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Monday, December 03, 2012

Freedom Teachings: Keylontic Science, Kathara Healing, Resources

Keylontic Science, Kathara Healing, and Freedom Teachings are all included in this myHQ. The website ( contains most of the information located here. My create a user friendly quick reference tool where all the information can be seen and accessed similar to a site map. Subjects covered in throughout Keylontic Science include: Returning the 'Tools of creation' back to Humanity, What the foundation Level teachings can do for us, Where our Power truly lies, and What DNA has to do with Spiritual Development. May you find truth, enlightenment, and an easy journey to locating the many resources gifted to us through Keylontic Science and the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System! Blessings, Love, and Light ~ Verita ~

 What is Keylontic Science?
Introduction to Keylontic Science
KS: The Language of Creation
Meet A'za and A'sha Deane

Freedom Teachings
Welcome - Brief Primer
What are Freedom Teachings?
Intro to Freedom Teachings
Claims, Consent, Commitment
Structure of Our Universe
Spiritual Maturity & Integrity
Ascension & At-One-Ment
About the Speakers

What is MCEO?
Eieyani and the CDT-Plates
MCEO Ordinations

 Key Foundation Tools
A & Rs of Mastery
Epsilon Sequence
Dialing Code
Azurite Waters Journey
Opening Doorway Within (Maharic Seal)

Content Summaries
Amenti Series - S1
Evol Path Consciousness - S2
Angelic Realities - S3
Tangible Structure of Soul - S4
Architects Light...Indigo Children - S5
Beyond the Veils - TBA
Personal Healing...Planetary Svc-TBA

 Getting Started Essentials
Newcomer Recommendations
Eckasha Maharic Seal Technique
Eckasha Activation
Astral Body Seal
Emerald & Amethyst Awakening
Induction of High Vecas
High Veca Codes
Iahaia Code
Lehaia & UrimanU Codes
Magic Words of Co-Creation
Psonn of Khemalohatea
Newcomers site map

 Continuing your Journey
Tangible Structure of Soul (TSOS)
Science & Spirituality of Creation (SSC)
Using Technique Outline
Keylontic Science e-group
Amenti Project
E-BE Course

Cue Zones
Sacred Salutations
Cue Zone Activations

Flame Body Activation
Flame Body Activation Overview
Eckasha Quick Seal Activation
Azurite Waters Journey
Activating Lotus Seed
Awakening LE-Teu-A Lens
Tech 1 - Eckasha Seal Activation
Tech 2 - Astral Awake, Aware & Able
Tech 3 - Eiros Flame & Silver Sanctum
Tech 4 - Inner Throne
Tech 5 - Born Free-Live-Free
Tech 6 - Shadow Shielding
Tech 7 - Awakening the Flame of Amoraea
Tech 8 - Part 1 The DNA Amoraea Buffer
Tech 8 - Part 2 Insta Buffer
Step 9a - Psonn of Lyra (Maharata)
Step 9b - Psonn of Khemalohatea
Tech 10 - I AM Free
Tech 11 - Shadow Healing
Tech 12: 12:12 Induction/Rishiac Shield
Scepter-12: EL-HaiaLeai
12: Reionayana Ecka Code
Tech 12B: I AM the Sacred Sun
Tech 13: De-Cording Shadow Dancers
Tech 14: Shadow Healing Step-4
Tech 15: Amoraea Contact Platform
Tech 16: Gold Wave Monadic Infusion - Veca Code - 8 Reushaia Induction
Tech 17: 11:11 Veca Code -11 Parallel Thun-Immanu
Tech 18: Betch-Hova Scan
Tech 19: Witness Questionnaire
Tech 19: Opening Ecka-Contact Communication Lines
Tech 20: Templar Reuche Code - #12 Induction

 Kathara Healing
Intro to Kathara Healing
Kathara Team website
Membership Application
Kathara Alliance
Kathara Overview
Symbol Codes & Tones
General Information
Kathara Team Brochure

 The Christos
The Kristos / Christos Seed

 DNA Activation

 Arc of the Covenant
Wedding Planner
Heliopathic Techniques
Activating Lotus Seed
Induction/Activation Stanz Codes
Stanz Codes
Stanz 1: a-ZUR-YaN
Stanz 2: a-ShA-YUN
Stanz 3: a-Yan-Yun-A
Stanz 4: Yon-A-Sa
Heliotalic Breath
Heliotography Codes
Level 1: Cosmic Krist Arc
Cd 1: Mu-OraN-e-TuR
Cd 2: Zephar-Duun-AturA
Cd 3: 12:12 Orimmanu-Yon-A-Sa
Cd 4: 13:13 The Quanta-Rhu-A
Or-Immanu Yan-A-SI-TU
Eckasha - Orimmanu

 Mahadra-Adhrana Christos Wheel
Anchoring Planetary/Solar-Galactic
Induction Mahadra-Adhrana Code
A: Opening the Rishiac Eye
B: Releasing Solar Cross Orion Implant
C: Releasing Solar Cross Andromeda Implant
E: Releasing Metatronic Shield & Reversed Merkaba Field
D: Releasing Grand Cross Lyran Implant

Toning of Psonns
Eckasha Psonn
Psonn of Lyra (Maharata Invocation)
Song of Orion
I Am Prayer
I AM the Sacred Sun
Aurora - translation
Psonn of Aurora
Psonns by Sabra

 Field Support
Tech 8 - Part 2 Insta Buffer
Lotus Bud/24 ManA Breaths
9A - Psonn of Lyra
9B: Psonn of Klemalohatea
10: "I AM Free" Template
11: Shadow Healing Template
12B: Rishiac Shield Activation
13: De-cording Shadow Dancers

Activating the EirA/ManU Lotus
EirA - Stage 2
ManU - Stage 3
Universal Christiac Vision Seed

Universal Ecka Master Key Code
Pairings of the 24 Master Key Codes
Universal Ecka Monadic Template Master Key Code
Moda-AdhurA (Groups 1-3 of 6)
Moda-AdhurA (Groups 4-6 of 6)
Coloring Master Key Codes

 Techniques of Interest
Maharic Quick Seal/Liquid Light
I Am Prayer
Rainbow Roundtable
Song of Orion
Building the Indigo/Christos Trion Field
Sacred Salutations
Tech 3 Monadic Helio-opathy
Monadic Heliopathy Illustration

 General Information
Points of Interest
Amenti Project
Amenti Series
Grid Keepers Pgm
Sponsorship Pgm Overview
Sponsorship Application form

 Azurite Press
Table of Contents
Copyright Policy

x Products
Voyagers - Vol 1
Voyagers - Vol 2
About DVDs
Newcomers Techniques

Voyagers - Vol 2 Intro
Index of Publications

x Reference
Keylontic Dictionary
Maharic Seal Glossary

Program Schedule
Upcoming Events

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