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Arhayas: The war is over (REPOST)

The war is over

Updates to the published in 2009 introductory texts of MCEO Guardian Alliance:

1. Through the current and ongoing mechanics of the Krystal River Host FAIL-SAFE, our Aurora Earth is now a full-scale Ascension Planet, and its AL-Hum-Bhra Trans-Time Passages D-Span Gates are now, and will remain, permanently open for the next 900 years.

2. The Invisible Grid War/PlasmaWar that our Earth has been entangled within for eons, (and which reached its „0-Point Kryst Tolerance“ between 9/2000 and 8/2011 earth-time when the AL-Hum-Bhra Kryst Fail-Safe Intervention was called and progressively enacted), IS FINALLY OVER, and the Krystal River Al-Hum-Bhra Fail-Safe Host has prevailed.

3. The Planetary Templar and Gate Systems of our Aurora Ascension Earth are now under the full protectorate of the AMCC-MCEO Krystal River Fail-Safe Host, and the fallen Gate Systems of Alpha-Omega and FAtaLE are now permanently closed, blocking any further invasion from within or without by the FAtaLE and those choosing the Paths of Fall Return.

[AMCC: AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas, MCEO: Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order]

4. Over the next 900 years Aurora Earth time, our Aurora Earth will become an Intergalactic Ascension Station for many lifeforms and forms of consciousness whom will be seeking Final Kryst Host for evacuation from Toral-Rift-Falling Galaxies, such as our Milky Way Galaxy, its many Falling Solar Systems, such as our own. Many Kryst-Hosting lifeforms and consciousness will beginn visiting and incarnating on our Aurora Ascension Earth, to progressively receive the Bio-Regenesis they will need to pass through the Al-Hum-Bhra Passages into the various D-Planes „Island Ascension Plattforms“ of the Krystal River Fail-Safe Host.

5. During this period of 900 years of Aurora Ascension Earth being an Intergalactic Ascension Station, our Aurora Earth will undergo many changes, both in „coming and going“ of its life and consciousness fields, to various slow-but-progressive geological adjustments the planetary body will engage as the still current 34-Reverse same-spin-set Deathstar Merkaba Field of the NET Earth aspect of Aurora Earth progressively heals and returns to an organic Krystic Merkaba counter-spin-set.

[NET: Nibiruan Electrostatic Transduction Net]

6. The Sun of our Solar System is still Bhardoah-Transition Engaged, a slow but inevitable process that will progressively generate various changes and need for adjustments on our Aurora Earth life field.

[Bhardoah-Transition: The physical body dies and the incarnated consciousness without leaving his material vessel its immediate perceptions platform (reality field / Dimension)]

7. Between 1/3/2012 und 2047 AD, our Aurora Ascension Earth will progressively transfigure another 1/3 of its elemental-atomic-matter-base, and its freqeuncy-corresponding Kryst Hosting life and consciousness fileds, into the Eternal Life elemental-atomic Plasmas of the DhA-Yah-Tei Planes.

8. Between 2047 AD and 2912 AD the remaining 1/3 of our Aurora Ascension Earth elemental-atomic-matter-base and life and consciousness fields will transfigure into the Eternal Life elemental-atomic Plasmas of the DhA-Yah-TEi Planes, as our Aurora Ascension Earth and M31-Ascension Urtha slowly and progressively engage their own cycle of Planetary Tan-Tri-A'jha Blend, to eventually fulfill their Krystar Adashi-3 Ascension via the AMCC-MCEO Krystal River Fail-Safe Host.

[Urtha: "Trans-harmonic" M31- "HOST" -Planet our earth who would have become in an undisturbed advancement cycle after Tara / Alcyone in harmonic universe 2. The Stargates to Tara, however, are "fallen"]

9. For now, our „Life After Earth“ begins where we are, here and now, and the Beloved Eternal Kryst Guardians of the AMCC-MCEO Krystal River Fail-Safe Host will progressiviely engage subtle contact with those choosing the Krystal River Host, so they may progressively share with us the Sacred „Tan-Tri-AhUra Teachings – The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry“, through which we can grow, expand and rediscover ourselves as Eternal Life Krystic beings entrusted with Custodianship over our Beloved Aurora Ascension Earth Planetary Templar, as we all move together through the 900 years of Aurora Ascension Earth's Krystal River Fail-Safe Host.


  1. Same status & a bit more for NowTime =
    Status Update Aurora-Earth Perspective -EG 2015
    12 Stargates & Status -RMT

    OOTWX: TERRARIUM ARhAyas Ascension Earth

    or as the name for todays Usage = Authentik Earth.
    see next comment/note :RE.

  2. Q & A +quotes from Indigos group-fb names redacted.
    Q & A

    Where do people go when they die? Can they still go to Earth 6250 or 3333 ad even though 'our' Earth will stop supporting life in less than 1000 years? What determines this? What other places might they go? What about their animals? Could they still go through a stargate if they have enough frequency accretion? I want to know whatever you all know about this. What about Bardoah? etc.

    1. A:
      , this may better answer your question: Hope this helps.
      Keylontic Discourses for Daily Living – KDDL Course Series Element 1:
      Keylontic Science, the Tan-ori-A’Hura Teachings, Tan-Tri Wheel of freedom and the flow of the unfolding of the Fail Safe.
      The Integral Bridge Krystal bridge Way Carrier Wave and the Krystal River Mission
      Why is this course suitable for people of any skill and knowledge level regarding the AMCC-MCEO-GA Trasmanifestation? Everyone has 2 primary things in common.
      1. Currently we are ALL in a physical human body
      Currently we ALL reside on a planet that has engaged a Krystal River Fail Safe Host Cycle. This means that the planetary frequency spectra is now beginning to increase or “UP Shift” in very specific ways and will continue to do so over the course of the next 900 years. In response to the planetary frequency UP-shift, all biological forms will be evolving progressively to adjust to the Earth’s changing frequency. This process is referred to as EarthCync. EarthCync is a progressive process of biological Plasma Body activation that allows for progressive synchronization between the vibrational encryptions of the personal and planetary Plasma Body structures.

    2. Plasma Body activation techniques of the Krystalbridge Network work to engage Earthcync regardless of skill or knowledge level. As EarthCync progresses, the personal interagral Bridge frequency accretion allows for and amplifies personal access to progressively accelerating skill level and corresponding knowledge.
      Why is this worth learning? For EarthCycn via progressive Interagal Bridge frequency integration, (word missing?) that we may evolve with the Earth, through synchronizing personal to planetary time-wave, as Earth progresses in the Krystal River Fail-Safe Host.
      Also for theoretical trans-dimensional neurogenesis to be able to progressively consciously experience Eternal life realities in other space-time locations, planes and dimensional fields, in preparation for eventual passage there either via transfigurative transmigration bio-gate passage or conscious bhardoa gate passage. Entry (?) Voyager to Median Earth planes 2317Ad, eventually to ARI-yah Authentik-Eternal Planes of (?) Creation.
      Activation of Earth’s planetary TrU’ah Body (12/20/14) will begin triggering personal plasma activation in all bio-forms. If the genetic structure of a biological form is not capable of running plasmas due to damage to the Chismatic Template, the biological form will be unable to “ride the wave of EarthCync UP shift” with the planetary Plasma Body Progression.
      Working consciously with Proga and Plasmantik induction technologies assists and expedites the process of clearing Chismatic Template distortions, to facilitate biological harmonization with Earth’s “Up-Shifting Plasma Body activations”, hence enabling biological life-forms to engage the Krystal River Fail Safe Host.
      KDDL Element-1 Day-1 Notes 12/19/2014
      The Planetary TrhU-ah sphere Activation:
      Imbedded (?) plasma layer just outside the planetary Ludfar (Deep Aquifers) layer; can be thought of as an “invisible energy skin” surrounding and permeating water molecules, bodies of water and water vapor.
      It is a direct trans-dimensional “interplaneal” interface between Earth’s plasma body Mar-khe-tUre fields Earth’s Amenti Keylontic Light Body Fields and Earth’s water molecules. (Interplaneal means “moving between the dimensional plane sets of Internal and External Creation”.) It is composed of Tryptoplasmic plasmas (from the Middle layer of the plasma body Chismatic Field).
      When activated it allows for open frequency circulation between the planetary Internal Creation tryptonick-plasma, plasma-body anatomy (the Inner Layer of the plasma body Chismatic Field), the External Creation Keylontic Light Body anatomy and physical-atomic water molecules.
      The TrhU’ah Layer of the Plasma Body-the “TrhU’ah Body” for short:
      Embedded plasma layer just outside of the plasma body Ludfar (liquids) layer and interfacing with the biological inner fascia layer; can be thought of as an “invisible energy-skin” surrounding and permeating water molecules and water vapor in and around the body.
      Least you need to know:
      Personal and Planetary Multi dimensional Anatomy, Grids, Gates and Personal….?
      Briefing: Light body, Crystal Body, Rasha body, Spirit Body, PLASMA BODY
      Why Plasmas?

    3. Internal Creation D-Planes Spectra of the Krystal River “Fail Safe Host” must use “Plasmas”, all other structures and their frequency spectra's are external.
      Plasma Body activation techniques of Krystalbridge Network work to engage Earth Cync….
      Regardless of skill or knowledge level. As EarthCync progresses, the personal intragral Bridge frequency accretion allows for and amplifies personal access to progressively accelerating skill and corresponding knowledge.
      What are we developing skill in during this Course? Proga – “Projection Yoga” – “yoga for your mind” (theoretical neurogenesis +) Plasma body Projection for Plasmantik Induction. (also Polarity Restoration to Organic Grid Alignment).
      Why is this worth learning? For Earthcync via Progressive Integral Bridge frequency integration that we may evolve with the Earth, through Synchronizing personal to planetary time-wave, as Earth progresses in the Krystal River Fail Safe Host.
      Also for theoretical trans-dimensional neurogenesis to be able to progressively consciously experience Eternal Life realities in other space-time locations, planes and dimensional fields, in preparation for eventual passage there either via transfigurative transmigration bio-gate passage or conscious bhardoa gate passage. And “Voyages” to Median Earth planes 2317AD eventually to ARI-yah Authentik-Eternal Dha-Ya-TEI Planes internal Creation. (KDDL 2014)

  3. Q&A-2

    Authentik Earth

    per my understanding. Net Earth is on a shortcut to ascension. The long way is what you described (i.e acc&reting frequencies and moving up the density chain and adaadhi return cycles etc) and takes many eons. Earth's Density 2,3&4 are falling. Earth's Density1 freqencies (i.e Dimensions 1,2&3) are currently merging with Median Earth Frequencies. This merged earth is called the Authentik Earth aka Aurora Earth


    As we are going on an angle to internal creation instead of straight up the 5 densities of external I believe E' Asha said we we still be activating all the bodies but on the plasma level. Does this mean that all our {1728?} aspects from other time dimensions will be integrating with us and if some choose to stay in external creation we will lose that quantum of our self until it returns as space dust ? Also the matter is different on the plasma level from the light body external level and as these blend will this create a whole new matter base from the "normal" ascension process as it was stated that this is the first time this fail safe has been called in the history of this planet. Tara our parallel was in density 2 when it fell and the matter base in that density was lighter and still physical. When we ascend on a vertical to density 2 with our plasm/thru-ah body was it stated what the matter will be composed of ?
    Ari-yon is an eternal name for our planet "Earth".
    Ah-RI-Yah" (pronounced Ah-Rye-yah) is the name of the Perfect Eternal Authentik Earth. The 1st Original version of Earth in the Internal DhA-Yah-Tei Planes.
    One's Authentik Eternal Self is neither ♀ Female or Male ♂ more like ± Both is closer, although Omni-Polar would be closet to the Actuality. At least that is how I inner-Stand it.
    The consiousness expansions I mentioned previously were Density level expansions. Right now we are in density 1 (dimensions 1, 2 & 3).
    We are now on the Adashi return cycle and rapidly moving up the density levels on this different structure. This was all explained in detail in the Aug 2014 workshop smile emoticon
    From my Aug notes:
    We will now be evolving on the adashi return cycle 0.5 scale. First we will move to density 1.5 and progressively de-densify to the point of density 5.5 which is full DhA-ya-tei planes.

    Portals of Promise
    Ananda codes/awakening
    An activation cycle taking place in the planetary shields
    Also within the structure of our plasma bodies
    Runs about 3 years until aug 2017
    Brings back the violet shield over 3 years, and takes us to density 1.5 2/3'ds krystic

    So in 2017 we will be at density 1.5 and 2/3'ds of the grids Krystic... grin emoticon

  4. Q&A 2

    Hi Beloveds,

    I’ve been practicing Kathara and living the FT since approx. 2002 and am well connected to my Kristos 12D Avatar Self. At the moment I have a question – actually a 2 part question – and would be grateful for insights & info.

    The first part is: If one is in a situation, in which one knows that one will pass away soon (such as in a few minutes, hours or days), then is there something specific which one can do to prepare for a conscious death? Such as a certain psonn, a tech or visualization? (BTW – this is not for me, but something I would like to know for sure.)

    Part 2: Speaking of which: I am fully aware of our Soul Structure, the 1728 Incarnations in this Veca, the Bardoah process, also the whole thing with the platforms in the atmosphere, review zones etc. But now it seems everything is different, now that we’re in failsafe and secure here on Aurora Earth. So my question is: What is different now? Does that pre-failsafe info still apply?

    Perhaps, will the remaining incarnations be happening over the next 900 years until complete Aurora planetary integration? Or perhaps are we free to leave this planet (if we so choose), now that the planet is in failsafe? If so, then where?

    The spirit of this second question is to better understand what is happening beyond physical passing of the body. This enables a more conscious and sovereign process of bardoah. (Good to know where you’re going when you have a clear roadmap.)

    Any concrete info, quotes from FTs, or insights would be appreciated.

    Thank you and LaVas,


    + Q koen
    Questions I also asked mself. Well it is clear, everyone has its own answer, so trust your gut feeling. It was said going into the light at the end oft tunnel was not a good idea. A trap. This idea is clearly rejected by E'Asha(beloveds). Going into the light is way to go. If not you stay in your light body and lose some of your quantum, incarnation after incarnation untill there is not much left. So reuniting with your spirit identity is key. Where is it stationed, hopefully here on Authentik/Aurora earth. I feel a huge part of your questions will be answered in the upcoming courses, (AIMES course). The strange thing I find is that Earth will be cut off from its higher self, Tara, and Gaia will fall into metatronic reversal. The same goes for our higher selves. I wonder how it fits with people who have integrated parts our their selves, situated in density 2,etc.
    We do recall Speaker-1 mentioning the D-Planes, in an earlier workshop, would be brought in here and feel we are assisting The Beloved Kryst Councils through the activation and amplifcation of the Elaisa Flame (Elaisian TimeWave) within and around us. When Net-Earth Template seperates and bonds with Dn-1Median Earth and DN-1 D-Plane that would put them interfacing. Speaker-1 mentions this on one of the graphs last livestream.

    1. my A:
      i wonder how the statement re separation tara/gaia DN, fits the trinity bridge step-down (IC S8->S5->3,2,1->EC S8)aquari/aquinos) USG8/USG5 (and rest step-down), and does that imply that them would become Aurora-Tara/Gaia.. as same plasma flows.. that enables us down here the same. just a DN difference. so that remains is DN4 as that's not yet reconnected but veca is being realigned. as frequency does shift it back into alignment enabling from outwards(beyond D12) to go down, same as from USG8 it goes down and up.. (rest is still in progress so no quotes on that as its not yet written) (so it comes back to those on earth unable to.. shift(2017(seperation) their avatar will remain on phantom. ) and by than they have their own path krystic fall Whitedragon hosted. ) (so kinda yeah if one doesn't yet embody those levels DN than them will pick one of the plasma enabled regions DN single places.. to get into to get out. // so its bigger than just 1DN transformation/transfiguration.... so the internal-integral-grid will remain connected to them in begin comment i stated, but correct the (this)density/ies will seperate. (so in them other Densities its their choices to accept AH-KRP or not. and that decides their path. as its over.. done.

  5. excerpt: An important example is the report of some people who have done an August 2012 technique given by Ashayana. It is a very important technique to aid protection against attacks on our plasma body. First, I will give a little background in general terms.

    Fallen angels in our galactic systems have been overtaken by entities with advanced knowledge of plasma corruption. This extra distortion in the fallen ones increases the severity of their attacks upon the Earth and its people by spreading plasma corruption in addition to the former light body corruption. We have plasma as part of our composition.

    What is important about this plasma situation is that the fallen angelic war against us has severed main stargates on Earth that connect us to Median Earth. The Earth is a portion of Median Earth’s quanta and related energy matter. We must direct ourselves to Median Earth as our first step in the ascension process in order to avoid the potential fall of the Earth into a fully phantom system (see chapters 7 and 8, although I used the phrase Higher Earth in the first edition and clarify the planetary distinctions in the second edition). Between the Earth, Higher Earth, and Median Earth are implanted net fields that divide our current density consciousness and keep it below the 3rd dimension. We should be at the 3rd dimension as part of Median Earth, originally called Amenti Earth before its divisions. Many beneficial groups, including the MCEO-GA and their ally, the AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas (AC) who mainly operates with plasma domains, are working separately and together to ensure stable plasmic and atomic connection from Earth to Median Earth and then beyond to the original galactic material.

    To ensure our body’s compatibility with the protected plasma, and to heal potential plasmic distortions, the AC provided an hour long journey technique, called the Journey to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom, to bring into our DNA its most protected level of plasma from a very early star-planet (krystar) called the Cosminyahas in a fully eternal domain.

    People who do this technique ground these natural plasma-based crystals into our 11th dimensional chakra, a point in our body called the wing spot, and our blood crystal sac. Some people explain that they feel a burning or tingling sensation in the wing spot that corresponds to our angelic genetic template. This may or may not be a red flag, depending upon the personal ability to discern energies. The result of this technique is good, but the process of getting there can be risky due to opening up a part of the body that can identify with fallen angels.

    1. Therefore, I have a solution. After acquiring foundational knowledge about the techniques as well as sufficient personal energetic understanding [that I help explain in chapters 9 and 10 (11 in the current book)], I suggest the following actions when doing this Journey technique as well as any technique.

      First, get to a peaceful and grounded state in life-giving energy that radiates through every part of our body. We can put our intent toward pure energy as true Source or Love energy (not an entity as an angel or God character), and expand it within us. I start at my inner core between the 3rd and 4th chakras, which is the central place between our physical body’s 8 actual chakras with chakra 0 at the bottom of our feet and chakra 7 at the crown of our head. This central area is not a chakra; it contains a noticeable calm within the lower region of the breastplate through which we can easily link to true Source or Love energy and expand it from there.

      Second, push that inner energy to outside of the body, creating a transparent barrier around oneself as a shield to outside influences.

      Third, as another beneficial shield, the Eckasha Maharic Seal technique creates a pillar of 12th dimensional, hydroplasmic energy around us. The Sliders-2 technique that activates the personal krystar capsule also helps because it is an individual merkaba vehicle made of protective energy for our current density. I include both these techniques in the second edition.

      Lastly, do the desired technique while being fully conscious and connected within oneself, gauging the energy of the technique along the way.

      If we do not choose to do techniques for our human body to possibly bring it with us in the ascension process predicted but not set in stone between December 20-21, 2017 and December 21, 2022, then we can leave it behind in the death process; however, we can still potentially ascend to Median Earth as our “soul” and “spirit” as long as we have put in personal and honest effort to weed out our energetic distortions. This is why these external techniques given by entity groups are a later stage for our healing, because we must first work out our tangible inner aspects.

      If we have a difficult time with our energetic distortions, or we want to do all that we can to help our body shift to a lighter density along with the rest of us, then we can start with the Journey to the…Krystar Seed Atom technique before doing light or flame body techniques. The Eckasha Maharic Seal is technically a flame body activation technique, so it is our call whether we wish to do it first or after the Journey technique. I determine that the Maharic Seal is fine to do first because it connects us to a protected domain called an Eckasha, which precedes the Ecka.

      Overall, if we keep our intent pure, honest, and strong, this awakened awareness within us can direct us to make the right decisions.

      Note: On November 30, 2012, my mother and I did the “Journey to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom” technique. I wrote about our notable experiences and thoughts that can prove useful to weigh if you are considering doing this technique. Please read my analysis here.


    2. Journey to the…Krystar Seed Atom technique:

      I also did the January 3, 2013 “Journey to ARhAyas Island” technique but do not provide an analysis because although nice, it was not as personally profound as the prior 2012 technique.

      Eckasha Maharic Seal technique:
      (I personally visualize the fully natural galactic dimensional colors that I show in the current book’s chapters 9 and 11 to bring in the most energetic integrity.)

      Information about the kundalini Flame Body techniques:
      (The second link requires a paid subscription, but most of the definitions are free.)

      The Flame Body activation techniques:
      (It is up to the individual to do all of the flame body techniques or a few. As I stated in the beginning of this article, I omitted this list of techniques in my second edition because we can generally link to eternal energies without these smaller steps; therefore, I provide fewer but potentially more effective techniques.)