Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RA verse ✴ #Message of 3/6 - 9-11-2012

-´¯`*•.Art f Poetry.•*´¯`-

- Ra Verse's -


-/+\- 3/6/9/12 ´¯`*•. Choose2 Remember OneSelf , Remember Thyself LoveOnself, Remember! Remember Remember! Walk as one shines on the path.. towards..your Dreams..•*´…

Horses - There is a Dream

"Forgiveness Heals Time....."   Ra Material.

Restitution, Renunciation, Energ

Also see Children Of the SUN. Rites Of Passage..

1. Isutu-Esheau 1. I sU’ too E’ shoo   UR

3. Amekasan-Etur 3. a ME’ ka sun  e too’r  DO

6.Ramyana-Shridveta 6. rah ma yah na shrid vE’ Da  UM

9. Yun Zu-Xen 9. Yu-Un Zoo-Zen  Ke

12. A-reah-Azurta 12. a-RI-a-Zoor-ta-  Rha

Tribal Shield-Cue Zones Activation* +double noteX2

Its.all.connected , Differentiation is Key. Middle world to Innerworld all is inside..  your heart has the key Flame ON! end #funnote ~Ra2012~

and more "notes"..  TOOLS to BE...       Only you Can Heal You When You Choose For you.....

The Lemurian & Atlantian Legacies (download torrent) - TPB


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