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Thursday, November 11, 2021

KS REALITY TALKS: 8-23-2021 Dr. Paul Theriault - Open Platform

KS REALITY TALKS: 8-23-2021 Dr. Paul Theriault - Open Platform ----------------------------------------------------- We have found the Keylontic Science teachings/information to be the most effective way to reawaken a deep connection through understanding the Truest Nature of Eternal Reality. The premise of this project is an effort to "fill in the gaps" for the generations of newcomers to come. I believe that frequency without a pillar does not stand, and it is the foundational MCEO Freedom Teachings® that will give us that structure to maintain and hold our pillars for the ongoing Keylontic™ Discourses for Daily Living- KDDL Course™ Series ( This is why it is essential that newcomers have all of the KS foundation readily available to them at this time. It is in the hopes that this platform will also provide a permanent resource for many newcomers to acknowledge and honor the efforts of our Beloved KS family during the early days of this work.


Please note that we are in no way associated with ARhAyas Productions ( E'Asha presents verbatim translations from New information has been given (8/2012 forward) concerning the CDT-Plates and the AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disks and how they fit within the structures of the Cos-MA-yah, and how they assist us to understand where the frequencies known as the AL-Hum-Bhra are coming from. These new translations are “Indelible Records”, meaning they cannot be edited or altered. These records hold the entire Memory Matrix of the events information of this Cos-Min-yahas Cluster. 

Sunday, June 05, 2016


1 from the: 12 Twelve Attitudes And Twelve Responsibilities of Mastery


Our present society continually teaches us to "want more," "need more," "be more," "do more" etc. We are constantly influenced to perceive what is lacking in order to motivate us to buy more, work more, pay more taxes and be "good little consumer sheep." Very rarely do we stop to think about all that we DO have, beginning with the gift of Life and mental free will choice.

Through this disoriented perceptual filter we can cultivate a 'full-blown' mutation of mental consciousness. In this mutated consciousness, we begin to believe that "we are entitled," that "someone OWES-us" (GOD, the Universe, our parents, spouse, children, employer, government, etc....). Once we fall into this "You OWE me" mind trap, we set ourselves up for continuing self-created frustration, as we place unrealistic and untrue expectations upon life, others and ourselves. We can also often get mighty angry or hurt when we find the universe does not conform to our imagined "pictures." No one OWES us anything! If we feel we are "owed," then we are entertaining LACK CONSCIOUSNESS and a void within the Self is being recognized.

If we give to another in order to RECEIVE for ourselves (such as do banks, and often parents, spouses or lovers), and the other does not "pay back" what we expected to receive, we may feel cheated, "taken advantage of," or "owed." In fact, these situations often emerge in our lives as lessons to teach us that giving should be done for the GIVING ALONE, and not for the expected return.

If we give what we desire to give, for the joy of giving, we do not feel owed. If we live for the joy of living, without forcing our demands or expectations upon life, we will not feel that "life has short changed us!" It matters not what your neighbor possesses, because in comparing ourselves to each other to see how we "measure up" to each other, we are in effect, continually being distracted from seeing and utilizing the blessings that are our own. If we can work to cultivate the ability to APPRECIATE even the smallest of gifts, blessings and gestures, we will begin to create a life that is at least "half full" instead of "half empty." In terms of universal physics, what you focus your attention upon expands, what you resist persists and what you do not give the energy of Appreciation to will eventually de-manifest right out of your experience.

When you approach the world through the chosen filter of genuine GIVING, you are in effect, being an "electrical transmitter," sending energy out to the world around you. When you release electrical energy in this way, you become more "magnetic," as the sending out of energy creates magnetic vortices within the Diodic Grid of your Kathara anatomy.

The "magnetized" Diodic points then draw in more universal energy supply, at a higher frequency and quality than the expressed energy, to re-fill the energy void created by the "giving." When you
approach the world with the attitude of "getting," this natural physics process becomes inverted. The more you try to "pull" energy from the outside world, the more your energy becomes "stuck" in the Diodic Grid as miasms. The miasms progressively reduce the quantity and lower the frequency of the natural energies you can internally draw from the universal supply. Giving, even in its simplest form of giving Appreciation, keep the natural energy flow moving. Whatever you give out will return to you amplified. This also works in reverse, however, and giving out a bad attitude of ego, arrogance and "garbage" will cause more of the same to flow your way. Appreciate what you have. LOVE IT, find perspectives through which the joy of it can be known, and know that in the act of genuine Appreciation itself, you will set loose the powers o manifesting more of what you desire and less of the illusion of lack. The "Universe Owes Me" mind trip is one of the most powerful self-sabotage games in the world. Trade it in for consistent Appreciation and your world will progressively expand to hold the reality of the things you most desire. If you feel put upon by the world, and resentful for having your desires unmet, YOU OWE YOURSELF SOMETHING! You owe yourself a greater understanding of the nature of creation and better use of your personal power within the life creation game. SAY THANK YOU to the GOD-SOURCE more often help yourself remember what things you have to appreciate, and many more of the kind will be sent along your way.

©A'shayana & A'zahyana Deane. 2009, All Rights Reserved; Part of the MeED Freedom Teachings ® Series

Friday, January 15, 2016

KS Reality Talks: Stephen Redding Part 1+2 - 9 & 15 January 2016

KS Reality Talks 
 Christopher V Comstock 
An interview talk with  Stephen Redding 

Some of the subjects discussed:
KS and the Human Psyche
Organic KS vs GMO KS
'Building Earth' memories,
Different agendas within the Shield,
Other groups coming in and applying their political agendas to the planet .
E'ashas emotional issues and repeating patterns,
How KS doesn't focus much on dealing with and healing emotions.(really need to mention A&Rs, they touch VERY SLIGHTLY on it)
Being cut off from parts of the group for speaking things we feel.
Relating with others that follow different belief systems.
Healing ourselves, co creating healing with others
A bit on David Garza
Bonding and ETss
Jobs and staying true to our purpose
Easha copyrights
Getting ousted from groups, FatalE
A bookstore experience
The Norway Spiral event
Question about agendas -'Secret Book of John'
Detox and Diet

MUSIC 'Murmuring Mermaids'Artist: Lunz Album: Lunz Reinterpretations Released: 2002
Follow up - 2
MUSIC: General Fuzz - Comfort Zone 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

KS Reality Talks: ' Rakmeister '( Rha / EG ) January 12 2016

KS Reality Talks
Christopher V Comstock
An interview talk with Rakmeister (RhA/EG)

Censorship with the FT's (Freedom Teachings) is discussed in great detail. Some discussion of what the 'Stealth Shield' is. Rakmeister shares how he has developed his own line of information from the FT's and the expansions he has experienced from this. We discuss the many different representations of the FT's and where the 'official' version of histories and agendas begins and ends.

Or listen/download via soundcloud Audio/only

Youtube channel:
 KS Reality Talks
Chris V Comstock
Rha S ananda (EG)

Soundcloud: (not working)


Monday, December 29, 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Freedom Teachings: Architects of Light - Secrets of the Indigo Children

Cheers Gabriel for sharing

●There are 3 types of Indigos: Their purposes include:

Type 1: Planetary grid work projects

Type 2: To bring back the 12-strand potential

Type 3: To help solve the polarity imbalances of the races

The genetic code of the Indigo is the key to their purpose. The gene code is more than what appears to be DNA on the 3-dimensional level. Scientists use term DNA to mean the core blueprint of the human gene code but what they are calling DNA is really a chemical translation of only a small portion of the core blueprint or "template". Understanding the nature of our DNA brings us understanding about the relationship between our bodies, minds and spirits. The Indigos are bringing back the knowledge of our genetic heritage. ● To understand Indigos, we need to understand the ascension process. The experience of matter is built on a core of consciousness. ● Core consciousness involves Fire Letters or scalar wave patterns that, when activated within the DNA, allow the body to turn to light, allowing particle and anti-particle to fuse and turn into 'fire' and transmute from one dimension to the next. Distortions in the Fire Letters leads to distortions in the DNA. Because of distortions, only 3 of the 12 DNA strands representing the 12-dimensions of Ourselves are currently active. ● The history of our Earth Races is a history of "bio-spiritual evolution". Indigos are both ancient and future races. ● Indigos and Humans are part of what are called "Guardian Races".

● About 99% of autistic children are Indigo 3's. Autism occurs when the non-Christiac Being within the Indigo 3 person tries to take over the Christiac Being (Oraphim), shutting it down and freezing the person's ability to communicate. This results in the personality going into terror. An "inner war" is going on inside on an unconscious level. ● Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A lot of these infants are Indigo children. The child Being finds a way OUT because they realise they're not going to be able to activate the gene code the way they had intended, and not going to be able to do what they came to do. So they leave and look for another body as quickly as possible. ● Indigos often have asthma and jaundice as infants and often have spleen problems because the body is not quite ready to handle that level of frequency. ● At an early age, Indigos will have bleed-through from Parallel Earth because they have 2 sets of memories running concurrently. They might also be birthing with a lot of incarnational memory running before they open their eyes or before they talk. ● Authority is an issue for Indigos, because they have a higher authority, their connection to Source, and if you try to violate that they are going to push back. ● Experiences of Indigo Children on drug therapy.

● Angelic consciousness is really between Dimensions 6 and 9. Both terms ET and angel can be misleading and set you up for manipulation. ● Our stellar heritage and the fact that all Humans and Indigos possess ET genes. ● Holism: a way of using our minds that is from a higher level of consciousness and that will change things that go on 'out here'. If we want to heal our world, we need to learn to use our minds differently. ● What we perceive as light here is something that has an oscillation rate that's faster than that of our own. Imagining light: we are imagining wave patterns of higher frequency. When we do visualisations, when we use our minds creatively inside, we are creating literal manifestation patterns by using the core of creation which is scalar waves. We are directing them with Light. ● Connection between heart chakra and astral body. Ways of having intimacy without doing harm to ourselves/ while still protecting the integrity of our own bio-fields. ● Importance of doing Maharic Seal before any energy work. Energy sensing. Learning to sense each other as energy/ seeing beyond the illusions. Sensing energy signatures. ● Meditation: finding our Sirian (6th Dimensional) Selves.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Freedom Teachings: Keylontic Science, Kathara Healing, Resources

Keylontic Science, Kathara Healing, and Freedom Teachings are all included in this myHQ. The website ( contains most of the information located here. My create a user friendly quick reference tool where all the information can be seen and accessed similar to a site map. Subjects covered in throughout Keylontic Science include: Returning the 'Tools of creation' back to Humanity, What the foundation Level teachings can do for us, Where our Power truly lies, and What DNA has to do with Spiritual Development. May you find truth, enlightenment, and an easy journey to locating the many resources gifted to us through Keylontic Science and the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System! Blessings, Love, and Light ~ Verita ~

 What is Keylontic Science?
Introduction to Keylontic Science
KS: The Language of Creation
Meet A'za and A'sha Deane

Freedom Teachings
Welcome - Brief Primer
What are Freedom Teachings?
Intro to Freedom Teachings
Claims, Consent, Commitment
Structure of Our Universe
Spiritual Maturity & Integrity
Ascension & At-One-Ment
About the Speakers

What is MCEO?
Eieyani and the CDT-Plates
MCEO Ordinations

 Key Foundation Tools
A & Rs of Mastery
Epsilon Sequence
Dialing Code
Azurite Waters Journey
Opening Doorway Within (Maharic Seal)

Content Summaries
Amenti Series - S1
Evol Path Consciousness - S2
Angelic Realities - S3
Tangible Structure of Soul - S4
Architects Light...Indigo Children - S5
Beyond the Veils - TBA
Personal Healing...Planetary Svc-TBA

 Getting Started Essentials
Newcomer Recommendations
Eckasha Maharic Seal Technique
Eckasha Activation
Astral Body Seal
Emerald & Amethyst Awakening
Induction of High Vecas
High Veca Codes
Iahaia Code
Lehaia & UrimanU Codes
Magic Words of Co-Creation
Psonn of Khemalohatea
Newcomers site map

 Continuing your Journey
Tangible Structure of Soul (TSOS)
Science & Spirituality of Creation (SSC)
Using Technique Outline
Keylontic Science e-group
Amenti Project
E-BE Course

Cue Zones
Sacred Salutations
Cue Zone Activations

Flame Body Activation
Flame Body Activation Overview
Eckasha Quick Seal Activation
Azurite Waters Journey
Activating Lotus Seed
Awakening LE-Teu-A Lens
Tech 1 - Eckasha Seal Activation
Tech 2 - Astral Awake, Aware & Able
Tech 3 - Eiros Flame & Silver Sanctum
Tech 4 - Inner Throne
Tech 5 - Born Free-Live-Free
Tech 6 - Shadow Shielding
Tech 7 - Awakening the Flame of Amoraea
Tech 8 - Part 1 The DNA Amoraea Buffer
Tech 8 - Part 2 Insta Buffer
Step 9a - Psonn of Lyra (Maharata)
Step 9b - Psonn of Khemalohatea
Tech 10 - I AM Free
Tech 11 - Shadow Healing
Tech 12: 12:12 Induction/Rishiac Shield
Scepter-12: EL-HaiaLeai
12: Reionayana Ecka Code
Tech 12B: I AM the Sacred Sun
Tech 13: De-Cording Shadow Dancers
Tech 14: Shadow Healing Step-4
Tech 15: Amoraea Contact Platform
Tech 16: Gold Wave Monadic Infusion - Veca Code - 8 Reushaia Induction
Tech 17: 11:11 Veca Code -11 Parallel Thun-Immanu
Tech 18: Betch-Hova Scan
Tech 19: Witness Questionnaire
Tech 19: Opening Ecka-Contact Communication Lines
Tech 20: Templar Reuche Code - #12 Induction

 Kathara Healing
Intro to Kathara Healing
Kathara Team website
Membership Application
Kathara Alliance
Kathara Overview
Symbol Codes & Tones
General Information
Kathara Team Brochure

 The Christos
The Kristos / Christos Seed

 DNA Activation

 Arc of the Covenant
Wedding Planner
Heliopathic Techniques
Activating Lotus Seed
Induction/Activation Stanz Codes
Stanz Codes
Stanz 1: a-ZUR-YaN
Stanz 2: a-ShA-YUN
Stanz 3: a-Yan-Yun-A
Stanz 4: Yon-A-Sa
Heliotalic Breath
Heliotography Codes
Level 1: Cosmic Krist Arc
Cd 1: Mu-OraN-e-TuR
Cd 2: Zephar-Duun-AturA
Cd 3: 12:12 Orimmanu-Yon-A-Sa
Cd 4: 13:13 The Quanta-Rhu-A
Or-Immanu Yan-A-SI-TU
Eckasha - Orimmanu

 Mahadra-Adhrana Christos Wheel
Anchoring Planetary/Solar-Galactic
Induction Mahadra-Adhrana Code
A: Opening the Rishiac Eye
B: Releasing Solar Cross Orion Implant
C: Releasing Solar Cross Andromeda Implant
E: Releasing Metatronic Shield & Reversed Merkaba Field
D: Releasing Grand Cross Lyran Implant

Toning of Psonns
Eckasha Psonn
Psonn of Lyra (Maharata Invocation)
Song of Orion
I Am Prayer
I AM the Sacred Sun
Aurora - translation
Psonn of Aurora
Psonns by Sabra

 Field Support
Tech 8 - Part 2 Insta Buffer
Lotus Bud/24 ManA Breaths
9A - Psonn of Lyra
9B: Psonn of Klemalohatea
10: "I AM Free" Template
11: Shadow Healing Template
12B: Rishiac Shield Activation
13: De-cording Shadow Dancers

Activating the EirA/ManU Lotus
EirA - Stage 2
ManU - Stage 3
Universal Christiac Vision Seed

Universal Ecka Master Key Code
Pairings of the 24 Master Key Codes
Universal Ecka Monadic Template Master Key Code
Moda-AdhurA (Groups 1-3 of 6)
Moda-AdhurA (Groups 4-6 of 6)
Coloring Master Key Codes

 Techniques of Interest
Maharic Quick Seal/Liquid Light
I Am Prayer
Rainbow Roundtable
Song of Orion
Building the Indigo/Christos Trion Field
Sacred Salutations
Tech 3 Monadic Helio-opathy
Monadic Heliopathy Illustration

 General Information
Points of Interest
Amenti Project
Amenti Series
Grid Keepers Pgm
Sponsorship Pgm Overview
Sponsorship Application form

 Azurite Press
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Program Schedule
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