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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Answers to questions on MCEO and Thetans #TAOCE

Answers to questions on MCEO and Thetans

The last couple of days I have received mails from two KS students having some questions about what is going on with E'Asha and the Al-Hum-Bhra etc. At first I wanted to avoid giving straight answers, because they might come back and bite me in the a.. so to speak but I will climb out on a limb here and give some straight answers anyway.
Mail 1: I wonder, what do you think right now of the plasma body activations and that kind of stuff from al-humbhra (like the long journey from august proposed or should I emphasize, is supposedly necessary for protection against dark flowering before doing anything else, again I'm not sure to really understand what it is)?
and E'Asha these days? (some people talk about Ashayana's energetic signature having changed a lot recently, in a not so good way but I'm not quite sure how to clearly see it if that is the case to begin with (reminds me of your article on Eric Pearl..)) this is not even with starting to speak of ex-speaker 2 and 3!...You talked in an article about the teachings being compromised, do you mean because of the turmoil in the group and between the speakers or after it, the group now that goes on with E'Asha and the infos they are now getting...?
Mail 2: I read on the group that Phantom Earth is no longer there, so there is no imminent threat, that there has been an additional participant in the mission - The Al-Hum-Bhra Counsels, and that the Krystal River mission has been successful in securing the grids (that the grids war is over) and ensuring the safe passage for all those who choose to get out. You, on the other hand, are saying that basically nothing changed and the scenario is as bad as it ever was. If this is so, I'd like to ask you - in your Aug 28 post you are mentioning the middle zone of the disintegrating NET field which would be available for the evacuation - how, and where???
Before I answer those questions I have to be earnest with you: I am not answering those questions from a neutral point of view. I am influenced by my nature and origin and what I am here to do. There is no difference between me and a politician; I answer according to my beliefs and my inner realties, just like E'Asha does. She is the minister of the MCEO group, or the new string in Al-Hum-Bhra, here on Earth and she promotes what she is being given from her inner group as well as I am. She and I belong to two different parties in the great council of true Earth and we do not have the same view of how to govern the process on NETE and the incubated HM-SCOC´s and their LM-PCOE´s.

As I wrote in my first Panergeia Newsletter:
I previously have named Earth as NETE, but because I have left this negative point of view and try to find into the more advanced world view without any cosmic, human or earthly battles, I have changed my choice of words to adjust to this reality. The Panergeia Project acknowledges the wars that are taking place in different parts of our reality field, but is not a part of them. We know some people and groups of higher consciousness are into those realities as well as other LM-PCOE and their HM-SCOC partake in various other kinds of internal and external battles on energy, mind and consciousness.
We might as well get used to the idea that Earth, because of the lift of the energetic quarantine, on different levels, have opened up to a much more differentiated scale of perception, belief systems and possibilities and that the information we receive from within matches the level of information, we are ready to receive as well as what our HM-SCOC wants us to receive in order to outlive the features of energy, it wants to have integrated into the LM-PCOE.
The Panergeia Project, at least my branch, works on how to transform the gross particle reality into conscious wave reality at will and the science, I am receiving, has nothing to do with wars, whether they be religious, scientific or spiritual involving various perceptions of demonic powers, human enemies or alien factions with devastating agendas. These are very real for each participant of those timelines and realities, and there is no right or wrong in this; there are only choices and the intentions of the HM-SCOC towards what reality field that is the best to incubate that kind of involvement and progress which is needed and wanted. 

and further down:
What we are aiming for is the capability of being able to transform the gross body into other properties at will just like the techniques we are using on our space craft’s. Why those properties are not implemented in the LM-PCOE has to do with the treaties and agreements that were made in other timelines and parts of the holographic reality. Let it be enough to know that the PP has never been in agreement with the plans that were made between the leading parties, MCEO being one of them, and the other participants of this field, and therefore we are working hard to reinstall this property into the human body, the LM-PCOE, in order to being able to use this quite normal capacity in other similar fields. Our lineage strains from the Elohim/Elohei strain and other similar groups of higher entities which is why we are capable of integrating ourselves into the earthly fields of reality. 
We were here before the holographic principles were applied to parts of true Earth and it would therefore not be a total lie to say that we are citizens of true Earth trying to reinstall the codes of the true humankind into the holographic particle entity or mankind.
What I am working for is therefore to find the technology and way to re-implement the codes that will offer a way out for the ones who wishes to, becoming a part of the true humankind, i.e. true citizens of true Earth, that is the reality field of which NETE or the degraded holographic reality field is a part of. 
We co-operate as well with other groups of entities, that is HM-SCOC and above, which for various reasons have some participants of their communities integrated in NETE and other similar adjacent reality fields of which some are closely related to Earth, intersecting NETE and therefore have encoded holographic properties, i.e. restricted and elusive features which prevents the projected entity to shift into other timelines and reality fields at will.
When this is being said, what has it to do with the visions I got back then? Do they correspond with the Earth I see today? 
First: I do agree with that the signature of E'Asha has changed. As I see it, this has to do with the process she has been through and the new council behind her. I am not cleared or in liberty to view Al-Hum-Bhra; they are out of my sight so to say and because of this I cannot give a description of them. What I can say is that they are not from True Earth and that they are foreign to me; they are newcomers in the council which is not uncommon – it´s quite normal for different races to participate in our councils. 
What I am in liberty to say, thinking on them and sensing their signature, is that they have the MCEO group and their various soul matrices best interest at heart, albeit the overall purpose in the art of war within different lineages are about to change into a much more advanced state, and that they are here to prepare the partakers of the old systems of war within the Alliances into a new stage of consciousness. 
Yes, the Phantom Earth has dissolved, but this is the part of the Thetan agenda and their cleaning up after the lesser advanced reptilian agenda. They have no need for feeding grounds or hybrids to prey on; they are as well upgrading the old drama to a new level and in doing so, they have opened the grids for everybody to get out, allowing us and the MCEO to secure our old grids and pipelines of consciousness, enabling those who are able to travel along and use them. As the Thetan guardians told me, btw, a long time ago; they have never had the intention on destroying or capture those who remember their origin and therefore are in contact with their HM-SCOC; they have some total different priorities that are far more vicious and dangerous in the long run. Because of that we are all in a period of transition, reinforcing and restructuring ourselves for the new to come on all levels, which will outplay itself in the reality fields we enter, when we leave Earth.
The overall plan of dividing Earth stands, but it has been negotiated that the restrictions are not as tightly as described earlier. This has to do with the release of energies within the Thetan lineage as well as the success they have had in implementing various higher DNA technologies from their mind-fields into our world, being able to produce nanotechnologies which in the long run will make them able to create their own artificial hybrids directly out of NETE´s particle material.
The division will happen at the end of 2147 and NETE is on its dissolving path, but this means freedom to us and this is why you all ask yourself those questions: Are you ready to continue within the Al-Hum-Bhra agenda taking the art of war into new levels due to the rapidly evolving artificial races within the highly evolved Thetanian races and their allies? You are having doubts, because your HM-SCOC is having doubts and is trying to reach you through your intuition; making you open to new realities and perhaps new tasks. 
Whenever there is doubt, there is progress and there is a hint in this that everything is not the way it should be. 
The messenger from the Al-Hum-Bhra asks me to give you this information, that is all of you that are doubting on whether to continue or not, and has no real connection, individually, to your HM-SCOC – you are used to act on group decisions and are now entering the choice whether to go solo or to follow the group into the next levels. He says: 
“What does your heart tell you? Integrate the fire letters of the higher levels of art, of which we have given you in the last series of workshops. No one is obligated to join us in the new wars, but everybody is obligated to follow their true self and inner wisdom. We are working on releasing the bonds in the soul matrices incorporating higher individual vibrations and this is the pull you feel. 
This will enable you to leave the group prematurely and yet, if you stay, it will allow you to discern more correctly on your own. Many of you have not been able to get information on your own due to the strong bond in the group of soul-matrices, that is no one makes decisions for themselves because this would harm the main purpose of the group, but times have changed and the new allies that you are about to enter into have much higher degrees of freedom at will and you need to have those levels as well in order to collaborate with them. 
It is times of uncertainty and times of changes, and we wish you to decide whether you are joining us or will leave the group. We have agreements with other rescuing parties on Earth to accompany you, if you chose to leave, and the doorways are ready in the grids which you have been told to use to get out. 
But what is not being said is: when you enter the grid, you have to make the choice of staying or leaving the group. We could not come forth with this information before, but the grids ARE secure and the passport you have been given are for real. We will always keep you in the light and in prosperity, as the former council promised you, and we will send you a new teacher, if you should choose to leave within this lifetime. If or when you leave, you will be under our guidance and we will see to that you get out safely, not entering the afterlife or the circuits of rebirth on Earth. Be well and be safe.”
I can only say: This being was full of the original Chrystic light (the true MCEO consciousness as it was in the old days before it grew into a war machine) and what a delight. It has been a long time since I felt that kind of love albeit I have to admit that he was not a higher member of the council, just a clerk, and therefore only gave part of the overall picture; but the most important part of it was that you are safe no matter which path, you choose to take, so if you choose to leave, you will still be part of the MCEO group, but will enter a new timeline and hence a new perception field of what you think is being thought. The MCEO/Al-Hum-Bhra group is therefore, it seems, undergoing a reconstruction into different subgroups, and you have to choose to stay there, join other groups or go solo.
Finally I want to say: Get out of the illusion that the MCEO/Al-Hum-Bhra is a consolidated group of members in agreement; the old factions in MCEO from Tara and Gaia have their view of what is the best course to take, and the Al-Hum-Bhra has been invited from the more forward looking parties of the council. They debate within themselves which course of action to take and these discrepancies are felt all the way down into the earthly groups on Google etc. So you have to make a discussion on your own what to listen to, and what to rule out as opinions from factions, you are not a part of.
The specifics of the plasma bodies etc. are not technologies I am familiar with, albeit the dark flowering is very real. In my point of view, MCEO only used the terminology of the plasma body due to the collective awareness of the higher properties of matter, which is incorporated into the concept of the plasma body, as a cross breed between wave and particle reality or solid and ionized matter. And as I see it, the image of the plasma body, as a higher state of matter, fits quite well with the new awareness they are trying to incorporate in the KS material, preparing the mind-field of the members for the new features that is being encoded into the LM-PCOE.