Project Cheops - Mission Pharaoh

Check Check....
(as of 7-april2014 ^^ Pendulum as Talisman has Trhu-ah body active)

Parts 1 / 2 & 3


 "unedited" original ..."

-Is Project Cheops a Jehovi(Annu) OP?                                               Yes
-Are them working with Black Sun?                                                    Yes
-So in that manner PC=working with Zeta/Grays seeing teh above?   Yes
-Did the Jehovah entity edit* them disc?(*distort)                               Yes
-So they are afraid for NowTime, since Edonic-Records , rreset them discs to original/unedited..  Yes
- So project Cheops is a GFOL Front?                                                 Yes
-So is Teslaguy simply a puppet being used (puppeteer)                      Yes
-Does the gray-base in anyway link into Emerald Dome                     No

 "unedited" original ...

#2nd for clarification ( yellow for -> not easy readable parts )

 yellow for clarification

Part-2 and made that, not long after part-1.was written.
so a short follow-up (other stuff yet to comment on,
+ making a posting status-earth in the making,
that will delve into who the where what.


  1. Do PC work with Templar-Mechizedek(TM)? and Templar(TP)                  yes no
  2. Are TM there the highest in hierarchy, is Ashtar Higher in hierarchy?         no, yes*
  3. have there been attacks from PC-> Livia?                                                       no,no    
  4. Do PC have folks in NL? in city EDE?                                                          yes,no
 * see update status earth post re "Ashtar"

Home Project Cheops party merged with Lucyna Lobos
  and changed its name to
 "Mission Pharaoh"

as i posted that/pic/comments here:

so in that way PC did attack her by proxy/3rd person.
as one that goes with a group now came out... into the open
and I'm still very closely related to the organization of Project Cheops. 
( ofc he also got DF so just more.. issues pop-up )
and now he saying he the spokesperson for that woman @PC Sophie
so more thanjust close  'affiliated" is....
 so looking at his own statements
6 months ago and 3 months ago
and today
them are all  different which shows the lies
and deception by their own words and actions

& Part 3


For clarity and transparency

So next is Dawid ~ DW.

you so much.. need to Skype with mah woman,
seems blog-comments and private-emails yo her wasn't enough....
seems your own wife, didn't like it when she walked in than...
and i guess you did not told her how you keep it ongoing still now..
, &  how you
on Skype gave(words... voice) your "i love you" to another.. woman..
on the 2nd Skype call..  ,

so next list(below) made week ago.
and a  new one today
so i have a "before.. list"
again.. before..

  1. Comm Secure?   DW -> Df?  Gdynia(Grid) fully under my control?        no,no,yes
  2. DW -> Affiliate with PC?   He knows PC High-up folks?                         yes,yes
  3. Is he Initiated in PC ceremony?  is He one of them 4 Priests?                   yes,no
  4. But he does know them?                                                                             Yes
  5. Gdynia fully D12 Reset? All booby-traps removed?                                  yes,yes
  6. Are them 4 Priests all Older than DW , all 3 , 1 younger 3 older?             no,no,no,yes
  7. Is he trying to pull her into PC stuff..?  same as Tesla is.. ?                       yes,yes
  8. So he is known in PC higher-ranks and is known.. ?                                  yes
  9. Will he try and seduce Livia more via Skype?                                            yes
  10. Does his while know he continuing... Skype..?                                          no
  11. So Programming... voice = also for add triggers -> Alt-Sub(AS)?             yes
  12. So he knows about the Sup-Personality(SP)? knows for a long time?        yes
  13. So has he met her(Livia)? or her(AS) and meet?  did DW make AS sign a contract?       yes
  14. Sign-> PC ? ( JH+TM ), will contract revocation help wit this                                          yes
  15. Has my Maharic Seal Request been heard & honored?                                                    yes,
  16. that will stop DW trying to get codes?                                                                                yes*
 -*See after interruption note.**
  1.  Best=to not consciously Affiliate -> PC? &not be drawn into talk things they/PC are doing    yes

15-03 - 24:00 ---Interruption...

  1. Did he lie once or more to Livia (@skype-call)                               yes
  2. Energy at head orb+color Higher-D being manipulation?             no
  3. Was he using you..and you triggered that orb+color?                    yes
  4. Code Blending.... ?   & Leeching energy of you?                            yes,yes
  5. So he's trying to get livia involved with PC?                                   yes
  6. Shall i post this on my blog?                                                            yes

Continuation New Page~     20-03-2014

 I will add that here in 2 hours from now. 22:58 -20-3-2014

  1. Does DW want to get livia deeper involved with PC?                                                 yes
  2. so they (PC) use her codes for their things..?                                                               yes
  3. Does he also play Priest?    Is he one who connects to them on Energetical-level?    no,yes
  4. The Codes... Blend,does he also give that to others?                                                   yes
  5. Will K7+ help/blockthat,be safe?  So advice=... plasma before contact with such...  yes,yes
  6. in Hierarchy (PC)/\4layers) is DW-> 2? TL is 3?                                                         yes,yes
  7. Livia 144?     last week since DW any energetical-implants.. added to livia?            yes,yes
  8. will epsilon-seal clear that?     will K7+ clear that?                                                     no,yes

As current Skype saga is ongoing as i type this update

More story.. around the questions ,
ill get into later also and sting the strands together.



So seems he's trying to trigger the programming in SP.
 That was suggested/implanted  teh week before. 
& TL's injections #private email + puppet-talk  #liviaspace-blog.  
 & trying to break us up. 
good friend..   
Same as that friend failed to inform me when you were in trouble in London...  
& only 26hours later he emails...    yet he responded to you immediately...   
With crap as God will decide...   (Gold-Flame.. k ugh crap)  
& if it was up-to him. she was stuck in UK.. 
 same as now trying yo put into her mind..  your better of alone & find a place to live in Swansea. Jehovi's plan....    Divide and Conquer...
While using folks.. to the fullest... 

 so i also removed you from the Google-Drive folder.
 since you choose to be against me.. us3. 

and so it is. not...  #moderated #DW-Protection

#Pendulum #Scores #Status

  1. was Livia's Real me®TL? DW?                                         no,no,no    
  2. was it a Layer-1 ▲ person @PC?  one whom got codes from DW..(passed on)..       yes yes
  3. so more in dream-time trying to make me look bad...?                                                yes
  4. so TL + DW + PC is all together levels of the same control and manipulation?         yes
  5. so TL knows about the Grid?   puppet-master does?                                                   no,yes
  6. Temples(6)@ED all secure? All Bridges Secure? MS Secure? Grid Secure?        yes,yes,yes,no
  7. So Tonight KD & moi go on path...                                                                              yes
  8. Not Secure: cause they got some.. mini-parts-codes? gotten via livia -> DW-> PC     yes
  9. Can i Request extra protection?     (done.)                                                                  yes
  10. Can i Request @HS level to remove Access-Codes from Livia, as not to compromise
  11. The mission? Has that been done?®                                                                               yes,yes
  12. So they (PC) now,cannot get anything no more from her as she no more has access..    yes
  13. I Req full support for us,& remove Energetical-Implants last night/eve added..(Done?®) yes    

if there is any part you (David) want to addon-to or subtract from do let me know. 
beside a its all.. wrong. 
that wont fly vs facts and folks own actions side by side.

so when she not wanna skype no more, and you try and call her 5 times last sunday( 5-4-2015)
you just telepathically call out for her,, as she said as it happend...
keep trying....

MP "Mission Pharaoh"
 =Same as:
PC "Project Cheops"
Mission Pharaoh

Project Cheops

The Khufu Project 

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