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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Dec 2012 workshop Summary - Krystar Ascension

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Dec 2012 workshop Summary

Reposted Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 9:19am · James Pover
My understanding/overview/synopsis of the Dec 2012 workshop presentation..

Basically Net Earth, which is currently on a 23.5 degree wobble and has North Pole where South should be (and vice versa) is being opportunistically merkabically blended by the AL-Hum-Bhra to Median Earth - which is 6520 years ahead in time-space co-ordinate and oriented just right for the two worlds to be craftfully blended together in such a way. Basically in a way it's actually a stroke of good fortune that the FA's meddling with the NET planet has left it in such an orientation that this arrangement is possible, E'Asha said. This is what the Al-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Network site grid activation work was ultimately all about.

From what I gathered the progressive merging of the two worlds actually creates the "Aurora Earth" plane/probability and interestingly that's what Aurora Earth always really is/was/to be.. that probability alignment - the "heroic probability" - coming into being. Much to everyone including E'Asha surprise on the last night as it was transmitted to her during the lengthy 20 hour Guardian Time we attendees and E'Asha and Team patiently endured..

This merger would progress rapidly resulting in Earth regaining it's full ascension capability as it is hosted out of Density.. and within 900 years the Aurora Earth (merged NET and Median Earth) would actually ascend, not into Density-2 of the External Creation, but in fact into the DhA-Ya-TEI Planes of the Internal Creation - which cannot Fall....EVER!

An entire planet ascending into the DhA-Ya-TEI Planes will have never occurred in the history of the Time Matrix from what I understand of the presentation...


With this terrific result, we have surely hit the Heroic Probability quotient as a collective shield, would you agree?....


*tears of joy*:'''D

Stealthy LaVas,

James Pover

____________________RE: Median Earth ___________________
Median Earth is here (it is around us in the same reality field), but we don’t see it because we are in an Electromagnetic Harness Field called a NET. Median Earth has one-third of the quantum of Amenti Earth, Median Earth is the one-third of the grids that didn’t get caught in the NET, the one-third with Krystic grids.
It started 550 million years ago with the Amenti Rescue Mission when Earth and the Solar System were set down into Density 1. Amenti Earth splitted in pieces: NET Earth and Median Earth being two of those pieces (we also got Phantom Earth). It is ONE reality field, we just don’t see these other parts, they are quarantined from each other. We don’t see it, because the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is different than our Earth, because our Earth’s has been changed by the NET Field that doesn’t belong in there.
There are Krystiac races on Median Earth. Median Earth evolved differently from a very long time ago, from this one. It didn’t evolve through the “Fall Path”. It didn’t get infested with Fallen Angelics.
Since 550 million years ago, progressive and extensive grid damage has been intentionally orchestrated via FA groups leaving Earth in its current state. "The Earth we reside on now is called NET Earth, which is one-sixth of the original quantum of 1st Amenti Earth. There is one-third quantum left of Amenti Earth that did not fall into black hole alignment with the Milky Way. It is called Median Earth, and it is the first place to which Krystic Ascension races of Earth will Trans-locate/ Slide to visit and will Trans-migrate/ Span once the Aquafereion Host Mission is complete, and NET Earth’s Ascension gates must close."
Thanks to Birgitta Schomaker, Indigos fb group 
Birgitta - "I have looked it up in the 12 Tribes-11 (Feb 2008) transcript and my notes of the Hetharo 2008 workshop "Winds of Change, Tides of Transformation, Visions of Joy for a Transitioning World, Hetharo – May, 24-26 2008 Phoenix."


Krystar Ascension Update 2012
as posted

on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 9:08am ·
yes, as George has said, Earth is back on track for Krystar Ascension (therefore Planetary Evac deemed unnecessary! :) - incredible news in itself - but the news gets far better than that still guys... :)

What I will say for now is that both E'Asha and all the attendees of the Dec WS present for the last day- who stuck it out for a record breaking 20 hours of delays due to extensive "Guardian Time" - were all stunned and flabbergasted with the result of Final Conflict Drama showdown

How wonderfully cunning and efficient the AL-Hum-Bra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas have been in their tactics against the FA's Black Hole Fall Agenda for Earth, following the activation of the K+8 Factor Fail Safe back-up plan.

Awaiting confirmation before updating you fully guys as not quite certain if it's kosher to release the full magnitude of the news to you fully just yet so bear with us - but prepare to discover the true meaning of the word "awesome" real soon ;) 
Love to you all

 Pre-Lude info grab....     
more:  Theresa Talea also in june/july archive 
will sort them out later also.
Fallen angels in our supergalaxy have been recently overtaken by entities with advanced knowledge of plasma corruption. 
This extra distortion in the fallen ones increases the severity of their attack upon the Earth and its people by spreading plasma corruption in addition to the former light body corruption. We have plasma as part of our make-up. 
What is important about this plasma situation is that the fallen angelic war against us has severed main stargates on Earth that connect us to Median Earth. The Earth is a portion of Median Earth’s quanta and related energy matter. 
We must direct ourselves to Median Earth as our first step in the ascension process in order to avoid the potential fall of the Earth into a fully phantom system (see chapters 7 and 8 in my book, although I use the phrase Higher Earth). Between the Earth and Median Earth are implanted frequency net fields that divide our current density consciousness and keep it below the 3rd dimension. 
We should be at the 3rd dimension. Many beneficial groups, including the Guardian Alliance and their ally, the Alhumbhra Magistracy Council who mainly operate in the plasma domains, created a plasmic bridge called the An-Sha-TA-Sa Passage to Median Earth. 
Unfortunately, the entities with distorted plasma and light bodies have infiltrated this bridge. In response, the Alhumbhra Council opened a new set of gates which will stabilize the existing ascension path of Earth to Median Earth that will eventually lead to the 3rd dimensional, natural Urtha. In addition, they made new plasmic bridges from their protected DhA-Ya-Tei planes. They are in the process of closing the ascension passages and Aurora platforms that have been compromised. 
~ Theresa Talea   -