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Saturday, June 28, 2014

PatCegan: Here Right Now

Here Right Now


yet not
hours filled with quiet
letting go
floating in the
amniotic matrix
of Divinity
suspended in time

H earing the inner voice
E ven stillness has a message
R ealizing life unfolds minute by minute
E ventually we all get there

  by   ~

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Love?

gorilla and butterfly

Is it possible, even reasonable
to love all of mankind? Must we
maintain a position of complete
neutrality where both good and
evil are concerned? Does an
unwillingness to take sides
equate brotherly love? Can
we “love humanity,”
but not endorse evil, aggression,
cruelty, and the willingness to
shackle the human soul?

While we know that all will
someday follow the path of
illumination, in the meantime,
we must guard against that
which seeks to destroy. We can
and must work for the evolution
of mankind both in a corporal
way and in the spiritual where all
true progress is made.
Ultimately, compassion is the key.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Firmly Planted

icecles cat

He who plants his feet firmly
in the truth, never falls for
in truth, is great balance.
What is truth?
That which lasts
through eternity.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Non-Silent Silence

blue bird on liliac
A chorus of bird song sings
counter-point to the cock crow.
Rain washed breezes murmur
through the dense new growth
stimulated by daily rains. The
silence of the floresta is healing
and never is truly silent as the
Mother of the Floresta and those
who attend her murmur, sigh, and
sing the songs of nature.

These past weeks have been a roar
into the new year, finishing old
lessons, starting new ones. I
treasure the morning silence filled
with the life sounds of nature.
Pages fill with poetry, my pen
seldom pausing. The Master has
much to say.

I listen and learn. I know the
messages criscross the globe
bringing wisdom and the message
of love to seekers everywhere.
An old cycle has finished, the world
survived and now surges forward. I
am grateful for all I learned. Now
I start a whole new cycle, unburdened
by the past, which burned away,
leaving the new to rise up our of the ashes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Integrity — Yours and Mine


How is it that we can do
a hundred good things and
no one pays attention, but
let us slip once and we
hear about it for the rest
of our lives?

I have had my trust broken
many times, sometimes in
small ways, other times in
important circumstances. I
place a high value on integrity,
mine and others. When I make
a promise and break it, I am
not keeping that integrity.
I say, I do. So simple a
concept, so why do we fail
to do it at times?

Unity can not exist without
trust, and trust is built
with integrity. It is pivotal
to mankind living in harmony
with all. Let us be diligent
about guarding our word. If
we make a commitment, let
us keep it. If for some reason
we can not, we must let the other
know so we do not break their
trust. So simple, but it takes moral
strength to remain firm with this.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

No Shyness

scared-child by

Shyness hides from joy
Don’t let fear rob you of life
Have the faith to try!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Snippets from Source — #150

Snippets from Source — #150

owl in hand

Inspiration comes with love,
not with threats and fear.
When one is inspired, we
want to excel, to do our
best. Together you and I
will be a source of inspiration
using love as the generator.

Source of All Inspiration.

I nitiate action with love
N ew beginnings give hope
S weet words are swallowed easier
eople copy what they see — model what you want
nitiate new ideas with love, never fear
R epeat lessons are usually needed
A ct as if your dream was already realized
T hank-you gives miracles
I nstill confidence in others
neness is the goal
ow is the time for new beginnings

Friday, December 21, 2012

A State of Grace


Love is a state of grace.
When you are in imbalance,
you are not in the timelessness
of love. To be well, serene, you
must be in this state of love,
aware of the Divine you
connected to All.

Like the flower of the sun,
turn to the light. If you
falter, face the sun,
drawing in the light. Give
praise, sing your gratitude,
rejoice and let no one
steal your joy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Only Your Love Grows in my Heart

Only Your Love Grows in my Heart. 


“My heart will never seek another heart,  
Or smell another flower, knowing you.  
Your love has made heart’s field a desert waste;  
No love other than yours grows in that place. “


Credit to Lokesh Fouzdar :

Monday, December 17, 2012

from seeing into believing into being....

from seeing into believing into being
from pineal to higher heart to embodiment throughout the entire aura
freedom is knowing you can create all that is in you but first
you must know you through see-feeling and lead that knowing into manifestation 

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snippets from Source #145

Snippets from Source #145

shy owl
Teach by doing what you want
the student to learn. Praise
generously so the learner knows
what he is doing right. A great
teacher remembers he is a student, too.

Professor Source

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Lessons of Illness

The Lessons of Illness

beautiful tree

Do all illnesses have a
spiritual cause? A tree
bears the fruit of its nature.

Illness is neither good
or bad, but simply is one
more way for you to learn–
patience, forgiveness,
compassion, love. Examine
carefully the origin of
your pain. Look deeply into
your suffering for surely it
holds great lessons for you.

via The Lessons of Illness.

Alchemy - Poetry and Prose by Teal Scott ©

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst


This poem represents the spiritual philosophy behind the four stages of the Great Work of Alchemy...
The four stages being Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo.


We are turned to ash.
We are rich with the putrefaction of what we once were.
And the shadow rains down upon us
We suffer all but death
In the perpetual fire of our own illusions
We suffer all but death
In the hell of our own fears


The ash is washed away
To reveal our original purity
To every black, there must be a white.
A heaven to every hell.
And so
Behind the mask of our temporary identities, there is an eternal soul.
When we remove the mask…


We find it
We turn
From what we thought we were
Into what we really are
We can see now
That the moon’s light
Is not sun light,
It is just a reflection.
We are just a reflection of what we really are.
When we decide to turn from moonlight to sunlight
We are transmuted
We awaken
And when we do…


We become the embodiment of our very soul
The sunlight is all that we are
A perfect fusion of spirit and matter
We are now the phoenix
Looking down at the ashes that once consumed us
With gratitude
For we are now…

Saturday, December 08, 2012

RISE & climb as far as you can.....

[caption id="attachment_3918" align="aligncenter" width="463"][/caption]

RISE & climb as far as you can
BELIEVE & break through
and KNOW; if in need,
WILL always
come to you
ps. Victorous aka Merlin aka Metarin aka B**  H ...
Owls are watching... 
Stop your Mirror Magic...


Friday, November 30, 2012

Perfect timing to run across this one*. Labyrinth... + Poem - The Madness of Love

Perfect timing to run across this one*.  Labyrinth paris link line. thing thing. while doing my own backtracking stuff and reconnecting dots. and technique;s past present and future into1 and resolve that that was is has been., to be in the now the i am.

*(being the poem below..)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Madness of Love

(Rose Window dedicated to Mary, circa 1235, at Chartres Cathedral, located about 50 miles south of Paris; the medieval cathedral was built in the High Gothic style mainly between 1194 and 1260)
We now conclude our look at Agape, the final part of the study of love we began in June.
In our work we were inspired by C. S. Lewis, who wrote about the four kinds of love, using the Greek names: “Charity means love. It is called Agape in the New Testament to distinguish it from Eros (sexual love), Storge (family affection) and Philia (friendship).”
The poem below was written by Hadewijch of Antwerp, a 13th-century poet and mystic. She was a member of the Beguines, one of the many medieval Catholic communities of lay women in the Low Countries, including Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. The women devoted their lives to their faith and their work with the poor.

The madness of love
Is a blessed fate;
And if we understood this
We would seek no other;
It brings into unity
What was divided,
And this is the truth:
Bitterness it makes sweet,
It makes the stranger a neighbor,
And what was lowly it raises on high.

 Source -

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RA verse ✴ #Message of 3/6 - 9-11-2012

-´¯`*•.Art f Poetry.•*´¯`-

- Ra Verse's -


-/+\- 3/6/9/12 ´¯`*•. Choose2 Remember OneSelf , Remember Thyself LoveOnself, Remember! Remember Remember! Walk as one shines on the path.. towards..your Dreams..•*´…

Horses - There is a Dream

"Forgiveness Heals Time....."   Ra Material.

Restitution, Renunciation, Energ

Also see Children Of the SUN. Rites Of Passage..

1. Isutu-Esheau 1. I sU’ too E’ shoo   UR

3. Amekasan-Etur 3. a ME’ ka sun  e too’r  DO

6.Ramyana-Shridveta 6. rah ma yah na shrid vE’ Da  UM

9. Yun Zu-Xen 9. Yu-Un Zoo-Zen  Ke

12. A-reah-Azurta 12. a-RI-a-Zoor-ta-  Rha

Tribal Shield-Cue Zones Activation* +double noteX2

Its.all.connected , Differentiation is Key. Middle world to Innerworld all is inside..  your heart has the key Flame ON! end #funnote ~Ra2012~

and more "notes"..  TOOLS to BE...       Only you Can Heal You When You Choose For you.....

The Lemurian & Atlantian Legacies (download torrent) - TPB