Tuesday, November 06, 2012

RA verse ✴ #Message of 6-11-2012

- TimeWaveᖇᗩ~  see the bump in timeline progress by the power of sound. frack m all ~thirteenth bloodline of the black nobility. OPEN GAME.... Amor Vincit Omnia!« untold all be known. time.....


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  1. I should comment on this just so there is some Clarification, i am Decendant of Caractacus a very old bloodline here of Arcturian origen, i am Pendragon, i found that my bloodline was included among the list of 13 on some things, we are not associated with Bush(carrolingian) I am Arcturian and a few other things, a Royal yes, but a dark one no. A victim of the Reptilian head games as well as there atempts to spread disinformation and charetor assasination, an Arcturian King is something they fear, they thought we were wiped of the planet by now, big suprise when they kept popping into the DUMB so my team was sent to figure it out, turns out i have an instinctual defense as well as counter to there ways of killing, what better planetary defence mechanism but that of an Arcturian Royal, as they say we are that type, so why would not the Royal family come hear, Aphrodite, Atlas to name two of the oldest, thend own through Troy then to Britania through Brutus of Troy, coming to america after going into the country side after 1307, after the FRankish empire was taken over by Pippin the Short with help of Vatican, whom by the way is Bush's great grandpappy, one of my would be Daggobert. So you see the levels of disinformatoin, and by how they did it those that study bloodlines notice my last name and associate it with Bush and other things based on the disinformation. MAkes what i have to do a bit harder if i have to also defend myself against those we are trying to help, hope that helps as well as explains part of the intense shifting, ive had to heal as well as adjust certain things. as in i just do what i do and just am what i am. The coin of my ansestor even tells of this and were we stand in this, it is a complex tail to say the least, but one that will be told of the mythical yet real bloodline commonly referd to as Pendragon, the real name is if it were to be associated with anything is HoundLord of God, rough and simple translation, we put snakes in ther place you could also say.