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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Teal Scott: Psychic Vampires (How to Recognize and Protect Yourself From an Energy Vampire)

Energy vampirism is a parasitic relationship in which one person feeds off of the life force (also known as prana) of another person. These people who drain other's energy are referred to as psychic vampires. But despite this definition, it is impossible to take energy from someone else. So why does it feel possible?
In this episode Teal explains how to recognize a psychic vampire, how to prevent yourself from loosing energy as the result of one and urges us to recognize the patterns of vampirism within ourselves. Psychic vampires do not feel as if this universe is infinite. They do not feel that it is possible to get the love that they desire. They do not trust themselves to fulfill their own needs. And as a result, they believe that the only way to get what they need is to take it from others. Believe it or not, the remedy for victim and vampire is the same!
Both must realize the truth that it is impossible to take energy from someone or have your energy taken by someone. If you feel drained of energy or like you don't have enough, it is because you are not allowing yourself to think thoughts that let that energy in. Then, both need to do the following:

1. Develop Authenticity (create and find the true self).
2. Develop Autonomy and a sense of healthy self sufficiency where one feels capable of fulfilling one's own needs
3. Nurture themselves (cultivate self love).
4. Commit to their life and physical body.
5. Develop self trust (if we really trusted our own internal guidance system and our own ability to "discern" we would not worry about what other people could do to us),
6. Learn to see and expect nuances (gray areas and complexities) instead of seeing the world as black and white with villains and victims
7. Study the behaviors they want to receive from others (for example: do you want to be caressed? Appreciated? Listened to?) And practice doing those things to others.
Any thought you can think and anything you can do to help yourself feel empowered, will put you in a vibrational space beyond where you would be a match to either being a psychic vampire or being a victim to one.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Energy vampires! People you "suck" energy and how to avoid them ..

Energy vampires! People you "suck" energy and how to avoid them ..

Ενεργειακά βαμπίρ! Άνθρωποι που σου “ρουφάνε” την ενέργεια και πώς να τους αποφεύγουμε ..

Have you noticed that after meeting some people feel almost sick with no energy?
was weekend and decided with my best friend to get together at home. We would beaute! We booked a girl we had set up for a good manicure and pedicure and waits and visibly uplifting the ...

.... we had found time to devote to ourselves
It! Pleasant, smiling and it turned out that he did indeed good manicure. But talk much ... Asked everything commented everything he told us all about her personal life ... When he left, we were two rags. We had no courage to lift nor our hand. 

supposed to after care of ourselves we would feel much better and eventually ended up sick. With intense headache and fainting.
According to psychologists, there are people who come into your energy field, because they are themselves too dieidytikoi manage to get energy from you and to disrupt. 

And that's exactly what pathame noon. "There will never Again taking" informed me with a voice that barely came out of her mouth. "I am a rag. I can not move. I feel like I sucked all my energy. " Like that ..... And that's how we started to enumerate several people we socialize at times and after talking with them we felt awful. 

Maybe it's what we call evil eye? The evil eye is a kind of energy vampirism? guess. Your head hurts, you feel dizzy, you come vomiting, you can not open your eyes ... 

How do you do? Experts say it is a matter of aura, the energy field they have. Is such that it can and disrupts the energy field of others. And free completely ...
It takes you time to recover ... 

The profiles ... -They say a lot! Burrow into the personal and putting their noses everywhere-is envious and miserable-are people who rejoice in the joy of each other, but rejoice in being shuffled and mingle another. -Are people strong but negative personality. There are people who are approaching each other with love, but with envy, jealously, fraudulently, with bad interest. But surely have power personality because if they had they would not manage to disrupt the personality, balance and calm the other. 

What should I do.

If you noticed that a man in disorganizes if he sees that contact with him lets corpse you had better avoid them especially when you are not in your best clothes. When you're crap at a time when you're tired, when you're ready to get sick or do not feel good when you have problems, when a loss of your immune why not eat well, you are sure that contact with an "energy vampires" will be for you Waterloo. Too easily I'll get the last drop of energy you have. 

If you feel lousy it is the people who disrupt them avoid politely, with some justification. No need to get in touch with them to this day. 

Unlike when you're on the good and you think you can face them, it is advisable to always have in the back of your mind that it will not allow them to get inside you and your get energy. To protect yourself. When you see that in the mood to do with questions, comments, chat with them, then put your limits. Say: "I would rather not discuss it. Unless we have something nice to say then hello". Somehow this will leave and will not allow the other to throw in ....

Origal written in Greek~