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Livia Space: AMENTI PROJECT - Mother Codes in the DNA vs 6:6:6 seed atom and death-genes, Amsterdam (Class 10)

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Kilka kolejnych wybranych fragmentow z materialu zaprezentowanego przez Ashayane na warsztacie w Amsterdamie (nov 2007), tym razem Class 10, w ktorym mowa miedzy innymi o tzw. Mother Codes in DNA, oraz jak sie ma do niego – 6:6:6 seed atom…

Which special codes are needed in the DNA that will allow, under certain conditions, the beginning of healing of this unnatural process?

(…)the process of activating the Mother Codes in the DNA, by activating the Jesheua Codes that are connected to the Codes of AquA’elle. AquA’elle was the name of Jesheua’s daughter in the 7th line, the one child of the 7th line. She was named after the matrix from which her Spirit came…


Mother Codes:

Special codes within the matriarchal DNA carried by the Mother Lines; that goes for males and females. These codes have the ability, when they are activated, to heal this unnatural energy configuration process in the gene lines. The males who are working with it can start this healing process. The Mother Codes will be activated by activating the Jesheua Codes, which are connected to the Codes of AquA’elle, Jesheua’s daughter. This activation was given in the Amsterdam workshop.

What is the development of the unnatural “Birthday Chart”?

– The death-genes kick in, which really start chemical imbalances and start to manifest themselves as cellular destruction. That happens very young, around age 11. It starts when we should be into our Soul Integration Cycle of Density 2. It creates what is called the Sextant Labyrinth, and it literally reverses the cycles partway through and never lets you make the leaps. You still get older, but you never get the frequencies of the other parts of the Light Body and the Spirit Body integrated into the physical form.
Also parts of our consciousness, our memory, is lost, because these are portions of our Memory Matrix (our Light Body and the Spirit Body structure).

So we can’t even remember who we are. That is why we feel so lost and separated, and we lost our cosmic understanding…

Why doesn’t the process work naturally, and what are the consequences?

– The process doesn’t work naturally because of certain mutations. Sperm naturally carry a Ring of 12 Shalons, Prana-Chi, inside the Geleziac radiation. The mutation takes 6 of the 12 units of Prana-Chi and reverses them—turns them into Kei—and pulls the other 6 into the core. This makes a mess and blocks the core and leaves only 6. When sperm and egg come together, even though the egg still carries the original imprint, it gets overpowered by the center. It pulls 6 of those Prana-Chi units into the center and creates a 6:6:6 configuration in the center that sets the whole mutation in motion. So the mutation starts from the beginning and is carried in the male gene line.

The 6:6:6 seed atom 

turns the natural energies and structures of the Rasha Body in on itself and hijacks the Light Body from what would be the normal Krystal Spiral of expansion, into the Golden Meanie Spiral.
This particular configuration hits right at the point in time when fetal integration would be starting and hijacks a portion of the Spirit into the body. Then it severs the connection to the Spirit Body. There are certain energies that are supposed to open the tailbone and end up in the head instead, where they literally reverse currents in the body and turn them in on themselves.
This creates, instead of the natural flow between the Rasha bodies and the Spirit Body and the growing baby body, a Tube-Torus effect or the Yin-Yang mess.
And that begins the process of the Metatronic harness, or the Bloom of Doom/Daisy of Death harness, which completely messes up the Light…

What happens in this natural process when you reach the state of an integrated Avatar?

– When the state of an integrated Avatar is reached, you would engage the KaLE-Hara and go through a natural Starfire Cycle and do the Adashi turnaround with the eternal body. The body would turn into the Hydrogeleziac state while it is going through the turnaround (reverse spin), and then it would re-solidify in the matter-base that is natural for the Adashi 1 Cycle. At the end of the Adashi 1 Cycle you would hit your BPR acceleration and then you would have the shift year. Then you’d go into the Adashi 2 Cycle, and then you’d go on into the Adashi 3 Cycle. Then you go into larger cycles, which have to do with going into cycles before going home into Source. You would first go into those larger ELum-Eiradhona Cosmic Cycles and then you would go home into Source and come back as kind of a Cosmos, as a fully Krysted Sun, a Sun in God, a flaming Sun of God.

What do you have to clear behind you before you really can raise your Eiradonis Body, and how can you clear this?

– When you start working with the Eiradonis Body, you actually bring it through from behind. Naturally you would be in complete horizontal alignment with your vector line, but because of the distortions you’re actually twisted and ―behind‖ is not behind. Your back is not facing the center; there is something like a big nasty shadow, a gaping hole that leads down into the YHWH Matrix through the Procyak Matrix.
– There are activations that the Aquafereion Shield is doing—actually the Aurora field, which is the AquA’elle Field—that actually shifts and allows the natural alignment. So you can pull the Eiradonis Body through the back like it needs to come in. And by doing that you can pull the mutation up and clear it through raising the Eiradonis Body.

How are you directly connected to the Hall of Records when you are moving through time?

– The HaRA-Krysta Chamber, The KaLE Hara Chamber and the DhaLA KaLAah Chamber are huge Krystar Vehicle Ascension Chambers. These chambers, which would run naturally, correspond directly with the 8-Cell Cluster and the 1st Cell. In the natural process you are directly connected to these because you have a small version of this inside, but you are walking around in it as well. So you have got your Hall of Records right around you as well as consolidated in a smaller version in your D1 Etheric level. Your larger one would be literally around you; you’re walking around in it, and you’re projecting energy out in front of you, and you’re bringing the energy in from behind you; this is the natural circulation. 
If you’re still moving outward in your Eckashi Cycle you’d be connected to the AdorA side through the back side, because it is behind you. You’re moving outward on your vector—it’s moving outward on its vector in the opposite way. But when you both get to the point where you hit your KaLE Cycles—the end cycles—and turn around, then you’d be coming back to face each other again.

Do you know how to raise your Eiradonis Body, and why do you have to do this?

– When you bring your Eiradonis Body up, you need to lay down to do it. The Eiradonis Body walks behind you. In order to bring the Eiradonis Body up you have to align with the HaRA Krysta Chamber, which is running vertically. You need to be lying down and horizontal in order to bring the Eiradonis up through the HaRA Krysta Chamber. If you try to bring it in while you are standing up, it will come through but it won’t pass through your own internal Seed Atom and Akashic Record in the same way. So it is important to lie down and bring it up through the HaRA Krysta Chamber from behind you. It won’t hurt you to do it if you are standing up, but it won’t connect into the core in the same way that can be used for the Resurrection Technology.

When you go fully into a Rasha Body state, which takes you into Krystar activation, the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin of your Light Body actually shifts and pulls into the Rasha state. So you get smaller and pull into the Rasha state, and do a 45-degree shift in Angular Rotation of Particle Spin in order to enter the Krystar state. Then you’d be able to manifest wherever you ended up or you’re pointing yourself by thought, and come out the other side and re-manifest yourself back out in your physical form.

Krystar Krystal Capsule:
This is your Ascension Merkaba Vehicle, which makes it possible to travel in time.

The dynamics of the emerging MCEO materials involve the reality that the detailed understanding of major topics is under continuous development; therefore, the contents, and level of detail herein, are as advanced as possible UP TO the date of the workshop recording.
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