Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RA verse ✴ #Message of 1.1 – 13-11-2012 [Plus addon for Stench PsyStalker worfpoe Michael Hemmingson and rest 66 alliasses

v1.1  since your stench i had to smell for a bit , lemme drop your hot pile a shit here #meatlessMondays meat dick head slap dick face  pile a crap you lolz indeed, with #added Correction  haha/.

peace and aloha in ya Face with love RA..
sleep than rite8~ (sun) ~◯~ Grid/another one solved. next! |& funny2,pm A, and Wp.shows up timing+-2m and a *stench very specific.. crap,like V's bah.2fingers aim zap swoosh gone.. #care #wakeUP PSyS.....

(1* grid note. 12/33/39 3/6/9)  wp note lol poor boy.. soon 17th for ya... rest #care  / 13th.. rite8 = * Absolute Equanimity/ ABSOLUTE REALITY “Pure awareness”… mentality.. choice.. BE . )

(2* PsyS.. stalker attached onto..... choice..   feed.   soon Adressed in broader interconnected scope....   expect it some` time` near you )

(3* to end in trinity V knows whom it is. no need to address that. atm.  )

`psychic stalkers` just Mindcontrolled darkside boosted nimwite pawns........  and choice....   see the game and know, and dont play. come join my game. my rules. ha. fing dare ya. did do will are is i_____〉|〈________Da Line.

seach bing.com. hahahahhaa the #Real #lulz

[search] worfpoe pile a crap indeed... just... bah
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  • article.wn.com/view/2012/08/16/Hong_Kong_Sex_Workers_Fight_Long_Arm_of_the_​Law

    16-8-2012 · ... worfpoe ... Made with a micro budget and a pile of left over ... Have you enjoyed beating the crap, mercilessly, out ...

    06:09  +worfpoe         • this is Vosto singing?
    06:10  +worfpoe         • awesome
    06:10  +worfpoe         • this is a major radio type song
    06:11  +worfpoe         • Has Vosto done the Winged Giraffe ballad?
    06:57  +worfpoe         • you got a foot fetish for him, Rak?

    06:58  +RAKMEiSTER      • worf dealwith your issues stop projecting it onto everyone. x1000
    06:58  +worfpoe         • wow, now you are gonna start stalking DreadShoes toes
    06:59  +worfpoe         • you wouldn;t understand the book, it would be in English.
    06:59                   • Now ignoring worfpoe.
    07:08                   • worfpoe [vpkxggjpob@protectedhost-AFB37040.sd.sd.cox.net] has quit IRC

    more from the pil a a crap: here nimwit been trying..... 2.5 months now, and still stuck in his own downwards spiral and own DOINGS. and mirror Project walktalk DownFlux spiral leach mirror mirror on the wall says± WAKE THE FUCK UP FOR YOUR DAUGHTER's SAKE, will ya. ty

    as i said day before yesterday when he injected himself and his fetish onto.. chat slice and dice

    06:58  +RAKMEiSTER      • worf dealwith your issues stop projecting it onto everyone. x1000


    The-retard again in PAST´s actions. (AT comments)


    fun also as Yanis lolz nimiwt today in wolfspiritradio chat....  splice and dice some more into your Art of Deceptive dreamword projection attechment , females crusher. and goes back to further than... 94ish, rest group.. goes back to 80ish // today just  old games old energy, no pitty.  wake up up or meet the force..     // them others have their own dealings.....    still1 strike left, what to do what to do. ahahahahah RA

    ---- Ah Yanis, aka worfpoe crap pile..... smelly kelly

    trying now to PLAY dollyangel12.

    just his talk, quick search log. no need for dolly to be added. onto hs wrongdoings "here@

    20:33                   • Yanis [rpudkdchmw@3079BD37.4161F11D.5B34F852.IP] has joined #WolfSpiritRadio
    20:33                   • Hammerhead set mode [+v Yanis]
    20:34  +dollyangel12    • hi yanis
    20:34  +Yanis           • Hello angel 12
    20:34  +Yanis           • nice number
    20:35  +Yanis           • Is this where people typer in their questions during broadcast?
    20:36  +Yanis           • andromeda
    20:36  +Yanis           • or, oh...........
    20:37  +Yanis           • he speaks some truths
    20:38  +Yanis           • I like how your conciousness forms potential patterns
    20:38  +Yanis           • it never is merely 'one'
    20:39  +Yanis           • thats the whole point, isn't it? All different expressions of the one...but united co-creating one 'reality'
    20:39  +Yanis           • we all stare at the same thing, jsut from different angles
    20:40  +Yanis           • what does that mean to you
    20:40  +Yanis           • ?
    20:40  +Yanis           • Is it part of your current co-creation"
    20:40  +Yanis           • ?
    20:41  +Yanis           • yes............how come 'we' connect with these conciouisness fields
    20:41  +Yanis           • ?
    20:42  +Yanis           • :-)
    20:42  +Yanis           • 12 indeed
    20:42  +Yanis           • do you believe you have to do something or more BE something?
    20:43  +Yanis           • which faction of the Elohim is she talking about?
    20:43  +Yanis           • from HU3 or...?
    20:43  +dollyangel12    • sorry, yanis, i don't know
    20:44  +Yanis           • may I give a hint...although it is merely an idea. if I tell you, you tell yourself. All giving each other through other expressions
    20:44  +Yanis           • do you feel like a conduit? a holder of a current or flame?
    20:45  +Yanis           • how would you describe this current with your own letters
    20:45  +Yanis           • yes, words are words
    20:45  +Yanis           • especially this language
    20:46  +Yanis           • words letters or tones
    20:46  +Yanis           • all that is is waves
    20:46  +Yanis           • does it have colour?
    20:47  +Yanis           • :-)
    20:47  +Yanis           • blueish?
    20:48  +Yanis           • :-)
    20:48  +Yanis           • some silver lately and light gold?
    20:48  +Yanis           • yes
    20:48  +Yanis           • that is then
    20:49  +Yanis           • I believe I understand
    20:49  +Yanis           • nearest to which amenti gate do you find yourself at these coordinates in time and space
    20:49  +Yanis           • u did show me
    20:50  +Yanis           • the 12 primary points on the beautiful blue pearl
    20:50  +Yanis           • indeed
    20:51  +Yanis           • in other words, do you live in the united states of America?
    20:51  +Yanis           • so your at gate 2

    20:51  +RAKMEiSTER      • ah hi worfpoe lol
     20:51  +RAKMEiSTER      • dont you get tired of yourself
    20:51  +Yanis           • maahali bruah
    20:52  +Yanis           • yes you are where you agreed to be
    20:52  +Yanis           • good or bad is what we have to chance to look past
    20:52  +Yanis           • duality

    01:37                   • Search for *Yanis* in #WolfSpiritRadio.Windfyre.log (976KB) produced 50 results. Search completed in 0.4s.

    Jabal Yunis Jabr

    Submitted on 2012/11/11 at 8:27 pm | In reply to Jamee Curtice.

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    Jabal Yunis Jabr

    =Libya  lol Ghana Lol., just your usual BS wannabeeeeee play MORE. Cali boy´s

    IP address:
    ISP:Ghana Telecom
    Region:Greater Accra
    Country:Ghana (GH) flag

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