female btw.

“The genetic experiments have been legalized for centuries (by the less evolved councils) and the sciences behind the regenerating light pattern, as it started with a long time ago, have funded many new and exciting innovations in many degenerating communities where we have helped. Your True Government has helped many different cultures all over the galaxy and we are indebted to them for proving genetic examples and light pattern material to us. We are here to pay back this help and restore a higher level of order amongst the very primitive off-planet souls from certain experiments and re-evolve the primate humans into their full capacity as stellar humans. Only the ones worthy will progress into the new societies we are here to install,” she said in full agreement with the Arcturian.

It is clear that we have not heard the last of this wave of new consciousness and “order” being installed in the OD3 human reality field and that the implementers clearly sees humanity as being in a primate state, not more conscious than animals, and therefore we do not have a saying in what is going to happen with us and with our reality field in the years to come.


This is not the moral or ethics of the Free Worlds. We honor both the IPBs and the OD3 humanity as being equals. The problem is that not all humans hold enough light pattern (light DNA) to be able to evolve MD4 consciousness, a necessity to evolve beyond the OD3 reality field. We follow the original program in collaboration with the IPBs and therefore we work intra-dimensionally instead of inter-dimensionally which mainstream humanity is steering towards via the assisting off-planetary allies. The OD3 reality field and its humanity is heading towards the less evolved stellar model where beings are not considered equals and therefore it is legal to trade, experiment, exploit etc. such beings, humam-like or not.


The Controllers are the forces behind the hijacked program (as we see it since they hijacked the original restoration program after the fall of Atlantis), or the OD3 human reality field. They are the group of 33 original ones from the period before the fall of Atlantis that gathered together to unfold the EARTH program which has led to the reality we know today. They belong to the old races of humanity, being the first off-planetary souls to arise from the original restoration program and are as such strongly interconnected with the original OD4 reality field, the Moon. They are the overall Controllers of all the interdimensional factions scattered around the OD3 human reality field and they are the masterminds behind the MILabs, the underground bases on the Moon and Mars etc. They are sort of eternal since they incarnate into specific blood lines where their original light pattern and the MD4 personality they have chosen to keep as the one and only (i.e. the soul) are kept intact. They incarnate with full memory. They are the True Government since they are the highest positioned forces on “Earth” (the OD3 reality field we see as planet Earth).

Human-reptilian means human body, reptilian soul.

Soul is a vague term and denotes the inner being in evolutions that prefer to use the same personality based upon their light pattern over and over again, when they integrate themselves into different dimensional bodies. Most off-planetary degenerate evolutions have lost the ability to shift bodies and are therefore stuck within the same body as we are. Being born and die. They have experimented on how to extract the ability to eternal life being able to shift dimensional structures as it is possible in the higher world of consciousness and energy and the hijacked program has delivered many solutions to this in many systems.