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Offplanet Radio: Duncan O’Finioan – Falling Darkness – Part 1 & 2

Duncan O’Finioan – Falling Darkness – Part 1

OffPlanet Radio – 09-28-2014 – randy Maugans with Duncan O’Finioan – recorded 9-18-2014
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After over four months of absence from public view, and from his own home and safe terrain, Duncan O’Finioan returns for a briefing on the activities he has engaged with his partner, Miranda Kelly. This is part 1 of an extensive interview that covers what we can only call the “falling darkness”.
  • Pentagram Chemtrails ,Time was reset for 3 years from 2011
  •  The passing of Dave Corso – Duncan talks about Dave Corso and the falling out that resulted in the 2012 split between Duncan and Dave.
  • Ebola, inoculations—Mark of the Beast (8:45); the Armageddon Script; government tracking of people re: injections.
  • ISIS/ISIL – CIA-created terrorist cells of fulfilling prophecies in the Quran/Bible.
  • The Powers That Be control outcomes based on so-called prophecies; Zionism, Synagogue of Satan
  • “…coming to a head…” This darkness, deep and widespread.
  •  Duncan: “I’m not the same person I was…”
  •  The controllers taking control of the land; the land going “dark”
  •  darkness soaking into the earth. Desolation.
  • 1Mt. Shasta visitation: The darkness is more than the spirits can push back…spreading darkness…20:00 – Darkness confronted by light
  • 23:00 – Only people can change the planet…the darkness is winning. CERN is still green-lighted
  •  Time loops, time speeding up; time “feels wrong”. Time was reset three years; reset over.
  • 35:00 – The 2012 scenario: 2-3% change in human behavior;  What/who caused the the time reset. The Gray Walkers reset after attempts by cabal to escalate prematurely.
  •  Removal of the Restrainer—all limits are off. Dark//light white/black…heightened contrast.
  •  This cycle will end; civilization will be rebuilt.
  •  The past 3 years have been a standstill period, relatively.
  • (NOTE: after this interview was recorded The US began an invasion of Syria, supposedly to stem “ISIS”)
  •  Earthquakes again stepping up.
  • Astrology and black magic rising.
  •  Angels, demonics, fallen angels and the real source of evil; the electronosphere: internet/wifi/EMF affects on the human physiology and subliminal implants.
  • 1:15:00 – The Plan is generational and multi-level. “They” are NOT stupid.
  • The NEED for humans to get back to basic state of love and not surrender to the cabal’s plans to make us all “dark”…and more (listen carefully)
“Broken Voice Prayers” – Ceremony Of Darkness

Duncan O’Finioan – Falling Darkness – Part 2: Wars of the Gods

Duncan O’Finioan – Falling Darkness – Part 2: Wars of the Gods
OffPlanet Radio – 09-28-2014 – randy Maugans with Duncan O’Finioan – recorded 9-18-2014
Part 1: Falling Darkness
Previous interviews

Part 2 of the interview is an extended conversation, casual but with some points that get developed as we went along.
Topics include:
  • Update on Miranda and the “work schedule”, more missions, pushing back the darkness and getting stronger with each job
  • 4:00 – The back story on Azazel and the war in heaven; Azazel a badass. Angels not fluffy; Azazel is attached to CERN! (first time for that!); Beelzebub: The Lord of the Flies; loosing of the Watcher angels: a choice to return to 1st estate, or stay and fight;
  • 8:00 – The inside scoop: angels loosed and lining up on side; ancient gods returning. Ragnarök- end of the age; part of ongoing battles—as above, so below.ök ; the Odin/Thor mythology-the metaphor for the angelic wars
  • After CERN—go home and fight another war. Other worlds, planets, realms-9 parallel worlds; Earth is the jump point for the other worlds. CERN is the gate to connect “hell and heaven”; (ref: see the 1st Avengers film).
  • The limitations of the physical self and “battlefield humor”.
  • 19:00 – we are defined by our actions
  • A brief detour into a discussion on Guinness, beer, liquor, and spirits; Meade and ceremonial drinks; healing properties of meade
  • Where does our food come from? GMOs and modification of humans
  • 30:00 – Ultimately the planet —- and us — will need to be reconstituted; the onslaught of strange diseases: an attack on the activation, or reactivation, of so-called “junk” DNA—“ascension”. The “god factor”.
  • Passivity and hypnosis through media saturation and energy pollution; “jacked-in” and detached from the environment.
  • 37:00 – A possible new book series from D&M: a novel teaching series
  • 40:00 – Demonics vampires and werewolves; ghosts and releasing spirits;
  • 42:00 – Species of vampires: Reds, Whites, and Blacks— and people who ARE vamps!
  • 47:00 – Grimms’ fairy tales and the existence of gnomes, trolls, werewolves; wraiths, shadow entities; “the shadow within the shadow”
  • 51:00 – Respect to entities (opponents, enemies).
  • 53:00 – The 1st rule of the warrior: respect your enemy. Better to die tan to be taken over. People who have been consumed by the darkness the yset out to battle. Despising vs. respecting adversaries.
  • 57:00 – Pop culture of making “nice” with dark entities
  • 59:00 – Mass stupidity!
  • 1:00:00 – Moving ahead of perceptual time, presence of mind; precognition and awareness slightly “ahead of the clock”
  • Return to the old ways: shamans and connection to the natural world. Not “plugged-in” to the electrosphere;
  • The battle of the One: one person changing is a “win”; as we extend ourselves we are met by forces of both light and dark.
“Wake Up”  - Liquid Rainbow

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Energetic Synthesis - Quantum of Light - Newsletter September

September 2014
Quantum of Light
Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

For many years the Omniversal Family Tree of Krystal Star known as the Guardians, have been relaying a wide array of information about the Ascension process that our planet and human bodies undergo at the end of an Astrological Age. We are moving into another interval of the higher octave through the bifurcation of time fields, which results in the phenomena of timeline collapse. For many, this manifests as a bookend to delineate the ending of the past, such as ancestral patterns and forces many of us to undergo a resetting of our inner foundation and way of life. These phases of timeline collapse generally bring with them many levels of exit points, resetting, ego dismantling in order to extract the false and reinstate a more accurate and progressive direction for the Soul. We must progress towards group consciousness and being of service to the whole. For those unaware of Ascension, the uninitiated or uninformed; this time can be confusing and painful to navigate. 
Currently, little is understood about the consciousness evolution process nor allowed in the mainstream to bring this topic into greater credibility, thus visibility to the masses.

At the end of the Precession of Equinoxes, we align to the galactic core; Stargate portals open, and we are eligible to proceed with an Ascension timeline, the beginning of the next grand cycle. This propels us into the potential future timelines in higher octave systems that far exceed the current state of collective planetary consciousness. To access the higher future potentials there are also destructive timelines and probabilities that must come to an end or collapse.  When humanity refers to the past or future, it actually is referring to a particular sub frequency along the space/time continuum. So when we clear a past trauma event in time, we generally are clearing blocked sub frequencies that were located in our chakra system and lightbody (and the planetary body).

For those of us that came from the future time and remember those potentials of consciousness freedom, this alignment in the Galactic core is experienced with great celebration and relief. However, the compassion for the plight on earth has brought many of us here in the Ascension timeline from other galaxies to help this planet's re-education process to heal and evolve beyond war and enslavement (there are more than 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe).

Quantum Mechanics is Ascension Math

Ascension is the complex quantum mechanics governing the movement of consciousness or intelligent energy throughout time and space, in the past, present and future timelines. To more deeply explore and comprehend what the Ascension Cycle and its impact means to the planet and humanity, one would need to have a deeper understanding of Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Theory and Ascension Theory are deeply enmeshed and interrelated; both are heavily disputed and ridiculed in current mainstream sciences.

Quantum Mechanics is a branch of physics which deals with physical phenomena or "quantum" energy at the atomic and subatomic levels, providing a mathematical description of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions between energy and matter. In physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. Quantum is used to describe the fundamental framework for understanding how the Universe works at the smallest scales of energy units.

At the center of Quantum Mechanics is the Planck-Einstein relation. Planck-Einstein's energy–frequency relation relates the energy of a photon, the Quantum of Light, to its electromagnetic wave and rate of frequency. Essentially, this formula quantifies the energy property of matter and its direct interrelationship with frequency and wavelength. This provides the framework for constructing quantum mechanical models at subatomic levels, which mathematically quantify the existence of multiple dimensions in time.

Transferring and Converting Energy

In physics, energy is a property of objects that is transferable in certain fundamental interactions. Energy in objects can be converted in form and transferred, but ultimately not created or destroyed. When we apply quantum understanding, we start to apply the mathematical laws based on potential energy transference made through multiple dimensions in time. To clarify this point, accessing one's consciousness impacts the transference and/or conversion of light energy throughout multiple timelines.

Therefore the properties of energy, in its variety of forms, whether visible or non-visible, directly impact the scale of different qualities of consciousness (spiritual bodies) and light energy transference throughout multiple dimensions. Each dimension and its timeline is composed of subatomic particles of light moving at different frequencies and wavelengths. For example, the chakras work like magnetic devices in these multiple dimensions and they automatically attract the densest electromagnetic energy in their spectrum of light energy from that dimension. When we focus on our chakras we can help to convert these denser energies and intentionally transmute them with the higher light frequencies of our inner Christ spirit.

This means that all light energy properties have potential interactions that control the movement of energy, from place to place, thus adjusting qualities of energy-frequency in matter for the past, present and future. As we make the choice to participate with our light energy transference in whatever location in time, this directly impacts our consciousness evolution in every dimension. Our choices from moment to moment contain the energetic probability to either heal or harm our lightbody. This illustrates the energetic-frequency impact upon all living things based upon the choices of personal and collective consciousness which exist within multiple dimensions and multiple timelines, simultaneously.

Consequently, this also directly impacts the scale of different rates of intelligence and sentience operating within in a form or body in multiple dimensions. So it is accurate to say that Consciousness and its rate of intelligence can be converted in scale or transferred in form across time and space, but ultimately not created or destroyed. By recognizing that our Soul and layers of Spiritual Bodies are states of consciousness and light energy-frequency, and not religious dogma, we begin to see the scientific probability of the Soul. Our Soul exists in another dimension of time and space, until we choose to bring it here and embody its spectrum of light. One question to ask is what quality of energy-frequency are the Soul or Spiritual bodies? Can one attune one's mind and body to that specific energy-frequency in future time and what happens when you do? Is this energy-frequency measurable in result or resonance?

Consciousness is intelligent energy which can be expanded and directed by focused awarenessindependent of time, upon the radiant energy of the Spiritual Bodies through their Quantum of Light. To physically interact with another dimension, the frequency of one's consciousness needs to be aligned to that dimension.

Expanding Consciousness is Light Transference

When we address Light as radiant energy-frequency it becomes clearer that Quantum of Light is the Universe's way of transferring packets of intelligent energy into consciousness throughout time and space. Those packets of intelligent light energy-frequency are also called light symbol codes or DNA fire letters. These light codes are delivered to the planet and to a human body through energy-frequency current which is called Kundalini.

There is planetary Kundalini which is directly interfaced with the human body Kundalini which is located in the tailbone. The Kundalini and light codes received through the chakra system is absorbed into a form-holding blueprint (that is our 12 Tree Grid) and that stores information for how that "form" of new consciousness energy will manifest. The blueprint re-arranges itself in the Lightbody to align to the newly received templates of consciousness light and sound. This occurs at a microcosmic or personal human body level and the macrocosmic level of the planet, through the Solar System and Cosmos, and is a part of the Quantum Mechanics of all creation.
Image by P. Goldenlotus
Time Matrix Frequency Bands
Consciousness and matter are both forms of energy-frequency. What we think and how we feel generates electrical impulses, which travel from the Central Nervous System, the brain receivers and down through the spinal column and radiate from the chakras. The quality of that electrical energy governs the electromagnetic functioning of the chakras, which influences the overall frequency of one's lightbody. Personal consciousness is the sum total of all of one's thoughts, emotions, intelligence, beliefs, and attitudes as an energy-frequency. Personal consciousness originates as brain wave energy and the lightbody is energy-frequency, both forms of energy-frequency are intimately interconnected and influence each other. The generated frequencies are either positive or negative until synthesized. Chakra blockages are directly caused from the exchange of energy transmitted by one's consciousness or artificial structures or oppressions. This process is energy transference, which refers to the exchange or transfer of light energy between the physical body and the Lightbody.

Different colors of light, different energy-frequencies of light all create different properties of electromagnetic radiation waves and different amounts of radiant energy that interact with the Quantum of Light. Light with a lower energy-frequency will have a longer electromagnetic wavelength. The rate of frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional to each other. This means that as one increases, the other decreases and vice-a-versa. The product between the rate of frequency and its proportional wavelength is the measurement of the speed of light through space/time. This means that energy-frequency, wavelengths, oscillation of light are interdependent on each other in order to increase or decrease their properties existing within every object, body or creation.

As light travels in waves and bounces off an object; this is called reflection.  When light travels and bounces off a human being, the impact of these forces upon one's energetic body and how they resonate with the fundamental frequency of one's being is called, the Law of Resonance. How these forces of light resonate with the human energy field, as they are either compatible or not, will impact how that light code will refract through the internal DNA lens. The internal DNA lens, the state of the internal structure of lightbody, will dictate what experience the person will have when in exposure to the ranges of energetic-frequency (Spectrum of Light). As a person meditates on inner stillness and intends to remove artificial machinery and clear the mental and emotional body from conflict, the internal energies and chakras become more transparent and balanced. More transparency and energetic balance allows a higher capacity to resonate and thus, reflect higher energy-frequencies of the light source.

Light waves also bend and refract; this happens when the light waves are bent as they pass through a transparent object. The lens in a pair of eye glasses helps people see more clearly by bending the light rays to help the person's eye adjust reflected images at a distance, close up or far away.

Holographic Light Projector

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The Interdimensional News: September - Energy Update


Energy Update

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I really do not know to put this the best way. What I will share here has been there all the time – it is simply a matter of perspective. There are some good things in this and there are some bad things that need to be taken very seriously.
The good news is that after the 2000-2012 timeframe the whole planetary system, i.e. our solar system, was reconnected to the galactic core and thus is starting to evolve as a whole scheme back into the overall cosmic evolution, creating the energetic need for the outer domains to readjust and realign with the core of this galaxy. This also has opened up to the galactic communities and a lot of help is flowing our way.
The bad news is that in the realigning all that we know and are used to understand as our reality will slowly but surely cease to exist. Why is that?
First of all I am being able to see the whole planetary field from different angles. I use remote viewing and what I see is not nice. In the lowest dimensions, that is the real OD3 reality field beneath the EARTH program, is in a very bad shape. Actually such a bad shape that if we were not connected to the galactic core, we would go into a lone star fall right now. The real OD3 energy field is depleted and has been maltreated by the different races visiting the program and having camped “outside” our holographic reality, as in “us within the EARTH program”. Many of those lesser evolved races have left now and given over the real OD3 field to its own destiny. To put it directly: If there at all were such a thing as mother Earth as a spiritual entity, she would have left long ago, casting off that outworn body being all eaten up by the elementals (in this case all off-planetary and planetary hominid lifeforms), just like we cast off the energy system we see as a body when it is going into the mode of exhaustion and decay.
As the real dynamics are, the template of our OD3 reality field (the real mother earth) has been depleted and misused. When a template gets to such a state of depletion two things happens:
1) It initiates what is called the fall mechanisms. The fall mechanisms are a sort of last attempt to save and adjust the template back to its initial settings by reattaching it to the galactic core. As the energies of the galactic core start to merge with the template the process of restoring the template back to its initial settings begins as well. If this cannot unfold the template goes into lone star fall, i.e. enters the fall domains (the FDs). Now luckily our OD3 template could get connected and so could the rest of our solar system, so we are in the process of realigning with the galactic core.
2) When this happens all that has been encoded, done and unfolded on this template will be overwritten, erased and set back to its original point zero state! You get the picture here?
The real OD3 reality field has initiated the fall mechanisms. This was the 2000-2012 event and it succeeded. So as such our reality field is turning into an ascension system, if we could call it that, adjusting to the galactic core, raising the vibration and all that is on the planet along with it from within. The problem is that most of the lifeforms in this reality field has not activated their own 8D galactic core consciousness as in being able to reconnect to the core themselves and then being able to follow the inner influx of core energy into the individual energy systems, as in our bodies. And such a system would be seen from the overwriting energies point of view as depleted energy to be removed.
Now the effects of this are starting to surface as in the process of resetting the initial coding of the planetary template and multiple things have happened and will happen.
1) Setting the overall timelines back to the 2009 timelines was an attempt to undo certain sub-timelines that had been created by the factions wanting to take the EARTH program from the Controllers. These factions used the 2000-2012 resetting process[1] to activate other agendas. They did not succeed in pulling our reality field into, or connect to other dimensions but they did manage to gather high levels of quanta directing the timelines - as in the future scenario of this OD3 reality field - into other directions than the wanted one seen from the point of view of the Controllers. By setting back the timelines, many of these timelines have been emptied out of energy since they were not that strong back in 2009. 2009 was chosen as the point in time and space when certain things could be undone without altering too much in the EARTH program settings, as in changing what we see and perceive as reality too much.
2) The activation of these timelines has set back the overall level of energy in the EARTH program, detaching it further from the real OD3 reality field beneath because A) the built up quanta from the other factions is now gone leaving the EARTH program in an even worse state of lack of real energy (EMF is not real energy, it is an artificial construction) and B) the realigning process of the OD3 field beneath is creating a huge gap between the lower D2.5 energies of the program and the elevating core energies undoing all what has been made and done to keep the electromagnetic holograms of EARTH working. In other words; the crystals used to control the EARTH program are realigning with the core energies and the real networks of consciousness are altering all EMF into the real type of energy that the energetic gridworks behind the overall creation is made of, i.e. vibration and radiation.
3) The resetting to the galactic core is causing what is called division of timelines (bifurcation) within the program. This means that the ones being able to reattach to their core consciousness level will be elevated along with the resetting, getting directions from within on how to adjust to the selfhealing of the template, we actually get our own core energy from, whereas the ones not being able to reconnect will start the process of entropy, to use the best term of a system of order turning into chaos simply because there is no energy to sustain the system any longer.
4) The EARTH program is starting to disintegrate in areas with many humans, pulling energy from a program that is not sustained any longer.
When you see things in this light (I have known it for a while, but I didn’t want to look directly at it) the interview with the Alcyone-Pleiadian and the Arcturian makes more sense. Read it here…
You see, when fall mechanisms are initiated, it also opens up to the rest of the still going strong communities and they are coming in. I call them the new wave of consciousness of the 3rd wave, but in fact they are the rebuilders, helping the True Government and the Controllers to rebuild the real OD3 reality field, and perhaps adjust the EARTH program into more acceptable settings, seen in the eyes of the galactic communities.
The raiding of MD genetics that has occurred in the last months or so is to be seen in this light as well. We have to understand the division of areas, the internal fighting amongst the Controllers, the takeover of human bodies and the gathering of assets from the races leaving our reality field in this light as well. The gathering happened because they did not want to participate in the rebuilding process and thus pulled out their genetics. Many are leaving these days (there is a feeling of evacuation in the OD3 field) and letting the OD3 areas to the rebuilders and the Controllers that have stayed behind. Whatever has been the purpose and idea of this reality field is all about to change.
We are now fully connected to the stellar communities, being here to rebuild this reality field, some in collaboration with the other communities of the overall galactic communities, such as the IPHS, and others in collaboration with the Controllers, but at the end of the day we are all facing some bumpy times ahead as the OD3 field aligns further, the EARTH program continues to decay and dissolve, being turned back into energy of vibration and radiation, and the hard times we are to face as the ground of reality will shift beneath our feet with or without our consent.
How does this affect the Restoration Program?
A month ago I felt the pulling away of the Teachers behind the program. This was only a temporary condition because I had to work on integrating my walk-in and elevate to the next level in my field of consciousness. I did not know that at the time, because I always get the sort of all or nothing instructions, simply because my human brain is not able to work multidimensionally yet. I am working on this as I move from the MD4 mind-field into the true human template, with its 5 auric fields. This is the next level of my journey and I have started this work, writing on a new book as we speak along with the energy work needed to get to the core consciousness level.
The Restoration Program is a very important factor in the resetting process because:
1) All the energy work listed in the Handbook is the energy work we need to do to let go of the OD3 chakra system. It is important to understand the vital significance of getting out of this energy system, more correctly leaving it dormant and cleansed since we cannot get rid of it because it controls our EMF body, and letting the MD4 mind-field take over instead. We need to do that because the OD3 chakra system is linking us to the decaying EARTH program and if we are not freed of it, we will decay along with the program. How long it will take before the EARTH program dissolves in full is uncertain. The more that reconnects to the MD4 mind-field or their true human template, the more we will slow the process down being the carriers of energy instead of the program.
Use the creative mediation in the Panergeia Series to detach you from the crystals running the program and do the exercises I did back then as recorded in the Panergeia Series. Some of what I saw, i.e. the cosmology, is full of glamour, that is my mind not being able to see things clearly, but the exercises I was shown and did with my helpers are important and you should do them too.
2) We need to activate the MD4 mind-field to be able to go to the true human core consciousness template, at least the ones having been here for eons. The hybrids and walk-ins do not need the MD4 mind-field since they are connected to another type of template.
I will dedicate my work in the upcoming times to create what we need to reconnect to the core etc. And you should work consciously on getting inner information and help from your stellar families on how to best accommodate the changes we face in the years to come.
But you should also be aware of that 
  • The Panergeia Series help you out as a mind-field, that is as an non-activated MD4 mind-field being nothing more than coding or the dormant MD genetics.
  • The Restoration Program will lead you to the restoration areas after death where you will restore your light body. It is aimed at “what you are after this” and not the full transformation in this lifetime.
  • The next level, I am working on, is aimed at waking up fast and to reconnect to the galactic core. This will delete all you know to be you, along with all you have dearly. So this is not for the ones wanting to keep the EARTH program humanity.
All in all my work is starting to evolve synergy and I see my work in its correct perspective and the different levels it expresses to help and assist the ones being willingto do the work from within, taking control over their own MD genetics and realign on their own with the galactic core to ensure their cosmic survival to be frank.

[1] This has been called the stellar activation cycle and it is. If you look at it from one perspective this is forced on ascension mechanisms to a system that holds to high levels of depleted lifeforms, so the systems initiate a selfhealing process to ensure the other reality fields connected to the overall system. What I have seen as the other systems moving to the next level of the cosmic evolutionary step can just as well be seen as that fact that when our reality field starts to fall into the fall domains, the rest of the systems seem to elevate.