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Saturday, August 19, 2017

EnergeticSynthesis: Historical Timeline Trigger Events - August 2017 - Newsletter


Historical Timeline Trigger Events

August 2017

Historical Timeline Trigger Events
Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

This month we have an increased opportunity to break through our amnesiac barriers and memory wiping, to regain personal knowledge that connects us with the truth of our own experience, at individual, collective and galactic levels. Our higher spiritual identity exists beyond the energy reversals and siphoning machinery that generates the false AI timelines in the descending matrix. As a natural part of spiritual Ascension, we are intersecting with an opening where the true historical record can be more easily recovered.  Our higher consciousness body may be surfacing memories that need to be felt, witnessed and reintegrated. The opportunity during this time is to become freed from the impacts of the lower matrices of the dimensional blending experiments of the NAA, and to exist above the artificial grids of the AI timeline network. To support this process we will take a helicopter ride over some of the most impactful Historical Timeline Trigger Events, to help us recover our memories and return any parts of ourselves that we can recollect at this time.
As a result of the powerful Cosmic Gateway this month, our body will start to remember the memories and historical records that had been deeply buried in our subconscious, in order to transmute negativity and clear out dark energy, implants and pain body blockages. The historical records, monuments and artifacts of humanities evolution have been deliberately destroyed, altered or erased on the surface of the Earth in the attempt to eliminate the accurate consciousness records in order to gain control over the future timelines and genetically modify human DNA. At this time we have the dueling agendas of those NAA groups whom oppose the Ascension timeline and the consciousness liberation of humanity and are working aggressively to stop it. They employ forceful AI countermeasures in attempts to maintain a particular rift in the time space continuum, which has been used to power the holographic version of the time loop that projects the third dimensional reality.
Thus, our ascending body may be processing some very complex energies as we start to remember the emotions or sensations that we may have experienced throughout many Historical Timeline Trigger Events, that had negatively impacted the collective human consciousness on Earth, even those from other parallels in time.  Because humanity has not been given the appropriate context for collective consciousness memories, through Galactic History, we may not have the correct memory associations to them when we are directly experiencing the emotions or processing the sensations that may bring great impact to the physical body’s usual functioning.
This month, we are providing a summation of the most common Historical Timeline Trigger Events that were generated during the Great Galactic War histories, in order to give greater context and meaning to the memory associations that occur throughout the remembering process.  When we start to remember what has happened, this supports the reclamation of soul fragments and the returning of consciousness memories that were being manipulated by the AI version of the 3D timelines. The NAA have used dimensional blending experiments and alien technology to eliminate certain historical timeline records and to manipulate the perception of important figures throughout human history, in order to control or eradicate these memories from the physical 3D matrix of human perception.
In order to be freed from the control of the AI reality, one must see it as false. The artificial reality is based on maintaining deceptions and manipulations that keep us ignorant of the larger truth. When we recognize the false reality and its deceptions, it naturally leads us to want to recover more accurate and truthful accounts about humanities history, genetic evolution and who was actually involved. What events really occurred in the human race that produced such levels of darkness, ignorance and suffering that we can see in the world today? The story of humanities evolutionary history is much bigger than what we are cultivated to believe as the adaptation of the best genetic mutations via survival of the fittest and natural selection. This deeper inquiry and questioning of reality opens up the collective consciousness memories that have been suppressed, the memories that we have had recorded within our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies from the Historical Timeline Trigger Events.

Cosmic Gateway and First Ascended Prototypes
During this phase, the entire Solar System is undergoing its own level of solar initiation through the higher frequencies of the solar plasma emissions and the upcoming total solar eclipse, also known as the Great American Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. These profound solar events announce the Cosmic Father principle returning the light codes of humanities original DNA architecture through the intelligent plasma forces transmitting Krystal geometric coding to the earth. Additionally, through the radical shifts occurring between the Earth, Sun and Intergalactic Magnetic fields, the Cosmic Mother principle is returning her original imprint for the corrected Mitochondrial DNA record. Together they bring the formation of the Cosmic Trinity principle that signifies the next phase of transmitting the Krystal gene coding to the Earth. This supports the ascending human’s bio-matter template for manifesting inner hierogamy or Krystic consciousness, as well as constructing the consciousness travelling lightbody, the merkaba.
This intense cycle is an extremely powerful phase of energetic recalibration into the higher frequencies that build a balanced and strong foundation for the emergence of our Starseed spiritual identity and Diamond Sun body, both in the physical and non-physical planes. Our higher spiritual identity exists beyond the energy reversals and siphoning machinery that generate the false AI timelines in the descending matrix. The recent solar gateway initiation marks another delineation in the bifurcation of timelines that extends even further into the Galactic planes and their portal systems. There is a frequency split occurring between the AI timelines that were generated from NAA dimensional blending experiments and the current availability to access organic ascension into higher dimensions and timelines, that exist way beyond the AI version of the 3D earth. As a result, many on the spiritual Ascension path are undergoing profound levels of solar body healing to unify their inner masculine and feminine, as well as reclaiming lost fragments, integrating consciousness memories and remembering their extended spiritual family. Through the process of integrating consciousness memories we may connect to several layers of the Historical Timeline Trigger Events, in which we had taken part during other lifetimes on Earth or in another location of the Universal Time Matrix.
The first waves are preparing to exist in an ascended body prototype that is built upon a corrected blueprint that actually multiplies our life force energy and supports the foundation for expressing our higher spiritual identity. To embody our highest Krystic self, we transition into a reality that is freed from the energetic reversals that form into artificial intelligence networks that have been used to siphon and suppress our consciousness energy. The opportunity during this time is to become freed from the impacts of the lower matrices of the dimensional blending experiments of the NAA, and to exist above the artificial grids of the AI timeline network. However, in order to accomplish this we must distinguish the difference between artificial intelligence systems and organic consciousness timelines. We must know our true core selves deeply, and follow our spirit without hesitation, in order to break free from the fear based mind control bondage of the NAA and their AI systems.

True Historical Records Erased
On 3D planet Earth, humanities true star origins, ET involvement and historical records, ancient artifacts and sacred spiritual texts, along with higher consciousness memories were mostly erased, so that we would not remember who we are or where we came from. We were handed a false history, false identity and false reality from the victors of war, along with strong broadcasts of NAA mind control programming in order to condition us to believe in the fabricated anti-human culture that is the controlled AI version of 3D reality. Artificial grids and AI timeline networks are used by the controllers, both human and nonhuman, to maintain the 3D artificial reality for the inhabitants of this planet and to maintain the prison planet enslavement status.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Randi Green: Planetary Updates - Newsletter August 2016

image via EG

Newsletter August 2016

We have been accustomed to many changes over the years, those of us who began the journey into the stellar realities around 2000. Ups and downs and in all of this different factions pulling our work in many different directions; giving us a hard time as well as obstacles to overcome. Most of all the obstacle of manipulation and deception. 

The long 17 year period is at its end and as I look into the material that kick started it all, again I´m faced with a deception scheme from the left wing brothers and their galactic affiliates (LPRF3 attached avatars), proclaiming to be the spokespersons for what they called “the Guardian Alliance” playing their own tricks of mixing Christian material with Jewish esoteric teachings (the Qabalah), already existing information of the stellar races which had surfaced in the 1980´ties and the human quest of being something special. Some of the information was true; however most was a creation to enable this faction to get out. As usual. In this we understand that there never was a 26500 cycle of progression or a stellar activation cycle; just another advanced scheme to upgrade the programming of humanity, as it has been upgraded over the last 200 years, beginning in the 1700 with the age of reason. And again we stand with the question of what is the truth and what is not. 

The truth is that there is no truth! There are factions, interests of property and a long haul of the different stellar-galactic races, which have been striving for their own survival for the last 500 years. In this their internal battles become apparent and how humanity has been used as a tool in this. Their struggle for survival is almost over - at least on our planet. And they are to leave, or have left (the ones that could), between 2017-2025 where our planet falls under the jurisdiction of the crystalline Sirian Bs. 

Again what we were taught by the “stellar activation cycle” spokes persons have little to do with the actual overtaking of the crystalline Sirian Bs. At least from what I get. It is true from the perspective of what has been before that our planet has turned into an ascension planet. It is also a fact that the artificial 5th dimension is being anchored into our reality field in 2017, lifting us out of the restraint of the astral barrier (a perception barrier controlling the chakra systems of every man and woman on this planet) and into a new future. However in this pretty pictured painting, things are omitted. Things such as how the leaving of one system and into another is to change our planet and what that means for humanity. Now I have not looked into all that is on the Internet - and I really don´t have to. 

I rely on my own sources, as do we all. As I change so do my sources and the more I leave behind the old levels of my progression journey and enter into the mammal levels of our planet, new sources show up, explaining me new angles and understandings of our planet and the future we are about to face. But one thing stands out from all of them old or new; they shy the crystalline Sirian Bs with all what they have got and they portray a future under the crystalline Sirian Bs, which leads to a very dark version. 

actions from the future have come back to prevent the crystalline Sirian Bs to take over and do their crystalline ascension on our planet and in this they are prepared to use extreme measures to prevent the crystalline Sirian Bs from getting their crystallized hands on this part of the sector. Why is that? Is it the reactions from regressed races not being able to see the good in the peaceful future under the crystalline Sirian Bs?

Its my luck that I have my own insights into the crystalline future under the crystalline Sirian Bs. Its a very pretty future and in this the systems that choose to go the crystalline way are divided into two sections; the crystalline and the non-crystalline. The crystalline faction live in pretty cities in huge glass domes. The non-crystalline live outside of these; left to their own demise. As the reality fields under the crystalline Sirian Bs get more and more crystallized, the holographic energy units sustaining all lifeforms gets crystallized too and the non-crystalline inhabitants are either forced to go crystalline or evaporate due to lack of energetic infusion. It is a forced tyranny of artificial progression. 

Now regressed or not, the old stellar races prefer to do the progression in our own way and by the use of consciousness. And yes, that has not really played out well for any of us, due to the regression and in this the distortion of the goals of our progression - forgetting the original intent and purpose of our being here in this secondary universe created to develop the genetics of the first universe, where we failed. 

That is a fact we have to face, as we unveil our true soul attached to us, and not the programmed version we have gotten so far. We are to face the fact that souls are engineered, manufactured, altered and go from all levels of projection to copies and one time mission souls. We have much to learn in this and as we wake up and reconnect to the higher energy system attached to us, the human ego will face the hardship of letting go of all old programming of gods, souls, a heaven and eternity. 

Most speakers out there keep the programming of the eternal pure soul as part of their teaching system because the realization of what a soul is, is too difficult for most to digest. However not until we face the facts, can we truly change. And not until we beat the programs that have kept us enslaved here for so long, can we begin the process of claiming our right of our own destiny and progression journey. The crystalline Sirian Bs are here to take that away from humanity. 

From 2017 and on humanity are being groomed into a new race, linked up to soul matrices where all that is thought and felt is controlled by higher leveled Sirian Bs, who are not crystallized themselves. The leaders of the crystalline worlds do not undergo the crystallization, but prefer their eternal freedom to chose what type of progression, they want to take part of. They keep their old structures intact, i.e. the same as the non-crystalline races choose to keep but with the difference that the leaders have their own networks to get energy units from. And why is that? Why do the leaders of these realities keep their old stellar energy systems (souls)? 

To maintain their sovereignty of course. As part of the lower levels of the crystalline worlds, you are part of a soul matrix, hence linked up to a hive-mind. A pretty peaceful society controlled by a small non-crystalline faction of ancient types of Sirian Bs. The very same faction is the one that will instigate the Sirian B-Reptoid wars within the next 200-500 years taking out all other non-crystalline factions that could beat their proclaimed leadership of this sector. 

It is our path and duty, as I see it, to fight for our freedom and choice to do the progression using the original idea of this universe. Distorted and destroyed as it is. However we can restore ourselves by using what the ones that have tried to help us have left behind. They have left behind holographic teaching systems holding the information we need to be able to grow, if only we do the needed work to get to the non-regressed level where we can reconnect to their teachings and in this get the second chance to leave, or grow, into a future of our own choice.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Stop feeding the beast!

Stop feeding the beast!

C(Lie)mate #3 - What Doesn't Make The News

Keep this video in mind as we get closer to 2015. It is not weather control, chemtrails, SRM, dark agendas or anything like that we are heading for, but as we go deeper into the galactic cycle - soon to enter the cosmic one as well on a larger basis - the solar system will change on a broad basis, and it is from this level that all what is happening on Earth has to be viewed - not the official fearbased agenda still using the old scare tactics of interior governments trying to exterminate humanity. 
We are pass this and the only reason why this is still happening, is that the remaining 3rd negative galactic and human races – to be shipped out no later than 2017 – are trying to create as many dark karmic patterns in the unsettled souls present on Earth and naturally the many humans which as always search for the news that create astral influx of negative energy.
As the division of timelines into the two major ones continues, the battle of polarity becomes vaster. One timeline leads out of galactic Terra to other low frequency planets, where the 3rd galactic races and reluctant human monads preferring the old lunar system, can evolve as they please and later on the 4th and 5th will follow, and the other timeline that holds the souls to remain here for the building up of the new solar system of inclusive mother-father consciousness. 
The solar system is galactic Terra, thus the change in the magnetic fields of all the planets as they convert into one large inclusive manifestation field; consequently changes will appear and with all changes the old version of reality has to undergo some shifts in energy and demonstrate unusual behavior. 
But all hands are on deck trying to make the transition as smooth as possible and help the souls that are leaving due to the cleanse of certain areas on Earth. The areas of catastrophes are connected to leylines and nodal points of the two main networks of either the light worlds or the opposite and it is impossible to cleanse out the old karmic patterns of the areas without some outbursts of transitional energies.
The souls connected to such areas are simply souls choosing to pull out of the frequency body – the lower three vehicles – to be able to undergo soul regenesis on a later basis, in other manifestations fields etc. Remember that it is humanity that creates the grid and the manifestation areas, not the other way around, and as the souls pull out the areas are cleansed as well. The cosmic energies are acting like huge healing forces pulling the dark patterns up by their roots and transforming them as wind (mental fields), fire (astral fields) and earthquakes (etheric fields) and in this process the souls connected to the areas in question undergo the same cleansing process.
It is only the fear and anxiety of humanity that will put a stick in the wheel of changes and making the overall collective consciousness field of humanity becoming even more rigid to the changes and thus will prolong the process and making it worse, so please stop feeding energy into those videos, stop listening to the teachers creating fearbased ideologies and fearbased future scenarios and stop listening to the teaches that focus on the personality, the ego; there is a huge difference between getting the basis information you need to act wisely and being smart, and wallowing in the dreadful information, spreading it by linking to it.

Instead start to focus on your soul, your inner knowledge and your own cleansing. See this link for more info on how to cleanse.
The astral level is always the easiest to manipulate and all fear narrow down the energy field of the heart, thus separating you from your soul. When you listen to negative thought forms, you prevent yourself from making the ego or personality permeable to the soul and the higher knowledge.

And when you add to the fearbased collective thought forms and energy fields, you prolong the transition of Earth, making it even harder and more painful. Transition has to happen through pressure – which humanity views as “suffering” – because the dark reversed energies have to undergo a full turn of spin, from the downward regression, to the upwardly progression. Humanity has to shift from one network to another, separating itself from old habits and ways of living. And changes are always hard.

So this turn of consciousness and energy in all three vehicles of the ego is painful and full of “suffering” but only if you let the ego take the wheel. If you instead let the soul take the steering wheel, trust in your heart and higher mind, you will get instructions on the best ways to avoid the suffering and how to do the transition the least painful way.

There will be pain, death and agony, as they said in the old days, but there will also be joy, rebirth and celebration. Choose the latter approach and work with the soul instead of against it, by following the resistance of the ego and feeding the beast of the dark networks. (Very old sayings, but still very true.)