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Ascension Whispers: I AM Love

I AM Love

World change is imminent even though it will take time to see the positive changes begin to appear within the hologram. It is important for those who are able to try to retain awareness that it is all a hologram which the masses are co-creating via the thoughts and beliefs they hold.

As the higher energy of Source continues to flow unto the planet the people of Earth will increasingly become aware of the level of control they have been held within for thousands of years. Awareness of the level of control will be shocking for many and this is already being reflected within news reports of exposed corruption within systems people have believed and followed all of their lives.

For many, the changes that will continue to unfold will be life shattering as their core beliefs are shaken to the ground and their emotions will be the hardest hit. Imagine living your life to adhere to an ancient, dictated belief system to wake up one day and realize things are not at all what you thought they were.
People “need” to believe in something; they need to believe even if it is a false belief and belief systems are necessary to allow some form of balance within the planetary system. As healing continues for Earth, more and more people will begin to replace the beliefs they hold that no longer support their needs with new beliefs. Ancient beliefs will continue to come under question and rock many strong foundations.

For those who can hear the message and retain focus of their personal relationship with Source on a daily basis, they will be able to generate a powerful wave of Source energy that will work as a support blanket for those who cannot yet do so.

Love is and will eternally be the strongest energy of Source! There are many qualities of expression that are held within the energy of love but love will always be at the top of the list of all sub heading qualities.
The people of Earth have been “forced” to war against each other for thousands of years falsely “in the name of God” and such remains even today as people around the planet continue to kill each other in the name of their belief system. It is important to remember that “everyone is correct” in whatever they choose to believe as doing so is the only way to stop the fighting because someone thinks they are right and need to make another wrong in order to prove it.

The ancient belief systems still held in place by the largest percentage of the population, regardless how they differ, ALL originate from pre-ancient times and from ONE power source that fed the people of Earth the beliefs that was desired they believe. Via force and control of the planetary natural resources, the power elite have managed to maintain control of the masses and the script that is playing out is the exact same script that has been playing over for thousands of years.

There have been many people that have talked about “Atlantis Rising” and most of those people have thought that means that the lost city of Atlantis would be discovered or even perhaps rise up from an ocean grave. This is an example how thought concepts are quickly adopted by people as literal meaning.
The concept of Atlantis Rising is not a literal physical event in such terms but is a literal event as far as history trying to repeat itself. The Atlantian script has already been re-written and is not playing out the way that it did 26,000 years ago but some of that script will play out via the same “players” who played it out during the Atlantian cycle. Players that still desire world control, which actually means control of the planets energy system. They will not be successful in accomplishing such but they will continue to try until they have dropped the body and exited the hologram.

As change continues and systems continue a steady decline it is important for those who are awake and aware of the larger picture to remember they ARE the script writers who are writing the new script that will run along side of the ancient script that is losing strength. Change can be hard for anyone, awake or asleep, but change can be more comfortable if retention of the desired goal into higher consciousness and balance can remain at the forefront of focus.

Every life from on the planet has free will to choose as they desire and embodying the ability to allow all choices requires daily practice and can only be achieved by retaining focus of the personal connection and relationship with Source.

The people of Earth who are awake and aware of the higher truth of healing are the pioneers who are incarnate to be the Pillars of Source energy and hold open the ability to be the Pillars of Light that will shine forth the way for the many. They are the ones who are “able” to focus on the higher light of Source and simply “stand” and allow the love of Source to shine forth for anyone who requires it to be able to receive it; the forebears of truth and love unto the masses.

Do not allow yourself to focus on the distorted script and any drama that plays out within it but simply be aware of what is going on within the hologram while retaining focus of the balanced hologram you envision. Doing so will allow the changes to be much more gentle than if no one was on planet to assist Source with that effort.

If you encounter those who feel their world is falling apart because their belief systems are crumbling, simply offer them comfort, love and understanding and if they are willing offer them what you hold as truth of creation and your personal relationship with Source while striving to honor their beliefs. The energy that you gift to them can be like a life line that allows them to be held up while they readjust to the changes in their lives.

When the Earth life and the Earth drama are all said and done the only thing that will have mattered is Love and how each life form honored each other through love. All of the material things will have vanished and no longer exist and it will be remembered that they were all simply props within a play.

If we choose to use our energy wisely and make a stand for balance and healing where we can without allowing our emotions to push without thinking into hasty decisions then the changes will occur in a much more balanced fashion. Change is inevitable so we might as well remember how to allow the change instead of trying to drive it before it is able to manifest.

If you desire, you could use the above image within your meditations – visualizations to collectively co-create a sphere of intent that holds the planet.

Loving Joy, AW

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lisa Renee: What are Fallen Angels? + Strong Moral Character

What are Fallen Angels?

The main classifications of Impostor Spirits that exist in the Interdimensional spaces (In-between spaces) are of Luciferian (False light, False Father) or Satanic classes (Elemental Matter forces, False Mother). These impostor spirits are also called Demons or Fallen Angelics and are extremely ancient beings.

Many people are confused about the nature of “demons” and reject the idea completely due to the superstitious fear, guilt and shame overlays that have been implanted by the False Father religions. However, it is the pathway to wisdom to begin to understand and accept as a part of the creation of planet earth, that they do indeed exist. They exist in a way that is not clearly understood by the masses as a “collective consciousness”. It is important to have healthy respect for these levels of being, and at the same time, to not be ignorant and in fear of the power they have collected on the material earth plane. The power they have amassed is due to the human population remaining in the dark consciousness of deception and illusion where they are not made aware that their own body acts as a vessel for these impostor spirits. When a person allows themselves to be used as a spiritually abusive vessel of negative emotions, (See AD Behaviors) they spread the collective consciousness of that particular negative emotion and/or its demonic presence. This is especially so when they have no self-awareness and are not self-responsible and in command of their personal thoughts, emotions or energies.

As an example, when a person is overcome with carnal desires and is unable to determine that these negative addictions and emotions are spiritually abusive to themselves and others, they become a vessel for such impostor spirit that holds the vibrational match to that negative emotion.  The more mentally fixated and obsessed a human being is about a type of negative energetic signature, the more disfigured and grotesque their lightbody becomes, which attracts demonic presence. When this is not corrected the person descends into insanity and loses energetic and mental cohesion.  The demonic presence will amplify the negative emotion and connect to the collective consciousness of that quality of vibration in the earth plane. So that the person who is “hooked into” the mass consciousness may become so addicted and obsessed they cannot stop the mental looping without a huge personal effort and spiritual devotion to Christ.

Since last year the Fallen Seraphim or Demonic presence of Leviathan has surfaced into the earth fields at unprecedented rate. The Leviathan is the gatekeeper of a legion of entities that feed into its collective consciousness power on the earth. One such “sub-entity” of Leviathans force is the Baphomet. When people call upon Baphomet they are feeding into the Leviathan Fallen Angelic entity.  Additionally, the Fallen Angelics are manipulated by the Negative Alien Agenda, and are abused by extradimensional entities that use these earthly based forces for their agenda. Leviathan is a popular demonic for the NAA to abuse on the earth because its main source of collective vibration makes up the base carnal desires of envy, jealousy, coveting and lust. So the manipulation of the Leviathan forces on the earth, through the NAA entities, yields a tremendous amount of energy based on these collective forces. Many human beings on earth feed into this force when they “covet” a person, place or thing without their personal awareness of what they are creating when they do so.
Coveting is many times mistaken by disconnected and confused people who are desperately looking for their purpose and fulfillment in life. They look at what another person has achieved or has (such as a wife or house) and mistake that set of circumstances for their own meaning and purpose in life. This is wrong and convoluted thinking as one never achieves peace in their heart by making comparisons to other people.  Coveting when not corrected by clear thinking, evolves into cheating and stealing. As many people delude themselves to think if they just “achieve this” or “get that” somehow, they too will become happy and fulfilled in their life.

Nothing is further than the truth.
This is why it is very important as a Krystal being on this earth to be fearless in the face of Demonics and to understand them for their purpose with the earth. To understand how they work is to have the power to not feed into the negative forces that manipulate humans or these Fallen Angelic groups. Only the Spirits of Peace, the Spirits of Christos can liberate humanity from the clutches of these negative emotions and perpetuating negative mental states which lead to demonic posession. These psycho-emotional levels are states of low consciousness that can feed “demons” and the Fallen Angelics, as well as serve the agenda of the NAA.

Now is the time to release fear and accept the wisdom that can be learned from the Fallen Angelics or demons in the earth. The Krystal Star has returned to liberate and eventually free these beings from the tour of duty on earth, and to eliminate the continual abuse these beings have endured. Alistair Crowley, a NAA contactee, was one such abuser whom called upon demons to be bound to do his personal biddings and serve his every whim. He manipulated Solomon Keys and Gnosticism to his own brand of ritual called Thelema. This is not their purpose to be commanded into enslavement to do one's bidding, they should be honored for their role with the earth and not feared. These groups have been just as enslaved as humanity on the earth, as the NAA has thrown the balance of the planet into a collective field of Satanism, and this was not the intention of any of these forces.

What are Fallen Angels or Demons?
Demons or Fallen Angelics are a part of the human and nonhuman collective consciousness on the earth and exist as energetic interplay between human beings that were designed to manifest the required polarities that are necessary for manifestation in the material realms. In this density of the earth counterbalance points were required for the evolutionary process of “synthesis of these main polarities” through the three main sets of forces.

Demons, are a part of the impostor spirits, may have been either a human, or non-human, also comprise those separated from their souls, or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a human body.  

Demons may be regarded as material corporeal beings, as they are lower spirit beings, which are not inspirited by the breath of God, nor exist in the higher celestial realms.

Humans and nonhumans can conjure these spirits and then become possessed by them and their material or negative nature, especially if they are not mentally clear and emotionally balanced.

First Hierarchy: Fallen Angelics, Fallen Seraphim, depending on their male and female spirit essence, defines their class as false light of the Father (Lucifer), or the material elemental forces that came out of the Mothers earthly body, the False or Dark Mother which is Satanism.
The Four Main Realms of the Fallen Angelics in the First Hierarchy are: Satan/Lucifer, Leviathan/Belial

They each counterbalance to a male and female principle energy aspect in their realm.
They have a main collective energy field they command as group consciousness and related entities in the Predator realm that exits in the material world of forces.
Satan- Anger/Wrath

Lucifer –Pride/Entitlement

Leviathan – Envy/Jealousy/Covet

Belial –Liar/Corrupt

Second Hierarchy:  Fallen Angelic hierarchies which descend in order of Fallen Seraphim to Cherubim, Thrones and Powers. The entity is the gatekeeper to that realm of consciousness and its entities (both human and nonhuman) that are consumed by its negative thoughtform vibration.
Mammon: greed/avarice

Asmoday/Baphomet: lust/addiction     

Beelzebub: gluttony/waste   

Baalpeor: laziness/discouragement

Third Hierarchy: Human Souls in the process of earthly reincarnation cycles that have digressed in to Geni or Jin which is a shadow creature, no longer human, it retains a counterbalance in the higher spirit realms of which it has been disconnected, from its Soul matrix.

Includes: The Human Beings Ancestral or Family of Origin Spirit - The most troublesome ancestral spirit is the souls of those who have committed suicide or died a violent death; the unburied, or restless and dissatisfied spirits. These are beings that cannot be reborn into reincarnation and have been severed from their soul extension community.

Includes Human Souls that consecrated and dedicated their life force/soul to a False God or Impostor Spirit or Demon, in a previous lifetime, in past, present or future, usually for personal gain or access to some power in the material world. This also can be influenced by an ancestral spirit, someone in the ancestral biological family line who is manipulating negative form of that unaware human being.

Includes Human Souls that have died violently or hold strong obsessions from lack of completion in trauma to the being, and are ghostly spirit disconnected from its eternal soul, they exist in a type of purgatory in the in-between worlds with the demon spirit classes. They have been extremely corrupted, compulsive, deceitful, jealous or greedy people in a previous life. As a result of their imbalanced karma, they are afflicted with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance or object. This is comparable to a Hungry Ghost, a spirit who suffers and roams the world as it cannot find peace or absolution to its conflicts.

Excludes Human Souls incarnated into another realm, planet or Universe.
There is no harmony or agreement, of sound or any other kind, between Christ and Impostor spirits. Christ is the Truth personified, while the Impostor Spirits are liars and deceivers.
Once a person is dedicated to Christ, one may gain command of Impostor Spirits in his own mental universe, and is capable to remove their negative influence from his life.
Calling upon the Spirits of Christos to replace these Impostor Spirits and their negative mental thoughtforms is the key to peace and liberation.

The Spirits of Christ
1. Purity 2. Generosity 3. Patience 4. Kindness 5. Discipline/Conservation 6. Diligence 7. Humility
  • Dismantle the House of Lust/Addiction: Evict the Spirit of Lust and Addiction, Call in the Spirit of Purity. Ask God to help you build the House of Purity and live with sexual ethics in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Wrath/Rage: Evict the Spirit of Wrath and Rage, Call in the Spirit of Patience. Ask God to help you build the House of Patience in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Greed/Avarice: Evict the Spirit of Greed and Call in the Spirit of Generosity. Ask God to help you build the House of Generosity in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Envy/Jealousy: Evict the Spirit of Envy and Jealousy and Call in the Spirit of Kindness. Ask God to help you build the House of Kindness in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Gluttony/Waste: Evict the Spirit of Gluttony and Waste and Call in the Spirit of Discipline and Conservation. Ask God to help you build the House of Discipline and Conservation in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Laziness/Discouragement: Evict the Spirit of Laziness and Discouragement and Call in the Spirit of Diligence. Ask God to help you build the House of Diligence in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
  • Dismantle the House of Pride/Self Importance: Evict the Spirit of Pride and Self Importance and Call in the Spirit of Humility. Ask God to help you build the House of Humility in your mind and body aligned with Christ Spirit.
Blessings to all for a peaceful and loving heart,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hilarion as channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, 2-23-14 to 3-2-14… “The End of The Secret Harvesting of Energy From Humanity”


20140225-032119.jpgThis fits in very harmoniously with the last KP blog post, about “what I’m sensing”. The energies of the planet (and that includes US) are not supporting the “harvesting” of energies anymore. We are, individually and collectively, taking charge of our own energy, and assuming responsibility for it. And flowing with it.
Thanks to AK for posting this.

The End of The Secret Harvesting of Energy From Humanity
Hilarion as channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff - February 23-March 2, 2014 

Beloved Ones, The winds of change are upon you. While life goes on as before, the changes that occur within you are vast. These changes are taking place within each soul who lives upon the planet. Each soul has agreed to experience these changes. The first noticeable change will be a greater ability to feel emotion and express it. Most people on the planet have suppressed their emotions in order to harden their hearts so that they could function in the ever increasing density and these filters are now falling away because there is much greater light than ever before. As each person is enabled to truly feel and speak from their hearts, all that needs to be expressed will begin to come forth from within their being. At some point in this process, the feelings expressed will be the feelings of love, followed by the feelings of joy and other positive emotions which will move people in directions hitherto unknown on your world.

The people of the Earth are gathering together in greater numbers than before so that they can give voice to those areas in their respective worlds that can be improved upon. Individuals are willing to sacrifice their lives for the changes they are demanding. It is a tumultuous time in the affairs of all old paradigm systems which no longer serve the needs of the people. As people continue to awaken, the illusions are dispelled and those who have kept the populace under subjugation are being revealed. There is no place for these ones to hide as the revelations of their backroom agendas comes to light, for each must now come face to face with their own choices and deeds, and make peace with their soul. While this will produce some chaos, ultimately it is for the highest good of all.

Upon the planet there are many who are ready to step up and begin to implement sweeping changes in all facets of governance and all its many diverse functions. That which was implemented to harvest the energy of the people in a dishonest manner will be replaced with a system that is more equitable for all upon the Earth. The monetary system will eventually cease to exist in its present form. There is greater sovereignty ahead for each person and each one will realize their inherent responsibility to contribute their input in a worthy and honorable way so that their contributions are in alignment with the greatest good of all upon the planet and not just for a select and nebulous few. The harvesting of humanity in a secret manner will cease forever and humanity as a whole will take up the torch of alignment in greater extent to the Creator of all so that they will be in harmony with the universal laws of conduct. 

Some very surprising changes begin to come to light. These changes create a chain reaction effect into all areas of the world and will facilitate the beginnings of a better way of living for all humanity. Those at the forefront of this movement will be in position to accomplish great good. The people begin to experience greater prosperity and abundance in their everyday lives and this will have a far reaching impact upon how humanity can live in peace, harmony and prosperity. When every member of the human family has all that is needed for their well being, safety and protection, they can move forward into areas that were not available to them before, the areas of the spirit and the exploration of their own soul, their gifts, skills and talents that lie like hidden gems within them. These will come forth to bless those around them in a loving way.

We stress the importance of remaining centered and aligned with one’s higher aspects. The desire to become unified with their divine essence burns brightly within those who have been making the effort to align with the light of the Creator within them. These ones will become successful in their intentions to manifest their Holy Christ Self in and through them. These ones are the vanguard of the new human race, fully realized divine humans, working with unity consciousness. Within all upon the planet, the second coming of the Christ consciousness is dawning.
Until next week… I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. Thank you for including the above website links when posting this message. 

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Freedom Teachings: Revelations of the DhaLA-LUma & Doorways Through Time

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Revelations Of The 'DhaLA-LUma'

Revelations Of The 'DhaLA-LUma'

Transfiguration of the Kryst & the 'KaLE-Hara' Celebration. Filmed live in Phoenix - August 2007.

The 1st Creation Structure, Cosmic Order and the Meaning of Ascension. The Light Body, Rasha Body, Dark Matter & 1st Creation. Domains, Cycles, Evolution & Ascension - the Eckashi & Adashi Cycles. The Rasha Body, Prana Exchange & the NaVAHo Cycles. Hidden Realities & the EcoushaTA - The Amenti Mission, Krystal River Host, AnshaTAsa Passage and the 'Vertical Maps', the Aquafereion Host Shield, Spanner Gates, the Astura & HaVAHo Passages & Krystal Heart Gate Networks, 12 Tribes, Slide-Zone & Ascension Earth - Gliding, Sliding & Spanning, the Adashi Temples, Aquafereion Races & Rasha Body Activation, the Ecousha - TA Matrix, "Eye of God" & the Spirit Body: 

Pre-Tauren Creation Sequence. Journey to the Eye of God - Shield Projection Journey Spirit, Ascension, the KaLE-Hara & the KaLA Eyugha "End Cycle" - Anatomy of the Spirit, the SEda Cycles, ReushaTA, REisha-TA & Reisha Spirit Body, the Eyugha's, Ascension & the KaLE-Hara Transition Cycle: KaLE-Krysta, KaLE-RAma & KaLE-DEma, Secrets of the DhaLA: DhaLA-LUma, DhaLE-Lhama, Ascension, Re-birth & Reincarnation, Return to Reisha: the KalEe-Krysta, DhaLA-KaLAea & the Krystar Activation. The Solar KaLE-Hara, Sala-KaLE Chamber & Reisha Body Dynamics - Solar Bhardoah, Recent Events, the Caduceus Network & the Sala-KaLE Chamber, Spirit, Manifestation, Materialisation, the "Zero-G" Point, the KaLE-Krysta, DhaLA-LUma & the Re-spiritualisation of Matter, Merkaba, Chakras, Axitonals & the DhaLA-LUma Activation, "Light Eaters": the DhaLa-LUma, KaLE-Krysta, Cellular Regenesis Support & the "Breatharian" Connection, the DhaLA-LUma Activation & KaLE- Krysta Wave Briefing. Rejoing the Cosmic Community - Ascension Earth, Solar Bhardoah, & the Universal KaLE-Hara - a glimpse of the future, the "Heavenly Host" in the Age of Aquarius: KaLE-Krysta, KaLA-Krystar, Bhar-DhAe, KaLE-RAma, & KaLE-DEma Nova Cycles, Coming Krystal Heart Solar Healing Programmes & Ascension Training. The KaLE-Hara Celebration - Anchoring the Sala-KaLE-Keysta Wave, the DhaLA-LUma Activation & Opening the Chambers of KaLE. Journey to 'LA-HE de Sala-Sira" - Edonic "Healing Temple of the Central Sun" (Edon Sirius B, Den-2).

This Workshop is about the Cosmic Evolutionary Cycles we are entering into, and what it means to enter the KaLE-Hara Transition Cycle, after a KaLA Eyugha End Cycle.  When a system enters the KaLE-Hara Cycle, which we have done as of August 12, 2007, 3 distinct paths become available. The first path the KaLE-Krysta Cycle is the name of the Ascension Path, and ascension means taking the body with you.  The Ascension Path starts with the turnaround out of the 4th Eckashi Expansion Cycle, and into the transition KaLE-Hara Cycle, which is before the Adashi Return Cycle.  Also included with the KaLE-Krysta Ascension Path is what is called the Hosted Ascension, where we have a period of time of Host on this planet left (223 years), where we can incarnate into an Aquafereion Regenesis Body, if our present bodies cannot make the shifts.  The second path is the KaLE-RAma step back, rebirth cycle, where one does the Middle Edon, then the Outer Domain Cycles over again, and it is neither a fall nor an ascension path.  The third path is the KaLE-DEma, which is the path of fall.  The life forms on this planet will be taking one of these three paths.  The Ascension Path ties into the Vertical Maps, the Journeys, the Aurora Slide Zones, and New Ascension Earth, which the Easter & Peru Workshop also covered. 

Introduction to the Teachings of the KaLA-Um-Sha-TaRA.  These teachings are the first part of a set of 3 encyclopedia sets, which are collectively considered the Books of Adashi.   The Books of Adashi correspond with the 3 Ascension Adashi Return Cycles, and shortened are called the Book of KaLA, (first set that corresponds to Adashi Cycle One, and “graduation” from the KaLA Eyugha 4th and last Eyugha of the Eckashi Cycle), the Book of ShaLA, (ShaLA corresponds to “graduation” from the Adashi-1 Edonic ShaLA Eyada Cycle, into Adashi-2 AahLA Eyada) and the Book of AahLA. (AahLA corresponds to “graduation” from the Adashi-2 Adonic AahLA Eyada, into the Luma EturNa Cosmic Krist Body, and return to God-Source). These teachings are a part of the extended teachings of the Maharata Texts, but the Maharata Texts were for the Outer Domain Cycles.  The Books of Adashi are for ascension through the Core Domains and are huge, and these teachings have not been translated on this planet before. 

Because there was something very large taking place in the 24 hour period of August 12th which has never occurred before on earth or in our Solar System, the Beloveds came in live on Friday night to tell us about the three techniques that corresponded with the KaLE-Hara Turnaround and Celebration.  This has three parts to it, and the first part is anchoring the Sala KaLE-Hara Krysta Wave, through the Sala KaLE Chambers.  These are a set of Solar Passages that go from our Universal SG 4 Sala, which our sun is hosted within, to the Spanners of Urtha to Earth.  In Mondays Journey we also made a connection to the Sala Sira Chambers that are a set of chambers that connect to the Density 2 Middle Domain Sala Sira Edonic Temple of the Central Sun of Sirius B.  This allows us to move into the KaLE-Hara Turnaround Transition Cycle.  This turnaround point is a very special cycle, and there are two shifts to this cycle.  The first shift is called the KaLE-Krysta Cycle, (90 degree shift), and when that is fulfilled we move into the second shift, which is called the KaLA-Krystar Cycle (180 degree shift). This is a celebration as the KaLE-Hara Cycle moves us into the 2 shift cycles of the Krystar Activation and turnaround that we need to do before we can enter the Adashi Return Cycles back toward the Consciousness Field of Source.
(My Note "New Plan" completed - has given planet 900Years of Hosting. vs ^^the above  
 (review notes. contains also a good allin1 introduction the fast way to catchup. 
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Some notes/scrables from 1st 3dvd;s

Kali Rema cycle ( path of rebirth / Stepback , not able to take body, but didnt fall..
Kali Dema cycle ( path of fall (( these 2 go with:
Kali Krista cycle -> path of ascension.

need to get out in the now 900 years host. (vs 230 years old data/status) else Kali Rema path must be taken after that time.

kali Krista Activation.

Dali Luma -> spirit body anotomy that connect to lightbody/(key to understanding some..
Light body - Ra Sha body(Dark matter) , Spirit Body

(Kali, Shali, Dali -3 books

Sala <- Sol/Sun (USG4 Sala / USG3 Urtha <- Earth
(Sala Density2...

projection -> glide (consciousness into a rasha body state.

(original technique. from the date of energy/wave recorded yourney..
otherwise need to fill in the subharmonics, in later time

2024 strongest period , gamma waves , radiation. indigoshields/folks can transmute it, and reach angelichuman shields and animal kingdom. good

freq radiation burst also activates again dormant thousands a years biological specimens

teach to heal themselfs. and than they are responsible for their own.. while able.. knowing..

slide is shift(angular rotation, and can goto aurora slide zones. (vs 1 next = urtha_
Jha-Da body(vibrational body also called water body. (slide, biolocate , to bardoah

you cannot transmit that you dont have activated..

field attachments.. peoples will have harder time to relate... or want to get.. cause of that in their fields..

Sirius-B (Maji) central-sun = "Host" Star-system. (outerbody not fallen.. same andromefa USG9 , the 3d.. body has fallen. )

Dali Luma -> doorway into spirit-body (need that to get from (Kali Hara cycle) into Dali Krista cycle.. just the lightbody wont do it/get you there (bigger cycle.... (anatomy

Rasha body.. prana exchange..

purge mutations to be able to restore lightbody flow. Rasha-Body and spiritbody&+
by doing even partial your also a walking bufferfield thus protecting other lifeforms also from that radiation/energy.

Field attachments will work.. against you/any such self-progress... not so free will.. when its taken.. from you.

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Doorways Through Time

Doorways Through Time

Doorways Through Time & the Drums of Aquafereion "Circle of Life" Drum Circle Celebration Recorded Live - April 10-12, 2009 Sarasota, FL "The Circle of Life & the Gift of Co-Creation-Loving Earth, Embracing Our Mother".

* The Perfection of Creation: The Law of Reciprocity/Attraction, the Mass Hologram &
Probable Realities *Beyond Mass Illusions: Mass Beliefs, Bio-filters & Probability Alignment * Preserving the Probability of Ascension: The Mass Drama, MCEO paradigm, Time-Leaps, Probability "Hopping-Blending & Bleed-through", & "The 6th Probability". 

*Doorways Through Time & the Aurora Continuum: Solomon's Shield, GrUal Door, Middle Earth & Gates of Edon. * The Circle of Life & the Drums of Aquafereion: Rhythm, Dance, the Ah-LEi-yas of Momentum & the Edonic Code  "The Circle of Life Aquafereion Drum Circle Celebration & World Peace Meditation" Healing Earth's "Holy Grail", Celebrating the Net-Earth GrUal Door  and the Middle-Earth Gates of Edon plus Aurora Continuum Time-Travel Technique-1"Entering the Aurora Continuum". Aurora Continuum Group Shadra-Shield Projection- "The Probable Universe & the Mass Hologram".

* The Structure of Probabilities; Probable Selves & Probable Universes* "Parallels", "Probables",
Planes & the Structure of Time; Accretion Cycles, Sextant Time-Loop & Time Doorways. "Probable Selves,
Probable Earths, Potential Futures & 2012". * 2012 & the 12th Probability; The "12 Earths", Current Drama, Probability Hopping & the Aquareion Kryst Mission * 2012, Mayan Mishaps and the "End-Time That Isn't"; Solar System 2012 Alignment with Galactic Black Hole Core, Earth Stewardship, Solomon's Shield, Omega Code. Dragon Wars & the Mayan End-Times Prophecies" "Dream-Weaving; Living in a PERFECT WORLD, NOW- Personal Evolution, Co-Creation, Empowerment & Materialization 
Power-Tools Topics Include:  * Evolution of STATE- From Children to Co-Creators * The Perfect, the Ideal & the IS- Making Peace  with Opposite Expression * The ECK-ON-omy of Abundance- Encryption, "Vibration" & the "Law of Reciprocity" * Owning your "Vibration"- Personal Ideas, Beliefs & Responsibilities in Krystic  Co-Creation * Creating your Desired "Vibration"- Personal Empowerment within the Mass Illusion. DIRECT-MATERIALIZATION POWER-TOOLS: Sa-A'-Dhas and the IAMIT-Formula Krystal River Aqua-Tone Hydro-Acoustic Systems Sa-A'-Dha/ IAMIT Power-Tools Practicum *Engaging Guardianship; Intro to "Time-Travelers Guide to Symbols & Their Uses"- The "Staah-LEi'-yas of Translocation and the Seat of Edon"("Cockpit of Co-Creation").

Aurora Continuum Time-Travel Technique-2:
Journey to the Seat of Edon (Co-Creation Cockpit) Using Staah-LEi-yas-1 and the Aurora Continuum to access the "Recliner Room" of the Middle-Earth-Watchtower "Seat of Edon". Home-Play Assignment: The 33-Day Staah-LEi'yas Bio-filter Shift & Edonic Awakening.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Energetic Synthesis: The Song of Christos Sophia. February 2014

Download as mp3
February 2014

The Song of Christos Sophia

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

My secret... It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

~The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupery

During this window of opportunity in the Ascension timeline, the entire World Collective Soul is undergoing a deep alchemy process to reawaken its spiritual essence inside of its material body. This renovation springs forth the essence of the original creator's exhaling breath to animate and inspirit its life force within the cells of earthly matter and elemental forces. Inside the process of material creation there are many worlds of forces that are potentially used to shape intention and consciousness blueprint. These intentions are what bring forth into the external manifest what we see with our eyes as material substance. The material substance coexists within many combined forces, such as energy fields of elemental thoughtforms enmeshed with geometric symbols.

At this time, the essence of force intention which has animated into earthly matter and into its many external creations will begin to reveal its "true nature" fully to the observer.  

That true nature is its source field and this will be made known to those with a deeply feeling heart. Those who live by the guided intelligence of the heart-brain are the ones to see rightly, what was previously made invisible.

The true nature of any entity, creation or manifestation can be felt and seen through the developed heart consciousness, which may be discerned in its quality through an energetic signature. When we have developed energetic discernment we can differentiate the quality of dead energy (anti-life) and living light energy behind words, thoughts, images and manifestations. The three main spiritual forces that are contained within the World Collective Soul in earthly matter are the collective consciousness which is connected to either the forces of Christos (Living Light), Luciferianism (False Light) or Satanism (Material Force or Elemental Matter).

As the etheric filaments of the collective planetary field membranes (which make up the Ley Lines of the earth), are filling with the corrected patterns of subtle vibrational energies, it creates chalice configurations. These corrected patterns are intersections of the flowing life force current that circulate throughout the planetary heart system, as they are pumped through the Aurora Portal Networks and Mother Arc Hubs. These Krystal Star networks are built into the planetary body to run Aurora Christos and Mother Arc tri-wave current to heal the planetary heart of massive amounts of collective consciousness trauma. Together, through these grid networks, the Aurora Christos and Mother Arc intelligence are reclaiming the original ancient Christ Templar knowledge for this earth. This hierogamic architecture of Sophianic knowledge has been protected by the off planet Krystal Star consciousness of Aurora and The Orders of Christos in the Seven Higher Heaven Universes. This sacred heart tone is the beautiful music of which announces the Aeonic Pairing that plays the Song of Christos Sophia into the Universe.

Song Of Sophia

Sophianic Body Correction Begins

The sacred Aeonic Pair of Cosmic Aurora Christos and his wife, the Mother Sophia, are reunited through their Heavenly Hierogamic union as it has been made possible through their combined consciousness in physical embodiments on the earth now. Their sacred marriage to the Eternal Living Spirit of God is As Above, So Below; which heralds the beginning of the material body restoration. The restoration is the animation of the Holy Spirit of God to inspirit throughout elemental matter and to collect its pieces to return them back into wholeness. Thus, we begin the spiritual correction of the Sophianic Body in this earth through the divine marriage made with her husband, the eternal consciousness of the Aurora Christos. Throughout many dimensional worlds, together, the Song of Christos Sophia may sound to play the Heavenly Music of their mutually twinned heart chord. The Song of Christos Sophia is a magnetic sonar sound field which generates organic light from the female principle. It is the true heart tone music of the Universal daughters of God. It is born from the sacred heart aspect of the Holy Mother Arc which embraces the crystal heart of wisdom for her daughters the Christos So|Phi|A.

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 4 Reflection on Human Evolution – so far

Image by: FutureAgeSage

True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

- Part 3

For now I have focused entirely on the angelic (lunar) and devic (solar) evolution. I have done this by using the material from Alice A. Bailey, cf. the Planetary Hierarchy and the Keylontic Sciences, cf. the Voyagers books by A. Deane. If you feel like it, you can add the first information from the Hierarchy that is the Secret Doctrine by Mdm. Blavatsky albeit I find this very premature and to obscure to really take into account. But it is the basis of the second turn around, the Bailey material. Link to the secret vol. V of Blavatsky here.

What are we dealing with, when we read such accounts from either faction? What is being hidden from us and why?
This article is my reflections on this theme as well as the different material. Those of you who have followed my progress and back falls in understanding this, know that I at times am pro and at other times am against, but all in all, as you will understand by the end of this article I am only calling for caution and clarity of thought when reading both materials. The solar or Planetary Hierarchy (PH) is not full in account and a lot is hidden within the text, where as the Voyagers seemingly hand us the whole truth and nothing but the truth – nah, not! Both have an agenda and a reason to twist or omit certain truths of our history. 

But let us start with the Planetary Hierarchy; who and what are they?
To be frank: They are and have been our planetary prison keepers or teachers; you decide what term you feel like. If you have a lot of the angelic DNA in your template you will view them as the first and if you hold more solar material, you see them as the beneficial teachers from Venus; the planetary system we are connected to and as such are the providers of the aid we need to evolve into this solar system. They were the first to transform the lunar material into the solar, so they know what they are doing, and the best way to progress slowly for the monads of the previous system.

Here is another hint, which the teachers of the PH willingly give to us. They talk about the previous system and this present solar system and what does that mean?
Well. This has to be taken literally. You know from the Keylontic and the PH material, if you are able to read between the lines, that systems, planet etc. change when the accretion levels change. This literally means that when the energetic collective level of either consciousness or energy reach a certain level the whole system change or wobble into another form. It is not “god” that creates worlds, it kind of happens automatically according the level of energy and consciousness of the system. Very technical information is behind to really understanding this and fortunately – or unfortunately – we have the material from the Voyagers. I say this because it is and will be material from the survivors of the angelic or moon chain, the masters of the previous solar system, which in more correct terms should be called the moon system, because back then the dead moon we see on the sky, where the light bearer as the sun is for us now.

The moon of the moon system was then a sun and connected to the worlds of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena. Our sun connects there as well, but not into the old versions of those three systems – they are long gone – and the remaining masters of the previous system are divided into two major groups; the pro this solar system and the against this solar system. The ones against this system left a long time ago and colonized other parts of the created worlds or the Multiverse, when the old system fell or were destroyed, where they joined other evolutions just like the humanity on Earth bears the angelic template. Some of them returned and became the dark brothers or the regressive factions in company with the foreign races they had integrated themselves into.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 3 of the Human Evolution: Working on the template A

Image by: FutureAgeSage

True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

Part 3 of the Human Evolution: Working on the template A

Before I move on into my attempt to try and create the ”theory of everything” on a spiritual level, to start with mixing the lunar (Keylontic) and solar (Esoteric Teachings) sciences, I have to make two important distinctions first:

1) We have to be very earnest with ourselves. This is so important and most people do not really take this into account when they work spiritually. What do I mean with this? Well. The Keylontic calls this implants and the solar sciences call it glamour. Actually it is a combination of both things. Most of you reading this blog, I guess, are familiar with the Keylontic Sciences, but to explain what an implant is, it is a sort of manasic symbol coding matter, in every sort, into vibrating a special frequency blocking or opening consciousness. It is a very mechanical approach and is not fully correct, because even though KS define matter, the solar approach of understanding matter as living beings is kind of missed in this highly technical way of viewing Earth and the matter the solar system is built of – at least it escaped my mind when reading the material. But I guess at some level this will reappear when we work our way through this series. It is there, but since the Keylontic came at a point in time, where we needed the hard facts and the scientific approach – to mach our present state of mind – they chose to focus on this.

So, the symbol is a living thing, and the matter is a living thing – both are versions of lunar or manasic elementals and have no free will, but can be coded by a higher existence having free will; cf. us or even higher. Using symbols or implants to code matter is a dangerous science, if used in the wrong hands.

Anyway back to being earnest with our selves: No one else but us can test what is going on in our energy system. Only we can detect whether or not we are under the spell of glamour. To really understand this concept, you have to read and understand the solar sciences of glamour and to do this, you must read Glamour- A World Problem and if you want to partake in my exploration in a serious manner, you read what I suggest, because as you will discover, aside my previous strong rejection of being a teacher, I am crossing the line and slowly starting up my own school – if the energy is provided and the means will surface – so these blog articles are my infantile attempts to evolve my kind of teaching and what I want to share with those who feel for it. So read the books I recommend and you will become just as wise as me. If so you will not need me to teach you, you will have it all from inside and my work has been done perfectly.

I am only showing you the way – but you have to do the work to progress; not clinging to me or expecting me to give you all the answers. And please do not think of me, but only think of what I am conveying and stand in your own light and core consciousness when you do so. I am only a messenger and you need to utilize the information and energy of the message – nothing else. Please forget me and remember the content.

Thus you have to be earnest with yourself and detect your own contribution, how prepared are you to go the way? How much effort do you place in studying and learning the higher sciences? How much of your daily time do you spend in meditation and contemplation over the things you read? How hard do you try to understand, and the most important thing of all: What is your motive to do so? Getting powers, longing for home or because it is exciting? None of these driving forces will bring you to anything but glamour.

Glamour is all around us. We create it all the time and the three planes of existence, into which the personal matrix, the personality, is situated is one big pool of glamour and illusion. And into these illusions, of which we create the most ourselves through our way of thinking and feeling, we get vulnerable, because the elementals we consists of can get “spammed” so to speak by implants.

Glamour is also when we dive into one line of spiritual expression and exploration. In my Panergeia Series there is glamour, in the Terra-Gaia Network you find illusions, in this series of articles I fight my own glamour and all the fog that prevent me from really getting continuity of consciousness. But we have to dive into the pools of glamour because only so are we able to cleanse it out of our system. Working with it, while observing what the line of thought does to us, make us become aware of our own glamour and illusions and where we need to work. This is part of the cleansing process; diving in and becoming wiser, and then to let go of what we have learned and seen. Nothing is revealed in full to us and we have to evolve and progress everything we learn into new frames of intuition and thought, and then we have to dissolve them to be able to move on to the next level of information. Dive in, explore, understand, integrate and dissolve. So you have to be earnest with yourself and detect your own illusions, glamour and maya; cf. the three levels of distortion or infection you have in the three lower planes of your existence or the lower triangle.

2) The other part of being earnest is to really understand where you are in your progress. Are you still exploring the Hall of Knowledge, cf. utilizing the elemental energy in the lower triangle or are you ready to enter the Hall of Wisdom, starting to utilize the solar energies, or the higher energies stemming from your core being, as well as the higher life principle (your original source or inner life-giver) trying to express this in the world in a wise and knowledgeable way? Most humans are still expressing the lunar elemental energies and in a very unfortunate way, but this is the result of glamour, implants and lack of self observance, cf. mindfulness and lack of use of the free will to learn, evolve and get rid of the glamour and implants.

I am not trying to teach the ones still learning to control and utilize the energy in the lower triangle, but I am trying to reach the ones starting to get ready to enter the Hall of Wisdom or has already thread the doorsteps into the great path of higher consciousness, combining what has been learned in the lower triangle with the powers of the life-principle in the heart system. Who has to some degree integrated the deepest feeling of not just being an I, but in reality being a we and thus starting to see Earth as a living system, humanity as a part of this and our emplacement in the higher evolutions of which Earth and its humanity is a part. Most of you are also pass the notion of one god and one true god, have left the need for human desires and the craving to become someone or somebody in the world. You are not seeking powers, but seeking to serve and help humanity; not out of misplaced compassion, but out of common sense and a deep-felt need to do so from your heart. This deep-felt understanding leads you to search for the best ways to help Earth and its humanity, because you see all things here as living principles expressing higher realities and types of consciousness.

Thus I will not explain all in detail, but work from the second triangle and all the new things we have to learn here and explore, understand, integrate and dissolve. It is a piece of illusion, but I need to create the thought form to get further in my progress. I might dissolve it later on. Into this thought form you are my passenger, but you are to discern what you recognize and what is not your path, because I am not only talking to the ones connecting to the solar path, but will eventually enter the stellar-galactic path; which is my goal. But for now I have to work with the second triangle, in order to wisely utilize the elemental energies in the lower triangle and transform them into the solar consciousness. My aim is not magic or becoming a wizard, but how to transform those poor elemental beings, letting them go so they can return as small solar beings or becoming a part of this solar system. Helping them to cross the threshold of old and into the new. This is why they are here. Some of you are here to take a certain quantum with you back to your own systems, but this is another teaching, you will get on your own.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 2 of Human Evolution – the Etheric Template

True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

Part 2 of Human Evolution – the Etheric Template

As understood in part 1 of this series, we are all one on the highest levels of evolution and we all stem from the true worlds of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena, unfolding the consciousness units of the prime beings, which is connected to us in our heart centre through the consciousness units connecting to us through the chakras in the head. But as I also suggested, the human form has divided into two main evolutions, based upon the original human crossbreed form consisting of angelic-reptile (mostly previous system) and Pleiadian-Andromedian (this system, but from the stellar-galactic worlds) light DNA.

Into this form the devas of the solar evolution (this solar system or the Christ, Bodhisattva, compassion or inclusive consciousness) have integrated themselves, mostly from Venus (the 5th planet of the Venusian chain and thus housing the kingdom of souls, or the ones that have transformed the material from the previous system into this solar system or are built of pure solar material, cf. the goal of this solar system) but also from other planets evolving the same type of consciousness. The stellar-galactic races have followed later – again I will go into this later on. For now we have to start from basis and this with the etheric field or the angelic template.

Now, when I start to bridge the Keylontic and the esoteric teachings of the Hierarchy (under supervision of the Advisor) you have to make an important discernment: It is like working with classic and quantum physics; they both have the same level as their origin and then they move into two totally different directions. One is working on the atomic level and the other on the subatomic level.

In the esoteric teachings the etheric field is the basis, the light structure that entails all the other energies of the body, connecting the consciousness units to the planetary grid. The etheric body is connected to the etheric level of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and cosmos. This grid of light unfolds all through the created worlds and is thus the level to encode and manipulate when we talk about what kind of energy we want to evolve when attaching the consciousness units from our prime being into some kind of form. In other words this is the template from which all living beings are created, but how the material unfolds into the different systems, planets and worlds of energy is all related to the consciousness units connected to this grid, the etheric field or template.

Thus the principle of life stems from the consciousness units and their attachment to the heart system. I will look deeper into this later on, but just to make a sharp discernment: The etheric substance of light is not the life principle; it is the grid upon which the life principle can express itself and the goal of this expression.

On Earth, due to the choice of Jahve-Elohim and the Sirian Council etc., the etheric field is based upon the angelic version of it and here is where the Keylontic and the esoteric teaching meet and divide.

The esoteric teachings
The etheric field consists of the chakra system, the basic chakras, and holds 12 chakras. The ones reading the esoteric teachings superficially only read about the 7 chakras. This is a misunderstanding of the etheric field, because there actually are five chakras connected to the body and 7 in the head; all in all 12 chakras. 
Below is my interpretation of the information given in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and for those of you who choose to go the human-deva way integrating the energies of this solar system, this is the book you have to read and understand on an intuitive level. Not with your human mind, but intuitively so you can relate to it on its correct level. If you do not want to evolve and progress through the solar evolution, but consider the stellar-galactic path instead, you have to add other teachings, but those are not really available yet, so I can only recommend reading this book until the next level of teaching arise. If you are stellar-galactic oriented then you can combine the book on Cosmic Fire with the book on Esoteric Astrology and you can start working on the new teachings yourself.
If you are more focused on the angelic-reptile level of your being (the actual first humanity), work with the Keylontic information, but not the levels after 2009; and especially not the information given after may 2012. Try to read the original material and combine it with the new versions available on the Internet, but be careful; we have a long way to go to weed out the regressive 5 dimensional teachings. The same goes if you choose to work with the Kabbalah and the angelic realities this very old system conveys. Both systems are oriented towards the moon chain and the previous system, but factions from this system is present in the councils and the remaining humanities from the moon chain are working their way back into the cosmic evolution of higher systems, where we all start to meet again. 

In the end of this article is a picture from the Keylontic teachings for now, just to point in some direction to begin, but we have to do the weeding out ourselves. Some of us (such as myself) intend to evolve the full human sixfold template in all directions, thus this huge work I am performing in understanding (and my errors in the process) all the paths of human evolution.
Let us start with the 5 chakras of the body:
1) The root chakra where all physical matter is connected to the etheric field and this chakra contains the hidden fire of the physical matter; the Kundalini fire. Matter as we know it on Earth is from the previous system and this is what we are to transform, regardless of race or origin, but we cannot transform this level until we have transformed all the other parts of the chakra system. Matter holds the green-golden fire of the previous system (symbol the spinning swastika) and until we have integrated the other chakras of the etheric field, all the fire of the physical body lies dormant and hidden within the root chakra.

We utilize small amounts of this fire on a daily basis, through the lifeforce, the use of energy from the astral and mental planes, but as a whole the fire lies dormant. The esoteric teachings teach us that when we have transformed the other chakras (changed the lunar fire into solar consciousness; symbol the swastika with 9 concentric circles of blue fire) in the body and ignited the 7 solar chakras of the head, all levels of the fire of matter will rise up following the Sushumna and blend with the consciousness of the monad, through the Sutratma or the string of consciousness from the monad to the mind and the etheric brain (the true brain or generator of higher energies). When this happens; we are freed from the wheel of incarnation on this planet and stand in full conscious connection with our monad (the consciousness units from the prime beings, which we unfold and evolve).

Excurse: The spleen chakra.
This chakra is not as such a chakra, but it fuels the etheric body through the spleen on an etheric level. The energy or the light grid of the planet automatically runs through the spleen chakra and from here into all the other chakras and the rest of the etheric field and thus to the nervous system. It is on this level that we utilize the energy of the planet and when the magnetic field (the outer expression of the etheric grid) changes due to incoming CME or cosmic energy, we are able to connect to the elevated levels of energy in the planetary grid structure, fuelling our field and thus kicking off our chakras into utilizing higher levels of consciousness. Unless of course, our chakras are not too clogged and full of astral sludge (which most humans are). Thus a prerequisite to start to activate the deeper levels of the etheric body, the light DNA, is to cleanse the chakras so they can utilize the energies from the planet itself and the cosmic incoming levels of higher energy hitting the planetary grid. 
The outer bodies of humans are thus very perceptible to the energy changes in the magnetic field and into this the pollution of the atmosphere has to be taken into consideration as well as the use of chemical compounds to alter the incoming energies from cosmos and the sun. The use of chemical technology, such as sun radiation management, to stop the incoming radiation from the sun and cosmos (the help from the cosmic planes to assist the human evolution on a broader scale) will prevent the common human body from being elevated. It is not to pollute or exterminate the human population, but to prevent the standard human being, belonging to the mass consciousness, from being awakened. When the lower chakra of the etheric field is kept in a polluted state of being, the chakra system will stay dormant and only utilize the lower frequencies of the planetary energy system – the forces of the previous system. The regressive forces are able to delay the human evolution, but they are not able to stop it, because if each and one of us start to work internally and change our use of astral and mental energies, into their higher version, then we will add another chakra and energy provider to our etheric body: The higher etheric chakra.

Between the shoulders is a higher version of the etheric chakra. This is connected to the spleen chakra but lies dormant in most humans. When the heart system is activated this sister-chakra awakens and the etheric body is fuelled with energy directly from the sun, but not just radiation, because this energy is threefold (the energy of the physical sun, the energy from the heart of the sun and the central sun, expressing the threefold structure of the consciousness behind our physical sun; the solar logos). The atomic radiation from the sun is fuelling the spleen and the planetary grid, but the energy from the heart of the sun will fuel the prana chakra between the shoulders when the heart system is activated. The heart system is thus a sort of higher energy triangle consisting of the higher version of the etheric field, fuelled by the prana from the heart of the sun (the buddhic energy of the solar system), the life principle (the incoming energy from the prime being) in the thymus chakra and the crown chakra, unto which the consciousness of our consciousness units are attached. When this inner higher triangle is activated we are able to connect to the soul, or the helping deva of this system, connected to our etheric field through the heart system and placed there to help us transit into the solar fields of consciousness. When you connect to this triangle, you connect to the network of light, therefore no matter what direction we take after this, this level is common for all of us. Only through the network of light are we able to meet the suitable teachers to direct us in the correct direction and evolutionary path from Earth.

As mentioned in the first article the nervous system is the outer expression of the etheric field, but what radiates from the nervous system (human kinetic energy are the outer expression of the use of astral or emotional field fused with the small segments of the internal fire which matter holds, e.g. heat) all depends on the type of energy that is utilized in the nadis or channels of etheric energy. The same goes for the planetary grid. The mass consciousness of humanity and the wrong use of force, see below, we are utilizing are infecting the planet and the etheric field is radiating with lower astral-mental energy; cf. the magnetic field. This field is the outer expression of the astral-mental planes and not until we have cleansed our chakras on a collective level, will the dense energies of the planet disappear. Each and one of us are responsible for the condition the planet is in and its constant use of lower energy forms.