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Friday, March 14, 2014

Ascension Whispers: Carbon Based Life

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.



Carbon Based Life

A quick reminder that the next time shift date is March 15, 2014 and as the quickening for this shift has approached I have become aware of a few more pieces of the puzzle.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is not intended to treat or diagnose any physical, mental or emotional illness and it is suggested to check with your medical person before adding any supplement to your diet.

This information is simply to bring awareness to thoughts to allow you to research and discover if it applies to you.

The human body has been a “carbon based biology” for a very long time but what does that mean? Carbon in its pure form (atomic element #6) expresses as diamond, graphite and coal. All “known life” on Earth is carbon based.

Follow This Link To Understand Carbon Based

I am now understanding a bit more pieces of what it means that the “recipe” of the “elements” were altered or mixed in a blender when the planets were blown apart and the false solar system was created and then later the planet dropped in 2/3 energy.

When we think of energy from a metaphysical level, we might think of airy fairy type waves of energy and most likely from thoughts we carry about the concepts of ghosts. Energy does exist in such states but energy exists in many states that we are not yet aware of.

This information is so vast within me that I am currently finding it challenging how to put these puzzle pieces together in words for you to consider. It all started with more understanding of the true purpose of the ancient structures such as pyramids and I will share what I know about that in the next video shares but that greater understanding is allowing me to understand more of what it means to be “Energy Beings” expressing on/within an “energy planet” and how the elements that compose the matter body play a role within all of it.
When Eternal Life forms incarnate into a planetary system they literally plug into the energy grids of the planetary system and via the matter body makeup walk the planet. Simply walking the planet creates a compression effect or tapping effect between the planet and the life forms of the planet. The compression effect creates a domino effect within the elements that compose the matter base.

Source does not simply create the “know elements” without reason and purpose. For instance, Source does not create natural metals such as gold, copper and silver within a planetary body so that the life forms will create an economic system upon them which spawns greed and distortion; they do have a purpose within the planetary body. All natural elements have a purpose within a planetary system and it is not to fuse elements together in ways Source did not fuse them together to make “man made matter forms”.

The truth about elements and how they work together to create effects has been hidden from the masses for 26,000 years and prior to that time, the people of Earth held knowledge of many of those truths. At this time, I only have this little bit of awareness to share with you but I feel it is pretty large and is why I am trying to find the words to share it in a post instead of waiting for a video share.

A carbon based biology occurs when the higher energy of Source is not available to allow for the elements to work the way that Source created them to work. At this time, the Eternal Life forms of Earth will remain a carbon based biology but when the Earth is able to shift back into her healed expression, the elemental biological form will “change” into a silica based biology which Earth Science will tell you is not possible in this reality field and they are correct. To understand more about that follow this link.

Follow this link to understand why a silica based biology is not possible at this time.

As you will read within that information for a biological life form to be base silica they would have to exist within a planetary system that would be extremely high in temperature as compared to the Earth system or else the breathing process would simply solidify the silica and turn it to sand. But in a high temperate environment, it would remain a liquid or vapor.

Glass, Sand and “Quartz Crystal” are made of silica. Silica makes up 90% of the Earth’s total mass. What does that mean? It means that we are walking on a planetary mass that is composed of 90% “Quartz Crystal” and that our biology also holds “Silica Quartz Crystal” within its elemental make up. What does that have to do with anything?

Quartz Crystal stores energy and is very easy to “code” via energy thoughts. It does not generate energy and can sometimes play a role as a semiconductor but it stores energy.

Natural metals within a planetary system “conduct energy” or move it along from one point to the next and guess what those natural metal conductors are; gold, silver and copper. Gold being the best resource because it does not corrode.

Electrical current can be created via PiezoElectrict through Quartz Crystal. Watch this video on youtube for a simple explanation of that process.

Because the matter body of the planet and the matter body of the life forms on the planet both hold the element of silica (Quartz Crystal) there is an energy exchange that occurs with every step every life form takes.
Within the crust and upper mantel of the planet there exists an abundance of silica or quartz crystal and the simple pressure of walking on the planet creates the piezoelectric effect which in fact generates energy via the energy stored within the quartz crystals.

Cave of the Crystals 2
Within the crust of the planet there are Huge Crystal Beds and veins of crystals throughout the planetary system that link together much like rivers and streams. No, carbon based biology could survive within that extreme heated environment for any length of time and the scientists that have explored the few that have been discovered experienced extreme difficulties doing so. If you have not heard about the crystal caves, just Google them and you will find more info.

And since I have managed to come this far I can simply state that many of the ancient pyramids and other ancient sites were specifically placed where they were to sit on top of crystal beds and veins; this is how the energy of the planet has been controlled from within the hologram and why key sites are heavily guarded. OK, more about that in a video as it will take to many words. :) Suffice to say at this time that control network is crumbling!

The matter base of this false system became 2/3 denser than it should be because the lack of the energy of Source has allowed the “Metals” to become the dominant matter base, literally making the matter biology of the planet and the Eternal Life forms “heavier” or “denser” than they should be because there has not been enough energy to create the sparks within the silica quartz crystals of the planet and the Eternal Life forms simply by walking the planet. No, jumping up and down will not fix the issue!

What can fix the issue and why does it even matter? The higher energy of Source is the only thing that can fix the issue; as the planetary crystal network runs and holds more of the higher energy of Source and the Eternal Life forms do the same then simply walking is like playing a piano of sparks of energy within the matter base. This is what is in the process of healing and why I am so excited to know more about this that I just could not wait for a video share to share it with you.

Guess what is stored within those quartz crystals in the planet and in your body? “Knowledge” and “Memory”!

Because our body is to higher in metal content and the higher energy of the silica quartz crystal has not been able to spark higher energy, the body has become to dense and guess what? As we age the body creates less and less silica. Imagine that!

The information via this link offers some great understanding of the role silica plays in the body but I am not suggesting that product listed there, that is a personal choice.

As you will read there, when we are young the body has more silica in it which creates collagen and as we age and accumulate more metal in our body and the depletion of the birth quantum of energy occurs, the body starts to wrinkle, the nails get brittle, the hair and skin become dry, bones break and joints ache. This is all a result of the lack of silica in the body.

This link offers info on heavy metals in the body and what the food systems call “normal”.

Silica also plays a role in removing aluminum from the body and after you read the above info you will discover the importance of that.

Imagine a planetary system in which your matter body is lighter than the matter body of the planet. I am not sure at this moment how all of this ties into the effects of gravity but I know that it does. When the body loses silica and the collagen weakens, the force of gravity makes all body parts drop or sag.

This is but a tiny drop of the major distortions that require healing but personally I am more than happy to take healing a drop at a time.

Of course this will not keep the matter body from dying at some point because there are other major factors involved in that process that will require the continued accretion of the higher energy of Source but we are headed in the right direction.

I will talk more about the control system within the planetary grids when the weather allows me to start the process of recording again but thought you might be interested in this information now. It is riding on the wave of higher energy that is opening with this time shift so maybe you can pick up on more of it than I currently am.

Personally, I am ordering this product simply because I have used this company for years and trust them but I have to say again, please check with your medical person before adding supplements to your diet.

Silica Complex

Loving Joy Abounds!


Copyright 2013 Ascension Whispers

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Parallax Journal:Soul Retrieval

Exploring The Architecture of Reality

Soul Retrieval

By Tai Carmen

site credit:

“Why do we describe a distraught person as being ‘beside himself’? Because the ancients believed that soul and body could part, and that under great emotional stress the soul would actually leave the body. When this happened a person was ‘beside himself.’” ~ Dictionary of Word Origins
“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” ~ Jesus (Matthew 16:26)
Part I
Our language is rife with references to what has traditionally been described by shamanic cultures as ‘soul loss’ — “Nobody’s home,” we might say of an empty-eyed co-worker. Or, in a funk ourselves: “I feel like a part of me is missing.” Popular songs site it casually — I don’t know where my soul is / I don’t know where my home is (Nelly Furtado, “I’m Like A Bird”).

Yet, these expressions are so common, we often use them as descriptors without fully investigating their implication.

site credit:

“Many of us today don’t feel totally whole, don’t feel as if we are all here,” relates Sandra Ingerman in her book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self. 

“Few of us live as fully as we could. When we become aware of this, we want to recover the intensity of life, and the intimacy, that we once enjoyed…We want to come home more fully to ourselves and to the people we love.”

Sistine Chapel detail (Creation) by Michelangelo

Many turn to the shamanic arts for language and methodology which address our collective angst with a soulfulness lacking in modern lexicon.

“The re-emergence in the late twentieth century of shamanism — with its lively and concrete notion of soul — seems to be a response to a very depressing cultural reality,” notes Jungian analyst John Ryan Haule. ”In the past six or seven hundred years we have undergone a consciousness-shift of 180 degrees. Formerly soul was our primary reality. Now we have only a body and a rational ego.

“The material conditions of our lives have improved immeasurably, but we’ve lost the imaginal and transcendent scope that belongs to the reality of soul. In a situation like this, it is often the depressives among us who are the most realistic regarding the impoverishment of our human existence.” (“Depression & Soul-Loss.”)

masks, site credit:

According to modern writers on the ancient subject, soul loss accounts for depression, anxiety, a sense of alienation, incompleteness and disconnection, a feeling of being “spaced out,” or “sleepwalking” through life.  Extreme cases include coma, psychosis, fugue states and dissociative identity disorders.

Interestingly, the concept that a vital aspect of the self flees or retreats during experiences of extreme pain or disturbance is an idea shared by shamanism and psychotherapy alike. Psychotherapy calls it “disassociation,” shamanism calls it “soul loss.” The purpose in both cases is self-protection.

credit unknown

Modern shamanic healers explain that we all lose bits and pieces of our soul, or vital essence, as we go through life.

The cause doesn’t have to be something as monumental as an accident or as extreme as abuse. It can be as simple as a small child’s sensitivity to her parents’ psychic tension or continued arguing. Little by little, parts of ourselves withdraw and become seemingly lost to us.

site credit:

Rejected elements of the personality are banished from conscious awareness — Jung’s concept of the psyche’s ”Shadow” aspect. This is done unconsciously, to ease the cognitive dissonance of harboring seemingly conflicting or ambiguous feelings; what modern psychology calls “compartmentalization” and repression.

Denied aspects — such as repressed sadness, anger, inner child or libidinous impulses — are effectively exiled. But they do not disappear. They continue to exist “underground,” as it were, in the subterranean caves of the psyche, causing emotional alienation, discomfort and disconnection from self.
The good news is that excavation of these buried aspects — and a renewal of their accompanying vital forces  — is always possible, and the focus of psychotherapy and shamanic healing alike.

site credit:

“An aspect of the infinite soul fleeing under duress is a state everyone has at some point experienced, regardless of terminology or ideology applied,” comments Kelley Harrell in her Huffington Post article, “The New Treatise on Soul Retrieval.”

The most common approach of neo-shamans is to echo the ancient model of shaman-as-guide in the netherworlds of psyche/non-ordinary reality. As pioneering anthropologist Mircea Eliade wrote in his now classic text “Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy”:

“Only the shaman can undertake a cure of this kind. For only he ‘sees’ the spirits and knows how to exorcise them; only he recognizes that the soul has fled, and is able to overtake it, in ecstasy, and return it to its body….Everything that concerns the soul and its adventure, here on earth and in the beyond, is the exclusive province of the shaman.”


However! A fascinating synthesis between psychotherapy and shamanic soul retrieval has been in the works over the past several decades.

“Upon his return from studying with teachers in India, Australia, and South America, shaman Ross Bishop transformed the Soul Retrieval process into a method that could be embraced by the Western mind and heart by making a simple shift in the roles of Shaman and client,” relates psychotherapist, author and soul retrieval practitioner Selena Whittle.

“In this contemporary method of Soul Retrieval, the essential elements of the process are the same.  There is a shamanic journey into the inner world where the wounded part of the self is identified, healed and brought back; however, the client does the work and is guided by the Shaman. The client takes the shamanic journey. The client identifies the part of the self that is wounded. The client builds a relationship with that part of the self, heals it, then brings it back for integration.

“The Shaman guides the client every step of the way, helping the client navigate the internal world of the psyche, guiding the client in the potent words or actions that are needed to build the relationship with the fragmented aspect of the self, to heal it and to bring it back. The shamanic journey becomes a shared experience, the Soul Retrieval a shared healing intervention.”


For more information on how to perform these inner excavations yourself Ross Bishop’s “Healing the Shadow” details the process. Both Selena Whittle and Ross Bishop  offer in-person and phone-based sessions.

But let me initiate you right here and now into a simple yet profound method, which you can practice in the comfort of your home.
Part II
1. Create your inner sanctum. 
This could be anything from an ornate temple to a simple spot by a running brook. The important part is that the setting has identifiable features, which can be recreated, and that the space makes you feel empowered, centered, safe and calm. Mentally construct as many details — sights, sounds and smells — as possible. Lie back, get comfortable and spend some time really making your inner sanctuary come to life behind closed eyes. (*The bath, with some low light, candles, calming scents and salts, is an excellent place to do soul work.)

"Moontemple" by Gilbert Williams

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Freedom Teachings: Beyond the Veils


A look beyond the veils of cultural limitations we have been raised to accept as truth. Explores Fetal Integration, Death, Near-Death-Experience, Extra-ordinary Events, BEING a Sacred Being and reclaiming our heritage of freedom as the Eternal SELF.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ascension Whispers: Form, Thoughts, Creating, Perception, Love


Form, Thoughts, Creating, Perception, Love



Note: A few things passed my personal awareness from the hologram these past few days and so I asked Vertical Guidance and below is the message that is for the whole. Of course the response was not what I was expecting but I have come to realize that expectations are deeply over-rated.

Perception of Creation:

The fact that the people of Earth currently view their self as their matter body limits perception of the truth of creation. The matter body is a temporary vehicle made of the same light units the experiential holographic reality field is made of and operates very much like a computer and just like a computer will not come alive (move about, interact, present images) unless there exits an energy supply, stored coding – memory.

When consciousness enters their energy into the light units of the matter body they are the supplier of the energy and coded memory held as thoughts that animate the light units of the matter form.
The consciousness exists as a type of radiation made of units of “non-visible light” and it is non-visible light because it is non-polarized or neutral charged energy expressing at varying degrees of energy quanta. The conscious radiation that animates polarized units of light “IS” Source in smaller energy units and expresses exactly as Source does as neutral, non-visible light which to the life forms of Earth would look like a sea of bright, white light with no defining form within the sea.
The fact that the life forms of Earth are currently unable to shape shift the units of light of the matter body form traps the embodied consciousness and holds it in the same state for the life time of the matter body and the loss of memory the planet has encountered limits the perception of creation.
The limited state of perception makes life forms believe they are their matter body and do not exist without the matter body. Memory loss and being blocked from the truth of creation via the inner cosmic virus prohibits awareness that all of creation is conscious energy. Such limited perception makes it next to impossible to believe that even things like sun beams, rainbows or orbs of light that may show up in pictures are alive, conscious energy because the held belief is that consciousness must be held within an animated matter body form to be considered alive.

Inanimate objects are not considered to be “alive” because consciousness is not animating them. Inanimate objects are made of conscious light but the inorganic state of which the light particles have been fused together does not allow an eternal life grid that would support higher conscious energy and is why inanimate objects will not transpose into higher conscious reality systems.

When embodied conscious identity holds the ability to fluctuate the level of dense light energy the consciousness can move their matter body through the dense light of inanimate objects. It is inorganic for eternal life expressions to be limited by dense light particles but the process of releasing such limitations requires being able to self generate energy and raising units of light into higher light vibration – oscillation sequences and healing is occurring to allow this ability to return to the eternal life expressions of Earth.

Healing into higher conscious thinking and balance with Source requires becoming aware of creation as the energy it actually is instead of thinking and viewing of creation as solid, manifest matter and remembering everything perceived as being outside of the viewer is actually light units expressing at varying degree of brightness with varying degrees of units of light turned off to awareness which allows for the illusion of space between units of light.

The grouping of units of light to create the outline of a form is inherent per the encrypted thought held within the personal conscious identity. Thought and memory are the same thing and once thought patterns or programmed data – coding is encrypted into neutral charged energy the neutral charged energy retains the encrypted thought as memory; very much like a computer retains a software program to come alive when the user tells it to.

It is desired to offer awareness of the need for caution when encountering any external technology reported to create higher body health by altering the held memory because altering memory is the same process of altering the encrypted thought coding and is exactly what the internal, distorted virus does and how it has created a distorted holographic reality field through the living matter light base via the “conscious thoughts” of the life forms of Earth.

Earth science has held the technology to alter memory for many years and will continue to present the technology to the public in many ways reported to improve physical health and well being. People easily and quickly accept such “newly discovered scientific technology” because of the fear of death and is why the medical venue is a great place to introduce new technology.

The masses are not aware that before new technology is flushed into the public arena it has been tried, tested and at least in the process of being applied in the military arena to discover the benefits it can have for all military action, known and unknown.

The intelligent, distorted virus desires to create intelligent, artificial life and once Earth science presents to the public new discovered technology to alter stored memory patterns it will be more easily acceptable to the public when new technology is presented for artificial life that holds “stored memory programming” and follows commands.

This artificial technology will be flushed into the public arena in the near future and it is already being used in automobiles and other smaller technology but a robotic, life size artificial intelligence will be presented to the public in the near future and it will be presented as the next best, newest and highest technology that will make daily living much easier.

The technology will manifest into the hologram with many levels of control and agendas behind it and will be incorporated into the military sector to create robotic armies. No, it is not just science fiction! Science already holds the technology to create such things.

Understanding and embodying more of what it means that the reality field is a hologram can assist awareness into the need to protect the personal memory or personal thoughts and not fall prey to the hyped memory technology when it manifests into the hologram. Such technology will spread into all social systems and will become very popular within the metaphysical sector, offering the next best thing for rapid DNA activation.

We will eventually get to the point of sharing information about DNA activation within the video presentations but for now it is simply desired to bring awareness that nothing outside of yourself or anything artificially implanted into yourself will allow or support such a thing. Turning on more chemicals within the DNA is a matter of turning on more of the higher energy of Source and no one can do that for another in any way.

The masses continue to be held within a volatile position as they go through the process of healing because awakening consciousness can be gullible and trusting which is an inherent quality of Source who loves all of ItSelf and allows all possibilities of free will. The best possible protection against things that are put right in front of you and called something else with an unknown agenda behind them is to accept and believe nothing simply because someone is really good at selling it by controlling the emotional body because that someone is the inner distorted virus.

Of course that does not apply to all technology and some can be quite helpful but when it comes to altering the gene code makeup, such as altering memory patterns, it is suggested to use great caution in choosing.

There is no reason to fear anything and when a life form allows the continued focus to be on Source and allows Source to be the guiding light then making choices can become much easier and it would be wise to not allow yourself to be “pushed” into making a choice because someone is trying to control your emotions.

Gifting and Receiving Love:

There are those in body on planet who are consumed with fear which means the inner virus is in complete control of their thoughts and they are so fearful they even fear to give and receive the love of Source and many in this situation will tell people things like keep your heart chakra closed and then there is the other extreme that says to open your heart chakra. The heart chakra has become associated with the quality of love within the mass consciousness but love is gifted and received via the entire energy body system, not just the heart chakra. If a life forms heart chakra was not open then they would not be in body because the physical body would stop supporting their consciousness.
It is actually the entire physical body that control occurs through and when you can understand that the control is coming from an inner, intelligent, distorted virus it becomes much easier to understand that the entire system is held in some state of control and not just one area of the system.
By consciously choosing to “close” your chakras you are consciously contracting your energy unto yourself and not allowing energy to flow through you which in turn keeps you from receiving the flow of Source energy. But because the largest percentage of the population are not aware of their energy system they do not know how to regulate their energy system and pull their energy fields in close to them when needed instead of simply leaving them wide open to everything around them. Many people are “empaths” and do not yet know they are and empaths tend to draw energy to them like a magnet and “feel” all kinds of responses through their physical – energy systems that others do not yet notice.

The only way to become aware of controlling your own energy is to allow self awareness as to how you are affected by energy and this awakens via healing of personal awareness of personal power which comes from continued focus into higher conscious thinking which can only come from Source.
The inner virus will continue its agenda to control the thoughts and beliefs of the masses until it is purged from the system and its main stronghold is to generate fear through the physical – emotional body. Continued focus and communion with Source is the only thing that can squelch those inner fears that desire to control and consume. You do have a choice and that choice is what you choose to believe!

Healing into balance and higher consciousness requires healing into truth which is a process of becoming aware of more knowledge to consider and see how it feels for you and truth removes mysticism from the equation and is what Earth science desires to achieve but truth also requires knowledge of the non-visible energy of Source. Replacing mysticism with knowledge then allows for self empowerment and healing into the organic self sovereign life expression you were created to be and removes all fear. Finite life forms are not able to know such truth or co-create simply by thinking and is why the distorted virus has not only survived by consuming energy from living systems but uses the organic abilities of living systems to get them to create what it desires via “thinking”.
What are you creating with your thoughts via the beliefs you hold and are those beliefs your own or do they belong to someone else who desires you to accept their beliefs?

All thoughts come from somewhere and all thoughts create and add those creations to the hologram but not all thoughts originate from Source and the encrypted thoughts of Source. The inner, distorted virus has been manipulating the thoughts of the Earth solar system for a very long time and is very experienced at doing so.

The Earth hologram and the life experience is not “being done to you”, you and the masses are creating the hologram yourself so you are doing it all to yourself but it is important to try to retain awareness that the imbalance is a result of the inner, intelligent, distorted virus and is working through you to do its bidding and simply being aware of that allows you power to stop the distorted thoughts that are creating the distorted reality field.

As you go about your daily activities and encounter people, places and things and experience stress, strife, fear and worry ask yourself who is making you experience such things. Is it possible for the life forms of Earth to be under the influence of mind control and if so, who is doing the controlling and where are they controlling from?

How many stories are reported daily on the news channels that people are doing seemingly random things such as going on a shooting spree and people who knew them say they had no idea that person was capable of something like that?

How many things are being planned within black ops sectors to control the masses, the economy, the planetary resources and the planet and how could those life forms even have such thoughts and ideas? Mentally ill? What creates mental illness in which an individual has lost complete control of their thoughts?

There is nothing to fear but there is reason to become aware why anyone might hold fear within them. Stepping out of fear requires remembering your personal power which requires remembering you ARE Source embodied and eternally connected to Source. It then becomes much easier to shift your attention to Source and consciously fill your body with the energy of Source in any given situation.
You could not feel love and desire balance if the energy of Source was not flowing through you nor would you feel unloved or worry that you are not good enough because to feel the opposite of love you must know the feeling of love.

Simple awareness of the “root cause” of all distortion can allow awareness of personal power to return and you hold the solution or anti-virus within you to empower you and assist you to become stronger than the virus and take back control of your thoughts to create what you desire to experience and create the hologram anew.

We are working to present more knowledge to you that can assist self awareness and healing but it takes time because of the need to heal to allow more knowledge to open to awareness but you do not have to wait on more knowledge to choose what you desire to focus your thoughts and attention on.
Protection from the external environment is not simply a matter of putting a lock around your heart chakra as some might desire you to believe it is a matter of “guarding your thoughts” constantly as they are the core program that determines all experiences.

Giving the love of Source, freely without any expectations assures you will continue to receive the love of Source increased of the amount you gifted and gifting the love of Source cannot occur if fear binds and contracts the love of Source.

Awareness includes awareness of the external environment and how it is used to pump thoughts into the mass consciousness to then get the mass consciousness to create those thoughts within the hologram but you can even regain control of that process simply by choosing what you desire to accept into your belief system and focus your energy into which means you can control, simply by thinking, any hidden agenda that you may not currently be aware of.

The holiday season presents a “mind set” of accepted beliefs that it is a season to gift to others but sadly the concept has been hindered via commercial means spawned from a desire of acquisition and creates a lot of stress for many to try to live up to the social expectations put upon the holiday season.
When you give freely the love of Source it does not require any commercial concepts but simply caring, sharing and assisting others with their needs and doing so offers a much fuller return of Source energy than maxing your credit card to purchase more material items.

The joy of the Christmas holiday and the coming New Year offers an opportunity to simply breathe and choose what you would like to do to assist yourself and the whole into healing back into balance and can be a restart point to choose where you desire to place your energy and what you desire to focus upon.

When you allow yourself to “know” you are Source embodied then looking at the external hologram and all of the crazy things that are going to continue to occur for awhile become much easier because YOU are in control of you and no one else.

The New Year will present “exactly” as the masses create it and you can support each other in making it a memorable one.

Blessing of Love & Joy to All


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ascensions Whispers: Happy Freedom Day +

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.

Happy Freedom Day


Hello Beloved Expressions of Source,

For those who are interested in my personal share of experiences – so far – on this wonderful day of Freedom;

At approximately 11:00 PM on December 11, 2013, I began to notice things occurring in my head. It began with the crown chakra (soft spot area) hurting as it does if you bump your head hard. As I sat and felt this, the palms and feet chakras became very heated and vibrating with energy.

I next saw, with inner vision, the vertical pillar and at the top of it, above the 12th chakra above the head, I saw a vortex of spinning energy that was spinning clockwise around my body as if I was sitting in the middle of a clock with the 6 point in front of me and the 12 point behind me.

As I watched the spinning vortex, the bumped head feeling in the crown chakra began to expand to cover the head but under the skin as well and felt like a crown, bowl or hat sitting on top of the head and then quickly down the back of the head to the base of the skull.

At approximately 11:30 PM, I was guided to begin my daily routine of energy exercises, which my husband joined me for.

As we went through the routine, the spinning vortex continued to spin faster and faster. My palms and feet became so electrified that they felt like flaming spheres of energy.

The entire inside of my body then felt electrified and the particles inside the body felt like excited energy, kind of like the spray that comes from a waterfall. Then the inside freeze out began through the entire body with my teeth chattering. :)

We completed the exercises by 12:00 midnight and was guided to simply sit within the God Space with continued focused breathing, inhaling and exhaling the word “balance” until 12:15 AM.
At about 12:30 AM I made myself comfortable in my recliner and quickly fell asleep and instantly began a series of dream time experiences in which I kept seeing myself in different time periods, looking different in each one and noticing the difference in the surroundings.

It was not a restful kind of sleep dreaming and every hour I was nudged to open my eyes and look at the digital clock on the entertainment center then quickly back into a new time period.

This continued until 6:00 AM on December 12th when my body finally awakened and wanted to soak in a bath, during which time guidance explained that the experience of cycling through the different time periods was a result of rapid infusion of Source energy which literally created a rapid accretion cycle of energy, re-accreting through time cycles that had already been accreted and experienced prior to the Atlantian attack.

Upon waking at 6:00 AM, the entire head still felt quite sore but this faded as I soaked in the bath.
Guidance says that each continued monthly time cycle shift will present similar with higher energy turning on and re-accretion of energy that had already occurred prior to the Atlantian attack.
The planet now feels like she is basking gently in a blanket of energy and the entire planet and all eternal life forms are in energy integration mode which will continue for about  3 days when things begin to feel more balanced until the quickening cycle begins for next month’s time shift.

I am intending that things will settle down now and I can put together the next video share for the youtube channel. A whole lot of wonderful information to share with you!

I must say, in all of the many ways that I imagined what this experience “might” express as, it has expressed in a way I never even thought of but that is nothing new to my hologram as Source continually surprises me. And guidance continues to remind me that Source creates in balance and Source heals in balance.

What does it mean that the higher energy of Source coming into the planet created a series of massive leaps through time? It means the planet and all eternal life forms are now in the process of turning on that higher energy within and that will allow those higher thoughts to express into the hologram. What will that look like? Whatever we desire to co-create!

There will be information presented in an upcoming video that shows how the time matrix – galaxy is actually a “clock” and what that means as far as these shifts in time but I can tell you for certain in this moment that it means we are going “home”, home to our healed expression. There is no turning back now for the Eternal faces of Source as we are all on the home bound train and it is moving full speed ahead.

Loving Joy to All,


Freedom Day Arrival Time


Hello Lovely Expression Of Source,

I am happy to tell you that tonight I was told the time the event will commence on Freedom Day, December 12, 2013.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Non-Silent Silence

blue bird on liliac
A chorus of bird song sings
counter-point to the cock crow.
Rain washed breezes murmur
through the dense new growth
stimulated by daily rains. The
silence of the floresta is healing
and never is truly silent as the
Mother of the Floresta and those
who attend her murmur, sigh, and
sing the songs of nature.

These past weeks have been a roar
into the new year, finishing old
lessons, starting new ones. I
treasure the morning silence filled
with the life sounds of nature.
Pages fill with poetry, my pen
seldom pausing. The Master has
much to say.

I listen and learn. I know the
messages criscross the globe
bringing wisdom and the message
of love to seekers everywhere.
An old cycle has finished, the world
survived and now surges forward. I
am grateful for all I learned. Now
I start a whole new cycle, unburdened
by the past, which burned away,
leaving the new to rise up our of the ashes.

Owl Wisdom #12

When people know they
can shift their responsibilities
to us, they do. In our need to
feel valuable and loved, we are
willing to carry loads that
are not ours. We serve neither
them nor ourselves when we do this.