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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tuning The Future: The 2012 Enigma And The New Music Revolution #Krystal #Music

Tuning The Future: The 2012 Enigma And The New Music Revolution

Krystal Tuned Musical Creation 


Michael Strategier (left) and Daniel Schotsborg (Right)

Here comes the secret of Krystal Musical Tuning. I just revealed it in an email and time is ripe to educate a larger public. I wrote: " Hi Eduan, I'm glad you like our music. The tuning in fact is very simple. I start with octaves 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128 and put these in a column Next I add the numbers from the first column 1+2=3 2+4=6 etc, this makes a second column, I continue this process until I have 12 columns. This gives a lot of frequencies and many are below or above the human hearing threshold (below 16 Hz we can't hear but these are axactly the frequencies of our brainwaves: Delta (sleep, deep meditation, radar) are considered below 4 Hz. I create several octave layers in delta; 2-4 Hz 1-2 Hz and further by reversing a cascade 1/2 1/4/ 1/8/ 1/16 etc. 4-8 Hz are theta brainwaves (creativity, meditation, deep relaxation, dreams), 8-16 Hz are alpha (relaxation, learning, studying) from 16-32 Beta (normal waking consciousness) 32-64 is the next octave etc. So, our music is tuining our brainwaves and with it our bodies (everything in the universe is made by vibrations and not tuned vibrations are called noise - in our contemparary world nearly nothing is tuned, so more and more noise every day). Of the frequencies above the human hearing threshold in my formula, I take the undertones which are audible and in this way I get all 12 notes within an octave and this tunes us with the universe beyond our ears and other senses. This is part one of the tuning. You know the Krystal Spiral is built by using a cascade of squares followed by a diamond window in which the diagonal of the square is used. This diagonal is the square Root of 2 For the second tuning I use all frequencies of part 1 times Root 2. And of couse these freqiuencies fit perfectly with the notes of tuning part 1.

Simple and very effective. I'm now busy to create a new fret system for guitars because all frets have to be changed because the distances between notes In Krystal Music are very different from all other tunings. I'm also using 2 autoharps i"ve tuned in my system to create a rhythm instrument. This will be the next phase other instruments as pianos, flutes we have also to create from scratch because the distances between holes are different.

I hope you'll understand how the system works, what I know from years of experience is, that people also can become ill by listening to the music, because they tune to a completely new "cosmic" system their bodies have to adapt to. It took piano tuner and pianist Michael Strategier several month before he could play without becoming ill. It's very powerful music that needs a period to adapt. When you are already tuned with the Kystal Spiral and Keylontic Science it will be much easier.


In 1244 the last Cathars/Kathars (Ka= light, Tha = sound en Ra = one) were killed by a cruisade. The Mayan calendar ended in 2012, and 2012 -/- 1244 = 768 When we divide this number by 12 we get 64 and are immeditaly in the octaves of Krystal Musical Tuning (KMT): 1-

 (yahoo Groups #KS copied post)
Jacques Groenen worked out a music scale following the Kristal Spiral as described in KS (so without Fibonacci stuff as other 432Hz music still can have). He is not the only one who did this, but he is the only one I know who works together with a piano tuner who actually can tune piano’s that way.

And they happened to be Dutch, just as I am, so he is going to tune my piano too J

a quote from KS @yahoo

I ordered 2 CD’s from this website and I love it, you can also find concerts of him on you tube, just search for “Michiel Strategier”.

I have spoken to him and he love to hear from others and get feedback, so you could contact him too, both his and Jacques’ e-mail and phone number are on the website.

(just watched the website , it’s still in the making, and I saw that for the actual sound fragments you still have to watch the Dutch version of the web….)


Divine 9 is volledig gebaseerd op Fibonacci en de Fibonacci-spiraal - evenals de Gulden Snede - monden uit in permanente Yin-Yang polariteiten (een degeneratie en misvorming van Yan-Yun) die samen de struktiuur vormen van de ketenen in/en de Grot van Plato. Niets goddelijks te ontdekken in deze gevangenis. Zowel gulden snede (golden meany) als Fibo-no-chi zijn afgeknotte en beperkende geometrie. Alle hierop gebaseerde muziek is misleidend en verdovend. Echte grensverleggende muziek die je buiten de grot brengt is te vinden op

All 82 Krystal Music songs are downloadable now as mp3
Alle nummers van alle 5 Krystal Muziek cd's zijn nu individueel aan te schaffen op via het tabblad geluidsfragmenten
see also the flower of so called Life for that. and the krystal spiral Manual. and related posts.
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Pic: Copyright ©2011 Ashayana Deane