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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Exposing the White Light Lie and Revealing the Natural Blue Flame as Our First Step Toward Ascension

Exposing the White Light Lie and Revealing the Natural Blue Flame as Our First Step Toward Ascension

The color white is believed to represent purity. When envisioning positive energy, people tend to color it white, and they draw it into themselves with the belief that it transforms their negative energy into wonderful, uplifting, and healing energy. Meditations and bodywork modalities such as reiki purposely do this practice, usually inviting white light into the passive client’s body through the crown chakra at the top of the head.
White is not colorless. Technically, it is not deemed a specific color because it does not comprise a single frequency. Light appears white to the eye when all visible light frequencies in the spectrum of the rainbow or three diverse light frequencies of distinct intensity in that spectrum, called primary colors, are combined. We can imagine a pure space with our perceived white light as its sole frequency, but let us dig deeper into why white is believed to be so special.
Spiritual beliefs all have an origin, and prophecies and channelings given by otherworldly entities give insight into the origin of white light. They tell us to visualize white light, which draws it into our “third eye” pineal gland or the sixth chakra. Influencing our mind is crucial to then influence the body. Then, they often direct us to draw it further into our body.
The following few prophecies/channelings found on the internet by the Galactic Federation of Light and its close ally Ashtar Command, two entity groups as part of what I call the Jesus group, are good examples along with other key points that I will briefly explain. Detailed explanations are in my book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods. Disclaimer: These excerpts are for informational purposes only; I do not recommend their practices.

June 25, 2013 by Sanat Kumara, Ashtar Command

6) All EnLIGHTenment begins with light and that is why the first thing that God spoke was “Let there be light”. Begin by sitting comfortably and visualizing white light surrounding you, three different times each day, for thirty days. Use soft light at first and gradually intensify the light each day. The light you visualize must gradually become so strong that it can reach deep into every cell of your body. When this intensity of light is reached the cells of your body will initiate a self-illumination process. This is known as Lightbody Activation.

My book details the experience of an unsuspecting participant in a light-body activation ceremony that was part of a supposed health retreat. It was formally called Breath Activation and Clearing Ceremony, and the itinerary gave no explanation except that it was a breathing mediation. It was a well-planned ritual, though, having people lie on the floor in a circle with their heads toward an altar that contained “sacred” geometry and Jesus images.
He recounts his harrowing experience after he followed instructions to breathe rapidly and let varied emotions release.

As the ceremony went on, I experienced cramping in my hands that raised them to my chest and curled them into claws. I experienced complete paralysis of my body, and I felt an invisible energetic presence over and around me. I tried to move but I couldn’t—my body felt like it was taken over except for my consciousness. I was scared. This went on for what felt like at least five minutes. Then within the space of a few seconds, the presence left and so did my paralysis. It was so rapid that it felt abnormal instead of simply blood alkalosis from the hyperventilation.
Afterwards, I felt lighter in my body but in a state of shock, and I felt permanently activated more with my emotional self. This means that my chakras were opened, but I sometimes felt like I wasn’t controlling them, my emotions, and even my mind. I have had to learn to stop within myself when I would start to act like I know I normally wouldn’t. I have had to rediscover myself and my own energies so I can stop any partial possession from happening due to that initiation ceremony.

The specific Jesus group entities who gained access to this innocent person have deceptively claimed ownership of him although they know he never wanted them. I know this because we have had to expel them more than once. These types of entities are persistent until we learn to stand solid in augmented awareness, pure intent, and ownership of our own energies.

June 25, 2013 by Sanat Kumara, Ashtar Command (Continued)

7) Your Heart is a gateway to infinity! You are nearest to God in every moment of your greatest joys and raptures! The Creation intends for every Heart to be filled to overflowing with Love, Joy, Wonderment, Wisdom and Bliss! Unleashing the Limitless Potential of the Divine Heart is Key to all personal and spiritual development. This is the essence of all Religion and the beginning of all genuine Enlightenment!

The heart chakra is the body’s fourth chakra, and it is most attuned to fourth dimensional frequencies. To be “heart-centered” is a prime focus in the New Age community because it can link us to the astral plane. This otherworldly dimension contains many Jesus group entities who desire access to our bodies so they may use us as their pawns. It is foolish to want to leave our bodies in a temporary out-of-body experience because our defenses are down while those entities, who we do not really know, have their bodies in tact on their turf.
While the above excerpt sounds wonderful, please pay attention to every word. The heart is not divine—it is physical. This channeling gears our bodies toward this other realm in which we will be controlled by something else that claims to be spiritual but is not truly our individual spirit and soul.

8) Upon reaching a state of Oneness with the Creator you will realize that the Universe contains two principal polarities and both of them exist within you and within the All That Is in every Dimension. These are the Inquisitor or “the Seeker” and the Unlimited Potential or “The Creation”, in the East these are called Yang and Yin. This was done by The Creation to ensure that Love would perpetuate through time, space and Eternity! One must then create a Sacred Covenant with God for the purpose of defining how the Inquisitor and The Creation will unfold further soul growth and progress together. Remember always that an unlimited number of Answers, Angels, Comforters and Healers are available instantly to every sincere Seeker!

This last number shows the context of the channeling’s prior statements. It clearly gives a Law of One view that purposely misrepresents the original All That Is (properly called All That Is, The Pure Essence) and brings it down into every creation and distortion as though we are meant to have the polarized struggles and victim-victimizer game. And these energetic polarities are not only part of our existence but necessary in our soul development! No, this is not the reality I know that is beyond this Creation-based and dimensional “God.”
God is a creation that is perceived as the ultimate Creator, but it is only one creator who took prior creation in another direction. There are many more layers of pure energies that arose from pure consciousness similar to the original All That Is, The Pure Essence, which is neither creator nor creation. Complex entities, which we are in creation, often take what came before us and steer it into another direction. God groups such as the Jesus group are notorious with this, and they have taken words and names that we intuitively know underneath our currently brainwashed human state and have given them other meanings to confuse us. With this masterful deception, it then becomes a “he said, she said” analogy of “who is the copycat?” It becomes very difficult to prove who is right and wrong, so the only way I can attempt this is to provide as much information and background as possible from my awareness, which I do in my book.
The last sentence in the above excerpt underscores my point under number 7: there are a plethora of religious-minded entities waiting to “heal” us. However, are they really healing us, or are they manipulating our DNA and energetic structure to align with them in their distortions?

I will now introduce something exceedingly important. I explained in my book that the originally complete energetic structure of the Earth was called Amenti Earth, and in its core was the Sphere of Amenti. Within this sphere is a blue flame. I did not yet know what comprises this flame, but it and the sphere are so important that when catastrophic destruction occurred to Amenti Earth due to opposing forces, guardians of the sphere took great care to protect it and even temporarily move it elsewhere.
I finally decided to explore this blue flame because I learned that there is another blue flame that the Jesus group teaches. Actually, there are at least three blue flames provided by the Jesus group that must be discerned. I will state the most immediate one first because it affects our Earth ascension process.
The Anunnaki entity named Thoth communicates information about a blue flame to Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 1. Thoth states that halls of Amenti were created by Nephilim (an Anunnaki hybrid species mentioned as giants and sons of God in the Bible) with a room based on Fibonacci proportions. In this room sits a stone cube above which a flame of “whitish blue light” glows (p. 88). These are the same halls and white-blue flame that Egyptian mystery schools called the “Gates of Ivory, which became translated in Biblical terms as the Pearly Gates of Heaven” (p. 15; Voyagers: The Secrets of Amenti, Volume II by Ashayana Deane. Note that this book does not discern between different blue flames). Thoth also states that these halls of Amenti are “a fourth dimensional space that’s located third-dimensionally about a thousand miles under the surface of the Earth and is connected to the Great Pyramid through a fourth dimensional passageway” (p. 88).
I explain in my book how Fibonacci mathematics and related fractal science fracture creation toward death instead of help it grow in healthy evolution. Intuitively, I know and can clearly see that the Earth is beautiful in so many ways, especially in its core essence. It is tortured by our particular universal science based on the rate of decay, but I do not see this death science as its deeper foundation. Therefore, with my mother’s assistance, I asked the All That Is, The Pure Essence if these so-called halls of Amenti were the original Halls of Amenti geared toward eternal life. It replies, “No; they (the god group entities) are using the same description and name attributed to the real Halls of Amenti.” My next question addressed the 4th dimensional connection of these halls, which stood out to me because Tara, Amenti Earth’s higher dimensional counterpart, is in the 5th dimension. I asked, “Were the false or distorted Earth halls of Amenti created to connect with Phantom Earth and/or a phantom version of Tara or Parallel Tara in the fourth dimension?” My mother wrote back to me, “Per the All That Is, The Pure Essence: Yes; the false and distorted Earth halls of Amenti were created to connect with Phantom Earth, and a phantom version of Tara or Parallel Tara in the fourth dimension which are one in the same.”
Phantom energy matter is encoded with death science deeper into its core construction in another type of realm that depends upon ones like ours for its “breath of life.” Without the flow of more natural energies, phantom energy matter would suffocate and permanently die.
The following excerpt in Melchizedek’s book shows how so-called god entities such as Thoth teach creational stories that elevate their species and also provide very little explanation or logical clarity.

Thoth says there were giants here on Earth. That’s all he said. He didn’t say how they got here or where they came from. He said that when our race was created, these giants became our mother. He said that seven of them came together, dropped their bodies by consciously dying, and formed a pattern of seven interlocking spheres of consciousness, exactly like the Genesis pattern…. This merging created a white-blue flame, which the ancients called the Flower of Life, and they placed this flame into the womb of the Earth (p. 88).

This vague statement about our creation seems fantastical, and it certainly is unrealistic. However, we are told to just believe the unbelievable in the context of “almighty” gods. Investigation into the number seven shows significance in Judeo-Christianity. Accordingly, Ascended Master teachings such as those in the New Age, Buddhist, and Hindu religions say that there are seven (and more) rays or realms to where we should go after death to join or even become One with deities known as gods or demigods. These seven rays are believed to comprise the following colors: 1) blue, 2) yellow, 3) pink, 4) white, 5) green, 6) purple and gold, 7) violet. The Jesus group’s second blue ray “flame” comes from these realms. As you can see, the color white does also.
I initially thought that these colored frequencies constitute other dimensions—unique spaces with unique frequencies or frequency blends where material creation is represented somewhat differently—until I recently investigated the topics of this article and discovered otherwise. The All That Is, The Pure Essence confirms that the seven rays of light that god group entities steer us toward are indeed in a higher, less dense position of their significantly unnatural creations—the Deity planes—that are finite spaces between spaces. Phantom entities created them by taking, fragmenting, and altering certain plasmic energies to help create a new realm that could be ruled by them, aptly named the Deity planes. It is most likely that these planes are the highest and furthest these entities can go in their so-called ascension process that can only reach outer realms, not the vast eternal realms that exist far beyond them. In response to my inquiry, The All That Is, The Pure Essence states that the Deity plane levels correlate to the same numerical order of dimensions in the more phantom version of the Milky Way called Phantom Milky Way, but they lose their dominant colors in the Phantom Milky Way’s dimensionalized blends.
This is one reason why Thoth mentions seven spheres or levels: in their revered Deity planes, “god” entities aim to be our masters and also merge our consciousness with their collectives to supplant our original identities. Another reason Thoth mentions seven spheres is because this more directly relates to a seven-unit code as the basis of especially destructive creation involving Metatron. God group entities like to claim that they are seed atoms, elementals, or even our breath of life, but really they are much more complex beings similar to us humans. Deceptive entities know that to gain our following, they tell us half-truths. Humans generally know great truths in our unconscious and subconscious states, but we have difficulty translating them to our full awareness; they tell us just enough to then whitewash (literally) our minds.
The Jesus group’s third blue flame is another blue frequency blend that is channeled through Archangel Michael’s Flaming Blue Sword, which aims to cut into the Earth’s core and anchor its unnatural frequencies. He considers himself to be the God of the Jesus group due to being a very ancient entity from the 13th dimension in the predecessor galaxy to the Milky Way that I call Galaxy-2. The All That Is, The Pure Essence clarifies that this particular blue “flame” originates in the 12th dimension of a distant phantom galaxy named Wesadek, and it has picked up some white and other minor colors through Phantom Milky Way along the way to us. (Technically, the Milky Way would be galaxy-3 and Phantom Milky Way would be galaxy-4 in degree of distortion.)
Now that I have explained the three blue flames of the Jesus group, I will return to the white-blue flame that immediately affects our ascension process. The All That Is, The Pure Essence states that the Alpha-Omega group’s white-blue flame has white at its core, and then there are three colors surrounding it: faded sky blue, baby blue, and then cobalt blue. The fully natural blue flame that I soon describe does not have any white.

So, what is the white light? According to the All That Is, The Pure Essence, “The white light is phantom dust, a death hold space where the ancients of negative energy construct can and do work on human DNA manipulation and conscious memory wipe.” It originates in the fourth Deity plane and has been blended into Phantom Milky Way dimensional frequencies.
I advise to never draw the “white light” into yourself. You will lose your precious DNA integrity and fragment further. I also have reason to think that the common “love and light” salutation refers to this white light, so please reconsider saying this statement that this entire article helps to properly illuminate.
In our precarious position on Earth, we are only slightly better off than phantom matter in a highly fragmented semi-phantom state that contains an off-white color. When people follow that white or off-white pathway in near death experiences, they meet distorted god group entities—who often project themselves as family members—and become further infused with phantom energy to then become their “hands and feet.” They also usually gain another entity as a “guardian angel” to further direct their ways. The near death experience occurred beyond their control, and the resulting entity attachment is therefore not really welcome; however, their religion tells them it is desirable. They are being duped.
The color white can also equate to an alien entity, or more accurately, it can correlate to an alien entity because it is more complex than phantom white light. For more elaboration, I turned to my trusted 14th dimensional, Galaxy-2 contact “M” (I choose to not divulge her full name due to her sensitive position) who works with the Krysthal River Host, what we call our Krysthal River family, based in eternal realms. She states, “The entity cloaks itself in white light to the 3rd density reality perception, thus leaving that space between densities and dimensions with white residue from either side. I do not live in the phantom world or deceive others with the cloaking device to achieve any agenda.”

The natural, original Sphere of Amenti’s Blue Flame is only comprised of blue hues. It has a light-medium blue color in the inner flame surrounded by a dark turquoise blue section and then a royal blue color in the outermost part of the flame. The inner two layers are larger than the outermost layer. The All That Is, The Pure Essence reveals that both the Sphere of Amenti and its inner Blue Flame are comprised of pre-plasmic, eternal energies imparted by the earliest level star-planet called a krystar. Our region of the meta-universe’s first krystar is named Cosminyahas (pronounced Cos-min-yahs).
The following image is a closely approximated representation of the natural Blue Flame in its dimensional shape. It is a living flame that can be enlarged around us. It is best to imagine ourselves in the middle of the innermost flame to benefit from the entire flame’s protective frequencies.


I first learned about the Sphere of Amenti and Blue Flame from the book Voyagers: The Secrets of Amenti, Volume II by Ashayana Deane and her entity group named Guardian Alliance (GA). The GA states that the Blue Flame constitutes Earth’s portion of Tara’s energy field pattern (morphogenetic field), and it receives its blue color from Tara’s particular dimensional hues. Specifically, the GA describes this blue flame as electric-blue with pale shades of green. This green color is a strange addition if they are only tying the blue flame to Tara.
In my current book’s second edition, I uncover more about the GA and its affiliate entity group named the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), which has worked with Ashayana as its main speaker. The All That Is, The Pure Essence states that the emerald color is a combination of blue and gold “flame” frequencies in certain dimensions of a less dense, prior realm called the Ecka. I put flame in quotation marks because the MCEO-GA give it that designation. This designation muddles the distinction between the actual Blue Flame and frequency rays.
The All That Is, The Pure Essence reveals that Ashayana’s GA team had visited the Sphere of Amenti’s Blue Flame when it had lost some of its structural integrity due to warring factions trying to alter it, so this is a reason why it showed a green color and potentially also some different blue hues. I have a strong feeling that there is another reason why her MCEO-GA team saw the color green: they have worked to connect it to their emerald frequency that is not necessarily eternal. Ashayana’s information in her Voyagers books supports the Emerald Order as the prime lineage of our creation. This perspective can tailor and omit information according to that entity group’s advantage, similar to how god groups act. I deduce that they have worked to claim ownership over the Blue Flame due to their belief that they would be its best guardians; however, their actions have compromised its truly eternal nature from a much earlier realm than theirs. Entities are often unaware of what exists before them; for some reason, many of them do not seek far beyond their current position and awareness.
I did what I could to correct disinformation in my book, but as there is a plethora of information in addition to my growing but limited awareness, I preferred the journalist route in stating sources as they claim. We now know that the Sphere of Amenti is not based upon Tara, but it helps carry an energetic trace through Tara to its predecessor Alcyone and beyond. The star that we call Alcyone in the Pleiades is actually Tara, and the All That Is, The Pure Essence reveals that Alcyone is a 13th dimensional star in the actual Lyran star system in Galaxy-2. Beneficial entities had transferred some energy matter from Alcyone to Tara to strengthen Tara’s embattled and weakened structure in the Milky Way. The originally pre-plasmic Sphere of Amenti gained density and frequency as it infused the energies of Alcyone and then Amenti Earth, primarily in its Atlantean period over time, clarifies the All That Is, The Pure Essence. If the Sphere of Amenti had originated in the dimensional galactic level and then become infused with Cosminyahas energies of blue hues, then it would have acquired a blend of different colors, which is not its natural state.
There is a lot of hype involving the 5th dimension because of the Earth’s historical link to Tara. Religion in its typical fashion inflates the creational level where its most active entities reside in order to maintain the illusion of their supremacy in their “kingdom.” Pleiadians are common channelers to the New Age community through entity groups such as the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, so it makes sense that they deem their 5th dimensional position as heaven. The following channeling by Pleidians, in accordance with Sirian allies or overlords, states:

   October 3, 1999

   The Fifth Dimension — Heaven…The Plane of Light

For most religions, the Fifth Dimension is the highest realms a Soul can reach…as the 6th plane of Intellect is assigned as described as the authority of God. [My note: The Sirius star system is in the 6th dimension.] Spiritually, starting from the beginning, it is the last stop downward on the dimensional ladder before we enter the realms of limitation….
We base our actions entirely on Love, never fear. This is because fear does not exist at this level. We are unstoppable and living Miraculous lives when we hold this Point of Consciousness. Immortality is an experiential given.
Many times in a Near Death Experience, a person will travel thru a long tunnel. The tunnel traverses the darkness (the Fourth Dimension) and ends in a bright opening of Golden or White Light (the Fifth Dimension). This is the Birth Canal of the Soul and the doorway to “Heaven”.

Here the white light is mentioned again but this time interchangeably with golden light. According to the book Awakening of the Soul: A Record of Thoughts Channeled By Souls of Humans and Aliens for a Changing Earth by Grace J. Scott, this golden light or golden flame is constructed in a similar manner as the white-blue flame. An entity named Elijah, who has biblical significance, says:

The gold robe that I am wearing may not have any significance to anyone else but I want to share with you two what it is about and that is the rotation of the Earth—it’s going into another dimension. This puts you into a Golden Light, the White Light, as we call it, with a Golden Light around the White Light. Whether a straight line light with gold along the edges or as a round light that is white with gold around the edge—this is what the golden robe signifies in the Fifth Dimension. The Golden Light represents God. The White Light represents the Holy Spirit (p. 164).

Symbolism is prominent in the Bible, but the white-gold light is very real. The All That Is, The Pure Essence states that it is the 6th dimensional frequency blend in Phantom Milky Way. This is important in reference to the phantom Sirius star system that houses several Annunaki gods such as the Elohim of the Bible. The Milky Way’s 5th dimensional frequency blend is predominantly a blend of blue hues. These hues are not the same as the Sphere of Amenti Blue Flame, for these are independent of one another.
The Bible tells us to draw the Holy Spirit into our body, and its symbolism as a white dove underscores the deeper reality of a white energetic frequency that does not originate in our dimensional galaxy as these otherworldly messages appear to proclaim. Accordingly, the 4th dimension is not dark, for plenty other planets and stars exist there in a pre-existing frequency blend of color. To elaborate upon the previous excerpt, the bright tunnel can lead to several different locations in a near death experience, such as in-between dimensions just beyond the Earth. In fact, entities have constructed several in-between dimensional spaces by utilizing pre-existing and potentially stolen foundations of matter to position themselves as close as possible to our Earth. The Earth is a prime piece of real estate because it is part of an important stargate system. The god groups can best control the Earth by controlling its inhabitants. What clever marketing to claim that their tactics are completely loving; however, we can see beyond the façade in their other sentences that reveal hierarchy, subjugation, and division that ultimately leave us in fear and self-loathing, and our only remedy is the deceptive god group who put us there in the first place.
While an outreach arm of the Jesus group claims the 5th dimension to be the source of our redeeming light, a less direct but certainly not absent arm praises the 13th dimension as its source of redeeming light. This light also contains white, for its prominent representative The Great White Brotherhood proudly displays it in its group name. The Great White Brotherhood and its similar ally Cosmic Awareness both hail from the phantom Wesadek galaxy and have ties to Archangel Michael to facilitate an elaborate, lower dimensional team and following in our galaxy.

   February 2012, Galactic Federation of Light

   Beyond Reality the Way of Light

You are ascending and preparing to go with higher beings….
Each individual must prepare themselves to align with the Law of LIGHT. When this is completed they become the Light and CONTACT takes place. In this contact teaching begins, sharing begins, caring begins, and 13th frequency evolution begins. This is the first step of LIGHT. This is the ascension. This is 2012 — The beginning of the STREAM.

The Jesus group’s first step of ascension is to become one with the white light. Then, humans can become the hands and feet of entities who embody and exude that light. The vast majority of pictures of god group entities including so-called ascended masters show them exuding white or white-gold light from their hands as well as key chakras such as their crown and heart. The website that gives the above channeling shows one such example that radiates the white-gold light.

Information has recently come to my mother and me from eternally-based consciousness and entities that our first step of ascension to the original remnant of Amenti Earth, which is now known as Median Earth, is to connect with the natural Blue Flame within the Sphere of Amenti. We have gained a new Krysthal River family contact that has offered her assistance to tell us further steps as they become available in the near future.
Now is the time for great potential and probability for our Earth. We all can do our part by bringing in as much eternal energy as possible to truly set this Earth on its right course, not toward a more fallen system. Be discerning of the dominant beliefs: our history shows that groups who continually saturate us with their propaganda, rituals, and doctrines are usually the ones trying to brainwash us away from our own natural intuition and ways of life. Instead of automatically believing stories—that often lack much explanation and logic—because they are continuously preached, I strongly suggest that you discern all information according to your inner core, not only the mind, to be able to determine your natural inclination and resonance. When we align our internal energies to what is eternally natural, and we take action in eating, exercising, and behaving more healthfully, we can gain enough natural light quotient that automatically shifts our entire being toward the proper steps in our ascension process, not backwards into what is contrived for us by interfering god groups.


 ©2012-2014 Rediscovery Press - Theresa Talea

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Dec 2012 workshop Summary - Krystar Ascension

Image By FutureAgeSage

Dec 2012 workshop Summary

Reposted Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 9:19am · James Pover
My understanding/overview/synopsis of the Dec 2012 workshop presentation..

Basically Net Earth, which is currently on a 23.5 degree wobble and has North Pole where South should be (and vice versa) is being opportunistically merkabically blended by the AL-Hum-Bhra to Median Earth - which is 6520 years ahead in time-space co-ordinate and oriented just right for the two worlds to be craftfully blended together in such a way. Basically in a way it's actually a stroke of good fortune that the FA's meddling with the NET planet has left it in such an orientation that this arrangement is possible, E'Asha said. This is what the Al-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Network site grid activation work was ultimately all about.

From what I gathered the progressive merging of the two worlds actually creates the "Aurora Earth" plane/probability and interestingly that's what Aurora Earth always really is/was/to be.. that probability alignment - the "heroic probability" - coming into being. Much to everyone including E'Asha surprise on the last night as it was transmitted to her during the lengthy 20 hour Guardian Time we attendees and E'Asha and Team patiently endured..

This merger would progress rapidly resulting in Earth regaining it's full ascension capability as it is hosted out of Density.. and within 900 years the Aurora Earth (merged NET and Median Earth) would actually ascend, not into Density-2 of the External Creation, but in fact into the DhA-Ya-TEI Planes of the Internal Creation - which cannot Fall....EVER!

An entire planet ascending into the DhA-Ya-TEI Planes will have never occurred in the history of the Time Matrix from what I understand of the presentation...


With this terrific result, we have surely hit the Heroic Probability quotient as a collective shield, would you agree?....


*tears of joy*:'''D

Stealthy LaVas,

James Pover

____________________RE: Median Earth ___________________
Median Earth is here (it is around us in the same reality field), but we don’t see it because we are in an Electromagnetic Harness Field called a NET. Median Earth has one-third of the quantum of Amenti Earth, Median Earth is the one-third of the grids that didn’t get caught in the NET, the one-third with Krystic grids.
It started 550 million years ago with the Amenti Rescue Mission when Earth and the Solar System were set down into Density 1. Amenti Earth splitted in pieces: NET Earth and Median Earth being two of those pieces (we also got Phantom Earth). It is ONE reality field, we just don’t see these other parts, they are quarantined from each other. We don’t see it, because the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is different than our Earth, because our Earth’s has been changed by the NET Field that doesn’t belong in there.
There are Krystiac races on Median Earth. Median Earth evolved differently from a very long time ago, from this one. It didn’t evolve through the “Fall Path”. It didn’t get infested with Fallen Angelics.
Since 550 million years ago, progressive and extensive grid damage has been intentionally orchestrated via FA groups leaving Earth in its current state. "The Earth we reside on now is called NET Earth, which is one-sixth of the original quantum of 1st Amenti Earth. There is one-third quantum left of Amenti Earth that did not fall into black hole alignment with the Milky Way. It is called Median Earth, and it is the first place to which Krystic Ascension races of Earth will Trans-locate/ Slide to visit and will Trans-migrate/ Span once the Aquafereion Host Mission is complete, and NET Earth’s Ascension gates must close."
Thanks to Birgitta Schomaker, Indigos fb group 
Birgitta - "I have looked it up in the 12 Tribes-11 (Feb 2008) transcript and my notes of the Hetharo 2008 workshop "Winds of Change, Tides of Transformation, Visions of Joy for a Transitioning World, Hetharo – May, 24-26 2008 Phoenix."


Krystar Ascension Update 2012
as posted

on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 9:08am ·
yes, as George has said, Earth is back on track for Krystar Ascension (therefore Planetary Evac deemed unnecessary! :) - incredible news in itself - but the news gets far better than that still guys... :)

What I will say for now is that both E'Asha and all the attendees of the Dec WS present for the last day- who stuck it out for a record breaking 20 hours of delays due to extensive "Guardian Time" - were all stunned and flabbergasted with the result of Final Conflict Drama showdown

How wonderfully cunning and efficient the AL-Hum-Bra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas have been in their tactics against the FA's Black Hole Fall Agenda for Earth, following the activation of the K+8 Factor Fail Safe back-up plan.

Awaiting confirmation before updating you fully guys as not quite certain if it's kosher to release the full magnitude of the news to you fully just yet so bear with us - but prepare to discover the true meaning of the word "awesome" real soon ;) 
Love to you all

 Pre-Lude info grab....     
more:  Theresa Talea also in june/july archive 
will sort them out later also.
Fallen angels in our supergalaxy have been recently overtaken by entities with advanced knowledge of plasma corruption. 
This extra distortion in the fallen ones increases the severity of their attack upon the Earth and its people by spreading plasma corruption in addition to the former light body corruption. We have plasma as part of our make-up. 
What is important about this plasma situation is that the fallen angelic war against us has severed main stargates on Earth that connect us to Median Earth. The Earth is a portion of Median Earth’s quanta and related energy matter. 
We must direct ourselves to Median Earth as our first step in the ascension process in order to avoid the potential fall of the Earth into a fully phantom system (see chapters 7 and 8 in my book, although I use the phrase Higher Earth). Between the Earth and Median Earth are implanted frequency net fields that divide our current density consciousness and keep it below the 3rd dimension. 
We should be at the 3rd dimension. Many beneficial groups, including the Guardian Alliance and their ally, the Alhumbhra Magistracy Council who mainly operate in the plasma domains, created a plasmic bridge called the An-Sha-TA-Sa Passage to Median Earth. 
Unfortunately, the entities with distorted plasma and light bodies have infiltrated this bridge. In response, the Alhumbhra Council opened a new set of gates which will stabilize the existing ascension path of Earth to Median Earth that will eventually lead to the 3rd dimensional, natural Urtha. In addition, they made new plasmic bridges from their protected DhA-Ya-Tei planes. They are in the process of closing the ascension passages and Aurora platforms that have been compromised. 
~ Theresa Talea   -

Friday, November 30, 2012

Monthly Archives: November 2012

Monthly Archives: November 2012 


The Madness of Love #poem #Paris #Timing #France #Notes #realtime Ra 1 2 thing thing

Perfect timing to run across this one*.  Labyrinth paris link line. thing thing. while doing my own backtracking stuff and reconnecting dots. and technique;s past present and future into1 and resolve that that was is has been., to be in the now the i am.

*(being the poem below..)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Madness of Love
(Rose Window dedicated to Mary, circa 1235, at Chartres Cathedral, located about 50 miles south of Paris; the medieval cathedral was built in the High Gothic style mainly between 1194 and 1260)
We now conclude our look at Agape, the final part of the study of love we began in June.
In our work we were inspired by C. S. Lewis, who wrote about the four kinds of love, using the Greek names: “Charity means love. It is called Agape in the New Testament to distinguish it from Eros (sexual love), Storge (family affection) and Philia (friendship).”
The poem below was written by Hadewijch of Antwerp, a 13th-century poet and mystic. She was a member of the Beguines, one of the many medieval Catholic communities of lay women in the Low Countries, including Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. The women devoted their lives to their faith and their work with the poor.
The madness of love
Is a blessed fate;
And if we understood this
We would seek no other;
It brings into unity
What was divided,
And this is the truth:
Bitterness it makes sweet,
It makes the stranger a neighbor,
And what was lowly it raises on high.

Theresa Talea – Critique about the Law of One Belief #BOOK

Critique about the Law of One Belief

As I introduced in my 3-part video series (see below at the end), entities in the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO) who have worked with author Ashayana Deane state that we comprise 144 components in our current dimensional make-up. In my book, I interchanged the group name Guardian Alliance (GA) with the MCEO because the GA is their ground crew, and some of the GA tailored the message to their respective dimensional statuses. I will now aim to better clarify between the groups, because a group within the overall MCEO at the 13th dimension had started the Law of One belief, and the GA more so work within the lower dimensions, although some GA members are also in the 13th dimension.
It appears that the Fibonacci-based number 144 is frequent in the MCEO material. One such instance in Sliders-1 essentially states that the Periodic Table of Elements chart in high school chemistry class that goes up to 118 elements could potentially grow to 144 elements if scientists discover more; this information by the MCEO seems plausible to me. However, when put into their Law of One belief that involves probability mathematics of a gestalt, which implies “One” being or atom that steps itself down as parts into future mathematical grids for creation, then this mathematical model needs to be addressed. This is important because the so-called elements can represent a number of identities, including the complex identity structure of a person.
Continue reading


Ra’s ADD:
as ha said. XIX my main Card: some grabs of the XIX beside 1 deck i asked (*Tracey /@WSR ask dave if he wants rakmeister banned there by Worfpoe;s actions. DECEPTION… Yep same Old Same )

39544448862572041756.jpg 79925300371224442669.jpg 79378410107957334916.jpg
66022841330254848075.jpg 11660177566194012337.jpg 58001951085329849557.jpg
94174169870847776565.jpg 59602989551639475226.jpg 67142318654615473275.jpg
35198041509610652441.jpg 33928714726352443754.jpg 81156103422499637214.jpg
and some more RE XIX see source named/@linked 1st & 2nd main title

The Sun


Arcanum 19

Key Observations
  • The male and female characters represent the unity of these two powerful forces. Conscious, creative energy and unconscious intuitive energy. “When the veiling process was accomplished, to the male polarity was attracted the Matrix of the Mind and to the female, the Potentiator of the Mind, to the male the Potentiator of the Body, to the female the Matrix of the Body.”-Ra session 87  ; “…that which reaches may be seen as a male principle. That which awaits the reaching may be seen as a female principle.”-Ra Session 92
  • The sun radiates light on every being unconditionally. So to the being can either radiate love and light or it can absorb it for itself. “You have seen the prism which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. This is a simplistic example of unity.”-Ra Session 1
  • The circle: “Picture, if you will, a circle of being. We know the alpha and omega as infinite intelligence. The circle never ceases. It is present. The densities we have traversed at various points in the circle correspond to the characteristics of cycles: first, the cycle of awareness; second, the cycle of growth; third, the cycle of self-awareness; fourth, the cycle of love or understanding; fifth, the cycle of light or wisdom; sixth, the cycle of light/love, love/light or unity; seventh, the gateway cycle; eighth, the octave which moves into a mystery we do not plumb. “ – Ra Session 16
An Excerpt from Session 80
80.16 Questioner: I guess the nineteenth archetype of the spirit would be the Significator of the Spirit. Is that correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
80.17 Questioner: How would you describe the Significator of the Spirit?
Ra: I am Ra. In answer to the previous query we set about doing just this. The Significator of the Spirit is that living entity which either radiates or absorbs the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, radiates it to others or absorbs it for the self.
80.18 Questioner: Then would this process of radiation or absorption, since we have what I would call a flux or flux rate, be the measure of the adept?
Ra: I am Ra. This may be seen to be a reasonably adequate statement.
This is a query which is not easily answered in your language, for the sun has various aspects in relation to intelligent infinity, to intelligent energy, and to each density of each planet, as you call these spheres. Moreover, these differences extend into the metaphysical or time/space part of your creation.In relationship to intelligent infinity, the sun body is, equally with all parts of the infinite creation, part of that infinity.In relation to the potentiated intelligent infinity which makes use of intelligent energy, it is the offspring, shall we say, of the Logos for a much larger number of sub-Logoi. The relationship is hierarchical in that the sub-Logos uses the intelligent energy in ways set forth by the Logos and uses its free will to co-create the, shall we say, full nuances of your densities as you experience them.In relationship to the densities, the sun body may physically, as you would say, be seen to be a large body of gaseous elements undergoing the processes of fusion and radiating heat and light.Metaphysically, the sun achieves a meaning to fourth through seventh density according to the growing abilities of entities in these densities to grasp the living creation and co-entity, or other-self, nature of this sun body. Thus by the sixth density the sun may be visited and inhabited by those dwelling in time/space and may even be partially created from moment to moment by the processes of sixth density entities in their evolution.
Modern key words for the sun:
Optimism—Expansion—Being radiant—Positive feelings
Assurance—Energy—Personal power—Happiness
Splendor—Brilliance—Joy —Enthusiasm

Arcanum XIX: The Sun

The Sun - Tarot
This is the Sun. Also called the Beaming Light

This is the Sun. Also called the Beaming Light in the Egyptian version of the Tarot. The Law of One teachings describe the Sun as the Significator of the Spirit.

After passing the Experience of the Moon, where we can absorb or radiate light depending of the polarity we choose to get from those experiences, we now reach the Sun, which only radiates.
There is a stage in this journey that simply cannot be reached by those walking the negative path. There is a stage where even the negative entities can only advance switching to the positive path. That stage is when we finally came to the conclusion that service to self is actually self destructive and we are now alone. After realizing this, the only way out is to switch sides. This is represented by the previous archetype the Moon, where we cannot absorb light without radiate some light too.
Now, in the Sun archetype we radiate to others the light that we have within. We do not want to keep the light to ourselves so our natural option is to share. But like a candle can lighten up a thousand other candles without any harm to it´s own light, when we begin to radiate it only makes our journey clearer.

Being the Significator of the Spirit, the Sun is the spirit itself. And the spirit is creation, and creation is light. We finally ignited the Christ consciousness within ourselves and we began to shine.

So, the Sun is actually the Spirit, just as the other significators are the Body and the Mind (The Hanged Man, the Hierophant). The Sun is then connected to archetypes XII and V, in this wonderful system of sevens that the Tarot teaches us.

This is the stage where we merge with ourselves and have the balanced chakras. We became one. That is why many times the Sun is interpreted as a blissfully marriage, good union, friendship, etc.
This is the stage of pure joy and happiness, as we finally fulfill ourselves and our journey.
The Sun above the figure has 21 rays, symbol of the activation of the 3 sevens, mind, body and spirit.

This happiness is everything but material, as the two figures demonstrate by their simple clothing.
note.. < was Y’s card…..  if its X&Y haha Its.all.connected RaRaRa

Current Skype Verse of this Day 1.1

ℛa ℛℎa ℛa XIX (sun) The Circle  “Split the heart of the atom and within it you will find a Sun” ✴Tik Tak Tik Tak TimeWaveRa ✴ ℨ/6/9/12✿´¯`*•. Smoke Sensi connect.. X i puffpuffpass.•*´ Meister…Connect…. X
ℛa ℛℎa ℛa XIX (sun) The Circle  “Split the heart of the atom and within it you will find a Sun” ✴Tik Tak Tik Tak TimeWaveRa ✴ ℨ/6/9/12✿´¯`*•. Smoke Sensi puff puff pass.•*´ to the left…
SOURCE PDF (free download): by:
MORE XIX aka moi..
TAROT & ARCHETYPAL MIND XIX: Ra Material Compilation,2-6-12,
HEALING & BALANCE XIX: Ra Material Compilation, 9-20-10
(youtube)  TWSMandelker

Ra Material – Searcheable 1.1 MB (click to goto download) (Powered by

removed images directly linked also…. np JustRox
RE:comment : sure lemme add yours link/source just for you. guess full link in note wasnt enough. as refrence. so lemme list all a them @end for ego;s sake. for Estetics sake. for Corrections sake.   and pingback sake…. and for times sake. as some say timing is everything. so here time to edit just for ya. and add some MORE.
SOURCES URL: all a them 1 by 1:

♥ Weekly Activation ♥ 11-9-12 #Repost + #Addon #Correction ~RA2012~

Love Vs Fear…….
The paradox of love and especially unconditional love in this human life is that it brings up archangel michael
(nor do you need ^’s help Nope AAM .. | 
RA says/…. he can keep his blueflamingsword… and put it up his ass for all i care. yep)

the deepest strongest fears. The more you open up to your heart and deeper love, the more the mind fights to hold on to its fears. The way to overcome this is to realize that it is just a process. A process your mind wants to fight and your heart longs to complete. An understanding of different parts of oneself helps immensely while going through this. When you step back and watch yourself with awareness that you are going through it will allow you to release the fears, which are there only temporarily waiting for you to let them go. Be the human and the spirit watching the human going through this process at the same time. Sit down and listen to your mind, watch your deepest fears rise to the surface and offer them to the light. Do not fear or ignore the fear. Sit with it, watch it, listen to it and let it go. When you go through this, you will understand that it is unconditional love
that is the sword and the shield of Archangel Michael that protects and fights for youby burning any obstacles like fire.

RA’s ADD: !!! Violet Flame …..   Transmute Clear Cleanse

Reconnect with Your other parts…..

As within So Without.

As Above So Below..

Grounded & Balanced..


Every week and month I write activations to help you connect with energies of that month. These symbols are there to connect you to different angels that will guide you and work with you during that month. Also, they work on a deep subconscious and cellular level to further activate your DNA and light body. Spend some time looking at this image to get full benefit. You can also play the music below to help you connect more with it.

as i said it…   #RR
09:28  +RAKMEiSTER      • Conditional love (your rules) Lightlove //// Unconditional love NOT you MIDDLE SPECTRUM( All light ~balance~ //// Fear , cause of other sides conditions, fear of fake love. . conditional..
  [ "Conditional" love //// Unconditional love (Divine) ////  "Fear" Love ]     
conditions create the fear.. polarity game. WAKE UP. END
There is no Light vs Darkness. aka GOOD VS BAD…. 
light will shine Darkness can redeem……
all are in a human body & Have The Oppertunity….

RA verse ✴ #ONE #HEAL ✴ #1 UR #3 DO #6 UM #9 Ke #12 Rha – #TIME NOW 22-11-2012

-´¯`*•.Art f Poetry.•*´¯`-

- Ra Verse’s –

-/+\- 3/6/9/12 ´¯`*•. Choose2 Remember OneSelf , Remember Thyself LoveOnself, Remember! Remember Remember! Walk as one shines on the path.. towards..your Dreams..•*´…

Horses – There is a Dream

Forgiveness Heals Time…..”   Ra Material.
Restitution, Renunciation, Energ
Also see Children Of the SUN. Rites Of Passage..
1. Isutu-Esheau 1. I sU’ too E’ shoo   UR
3. Amekasan-Etur 3. a ME’ ka sun  e too’r  DO
6.Ramyana-Shridveta 6. rah ma yah na shrid vE’ Da  UM
9. Yun Zu-Xen 9. Yu-Un Zoo-Zen  Ke
12. A-reah-Azurta 12. a-RI-a-Zoor-ta-  Rha

Tribal Shield-Cue Zones Activation* +double noteX2

Posted on November 20, 2012

Its.all.connected , Differentiation is Key. Middle world to Innerworld all is inside..  your heart has the key Flame ON! end #funnote ~Ra2012~

and more “notes”..  TOOLS to BE…       Only you Can Heal You When You Choose For you…..
The Lemurian & Atlantian Legacies (download torrent) – TPB

Ben jij al besmet met “The Lovebug”?/Did you already catch “The Lovebug”?he

Ben jij al besmet met “The Lovebug”? / Did you already catch “The Lovebug”? he

    Een gids naar Huis voor de Gouden Engelen

~door Marthe Verwijst

Waar je ook bent, wie je ook bent en wat je ook doet: IK HOU VAN JOU!!! Wetende dat ALLES precies zo is als het moet zijn.
Ik wens je Vrede in je Hart en dat Liefde jou naar Huis mag brengen.
Zo IS het en zo zal het zijn!
In Liefde en Dienstbaarheid,

©Marthe Verwijst 19-12-2012
 Did you already catch “The Lovebug”?
Where ever you are, who ever you are I LOVE YOU!!! Knowing that EVERYTHING is in Perfect and Divine Order.
May Peace be with you and Love guide your way Home.
So IT is and so IT will be!
In Love and Service,

© Marthe Verwijst 19-12-2012

~Ra~ verse ✴ 2.0 20-11-2012 ✴ #Path of Songs Life Open…flow 1song your song ~Ra2012~


“Where are ALL THE PEOPLE” Die Antwoord $O$ Ten$ion|Fly #ResponseAble  Planetary Service Unfold TimewaveRa Divine Mission the Decree Monkey Dragon Giaiportal “popping” Toko
“Umshini Wam” Die Antwoord Harmony Korine (HD) Haha Water |#ResponseAble  Planetary Service Unfold TimewaveRa Divine Mission the Decree Monkey Dragon Giaiportal “popping” Toko

 ”Umshini Wam” Die Antwoord Harmony Korine (Official, HD)
PS. Canada EQ qs 10KM depthmark Signature… HAARP… yep. yep they cannot force a Atmosphericionicdischarge…
Ra Ka Isha

Tribal Shield-Cue Zones Activation* +double noteX2 [Freedom Teachings ]

Its.all.connected , Differentiation is Key. Middle world to Innerworld all is inside..  your heart has the key Flame ON! 

Tribal Shield-Cue Zones Activation*

Cue Zones
Cue Zones” are locations on Earth where a small portion of Earth’s D-12 Shield of Aramatena Christos Divine Blueprint has been re-set within Earth’s Planetary Shields. During Stellar Activations Cycles, Cue Zones can be manually set by individuals or groups by running the D-12 Maharata Current, activating the Tribal Shield to draw in the Khundaray Primal Sound frequencies, then singing the 12-Tribes Master Psonns Suffixes, one can then allow the “Song of the Christos Soul“, the tones of the personal D-12 Maharic Shield (the “Elohei-Elohim Within”) to run into the Planetary Shields. The personal Soul Song will create a “Back Song” transmission of frequency from Earth’s Planetary Shields, as set of healing frequencies sent back to you in response to activating your Soul Song in Earth’s Planetary Shields. Once set, Cue Zones will remain for a period of 3½ to 5 years, depending on strength of energy original set. They can be recharged using the same “setting” procedure to last indefinitely.

 Cue Zones are “safe zone” areas on the Planet that are protected from interdimensional interference. They can be used to amplify effects of energy healing applications, to “charge objects and substances with sub-harmonics of D-12 Christos frequency and when used with the personal Eckasha Maharic Seal, to get clear, protected “meditation space” free from interdimensional interference. Cue Zones are “keyed” to Earth’s Planetary TemplarCue Sites“, the activation sites for Earth’s 12 Primary Star Gates, which exist on regions of Earth that correspond to the 12 Primary Star Gates of Inner Earth. They can be used as “connection portals” to the portals of Inner Earth territories to establish telepathic rapport with Inner Earth Guardian Races and in case of global crisis, they can be used as unencumbered “pick up points” for portal evacuation to Inner Earth.

Creating a Cue Zone

1. Choose location and activate a personal “Eckasha Maharic Seal” to run the D-12 Maharata Current in your body.
2. Once you can feel sensation of Maharata Current running (or if not yet “feeling” but have activated your Maharic Seal, will be sufficient), sing-tone 12-Tribes Master Psonns for Tribe-12 and Tribe-1 to activate Tribal Shields Flame Codes in your DNA Template to run the “Rainbow Ray”. Direct Pale Silver Maharata Current and Rainbow Ray pale color spectrum through body and out soles of feet into Earth’s Planetary Shields. Tone for a while to build critical mass of frequency. Begin toning soft and slow and increase the speed and volume to reach a peak critical mass point. Once critical mass is reached then start to bring the toning down. Slowing the speed and decreasing the volume.

3. Use a selected combination of 3 Master Psonns Suffixes and tone for a while, running sound through body and feet into Earth’s grids.

(Avoid the Suffix combination of Tribe 4-7-10 used in that sequence to avert present distortions in Earth’s grids that run on this mathematical coding.)

Begin toning soft and slow and increase the speed and volume to reach a peak critical mass point. Once critical mass is reached then start to bring the toning down. Slowing the speed and decreasing the volume.
4. Allow the Christos Soul Song to emerge from you “free style” and send the tones into Earth’s grids. This is what ever you feel like expressing in the way of tones. It may be one tone or it may be several. Just let if flow from you as you feel guided.

5. When complete, sit quietly for a while and listen for the Earth’s telepathically transmitted “Back Song”, drawing its gentle frequencies into your body for healing. You may physically hear tones, you may physically feel energy running into your body or you may not experience anything. What ever the result or non result of feeling is, the healing energy WILL be running through your body.

6. Close with singing several rounds of the 3 Master Psonns Suffixes that you opened with. Begin toning soft and slow and increase the speed and volume to reach a peak critical mass point. Once critical mass is reached then start to bring the toning down. Slowing the speed and decreasing the volume. The Cue Zone you have set will extend out from your position in a radius of about 5 yards and will last 3½ to 5 years depending on the strength of energy you used in setting the Cue Zone

7. To amplify the strength of the Cue Zone you can use the Sacred ManU Salutations Merkaba Spins.

The Real 12-Tribe Names
The 12 Sacred Master Psonns

for activating the 144 Fire Letters of the Tribal Shield Flame Codes in
the 12-Strand DNA Template

Plus Master Tone Activation Suffix
Please Note* you can download wave files that are an example of creating a Cue Zone from the files section of the Yahoo Keylontic Science Egroup, once you become a member of this group. You can hear the complete sequence of this Cue Zone on the Mechanics of Manifestation Workshop MM/12CD or MM/6DVD on the product list. ,

Correct Spelling English Tone Translation and Suffix
12. A-reah-Azurta 12. a-RI-a-Zoor-ta-  Rha
11. Zephar-Duun-Atur 11. ze-far-Doon a-Tur-   Dha
10. Ma’ah-hu-ta 10. Ma-a hoo ta-  Khu
9. Yun Zu-Xen 9. Yu-Un Zoo-Zen  Ke
8. Chia Zhun Zan La-Yung 8. ChE’ ah-Zoon Yan LA-Yoong’   OM
7.Mahata-Agrah 7.ME hah’ ta a’g-ra  OE
6.Ramyana-Shridveta 6. rah ma yah na shrid vE’ Da  UM
5.Ionatu-Etillah 5. I O’ Na too et il’ a  EU
4.Nuagu Hali 4. Noo ah’ goo ha’ LE  Ka
3. Amekasan-Etur 3. a ME’ ka sun  e too’r  DO
2. Ma a ha’ LE – BrU’ A  EL 2. Ma a ha’ LE – BrU’ A  EL
1. Isutu-Esheau 1. I sU’ too E’ shoo   UR

Revelations of Ra: The Pillar of Power and the Nadradon Awakening *Eyes of Ra** Flame of Ra * [Freedom Teachings]

Item Order Code
Revelations of Ra: The Pillar of Power and the Nadradon Awakening
(Introduction to Kathara Level 4) Recorded live in Mexico, August 2004. 

This workshop contains the introductory techniques and background information to Kathara Level 4 in a planetary healing/ Grid Masters program context and is only recommended for those who have studied Kathara Level 1, 2 & 3. 

These previous levels of Kathara are an essential prerequisite as they contain information and techniques that provide the necessary understanding and activations that Kathara Level 4 is built upon. In Kathara Level 2 & 3 specific activations were performed to prepare the personal scalar shield, the personal Kathara grid, the DNA template, the merkaba field and the radial body for re-awakening the Organic Crystal Body and Base Shield Bonding through activation of the Ra Center. 

These activations allow initiation of the POWER-KEY technologies including the Opening the Eyes of Ra technique in Level 3, Technique 4B which utilizes the Flame of Ra Ecka-Heliotalic Primal Life Source currents and which is the FOUNDATION  technology and minimum personal shield activation upon which all subsequent Levels of Kathara are built. In Level 4 Kathara, we begin to use Transcendent Eckasha-Heliotalic Currents to initiate activation of the ETHERIC BLUEPRINT, the PILLAR OF POWER and the CHARIOT OF FIRE. This will begin the process of restoring our own AND the planetary Crystal Body alignment so that damaged portions of ours and Earth’s shields can be restored to their FIRST CREATION IMPRINT.  

The information in this workshop covers the anatomy of the ETHERIC BODY, including the KA (Light) ETHOS of the Lotum and the Tha (Sound) EIROS of the Lotum and the MATRADON 1st Ecka-LotA cell that they are contained within. Information on the ETHERIC-ATOMIC interface and the interaction between our own and our anti-particle Ethos and Eiros Etheric templates also begins our understanding of Ti-LE-a` breathing, a process where by the Ethos, then the Eiros templates of the Etheric Body engage upon and move with the density Kathara template. 

When the Etheric and Density templates interface with each other, Spark Generation and Etheric-Atomic Atmos Current Regeneration occur, firing the 180-charge AdOR-A Flames. The anatomy of the Nadradon, Zendradon, Kethradon and Ethradon Cells are introduced, along with the Lotosphere, Logosphere, Photosphere, Ovosphere and the Hovosphere.

Level 4 Techniques involve the Til-LE-a` Nadradon Complex Electrical Activation and include Firing of the Rods, Cycling the Petals, Completing the Ancient 3rd 1/3rd Inhale, Pulling the Poison Pin and Transmutation of the D-1.75 Heart of Anubis Implant, the Gold-metallic Pin and the dense Gold-metallic Bucky-Ball C-60 Radiation Harness. Workshop recording includes preparation for, and explanation of, a Reuche Roundtable, something that has not been performed on Earth for at least 5.5 million years. This Round Table was crucial in releasing the 90-subharmonic Charge Spark, allowing the Earth to complete its ancient Christiac Exhale/Inhale sequence for the first time in 5.5 million years. Finally the first set of Lo-GA Frequency Breathing Movements (FBM’s) are introduced for accelerated Crystal Body alignment via stimulation, clearing and charging of the Axiom-Meridian, Radis and Nadis Lines, DNA Template, Signets, embodied Chakras and Crystal Body Lotus Points.
Includes 22 page Pillar of Power Handbook – including 12 Logas Frequency Breathing Movements routines, Plus the
Le-AdOR-A-UN-Esta-YUn-Ha-drA Meditation Card.
Azurite Press
Revelations of Ra:
Revelations of Ra_Disc 1 / DVD2 /DVD3 /  DVD4 /  DVD5/
Revelations of Ra Technique CD:
01 9 Phase 24 Step 4 Spheres of Ra Etheric Body Activation.mp3
02 (Phase 1) Ti-LE-a Nadradon Complex Electrical Activation.mp3
(Phase 2*)(Phase 3*)(Phase 4*)(Phase 5*)

Ra Ka Isha

* Crystal Seals * Star Crystal Seals * Fire Crystals * Seed Crystal Seals * [Freedom Teachings]

Sun, February 25, 2007 – 3:33 AM
Crystal Seals
The Crystal Seals (components of the Level-2 Kathara Grid) are groups of 3-Dimensinal Partiki scalar wave composites that regulate the rate of Partiki Phasing to create the base structures upon which dimensionalization is formed.
The flow of frequency between dimensional bands and Harmonic Universes, the fixed expansion and contraction/fission and fusion rates of Partiki, the Vibration-Oscillation Rates of Partiki and the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS) are all regulated by the Crystal Seals.
There are two types of Crystal Seals: Star Crystal Seals & Seed Crystal Seals
Star Crystal Seals are positioned between the Chakra Centers along the Central Body Current, and Seed Crystal Seals are positioned between them, and serve as the point of composite frequency out of which the 15 Primary Chakra Center Vortices emerge.
The Seed Crystal Seals control the speed at which the fourth-dimensional Merkaba Fields will rotate, and so direct the pulsation rhythm of particles within each dimension.
Whereas the 15 Seed Crystal Seals set the morphogenetic field into the center of each dimension, the 15 Star Crystal Seals are placed between dimensional bands and serve to regulate the functions of the Seed Crystal Seals.
The operation of the Seed Crystal Seals is controlled by the Star Crystal Seals and can release the Seed Crystal Seals, allowing the dimensionally separated portions of the morphogenetic field to merge with each other.
There is an intimate relationship between the Seed Crystal Seeds the Star Crystal Seeds and the Human DNA. Each Seed Crystal Seal corresponds directly to and controls the basic functions of one strand of DNA.
The process of assembling DNA strands by working with the higher chakras is the process of bringing frequency form the Stellar Spirals into the Star Crystal Seals.
(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course– Page 65)
Seed Crystal Seal (Morphogenetic Seed Crystal)
Each planet and person is connected to each of the seven lower dimensional fields by a minute crystalline pattern of frequency that represents one dimensional level of the personal or planetary morphogenetic field.
This minute crystalline structure is called a Morphogenetic Seed Crystal or Seed Crystal Seal.
There are 15 Morphogenetic Seed Crystals within the morphogenetic structure of a planet or person, one corresponding to each of the 15 dimensions.
The Seed Crystal serve as seals that keep the morphogenetic field separated and locked into each dimensional band; thus we refer to them as Seed Crystal Seals.
The Seed Crystal Seals control the speed at which the fourth-dimensional Merkaba Fields will rotate, and so direct the pulsation rhythm of particles within each dimension.
Along with the Seed Crystal Seals there are 15 more minute patterns of crystallized morphogenetic frequency that exist within the bio-energetic structure of a person or planet. The Star Crystal Seals.
Whereas the 15 Seed Crystal Seals set the morphogenetic field into the center of each dimension, the 15 Star Crystal Seals are placed between dimensional bands and serve to regulate the functions of the Seed Crystal Seals.
The operation of the Seed Crystal Seals is controlled by the Star Crystal Seals and can release the Seed Crystal Seals, allowing the dimensionally separated portions of the morphogenetic field to merge with each other.
(Voyagers II – Page 474)
* D-2 Orange-Gold Flame of Earth’s morphogenetic field.
* D-5 Blue Flame of Tara’s morphogenetic field.
* D-7 Violet Flame of Gaia’s morphogenetic field.
Represent 3 of the 15 of the planetary morphogenetic Seed Crystal Seals which connects the planet to its 15-dimensional morphogenetic field.
(Voyagers II – Page 475)
Seed Crystals Seals of the human body are located at the center of the 15 primary chakra centers, nine of which are located within the physical body structure.
(Voyagers II – Page 476)
There is an intimate relationship between the Seed Crystal Seeds the Star Crystal Seeds and the Human DNA. Each Seed Crystal corresponds directly to and controls the basic functions of one strand of DNA.
The process of assembling DNA strands by working with the higher chakras is the process of bringing frequency form the Stellar Spirals into the Star Crystal Seals.
(Voyagers II – Page 477)
Star Crystal Seal (Fire Crystals)
Along with the Seed Crystal Seals there are 15 more minute patterns of crystallized morphogenetic frequency that exist within the bio-energetic structure of a person or planet.
The Star Crystal Seals or Fire Crystals.
The Star Crystal Seals control the the operation of the Seed Crystal Seals in each dimension and can release the Seed Crystal Seals, allowing the dimensionally separated portions of the morphogenetic field to merge with each other.

Whereas the Seed Crystal Seals set the morphogenetic field into the center of each dimension the Star Crystal Seals are placed between dimensional bands.

The Star Crystal Seals control the angle at which the Dimensional and Harmonic Merkaba Fields will rotate, thus they direct the angular rotation of particle spin (ARPS) between the dimensional bands of a form particle construction.

The Star Crystal Seals control the the operation of the Seed Crystal Seals in each dimension and can release the Seed Crystal Seals, allowing the dimensionally separated portions of the morphogenetic field to merge with each other.
(Voyagers II – Page 474)

Planetary Star Crystal Seals regulate the evolution of planets and stars over extensive periods of time, through directing the orbital patterns of planets, stars and galaxies.
The Planetary and Galactic Star Crystal Seals direct the angle of rotation of the Universal Merkaba Fields, which allows the Dimensional Merkaba Fields of Star Systems to come into direct alignment at certain times to for a Stellar Spiral Bridge, such as the one Earth is now approaching.
(Voyagers II – Page 475)

The Star Crystal Seals of the human body are presently in a dormant state, which keeps the Seed Crystal Seals of the chakra system closed. the body’s particle base and consciousness separated and the personal Dimensional Merkaba Fields locked into their respective dimensional frequency bands.
These conditions keep the human locked within the space-time coordinates of Earth’s present time cycle.

The human bio-energetic field also contains 15 Star Crystal Seals which control the function of the Seed Crystal Seals and the angle of rotation of the personal Dimensional and Harmonic Merkaba Fields.

When the Star Crystal Seals activate, as a result of infusion of energy frequency due to Stellar Wave Infusions and Stellar activations, each progressively opens various Seed Crystal Seals with the chakras.

Through this process, the HU-1 incarnate’s Merkaba Fields open into and merge with the HU-2 Soul Matrix Merkaba Fields, allowing the human body and consciousness to progressively transfer its particle content out of HU-1 into HU-2, then from HU-2 into the Oversoul Matrix of HU-3.
(Voyagers II – Page 476)

There is an intimate relationship between the Seed Crystal Seeds the Star Crystal Seeds and the Human DNA. Each Seed Crystal corresponds directly to and controls the basic functions of one strand of DNA.

The process of assembling DNA strands by working with the higher chakras is the process of bringing frequency form the Stellar Spirals into the Star Crystal Seals.

Each Star Crystal Seal is composed of half of the frequency patterns of the dimension above it and half of those from the dimension below.

Of the 15 Seed Crystal Seals within the bio-energetic body of the human, 12 Seed Crystal Seals governs the functions of the DNA Seed Codes within the 12-Strand DNA imprint; one Seed Crystal Seed directs the Seed Code of one strand of DNA.
(Voyagers II – Page 477)

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November 10, 2012

Kee-ra-shA / Kundalini / Khundaray [ Freedom Teachings ]


(Kundalini Energy – Pillar of Light – Silver Cord – Um Shaddai Ur)The 3 Primal Creation Frequencies – Primary Light Fields - or Currents: the Kee-ra-shA.When ALL of the frequencies within the 3 embodied Kundalini Currents activate, the 4th Kundalini Current - The Kee-ra-shA is activated.Activation of the Kee-ra-shA anchors the 12th Dimensional HYDROPLASMIC BEAM within the body, initiating the process of Cellular Transmutation and intentional de-manifestation and Dimensional Ascension of the human biological form.The Kee-ra-shA 3 Primal Light Fields are often called the Um Shaddai Ur (Pillar of First Cause Light), from which the 12 Rays of the Universal Kundalini Life Force Currents emerge.

(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Page 16, 17)Primary Light Fields (Life Force Current) of Density-5: dimensions 13, 14 and 15 of our Time Matrix.



Pale Yellow

Magenta Pink

(Voyager I – Page 161)The Kee-ra-shA is the life-force energy that creates and maintains the physical body and consciousness while in manifestation.It is a complex system of inter-dimensional energy structures and conduits through which the energy and consciousness of Source perpetually flows through the identity and its manifest parts.The Kee-ra-shA energies represents a continual pulse of energetic substance that moves form the God-seed into the scalar grids of the 8 Hova Bodies, through which identities in time are sustained.All biological organisms have a form of Kee-ra-shA energies that are structured in ways characteristic to the morphogenetic order of the form.In humans part of the Kee-ra-shA energies manifest as a “tube (pillar) of light” that runs down the center of the body and bio-energetic field from the Soul Matrix and higher identity levels and into Earth’s core where the race morphogenetic field is stored.The human Kee-ra-shA begins at conception with the building of the Kundalini and the “Silver Cord”, bridges of inter-dimensional frequency that connects the fetus to the Soul Matrix and through which fetal integration of the soul essence occurs.When the conception occurs part of the incoming soul essence first enters the original 8 cells at the base of the spine that will grow to become the fetus, establishing an energetic link, often called the Kundalini Energies, between the embryo and the incoming soul essence.As the Kundalini Spirals are being set at the base of the spine within the fetal pattern, another bridge of frequency is set into the body in the regions of the Navel, (E-umbi) Heart and Crown Chakras and with the Pineal, Thyroid and Thymus glands.This part of the Kee-ra-shA energies creates a bridge of 9-dimensional frequency, a “Silver Cord”, that opens the Crown chakra vortex for full fetal integration and connects the body form at the navel and several other regions of the body, to the sustaining energies of the Soul Matrix and Nada Hova Body.The Kundalini energies at the base of the spine connects to the Silver Cord frequency bridge forming a “main vertical current of energy” running through the fetus and the morphogenetic field, through which the body and consciousness will progressively raise in vibration and expand as physical growth and soul essence integration continues over time.In most contemporary humans the Kundalini Spirals usually remain dormant throughout the lifetime, following their original placement at conception.The Kundalini Spirals are connected to the Silver Cord and to the Pineal Gland at the brain center, and only become activated when the Pineal Gland receives enough stimulation of higher dimensional frequency as the Soul Integration and DNA activation process proceeds.In the contemporary human, only a small portion of the Kundalini is used, the Hara Line, and not the full activation of the Pillar of Light.(The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Page 28,29)

Khundaray: (Khun-da-rAy, Rainbow Ray)

The 3 Primary Sound Fields (Life Force Currents – from beyond the 15-dimensional Time Matrix) are collectively referred as the Energy Matrix or Khundaray Fields or Rainbow Ray.(Voyagers I, Page 159)Activation of DNA Strand Template 30-48 allows a being to fully embody the frequencies and consciousness of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields from the Energy Matrix beyond the Time Matrix.When a being activates the Khundaray within its body and consciousness it becomes what is known as a Khundara or “Yani,” a fully embodied Yanas, which is the legitimate use of the term “Ascended Master.”(Voyagers I, Page 173)

The Khundaray is the PRE-lUMINAL vibration, or STANDING WAVE OF INTERNAL SOUND emitted from ONE-sOURCE-gOD, that corresponds to the Combined original Sound Currents from which the Kee-ra-shA Primal Life-Force Currents emerge.(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Page 16)

The Primal Sound Fields are vast fields of Conscious Living Energy that form the first expression of Source/God into manifestation (Energy Matrix).These Sound Fields form the Conscious energy that is “stepped down” into the next expression of God in the Primal Light Fields.In the process of God/Source stepping down Living Units of Consciousness into matter, Sound energy or frequency is “stepped down” into Living Light Energy or frequency.

(See: Stair Step Creation)The Light Fields are made of a more “dense” frequency than the Sound Fields since they are the next step “down” in the creation of solid matter. One could think of the Primal Sound Fields as the Inside Song of Creation.Everything in manifestation has its core song, and every matter form has a core song or “frequency” which is ‘unique to it, as an expression of God/Source.These Conscious Living Sound Fields, are also known as the Ascended Master collectives .

Humans were an angelic race.They were not created as a fallen sinful race. They are a race of angels that was put here to guard this planet and to protect its shields and to help restore and heal them because they had been damaged by races that we refer to as the fallen angelic races.Right now, what we are dealing with is the situation that for many thousands of years this planet has been under siege. There has been a deadline to that siege. There has been a time that was waited for and the bible told us about this time. It was the time when the planetary star gates would open, the portions of the planetary scalar template that open between this space time place and other space time places in the higher heavens. This is that time!” (Dance For Love 2002, Greece)